The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on September 11, 1895 · Page 6
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 6

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 11, 1895
Page 6
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W jM5rS v V 3k .,y» ^Vi/Sj: 1 ""'! J r~ ^'"r/~~* "" \ vl""yE* -' eipalattfactidns at aoiuftriuffli in fiat" tef f g at<k, which is to be.opened "iiefct Ndvembef, will be a manatee, or sea Cow. fhe manatee, which is ah aquatic mammal "and litJt Btfifitly & fish, has an elottgated body like that 1 whales, the anterior limbs being flat* tfened into fins and the posterior limbs 'Wanting efcternaliy, and only being 1| V , ' represented by rudimentary bones. The *'' : head is conical, without a distinct line ^b£ separation from the body; the fleshy nose much resembled that of a cow, and the 1 full upper .lip has on each side a few bristly tufts of hair. The swim- "ffiing paws may be used for climbing lip the muddy bank of rivers j separate bones may be felt through the skin, and the fingers are provided with small nails. The skin is a grayish black t color, with a few scattered bristles. They inhabit the sea shores, especially ' about the mouths of rivers, and feed upon aquatic plants. They do not feed ashore, though they sometimes quit the water, and not infrequently support themselves in a semi-erect position. Under these circumstances they present at a distance a somewhat 'human appearance, Increased'by the ieas w£\tf fst^Seiffft Tf^| iWpidfttatef lit ft on «f itfcafe 4"f fiia &a&d&£$¥&• tire uttie repine i l&cHs^ 8f ttfcS bltd testing ita pin- _^ — ..„ » » t$S8 6f » "Is the skuak a daagetous animal? t should sajr 8d, M r&tftftfked Mh fi. P. tiiaie of st. Louis at the Motel Page, "t kflow very many s&ople wilt be aur* prised at the assertion, but there is She species of this Unpopular tribe that Is as much id be dfeaded aa & rattlesnake, as t learned one year While* so^ jOUfning in Western Texas. One night in ml.dsumfflef a party of us Were catttt- ifig out dn'the prairie 6f Liana cotlttty when we were awakened by the screams of A colored boy who had been taken fclohg to cook for the outfit. He said that something had bitten him, and ex* aminatic-n showed that his head was pretty badly torn. There were uiimis* takabte evidences of a skunk in the Vicinity, and there was no doubt that it had done the deed. "The sequel is that a few days later the boy died a most horrible death of hydrophobia. I learned that It was aot a rare thing for the bite of these miserable little cats to produce that dread ailment, and several well-authenticated cases of it occurred before I left the state. Some people think that hydrophobia finds its origin in these anU mals." MONSTER SNAKE. With a Body as Big; Around ad a Water Pull. . The people of this neighborhood are very mUch alarmed over the fact that a monster snake has been seen at large ftnfl Snjdy* ihs ele^gf fflafiftet 8 !«• whldn & ttfi* atrd rich tot Soffle-what stingy was Mtadfie By ft •cifcte'f little fe^eaHy* ¥h-e 'Qa&tofer' «wfts a deal a! gfdisefty in ite,6it?/'st Chufc-hes, including ffiahy dwellings. due ot these is in Caeibt-idge place, and has been occupied for a yea? of twtf by a puf set <sa & transatlantic lifter, who was kid aft two 6f thfee yeara ago fdf iff egtiiaf habits, it was terr i^ biy moftlfying to his spirited little wife, as they had ns money laid by and Sdon became destitute. They got behind la their rent, and finally their Quaker landlofd) Who had up to this time personally called to collect his iudney etefy month, ordered them out atter having lost twa months' renti He then placed the hduse in the agent's hands- three 'days after the purser's family were dispossessed a business* like little woman called at the office attd rented the Cambridge place house at $5 less a month than it had been bringing before, and she moved in the same. Bright and early on his regular rent day the Jamaica Quaker called at the Cambridge house to get acquainted With the new tenants. What was his astonishment to have his ring answered by the same pretty little woman whom he had dispossessed a week before. She cordially invited him in and told him that her husband had been reinstated and that they expected to occupy the house right along. She did not forget to express her pleasure at the reduction in rent. Finally, the old man suggested that he would expect the $60 for back rent, and asked her if she was going to pay It. She went to the mantel and brought back, a sheet covered with figures, which she handed to the Quaker. The footing was $69.60. "That's what MANATEE, OR SEA COW. distinct lips, the long whiskers in the male and the pectoral mammae in the female.' HER FACE AN INSPIRATION. TS'ot for Its Particular Beauty, but He, cause It Looks So Bright. i New York Herald: There Is a face which I meet frequently on the street. . It is not particularly a beautiful face, '- but it is so bright and so happy that ,' , the atmosphere always seems clearer 'after it-has passed. Its owner is evidently a working girl, for each morning ;' • she'takes a car at a certain corner,/and ' she carries a lunch. And I feel - like - congratulating the firm which has cap,. tured that ray of sunshine to light up i some 1 dingy office or beam across some '- dreary dry goods counter at the 1m- '*, patient customers. I am sure she is worth her weight in gold to her employer. * .Jfler face but puts in contrast the ,, multitude of glpomy, weary,'worried, - 'sorrow-stricken countenances one sees ? v passing up and down the city streets, and leads one to-wonder why there are V-npt more pf these exceptions. If it is /•ypssibje to cultivate such a disposition s^-as' shines out through 'that pair of eyes, there's a deal of blame tp' those people whose faces effect of an August thunder the community, "I'm about to be ^writes a girl to this" pffice, >ad of receiving congratula- aware that I need a defense, tafce this means of making It, I years oid-^ol4 enough to know p better, byt I h ave PP man }s a wi4ower with iJillftP 1 . -* 16 llked bfc first wife bet' be 4°es me; I liked a roan '^"agg better than I like hlro, so we " pn, that. Re wants a house- want a home. I was brpught I HP |p l f|ng » little and play » IJttle, but ;!h^vf nprtrade. My parents will be glad "- A -' — jfiQ settled. J would be happier g ^5 or |6- a week^ and taking I was npt taught w;-- ' - vamen }n ,,' Ivery- man who icings 4arj;Jng them of earnjpg a livelihood v?v, on the outskirts of the town for a number of days, and it is feared that somebody will be attacked by the serpent before it is killed or, captured. The monster was first seen about three weeks ago by Justice Veltor. Since then it has been seen at intervals by. I. W. Yalentlne, superintendent of the Baptist Union Sunday School, and by Dr. Oliver Jones. The latter chased the snake into the woods in an effort to capture it; but was unsuccessful. All agreed that the snake .is about fourteen feet in length, with a body as big around as a pail. Its head is diamond-shaped, and the top is surmounted by a crest that is shaped like a crown. Some time ago, Dr, Wood, a resident of this place, died, but before his death he liberated a number of large snakes which he held captive. The snake which has been seen is believed to be one of them. The monster is : referred ,to by the people hereabouts as the "King of Snakes," Queens and Salvationists. Philadelphia Ledger; Queen Sophia of Sweden, whose 59th birthday has just been celebrated with much pomp and ceremony at Drothiningholm castle, is one of the most enthusiastic friends and supporters of the Salvation Army, a distinction which she shares with her niece, the queen regent of Holland, Both queens publicly countenance the work of General Booth, sending liberal subscriptions to his various funds and expressing the opinion that on religious and political grounds it Is wise to encourage a form of worship which seems to suit the masses and finds the way tp their hearts, But the Empress of Germany and the emperor, too, give evidence,of the most undis> gulsed hostility to the' Salvationists— their army being by imperial order subjected to annoyances and persecutions by the police. it cost us to move out and in. again," said she, and here's 50 cents to balance the account for back rent," and she produced a receipt all filled in and ready for his signature. The old man signed it.vand then, swallowing a lump in his throat, said: "Verily, thee is a diligent "helpmate." The clever little woman bowed ihlm out, closed the door and sat down to have a good cry. at His Youthful p»y«. If ypu want tp live to a gpod old age, do not buy or try to dfjye a horse that has ever blunged to the fire department. A Mend who comes into market three tiroes a week some time ago got such a horse, and the animal 414 well enough until pne plght abput 1 o'clock as be was popiing In with a JQ34 the flre bejlg rang %s, fee was paps* an engine hpwse, T&e'Cl4 horse ears §n4 tfe| ! ew wp hip engine cajne ^ ^ e ,tp,gk &&§?• u at a gaUep, All «l?9^ti tq IB vain, fire, aia i§ gpt FLOTSAM. Precious beyond price are good resolutions. Valuable beyond price are .good feelings. ...-'.. if'you wish to appear agreeable in society, you must consent to be, taught many things which you know already. There's nothing like sticking to a thing when you apply yourself to it, as the fly said when it alighted on the fly paper, '..-.. The early, and the laiU. 1 part of human life are the best, or, at least, the most worthy of respect; the one is the age of innocence, the other of reason. The intellectual worker should havo at least two seasons of complete rest every year. The freshness of his work will show the advantage of following such a course, Anything that adds to the neatness and beauty of the home and its belongings not only increases the owner's pleasure, but fosters refinement and real betterment of the household. As the next thing to having wisdom ourselves is to profit by that of others, so the next thing to having merit ourselves is to take care that the meritorious profit by us, For he that rewards the deserving makes himself one of the number. There are few characteristics raore valuable than that which gives a reputation tor absolute truthfulness. One may decline to expvess any views on a given subject and not be open to criticism; but whatever is said should be unimpeachable and as frankly uttered aa possible. NEW PROVERBS. The wise man lets time work his. re* venges for him. A goofl neighbor is one who minds Uls 9w» business, It'p ^ lucky husband that can live up to WB record as a jover. Woma.n'8 wetness ja & polite terw for woman's willingness, When a-ftabit becomes too strQRg to break, It is ft bad habit, , J the fame o.J IJfe tJje po^res^ han'4 take§ the ingst jttics^ - ' ' Tjie wojaajj wfcQ returns, a fciss for .a fg.j- ^nc^her- blow, HAftlM LAW§ AN6 CUSf6M§ SI BJ§6A«fi!B* tf«a tfa* 8ftlt*fl ttatfelMA* f 6», leu« t» OMAN'S isatien is & ft«w issue, eVen in the most secret depths of the harems of C o n 8 1 a h tiaopie, The Turkish went* eh are in revfllt, The agitation f6f e n f r a fichisement and independence Which has taken such firm root in the United States and Europe hag caused not dimply a ripple but a turbulent whirlwind in the Turk's hitherto submissive household. It 18 even said that the men are siding with the women, and enfranchisement seems to be as anxiously demanded by them as it Is by their wives, In this connection, Hichard Davey, in an article on the "Present Condition of Women In Turkey," presents some Interesting phases ott the life of Turkish women of to-day. "A Turkish lady, who speaks English perfectly and who Is, besides, aa excellent musician, recently said that her condition and that of other women of her race was dally becoming more intolerable. 'Is It not terrible to think,' she said, 'that I, who am so passionately fond of music and whom my husband would only be too happy to please in everything, should be forbidden at the risk of my life to go to a theater or concert; that I am forever ; f or bidden to go outsiflb 6f the .Ottoman Empire, and that any Interchange of Ideas is an impossibility to me with the women among whohvlcatn condemned to pass my life? The more education a Mussulman woman acquires the more unendurable her fate becomes, and it will grow dally worse, until the day upon which we shall ob-c tain our complete emancipation. " 'But believe me when I say that the day is not far distant when my dream will bo realized. Turkish women are very- intelligent— in fact, more so than their, husbands— and a spirit is growing up .among us which is getting stronger .dafly. 1 :' Only a short tiirie ag6 the Sul,'tan;;ordered us to wear a veil which is out, "of fashion to-day, the yashmak, during Ramadan. We obeyed htm for three days, but on the fourth day all, the women of Constantinople without a single exception refused to wear the yashmak, and since then His Majesty has desisted in Interfering in any details of our toilets. • " 'It is noteworthy that, since the Turkish men have mingled so .freely with Europeans'- the desire for a new regime has grown steadily. It touches their vanity that they are forbidden to show off their wives, who, it is acknowledged, are possessed of the most beautiful eyes and are owners of more precious jewelry than any of the most fashionable women of the diplomatic corps. One of .the ridiculous laws of the land Is that which forbids a husband to go into a shop with his wife on) his arm, but obliges him to walk twelve steps behind her." " There is a law which forbids a Turkish woman to divorce herself without her husbandls consent. But the authorities affirm that this law does not prevent divorces from being even . more frequent in Turkey than in the United States, Perhaps the reason why the men of Turkey are not relucant that their wiyes should complain of the matrimonial rules laid down for them by the) Prophet is easily explained by the fact that no matter how agreeable the possession of four legitimate wives may be, they impose cares and expenses on the husband which are often beyond his means of gratification. The Koran exr acts that the husband shall treat his four wives with absolute equality; and the Turkish husband is obliged to offer to all, bis wives the presents which one among them has demanded. Again, he cannot obtain a divorce without giving back to the repudiated wife her dot to the last piastre, and is not at liberty to deduct the , money which the maintenance of the harem and an enormous number of slaves and servants has cost him. So that it is quite apparent why the Mahometan husbands themselves are willing to be deposed of their rights of polygamy and will do all they can to secure the emancipation of their women, Up to A Scottish paper says the natives of Skye now use knives to spread their butter, fcut that one old lady declines to go to parties where she is pot allowed, according to the old habit, to spread her butter with her thumb. An* other inhabitant of the island was heard declaring to a friend the other day that having gold bis Uorse he must now get a wife to 4p the saving tillage. vtMt Mfce Wine. the essayist and , says that tb> golden. prlgies bother WJB a great deftl. These birds a,ve rS ?,pla^ tppers in their iqve for grape 'juice, -They stlpk j;h'ejr b eak l )Bt° the,, SllOfe «p the ju4ce, amj three or fpijj> b}rde are 8 bje to rjjjn. Several to,«s gf fra^ {n a shgrt t|jn,e, AS leye^teeft el M,*v$isrrp,«gb8' treaty j|eres. are ^eYoJ^'ta IWe Wlture, tb,ls. f*St i fMftf Witt Me AM »itt Km Me-rstdfofe* it feur'tMHUd endngli that Wt ifceflldt fcf afcte* Id ftl* mdst itt&tafitaft86 i a&ly tfiftSmlt iflifc* Bites' eiref Unlimited disiane«s by the Use 6l wiflSJ but iri JBflgland a ffletiidd ha* been sttcceeefully etoployed *hlch ffiakes it possible to etispgnse- w ith the transmitting wire, Messages afe aaw sent d&lly 6veT a lake between two points Which have no wife cohnectiOfl With one afaather, and which are .several miles apart. The process is attracting widespread atte&tion, and thd English operators of the line are fe* eeiving much efedlt fof theif ingenuity la devising it, It is not, however, an English idea, but dne which was bdf n la the brain of an American scientist and inventor, Professor (John Trowbfldge of Harvard. Some years ago he ' stated that, theoretically, it would be possible to send telegraphic messages across the Atlantic without a cable, tils plan Was to have powerful dynamos placed at some point In Nova Scotia for the generation of the electricity. One end of the wire receiving the fluid thus generated would be grounded near the dynamos, and the other end would be grounded In Florida, the earth complet** ing the circuit. The wire would be of great conductibllity and carefully In* sulated from the earth except at the two points of contact. After grounding the ends of the wire, the next step would be to find on the coast of France, or some other convenient place, two points of land of a different potentiality from this country, that is, not charged with the same amount of electricity. The electric fluid sent Into the earth from the wire on this side of the ocean would, under the laws of electrical activity, manifest itself at the points In France, and telegraph signals transferred to the ear by means of a low resistance telephone whose wires would be run into the earth at tho points .there? By this method the earth plays.the^part of the wire used In ordinary telegraphing. The plan is almost identical with that employed in England. Its : advantage is, of course, that-it obviates the necessity "of: lay ing cables under great bodies of water. A Lookcr-On In Gotham. Mrs. Meadow—I don't wonder there is so much poverty in the city. I seen the cause of it all the other day when I was there. - • • Neighbor—"What did you notice? Mrs. Meadow—Idleness. Never saw such'idleness. 'Bout half the people was loaflri' on the corners lookln' at the thermometers, and the other half was rushin' around huntin' for standin 1 room near some other thermometer. A Chance for Argument. Pastor Toogood— Don't you think that the great number of Sunday fatalities is a judgment on the American people for abandoning the Sabbath oi the Puritans? Deacon Hardhead — Well, I don't know. The Puritans had a good many Sunday fatalities themselves whenever the Indians got up an excursion. Fatally Injured In u Queer Accident , While Martin .0-Day and his wife were walking by the side of the Boston and Maine railroad tracks at Lynn, Mass., the woman's dress was caught by; the steps of a .car on a passenger train; Her husband tried to save 'her, but both were thrown under the .train. O'Day' died from his injuries .and his wife is in a precarious condition. CONNUBIALITIES. Married life is simple. If the-husband will praise his wife's dress, and she feeds him well, there will be no bother,—Adams Freeman. An Alabama judge has decided that if a .man'puts his arm around the waist of a marriageable woman it is prima facie evidence that he has proposed to her. In Corea an unmarried man is treated as a boy, no matter how old he is. A young married man of 20 is by Corean custom entitled to be treated as a superior by old bachelors of 60. Seven cases are reported in JS.ngland during the present century where the bride has been married to the best man by mistake. The paper giving the jn* formation does not state how matters were remedied. Mr, ^nd Mrs. Joseph Manuel, of Kennebunkport, Me,, celebrated their diamond wedding on Tuesday, having been married seventy-five years, as the town records show, Mr, Manuel is 98 years of age, and Ms wife is two years his Junior, A writer in Paris says wit}i startling frankness; "I cannot conceive why any one should get married; divorce here has made the matrimonial tie go lax," And we thought that sort of thing-was confined to Chicago! "And you said Dodkins is marries}?" "tea," "Why, I thought he hadn't a cent of mone,y," "Ue hadn't, But he's all right now. The young Jady has any quantity of cash. 411 he wlH have to 40 now l§ to clip the coupons pff the bonds of matrimony." — wasWngtpa Star, ' ' , The Rey t Ropert CQjlyer, formerly of pfficjateii the qther day at a cerenjpny Jn - New Ycrfc, frpm wkjch the word "qbey" was oinitted b,y cpjamoft potent, He e$pM»ed, altey- war$ by sayjpg ^gjnen never 4jd o,bey, 4esplte iftelr jrQmJies,, . "fhe very prpwtaed filw new rpwsle Q* : A OXCOriZlluBbOB EDOICUJin* luou&unniy kldfie^ tfdtiblft ftbd n^ous ftilisifent, m — hdw 5ld o Agftnt^tiSt on« thifif tt? , ydtt **• fflft?j3398. ^i f £ ftft E 6 ;,» : '" ; to OMttd" Vniloy.'" It about It, *Hte to ^ GUAg 207 Boston Building, Paradise ls askifag themselves say?" ait 001* ,/ hat will the neigu ___ _ Tickets at ftpeluced JRittes , Will be sold via the Niclcel Plate toad Ott occasion of the tneetihg of the Oernian, Oatbolic Societies of the United States at Albany, N. Y M Soptetnber 15 to 18. tfo* ifurther information andress J;> Y. ' CaU* ban, Gen'l Agent, 111 Adams St.. Chicago Education begins the getttieman, biit readidg. good company and reflection must flnish him.— Locke. _ PUo's Cure is the medicine to break tip children's Coughs and Colds.— MRS. M. », BLUNT, Sprague, Wash.. Maruh 8, '94. Be all things to all men and you will be nothing to any man. You ate given all the prosperity you can stand. The Foundation of Good Health is Pure, Rich Blood ) 4< And tho surest, best way to • "" purify your blood is'to. take Hood's Sarsaparilla are tastoles",mild,effec. tlvo. AUdrugel»li 23c. -A.R1 1 1 araa i ^L Free Catalogue. >uo. H.'t'uilur, Uax aut. Kouucster, N. Y. LIMBS & UPWAROScasitymade with small eapl- ,.i | )y Bafo mii thod of sjrutematli! «p«aulatlon In (train. Book and full partlonlirs free., Nal'l Bank Heforencos. VjATTiaoNiSOo.. Ola Omaha Bldflr., Cbio&go. Heart VIN Sl.fiO. This little wonder gives a genuine eleotrlo llirht Complete with pookpt. battery, postpaid $1.50. Eleiitrto Novelty Co..K.l.'t)sMoln(u,Ia. Aiiford-Patent Wire Fence Machine Only $3.75 Prepaid. Makes Fence the Quickest, Sirongett and Cheapest. \VRITH FOR CIRCULARS. AGBHTS WAXTHD. AXFORD-PATENT MFC. CO. SX%g?y£Z' A -Genuine Diamond ^ aa ouv useilt Imported, Puzitles exports to dotoi-l, from the real diamond In • 14K set-r line. M'tllwear 'ior years ontt /ioW ita It (IHtmci/.Ladtaa' i-r genta' atyln. Send »1 anil nir.o of Hnger and vre will _ send you thla beaut ful ring, and act IOICUS & CO., L. Box JOSS, ChlfaBo.'JU. GOLD! SILVER! GOLD! Men or women who can spare 110.00 a month or more, to write me tor-particulars about mine investments. Don't miss this chance for big profits. Address, W. A. PERRY, 438 Mlnlug Exchange, DENVKK, COLO. A"SK"YOUR DiuraaTsT FOR *THE BEST* FOR INVALIDS * JOHN CARLE & SONS. New York. J» PATENTSJRADEMAMS Examination ana Advice aa to Patentability Qt In- rentlou. Send (or "luvontoro 1 Guide, orHpwto Get* Patent. PATRICK O'FAKBELL, Washington, D, V, Red Gross Tansy p%*ii * • Pills Su Are {Sate pnd Reliable, TheUdies pR»^B"fi;oo7 ^iSNR Sen( postpgl4 en receipt 9)! F '*«5i priqe. M(Jney refynde41! BOt M <3fff ^ Via 4e jJlDcIioBa Co!, for «»ie j H ' '\m i'^M >*$tje - r ''A' f -.. LOODPOISQN "S' i ' '<;>T ,»;4:i m^m^^^f!* s f f <j*"f trtiffr* jry^^WB-HwiH njB wHtVUSlniS' IBI»teMttep*xrftllro»d,Sr|Sff4hoMW}»,MSf »«^»|f9J.tjre Wl to mat-it yenhftTe tafceffilpS,* SSl?4 0 Mft.ft»fe.^.^i«t¥'tem&f^ ,PISO CURE: C. C.iN S UIV1 PT ION

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