The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on September 11, 1895 · Page 2
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 11, 1895
Page 2
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saffi* * Walkef, .... . fdf.febififi t!»8 ?:• HIBining the fiSfUes on the ; I 6{ cofieefit titidef Which the saldofls are 1,-ha.vs ftBtefaed thai* labors ^sisl Fegertud td the lawtfets fdf trie de* th£m td do While the figures ha?e not been made public, it may be stated ' that the result of their labors shows that the statements of consent contain & Majority of the names of those who *6tfcd in the city at the election to the time the statements Were signed. The committee compared the sigaa* tures to the statements very Carefully With the poll books and say their work is absolutely accurate. i A BRUTAL CRIME, A Bnsbahd Accuse* a Boarder of Assault*- 'j Ing His Voting Wife, J WATERLOO, September 7.—-Jacob Frank, a young German living in Benning township, sxvore out a warrant charging Alex. Urott, a young man boarding at his house, with assaulting his wife. Frank stated that he had been away from home for several days and that one morning about 1 o'clock Brott went into his wife's room and assaulted her. When her husband returned she told him and he locked Brott up in a room upstairs while he came to toWn for an officer. Brott jumped out of the window and taking one of Frank's horses made his escape. Officers are now on WE track. ANOTHER MULCT KINK. The Court Refused to Make a Man Fay for Xtqnor Bought. IOWA FALLS, September 0."—A butcher - of Alexander had for some time been a good patron of an Illinois liquor house and when a settlement was demanded the butcher owed the firm about $50. This he refused to pay and the firm brought suit The defendant contested on the ground that the wet goods were not property, and won his case, together with another suit claiming $100 that he had already paid the firm, which i-s forced to lose the goods, besides $150 and costs. '•• PANIC ON A STEAMER. • The Verne Swain Goes on the Rocks Near ' Davenport. CLINTON, September 8.—The steamer, Verne Swain, between here and Davenport, was driven on the rocks^on , its return trip during a storm, and the 1 sixty passengers were thrown into a panic. Stephen Church, the mate on the boat, set out in a small boat to cast anchor, but the boat capsized and he was drowned before the- eyes of the passengers. The boat, remained on the rocks all night and reached here fourteen hours late. , .:: • CROOKS'CAUGHT. Had Jewelry Stolen From a. Davenport Storo, CLINTON, September 6.—The Clinton police captured three clever crooks, on whose persons were found several hundred dollars' worth of jewelry Stolen from the second hand store of J. A.'Elbert, at Davenport. The fellows' names were Herman Fmk, R. F. Shelby i and Harry Morgan. The Davenport authorities came up and got, the prisoners. , RECOVERED HIS WIFE. John Harris Finds His Lost Partner In California,," CEDAR RAPIDS, September C.—John Harris, whose young wife was abducted by her mother, Mrs.»Samuel Hood, last spring, from Cedar Rapids, has succeeded in regaimnoyher at Los Angeles, Cal, Harris baS? followed-* them to IJoone and Council Bluffs OP their flight, but they evaded him, . . PHYSICIAN"" PAPIY FOUNDED. ,>i;., B '"' Richardson Injured While Defending $ i, , » WPWan. i"' CEDA« RAPIDS,' September 7,—Johp >( Pptlock? th'e renegade son of a Scotch ''0£pve win,jster, assaulted Dr. J, F, Biehardsop at Fairfax, The doctor defending "bis hired girl' ip the Pollock escaped. Kichardson at last Rccoupts, was still ppcpps-cious, Killed by the Care, , September 7."-Cppductpr a 'CJijpagP Great Western cppductpr, was instantly killed $js traip was about tp stpp at water tftpk whep he jumped frpin t Joa4ed wjth lumber to a bpx car. apd fell under the wheels, llis bpdy, nis hpme is at ,' 8, eofine paging over liim b.te ,b 9 ^ tatasrts ana , Stapiesj Jdf atid stttgebU fae served actively in his - pto fesiibn, atid »aS chief medical director «ra the staft of Gen. A. J, Smith. $ot several years he held the position' of sttfgedii tot the Milwaukee & St. t*ft«l, the illiBdis Central, and the Chidago, liuriifagtoa <fe Nwthefn failrdads in Dubiique. His medallion was one of those selected to be put on the Iowa Accident WhllS a Pnrt.v of BoJ^i tVere Hnhtlag-. GBOVK, • September 9.—Lee Johnson, a boy of 12 years, son of A, B. Johnson, of Eagle Grove, was badly injured while out hunting with some other boys. Young Johnson was crawling through the brush and in some way discharged his rifle, the ball passing through the abdomen and taking an upward course. The tt-ound is not necessarily fatal, THE COLLEGE TURNED DOWN. The Agricultural College Is Unable to Get In Sheep Free of Duty. WASHINGTON, September 8. —The reasury department has declined to admit sheep free of duty on the ap- >lieation of the Iowa Agricultural college of Ames. Iowa, sor "scientific nvestigation, !1 as the law permits free entry of animals for breeding purposes only. The Sioux City Murder Cases.- Sioux CITY, September 8.—-Daniel 3erry and Maur Hoyle, who were arrested, charged with the murder of iazel Hammond and Max Noack, a lortnight ago, have been discharged, 'or lack of evidence with which to s>ecure-a conviction. Lightning's Work at Lorlmor. CRESTON, September 8.-The residence ! John Burd, of Lorimor, was badly damaged by lightning. A bolt tore away the kitchen and wrecked the bed on which Mr. and Mrs. Burd were .leepSng. Their escape is miraculous. Killed Herself While Insane, CEDAK RAPIDS, September 9.—Mrs. jaura Orvis, of Shell Rock, committed uicide by cutting her throat from ear o ear with a razor. She was temporally insane. Embezzler Pleads Guilty. Sioux Cm-, September 0.—W. J. finch, the embezzling cashier of the American Biscuit company, pleaded juilty to the charge of-larceny. CONDENSED ITEMS. There was a light frost in Greene ounty on the 7th. State Auditor. McCarthy has taken charge of the Buena Vista State bank, if Storm Lake, and closed it. Its apital is said to be seriously impaired. Clyde Scott, a prominent young man of Charles City, was found ead in a drifting boat in the" Cedar iver. It is thought he committed uicide. The comptroller of the currency dc- lared a first dividand of 40 per cent in avor of the creditors of the First National Bank, of Pella, on claims roved, amounting to '$48,407. The engagement of J. P. Dolliver, ;ongressman from the Tenth Iowa .istrict, and Miss Louise Pearsons is nnounced. The young lady is the daughter of Mr. George B. Pearsons, of Fort Dodge. The marriage will take place before the convening of the next term of congress. The fall term at Highland Park Normal College opened September 3. The attendance is large and all the departments are in good running order. Highland Park college is again one of the substantial institutions of the country and now that it has come out of the courts in such an excellent condition it Js deserving of the confidence and patronage of the public, A Des Moines dispatch says: The republicans of Adair and Madison counties have been holding a nrost bitterly con tested senatorial convention. After bal'otipg 3,010 times they adjourned until September 34. Each county has a candidate, that of Adair being Senator Kilburn, of Fontapelle, and that of Madison, Richard Price, of Wipterset, A very bitter feeling arose, and as neither county, would copsent to the convention being held in the other county, it was pecessary to hold jt pp the county lipe, which is ip the brush, twelve wiles from the* nearest tpwn. The chairman sat with ope fpot Jp either 'county, and the delegates sat ip their respective cpunties, There §re, twelve delegates frpm each cp\jp,ty ft deadlock epsued. There are PP ot a bre.aH, After balloting until the ejelega'tee were exhausted they a^purnetj. September 3* the troub4e wttl begjB again, A daily paper, the be largest gJvwe p}aut »» '*&.«» «iJpwft tf-tiw ManhaUtowi) One* tifeat "iiail M6re fifllatfi. ftiltk, se^tefttbef .. . ¥he ftlutaiaum attd boal defeated Valkyfie tit eight minutes, forty-niiie seconds in the first of the fades for the American cup. Twenty thousand people, on the greatest flotilla that ever assembled off Sandy Hook, witnessed the race, and there was a scene of hilarious joy when Defender crossed the line fully two miles ahead of Lord Duuraven's boat. The joy of the Multitude was Undoubtedly increased by the fact that the Valkyrie led the Yankee boat for the first hour. She walked away from Defender in a way that led Englishmen to fondly hope that their day had come at last. There was but a five* knot breeze at first, but the wind freshened and Defender gradually passed the English boat. The race began at 12:30:50. Defender crossed the line at 4:50155 and Valkyrie at 5108:44. MORE FIGHTING IN CUBA. Insurgents Said to Havn Defeated the Spaniards. KEYWEST, Fla., Sept. 7.—Private letters to this city brings the news of a battle fought on August 31, near Santiago De Cuba, between the insurgents under Antonio Mapeo and Spanish troops commanded by Canellas, in which the insurgents completely routed the troops, killing 600 soldiers and eight officers and wounding Canellas. The Spanish papers report that the battle was fought, but do not give the details. NEW YORK, Sept 7.—Reports have .been received at Cuban headquarters in this city of the massacre of a body of insurgents at the town of Baire, in the province of Santiago De Cuba, on August 31, by a detachment of Spanish soldiers. Not only weremen butchered in cold blood, but women "and children were not exempt from the fury of the Spanish troops, and several women were killed outright. The news was conveyed to the junta in. this city by means of a letter received by Henrique Trujokio, editor of El Parvonir, a Cuban journal in the city. LEMONT IS PURIFIED. The Mayor, City Officers and Disreputable Women Bundled OH Together. LKsroNT, 111., September 8.—Mayor Webb McCarthy, chief of police, Prank Frellichowsky, C. A. Tally, president of the school board, and a score of keepers of concert halls and saloons of the disreputable women order, all of this city, were arrested by two score deputy sheriffs from Chicago, who were employed by the local civic federation. All the female inmates found in the dives were also arrested, the total catch being seventy-five. The whole lot 1 of prisoners were put on a special train and taken to Chicago, where the more influential obtained their release on bond. The charges against the city officials are malfesance in office, accepting bribes and others are accused of minor offenses. Lemont is on the drainage cause. CRISIS IN TURKEY. The Sultan Must Submit or the Powers ,\V111 Act. CONSTANTINOPLE, September 7. — It is officially announced that the Turkish ambassador in an interview with Lord Salisbury assured him that Turkey was not opposed to the reforms in Armenia proposed by the powers, but could not permit control of Armenia by international commission. Salisbury replied that under the circumstances it would be useless to continue the interview. He said that if Turkey persists in hev refusal the powers would undertake the reforms suggested. If Turkey continued to resist it would be the signal for dismemberment of Turkey, The announcement caused great uneasiness here, JUST HUNG HIM, ' Pock Kins, » Negro Farm Hand, Lynched, NASHVILLE, Tenn,, September 7,— While Charles Jones, a Highly respected citizen of Lincoln county, was in Fayetteville attending lodge, a negro broke into his' residence }n the country, where his wife and her sister were staying, and criminally assaulted the wife. • The si&ter ran away to secure aid, Uoth women ^recognized the negro as Dock King, a "farm hapd. King's arrest followed. Hot'n women visited King in jail and identified him as their assailant, At an early morning hour a mob of 300 men took King from the jaU and hanged him to a tree. to is ST. PK>EB6BynG, September o. annpuneed th§t France aju| will take steps to expedite the evacua tion 9* W§p Tung pegiflsuJa, after trying to Muse J&pan to indemnity q| g5,OQQ,po,Q Mr»* VflftPS ^Wo A rtfiuP JjwtWi farSfn Bridge. YoftM .MeAftttfif jttfisfed from , .„ b"ciscksj».fandii lyiti^at the flttdsoa street hdspitaL Although whett she was pidksd up was unconscious, she had apparently Recovered from the effects df hef daring feat by *? o'clock, Mrs. MeAHhtif was driven on the bridge in & fufttitttfe vltn from the Brooklyn end. She was dressed iti nlftn'l clothing. Ott reaching the middle of the bridge the woman slipped off the wagon and climbing the fence dropped feet foremost from the bridge. ___ A HOUdHTON HORROR, ; Socius ftnpdistble tat Thirty Itnprls* oned AtlnePs to Escape. tiotJGliToJf, Mich,, September 0.— Fire was discovered by timbertnen in the thirty-eighth level of the Osceola copper mine, The ttmbermen at once rushed to the shaft and when brought to the surface in the big bucket gave the alarm, Thirty Miners were unable to escape. Nearly all of them are Married and their wives and children are gathered about the shafts in despair. Smoke is pouring from every shaft and there is no hope. GREAT SPEED. An Electric Engine Makes Seventy-live Miles an Hour. • liAi/rtMOKR, Md., September 8.-— Electric locomotive No. 1, of the Baltimore & Ohio railroad, attained a speed of sixty-one miles an hour in the Baltimore tunnel. The burst of speed resulting in the development of a rate of sixty-one miles an hour was made on the heavy grade of the tunnel and the engineer said it was equivalent to seventy-five miles an hour on a level track. ..'.'.-. BRIEF ITEMS. been The British parliament has prorogued until November 18. The gold reserve in the federal treasury dropped to $08,513',!!30 on the Oth. i Johnny Crum was beaten by E. J'.' Wefers in the second trial race at NeW York. Germany celebrated Sedan day and the emperor and Bismarck exchanged very friendly notes. A bomb was carried into the Paris house of the Rothschilds a few days ago, but the police arrested the anarchist before he could attach a fuse. An official report states spring sown crops in Russia have suffered,from the prolonged drouth, only 73 per cent of; the whole area sown' giving a yield above the average. Of the total area of winter sown crops only 01 per cent gives a fair yield. A "Vienna paper publishes a dispatch from St. Petersburg, saying that Russia has very little faith in the intentions of Japan and is preparing for all eventualities. The Russian squadron in East Asian waters will be increased at that point. A Madrid dispatch says: In consequence of the • failure of diplomatic measures the government has. decided upon a naval demonstration at Tangier to enforce the terms of the treaty signed with the government of Morocco. Four war ships are now at Cadiz in readiness to start. A Havana dispatch says: The steamer Antonio Lopez has arrived here from Spain, bringing the Eleventh batallion of artillery, the Arlaban field squadron and the Del Rey squadron, the reinforcements aggregating 57 officers and 1,300 men. Marshal Campos reviewed 1 the troops upon their debarkation. The grand jury of Bureau county, 111., returned an indictment against Martin Delmargo, the mayor of Spring Valley, charging him with complicity in the recent race troubles at that place and a warrant for his arrest has been placed in the hands of Sheriff Clark. Fifteen others are also indicted, charged with being members of the mob. A correspondent in Rio Janeiro tel> egraphs that it is reported in government circles that Mr. Phipps has been authorised to declare that England is f-eady to recognize Brazil's claim to Trinidad. The British government exacts, however, that permission to lay a cable shall be granted, She will agree not tP connect the cable with Argentine. 5 Ip the district court at Colorado Springs, Col,, the case of cruelty to animals against Joseph Marrero, Carlos M. Jarcia and Antouio Sortrca, the Mexican bull fighters, were called and Benpr Barela, the Me^icaw CPOSU! at Trinidad, CP!., was present and was sivprp as interpreter, The'senor made aneloquept appeal pn behalf pf the prisoners; and the prosecuting attorney alsp asked for leniency. Marperp plead gijUty 9» four counts and the pther twp prison^ on pye,n C p HR ^, They were fjnejj $15 &n,<l Qpsts, pn, each R J3.9MNTT, j^ww C°.J»Ht*«U»F \ . 5 , •<- ,,j - say* Ifeai Mtffftgtiftj the Spanish fflteisiir at washing- tons wha rBsiffisa', has made a pubiie staleifie-fit Aha,*" he hattded in -his re-sSg^atldttlte&atts&llih&ia jrro'of that theconde to Vefl&dlto t*as justified when She fifed at the,. Aiiianca; that the AiB8fieafi steamS? cartied contraband goods and was but & mile add a half ffofti the Cuban coast. Me Would H6t consent that Spain should be put in the wrong, t M-At>ftW, September 8.—Count Hob» kbirk, the Frenchman who was on boafd the American steame^ Allianca t at the time she Was fired on by- a Spanish warship Off Cape May si, Cuba, in an interview said ttiat the Alliattca Was so close to the shore that he could see the inhabitants clearly. When Captain Grossman, the master of the Allianca, saw the Conde de Venadito, the Warship Which fired on the Atneri- vessel, he was so enraged because lie knew he Would be unable to land the arms he had aboard the vessel that he exclaimed: "I will kick up a nice row when I reach the United States." Senor Muragua says that he had statements of witnesses that the Allianca carried contrabands of war and that she was only a mile and a half from the Cuban coast when the warship hailed her. He sent the statements and a full report of the occurance to the Madrid government. The Spanish press is indignant over these reflections and violently attacks the United States and the Spanish government. The newspapers declare that the action of the United States in sending an ultimatum was a gross abuse of strength, seeing Spain's difficulties at the time. NIHILISTS IN RUSSIA. I'rcsent Czar's Life In as Much Danger, as Ever His Father's Was. BEKLIN, September 6.—A St. Petersburg correspondent confirms the statement that in consequence of the activity of the nihilists it is necessary to guard the czar as completely as his father, Alexander III, was at the most perilous period of his reign. The czarina is expected to become a mother, next month and is suffering extreme nervousness in consequence of the danger threatened the czar, i—i CRACOW, September 7.—Advices have been received here from Moscow and St. Petersburg stating that 900persons kno\vn or supposed to be nihilists, have been arrested by the police of those cities, and iaj^e quantities of bombs, fire arms and dynamite have been seized in their lodgings and haunts. A DEFENSE FOR SPAIN. Authorized Statement of the Mother Country's Attitude Toward Cuba. PHILADELPHIA, September fl.—Dr. Jose Congosto, the Spanish consul for several states, who is stationed at this port, has issued a formal statement of Spain's attitude toward Cuba. The consul avers that his government has been.constantly misrepresented in the opinion of the American people, and emphasizes the fact that the mother counti'y awaits only the return of peace to put into practice the law recently passed granting the island partial, if not complete, autonomy. In the interests of peace, he says, the winning campaign will be short, sharp and decisive, a course of action which it is hoped must, summarily end the drain on Spain's resources and prevent the continuance of bloodshed. GOVERNMENT TO ACT. Beginning to Take Cognizance of the Chinese Outrages, NEW YORK, September 7.-—A special to a local paper from Washington says that the United States will institute a separate investigation of the Cheng Tu missionary outrages. It is said that this government lias become tired of the delay in the present method of procedure being carried on by the Chinese government, and will endeavor to secure the right to have its own consular authorities ipake a special investigation. Acting Secretary of State A dee is said to have been in communication with Minister Denby with this object ip view, AN OPEN CHARGE, JVilpcls of Chicago Must An- BWIH- an Accusation of Bribery, CHICAGO, September o,—Charges of accepting a bribe on the part of ox- Aldermap James L. Francis, of the city council, are opeply made jn a bill for a receiver for the Mutual Electric Light and Power cpmpapy pf Englewood, filed by Ll'pyd G. Kirkland in tUe cifpuit court, The complainapt claims to be a credjtpr pf the cppcern tp the extent pf $13,500 for rents and services as attorpey at .la.w. , .: (p PHILADELPHIA., September 7,~Sjx were cremated near Nwrjstown, 'midnight, While la ft barn, a£ liara^ statin, >as bjCTed and a} were lps$, it&te dep'&ftfisefit has been advised thai ths ree-ord IB tne \Mlef ar"" for which the tf?ench found it necessary to send 'to M&d|Ms*, Car, is expected to feach AdefY.iwr.'fnlS- Red Sea about the fifth inst Aftfflp its- arrival there some tiine will be *§»£ quired fof its transmittai to Paris t&&l* still more before it can reach Wash* ' ington, and it is expected to be at, least a month before the department'.; can be in full possession of all the Gaels'. in the case. In all probability" n> ' fufther steps .will be taken by the dV ? partMent in this Matter until this- examination shall be made, Thef-e is a growing feeling in the depatttaenfc', that*France has purposely sought-de» ' lay in producing the record in the hops* of causing the United States to make a' peremptory and unconditional demand, for Waller's release. It is believed, that if made this demand Would be granted and if granted Waller would, be deprived of all chance of securing- an indemnity -and the restoration of his land concession. Without an examination of the record, which Could not be demanded after his release, it would be impossible to show that Waller had been unjustly deprived '-of-his property; The department is using every effort to avoid falling into this trap, while at the same time it is determined to protect Waller m all'his interests. NOT A HOUSE LEFT. of Mexican Towns .Swept Wholly Out Existence. ST. Lotiis, September 0.—A special to the Chronicle from Piedras Negras, Mexico, says that advices have reached there of the almost complete destruction of the towns of Roderiguez, and Abastor, situated south of there in the valley, of the Salido river. Both places were wipad out of existence by a cloud burst which occurred in the San Blaz mountains, back of the towns. The water rushed down in the valley in a tremendous torrent, sweeping everything 1 before it. It covered the ground to a depth of six feet and the flood was from six to ,nine miles wide. The business houses and residences of the two towns were built of adobe and they melted away before the torrent. No lives were lost. One town had a population of 1,500 and the other 700. A FIEND INCARNATE. Killed His Relatives, Cut Off Their, Hen (Is for Footballs and Suicided. Sur.MVAN, Ind.. September?.—James Ward, -murdered- his father-in-law, Aaron Hurter, and his brother-in-law, John Hurter, cutting off their heads with an axe and'kicking*them around-4 like footballs; The murderer was pursued and just as he was about to- be captured, took his own life. Family differences are supposed to be the cause. CARLISLE A CANDIDATE. Mrs. Carlisle Says So and . Know. She Ought to NASHVILLE, September 6.—A special from Clarksville says Mr. Carlisle has written to a friend in Christian county, Ky., that Secretary Carlisle is a candidate, fpr the democratic presidential nomination, and will have his, name placed before the party as the present administration candidate. ' ,' s j I IOWA PATENT OFFICE REPORT. DBS MOINKS, September 6. — Patents have been allowed, but not yet issued, to Iowa inventors as follows: To 0, F. Smith, of Osceola, for an improved force pump that has been successfully , placed upon the market by the Western ' Manufacturing Company pf , Qsceola. To R, C, .Bolan, of Lineville, for a wire stretcher, splicer and staple puller, combined in such a manner that the, complete tool can be advantageously used in building, repairing and pulling down wire fepces, Tp 13, Wybprnev, of Plymouth, for a 1 tire tightener consisting of metal fastening devices , fixed to the abutting ends of the'* wooden rim and the metal tire in such :,*t signor to C, M, DeWolf , of Des Moines, for a horse-tail-tie, consisting of two ' parallel -coils of wire , having metal plates fixed to their ends £ha,i are ' adapted to overlay each other and to be .adjustably and detachabjy clasped 1 together as required to fit and fasten ' the complete device to a Corse's tail, To A. S, ISdey, of Des Moines, for an automatic car coupling of the " Jappay'j ' type. A >latoh enters a 'transverse groove ip the top face'pf -the rear- v end of the jaw to automatically ioe}f #»£ jaw in a closed posjtipp, Wftipg the latch unlocks it and places the jaw m an open pqsitjon, D, , ?, MftmsV assignpr to Pr. F. W. ppwers, p|l ileinbeck, has received a Canada patent' for_the eheck hpok and rein ftp^ey for •jvluifh a ypited states patent w&»' |ssued tP them April 33, isw. Yaiwa.b|b infoyjnation about pbHiping, valutnr,-. spd sellmg patents s.ept free to a»y address. Printed wpies pf tl^e 4f wins and speciflcatiQfls of any United patents eent upon -receipt- pf-§5 cents, Tapp, ft, -ANB J. S^PH D8WJ&" '"

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