Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on April 9, 1946 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 9, 1946
Page 6
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HOfrE STA PE, ARKANSAS Tuesday, April 9, 194 By Chick Young 'llj^SOME DAY I'M , GOING TO WRITE A BOOK ON < " PARENT ) I M MAMA SAID TO ASK SOU v WELL, VOU r GO RIGHT >BACK AND ASK HIM SEBUM. IT DEADENS THE BRAIN ANOIOOSCNS .THE TONGUE. PHONE HIPPO/ NOU TO ME? GO BACK AND ASK HER IF ITS OKAY was full of cobwebs. VOtTO HAVE BEEN X NO, EASV. 1 HAVE A VASUB ALMOST; FW6 WHEN \ RECOLLECTION OF A LON<3 w£Sf r I TCIPINACAE - VOU CECflLL ANV- rHATMISHr BEFORE THAT...0MY) DON'T YOU W0RGV. IWPR&WWNS TOO / HONEY. C0WIS MAY DIM TO MEAN _V BE SOME iHJANK... ANYTHING! n CHANCES 4^ n^ POLICE WILL Pi* HIC 4 TORY I i CANT VOU se6? YOU'RE TWlNeNOr Y...SOME POLICE TO BELIEV6 MIW! IT'S SWEET OF OFFICERS THEV HAVE A YOU TO FEEL THAT WAY ABOUT Me k BUT I'VE BEEN AFRAID ALL ALON&// REPORT ON MR ****,. ._—«*vf.\ r-i/'Mllij-i xtvnrMf Side Glances By Galbraith MODEST MAIDENS Tr.,lcmark R«j!!lert;l U. S. Pjl.nt Office • </ , ' •*•'•-•• • JT-^/'^V •'-•>'»; ...I'M AFKAIP WE'RE OUT-OP WITH THAT BLI2ZABP GIVING THE WOPKC,WE'PE STUCK:.-1 HATE TO-SAY THIS, BUT I WAS TMNKlNS THE BEAR CUSS A'.OTHEE LISTEN, \re FROM UP ON THE ANOUHTAIM "Look, if Universal 'ca'n borrow Van Johnson troin M.G.M., why can't ice?" COPR.1MS8YNEA SERVICE. INC. T'. M. REO. U. S. PAT. OFF . .-' I'm afraid his thrill of heing back home is wearin" off— . he s_ complaining about the milking ancl just kicked olj 1 " " ---- ~~~~ Freckles and His Friends By Slosser 1 7unnv Business By Hershberger HEY, FELLAS, SKIP ir-' PATS /.*./ THIS is COMING-; !$!/ WOfMM- .y« HATING- Trie '*DRUGSTORE THE PEOPEI? THING IS A DERBY \7^-~ VOU.. SIMILAR TO y(MOT FOR ME! MIME! CERTAINLY MUST FEEL SILLY! I'M DOIN' . TOOTS.... PIPE DOWN. 1 FOE HEAVEN'S SAKE! THAT'S NOT A PROPER RIDING COSTUME! fVOUp. PEANUT STAND ALMOST HATWASN'T GOT ME DRUMMED OUT OF THE CORPS; WE COULD'VE KILLED... NOV\ P50&ABLV WE FIND A WAV OUT JUST SlTTIN', SO LCT'S THIS IS NO ORDINARY CAVE...IT'S SHORED- / YEP.., AN UP V;ITH MASONRY: ^ THAT MEANS THERE'S A WAY OUT' WE'LL FOLLOW IT DOWN STREAM.' 4 * "George is saving his strength for the harvest!', 1 Popeye Thimble Theater "YA MINP COMIN' WHILE i ACCOUNT WILL WE SPEWD^ ' HAFT ^ UP A LITTLE HIGHER, PLEASE , vi; fKtTi Kv.a svvnii \ir.. i,... unui n IIICMT By J. R. Williams Our Boarding House With Major Hoople ; QjHtOurWay STAND AKJD LOOK HIM IKJ THE EVE/ GOSH/ WHERE DID THEY GO?/ v&. SIR GAWAIWE/I ?W STAWD LOOKING *OOK AT THEM ORE SAMPLES WE FOUND TH' .JU>ST SPANISH ^ BUT WE VES, VES, " \- "", / "VE'GODS, BOYS- . \ / SUGAR/ IT'S IT'S S'POSED J I VOUR. WIFE, TO BE I \ CURLV AND LOST-- ' / ) STIFFV-- ' ARE YOU / / STIFFY ABOVE COM IMG \ V ALL PEOPLE' ^nAN'COULPMTJ QUIETLY \ OR. THE 1 HARD WA V /?/ TUOT M ME 30 ._. __ . P/\V FOR _ ECTRAOTV TO GET 60 Me MORE OF IT ^M^g^; LITILE BEAVER CArt >.. TAKE C\KE } - HIMSELF, BUTI'A J DUCHE53 f?U57LE(?S ARE OPERATIC' 1 friESE PARTS-' THE J-OST AMP FOUND' SECTION) t. M. Ma »...«,. „,. i • ^— «fk- 1M4.HI kUVUC c Tuesdoy, April 9, HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS CLASSIFIED rage Seven One Ads Must Be In Office Day Before Publication All Want Ads Cash In Advance • Not Tak-n Over the Phone .• Oe On* month . lie word, minimum 5J.70 Rates are for Continuous Insertions Only " THE M °RE YOU TELL THE QUICKER YOU SELL" For Sole COTTON PLANTING SEED first ycnr from brooder. Germination 90 per cent. See T. S. Mc_ _____ AND (! PIGS. SEE W.~ B Kugglps or phone lil-J-4. 0-6t BLUR LEATHERETTE BABY . Rubber tires. Practically rcns »"ably priced. Call TWO NEW ROCKERS. REFIN- ishod bcclrooiTi suite. New springs and Inncrspring mattress. Tom __£nrrcll.jn__Wcsl 3rd St. Ij-Gt " .------....»...,, ^ , \-rt.ll-JILlLJ 1 I J.H IV 111" W f ,?'', c ' blllls ' H to ! u months old. JT Prices reasonable. All of good breeding. Will make you money in a registered or commercial _berd._M. S. Bates. 5-Gl ONE NEW HOME ON WEST AVE- nue 13. 5 rooms wilh bath. One '•' complete act of furniture. Pur- _J.eIl & Taylor. Phone 195-J. 8-01 HIGH QUALITY D~A~Y~OLD chicks, also started chicks. Hope Feed Co. g-Gt $> peas. 15 c per pound. W. S. Mc- Kainio, Rosston, Route 2. 8-31 1941 CHEVROLET. GOOD CONDI- lion. See Ben Camp, five miles out on Palmos road. 9-3t 200 BOIRD'ARC P O S Floyd Portorfiold. SEE 9-Gt TWO PIECE L I VTN G ROOM suite, practically new. Couch makes into bed. Baby bed and • mattress. Phone 750-W. 9-3t DEEP- WELL DRILLING EQUIP- ment. Mrs. A. S. Wells, Prcscotl, Phone 312. c).(j{ TWO WOOL FELT RUGS, PRICE S100. Inquire City Bakery or cnll 802-W. 9-3 ONE LOAD OF CUTOFFBLOCKs! Delivered in city limits. $3.00 Fred Hartsficld. 1008 West Ave B. 9-31 Notice ;EE IDEAL FURNITURE STORE for belter furniture and better bargains. Phone 47G. 14-lm IF YOU NEED GRAVEL. SAND or dirt, call 712-J. Quick delivery. 15-lmb. FOR ESTIMATES ON AWNINGS, and Venetian blinds, write Riley Cooper, 1909 .West 17th Street, Texarkana, Texas. 15-2m For Rent Real Estate for Sale BEAUTIFUL LOTS, fiOxMS FEET in now colored Shovor ViliiiKc Addition just east Yorgor High School. Buy now, chuico lots available. Cash or terms. Foster- Ellis, 108 East Second. Phono ^V__^_ ' Mm " DO YOU NEED $1000 $2()()(T$300n to close your deal? Soo C. B. Tyler, Real Estate Mortgage Loans, 119 Cotton Row. 15-41 FOSTER-ELLIS 402 SOUTH FULTON, SIX-ROOM house, good condition, corner lot, 75 x 150 feel, priced to sell. WEST FOURTH STREET, NICE lot, 50x150 feel, bargain. 222 WEST AVENUE C, TWO- s.tory, 7 room residence, newly papered and painted, 100x150 fool corner lot, .two blocks from business district. BEAUTIFUL RESIDENTIAL LOT, 85-foot frontage, 155-foot depth, in excellent residential district, abstract furnished. CORNER ELM AND EAST SEV- cnlh,'large residence, 75x150 fool 'lot and three 50x150 residential lots in rear. ft PHILLIPS ADDITION, COR- hcr residential lot, 50x130 feet. Sec us before you buy. 108 East Second, phone 221. 4-31 TWO, ADJOINING RESIDENTIAL lols, each 50 by 150 feel. Park addition. Both for $400. 40 ACRE FARM, NEW FIVE room house, deep well, garage, Delco system, five miles north east of Hope, one mile off Highway 67.. 8-Gl MODERN SIX ROOM HOUSE. Iwo 3 room apartment on West 4lh Slreet. Northwest corner of courthouse square, GO by 180 foot lot. See W. M. Ramsey, 991 West 5th Street. 8-4t 80 ACRES LAND NEAR SHOVER Springs, modern G room house, gas, running water, lights available. $4800. See Rilcy Lewallen. SN SPACE: The Story of Radar FRIENDLY PLANE'S IFF RADAR RESPOND CODED REPLY ALS IDENTIFIES SHIPS ___ AT SEA No. 7: Radar on Wings Tr^Sfc.., "'>•• Si- • t *£»&''.->• * • feV.WiJI ?V*: BY DAVrD DIETZ " "•*' NotCil Solonco Writer; .Millinr nf "Atomic' iSiHTKy In tlio Coming- Km." TCtu. (Written for NEA Service) '--*• (1) Raclnr on wings was used by Allied bombers find blimps to crush the LuflwnfTc, to bomb Nazi industry into extinction, to sink the U-boats and Japanese shipping, to guide aircraft with unerring accuracy on transoceanic flights. This was accomplished by scientists, technicians, engineers and others oC the United Nations working in extreme secrecy ancl under armed protection 24 hours n day. Using the cathode ray oscilloscope, which is Political Announcements similar to thq image tube in a television i-eceivdf, radar revealed the exact outlines of the enemy's forces or installations, through clouds, fog, great distances or darkness. (2) Early in the development .of' radar it beca'me necessary to determine the difference between a friendly ship or plane Jind one of the enemy. The British "solved this difficulty through the development of the IFF— "Information, Friend or Foe." The plane wishing to make the distinction sends out a series of waves. Frohfi an enemy ship- or plane,-it is reflected back weakly. Btit a radar on a friendly craft returns a :strong'message, which, is in a predetermined code., (3) The Axis nations as well as the Allies used radar. Before landings could be made on enemy soil most successfully. Axis radars had to be jammed. And the radars of '(he Axis partners were jammed so effectively that they were useless when the Allies made their landings both in Europe and on the Pacific. One of the most effective devices for jamming consisted of strips .of aluminum foil about a foot long and an inch wide. 'Dropped from planes in., bundles of !60f)0, they scattered widely nnd gave back ;a strong radar reflection .'that completely, screened the Allied 'landing parties. . (4) Another method of jamming lay in the use of long strips' of aluminum foil strung from parachutes. These were* employed by American task forces % pre-inVasion bombardments of Japanese islands. The parachutes were dropped from the planes of the American forces. •Late in the war the Japanese developed a ,radar that could not be jammed, and these helped the kamikaze suicide fly-. crs to find their warship targets. But as the war ended the American scientists developed a radar tube -that.Vnade the kamikaze radar -useless* • The Star is authorized to announce the following as candidates subject to the action of the Democratic primary elections this Sum* mer: Congress, 7th District PAUL GEREN BRUCE BENNETfr*" 8th Judicial Circuit^' .t,. <•«*«•' For Prosecuting Attatgt^ ^ CHARLES W. BACKET**/'"' JAMES H. PILKINTON TOMORROW: /are. "Push . Butte" Crackers in ROUNDUP •Bi Hurt S. FiDirtH. Jr.- L/C I SO ft - New York, April 0 —(/P)— '.'What' do you think of 176-pound heavy- Fy the Associated Press weights?" asks Col. Hejnie'Miller, The Atlanta Crackers, generally | ( "' v -i»'r'sklcnt and current executive picked lo repeat as South.- 1 —i As- secretary of the National Boxing sochition champions, had some i • .".on ana boxing coach and ' ' ' " lc j{. | publicity man at the University of Hcinie takes off explaining to do today. The Crac ers last nifiht droppi-d their I'our 'ourlh tor'os over outsiders. Tho Infantry training school humbled the Atlanta Club. 8-5, at Fort Benning. Ga. it was a mild BEDROOM WITH KITCHEN PRI- •. vilegos to couple only. Apply 217 West 13lh 'Street. 4-01 ROOM FOR RENT TO BUSINESS couple, with breakfast. Phono 33. 4-et 20 ACRF, GOOD PASTURE, RUN- ning water year, round. Shovor Springs, Mrs. Willie Beckworth. 5-31 Lost TWO STORY, TWO LOTS, OLD house, well located. 10 'ACRES ON HIGHWAY, SMALL house. THREE ACRES, FOUR ROOM house, well located. NICE BUILDING LOTS, JUST • west 'of courthouse. SEVERAL "NICE 'FARMS, WELL loc-ated at fair prices. GOOD BLACK LAND NEAR PAV- ed, highway. f> ROOMS, TWO ACRES AND store on highway. OURS IS" A COMPLETE REAL ES- tate Service, td the seller, the 'buyer arid the loan Company, on a fair and equitable basis to all concerned. C. B. Tyler, Licensed Broker, 119 Cotton Row. 9-Ot TOY MANCHESTER. Woodard Breed, 425 North Elm Street, phone 1043-R. 9-3t Found TWO RED AND BLACK SPECK- led pigs about S weeks old. Came to my place April 1. Sec L. J. Blackmail, Rt. 4, Hope. Owner may have same by paying for feed and this ad. 0-2w TAKEN UP - three hereford cows since April 1. f<>o W. B. Rugglcs or pli "••••« 31-J-4. • . 0-Gt Wanted to Rent WANTED. TWO ROOM FURNISH- ed apiirlmenl. Couple only. Phone 842. Mrs. Frank I. Shiver. 4-Gt For ELECTRIC SERVICE Day Phone 413 Night Phone 1015-J We Specialize in MOTOR REWINDING BARWICK'S Electric Service 114 E. Third St. Hope, Ark .straight exhibition gnmr. while h ' om tllc recent Rncky Graziano- four other Southern teams had vie-1 Marty Servo mis-match on the •theme that "weight equality is the very basis of fair boxing." . . . The 17G-poundcr against someone ...- - „. „ \\-eighinw say, 250, emphasizes the evening in the: batter's box — the ''•'f'"'C"icc a few pounds can make - - •• when two good scrappers come to- t,i;ii.er . . . Miller suggests:!*!- 1U5- pound class might be in order — and that's just how the present light-heavyweight division' Jvwas created . . . We'd say maybe 190 or' 195 would be a better 'dividing line . . .As for the lower divisions, Hcinie has his own answer to "what happens there: "The heck tyilh sportsmanship and weight equality WHITE FRAME FOUR ROOM •house on Main Street in Emrnet. $1050. Tom White. Emmet. 9-Gt Worried to Buy WE BUY HOUSEHOLD FURNI- ture, one .piece or more. Any amount. What have you? Phone 873. ll-lm WILL PAY CASH FOR 1937, '38, '39 Chevrolet or Ford. Phone 105-W or show at 323 North Hamilton after G p.m. 5-Gt Opportunities Offered HOME AND* "'AUTO SUPPLY Stores-Franchise and merchandise pvailaDie now for new Associate Stores. Write or wire. Kenyon Auto Stores, Dallas 1, Texas. 19-2m Female Help Wanted EXPERIENCED W A I T HERE wanted. Diamond Cafe. Phone 822. t 3-U Services Offered EXPERIENCED sTA'lFF OF bookkeepers Will keep your book* for only $1 per week. Mail carrl today for information on this; nationwide new service. Dollar A-Wcek Bookkeeping Service. 30<i P & M Building, Texarkana 19-1m REGISTERED SPENCER COR seticrc, individually designec corsets, brassiors, men and wo men's surgical supports. Mrs Ruth Dozier, 318 North Elm St Hope, Ark. Phone 144-J. 29-1 m With spring sales in full swiivj what this country needs is a U8- cent bill. Every time a married Gl comes home his wife answers tlu call to arms. Wanted! TELEPHONE POLES All Dimensions 16 to 70 Feet Cash Every Week RUFUS MARTIN PATMOS, ARK. if the gate is big." And the little guy who risks a boating for the big money is the first to say it. Pointed Paragraph Red Smith (N. Y. Herald Tribune) describing Herman Reiser's wail for the finish of the Augusta Soldiers got five 'nits, Atlanta only four. The Chattanooga Lookouts and Montgomery of ihc Southeastern loop provided a different story at Montgomery. The Lookouts got a j track workout while 'they pounded I 18 hits and look a 1G-8 victory. I The Rebels also were powerful ill I the plate, with M hits, but their cause was hampered by eight errors. Little Rock contributed to the Southern loop victories -with a 93 decision over Minneapolis of the American Association in the year's first night game at Little Rock. Mobile also hit the victory column with a 11-3 decision over the Pensacola 'Fliers. Starting Pitcher Leo PL'uncl down from the Brooklyn Dodgers, helped tilings along' with a home run. Jim Shea, ex-mnrine, became the first pitcher to go the route for the New Orleans Pelicans, ancl there were no complaints. Shea allowed only two earned runs is the Pelicans heal Columbus of he American Association, fi-a. At Memphis, the Chicks were started on the road to another Southern Association victory when rain stopped their game with the Shrcvcport sports in the third inn- 'ng with Memphis leading. 1-(). SoTinc r-ninh- .Vi bl ' cnkillK »H figures Dr. J. Thompson" Prothro; in, f I'?'"".'? today m propnra- , ., Memphis ChicKs steer clear ion for the season opening I' n- clay. Nashville prepared to leave IVUicon. Ga., and Birmingham was set to leave Biloxi, Miss., e:: route to Montt-umery for .mi exhibition , date with the Rebels 'tomorrow, i solf tournament: "A tall man with the look of a 'guy who has known great sorrow sat in the Augusta National golf club, unmoying, 'expressionless, not drinking or eating or saying much. Just sitting there like a ball player in a hotel lobby." Ohe-Mfnute Sports Page T-Tinkey Haines, the old Penn Staler, Giant footballer and Yan- KUK uaseuall player, will be back as a National Football League official next fall Van Mungo is said lo be beefing at Mel Ott because he was yanked from an exhibition game after-Lou Boudreau hit a homer with the bases full. Maybe both should think of Lee Fohl, who was bounced, as Cleveland manager because of one such pitch. Lee let Fred 'Coumbe, who was suffering from 'tonsilitis, pitch to Babe Ruth one day in 19'19. The Babe socked one out of the park and that night Fohl went nut as manager . . . After surveying a big ad inviting the public to watch | Oklahoma U's closing 'spring football •''•actice last Saturday, 'tub- thumper Otis Wile rernlBrked: "Well, they're undefeated, aren't they?" . Memphis No Major * League Ties This is another in a scries of stories on Southern Association baseball mana'gers. : ( Memphis, Tenn., April 9 —'(/P)— It's better to build a pennant" Win• (ha" to. bn" or borrow'.one, . J. Thompson Prpf p{iis Chicics steer cl of major league connections. Memphis is one of two teams in the Southern Association—the • Ai i . *"•"*•"•»• v.tw lnnln ~ whlch °P ernte GOOD JOBS FOR FORMER MILITARY OCCUPATIONAL SPECIALISTS (M05) JOB MOS Grades Radio Rnpnirman, Fixed Station 649 S, 4, 3 Intercept Control Technician 768 4, 3, 2 Trnr.smirte.' Attendant-, Fixed Stntion .... 798 S, 4 Sound Recorder, FA . . 836 5,4,3,2 Radiosonde Operator . . 942 5, 4, 3 Wirn Rcnairmun, VHP . . 9SO 5,4 Radio Kcpoirmnn, VHP . . 951 5,4,3 Radio Mechanic, PQ Target Airplnnc . . , 993 5,4, 3 Radio Operator-Mechanic, AAF "We like it better wilhout any Ihc veto raft attached," mannr'er says. »"We know what to depend on and, if we can ao our , buildi ing with M long range plan in mirid." Prothro, starting his 27lh season in baseball and his 16th as manager in the Southern, is strictly a builder, recognized as one oi' the game's best developers ol' young lalent. His record a cycle o£ start- ?adnr Olucrvef Mechanic, Bombardment . 2756 5,4,3 2S67 4, 3 and many other skills. Hero's a new opportunity tor ()on,l, :.tcady work at good pay. If you were honorably discharged from the Army or, or alter May I;?, HMT', ancl h<At a grcjilo in one ol the military ocrupationul bperialtiu:, ;MOS) you may nov/ cn- libt in the Regular Army in your qualified i.pci .alty and at a Qiudo depL'ndiMcj mi the lonqth oi your previous MOTi :ic i rvit:c, (.Movuioil yi^u act hofor-j July I, i9-4cV S;o|j in and find out the i pec ml arudo you will receive u:ntc-r Ihi-.. new \Vur Uiipait- nient oider. Apply at the U. S. Army Rccruitinij Slalion, ilS post Office bldrj , Texaikana, Ark. from virtual scratch, fashioning a great ball club, breaking it up with graduation of'stars to the majors and then starting all over again. An example is doc's four-year 'nrii'-f at Little Rook from 1035 to 1938. Prothro pulled the Trav- i-.ui'ti ii'oni iasi lo sixth, Ihen to filth, then" to a pennant in 1937. Ue sold 12 nf the stars of his championship Little Rock club to uio n.ajors ana lollowed them up himself in 1939 as manager of the Philadelphia Phillies. But after three years Prothro returned as part owner and manager of the Chicks. Doc began his baseball career right after getting oul of denial SEE US FOR . . . Wallpaper Paint Glass Roofing Lumber Cement Sand Gravel Screens ALL BUILDING MATERIAL Phone 178 Harlan-West Lumber Co. Hazel and Division sohoiil in 1920. He pm-formod as infielder in both major leagues. In 1928 he became Memphis inan- ;\j;or. Hxi-opt for those two brief spans at Little Rock and Philadelphia, of the clumpy doctor's brain- has been devoted town club here. to his work hiniu He Hants, gained championship play- mgham Team Full of Gloom (This is anothr -in a series of stories on Southern Association, baseball teams.) By STANLEY. W. ATKINS Birmingham, Ala., "April 9 — (/P) Birmingham Barons closed out spring trainirig at their Bilqxi camp today and headed north, with Manager Frank Snyder still looking on the gloomy side of things. ood club," Snyder e happier if we has won two Southern pen- ofi's only of three other times and on four occasions wound up out the first division. himself, Prothro favors fast and daring ball clubs. "Speed begets power," he de- dales, promising another outili't this year that will run those bases like antelopes. "We've got a said, "but I'd had been sent a few key men." Lending weight to his outlook was Ihe opinion of spoils writers around the league, who accorded the Barons eighth place in their annual poll, a shade under Mobile's Bears. Despite these unfavorable omens, the Barons pick'ed up strength during the past week with the acquisition . of a half dozen players, and the front office indi- .catpd it was dickering., {91- an ex- periencedr-catcher anil another outfielder. ' • T < ? In addition, the Birming ham club wilf be taking a better than fair exhibition game average into Friday's opener with Atlanta. The Barons broke even in four games with Rochester of the International, took two out of three from Columbus of the American and the New Orleans Pelicans, split two- game series with the Mobile Bears and the Minneapolis Millers, and whipped Little Rock in their lone meeting. Manager Snyder says the Baronial pitching has shown up surprisingly well in exhibition play. He has Wallu Gaddis, th,- slim right- hander who led Baron hurlers with a 12-4 record last season, plus a handful of ex-servicemen who are potential starters. Leading this group is husky John Meketi, discharged from the navy after pitching for Bob Fellers' Great Lakes learn lasl year. Other ex-servicemen who probably will stick are Southpaw Will Guise, who won six and lost six for the Barons in 1943, and the veteran Dick Midkiff, former Litlle Rock hurler who was signed as a free agent last winter. Two others counted on as regulars are Fred Clemence and Oadis Swigart, assigned to the Barons by Pittsburgh. 688,000 Still Idle Due to U.S. Strikes By United Press Public transportation was restored in Akron, O., today, and a threatened power strike in 'Cincinnati was averted. But nearly G88,- 000 workers remained lule m strikes and shutdowns across the nation. The ^fijor labor developments: 1. AFL machinists and CIO tr- isp i-t workers ended their eight-day strike against the Akron nsuui-tauon Co. and accepted a 12-cent hourly pay increase. 2. xne Cincinnati Gas and Electric Co. and the AFL electrical workers union agi-eed on a 17- cent 'hourly wage incre-ase, and a power strike, voted by union mem- i-s ;<() days ago, was called off. 3. An emergency fact-finding panel closed its hearings on the dispute between 130 class 8 railroads and two brotherhoods representing 15 per cent of the nation's railroad workers. 4. Wage .negotiations continued in the week-old soft coal strike, and the American Iron and Steel Institute predicted that the shutdown would cut steel production 185,700 tons this week. 5. The National Wage 'Stabilization Board ruled that only 10 cents of .ini 18-cent hourly wage boost granted Detroit dairy workers could bo used by the companies as the basis for price relief. It was the 'first case not to receive com- lete approval by the national board. For the first time in'eight days Akron residents could ride to work by bus and trolley. The AFL machinists union followed suit a few hours later. Both unions originally had demanded 32 cents. The agreement in the Cincinnati utilities dispute was worked out with the aid of the U. S. conciliation service. In addition to the 17- cent hourly increase it provides union dues checkoff. The agreement is subject to approval by the Cincinnati local union. The railroad fact-finding panel heard Ray T. Miller, attorney ?or the Brotherhoods of Railway Trainmen and Locomotive Engineers, warn that the Ifi-cent hourly pay boost granted last week to 18 other railroad unions-would not be satisfactory to the trainmen and engineers. '• . ; Miller said the unions demanded a 25 per cent pay .increase • and rules changes. President Truman is expected to announce the panel's decision by April 20.'' '• - • Reports received by the American Iron and Steel-institute indicated that the steel industry, which faces a coal shortage, would be producing at 78.3 per cent of 'capacity this week compared with last week's estimate of 87.1 per cent. The institute predicted that this week's output would be 1,379,900 tons, 185,700 tons less than last week. The Briggs Mahufacurihg Co. trunk drives agreed to return to work pending settlement of their local dispute. Their action paved the way for the recall of 12,000 "furloughed" workers. Brothers should teach sisters to swim, says an instructor. And they will, it they're brothers and sisters to somebody else. Doug /^ITTY Carl Bacon Vul I I Jones ELECTRIC CO. — for — House Industrial Wiring Wiring Electrical Repairs Phone 784 A doctor says golf gives men all the exercise they need. Especially when riding the course in a rumble seat. NOTICE — WE HAVE MOVED to 513 S. Walnut Call us for repairs, parts and supplies. We do hemstitching and make button holes. Buy, Sell and Exchange Machines. C. W. YANCEY, Singer Dist. 578R Fights Last Night Ey the Associated Press Philadelphia — Ike Williams. 136 1-4, Trenton, N. J., knocked •out Eddie Giosa, 137, Philadelphia. (1;. (Non-title.) :..-.Cleveland — Sammy Secreet, 148 1-4, Pitsburgh, outpointed Harold Green, 152, Brooklyn, (10). By United Press New York (St. Nicholas Arena) —Roman Alvarez, 139 3-4, New York, outpointed Joe 'Peralta, 141, Tamaqua, Pa., (10). Newark, N. J. — Billy Grant. 173 3-4, Orange, N. J M outpointed Frank Zamaris, 17 71-2, Orange, (8). ',. : ..... . St. Johnsbury. Vt.—Buster Beaupre, 140, Burlington,' Vt., stopped Al^ Michaud, 141, Lewiston, Me., ' t *r . • > , Providence, .R. I,—Willie Pep. 130 3-4 Hartford, Conn., stoppe'd Georgie Knox, 128, Newark, N' J (3). ' • • . Stamford, Conn — Rocky Prp- j?ano, 128, Stamford, • slopped Pat Kitt, 132, New York,- (2). Chicago—Eddie Lander, 135 1-2, Chicago, knocked out Mike Gravino, 127 1-4, Niagara-Fall, -N. Y., Lewislon, Me—Leo Methot, 134, Hempsteod .County. „• » _____ I'-i., For Sheriff & Collector TILMAN BEARDEN J. W. (SON) JONES" u CLAUDE H. SUf TON For County Clerk •ROBERT C. For County MRS. ISABELLE ONSTEAD I McCORKLE OK. i •SWELL A, BURKE ^ ] For County Judge FRED A. LUCK Tax Assessor 'a COOK ." For Representative- Post 1 GLEN WALKER For Representative Post 2 TALBOT FEILD, JR. ' Montreal, outpointed Cocky Davis; 132, Worcester, Mass., (8)." * Holyoke, Mass—Ellis Stewart' 101, Philadelphia, outpointed Johnny Finazzo. 169, Baltimore, ^(10)', , New Haven, Conn.—Nunzio Ferrara, 142, Milwaukee, outpointed, George La Rover, 140, New Yorkc (10). . , % ' Troy, N. Y. — Charlie Noel! 134 1-4, Jersey City, outpointed Vince DellOrto, 134 1-2, New York; -o— Now we read that skirts will not be longer. Maybe because-it's mo much of a comedown-for the girls. . .•..,-. . , MAtTRESSES Remade Like Guarantee to Use — All Work Pick Up and Deliver••' Bright Bros. Hope, Rt. 2 Phone--34J-2 JONES MAYTAG SALES & SERVICE, For Prompt Expert Service on •A-II WASHING MAC;HI^IES v Phone 209 304 East 2nd FRED'S AUTOMOTIVE SERVICE We specialize in REPAIRS ON Chrysler, Dodge, Plymouth, DeSoto, all General Motors Cars Phone 202 4th and Washington 'LOOK" The Most Modern REPAIR SHOP IN HOPE Complete Auto Upholstering Washing & Greasing Now Open on SUNDAY ANTHONY'S Service Station Phone 1106 FIRST LINE BATTERIES Bob Elmore Auto Supply Phone 174 815 8. Main Wanted to Buy USED FURNITURE of all kinds COMMUNITY FURNITURE STORE 606 N. Hazel Phone 357 COMPLETE BUTANE SERVICE Wanda Butane Gas Phone 370 Hope, Ark. BUTANE SYSTEMS <- Plumbing Fixture? ^ '•;$ Plumbing Repairs HARRY W. SHIVER Plumbing • Heating' Phone 259 Hnnc. Ark. WUft'for.^ BABY CHICKi; You'll like our qual- [ . ity. chicks, hatched i right from leleclwii ( flocks. Hardy, fa«»' groweri. Lew prio».' FEEDERS SUPPLY CO ! 4th and La. Stt - , COMPLETE LINE OF OFFICE SUPPtlfeS JOB PRINTING Gentry Printing Co.- Phone 241 Hope,' Ark. Harry Segno r, Sr. PLUMBER Contracting and Repairs Phone 382-J ROGERS RADIO SERVICE We specialize In all kinds of car and home radios. FIRESTONE STORE 209 South Main St. Motor Repair*— Light Fixtures Hope Appliance Co. 214 East 3rd St PHONE 613 Appliance Repairs—Appliance* YOUR CREDIT IS GOOD TRY Hope Mattress Co. For better work at better prices—Old beds made new and new beds made too— We Call for and Deliver Anywhere One day service In town- Bargains In Secondhand Furniture ALL WORK GUARANTEED Phone 1$3 411 S- He?el Expe rt Repo i r Work -" < On all makes of car* Phone 1118 BARNEY GAINES GARAGE 213 South Elm St. COMPLETE RADIO SERVlM Bob Elmore Auto Supply Loe's Tourist Cafe-Court " Featuring — •, • Steaks • Fried Chicken • Barbecue «Fish ' • Sandwiches tSoft Drinks NOW OPEN 24 HOURS Phone 222 for Private J Dining Room Mr. and Mrs. P. J. Loe City Limits & Highway 67 We?t • Real Estate If you are in the market to buy or sell Farm larwj or City Property, call or see . ; ...„ • Calvin E. Cossidy Phpn«» 499 Hope, Arts,,. Arkonioi S

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