The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on September 25, 1895 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 25, 1895
Page 5
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^W* 1 -•- • •: 1895-1896 Fall and Winter fifeftlfadf Oliver fceits6k>tef Chftifi, Mlnti,—Aft Ittly Sfct* tie* in Kosstith* The Latest \\, The Choicest The Finest Miss £dna Mclntyre in charge of the department, JfVS. Tf\YLOR. W6ii-fettowS dhafaetfcr of Potmet tteys—Was <5ue« tfae Sheriff. ' N OW is the time to buy yotff hard and at* Goal, I am taking orders for immediate u The Best on Earth." Sold for the past 25 years at The Wigwam The best and most popular Farm Wagon on the market. Another carload just received at The Wigwam. Call and see them. Wilfrid P. Jones. Af ter a long illness OH ver Benschoter died last week Tuesday at his home io Center Chain, Minn., and was burled on Wednesday at the cemetery there. His son, Grant, and two daughters, Mrs. Ferguson and Mrs. Holman, attended the funeral. Mis other children had been with him at various times during the year. Mr, Benschoter was one of the oldest and one of the best known of the pioneers of Kossuth. He was born in New York, Oct. 2.1 1 1810» his parents coming to Ohio the next year, Where he lived until 1850, when he came to Delaware county, Iowa, and the spring following to Algona. He opened his blacksmith shop at once, the first Algona or the county had. In 1858 he built the big frame house which stood so many years on the corner where the John Grove home now is^a handsome home in those days. In 18oO he was elected sheriff of the county against Geo. Blottenberger by a vote of 87 to 10. In 1801 he was re-elected by a vote of 61 to 20, and in 1803 by a unanimous vote of 00. These totals at the polls suggest the declining population of the years of the war in the county. His successor Was Samuel Reed, and his was John M. Pinkorton. In 1801 Mr. Benschoter had pre-empted the farm he afterwards moved onto in Portland—now Plum Creek—near Thos. Gilbride's. Here he became a farmer and here he lived until a few years ago when he sold to P. Kain and bought a small place near Fairmont. He has been an occasional visitor in Algona since that time, but the increasing burdens of old age—he was nearly 80 when he died—kept him closely at home. Mr. Benschoter will long be remembered by the early settlers as a genial, industrious, and valued pioneer. And now that he is gone his memory will live in his children, who are among the best known of the county's citizens. He was married in 1S3G in Ohio to Martha Kemp, who died in 1859 leaving six children. Of these Mrs. A. L. Seeley, Mrs. E. N. Weaver, Mrs. Smith Carlisle of Whittemore, and Grant Benschoter are living in the county, while George died at Little Bock, Ark., in 1803, a member of the famous 32d Iowa regiment the Kossuth boys enlisted in. In 1802 Mr. Benschoter was married to Sarah Grose, daughter of another pioneer, and ten children resulted' from this union. Fourteen children are now living to mourn the death of a father. At the old settlers' meeting six of the pioneers were added to the death roll for the year just passed. Mr. Benschoter begins the list of a new year. Money. I have unlimited money to loan on long or short time. B. W. HAGGARD. or future delivery, and the prices as low as s any, Order Your Coal Now* be Leave orders down town at the office o± F, 0, Wiilson, Prompt delivery* « SatMda|,;OcttDep| FOR ONE "DAY JDrsftfev^ />''*• v^.'V'* 1 ivia.' v , f. ^is ..,'.' -lUM Free In Iowa soft, coal I have: Mystic, Boone, What Cheer, and Savior, Also Illinois and Socking Valley.soft.. A. H. NATJDAIN. Is an article which successfully robs wash day of its terrors—constructed on scientific principles, it comes to the front as the.only- Perfect Washing Machine Give it a fair trial, and if it does not please you, return it .and you will have lost nothing. Please call and look at my line of COOK STOVES, RANGES, and HEATERS before buying. This also will cost you nothing. J. W. ROBINSON. MAEEIED FIFTY YEARS. Jlr. and Mrs. J. E. Blaclcford Will Celebrate '1 heir Golden Wedding SText Saturday-Mr, and Mrs. Abel Wooster Passed the Plf ty-nille Post Last Week. Invitations are out for a reception in honor of the fiftieth wedding anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. J, E. Blackford which will occur Saturday. Fifty years ago these honored pioneers of. Kossuth joined hearts and hands back' in St. Joseph county, Indiana, 40 years ago within a few days they came to-Algona, and now in a cheerful old age with their children about them they will receive the congratulations of friends and neighbors over their arrival at an anniversary so rarely reached. No one of the pioneers talks more pleasantly of early times than Mr. Blackford, and to THE UPPER DES MOINES reporter, who visited him yesterday, he gave many interesting reminiscences of his early life, He was only 20 years old when married, being born Jan. 4, 1825, in Warren county, Ohio, while Mary M, Call was two years younger, born June 9,1827, In Geaugy county, Ohio, Both had moved to Indiana and there met, Ten years later with two boys added to the family they set out with an ox team to travel to' Algona, The reporter inquired about the team, but • -Mr, Blaokford said he did not want it j \ntloned that on the way he traded ' i good oxen for a worthless span of > -" • is. They crossed the Mississippi ' " ' >iitou, and then following Judge '"•' Kdireotions came to Mason City ; - glear Lake, Here Capt, Hewitt • - ; ' -5hem there was no settlement at ' Algona, that he knew the country, find that there was no one on the river. At that they followed down t}ie Boone river and canie to Humboldt, and from there to Algopa, arriving in October, J855. ' In this long journey they had usually camped out nights, only getting under a roof in l?ad weather, By strange coincidence they spent the fli-et night in the cabin they afterwards bought and standing on the exact spot where they b,a,ve lived t^iese 40 years, IB speaking of 'Jiie marriage Mr, BlacMora recalled an awusipg couplet, wh.lw he says he always credited to Judge Ca.ll, When he was married Sofcuyler Colfax wa.s editing the St. >. ,* ,, T,—j-i... ft strong whig was a.n' aboil- ,,,,iey man, The nw * a charged them witft reajly favor- ipg>e annWlon of Tpxae because by had to go 40 miles between voters in his canvass. For many years he has been master of the state grange, besides holding county offices. But all his honors and successes of the 40 years will not bring him and Mrs. Blackford the real enjoyment of this golden anniversary, reached in good health and spirits with their six children all alive and all with them,:surrounded by the friends of a lifetime, and cheered on by the God speeds of the growing population of a community they helped to found. WE make a specialty of collections. Cloud & Haggard. FREE! Free! A ticket to the Kossuth county fair given with every cash purchase of shoes to the amount of $3 and over, beginning Thursday, Sept. 20, at Brow'nell & Allred's cash shoo house, Algona.- SUPPLY your wants at the Opera House Grocery. ERQDUCER ' fSk CONSUMER Another Golden Weddlne. A small company of relatives and friends gathered at the home of Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Durant last Saturday evening to assist Mr. and Mrs. Abel Wooster of Riverdale to remember their fiftieth anniversary. A cheerful company, appropriate presents, and gene"al good.wishes to these worthy pioneers marked an enjoyable occasion. Mr. Wooster was born March 8, 1819, in Swanzey, New Hampshire, and Harriet Seals Jan. 31,1825, in Chesti- field in that state. They grew up together in the same neighborhood and were married Sept. 22, 1845, For 16 years they lived on the farm Mr. Wooster was born on, and then following the western movement came to Jones county, Iowa, and four years later to Kossuth county, where they took the farm they have occupied for 80 years. Six children have come to them, Mrs. A. H, Darant, Charles, Edward, Liddie, Merton, and Lawrence Wooster. Mr, and Mrs. • Wooster have been among the county's best citizens, and their oh" iron have all become active and earnest workers in the county. They have enjoyed the esteem of all and reach this privileged period, of their lives honored and 'respected. That they may have many more years of health and enjoyment in reward for their well spent lives will be the wish of all who know them. BEOWNELii has the up-to-date line of shoes. Call and see them, . ;, weakened the wblge a»4 helped the JSSS5, TtoCWta;atao,wife. «tK>U* when the Register re- u Awarded Highest Honors—World's Fair f •PR/ REAM CALL on Brownell for medium and fine grades of shoes. He keeps no shoddy. . A'FANCY line of Haviland china just received. Langdon & Hudson. CORDOVAN shoes, best gnide of shell, cordovan, newest style. Brownell. WANTED—A girl for general housework. Mrs. J. W. Robinson. MAKE my store your headquarters during the fair. James Patterson,-27t2 YOU can get first-class cabinet size photographs at the photo car for $2 a dozen. S, Hohensheet, photographer. TEMPERANCE shoes, warranted not to be tight, Sold by Brownell. • A FiVE-ROOM house for rent or for sale cheap. Inquire of Jas, A. Orr.-27 THE B. Y, P. U. will give a crayon social at J. B, WiUeys', Monday evening, Sept. 30. . WANTED—A girl to do housework for family of four, Will pay $3 a week. Mrs. 0, L. Lund. CHURCH supper at Congregational church tomorrow evening, PHOTOS, cabinet size, only $2 a dozen, at the photo car, east of Wigwam. FOR time loans on real estate apply at Kossuth County State Bank, CLUP HOUSE coffee takes the lead, Langdon & Hudson, MONEY to loan on long or short time, Geo. 0. Call.-tf APPLES, apples, by the barrel, at James FatterBon'8.-27t2 Do NOT fall to a drink put of my barrel during the fair, Jaines Fatter- 6QH,-27tg u JL| • THIS Sportsman's Game cigar is uttBjrnlokel dgw ol tM? r" ofcu $ Hudson W kg & AJpo A New Deal. Holding 900 bushels, all FOR $3. THIS IS NO FAKE. Call and be convinced. If you expect to do fencing, see our stock of posts, etc. Have our usual large stock of Hardwood, Sewer Pipe, Paper, etc.; it was. never better. Hard and soft stove wood always on hand. J. A. Hamilton # Co. WHOLESALE AND RETAIL- PROGRAM FOB THE RAQES, Bicycles One mile county race, open to all residents of Kossuth county, first prize, IflO gold badge;,! second, $13 gold badge; third, bicycle shoes. • . Bicycles Five mile, free for all— fr-ft prise ISO gold badge; second prize $30 gold badge; third prize bicycle lamp, Bicycle: Half-mile, free for »U-fi»»t prize $20 gold badge; second prize W gold medal; third prize bicycle belt. Novelty race-Open to all horses owned in the county. Entrance free. Distance lU miles ; flrst half walk, second half trot, third half run. Purse $35. Running race— Open to all horses owned in the county, thoroughbreds and professional running horses barred, the race being for farm horses and ponies. Half mile heats, two in three, en trance free, purse $35. Running"free-foVall. Half-mfte heats, two in three, five to' enter, three to start, entrance five per cent., 10 pep cent, from W &!-lf4» 88 , Fivetoenter.three to start, five per cent, entrance, 10 per cent, TOSJVW te*tom$stftov* Five to three to start, entrance five per cent., per cent, from winners, pur&eflQO, ¥ Trottipg-eoun'ty racef opes to all bpraea iteij in the oowty having a record o« not Make Cows Pay. What is the use of keeping cows unless you can make money with them? No other lousiness would "stands waste of from 25 to 50 per cent, au<J the dairy business will not, You waste that much, butter by pan skimming, Get a Celebrated eye, ear," nose, throat, car^ tarrh, chronic and nervous disease spe-\' olalist, of the famous Southern Medical,/.^ and Surgical Institute, Louisville, Ky. ^ Dr. Roa will have an assistant with him *.•.• and will be prepared to perform an, surgical operation, no matter how diffl, „, cult. Ho has all his portable instru- */, monts, apparatus, etc., including one of . \ the improved Baltimore Chloride, of ^ y y Dry Silver Cell Galvano-Thcvaputio;»'•]$ batteries and an electrical apparatus .'*« for examining the throat, nose and rec-', turn. It is a small incandescent' elec-, trie light, the most wonderful discovery v of the age and the only one in, use In;, f the state. There is a class of Buff overs _•,$ that he wishes his electrical treatment' ~ to reach, particularly those who live at< a distance, as they can come in and be" j, treated, returning home permanently.';cured. With this treatment there Is /;$ but little pain, no soreness, no stopping-, r from business, nor interference with w regular habits. The Southern Medical «§ and Surgical Institute of Louisville,'''* Ky., formerly of the old class school '-*' " medicine, was one of tho first to ei_ r brace the'new theories of modern raed-,, leal science. It'is today one of the^ standard systems of medicine and man-? '; ual healing in the country, with aprao-' •"*> tlce extending to almost every state in the union. They now have under treaty raent more than six thousand patients. Dr. Rea Is one of the principal manag-v^ ors of this institution, and applies his^i";^ practice to the treatment and cure of M *' : all diseases of tho Eye, Ear, Throat} Nose, Civtarrhal, Lung disease, Early, >?<1 Consumption, Bronctiitis, Bronchial ca- ",$• tari-h, Constitutional Catarrh, Dyspepsia, Sick Headache, Stomach and Bowel troubles, Rheumatism, Neuralgia, Sol- , t atica, Bi-ight's disease, Diabetes, Kid- . < noy, Liver, Bladder, Proslatio and Fe- '/•• male diseases, Nervous Debility, Sem- ;„• Inal Weakness, Lost Manhood, Dizzi- s ' ness, Nervousness, Indigestion, Obesity, ,, Interrupted Nutrition, Slow growth in t>" Children, and all wasting disease ia/"i; adults. Many cases of deafness, Ring- •'>& ing In the En'rs, Loss of Eyesight, Cata- ?t| raet, Cross Eyes, etc., that .have been,' ^ improperly treated or neglected, can'ba\':*| easily restored. Deformities, Club feet, Curvature of the Spine, Disease of tb,o* Brain, Paralysis, Epilepsy, Heart d}S''.J ease, Dropsy, Swelling of the L\mbg etc., properly treated, Blood and, SJdj diseases, Eczema, Varicose Veins, Var , icocele, Stricture, Open Sores, pain la,;} the bones, glandular enlargements aml^, all acute and long-standing diseases,'' t « Dr, Rea devotes special interest to the |f removal, with electricity, of Cancer^";, Tumors, Moles, Warts, Wens, Birth" "* marks, Granulated sore eyes, Facial blotches, Red nose, Pimples, jipd Superfluous hair on the face or peck. Dr, Roa holds diplomas from some of A1 ~~ best colleges in America, and has p tlced his professfon in some of the }\ est institutions in the world, ""' derlakes no Incurable cases state frankly what chances, If there any, to be cured. Remember the/f Cut this out and send it to your, „ neighbor or relative, Consultation! amTnation and treatment free, f j" for medicines only, which, in, no exceeds $5 for month's treatment. •• '* WHAT THG PBESS SAYS OF The wonderful benefits of the of treatment ps'aoH<?oc! by pi 1 . R Ing mv.cU attention tuuong the f ing mv.c city aui vicinity. Wi; methods, Ben are iy ,.„ r _3 SXlffiS •wonderful and save it. P, M. 8B4R?MJS, Elgin, ,jesWo , , M pw owt, IWw M ONEY He }s. a bUajlnl sm'seon as well a.a a clan, and the sueness attencUuK ftupeult tionsWiatbe has pevfovoioA is equally, as that of h^s treatment Ql Owing to tUe new aiscoveyies in Hea of Tuonlsvllle is able to pa-"" difficult and intricate su-vglcul ojiai'ti that 18 ft'most paftleas, -TJn; ittsps ue \j^a a,^ la»umY<u ,u Wl . S v,,s tteU? so AevJaaft wifttc ., goe? Atveot w» the fteat Q| OK HQXIE & BRUNSQN HgV** P*! -WI?W 3CW5»WWJf!_ ^?K* ' * I I U 1 I | fl eaK^Q^^^^I ;,\.^*Hfa.ito A ffi^' fl&f ° r " '"' V .-^-MH-l-lt* mi?

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