The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on September 11, 1895 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 11, 1895
Page 7
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'V-r | ""*' f- IV <<, ^' _" <'L A j' „',', , *•*• ' 5 s ' ' *•"«*. - v •*" • "* *'T V _• ,' - *>•«•*, ^~» ',;7lt;?gr' f* ' ,'• '' /^*"rf"%Js •S^fC^?f . . v. "'*//'" "- "* ' - '" • - ">/,'. ""' ; " -' ^ r -?'.r Hi $•#;,•' liaB UPPER PJB8 MOINE8! AtiGOfrA, IOWA «'?V "> ••• -v •;„ "^' : 0-i^ *-$' • •' ;r'-^//^-^ifii^i t»ut jfcdd at s"aata Cftis Saad&y, Sfft FrMcleea Examiner, euffi* efigftged a boat afld fftf'BklMeB, gflddenl? tfaefe his iifae that almost |: tfie tioftt, f he fish catte to the bid fltis shdwed that he Was a big fk. Gumming toyed -with him f A a |H»fhile» Sad as the shark felt the sharp 6f th& hooks fofced into his Ibuth he made a plunge, going down flhe hundred feet, and feeling out t. five hundred feet Of line. Cum- "ttilttg .haa only oiie htitidfed feet more ' oh the reel, and if the shark had accomplished that distance he would have •fescap4d, BUt he was exhausted and came 'to the surface again. Then, with the skill of an experienced angler, Gumming'played the Htie carefully, fetid, after great effort, got the shark . alongside of his boat. Both the shark • aid'his captor were winded. The boat' taatt killed the shark with one blow of his boathook. Mr. Gumming caught the shark with a twelve-ounce salmon rod, and a linen salmon line. The fish Wan, more than five, feet in length and •weighed fully one hundred and fifty pounds. It is the largest shark ever ^landed there with a hook and line, and .its capture was due to the perfect 'Knowledge of flshing that Mr. Cumming possesses. The contest lasted just one hour, and exciting as it was for Mr. Gumming, In was also as much so for the onlookers. Fully twenty boats were in the vicinity. I English News for WhoeVwomen, •' You may remember that a lady bicy- |; , clist was stopped by a policeman in |j,-,' Holloway who wanted to take her nainfl and address. That lady cyclist has Dt a candle in England that will take n lot of putting out, says the New Budget, for she has brought an action against the constable and won it. Tho Highgate bench have decided that tb-a action of the constable In stopping thy lady was an arrest, and that an arrewt Is an .assault, and that, therefore, tho constable fined a shilling aivrt costs, which seems to mean that it is «., illegal for constables to arrest people. This is strange news. (THEATRICAL NOTES. ' • "Marie Stuart," an opera by Lovallo, will be produced at Rouen. Sibyl Sanderson will sing In "Thais" at the Paris Opera, in October. Patti has been on the concert and operatic stage for forty-five years. "The Silver King" is being played In the Deutsches * Volks Theater in , Berlin. •'.''.. Arthur Nikisch has been "appointed conductor of the Berlin Philharmonic concerts for the next-season. • • Biumos Ayr es has .thirteen theaters where music 'has a prominent part: They are all in active operation. ( Minnie Palmer will arrive In this country in October, beginning her sen- son' Thanksgiving week in Phila' delphia. William Farron accompanies Olga '. Nethersple to America next fall. Hia paternal great-grandfather was in * David Garrick's company. ;; * Louis Harrison's first appearance on \ the stage was made in tragedy. In i 1875 he was a call\bpy at the Walnut ' - Street Theater in Philadelphia, Mme. Calve is to sing in "La Navar- raise" at the Paris Opera Comlqtie af bar t all; the performance will be in October, just before sly? sails for America. V -. A Fuvor Indeed. i "Ho you like him?" L, * "Yes. He did me the greatest favor one '< i" man can do another." "What was tbati" | "He married my homely daughter." : ,' ' Couldn't nilHfl It, ,'' "liow did you-know she was a school- v raa'nm?" lf ' "She snapped her fingers at a street car *> when trying to stop it." ALL AfifeS, Objectionable. Joelyn—Generally speaking, bloomovt jaay be all right, but there's one thing In fcheiuiapn'tliketosee. Boslyn—What's that? Jpelyn—Jly wjfe. £„' , .'T' -» $i:-'>,^ ^ 1 _,. <Hrtrl V M **#**F Vl*» |CM > Bi'tap'oprnfort and improvement..... $.'. .te^gg, tQ jpeigonal enjoynient wbe« l? ( ,' • rightly wseS, The many, who Jive bet« «& ,' • rightly wsegL The ninny, who Jive bet« 4J;- •*•' |ee$, -, by'. njojp prawptly • ???:' Utefieels af physical being, will attest cal M n f> h of ibe pure Jw«»4 JR tJje vvjf&flifeki Jtt#JT tioideri *<-*ti ."Jilft Wlndo*i Being lit ttis fchnttbcf l-bWdi-rt Uanlfel, Vt: 10—Dclltti-ert ttt N6W totk Suhddy, Scptelttbci' & >sr> -^JE^^^ai ^ ® scoundrelly ^ *''V&iiimmy princes of Pefsift, ufged oh by political Jealousy against Daniel, have succeeded itt getting a law passed that whosoever prays to God shall be put Under the paws and teeth of the lions, who are lashing themselves In rage and hunger up and down the stone cage, or putting their lower jaws on the ground, bellowing till the earth trembles. But the leonine threat did not hinder the devotions of Daniel, the Coeur-de-Lion of the ages. His enemies might as well have a law that the sun should not draw water, or that the south Wind should not sweep across a garden pf magnolias or that God should be abolished. They could not scare him with the red-hot furnaces, and they can not now scare him with the lions. AS soon as Daniel hears of this enactment he leaves his office of secretary of state, with its upholstery of crimson and gold, and comes down the white marble steps and .goes to his own house. He opens his window" and puts the shutters back and pulls the curtain aside so that he can look toward the sacred city of Jerusalem, and then prays. I suppose the people In the street gathered under and before his window, and said: "Just see that man defying the law; he ought to be arrested." And , the. constabulary of the city rush .to the police headquarters and report that Daniel Is on his knees at the wide-open window. "You are my prisoner," says the officer of the law, dropping a heavy hand on the shoulder of the kneeling Daniel. As the constables open the door of the cavern to thrust in their prisoner, they see the glaring eyes of the monsters. -But Daniel becomes the first lion-tamer,, and they lick his hand and fawn at his feet, and that night he : sleeps with the shaggy mane of a wild beast for his pillow, while the king that night, sleepless in the palace, has on him the paw and teeth,of a lion he cannot tame—the lion pf a remorseful, conscience. , What a picture it would be for some artist: Darius, in the early dusk of .morning, not waiting for footmen or chariot, hastening to the den, all flushed and nervous and In dishabille, and looking through the crevices of the cage to see what had become of, his '.prime minister! "What,.no sound I'^tie'- says. "Daniel is surely devoured, and the lions are sleeping after their horrid meal, the bones of the poor man scattered across the floor of the cavern." With trembling voice Darius.calls out, "Daniel!" No answer, for the prophet Is yet in profound slumber. But a lion, more easily awakened, advances, and, with hot breath blown through the crevice, seems angrily to demand the cause of this interruption, and then another wild beast lifts his manoi from under Daniel's head, and the prophet waking up, comes forth to report himself all unhurt and well. But our text stands us at Daniel's window, open toward Jerusalem. Why in that direction open? Jerusalem was his native land, and all the pomp of his Babylonish successes could' not make him forget it. He came there from Jerusalem at eighteen years of age, and he never visited it, though he lived to be eighty-five years. Yet, When he wanted to arouse the deepest emotions and grandest aspirations of his heart, he had his window open toward his native Jerusalem. There are many of you to-day who understand that without any exposition. This is getting to be a nation of foreigners. They ( have come into all occupations and professions. They sit in -all churches. It may be twenty years agp since you got your naturalizatlpn papers., and you may be thoroughly Amercanized, but you' can't forget the land pf your birth, and your sympathies gp put toward it. Your windows are open toward Jerusalem. Your father and mother are buried there, it may have been a very humble home in which you were born, but your memory often plays around it, and you hope some days to go and see it—the hill, the tree, the brook, the house, the place so sacred, the door from whiph you started off w»th parental blessing to make your own way in the world; and God only knows hpw sometimes you have Jpnged tP see the familiar places Pf your childhood, and hpw in awful crises pf life you would like to have caught a, glimpse of tbe pid, wrinkled face that bent over ypu as ypu lay on the gentle Up twejj* ty or forty or fifty years agp. YPU may have on this sjde of the sea risen in fortune, and, 1 ^ike D.anieJ, have become great, -Rn<j may have cpj$e |ntp \whJQh Jypn never cl 1 y^u^njay'^lyVmany windows to' P? con' WPU ,e on Wharf,, ypp gpg $0 Jpng J}n,e/g| Vijtft 4°?ft- ing tfcat •SrffldSW of foreign* inails - r — toward Jerusalem. 1. Sages that say: "When affe yon coming hOffie to feee us^ Brother has gone into the army. Sister Is dead. Father and iflOthef are gstting very/ feeble. We &re having a great struggle to get on here. Woltfd you advise'us to come to you, or will yoll come to US? All J6ln ifl love, and hope to meet you, if not ifl this world, then in a better. Good bye." Yes, yes; la all these cities, arid amit the flowering western prairies, and on the slopes of the Pacific, and amid the Sierras, aftd on the banks of the lagoon and oh the ranches of Texas there is ah u&couiited multitude who, this hour, stand and sit and kneel with their windows open toward Jerusalem Some of these people played on the heather of the Scottish hills. Some o them were driven out by Irish famine Some of them, in early life, drilled in the German army. Some of them were accustomed at Lyons or Marseilles or Paris to see on the street Victor Hugo and Gambetta, Some chased the chamois among the Alpine precipices Some plucked the ripe clusters from Italian vineyard. Some lifted their faces under the midnight sun Of Nor way. It Is no dishonor to our land tha they remember the place of their nativity. Miscreants would they be if while they have some of their windows ppen to take in the free air of America and the sunlight of an atmosphere which no kingly despot has 'evei breathed, they forget sometimes to open the window toward Jerusalem. No wonder that the son of the Swiss when far away from home, hearing the national air of his country sung, the malady of homesickness comes on him so powerfully as to cause his death You have the example of heroic Danie of my text for keeping early memories fresh. Forget not the old folks at home. Write often; and, if you have surplus means and they are poor, make practical contribution, and rejoice tha America Is bound to all the world by ties of sangulnlty as in no other nation. Who can doubt but It Is appointed for the evangelization pf other lands? What a stirring, melting gos- pelizlng theory that all the doors o other nations are open toward us while our windows are open toward them! But Daniel, In the text, kept : thls porthole of'his domestic fortress unclosed because Jerusalem was the cap It'al of sacred influences. There hac smoked the sacrifice. There was the Holy of Holies. There was the Ark of the Covenant. There stood the temple. We are tempted to keep our windows open on the .opposite side, toward the world, that we may see and heai and appropriate its advantages. Wha* does the world say? What does tho world think? What does the world dp' Worshipers of the world instead o worshipers of God. Windows open toward. Babylon. Windovvs ppen tpwarc' Corinth. Windows open toward Athens. Windows ppen toward Sodom Windows open toward the flats, insteac of windows open toward the hills. Sad mistake, for this world as a god Is like something I saw In the museum o: Strasburg, Germany—the figure of a virgin in wood and iron. The victim in olden time was brought there, and this figure would open its arms to receive him, and, once enfolded, the figure closed with a hundred knives anc lances uppn him, and then let him drpj pne hundred and eighty feet sheer down. So the world first embraces its idolaters, then closes upon them with many tortures, and then lets them drop fprever dpwn. The highest honor the world could cpnfer was tp make a man Roman emperor; but, out of sixty- three emperors, it allowed only six to die peacefully In their beds. But, mark you, that good lion-tamoi is not standing at the window, but kneeling, while he .looks out, Mosi photographs are taken of those in standing or sitting posture, /I now remember but one picture of a man kneeling, and that was David Livingstone, who in the cause pf GPd am civilizatipn sacrificed himself; and in the heart pf Africa nis servant, Maj- wara, fpund him in the tent by the light pf a candle, stuck on the tpp pf bpx, his head in his hands upon the pillpw, and dead pn his knees, Bui here is a great JJon-tamer, living undei the dash of the light, and his hair beveled of the breeze, praying, ' The Jact Js, that a man can see further on his knees than standing on tiptoe. Jerusalem was about five hundred and fifty statute miles from Babylon, and the vast Arabian desert shifted its sands between them, Yet through that ppen windpw Daniel' 'saw Jerusalem, saw all between it, saw beypnd, saw time, saw eternity, saw earth, and saw heaven, Wpuld you like to see»the way through your sins to pardon, through ypur troubles tp cpmfort, through temptation to rescue, through dire sicU- ness to immortal health, through night to d,ay, through things terrestrial to things celestial, yqu will not Bee them Mil you take Daniel's posture. No CAP pf bpne to the jpints pf the /ingers, cap <ot hone to the Jpints pf the eJbpw, but cap of bpne to the knees, made' so because the God pf the. body was ipe " of the epul, and, ( egpeojaj prpvisjo.* r these who want to pray, anj physte ", Structure jjpinj with spjrijtua jie Wddiag us jjra,y t anft pray, ,la the Karl pf SQ W.s tp pray lor biros buJ &H Jhj .oljuj-eb kit 6fi the other feide si the desert IS G5d f IS Ghtisti is Jerusalem, Is nfeatSfi. We Would do freil to think «6fl of heaveft. it is not a mere anne* o! earth, ft is not a desolate butpost. Ad Jerusalem was the capital 6f Jtldea, and fiabyloh the capital bit Ihe Bat>y* Ionian monarchy, and Lofidoh is the capital of Great Britain, and* Washing* ton is the capital of our OWn refcutftid, the New Jerusalem is the capital of the universe. T'he King lives there, and the royal family of the redeemed have have their palaces there, and there Is a congress of many nations aftd the parliament of all the World. Yea, as Daniel had kindred in Jerusalem -of whom he often thought, though he left home when a very young man, perhaps father and mother and brothers and sisters still living, and was homesick to see them, and they belonged to the high circles of royalty, Daniel himself hav : Ing royal blood in his veins, so we have in the New .Jerusalem a great many kindred, and we are sometimes homesick to see them, and they are ail princes and princesses, In them tho blood Imperial, and we do well to keep our windows open toward their eternal residence. It is a joy for us to believe that while we are interested in them they are interested in us/ Much thought of heaven makes one heavenly. The airs tha.t blow through that open Window are charged with life, and sweep up to us aromas from gardens that never wither, under skies that never cloud, in a spring-tide that never terminates. Compared with It all other heavens are dead failures. The American aborigines look forward to a heaven of illimitable hunting grounds, partridge, and deer, and wild duck more than plentiful,,and the hounds never off the scent, and the gunS never missing fire. But the geographer" has followed the earth round, and found no Homer's elyslum. Voyagers have have traversed the deep in all directions, and found no Hesiod's islands of the blessed. The Mohammedan's celestial debauchery and the Indian's eternal hunting-ground for vast multitudes have no charm. But here rolls in the Bible-heaven. No more sea—that is,,no wide separation. No more night—that Is, no insomnia. No more tears—that is, no heart-break. No more pain— that is, dismissal of lancet and bitter draught and miasma, and banishment of neuralgias, and catalepsies, and con- sumptions. All colors in the wall except gloomy black; all the music In the major-key, because celebrative and jubilant. River crystalline, gate crystalline, and skies crystalline, because everything Is clear and -without doubt. White robes, and that means sinless- ness. Vials full of odors, and that means pure regalement of the'senses. Rainbow, and that means the storni is over. Marriage supper, and that means gladdest festivity. Twelve manner of fruits and that means lucious and unending variety. Harp, trumpet, grand march, anthem, amen, aud hallelujah, in tho same orchestra. Choral meeting solo, and overture meeting antiphon, and •strophe joining dithyramb, as they roll Into the ocean of doxologies. And you and I may have all that, and have it fprever through, Christ, if we will let him. with the blood of one wounded hand rub out our sin, and with the other wounded hand swing open the. shining portals. Day and night keep your window open toward that Jerusalem. Sing about it. Pray about It. Dream about it. Do not be inconsolable about your friends who have gone into it. Do not worry if something in your heart indicates that you are not far off from its ecstasies. Do not think that when a Christian dies he stops, for he goes on. An ingenious man has taken the heavenly furlongs as mentioned in Revelation, and has calculated that there will be in heaven one hundred rooms sixteen feet square, for each ascending soul, though this world should lose a hundred millions yearly, But all the rooms of heaven will be ours, for they are family rooms; and as n9 room in your house is too good for your children, so all the room's pf all the palaces of tho heavenly Jerusalem will be free to God's children and even the throne-rpom will not be denied, and you may run up the steps of tlie throne, and put your hand on the side pf tho throne, and sit down beside the king ac-. cording to the promise: "To him that overcometh will I grant to sit with mo in my throne," But you cannot gp in except as conquerors, Many years ago the Turks and Christians were in battle, and tho Christians were defeated, and with their commander Stephen fled toward a fort* ress where the mother of this commander was staying. When she sa,w her son and his army in disgraceful retreat, sh.o had the gates of the fortress rolled shut, ani} then from the top of t}ie battlement cried out to her son, "You cannot enter here except as con* queror!" Then Stephen rallied his forces and'resumed the -battle-and gained the day, twenty tnousaad ing back two hundred thousand, those' wfto are. defeated Jn b&itle with sin a,nd geatb and hell, nothing ,b.u,t shame a,n,a cpnfcempt; but fpr thQse.whQ the vjct9ry though, our fcorfl Jpgus |hP gates pf the New Jerusalem/ ist, an.4 there shftjj da»t; ejatr&n?e into, the 6? o,'u.r &or4 tawftrd which, to. fceep, your TYin,4o.w& open,, Highest ef all ia Leavefiifig tvbwtf.-* Latest U the SP.4 elevejj f.epaa,le, p^\c J» , twjji yprs tt»ej# 4B&OILUTCLV #Uf»E HSALTH HINTS. /, i "\ & v , -' A/- -JOHN -R\Q1QI6&¥' ( Don't shake a hoi-nets 1 nest to see if any of the family are at home. <' Don't ti'y to take the right of way from an express train at n railway crossing. • J)otiH go near a draft. If ft dfaft conies towttfd Jtou, fun Away. A sight draft is the most dangerous. Don't blow the gun your grandfather carried in the War of 1812. It is more dangerous now than it was then. Don't hold a wasp by tbe other end while you thaw it out in front of a stove to see if it is alive. It Is generally alive. ; Don't try to persuade a bull dog to give up a yard of which he is in possession. Possession to a bull doe is ten poinS.s of tho law. Don't go to bed with your boots on. This IP one of the most unhealthy practices that a man, especially a married man can be addicted to—• Texas Slftinge. A Railroad on Tree "Tops, •It may not bo known outside of the belghborhood in which it is situated, but it is nevertheless a f net, that in Sonoma connty, Cu1., there exists an original and successful piece of original engineering and building that)ls not to be.foundin the books. In the unner part of tho county named, near the coast, may be seen an actual road-bod In the tree-tops.- Between the Clipper Mills and Stuart Point, where the road crosses a deed ravine, the trees are eawed off on a level with the surrounding hills and timbers and ties laid on the stumps. In the centre ' of the ravine mentioned two huge redwood trees, standing side by side, form a Substantial support. These giants have been lopped off seventy-five feet above the bed of the creek. This natural tree bridge is considered one of the wonders of the Golden State, a-nd for saifety and security far exceeds a bridge framed in the most scientific manner. ; Nel)raska : i Fertile Soil. ' ' Nebraska will iproduce this year 225,000,000 bushels of : grain, besides an abundance of potatoes, hay and other crops. •' Low Harvest Excursion rates will be in effect to all points on the Burlington Route •west of tbe Missouri river September 10 and 24. Call on your nearest ticket agent, or ad- press J. FRANCIS, General Passenger Agent, Omaha, Nob. Perhaps This Explains It. '•Those New York yachtsmen must look like a lot of Arguses by this titne." "Why?" : "Because, every time they have a race, we read of some one of them 'casting his weather eye aloft.'" . ''Perhaps that is why they always wear one eye-glass." Harvest and Home Seelierb' Excursion. The Missouri, Kansas & Texas Railway Company will sell tickets at greatly reduced rates on September 24, 1395, to points in Missouri, Kansas and Texas. For further particulars address HyrA. Cherrier, N. P. A., M. K, & T, Ry., 316 Marquette building, Chicago, -III. The man who chases bubbles never has any time to rest. The Nickel Plate road has authorized its agents to sell tickets at greatly reduced rates to Albany, N. Y., on occasion of the meeting of tbe German Catholic Societies of tbe United States in tbat city, September 15 to 18, For particulars address J, Y, Calahao, Gen'l Agent, 1U Adams Bt,, Chicago, Half-heartedness makes no prayers that God can answer, HAI4/S CATARRH CURE is u liquid oncl is taken Internally, and acts flireotly on the blood and mucous surfaces of tbe system,' Write lor testlmonijils, free. Manufactured by - F. J. CHENEY & CO., Toledo, p. The most respectable sinners are tbe most dangerous ones, NEWSY M6RSELS. While ft ear 6! luftbeP wfti belfif Unloaded at Hock Falls, 111., ah &iiff&«| tor about si* inches long' was found bfif 1 tWeeh two iiillhkfli ,,, -,«r >'f' Bodies do not rise in Lake (Sefteva )ft less than seventeen days, ahdvffe?, <tuentiy not at all, 'V *, A \ Birmingham, .England,-.which .iliefita Ing many t advanced municipal ideas'* has established a city" public house Ih the suburbs, where the lld.uqM' are^ bought by the corporation and retailed' by a manager who has no interest Inthe amount sold, • • A shipment of about three tone of fell- ver was made recently from the sub" treasury at Baltimore to the i?hlladeli phla mint. In the shipment Were $100,000, of which $20,000 were In halve*, $47,000 in quarters and $33,000 in dimes, The Columbia river salmon pack seems to be In a state of collapse thla season. Such a slackness in the run of fish was never experienced in the his-' tory of operations on the river. One of the vegetable marvels of July 1 , la the fraxlnella or dittany, an old- fashioned flowering plant, native in southern Europe and Asia, and muoh cultivated In the gardens of our grandmothers. P® - 'v* x,i "'•si' < i tf»i .$ _ **« M GREAT BOOK FREE ; When Dr.'R. V. Pierce, of Buflalo, tf-.Y.J* , published the first edition of his work, The" - 1 People's Common Sense Medical Adviser,,]^ he announced that after 680,000 copies had'?*;"' been sold at the regular price, $£50 petv '" copy, the profit on which would repay him* for the great amount oHabor and, money expended in producing it, he would distribute the nest half million free. As this number of copies has already been sold, he is now distributing, absolutely /ree t 500,000'' copies of this * « most complete, interest-1 COUPON I ing and valuable common I No. Ill I sense medical work ever* "published— the recipient only being required to mail to him, at the above address, this little COUPON with twenty-onej(ai) cents in one- cent stamps to pay for postage and packing only, and tbe book will be sent by mall.,. It is a veritable medical library, complete in cue volume. It contains over 1000 pages ' and more than 300 illustrations. Tbe Free Edition is precisely tbe same as those sold at $1.50 except only that the books are bound in strong manilla paper covers in; stead of cloth.' Send NOW before all are given away. They arc going off rapidly. _ to $90 Per Month ~7__H _ matter. No expeilence n«cosiuLrjr, For ' • \ _ __ particulnrsnendscentsInntHiiipnttt .i'.y B. WOKLB1T, FUIIBB8TON, Illinois «; Bicycle Repairing Nickle Plating. c9 tho west. Send us your work. Satlsrucflo'ngvmr'aa 'J teed. Ouv nlokollng Is ,tho finest in tho land. ''•• PACEMAKER BICYCLE COMPANY,'" 1 " " • Iowa. ' , ' 100 Smoke "DOMINOES,", FOB Fine Long Clear Fillers.' " ~ Strictly Hand Made • Stogie Cigars. Best Made Sent anywhere, prepaid, on receipt of price, ' U'IBK TOMAOCQ CO. 1 W|i(ieUr)g', W.Va. Sample Box (12) by nmll, postpaid, 30 otu. WELL MACHINERY ' :M Bhowlna \VHIi»' ATJGEKS. BOCK PBILLS, H3fD: AND JETTING MAOH&EB7, etc, HKNT FBM. Have been tested and oil warranted. Kioux City Knglno ami Iron Works, HupcosuorK to Pech Mfs. Co. Sioux City, Iowa. •, A cry in wbat'tho heart says «v?heu tUe lips cannot speak,. _ . cuie or nionty ' ., HU Went Eleventh fatreet. Kaima< PROFITABLE DAIRY WORKf Can only be accomplished with the very of tools and ., .,_- ,appUaneos,,s; \\ r lth«vD»vls i *H»T Cream Sepa rator'on-'the /2§ ' sure of wore ^l^m^l and boa butter, while JjjL/ ' l thosklmme! milk Is a via- {nraH uubla toed, Farmers will \H tajcetoeeta '^W WP *,#&«.,'-, Davis. Illustrated J mailed I"KJSB '*^^ »AVIS & BAWKI (?pf . Randolph ft PMri»Of n Sts-. Chicago, >»' i\ The devil's ban4 drops when a good gets on his knees, «"i»» »t' he Do moves the Dowels in the T«» He is the greatest man who does most; for bis tellowmen. _ The reviving |»«»wep« wfParkor'e Ginger 'fonlp muUci'. Jt lii'its.'unbuble In ovurf IJOIHU, Stomuolj , cvit)^ una uvory (orw at dlstresD j leid to it, B. L. Moody i« planniPK to heliftndsofeftphpf (he T5Q,( jj this country, , Gel Jf ! l( ypu wftMV w reft»i«* vue oonifon ot b^ing wmt,. Jt Iwket iUuBi oyt pdffvvUy. ^.y, ftt a pcet wbo slKhs for rose pr4ejB WQBW BQQB ft lilftlf st Us a epr^ ijejd, \vh.en,

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