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The Dothan Eagle from Dothan, Alabama • Page 1

The Dothan Eagle from Dothan, Alabama • Page 1

The Dothan Eaglei
Dothan, Alabama
Issue Date:

feSMPM i i i 'f Pi.vV!'^:VS'..^As^-' v- J.A"*iy'.f. i 'I: i 4 V. i I -i. i STATES gated Were Spectators, tions on "Red Thursday AAA erc dead and death in Berliiv tfe United cna were Injurd more'of a 'ipectacle for nds cijrJoug to see, the precautions against violence. aking geneially Arrerto and injuri ctdinarily when; the Zl Foster, ware arrested and dur: riot d-mon- sttUrs defied a police order andat- tetnpt-ed a march en city hall from i Union -M A teir gag lm fo broke up House when tfmimroists police. Six were injured and 11 ar One man were injured and 270 arrested lice foueht to break demqnrtra- 1 fc killed, 14 Widow ALABAMA AFT Daily NKA and A I' 139 This is Mrs, Blanche Blake of OEla- City, widow of Robert Blake, who before he was executed in the Ifeuur penitentiary en a murder conviction wrote of She last hours of several men in the death house. wag published in The American Mercury, and then made the basis of a Broadway hit called "The Last Mile." Gene Howe, publisher of Globe-News, is assisting flake's mother and other relatives iii obtain- Xr ing a division of the-profits of i the play, ,31 HURT WHEN 2 SEM1NOLE COLLIDE COUNTY SCHOOL FLAY POSPONED INDEFINITELY, SUPERINTENDENT STATES 0. C. White, of Hienift City, Dies At Glen Altt, This Mora- ing ID Wreck ENGINE OF SECOND SECTION CRASHES INTO REAR FIRST Injured Brought to Columbus Hospital Todtjr; Two Cars Telescoped By Engine COLMBUS, March 7, wa killed and thirty-one other persons injured, one probably seriously, at Glen Alta, 25 miles south of here early today as the second section Limited, fast Central of Georgia Railway ploughed into the rear of the first section which had stopped. O. C. White, of Phenix City, flagman of the first section of the trafci which nuns frown Florida to Chi- Hale, Germany Two Communists ere Blkd; and 16 axrested a mob which attacked London Att attempt by unein ployed to march oh the Mansion House official raident Lord -Mayor, resulted in a with police in which five were injured and fiva. arrested. police regulations prevented disorders. Subway construction and taxicab drivers were on strik Gabkoz, Czechoslovakia--Six work- errand three policemen were wounded and 20 persons Athens Police arrested 40 men when they dispersed a gathering before the city ball. Detroit A series of battles between police and demonstrators in the Campus Maritus sent 14 to hospitals and 31 to jail. Boston Eight' persons were arrested when they attempted to hold a meeting at the -state house. Buffalo Four Ccmmunist speakers were arrested when they attempted to hold a meeting in Lafayette Square. Milwaukee Hand to hand ing between Commviniste. and police resulted in Injury to dgbt and the arrest of 47 --rioters. Cleveland One man was arrested and a score suffered injuries when police stopped a parade of demonstrators to city Sail. Waterbury RELEASED TOD AY Man Giving Nafte of A. C. ccy Questioned; Expect More Arrests SOOT A man giving his as C. and -lodged in the Panama -City jail in connection with a dynamatic blast which wrecked two" buildings and caused over $100,000 dam.age in Panama 'City early yesterday, morning, but was released -under bond after having been questioned for more than two AouiHi by tfte Florida jcity's po- -lice officers. The Eagle was informed over long distance telephone by Alton Boyd, of the Panama Punting company today. Police still -hold to; the theor that cago, killed a-3 the heavy loco- owtive smashed into a heavy steel pb. servation caf, telescoped it and de- two The injured included the following who had been brought "to a hospital here. R. Bloomber, South 29th Birmingham; bruises. L. O. Morrison, 55, Marion, 111., broken nose, Mrs. L. G. Morrison, 53, Marion, 111., probable internal injuries- H. Seaborn, 44, Fhaiix City, brakeman, concussion of the torain and lacerated scalp. C. H. Wilson, 43, Columbus, fireman, hip and.lacerated face. W. R. Kimtwrell, 314 South Lawn Kansas City, sprained Mrs- L. E. Boetz, 22, 724 South bash Chicago injudred Harry S. "Williams, 56, 619 State Street, Prenumt, leg and back Mrs. B. Killingsworthi 45, Colum, biana, Ala ir fejured iamkle. St. Ptetarsburg, injured ankle. Other injured were said to be on a second train enroute here. A-call for. nurses and physicians was sent out and a relief train WAS dispatched from here at 6:30 a. ni, to briTig the injured to Columbus. Many physicians "and nurses here volunteered their services. Information received by railroad Houston County School Play Day, scheduled to be held at the Wiregrass Memorial Stadiiftn here tomorrow, has been postponed indefinitely, it was announced today by County School Superintendent C. W. Johnson. The Play Day, which is expected to bring more than 8,000 persons to Do than on day it is held, was postponed due to the ground at the stadium and expected cold weather for tomorrow- "The Play Day was called off, due to the fact that I waa afraid that if we allowed th? smaller children to play on the wet ground they would pet sick, probably have pneumonia or something like 1 the county school superintendent stated. Johnson was unable to say upon what date the Play Day, which includes games fo all ages of children, would be held, but intimated that it would be within the few weeks. Over 4,000 rchool students, enrolled in the county schools; are scheduled'to attend the Play Day, whenever it is held. ORNADO KILLS PROPERTY DAMAGE IS $100, I Twister Hib Mississippi, Arkansas and Louisiana Last Night; Injuring Two Score Plans to "Glide" Over Falls PREACHER TELLS OF SEEING TORNADO FORM AT SKENE, LA. Village of Gregory, Literally Wiped Out; Many Hit By "Flying Debris Police broke tip a demonstration in front of the city -hall and arrested four. New Britainn, Conn. --Three Cpm- aUempting- to address a meet- without a permit were arrested. Seattle Police broke up a parade of Communists and arrested 12 ers." Los Angeles Seven were arrested when pzlxe stopped a proposed march of Crmmunists on the city hall. Pittsburgh, Pa. The arrest of 12 nun resulted when Communists sympathizers to march on the city- county building. WUkesbarre, Police broke up a Communist meeting and took six custcdy. A score of arrests were by police who dispersed dem- onrtrators attempting to hold meetings. Montreal One man sras ampsted "hen he attempted to address a gathering the stepc of the city ball. the explosion which shattered all the plate glass -windows within a 200 foot radius and whidh- blew both of the brick building occupied by the Panama Motor company out and completely "wrecked the Drug store building, was caused by an "over of dynamite used by robbers in their effort to open a large safe the garage building- We found the door to the largo several feet from the safe, with its and hinges Police Chief E. A. Barrett, was quoted as telling "We found -that fh-e tion on a small safe -ud iesn "mon- keyed" witS 1 thus we our opinion of the the chief is qubfr ed. i Police as well as county officers are still making effort to solve the blast mystery'' Boyd reported. of two or three persons arc promised within the next few hours by police, but they as yet have refused to make the names of the persons known, the Esgle was told. 2 WOMEN HELD IN MURDER Of WIFE BUFFALO ARTCT I i I Full-Blooded Indian Girl Wontn, Wboie Nuoe Withheld BUFFALO, N. Match 7. (AP) Arrested in the brutal slaying officials here that the first sec- tion of the train had (halted to re- move'a fuse that had been set as a signal by Glen Alto section man. Before a flagwian could be sent ont, railroad officials were informed, the second section crashed into the rear of the halted train, telescoping the observation car wih the day coach ahead of it. The relief train was expected to tum foere about i) o'clock- Mrs. Eleanor Gavin, ChicagJ. back injured. B. Ward, right arm broken. Mrs. HarTow Adam.s, Dubuque, sprained ankle. Mrs. J. M. Howart, New York sprained ankle. Dan Alexander, Warsaw, Ind. back injured. Mrs. Dan Alexander, Warsaw, sprained ankle. Mrs. Henry Marchand, wife of thfc famous artist and curator of the Buffalo Museum of Science, an Indian worn. an alleged to have been infatuated with the artist today blamed ttie killing on an woman her tribe." According to police detectives here, Lillian Jimerson, 35 yearjB old, fult blooded TTidian, whom Mr. chand had used a model in some of ibis paintings, admitted ehe -was present in the Marchand yesterday when Mrs, Marchand was beaten and choked to but thait crid not kill her. Police did not public the name of the woman she accused, who also i under arrest. Mrs. Marchand was found dead yes. (By the Associated PrewO Four deaths and widenpread erty damage, estimated by owneis at more $100.000 were chargenblc today to a tornado, which lathed sissippi, Arkansas and Louisiana night, wrecking a village of 200 and injuring two Tearing through Mississippi plantations and small towns the high w'nd killed two negroes in Holivar county, injured ten persons and dastroypd houses vul6ed at $20000. -Mrs. J. W. 65, was killed and two negro employes -hurt am the swept Adams farm near Kosciusko, Miss. into^ the tornado virtually wiped out the village of Gregory with damage estimated by John Eldridge, plantation owner at $30,000. Later the Htcrm dipped into the (Harris community, about miles from Homer, killed a woman named Mitchell and injured three others. Five tenant houties, a residence and a church were demolished. Reffddeiits of Boyle, were warned of the approach of the storm and -fed their homes, but persons in tihc neighborhood struck by the debris. The Rep. H. R. of Boyle, standing on the porch of his watching a heavy rain cloud, naid the tornado from -over the village of Skene three yiilcs away. "The cloudK seemed attracted to ROBBERS ENTER PINCKAPiD AND TWO Smash Plate Glass Gain Entrance to Report to USE PIPE WRENCHES ON TWO SAFE COMBINATIONS Boldest Robbery In Town's History; Occurred Last Night Get No Monev and a a- W. Meyers, utiove, of BOB ton pltvns to attempt a ww way of over the Niagava Fal's- in an motoitKiat with wing attachtn in which he J'inclcurd uiid Dal? today were searching for nM last night entered two to Bank there, it wais gle via long distant 1 If 0. J. Register, Pinckunl r.v;i!.-.h"6avd operator, The amount of the loot, tuk'm by robbers smasih-cd 1 windows with a large fiticl; entrance to tJhft Pinckur-1 bu'I 1 a-1 not benn dGlcrm'ned'at. l-ui reports wen? a lai-g? a i ourt of Uock hud bain taken frcm stores, J. W. Hani West CbmerMs Merca I'l. The robbers gained Peoples Bank, worr unublo to break: Jieir way into the va 'shr-d 1 furn- about to safety. RUM-RUNNER DIES GUARDSMEN each other as if by Joined it a magnet and resembled the RREON VESSa Boat With 1,000 Caiet of 4 Liquor, Say Guardsmen; Runners Did Not Fire A man swirling black smoke of a gigantic tank of tat afire, except (fiat the LORAIN, March 7. blaze he saxi. "They wh( Haid ho wag Fred cmtric. De- seemed to remain stationary fbr two or three minutes. Then with a roar, the combined clovd began nwirl- ing. and traveling at a rapid rate, towand the'ground. We coi'ld hear the rumble plainly and terday'by her 12-year-old her head battered by blows from a sharp- pointed weapon and a chloroform soaked wad of paper stuffed down her throat. 4 A German shepherd dog, noted for his watchman qualities, wa in the house BO suspicion pointed immediately to some friend of the family. The woman and another InUjan woman 'were found to have oeen in Buffalo yesterday and were traced to Uowaida reservation where tfi-y were arrested. Jimerson woman, March- itnd had met while carrying on re- i search work and painting seum in the Cattaraugus occn a frequent visitor at his 'home. Typical of her race, Mr. Marchand had used her as a model for Indian groups 'he was modeling for the museum. Tracing Jimerson's movements yesterday, police leirned she left the city late i.i the after-icon by bus for planks. fence and oth- wa.s fatjilly. woi and hi'H companiony was ciiptured by coast guardsmen who fird on an mor-plated tusr midway tatween rain and Cleveland early today. The tug carried a of caBow of the guardsmen said. Cap'aiTi J. T. Hagelovc of er articles flying Jn the swirl." Telephone and telcgrapli wires were torn down throughout the art-a uard Joat sai(l tht iUK fallcl lo hiw orders to halt and turned about in a clumsy effort to wapc after two warning shots wero firrd Captain HagcJovi; his cr-w of eight mon fire directly with a one- pounder and rifjes. The tujf WUK bombanJfd STOftM DOES HEAVY DAMAGE IN ELMOKE WETUMPKA, Ala. March 7. Dipping intj central Alabama, thv; swirling tornado which killed injured -a number of persons as it swept through Arkansas arid Louisiana last night, caused heavy property in Klin ore County it bounded along on iU-j way. A two story school building at Seaman, 10 miles north of here, and the. residence of B. J. a member the county court of commissioners, ami Ralph Shepherd, principal of the Seaman Hchool were among the buildings demolished by the wind. Other rwiidences in the vicinity were damaged and many by th twister. Mrs. N- L. Cohn, Chicago. Drained thcJGow nda re8Crva on in Cattarau- of.BafvH In both the building wtM-e and evidence of Ircn tw'st- ei with a targu wr-nc'i, Virgil Pi'nckard resident, who i associated'with W.n brother fit fir- P. KUIR company ed a representative of the The were- unublo to gu entrance to either of the however, Kin(f Sheriff 'L of county anil Policeman were evidence thi fnr-rn- and statfcil that they to several arrests in nm'-'cUon with the robberies within the day, the Pincakrd -telephone, pperatoi Tho. was unablf tlii liceman for a rep-resentptive of Eagle, but informed been told, "Roney (had man, believed to a I')? The rcbbcry. JiighjL thr- 'Kt experienced JWVLTH! hi Fiticka-id, about thirteen froiM and wan the bo'ck-st in Uv, 4 the town. Second Honeymoon of Couole Ends In Death before went aboard. Thfly met with no rn'-'isl-jnce, their prinonerH having Hmnvn their guns -overbo-finl if they carried any. found with tw- bullet 8TANTON Match 7. "second honeymoon" a i I W. I n- wounds in his and hospital at- tendanto said h'-' probably would 'die. The other prisoner hia Joe Manna. ankle. Cottftl had no c. 1 Bounty, iney naa no aniicuiiy Mrs. August Schcd aterloo, jn Jocalin the tWQ Women Iowa, suffenng from i Miss Oxbyn, Eau Chire, Wis. Xhe whirfi occurred exactly i sprained ankle, at 3 morning, com- John Albrecht, Columbus, pletely demoii hed bcth the garage sprained ankle, and store building. A fire, which I followed immediately after th ex- CiFCUlt Coilft QllltS plosion; burned over 30 automobiles in the garage and burned all ment in according to the report telephoned tr The Eagle sterday by the Panama resident. HEAVIEST A I ON RECORD HITS I I A BIRMINGHAM, March 4 W--After foe hoavte-t rain on record i which nooded and tif-d up and Everett Burmeister, traffic on half the street railway lines jj wc lnc Houor a joomer at the Marchand home, as- in the city, set about to-' i an( aoeiattd with the artist at the mu-ldav to normal conditions. men took the lug to coa-1 guard station but announced it would to? lakf-n to Cleveland later in the day and cargo of liquor tur.icd over eral authorities. fed. attract- Hagflow, who opera! -s directly vn. hr Lieutenant Martin J. RaRmuHsen, district guard chiwf sUtiwi-d Jit Huffiiio said ho had bwn cruising the lake all He HfnntflaV' munuaj I Caree government sai'i- Water VETS' HOSPITAL LOCATED STATE Circuit court, which had been IK session sinc Monday, trying eases hutted-upon the criminal docket, missed immediaHy after a jury had rr rctumcfi a vonliri of gu'lty in violating the pro. hibition law Jurtgo H. A. Pearct posed Tine of 5400 divnw- jseum, gave police the information 'n )e jain started early yesterday i which put them on the trail of tHe In- (and during the 24 hours foMcwinfc a Idian womei. being traced, to -the record one-day fall for March, 4.00 i Indian reservation and arrested with inches, was reo.rdcd, K. C. Morton 1 companion on yesterday fg trip to JBunnaltown 'he woman insisted'that j.she did kill She l.said the other woman the blow 'that felled her. Police said that the two women ri i wrrrc brought from G-wa at t-v tret full i Flon-nc' 1 had rainfyJl 3.12 inch- from Marchar.d and was unaware of the woman's pur: infatuation. i In an attempt to corroboraV; the WARRIOK IUSKS knee deep on stre'tr night but all traffic was icxumed today. One wa-- No other damage FORMER HFAD OF LOAN ASSOCIAJN tragedy, the bodies tf of and who was Nnir-it held here todaj t.i of reiatii They were killed kiln in which they wore travlinff tn California plunged from thf to Hriytol and f' into ra.i filhvl ditch. A cd by the liglit of car, found their bcd.fes. in, the au'om-bile. Th'- of Ijodics indicated that they frantic efforts i lh-5 covered car but r.r.-I drowned. According to the coupk' and Gavl- tabbed by wife Mrn. was charged with ns.s: with a deadly i ap hut IV-r-H'r fused to prosecute, A and the "second htneymi.rM" v'-n lowed. They 4 the Southern StaU-H i i frk-nl; on their way to the c'-; t. GETS MONTHS woman, Howard Rogers Resting Well After Operation Howard rafrtant Houston eration for removal of vleer from hiff stomadi, at local hospital pesterday, ww reported as That U.WUI Be sin? and court Melton charge of assault; with intent to kill was reduced to as- Detectives scarchfJ a ravine below sault and battery by a jury uirinT i Indian creek at Silver Creek for the afternoon session yew' roay, zxid hammer aJlcjrcd to have been used Frank Andrew Sentenced to 13 Months In Federal Peniten- tiary At Atlanta FAST IN FEW HOI'KS TUSCAiXK)SA, March 7 -i Warrior river HM; 1 at JO a. Andu fa net 4 he was i well could be expected today. ia the of Morgan county jailor. gurpns EYE ILL 4 bed at Us bome due to an jafactiffi by JMga A. Pww Bdk 75 Mile Cater of Sute a fine of $50. Tuesday the killing. After sTM hours search the in the rw-rv JndflTc Pearcc set Tuesday the up temporarily and resum- 1 rv trial date of Walter Smith, "questioning Jwr t- learn furthers Federal predicted the HV- wmM reach 5t foot hy nijfhV ia facing charges of murder in Details. -WASHINGTON. March 7 Tbe federal board! of announced today that the ans hospital in Alabama wtrald be located within an area described by 75-mile radiu? of the center of population of wbidi 2 iwt by jwith of ChiPoh count y- arr ban? made of wiUiin at but no deciwn to a selection will be made unUI the first decree- He is alleged to dtiring an alter, Meanwhile another woman by police to be 66 old and i TM months ago, during an alter. (sa police to be 66 old and f-ai' tws in tne Pleasant View section of insane, being held incom- to 24 Dothan flood was FIX TAX BOOKS G. tax and W. L. FulfoH, today WCTC working on 3 'municado according to detective A TM wind by ht- TV Marchands became acquainted I In last night! with -Indian women aeveral years ago TM dune a minimum H'-nri Marchand erected a log 4 on Four) order and a. report lifting in 1 for, Weather GRANT TO VBW ORLEANS the in iho Atlanta ry -J'J'l? court Andrcss vas an i th pH: tit tiviu sri3iliv .11 majJ- t' on A1 la M. 1 I cOTEity Board of ALABAMA OoWw, frvit tp be tuned in is to spring ftock. it 1 UPO millionaire a i re operaf or lost In an effort buck Wall and

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