The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on October 2, 1895 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 2, 1895
Page 5
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:' y -: 1895-1896 Fall and Wiftter ftlltid o* tftftt Mas Singly fcy fieftsf&tt trfa k (jf flftffitrftf& t shS did fib't n*§v u *..- *»« fnfll ft winfiifig'tetnl, ! <%, Tlie Latest A\, The Choicest The Finest Miss Edna Mclntyre in' charge of the department, Jf\S. Tf\YLOR. " The Best on Earth." Sold for the past 25 -years .at The Wigwam The best and most popular Farm Wagon on the market. Another carload just-received at Tlie Wigwam. Call and see them. Wilfrid P. Jones. Tli© N OW is the time to buy your hard and soft Coal. I am taking orders for immediate or future delivery, and the prices will be as low as any. s Order Your Coal Now. Leave orders down town at the office oi F. C. Willson. Prompt delivery. In Iowa soft coal I have: Mystic, Boone, What Cheer, • and Saylor. A Iso Illinois and Hooking Valley soft. A. H. NAUDAIN. the band boys catfle back from Grove Friday beat-Ing ths real honors of the contest, and tbe second prized a $90 Conn comet beautifully engraved, There wefe 20 babds present^ nine of which, played for tbe prizes. The Eldora Reform school band stodd" first with 94 6-6 per cent, and the AlgOtia band second with 92t per" cent. As Algona had but 16 members, while .a full band Is counted 24 members, and as the reform school band was full, Algona was marked off 5 on that account, But for this Algona^ would have won, as the boys were first In execution, music, and all the essentials. The Emmetsburg band came third with 70 per cent, and the others were still lower. The Algona hand was cheered everywhere and was the favorite. In the evening they were secured to play for a private party. THE DAILY TIMES' REPORT. The Eagle Grove Daily Times says that 6,000 people listened to the contest and in various places compliments our hoys. It says: "Algona had a splendid band and would have received the first prize, but their band consisted of but 15 pieces, while the Industrial School band of Eldora had 30, and the size of the band figured conspicuously In the per centage, thus giving the prize to the Industrial school boys." The following paragraph refers to an evening program in which all the bands participated: '"No number was presented during the evening that gaye more eminent satisfaction than the one presented by the Algona Cornet band. This band had earned so many encomiums at the afternoon program, that the audience was prepared to receive a production that possessed unusual merit. The manner in which the band acquitted themselves fulfilled al expectations and added new, laurels to their renown." THE BALL GAME. Not much is being said about the ball game between Algona and Clarion which was a feature of the tournament. Clarion had a Des Molnes battery, and at the last minute after the Algona club had been liberally backed financially Maytum announced that his arm was lame and that ho could not throw. The game was then a farce. The Times reports it: The S ime was pretty' much one sided, larion having the best of it from start to finish. There were many inexcusable errors and for the first time in the history of baseball in our city, they were unable to hold the crowd through the game. After the third inning they began to leave, finding much better entertainment at the amphitheatre where the band contest was being conducted. The nine innings were completed at about six o'clock, the score standing 14 to 34 in favor of Clarion. Clarion Kicks. Monitor: Thursday at 2 p. m. the second game opened and in less than 10 minutes it was plainly apparent that Algona proposed to win, no matter what means were resorted to. The . taffl. TJrtif tUm il A l«J»ft «Ba defeated. ClftflSfl !!•&«, S& 26*6, ftfld treated MJssWCit? to ,& BleaH (Scat of Wlittewfisfy ftll Week, They would draw ft iSt here and the Ibual maftftfetfiefit 66tim not do better thftti ftfrattge a sef les of games with them iti which tb dose the season, ._.,....,..„.. _________ .^. J ^_ I have unlimited money to leatt em lohg or short time. WE make a specialty of collections, Cloud & Haggard. THE genuine Rotnsro OAK pleases hundreds of thousands. It will please you.-28t2 ia _^ M __ -i ^ J _ i _ - , MAKE my store your headquarters during the fair. James Pattefson,-27t2 YOU can get first-class cabinet size photographs at the photo car for $2 a dozen. S. Hohensheet, photographer, SPECIAL fur sale, Oct. 4, at Taylor's. A FRESH stock of fine candles at the Opera House Grocery. WANPED—A girl to do housework for family of four. Will pay $3 a week. Mrs. C. L. Lund. ' • A FIVE-ROOM house for rent or for sale cheap. Inquire of Jas. A. Orr.-27 PHOTOS, cabinet size, only $2 a dozen, at the photo car, east of Wigwam. FOR time loans on real estate apply at Kossuth County State Bank. You can just as well have a heating stove that's right as to experiment. Wo sell It. It is the ROUND OAK. J. W. Robinson.-28t2 Last week thefg We-fcS mfif6 dntrfei it> than eye* before, Wade* ftt ft Kttsstttt cbuftty faif, ahd h&ll the etltries tofofe have beefl made durlflg thd noouofthe seeofid day, With Whftt wilt come la this tn-orntug 1 the exhibit wilt be IB all itees the most complete overseen here, and that meafis the best outside of the state fait. The vegetable show Is simply wonderful, Corn is a big exhibit, Cattle, horses, poultry, etc,, will surpass any previous exhibit! The Machinery display is next to the state fair. The Wigwam has a whole corner filled, the corn shredder and busker beitsg only an item of Its big display, *«a A. M. ft G. M, Johnson are on hand with a full line. In the art hall some handsome pen drawings from the normal school, and iirt work, add to the usual display. The amusement list promises to be equal t6 the occasion. The bicycle races are on for this afternoon, several good horses are here and the prospect Fs for exciting races. If the weather holds good it will be a great success. DR. H. C. MoCoY has returned and Is ready for business In the lino of his profession. Office al his residence, on McGregor street. LADIES' fur garment sale, Oct. 4. Jas. Taylor. .._ APPLES, apples, by the barrel, at James Patterson's.-27t2 «0TBfeTE[iifi$ ' .u^ji VSI pott o'NE.bXy GRAPES for fair week House Grocery. at the Opera WHENEVER It is said to you this or that heater is as good as the Round Oak, invostigate^before buying.-28t2 MONEY to loan on long or short time. Geo. G. Call.-tf ' A NEW line of ladles' fine shoes of the latest styles arrived yesterday at Galbraith'js. MY 80-acre farm for sale; 2-J mllos from creamery. N. C. Taylor, Lotts Creek.-2812 Do NOT fail to take a drink out of my barrel during the fair. James Patter- son.-27t2 , Money Saved, without a doubt, by buying your groceries of Anderson & Stebbins, south of the court house. this NOTICE James Patterson's ad. week for bargains fair weok.-27t2 A FINE new line of fine crockery at the Opera House Grocery. To ALL persons buying five dollars' worth of groceries on Oct. 1, 2, or 8, (Fair days) I will give one ticket of admission to the fair grounds. James Patterson.-27t2 ••£* !,-> f.% 'artiple which successfully rote wash day of its on MlTO$lfie prindpl4 \\ somes tQ the front a§ the only umpire was a Kossuth county man who had money up on the outcome (no less than three reliable persons having seen him put up money with different ones in favor of the Algona players,) and of all the rooky decisions ever made during a ball game his would easily take the lead, The instances of his unfair ruling are too numerous and rank to mention. Our boys protested but it did no good and finally coming to the conclusion that it was useless to'"kick" they let the umpire run matters to suit himself. At the close of the eighth inning for Algona and ninth for Clarion the score stood 16 to 2 in favor of the visitors, and the umpire tried his beet to beat Clarion out of one of the two tallies made, Our boys became rattled at the outset and we believe Algona could have won easily on a fair basis, hence the foul decisions of the umpire are all the more exasperating. Pew men would willingly have continued to act in the capacity he did after being openly charged with having bet on tbe game by men who saw him put up the money, p _ i _ Notes of Sport, The band boys' cornet is on .exhibition at Walker Bros.' store. Dr, Garfleld says that next year's bicycles will have the high handle bars again, in his opinion. Gov, Culbertson has called the Texas legislature together to pass a law to prevent the Corbett-Fitzsimmons fight at Dallas, This is the order the Renwlck Times has the bands at Eagle Grove in! The Algona band, the ladles' band of Eldora, and the Reform School band of Idas were special features and they were good, Bob. Kneebs has beet) expelled from the American Trotting association for his trickery in Germany, He can still drive pn county lair tracks, but will never again appear on an association track, Bob, raced in Algona one season, Maytuw, the pitcher, left for ,, City Friday, ^{s failure to throw, „. ™- - 1 - Grove spoiled » goo4. game, and " a lot* of The Famous Round Oak.. Is better than any other heating Stove ever made. It is made of better material, is made better, fitted perfectly. The results an enormous business, Has 450 imitations, trying hard to sell on the reputation of the ROUND OAK. You can get the genuine if your eyes see this. SEE THE NAME ON THE LEG. Sold only by J, W. ROBINSON, JJV.HAMILTDN CONSUMER aw> Ja is r Rfoi.t A New Deal Celebrated eye, ear, nose, throat, : ca-. tarrh, chronic and nervous disease spe-< olaltst, of the famous Southern Medical, and Surgical' Institute, Louisville, Ky. Dr Rea will have an assistant with him.; and will bo prepared to perform any surgical operation, no matter how dini- cult. He has all his portable instru* ments. apparatus, etc., including one of the improved Baltimore Chloride-of , Dry Silver Cell Galvano-Theraputlo •'. batteries and an electrical apparatus » ' for examining the throat, nose and reo- , turn. It Is a small incandescent elec- ,, trie light, the most wonderful discovery"; of the age and the only one infuse .in x the state. There is a class of sufferers fi< that ho wishes his electrical treatment ^' to reach, particularly those,-who'live at>t a distance, as they can como ,in and be v ,i treated, returning home permanently4f cured. With this treatment there .is,*,, but little pain, no soreness, no stopping', from business, nor interference,with-; } regular habits. The Southern Medical ;{ and Surgical Institute of Louisville, ;'-; Ky., formerly of the old class school,of < .medicine, was one of the first to. em-' brace the new theories, of modern med- M ioal science. It is today one of'the./; standard systems of medicine and man-', *:< ual healing in the country, with aprap--,- tice extending to almost every state' in • the union. They now have under treat- > ment more than six thousand patients,'., Dr. Rea is one of th'e principal manag- . ers of this institution, and ,oppUes his™ i practice to the treatment and cure of all diseases of the Eye, Ear, Throat,-<<> Nose, Catarrhal, Lung disease, Early Consumption, Bronchitis, Bronchial <»-/,„5^ tarrh, Constitutional Catarrh, Dyspep- ,*&$ sia, Sick Headache, Stomach and Bowel,-. /^ troubles, Rheumatism, Neuralgia, Soi- " ->4<| atioa, Brlght's disease, Diabetes, Kid-'-;. ; .".ft ney, Liver, Bladder, Prostatlo and Female diseases, Nervous Debility, Seminal Weakness, Lost Manhood, Dizzv', ness, Nervousness, Indigestion, Obesity, > Interrupted Nutrition, Slow growth, in Children, and all wasting 'disease' m;, adults. Many cases of deafness, Ring-,*,, irig in the Ears, Loss of Eyesight, Cata- •- ract, Cross Eyes, etc., that have beei^ improperly treated or neglected,,canb-e^ easily restored. Deformities, Cl.ubfeet,5V^ Curvature of the Spine, Disease of *•**'••&£ Brain, Paralysis, Epilepsy, Heart ,j ...,„,,, ease, Dropsy, Swelling of the Limbs,^g, etc,, properly treated, Blood ana fe diseases, Eozemn, Varicose Veins,- ; icocele, Stricture, Open Sores, pax; the bones, glandular enlargements ««>*; • all acute and long-standing diseases?><-, Dr. Rea devotes special interest to the?! removal, with electricity, of Canoe^s,^" Tumors. Moles, Warts, Wens, gpjfl marks, Granulated spre eyes, JM9.» blotches, Red nose, Pimples, JiMM^a pevfluous htviv on the face QV fleoj^lta,;^ Rea holds diplomas ft'orn some' ol-th^^? best colleges in America, apd hag pr&fi* (f x« tlced his professfon in some of the Hrgr | estinstitutions in the world.- J|Q"un'» ; ,^ del-takes no incurable cases .ana'.WHl'.'sl state frankly whftt chances, i^there ape, any, to be cured, Remember' 1 .<? Cut this out and send Jt to youp;sl§lcv.a neighbor or relative, Consultation, amlnatlon and troatm.ont c -fve B r for medicines only, which in no, exceeds $5 for '" L Holding 900 bushels, all' WHAT THS PBES§ SAYS P Hl^ The wondefful ftenoflts of tbe^new/'JW?* of treatjnent praptiQed fey »v, Sf»»H?, M lug muoli attention among tbe suHeiiag-4 l cify ana vloinity, mj®S&SS£, m ' m , ears of patfeuFudy and pD8eryatlo,n 'years of pateuudy and Mm one of the most noted, 4w .,- »tli« as that ot OonstlluHw, OwiP Be* of Call a»4 fe© Wi8'B9Mi|«

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