The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on September 11, 1895 · Page 8
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 11, 1895
Page 8
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«. v It .T^r >• i -*_ . -' t v -* t * ,„ j, , , T , Afits Restores Color td * HAIR THE Best Dressing ». -V v-v •_• -V ^ - --tafc_)>^»X-_ „ ^ -—-___ Kossuth County State Bank CAPITAL; ............................. 880.00C Incorporated under general laws of Iowa. Beposlts rofielved, motiey loaned, foreign and , domestic exchange bought and sold. Colled tiona made promptly) and a general banking business transacted, Passage tickets to or from the old countries sold at lowest rates, WM. H, INGHAS1 .............. .... .Prculdcnt J. B. JONES .................... Vice Pwsidcnt LEWIS H. SMITH ...................... Cashier Directors— Wm. H. Ingham, John O. Smith, J. B. Jones, T. OhrlschllTes, Lewis H, Smith, J. W. Wadsworth, Barnet DeVine. The First National Bank or 1 IO-W.A.. CAPITAL ......................... gSO.OOO Special attention given to. collections. AMBROSE A. CALL ................. President H. HUTCHINS .............. Vice President WM. K. FERGUSON ............ .' ...... Oasliier 0. D. SMITH ..................... Asst. Casker Directors— D. H. Hutchins, S. A. Ferguson, Philip Dorweiler, W. F. Carter, Ambrose A. Gall, B. H. Spencer, Wm. K. Ferguson. Money always on hand to loan at reasonable rates to parties lurnlshing flrst-class security. CASH CAPITAL, $50,000. ALGONA., IOWA, Officers and Directors— A. D. Clarke, President, O. O. Chubb, Vice Prest., Thos. H. Lantrv, Cashier, Geo. L. Galbrafth, Fred. M. Miller. Myron Schenclt, Thos. F. Cooke." General Banking. ' PRIVATE SAFETY DEPOSIT VAULTS. ISTTnterest paid on time deposits. PROFESSIONAL. •X^-«_^-^^^J^^^* i ^^*-»^—w^^^^«X^^-*_X%^^Si CLARKE & COHENOUR, ATTOB1TEYS AT LAW. Office over First National bank, Algona, la. E. H. CLARKE, ATTORNEY AT LAW. 'Collection agent. Opera House block. S. S. SESSIONS, ATTORNEY AT LAW. Prompt collections. Money to loan on chattel security. Over Ohrischilles' store. DANSON & BUTLER, LAW, LOANS. LAND. Collections a specialty. Office in Gardner Cowles 1 new building. SULLIVAN & McMAHON, ATTORNEYS Ay -LAW, Office in Hoxle-Ferpuson bl jc\<,. OEO, R. CL,OUD, [Bucoesspr to W. B, Quartern,] Attorney a/nti Counsellor at Law, J&GQTSA., IOWA. ,,. OfRce over Kossuth County State Bank. IfitiftBR" (MM i,S&a ttoBt# fcataj ;-Ali stilts Wth label" O. B. D. «/" or " Hi S. & M> we guarantee to 'give s&tfs< faction. '>• ' . ' ENGLAND. ^-"-° rf "'—-*-" 'TT' THE Thos. F. Cdoke sails for home Oct. 9, tThe county fair opens in three weeks from yesterday. The old settlers meet today to talk over old times. Henry Walston house for winter. • is hew rooftng his AT L4W, Iowa, M, ANJ) BURQBON, tate at,, pne floor east of Cordingley. • , McGregor g., east ot the public school building, Special fttteatton to qity praoijoe, PHYSICIAN Algeria, pn State strget, The telephones are bbitig put up la town. It is satd that 60 will be put in, The normal school lecture course is first class and should be liberally patronized. Dr. Sheetz continues to improve at Hot Springs and will remain some days yet. Court meets Tuesday, Oct. 1, with Judge Thomas on the bench for his regular fall visit. The adjourned meeting of the county board is to be held to get the new election boards appointed. The bulk of the corn is out of the way of frost. Ten days Of Warm weather will ripen even the fodder corn. Algona has not lost a typhoid fever case, and there have been a number. That is a good showing for the doctors. The new court house vaults are nearly done. The officials will have plenty of room for the records hereafter. ••.' '• ' .•••;•'•'."';''••'., . •• ' A. D. Clarke is building a small building near the normal school. Mrs. Hiram Wright will rent it for her home. It is rumored that a prominent business man lost $5,000 on, wheat in , Chicago lately speculating on the board of trade. Marriage licenses have been issued tp.Ohas. H. Stewart and Carrie Valentine, C. J. Johnson and Margrath Nelson. , Wm. Kubn will begin buifting his house by the Swedish Methodist church noon. He will: have a neat six-room cottage. J. W. Sullivan , has been over to Emmetsburg taking depositions for J. R. Jones in a case -which Soper & Morling have brought. . Prof. Dixson does not get better very fast and is having a long siege of it. Some days he . rests easier and .some days he is worse. W. L. Joslyn is back after six weeks at his old home in Sycamore, 111. He came back by way of Dututh, taking the boat from .Chicago. Gardner Cowles was in Marshalltown Saturday to talk with the manager of the Iowa Central railway. He spent Sunday in Des Moines. The normal school will have an attendance of 75 this term and expects 150 each term for the next two. It averaged 74i a term the past year. The county fair comes this year on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. The two big days will be Wednesday and Thursday instead of Thursday and Friday as heretofore. The editors meet at Bancroft Saturday and have a good program of discussions. Every editor and his wife should be there. THE UPPER DBS MOINES will be on deck for one; ' Several Congregational preachers have tendered their services to Rev. Davidson to supply his pulpit in bis illness, and with E. P. McElrov they will keep regular services hereaf tor. The democratic county convention meets next Wednesday. If any rumors are afloat as to possible or probable Candidacies THE UPPER DES MOINES has missed them. Aspirants are not numerous this year. J, W. Wadsworth writes that more space has been rented for exhibits at the state fair than ever before and that the show is the best Iowa has ever made- The last special train goes down tomorrow morning. E. V, Sweating has a suit against the city hanging fire to see whether it will be held liable in the Elmore case. A client feels he has been "composed upon," as a former resident used to say, when bis feelings were ruffled, John Reed reports an enthusiastic meeting of the Thirty-second Iowa veterans at Eagle Grove, He says there were more of bis company present than have met since the war, The papers ba,ve wade v^ry full reports, Manager Blossptn has made a contract with Ida Van Cortland, and her company will play three nigjits during the first week in January, Hep kuorotia Borgia will be remembered by all who beard it when she was here before as one of the besji plays AJgonn has had, {The pew oil wagon Is on the road and looks as bright as a new brass pin* Oil is hauled by Charlie Winkie in It to tJ^e neighboring townf, reaching each one pjjoe a. week, Jt is ebeape? fop tbe to deliver that way tfian to oil, sefidus criminal arrest would have to be followed by iacarcefatioa at Mason City, and that is very expensive. The cotittty this suffiflier seems likely to miss a big circus and that has taken easily 18,000 out every year before, Let us put our circus tickets into a new jail, It.seems that Pomeroy, theGermania burglar, smokes six bunches of cigarettes a day when he can get them, and that he Is not considered real bright by those who know him, We don't know as these facts have any connection, but they are suggestive. An addition to Algona's facilities hns been made since Monday. The American Express company now carries express from Chicago and Des Moines on the 8:18 morning train as well as on the afternoon train. This helps considerably to secure quick service. August Heyer was killed in a threshing machine near Whittemore last Thursday. ' He was pushing the bundles Into the feed with his foot and got caught in some way and was dragged into the cogs. He was badly bruised and lived but a short time. E. B. Eddy is up from Lebanon, Mo., and yesterday was extolling the beauties of the south on the street. Dr. MoCormack and John Reed, who campaigned in his sedtion during the war, were curious listeners. The doctor says there wasn't a drink of good water in the state there. when : .be was Toe state crop l!«lJetiB is cheering; Beports show tijaj wm Jn was. ipoM ge, pf corn, j§ mush better o, Dr. McCoy, D. A. Haggard, G. W. Eddy, and C. A. Brewster are the Koa- suth contingent at Louisville so far as known. Louisville is in gay attire, according to reports. A big barbecue which will feed everyone is one of the 'attractions. A sign of the times also is the ample provision for the colored troops, Dr. McCormack has a curious reminder of the war, which he picked up at Forsythe, Mo., thirty one years ago. It is a copy of Paine's ''Age of Reason" with two cannon ball holes through it. The doctor does not express any opinion as to the likelihood of the puncturing of this book being providential. C. B. Matson has a copy of the Rolla paper which tells about a society of lowans down there. Fully 60 Iowa people were present at the picnic, Messrs. Matson and Evans among them. This is a good recommend for their part of Missouri. Mr. Matson returned yesterday with some land lookers from Spencer. A spelling school is sufficiently in the line of education to be entitled to a free notice even' though it costs ten .gents to attend it. It will be held tomorrow night at the Methodist church and Gardner Cowles and C. M. Doxsee will chose sides. It is expected that the spelling will be of a kind that even the hew Century and Standard dictionaries never dreamed of. The populists met yesterday and nominated Thos. Hanna of Burt for the legislature. If he will not accept a committee will fill the vacancy. A. B. Sheldon of Burt was nominated for supervisor, and Wm, Strickler of Burt for superintendent. The convention was not largely attended, and unless the democrats endorse the ticket it is not likely to cut much figure. A Louisiana paper has correspondence from Call's Landing, the name of Ambrose A. Call's rice plantation, which bears the initials of Archie Hutchison. In one item he challenges any plantation 1,000 acres of as good rice in one field as the Call plantation, and it is said the challenge cannot be met, .The rice crop is now in harvest and is very big this year. From the 1,000 acres will come at least 15,000 barrels of rice. The Presbyterian meetings which have been held in the Swedish Methodist church during the past two weeks closed last Sabbath evening. A Sabbath school was organized of 48 scholars and six teachers, which will meet in the Swedish Methodist church every Sabbath at 8 p. m. All interested in the work of bringing the children and young people under the gospels influence are urged to come and help. Everybody is welcome. Frank Pomeroy was bound over by 'Squjre Clarke Monday to meet the S -and jury on a charge of burglary, e entered of Albert Meyer in Germanta, while he was away from home, and Mrs. Meyers going out of the back door got the deputy sheriff to come over. Pomeroy was caught in the house, He yms partially drunk, and what he was after seems to be in dispute. He made no defense and will await the grand jury. S. S, Sessions ie bis attorney, Geo, Helf rich died at bis , home in Prairie last Wednesday at 65 years of age, ,He was a we}l known resident and was loader of a peculiar society of a dozen people who never married. They came to the county }7 years ago and owned a big farm in pommon, They were thrifty apd njajje money, fefifeeted for ft Defies of f weita ifgtWes tttfie by the Sdttnal School, IJhilneftt Men Ar»e SecUfed ftfid they Will Covet- ft Wide gafigg &f topics, i which wae Uhemlly. spent 4 B bulgin gave $UPQ to ifte new „ was JoslryinentaHo i mgm^>T»'-":;^^ --,-„ .^ •-. nnMIBMIIIiilMMMMMb'V, 4 '*/.t *»/ *.n Vr 3 ZW|S 1 ?y. ! ??S I f.ST'IKX»> **.','/,'. J" THE UfPEtt DBS Moitiss is eflabled* td give & fuller announcement this Week of the lecture course td be given between Sept* 18, afld Atoril 16, by the normal school. It will consist of 12 lectures by thfee lecturers' endorsed and sent out by the American Educa* tional Lecture bureau, the whole course to cost ticket holders but $i.?5. It is not yet decided where the lectures will be giveto, but one of the churches will doubtless be chosen. Three lectures will be oti American history, to be given by W. C. Webster, for two years a lecturer for the university of Chicago. His topics will be The Struggle for Independence, Making a New Constitution, and The War of 1812. Three .lectures will he devoted to literature to be given by Hervey White of Chicago, formerly of Harvard University, His subjects have hot been chosen, but his list encloses 'such interesting topics as Emerson and the Concord School, Our Western and Local Artists, etc. Prof. Edward S. Morse of the Boston- Museum of Pine Arts says: "Those who have heard Mr. White lecture speak in the highest terms of his expressive and interesting manner. I have known him for some time and can testify as to his clear and graphic style." Three lectures will be devoted to social economy, G. O. Virtue of Harvard University discussing Industrial Darwinism^, Trusts, Pools,, and Combines, Tramps, Socialism. All of these men are highly commended by school menandby the press. The course as a wbole will open a wide field of thought and investigation not only to the normal students, but also to the" public. _ PERSONAL MOVEMENTS. Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Pangburn are visiting at D. Rice's. Miss Mary Jordan is back from her summer vacation in Wisconsin. W. L. Cohenour is out from Pana, III., visiting his brother, Charlie, a week. Mrs. C. M. Doxsee and Corriie Ingham went to Omaha Friday to visit with their sister. Miss Coan goes to her second year's work at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, N. Y., this week. Mrs. C. C. Korsland of Livermore was the guest of her sister, Mrs. M. B. Walters, Monday. Frank Taylor came over from Charles City Saturday and spent the day with his uncle, D. S. Ford. Miss Mame.Farrell visited at Geo. E. Clarke's over Sunday. She teaches at Mason City this year. , Mr. and Mrs. Lewis H. Smith start Saturday for Tacomaand other western points on a visit to their children. F. H. Vesper is off on his eastern trip to attend the annual meeting of railway agents. Mike Winkel takes his place. Henry Mason and wife drove up to Estherville Wednesday for a week's visit with friends. Henry was to do a little business at the same time. Geo. E. Clarke is at Humboldt in court. He defends John Connors' boy and the rest who are up for stealing part of a well digging outfit at Livermore. W. H. Ingham started for northern Wisconsin last Thursday expecting to meet W. C. Harris, editor of the Angler and an expert fisherman, for a few days' trout fishing. J. W, Tennant went to Lake Superior yesterday. He expects to get rid of hay fever while breathing the cool air of the lake. He is neither hunting nor fishing this time. Mrs. Powers of Centralia, Wis., a sister of Mrs. J. W. Tennant, has rented the building wesi of S, C. Spear's home and has moved in with her family to make Algona her home, W- E, Kain and Wm. Hinobon have gone to Collegeville, Minn., to enter St, John's university. J, W. Hinohon was out looking over schools some weeks ago and selected this, Hon, H, Nellander, formerly state senator, spent Sunday in Algona visiting his daughter, Mrs. J, T. Chris- oWlles. Hereister, Mrs. Kerndt, re* turned with him to Lansing. Mrs, Col. Spencer's mother, Mrs. Cameron, died Monday at be? home in Wisconsin and will be buried Friday, Mrs, Hedriok and the colonel will not go. but Mrs. Spencer is already there, union q?owneWp EselteU, Union township was greatly excited Friday night over the sudden disappearance of Wm, Podde' J£yea>eld hoy, He bad gone out about supper time and search until midnight failed to furnish any clue, Next morning he was traced to the Potter farmJuCreeco, but when found was back within JOO rode of home. He seem* to have been token with & feyer &nd to bave lost bis tarings oq leaving the bouse,. He wandered au night and, did not, re^e bis situation when fouoj, but tried/ to got &w&y. Be baft fetyJowfAiilaUig gfwtfeellPffmUfer ft day fer t wc * tout nptling Barque wajjefti-ea fey big Bare — * — '~*- i --' *•*-•* pWK soy TJI9" ' ^ ^ H ' * ^ -™^9*W ' ' r ' f h ' ' '* " AN *'•' 'JEWEL '.STOVES .. 2-MILUe/s! ** ' The mdfley you paid-last year for fuel that wa§ would go a gasd way toward buying Jewel Stoves mid Ratig es —the klhd that ddfl'f waste, fuel isn't the only thing'they save —they ?pave youf time and patience, Our trade mark Is on every genuine Jewel, Ask your dealer for them. Sold by 0. M, DOXBEE, California in 3! Days. Without change of cars. All meals served in dining cars, Palace drawing-room sleeping cars and tourist sleepers are run through to San Francisco without change, with annex sleeping cars to Los Angeles, leaving Chicago daily via ^-Northwestern Line. Variable route tourist tickets to California and the health and pleasure resorts of the.south on sale at Kates. Detailed information can be obtained upon application to agent Chicago & Northwestern Railway, SOCIETY. I looked and. saw a splendid pageantry Of beautiful women and of lordly men Taking their pleasure in a flowery plain Where popples and the red anemone And many another leaf of crumolsy Flickered about their feet and gave their stain To heels of iron or satin, and the grain Of silken garments floating far and free As in the danae they wove themselves or strayed By twos together or lightly smiled and bowed Or eourtsied to each other or else played At games of mirth and pastime, unafraid In their delight, and all so high and proud They seemed scarce of the earth whereon they trod. I looked again and saw that flowery space Stirring, as if alive, beneath the tread That rested now upon an old man's head And now upon a baby's gasping face Or mother's bosom or the rounding grace Of a girl's throat, and what had seemed the red . Of flowers was blood In gouts and gushes shed From hearts that broke under that frolic pace, And now and then from out the dreadful flooi An arm or brow was lifted from the rest, Aa if to strike in madness or implore For mercy, and anon some suffering breast Enared from the mass and sank, and as before The revelers above them thronged and pressed. • —William Dean Howolls. SHE WAS AFRAID. And Took Particular Care to Outwit Those Wicked Night Doctors. Mme. Kirkholder's servant was getting ready to go home for the night. It was about 0 o'clock in the evening. Just aa her bonnet was on her head and her hand on the door to depart, Mme. Kirk- holder noticed that the face was aglow with grease — a liberal coat — from ear tc ear. •"Tut, tut, Katie I" remonstrated Mme. Kirkholder, "Wash yonr face before you go. You mustn't go home with 8uoh a looking face as that. " Katie muttered something, and taking off her bonnet turned to the sink, as if About to make the improvements suggested. It chanced that just as Katie was again about to depart Mine. Kirk- holder was amazed to find her countenance even more tremendous in greas« than before, "What on earth is the matter with your face, Katie?" asked Mme. K, "Why don't you wash away fcat grease?" "I'i&e afeard of dem yar night dog. tahfl," said Katie faintly. "What's that?" 1 queried Mme. K, "The night doctors. What in the nam« of goodness is a night doctor, and what have they to do with you?" "Whyde night dootaha done ootoh yo','» replied Katie in a horrified whisper, "an dey takes yo' an bleeds yo 1 to def, 'Deed dey does. Dey cotobes yo' an puts a plastab over yo' jnouf so yo' oan'l equaii, an, lugs <* pusson, off som'res &B Weeds 'em till dey'g daid, An dat'9 wbj I done greases all roun wy njouf, Pat's eo no plaetah won't etiok, an ef day teohes me J'U boiler like ft wUdoftt, an yo' bet dey'il done djap jn§ an mosey off, 'Deed I'M 'feared, Mfc KuWwldaji to go outen de darfe onless my mouf greaged, " Mme, K, paid no el««i}S§d the back gate fe§| of Star. isso G. 0. SHELLY. leas C. D. PETTIBONK Algona Marble We, the undersigned, are now prepared to fill orders for cemetery work of all kinds in marble, stone, or granite; also shelves, mantels, table tops. PLUMBER'S WORK OF ALL KINDS; When in need of anvthing in our line give us a call and be convinced that we will give you good material, good work and at as reasonable prices as can be had anywhere in the country. Shop on State street, east of J. B. Winkel's office. '• Shelly & Pettlbone, The State University OF THE SEVERAL DEPARTMENTS Will leain the year 1895-96 • .On September 18. What A Uttle girl lately fM her bow to pronounce Q&ajr'a famous la- l«w ysws teto the wm &SM the For particular Information as to»the respective departments address as follows: Collegiate—Charles A. Sehaeffer, president, Iowa City, ,. Law^Emlin McClain, chancellor, Iowa City. Medical—J, W. Harrlman, M. D., secretary of faculty, Iowa City. Homoeopathic Medical—J. O. Gilcbrist, M, D., registrar of faculty, Iowa City. Dental—A, O. Hunt, D. D. S., dean of faculty, Iowa City. Pharmaceutical—E. L, Boerner, Ph, G., dean of faculty, Iowa City. Expenses in all departments are reasonable, Cost of hoard in private families, 83 to 95 per week; in clubs, $3 to 93,50 per week. For catalogues or for general information address ' A. SCHAEFFER, President, LE&AL, S^V>^V^^N^ Executor's Notice of Final Report, IJ* THE MATTEE QV TOE ESTATE OF Christine I^uebka, deceased. To alpthe heirs pr preditors of the above- named estate: Youftre hereby notified tbat on or before tfce iJOtb day of gepte»ber, 1895, said executor wtll We with the dlerji of the me- trjot court of Koseuth county, Iowa, his final report, and ask to be discharged; and you are further notified that all objections - ^hereto must be med with said clerk on or before the first day of said term, of said opujfa iffbich will convene and be haldei) at AJg9Ra, In Kossutu county, Iowa, on the jst flay'of OPtolaerj 1805, or said report will be'approyed an4 said'e*- NOTIQP OF Oi 1 WI«" STATE OF IOWA, UQS,SOTH,gOtWTY, SS, -Pistrtcti Court Kossuth, ToaliwftQnUt j«ay Qonoernj .•Whereas, on the 14tb day of August, 1805, a pape? purporting to be the jast win ajftd.tegtanjwt of JS&et )on« anseft as ro will come hetoje the court, '

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