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Page 8 The Buffalo NewsWednesday October 29 1986 abled as a Hen House Brigand Weasel Is Victim of a Bum Rap Stone walls are seldom seen in Western New York instead local farmers build fences and sure a good pasture fence takes a lot less time to build Beside our croplands have been blessed with extremely fertile and relatively stone free soils If a plow does strike a rock simply tossed on a rock pile in the corner of a field the same pile where rocks have been tossed for generations Throughout New England stone walls are a constant part of the landscape running along roadsides buried beneath tangles of grape vine sprawling across hills and val leys and resting as aged landmarks of that historic past I al ways marvel at the expert skill and time involved in building such walls On many country walks in the past I invariably stopped to rest upon one of those old dilapidated stone walls of New England Those rocks were always much easier to sit on than a barbed wire fence In the distant summer of my boyhood I recall many happy hours wander ing along ancient stone walls near my home in Washington Conn re quently I observed families of woodchucks which lived under them or ripped out a few rocks in pursuit of the snakes which often used those walls for basking in the warm sun shine I soon learned that various types of wildlife use stone walls as safe corridors or runways in traveling from one woodlet to another I once encountered a red fox which was so intent on eluding the hounds which were chasing it that the beautiful animal slipped by within only a few feet from where I was sitting On another occasion I noticed a very strange looking animal darting among the rocks and obviously moving toward me as if I were not there I just sat still and waited Naturally By DA VE BIGELOW watching that sleek tawny mam mal advancing far from the corner of the pasture At first I thought it might be a red squirrel but as it drew nearer I observed the black tip of its slender tail and suddenly realized that this had to be some sort of weasel my first confronta tion with one of these fabled brig ands of our hen house I had heard so many lurid ac counts of those bloodthirsty en raiding a coop during the darkness of night and destroying an entire flock Until now I had never met a weasel face to face but the instant it stopped and stared at me I could tell that this pretty little animal was somewhat frightened and unsure of me While it stood bolt upright to look me over from a distance of only about 12 feet I sat admiring the graceful contours of its body with the immaculate under linings of its fur Years later when my cat actual ly killed one on Long Island I learned that this was a New York weasel (Mustela frenata) rather rare and somewhat smaller than the closely related long tailed weasels (Mustela frenata longicauda) found commonly in Western sections of our state I have also learned that although all weasels consume the flesh of their prey just like any other carni vore their unwarranted reputations as crafty vicious "killing ma is largely the result of mass hysteria in a hen house when a weasel shows itself it is a total myth that a weasel consumes only the brains and blood of its victims Carnage left by its raids simply un derscore its highly tuned predatory response triggered by the frantic struggles of a frightened flock A more objective study of weasels portrays them to be rather curious puckish creatures I shall alway enjoy the fascinating account of Dr Harold Axtell when he and his wife Rachel carefully stocked a rock pile in their sanctuary with snakes they had gathered on numer ous field outings Whenever they chanced to find another snake it was immediately released among those rocks After two or three years they began to wonder why all those snakes had disappeared As they started to investigate pulling rocks aside a whole tribe of weasels popped out Drawn to that reptilian feast those weasels had apparently moved in to be closer to the supply Of course the largest and most powerful of weasels is the fierce wolverine which sometimes drives a mountain lion or grizzly bear from the carcass of a deer Ranging down in size from 18 pound fishers re cently sighted in the Allegany State Park to the tiny weasel (Mustela rixosa) these predators are invalu able in the control of rodents Three common species including the short tailed ermine weasel fre quently share the same old field without very much direct competi tion for food The six inch least wea sel can pursue a meadow vole to its nest Its long tailed cousin is more prone to eat rabbits requency and size of their own litters is generally regulated by size of the mouse popu lation Police Are Checking Sheazs Car WALTER USZARA Cheektowaga detectives are ex amining the car of Robert Shea 47 for evidence and fingerprints that might lead them to his killer Shea the general manager of the Big Apple Supper Club was found stabbed to death Monday in his home at 2179 Old Union Road car was found by Buffalo police at 10:30 am Tuesday at 14th and Connecticut said Capt red Netzel Cheektowaga chief of detectives The 1986 black Buick Somerset was missing from his home when his nude and bound body was found at 9:45 am Monday near his bed by his sister and her husband He had been stabbed in the chest and neck suspect that whoever killed him was a person he Netzel said There were no signs of a struggle or any break in at the house Netzel said The family watchdog was found running loose in the neighbor hood No weapon was recovered in the slaying police said Shea died of hemorrhaging caused by stab wounds to the left side of the chest and heart accord ing to an autopsy performed by Dr azlollah Loghmanee a pathologist with the Erie County medical exam office still looking into the pos sibility that robbery might be the Netzel said About $2000 in cash from weekend receipts was missing from the house He said he still is asking for pub lic help in the case since someone may have seen a person at or around the Shea home or at car before it was found on West Side Shea last was seen leaving the restaurant at 7:30 pm Sunday when he was relieved of tending the bar He walked to his home two doors away On Monday detectives ques tioned and released a friend of and the associate Talks Scheduled in JH Williams Strike or the first time since midsum mer full scale talks have been set in the nearly five month old strike at the JH Williams Industrial Products Inc plant in the Town of Tonawanda in the Mahoney State Office Build ing on Court Street They were scheduled by Joseph A Gentile Buffalo director of the state agency who was called in to mediate the dispute tween 85 cqnts to $150 hourly and to reduce benefits were rejected The talks are being held amid rumors that the corporation plans to shut down the closed plant and move operations to its headquarters in Atlanta Harold Knight presi Golden CD Years Mi fliv KB 1 Wisw Mr and Mrs Alex Malinowski of Buffalo belatedly celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary at a din ner reception for family members and guests in the Marygold Manor Cheektowaga Malinowski retired from Agway Mills with 44 years of service He and the former Viola Jelonek were married on July 18 1936 They have a son three daughters eight grand children and two great grandchild ren City Citicom Can't Agree on Main Swan Lot City development officials Tues day offered to pay $650000 for a surface parking lot at Main and Swan streets but otherwise balked at alternatives set forth by the owner in a deadlock over a new parking ramp there The price was proposed by Com munity Development Commissioner red adel in a letter to lawyers for Citicom Inc a large Toronto based parking company that wants to do business in Buffalo Both the city and Bernard Her man president and chief stockhold er of Citicom want to build a ramp at the site a block from the new baseball stadium but there is a cru cial difference over the size of the facility Meanwhile the city to protect its options is taking steps to get ownership by condemnation and have the courts set the buying price The Common Council Tues day afternoon set a hearing for Nov 18 at 7 pm in the Council Cham bers on site acquisition condem nation or City officials say a 625 ramp at the site is essential to meet contrac tural commitments on stadium parking The city has gone so far as to issue $7486000 in bonds to fi nance such a ramp Citicom meanwhile has peti tioned the Council for permission to build a 400 space structure contend ing that is the size that is feasible from an economic point of view In his letter adel showed inter est in only one of four alternatives put forth by Citicom attorney Kev in Maloney in September He offered the $650000 price and said the city would be willing to discuss a ramp management con tract with Citicom as long as it would be comparable to agreements under which other downtown ramps are managed That would mean a yearly fee of $6000 to Citicom above audited costs adel said Hearing on Disabled aults Polling Places By BOB BUYER Concern about the continuing lack of voting place accessibility for the handicapped in Buffalo and Erie County dominated the early testimo ny today at a hearing in Buffalo by the State Senate Select Committee on the Disabled The hearing conducted by its chairman Sen John lynn Yonkers drew about two dozen speakers some in wheelchairs to the Erie County Legislature cham bers David Page director of Buffa Advocacy Office for People with Handicapping Conditions and Leg islator Joan Bozer Buffalo said there is a 70 to 80 percent lack of compliance with federal require ments for such accessibility in Buf falo They both suggested that there is a "lack of to make the needed changes Sen Dale Volker Depew who monitored the hearing with Sen William Stachowski Buf falo at one point said that the time has come for the state to provide the funds to make voting places ac cessible to handicapped persons He estimated the cost statewide in the millions of dollars But he added that most disabled persons now are able to vote with absentee ballots Sen Walter loss Clarence the lead witness at the hearing called attention to the problems as sociated with the phe nomenon that occurs when a handi capped person reaches age 21 and the responsibilities of various state agencies shift or diminish drastical ly while our laws shift responsibilities the person with disabilities does not undergo any major he said must recognize our continuing re sponsibilities for providing services to people with disabilities who are no longer being provided for County Executive Rutkowski said that Erie County was one of the first counties in the state and nation to establish an office to assist the disabled Complaining that state refuses to pay for its own pro he asked the State Legisla ture to make it possible for counties to carry their programs for the disa bled Page the spokesman list ed nine areas in which he said the rights of disabled persons need leg islative protection The categories he listed are housing employment recreation education access trans portation rehabilitation economic security and service to the deaf Anthony Serra of the Of fice for the Disabled asked for stric ter enforcement with penalties for violators of the handicapped parking regulations more state at tention to providing care for depen dent disabled persons and a require ment that telephone companies provide special service for the deaf Volker expressed reservations about requiring all the population to fund through a public utility the costs of the special service But Ser ra said that the handicapped prefer to be integrated into the general population and phone service for the deaf would help achieve that goal Volker and Stachowski both paid tribute to lynn as the man who has done the most for New hand icapped during 20 years in the Leg islature lynn who is nearly 80 is retiring this year Reopened Adult Cinema Is Charged With Obscenity By SUSAN SCHULMAN Buffalo police have filed obsceni ty charges against a Bailey Avenue adult movie house that recently re opened under new management af ter the previous corporate owners were convicted on a similar charge Detective John Dugan Jr of the Police Salacious Literature Squad Tuesday arrested Duane Curtis 49 of 2023 Grand Ave Niagara alls identified as manager of the New Palace Theater at 3165 Bailey Ave Dugan also is sued a summons against the corpo ration that owns the theater the New Palace Theater Inc The charges were based on the showing of the film Crimes of which has been seized by the police The film was viewed on Oct 4 by police and City Judge Timothy Drury who found probable cause to believe the film is obscene This is the first time obscenity charges have been filed against the adult movie house since it reopened Sept 8 with its new corporate owner and name The movie house had previously been known as the Capri Art The ater which was listed as being owned by the 3165 Bailey Ave Inc That business closed its doors Aug 30 shortly after the corpora tion was convicted of obscenity Aug 21 based on the showing of the film The conviction was on a misde meanor charge and carried a $5000 fine Representatives of the former corporation did not appear in court when the case was heard and Du gan said authorities have never been able to find the president of the former corporation Dugan also said the $5000 fine has not been paid Although this is the first time the Police Department has filed an ob scenity charge against the theater under its new corporate name and ownership Dugan has previously cited persons inside the theater for public lewdness since it has re opened Dugan also said his investigation into the New Palace Theater is on going and could result in additional arrests The detective said he is in vestigating a possible tie in between the New Palace Theater in Buffalo and some businesses operating in Niagara alls EASTERN Tnp mut be taken between May 1 and Dec 15 1987 UNDER A NEW GAME STARTS EVER SUNDA 23 UNDER 42 UNDER 47 UNDER 0 72 The buffalo News UNDER Approximately 200 workers rep resented by USW Local 1183 and 19 tool and die workers represented by USW Local 5947 struck June 7 after company demands to cut wages be According to rank A Palomba ro Sr assistant district director of the Steelworkers union the talks are set for 9:30 am Nov 5 in the offices of the State Mediation Board Hotel and Country Club one of the Caribbean' finest and moat complete retort featuring golf tennia complete wateraporta and first claaa dining and entertainment At Laatem we earn our vinga every day with more flights to more aun vacation! dent of Williams Hand Tool Co the parent company and Ray MacDon ald economist for the United Steel workers of America are scheduled to attend the talks HOW TO PLAY SUPER JINGO Clip out both SUPER JINGO Game forms from the TV Topics section of the Sunday News Look for matching numbers in TV Topics Circle the matching numbers from this ad Monday through Saturday If you circle five matching numbers In a row vertically horizontally or diagonally you are a possible winner Your form is eligible for the random drawing for prizes Mall your completed form to SUPER JINGO Buffalo News Box 55 Buffalo NY 14233 Only one form per envelope Winners of Game 234 will be published Sunday November 9 1986 WINATRI1TQ 5XQTIC JAMAICi SUPER JINGO SEE ULL PAGE AD IN TV TOPICS EVERY SUNDAY OR COMPLETE JINGO RULES MATCHING NUMBERS WEEK 234 13 ia I 1st PRIZE: TRIP OR TWO TO JAMAICA 2 Round trip tickets to Montego Bay on Eastern Airlitwa 5 day 4 night at the Wyndham Roae Hall Beach Hotel plu 1500 caah! 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