Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on August 28, 1896 · Page 8
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 8

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, August 28, 1896
Page 8
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i^a?^^g^,^:ss^^ (»^fSf^f.!^V»'W^ff»^X!f!^m:'Smv2t*SS^S!S Advance Sale of e While black dress goods are always stylish, ssMsrs^sK^ i s9:ss^ d «^ SSSSi ^SSJS^gsS stock of black goods, from the rich plain cloths to the^ elegant foncies that you will find in the city. As a starter for the season we make the following special prices for the week. ^ 38 inch all wool Henriettas worth 5Oc ct 29c 45 inch beautiful all wool serges worth 5Oc at 40 inch elegant Jacquard fancies worth bbc at 45 inch Mohair Novelties worth 75c at The latest large figured Mohair at An elegant line of crepe effects, lizard cloth etc /t>c Our line of Maltesses, Astrachan and Fanc> Mohairs can tbe equaled at 98c, $1.26. $1.50, $1.75, $1-98, and $2.25. It will pay you to look at the above va ue. THE GOLDEN RULE. DAILY JOURNAL i.-mDAY. AUGUST 1:$, ison. See Otto's ad., ladies' .?-! and W shoes $1.08. ' The Columbia cigar, best in the city. Get a coupon. For Sale or Kent.—The dwelling at Murdoch Place. Try Kothermel's Mocha, and Java, coffee. 3i is fresh. Smoke the Columbia cigar and chance getting .fi">. Remember the weekly meeting of the McKluley club Friday night at the rink. The greatest inducement ever offered buyers of fine slices this week, only at Otto's. The Broadway M. E. ladies will serve .a "Peach Cobbler" supper Friday evening from 0 until S o'clock.. Disease attacks the weak and debilitated. 'Keep yourself healthy and strong by taking Hood's Sarsaparllla. Buy two school suits at the price of one. Harry wants everybody in the city to have a suit in his farewell sale. Apollo lodge No. 02, K. of P., will confer the second rank on two candidates tonight. All members of tbe order are cordially invited to be present. It's a pleasure for mo to sell cheap if I know it's appreciated. That's a remark Otto made to our reporter, ..who passed a compliment upon a beautiful case of ?3, ?-t and ?5 shoes reduced to A "CORKER" (ContiiKHHl from r>lh pagiO planded, and in Hie audience the speaker found inspiration to effort that lias not been equalled in the way of lofty thought and sentiment in this campaign. In the commencement of his speech Mr. Posey said that although this country U called iliu "New West," i! is, according to the geologists and scientific savanls of the world, the lirst country on the habitable globe to emerge from the oblivion of chaos and assume a habitable aspect. He led his hearers through the period of evolution from the glacial period to the fire I discovery of the Western hemisphere | and its subsequent settlement and pop- j illation by the peoples of the globe in a beterogeuous combination of nationalities which, combined, lias'made the people of the- United States the most progressive, and the most powerful in resource of any people on earth, and the most powerful unity of natiouslu existence. The introduction to his live minim;* dnraHmi. adding point to the lance prepared by vious speakers and promising spcaU at a future date befure of the campaign. One of the pleasing feafun evening was llie singins.' of the ley glee club, which 'kept: Hie l dience in a. jolly humor by number of campaign songs, up" vhe weakness of Hie TV crafic cause in rxceP.er.: slyir. iiltog-tlier, if w:is llie t::>..-.f si meeting that has lnvn held in tliis season. -s nf Hie McKinlargi: au- iiiging a ioiichiiig mopo'm- Taken speech, the body [1 I.L Vtt *.*%•*••*"« * w of which treated .. The excursion rate to Petoskey and Macklnac Island will be $0.50, instead of ?9.00 as announced by the flyers. Tickets good for ten days. Train leaves Vandalia-station at 4:23 p. n>., Sept. 1. A rare chance to visit Petoskey and Mackinac Island. Trafn leaves Van- dalln. station at 4:23 p. m., Sept. 1. Tare for the round trip $0.50, Instead of ?0.00, as announced by the flyers. Tickets good for ten days. Frank Gottshall remembered .the office force of The Journal yesterday with a present of a dor-en luscious "Gold Standard" mnskmelons, grown on his line farm. The melons reprc- , sent Mr. GottshaTTs vlews-they're gold from center to circumference. The entire working force at Wilson Jt Humphreys printing and book binding establishment is laid off pending -the completion of improvements in the way of a now ISO-horse power engine and the establishment oC an electric light plant to furnish light for the building. Only one more week and the greatest closing out sale of a stock of clothing at actual half price will be one of the past. Don't wait till your neighbors tell you of tiie great bargains, but come today, pick out what you want and carry it off at 50 cents on the dol- lar,—Hnrry Frank. The case against Mrs. - Catharine Strliigham. for assault on Miss Pearl Lower, was again postponed yesterday, this time on account of the ab: scncc of the defendant. This makes tbe fourth postponement of the case, thrice because of the absence of the complaining witness. The case is set down for hearing next Monday. -,. ' How are Tour Kidneys? You can't get rid of Neuralgia, Rheumatism, D-l-V abetes, Brighfs Disease, etc., unless 'your kidneys are able to throw out'of the blood, all poisonous matter. Dr. Hobbs Sparagus Kidney Pills enable the kidneys to do this.and do It thoroughly. For sale In Logansport by Ben Fisher and .folm F, Coulsou, druggists. A smart crook got the .better of an unsophisticated silver man at Hammond the other day. The crook bought a glass of beer and tendered a gold dollar in payment. "How's this" the bartender ashed. "Well the free silver law has been passed, you know," the crook answered, "and gold dollars are worth sixteen silver dollars." The bar• tender gave him $15.05 in change. And thus the campaign of education o£ the silver!tcs goes merrily on, ••.•••••, solely of the financial question and its relation to the prosperity attained by this most wonderful combination of the peoples of the whole world, a cosmopolitan nation in fact, was a wonderful bit of pastel work in prose, a picture-of the future which this nation Is destined to fulfill wherein words wen; colors laid on with the consummate skill of the master hand in predicting the most glorious of futures for a race of superior Intellectual endowments. ./•Touching the money question, Mr. Poscy said that, if the history of tlio money of our country were given a careful study, it would be found that so far from the Democratic party having been the friend of silver, the laws passed by that party when in power -have proved that that party has invariably been the one which has en- actod laws most disastrous to the maintenance of the stability of that 'metal. He made a clear and Intelligible statement regarding the various "stops of financial legislation of the government of thc'L'ulted States from the birth of that government to tJic present time, showing wherein the law of commercial relation of values had never been ignored by financial legislators, but that from the time of Hamilton and Jefferson, through more than half a century of Democratic rule, this commercial value of gold and silver had been recognized as the true basis on which to calculate the coinage value of the two metals. He asserted with truth, that until the Republican party gained control of the reins of government, there had been less than cue hundredth part of the silver dollars now in existence, coined and circulated as money. His peroration was an appeal to the intelligence of the American people, a people who, he said, are destined to lead all the nations of the world Into the higbctvplauc of intellectual and moral development, which the plan of creation 'has destined to be evolved from the chaos of the past until mankind has reached the perfection of existence, the perfect life. In introducing the speaker, Dr. J. Z. Powell said that though his name was Poscy,. the people would find him a veritable bouquet, and the statement was literally true, His speech from the beginning to end.was practically a profound.lecture, in which language made poesy of fact. At the conclusion of Mr. Posey's .speech the Hon. W. S. Haggard, the Republican candidate for I/lcutcnant- Govornor, was introduced, and spoke briefly, excusing himself from a more •-extended 'talk on account of hoarse-ness. The Hon. Hiram Browulec. whose persuasive eloquence will again bo heard In this rlty before the campaign closes, spoko briefly and was vociferously applauded. There were loud calls for Mr. Owen, wUo. sat upon the platform with the other speakers, and he responded in a brief talk ,of: SOUND MONEY GK11MANS. Permanent Organization Efl.'e(-ml at Indianapolis Yesterday. Tlie temporary organisation • of the Oerman-Ameriean Sound Money League of Indiana, which was accomplished some days since at Indianapolis, was r.-uilied yesterday at a meet-' ing held at Macnuerchor hall, at which a permanent organization was effect-' od. The meeting was enthus^asrjc. and at the same time exceedingly busl L ness-like. The plan of campaign adopted by the temporary organisation was approved and the campaign of education heretofore indicated will be carried into every county in the Slate. Tlie estimate was given that the German- American vote in lu"dl.-t.na''ls 'b'etween 50,000 and 00,000, and no effort will be spared to place facts concerning "good money" before these voters in. their own language. The following officers were elected;. • President—Henry Schnull. Indiana 1 -: polis. . . Vice Presidents—Herman Hnlrnanv Torre Haute; Herman Lieber, Indianapolis; Henry C. Paul, Ft. Wayne; Charles Bierhaus, Vluconnes; Adolpli S. Ginz, South Bend; Win. F .Picl, sr., Indianapolis; John P. Freuxel. Indianapolis, Treasurer—August M. Knhn, : Indianapolis. Secretary—Max Lccknor,. Indiana- polls. Henry X. Hoppe of this city is named as one of a committee of sixty, known as a general committee, the individual members to.have charge of the distribution of the sound money literature in their locality and aid in the. work of spreading the doctrine of stable currency. - Western Clubs Win But One From Effete East, One game won by a Western club yesterday. 'J lie Colonels played two with the Br-.Aiklyns, winning one aud losing the. ol her. And that was all the show the West had against the East. Following are the scores of the games yesterday: ' At Baltimore-Cincinnati 3, Baltimore 0, At Philadelphia-Cleveland 4, Philadelphia 11. "At Boston—Chicago 3, Boston 7, •'At Washington—Pittsbnrg 0, Washington 7. At New York-St. Louis 3. New York 7; (second game) St. Louis 0, New York 10. At Brooklyn—Louisville 10, Brooklyn •1: (second game) Louisville 0, Brook- . By.winning two straight New York jumps into seventh place, and Washington is struggling hard to break into ilie third division, leaving St. Louis and Louisville to fight it out for a. place on tlie tail end. THE McKINLEY CLUB. The regular meeting of the McKinley Club occurs this evening at ..the rink at 8 o'clock. : Let every member be 'present and answer to his name as the roll of inern- bershlp will be called. ! The ladles are earnestly Invited to meet with us. Come an'd bring your neighbors aud friends. The Glee Club will be present and an interesting program has been prepared. Lot us make this a rousing meeting. PART OC 1 THE TRUTH, Two hundred and seventy-five Logansport people attended the McKinley picnic at Adnmsboro today. A small crowd, considering all the hustling done and inducements offered.— Pharos, ; There is some foundation of truth in the foregoing paragraph, • There were two hundred aud seventy-five tickets sold to Logansport people who went on the excursion train. There were five times that number who wont in carriages aud.on bicycles. ' STANDING OK THE CLUBS. Bal'imo'ro Cincinnati Cleveland Chicago l.'itlsbui'g l.'.DSl'Oll Now York' Brooklyn Phi'.adelphia ... Washington . .. Si 1 . Louis Louisville . .00 .(M .(U . ,-s . •) I ..",1 ..-I!) ..r.n .-.il -10 -IT -17 .GSG .031 .air, .50.') .552 .".-IS .-172 .471 .4(17 .:m .31-1 .205 IF UK VAN \VKUE ELECTED. Th<? people win) are reading and thinking are beginning to realize what a fatal plunge they are asked to take when they are asked to vote for Bryan and free silver. Some of the results of a Bryan victory tire thus forcibly set forth by the Philadelphia Press. '"If Bryan were elected -1,875.000 'savings 'bank depositors with $1.810,000 of deposits, 1,800,000 holders of building association shares with ' r $SOO,000.000 of loans, fv 70" 303 regular life insurance policies' with $5,500,000,000 of insur •nice and 3,038.815 members In assessment companies with $7.482,000,000 of insurance will .find their investments-payable in silver dollars worth half the value of g»'d dollars, iu which they are now paid. In all, taking the tiL'iires for a year ago, 10,000,000 of savings bank depositors, building association holders and-insurance policies- worth l?1.-.c,5S.noO,000 would lose half their valnes-if Bryan were elected. •Of the .f5,000,000,000 railroad bonds over one-half are payable in gold, and either wholesale default must be made or rales raised and wages reduced to provide double the sum now needed for interest. For years mortgages and contracts have specifically demanded old, and every debtor who has received a loan on this basis-as is true f a large share of western loans- must provide i?2 where he has hitherto provided ?1. for the dollars he will receive for his labor, his products or his profits will 'be paid in' 00-cent sil- dollors-it Bryan wore elected. "If Bryan were elected the currency In circulation today, $1,000,000,000 would shrink to ?500,000,000 at a blow. All the gold in circulation, in all July 1st $600,000,000, would instantly disappear and be at a premium of 200. The remainder of the currency, $1,100,000,000 silver and paper in all its forms would lose half Its value and shrink to $500,000,000. Rents- would rise because property can protect itself; interest would rise, because capital can make its own terms; goods would rise because every dealer, and shopkeeper could mark them up, but the money In every man's pocket and the wages in which every man is paid would be left at half their valuc-if Bryan were elected. Does any sane man suppose that Bryan will be elected when this kind of "thins will follow?" .TO CLEANSE THE SYSTEM Effectually yet gently, whw costive or bilious, or when the blood IB Impure or sluggish, to permanently overcome ha- bl-rual constipation, to awaS» the kid- ncye and liver to a healthy activity,without Irritating or weakening them; to dispel headaches, colds, or fevers, use Syrup of Figs. : Ladies notice Otto's show case of fine shoes, choice ifl.OS, worth !?3, $1 and $5. LAST WEEK, BUT ONE! Greatest Clearance and Positive Closing Out Sale. and we've made provisions for making it a lively one We request the public to know that prices are positively cut in two. 2 School Suits for the price of one. 2 Boys' Suits for the price of one. 2 Men's Suits for the price of one. 2 Overcoats for the price of one. White and Percale SliirtF, Underwear Orloves, Mackintoshes, socks, Suspended ete all go at half, Ha'-s less than half. We wish to make it very interesting and to benefit the inassef. All are invited to call, Respectfully. THE, ATTEMPT AT SUICIDE. James Dull, an aged citizen who resides south of .this city a few miles, made an unsuccessful attempt at suicide Wednesday noon by cutting his throat. Mr. Dull is eighty-seven years old and one of the most prominent residents in his community. He has had poor health for sonic time past, and on one occasion threatened to take his life. Since tha.t time ho has been watched very closely by his family .and friends. Wednesday he and Mrs. Dull were alone at home. Mr. Dull sat in the yard whittling, when, without warning, he turned the pocket knife upon himself, striking his throat and nearly severing the Jugular vein. It Is 'thought his injuries may prove fatal owing to his ago, although there is' a slight chance for his recovery. HARRY FRANK, 314 Fourth Street. WOOD That is What "Buzzsaw" Burkhart Would Have Free Coinage of. "Buz/saw" Burkhart has been converted. But: he has been converted the other way. After converting the Pharos to free silver he has gone a step farther. He is in favor of the free coinage, of wood. "If 53 cents worth of silver will make a dollar," he asks, "why will not a cent's worth of wood make a dollar? If the government stamp will add 47 cents to silver why will it not add 09 cents to wood? Why Should not saw dust be as valuable as gold dust? All it needs is the government stamp. I have enough saw lowgs at my mill to malic mouey plenty. Any man can pick up enough drift wood in the river to be wealthy in a few minutes. All a dry goods man would have to do to pay for his goods would be to send an empty store box to tbe mint and have it coined. A cord of wood costs about four dollars. Von could have it coined into a million dollars and there yon are. If you had it sawed up aud gave the poor man who sawed it the saw dust he would not have to work the rest of his life. Tree tops, old boards, shingles, base ball bats, fence pickets, cross ties, weather boarding, splinters, toothpicks any old wooden thing could be coined into mouey. All it needs is the government stamp. If the government has not time to stamp all this money let it send a stamp to all postmasters and authorize them to use ft. There is no use having money scarce when it can be made so easily. Why, the poor washwoman could, have her tub coined aud be wealthy. 1 am against the free coinage of silver. Silver costs too much. Let: us have free coinage of wood. If I was running this government this is what I 'wood' do." 'Prof. Fred' N. .Tobnson of Seymour, Ind., is a guest of his parents, Mr. and Mrs'. W. D. Johnson of 131-1 High street. Prof. Johnson has been the concertmoister and violin soloist at Eagle Lake for the past two months and' is an excellent musician. Republican Meetings. Republican speakingswill be held at the following places in Cass county: Hon. W. D. Owen will speak at Walton Saturday evening, August 20th. Hon. W. D. Owen will speak at Lu- ccrue Friday evening, August 2Sth. Mr. Lucius B. Swift of Indianapolis, a former Democrat, will speak on sound money at tbe rink under the auspices of the Railroad Men's Sound Money club. Monday evening, August 31st. S. T. McConnell and George W. Walters will speak at Prospect Hill, Adams township, Saturday evening. Aug. 20. Frank Swigart will speak at Ford's school house, Jefferson township, Saturday, Sept. Dth. Frank Swigart and John B. Smith will speak at Adarnsboro/Clay township, Friday evening, August 2Sth. George Funk will speak at Georgetown Friday evening, August 2Sth. At Royal Center, to JIcKinley club, Saturday night, August 20th, DcWitt C. Justice. • BOB" BROWN APPOINTED. A Former Logansport Newspaperman Becomes Deputy Secretary of State. Of the change in the Secretary of State's office the Indianapolis Journal says: "W. S. Wright, of Logausport, yesterday resigned his position as Deputy Secretary 'of State, and was succeeded by R. A. Brown, of Franklin. Mr. Wright's resignation was necessitated by the fact that he has recently purchased the interest of his-partners in the Logansport Journal, and the management, of the paper requires his entire time. During his occupancy of the office ho has made a great many friends here and throughout the State, and has proved very efficient in his position. His successor, Mr. Brown was clerk of the last House of Representatives, and made an extensive acquaintance throughout the State in ISO*, when he was a candidate for the nomination for Clerk of the Supreme court. For many years he was the editor of the Franklin Republican, but sold the paper a few months ago. "Bob" Brown was formerly connected with the Logansport .Tr-jmal, and has many friends here.- '•' li" «.i!ary is 51,800 per year. . RAILROAD HEN. Sound Honey Club at the Rink flonday, August 31. Hon. Lucius B. Swift of Indianapolis will address the Railroad Men's Club at the rink Monday evening, August 31. Mr. Swift is a forcible and logical speaker aud will speak from the standpoint of a sound money Democrat. Everybody should hear him. Buy an overcoat, suit, hat, gloves, underwear, etc., at Harry Frank's farewell sale at just half price. Fresh Oysters in every style at Jim Button's restaurant, Railroad street. NINE CENT SALE A Special Sale For Nine Cents. Who Ever Heard ofaNineCt-nt Special Sale. Well here it is; for one week we will sell choice of the following well known shoe dressing, Whitemore Bros., Gilt Edge Oil Dressing, Button & Thuroston's Celebrated Raven Gloss, Restorff & ' Bettmann's Celebrated Glyccrole, Alma and other celebrated shoe dressings all of which retail at 25 cents per bottle by all merchants. Choice of these celebrated dressings ONLY NINE CENTS. PILLING, THE SHOE MAN, 412 Broadway, Logansport, Ind. Infallible Corn Salve worth 25 cents' for 0 cents.—Pilling- White Clover, powder retail price 25 cents, reduced to 0 cents.-Pilling. Now is the time to supply yourself with shoe dressing at less than wholesale price.-Pniing, the shoe man, 412 Broadway.

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