The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on September 4, 1895 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 4, 1895
Page 7
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TfiJB UTOM IMO^A, IOWA WlP tfrttftitttlls' fc£ Slid, '6f eve? extfft tfe Jn casB •»!!! .fee f Weftjttte «HIM»W«li6h ftalf mile tot th« [ "tattie" most ....r'bfdducts ,utwi t tjy TU6 StellG jflLS* •»«*-»«••••-• — —•—- h ff 18 uftfiecessafy to dwell ori the ii-M6 ol the; past tfrd years afta the 1 tueftfptt of the Wianagetfiehl to hold $> the- fair. ' the future IS bright trlth bmlse, and frith a successful fair Jfe $%ai<, tfhich flothihg bvlt ttniaVor- Kle Weather 'can flow pr'eveM, the in* TftUtioH tohich' all Iowa is Interested 1 be placed ori a Substantial. „• aftd be ready to go ahead on a artde? scale thttri ever, srfhe' Season has been a fruitful one, id IdWfc-has been abundantly bles* J^Jiile sifter states have been suf- "• trdfrt drouth this has been plen* .„/supplied wllth raitt The crops : be the 1 largest ih years, if, in fact, •..icy 'have 1 ever been exceeded, JPrOs- jicts'are bright and there is a better fleling, every where. The fair is more lependent upon the crops for success ban any institution In the state. They B .nust be had to furnish exhibits; they plre the means of putting money in the pockets of the people so they can at* ftend. This year the farmers will have s crops and the money, and they will pbe here. JlJperhaps the best assurance Of what fa, fair is to be is found In the entries. _fever have they equalled those now re- porded. The machinery department is ffllmply overwhelmed with requests for f space, and in the other departments tthere is the same demand. What to do Jowlth them is becoming the question. ITThe svvlne, cattle, sheep and speed de- Apartments are nearly air filled.although phe entries do not close until next Sat" ]ftirday. &» The -railroads have taken a generous Spart and will work for the success of I the fair. They are beginning to see B lthey are vitally Interested, as well as fcthe people of loWa, and have contrl- "T touted much, towards placing the fair Lon 'a solid foundation. They aided by «rihe purchase of tickets in advance and |*Lre arranging to do their part during Kthe, week. The merchants of Des Jt'Moineft have showed more Interest ff.lhan Is their. custom; everyone seems v anxious to have the fair succeed. The result Is apparent. People from L&ll over the state are arranging to come; and 1 spend the week, "and many have 'Secured quarters on the grounds for camping. The bureau of Information, established this year, Is ready for ^business, and hotel accommodations ••will be abundant. There will not Be the .- usual attractions to draw-people away Vj, from the grounds, which was one of the ' etunVblllng blocks of the last fair. The races at the mile track have been declared off, and the fair will have clear sailing. Strathbery, 2:09, Queen McGregor, 2:08%, king and queen respectively of the half-mile track, and Mias Williams, 2;10, are some of the entries in the free- for-all pace. There has been a large Held of entries in the speed department and some of the best horses In the country will be here. The number of horses entered is not only large,' but they are the best class that has ever be^n seen at the state fair races. Many of them have fast records, and the racing will be fine. •A large number of attractions have been provided, and visitors will- find a great variety to see and be entertained' with each day. Many of the manufacturers of the state will show their methods of working on the grounds. There will be several new departments. .'Practical-testa of field work with machinery will be made, and there will be hundreds of things to instruct and de- '-light'the'visitors. THE DAILY PROGRAMME, • •%*=• Events of Cacti Day; During the Entire Fair. !e o«e niia , dlaffibftd, FRIDAY, SEPT. 6. ' ' " ' General: preparation day. No tickets .required, SATURDAY, SEPT. 7. Preparation day. Admission charged. .-»_w.... SUNDAY, SEPT: s. Sacred band concert at 3' o'clock. Tickets 25 cents for .all over 12 years yeh'lcles free; exhibition halls closed. ; ' MONDAY, SEPT. 9. 'At 9 o'clock judges and committees begin making awards. A^ 1:30 p, m., 2:38 trotting class No, 28. , 2:85 3-year-old pacing—Class No, 29, 2:23 trotting—Class No, 30. Five mile running novelty race, changing riders every one-half mile— Class No. 31. High wire walking. Roman chariot races, standing hur- idle • exhibition. High diving. , \. , Prof. Hunt with trained dogn. Hozella liros.' uurobatic performance, TUESDAY, SEPT. 10, Soldiers', Women's and Children's day. All veterans of the late war, their wives and widows, and all children under 12 admitted free. Programme of women's exercises; 9:30 a. m.—AV. R. C. i 10:00 a. PL—Conductors' wives, , ,| •' 0" -10:3p a. n»,—• P, K, Q. , '\\ , JJ:00 a. rrir-W. O. T. U. - '' 1 ' i ' 41:30 a. in.—Y. W. C, A. l :30 p. m.—Nan-partisan W. C. T. U. .•J;QQ p, m,—I. F. C, W, 2;30 p, m.—Home and foreign missions, 3;00 p m.—Daughters of Rebecca, 3:30 p, m,—Woman's suffrage. 4;OQ p, m,r-King's Daughters. 4:?0 p. m.—Daughters of the Revoju* tion. J3jcycle p,rpgrarnme, morning: One jnJJe novice, e^ass A-r-Ftt'Bt, gold medal, $20; second, gold med,al, $10? third, bicycle lamp, $5, Half mile open, class A—First, diamond, $35; second, diamond, $25: third, merchandise, ,$}Q. - ' ' and^ fancy riding-rA. J. Nicol- Quartev wile 0P e "> P^ss u^-Flrst, bicycle, $;o,0! second, diamond, $50; third, merchandise. ?12. 'Quo jnue, P°l k county championship, gj'aes ^T-Firet, gold medal, $25; second, gpld,,rat?da.l, $15! third, I+A, "W, pin, $5,. ,,Fflr«iHi opening of the fair at 10 a, m, Balloon ascension. ,A,t;itfQp. >»,, | ;BO PWlBB yWspjdijt »na voder, olags 33. ^ jrreer£oivs,}!i pacing—^v}a.£s NO, i track of cattle entered tot • High dlvtftg, ' Balloon ascehstoiii High wife walking. , ^ . fehdieSS race. Standing hurdle exW* Prof. ttU'nt with trained dots. ' Hozellft. Bros.' acrobatic perfofmaiicfe. At 1:30 p. m., 3:00 tfbttihg, class No, 36 ' ' 2:28 pacing, class *Jo. 38, 2:50 pacing, class No. 88. 2:40 trotting for three-year-olds, class NO. 39. - „ High wire Walking. High diving. " Prof, Hunt with trained dogs. Bouncing jockey exhibition. ' THURSDAY, SEPT. 12. Des Moittes day. All citizens of Dea Motnes specially invited, Morning devoted to awarding premiums. At 10 a. m. awards will be made on grand beef herd class, At 11:30 a, m. grand proceslpn on race track of all horses entered for ex- h At* 1°80 P. »., 2:17 pacing, class No. 40. 2:28 trotting, class No, 41. Free-for-all trotting, class No. 42. Five mile running novelty race, class No. 43. ', ' -~ • '"- V ladles' spear brigade. _. - ' Balloon ascension. _. _ '. • -. -•. High diving. — .-•-.High wire walking. ». .• Prof/ Hunt with trained dogs. — _ Standing hurdle exhibition. ; -_ Endless race, three miles. j , FRIDAY, SEPT. 13. ,. Derby day. » Sham battle. • _ ^ At 1:30 p. m., Second Iowa Derby, on< and one-eighth miles dash, for 3 year- olds, class, No. 44. Class No. 46,. mile heats, best two in three, for all ages. ' Glass No. 46, three-quarter mile dash Class No. 47, one-half mile dash, for two-year-olds. High wire walking. " ... High diving. - , ' Prof. Hunt with trained dogs. • . •« Bouncing jockey exhibition. £_ NOTES OF THE DAY. The Rhine river carries 145,980 qublo feet of solid matter to the sea each day. A Cape Elizabeth (Me.) man was fined $2 the other day for swearing on the street. The weather bureau is to have a particularly fine exhibit at the Atlanta exposition. ' : The waters of the ocean contain every element that can be distilled from the human body. A translation into French is in preparation of the historical and critical essays of John Morley. The bottom of a 2,927 foot coal bore at Crembrne, Australia, has a temperature of, 107 degrees. There are 70,000 bee keepers in the United States, and they own 2,900,000 stands or hives of bees. The lemale, of the; common mosquito lays 360 eggs, which hatch in a period of from seven to nine days. Miilhall is authority for the statement that there are 6,003 pieces in the modern high-grade locomotive. The dome of the capitol building at Washington is the largest iron dome in the world. It weighs'8,000,000 pounds. Sappy, the great physiologist, says that the human stomach contains 5,000,000 glands which are used in secreting gastric juice. In the high schools of Japan;- the English language is placed on the same footing as the Japanese, and its study is compulsory. A proposition to hold a great exposition of the northwest at Seattle, Wash, in 1897, is being discussed in the Puget Sound region. Reindeer, as a rule, are , not very strong. They can carry only forty or fifty pounds oh their backs and draw from 250 to 300 Bounds, "" It is hardiy likely that the project o! raising $100,000 to build a monument in Boston to the;author of "America* will amount to anything, . Indial'ubber tips on lead pencils'date from the year 1752. They were flrst suggested by Carlos Magellan, a descendant of the great navigator. with traced, flqp * »cysb,8,rto NEWSY MORSELS. The latest information from the moon is that 132,856 craters have been counted on its surface, all dead. Oregon has just passed a law fishing in the Columbia river on Sunday. It is intended to give' the salmon a rest, There is a warm controversy in Utah over the right of women to vote in territory next November, when the constitution will' be presented for ratification, After an existence of tyrenty*two years the English Palaeographica} so ciety has come to an end. Puring its existence it published 55p fac similies of manuscripts and inscriptions. The butchers, of Bridgeport, Conn, have decided, to revive fin old cuetpm among members of their trade. Thej will, this yew; hold a barbecue and toast a lot of oxen and sheep, A thief jn New York set himself to chase and catch ft thief. He succeeded and made off with the booty, while victimized pilferer qf the first part Arrested &nd locked "up, Qn the day o| the least of $t, re, observed annually at ' ' •'., all th gp ahpwt the fl»4 Offering the!? Japanese postmen wh,ps.e wheels are ?»a4e &JT ^jrt JWU' i. whq men IB (From the Journal, ttetfott, Mich.S Every one in the vlMfclty of Meldrtiffl ftvenue ahd Champlaln street, Detrolti chows Mrs. McDonald, and many a ielghbor has reason to feel grateful to ser for the kind aftd friendly interest she has manifested in cases of iliftcsS. She is a kind-hearted friend, a natural nurse, and an Intelligent and refined ady. To a reporter she recently talked ai some length about Dr. William's Pink Mils, giving some very interesting in* stances 1W her own immediate knowledge of marvelous cures, and the universal beneficence of the remedy to those Who had used it. " 1 have reason to know," said Mrs. McDonald, "something of the worth of this medicine, *or It has been demon* strated m my own immediate family. My daughter Kittle Is attending high school, and has never been very strong since she began. I suppose she studies hard, and she has quite a distance to go every day. When the small-pox broke out all of the school children had to be vaccinated. I took her over to Dr. Jameson and he Vaccinated her. 1 heVer saw such an arm in my life and the doctor said he-never did. She was broken out on her shoulders and back and Was just as sick as she could be. To add to It all neuralgia set in and the poor child was in misery. She is naturally of a nervous temperament and She suffered most awfully. I3veh after she'recovered the neuralgia did not leave her. Stormy days or days that were damp or preceded a storm, she could not go out at all. She was pale and thin and had no fippetlte. "I have forgotten just who told me about the Pink Pills, but I got some for her and they cured her right uo. She has a nice color in her face, eats and sleeps well, goes to school every day, and is well and strong In every particular. I have never heard of anything to build up the blood to compare with Pink Pills. I shall always keep them In the house and recommend them to my neighbors." : Dr. Williams' Pink Pills for Pale People are considered an unfailing specific in such diseases as locomotor ataxla, partial paralysis, St. Vltus' dance, sciatica, neuralgia, rheumatism, nervous headache, the after-effects of IR grippe, palpitation of the heart, pale and sallow complexions, that tired feeling resulting from nervous prostration; all di«pases resulting from vitiated humors In the blood, such aa scrofula, chronic wi'yBlpelos. etc. They are also a,specific for troubles peculiar to females, i«uch as suppressions, irregularities and all forms of weakness. In men they effect a radical cure In all cases arising from mental worry, overwork, or excesses of whatever nature. Dr. Williams' Pink Pills are sold by air dealers, or will be sent post paid on receipt of price (50 cents a box, or six boxes for $2.60—they are never sold In bulk or by the 100) by addressing Dr. Williams' Medicine. Co., Schenectady, N. Y. of Scotland had fcet wateais. In IhdSe dajrs there was a great variety In the shape of the watch. A favofite shape was that of ft skull; another Was' that of a coffin. Descriptions exist of several of Mary's watches. T her e WaS 6n6 comh - shaped in a cryalai case. There was another In Which cat - gut supplied the place of the interior chain 111 the mod' erh watch. One very hiar'velotis biece of workmanship in the form of a skull Is the property of the Dick Lauder family. It Was originally the property of Mary, Queen of Scots, ahd was be* queathed to Mary Setouti, her maid of honor, Feb. 7,1661 On the forehead 6f the skull are the symbols o£ death, the scythe and the hour glass. At the back of the skull is Time and at the top of the head are the Garden of fiden and the crucifixion. The watch is opened by reversing the skull. Inside are the holy family, angels, shepherds with their flocks. The works form the brains. The dial plate is the palate. Another skull-shaped watch which belonged to Mary was a gift from hei* husband, Francis II. Arnold of the Strand presented George III. in 1764 a watch of his manufacture set in a ring, the cylinder of which was made of an oriental ruby. The czar of Rits- sla, when he heard of these mites of watches, offered Arnold 1,000 guineas if he would make one for him, but the ^artist would not consent, ABSOLUTELY PURE '• The New Boy. ('The world is round, father, is it not?" '."Certainly." ."Then, if it is round, how can it possibly come to an end?" '•I think it is time you went to bed, Jack." . . • , FREE TRIP To the Greatest State Fair Kver Hold In Iowa. ' The Iowa State Fair, at Des Moines on September fl to l!l will bo the , finest exhibition ever given in lovva and we want to 'help every one to see it. We have decided to pay the RA.IL- noAD -FAKE- FOB- TUB UOUND Tiur, ONE DAY'S HOTEL BILLS, AND ADMISSION TO FAIR GKOUNTJS to each purchaser of a lot in the SECOND PI,AT OF CI.IFTON 31E1GHTS between now and September 18, 1895, at '8835, 825 cash and balance $4.00 per month. This piat is nearer the postoftice than .the Capitol is, fifteen minutes walk, has graded streets, shade trees and sidewalks; the Electi-ic Street Car Line and City Water Mains are within one block. . . ... SINCE IT WAS ri,ATTKD, on April 10, 389-1, 127 lots ,have been sold, 48 houses built and 'all but two occupied by their owners. That this property is really.' offered for a little more than half its value is shown by the following certificate of the county recorder: "I, hereby certify the deed conveying the 'north half of lot a, block 14, Soutn Fort 'Des Moinos, to the trustees of the First 'Methodist church was for tbe considera- 'cion of $300. I further certify that said 'lot is located 5(1 L feet from the Second 'Plat of Clifton Heights, being in the see- 'ond block west of said plat;, and that the 'size ofthe parcel of ground above conveyed 'is 33 feet front by 133 feet deep, as shown •by Flat Book A, page 151. of the records 'of this office. ' "Witness my hand and official signature, '•(Signed,) ANNIBE, HBPBUWN, Recorder. ••By F, S. Kussell, Deputy." The conveyance was shortly before our 1 its were on sale. This is a little more than $0,00 per front foot. Our lots 40 foet front at $335 are a little more than $5.50 per front foot, Our lots are conceded by those knowing both properties to bo superior to the church lots. The prices, of these lots will be raised to $35Q on September 15, 1805; by buying before that time you will have a free trip to the finest State Fair ever held- and an investment that w.lll give you 100 pel- cent profit et'onoe on yonr pash payment. Less than fifteen (15) cents a day saved will make the subsequent payments , AVe refer by express permission to ; JION. j, 4, T. HXU.L, / formerly secretary of st^te apd lieutenant governor, now member of congress from th|s district, Gov. Hnll is personally acquainted with this plat ami as president; of the Iowa Central Building and Loan Association has made many leaps on tbe houses built there. Fur plat, pamphlet with views pf lots and houses and £ Wfcher j n S. WAWvBK. Secretary, 523 "Walnut St., Des jfloines, Archduchess Maria Theresa, fragile as she looks, is oau of tbe strongest; vomen in Europe. _^ ___ ....... pn good foo4 ajy} sunshine, of e*ejrpi&e jn the opep Rlr. Her form, glows with, health ajjd her fape bjpoms \ylth its beayty- If 'he gentle P. RooljefeJler, ei'f , »l £ of the °9 although pnjy /Plate roe4 Kloctrtclty In Knropr. Electrical lines in Bui'ope have increased In number during 1894 from forty-three to seventy, their length from 305 to 700 kilometers, the power at the central stations from 10,650 to 18,150 kilowatts and the number o£ self- moving vehicles from 638 to 1,236. Germany leads in length of lines with 366 kilometers, then comes France with 96; England, 69; Austria-Hungary. 45; Switzerland, 37; Belgium, 22; Italy, 19; i Spain,'14. The trolley system is the favorite, being-used' by (15 out of 70 Hues. A IVlHe Kathnr. "My father," said the small boy to the woman who was calling on his mother, "is a great man. Ho knows what time it is without even looking at his watch." "What do you mean by that, Tommy?" asked the visitor. "Oh, when I holler out and ask him what time it is in-the morning, he always says it's time to get iipV And when I ask him what time it is in the evening, he always says, 'Time to go to bed.'" . - Hit 'Km Up Again. To our readers who grumble because we don't have more news in bur paper:, —Say, how are we going to get any news when you come to town and keep your mouth tight as an oyster, then go home and kick because we did not have the news in the paper, when you were the only one that knew anything about H?—Ex. Wtay*ATu %jitewte w'jwlB, .to Uythar jBto'W»|i(»,*Mvfi8l ^. '^-'*»!** tilth ^f^l^'^i^^^^f^p^ ' ^e Mat£3Mffim ^ffiiSs^^Mi^l A r.ouded J'lst<»I Pocket. / A peculiar accident in Bast Monmouth, Me., may result seriously. A man named Prescott was leading a colt, when the animal whirled and kicked, striTdng Prescott in the region of the r hlp picket, where he carried a loaded revolver. The revolver was discharged, the bullet lodging in Prescott's leg. RELIGION AND REFORM. Toronto, Ont., has a Bible Training school. Nearly 200 students has'e enrolled "during the year. The Epworth league met in annual convention at Chatanooga,' Tenri.,, recently with 12,000 delegates in attendance, ' .' "' The Presbyterian Church has 638 foiv elgn missionaries, of whom 213 are ordained, 37 are'physicians, and 376 are women. ' • : Rev, Father Field, a young Oxford- bred ritualistic clergyman, is devoting his life to work In'ti)e negro slums of Boston. The South African Auxiliary Bible society Issued last year 32,000 Bibles and Testaments from its depository-at Cape Town. The Metropolitan Tabernacle In I-jon* d.on is still the besNattended place of •worship in England. There is a church membership of over 3,000, Some German churches always made a rule of asking every member, "What are you going to dq for Christ?" and they put the answer down In a book, Mr, D, Li. Moody, In answer to an Invitation- to visit London, writes that be Is .engaged until January next; but he will pray over It, and ''IE the pillar 'of cloud leads that way, I will • follow," In Wales before the great revivals of the last century crime abounded. Since that time the Presbyterian and Non-conformist counties of Wales are freer from crime than any other county in England. , . Unoccupied mission te'^lory to the extent of 4,000,000 square miles still exists In Central Africa, an area larger than the whole pf jgurope, says the Rev, George Qreenfell oC the Baptist Congo Mission. A society has been organized in China wjth the gpmmendabje object of emancipating 'women's feet from cruel bondage, wjth the striking name pf the J^g\ie of tho Christian Shoe, or Bar ojety .of the heavenly foot. Mr. Max Maeli, a converted, Jewish rabhli who was led to accept Christ by •a careful study of the New Testament, and j$ JJQ>Y engaged }n mission wovis among' tlie jre\vs, lies'Joined' Street 'Mi $• Church, Jvfaw V,w$,- SaptiRk was one of the spc-4Uere as ,i<?u.patJpn,ftl meeting at tha tint Chtti-ch "That womaii dispecseS A great deal of social lem&ttadb." '•What do you rneahf" "Sitnply tbat fthe is filtt-ays sflyieg sour ft th Tim Itdnl68o«k6t'» Ideitl Ootlhtry. Cut this dttt aftd send it to J?. A. Ilorhbeck, Lfthd OomtniRsiohei- of the Kansas City PHtBbttrg ftnd Gulf Rail* 1'oad, 7th and Wyaadotte Sts., Kansas City, Mo., giving your address plainly, and receive in return a handsome 7 column, 8 page paper finely illustrated minutely describing n Mew Country opened up from Kansas City to the Gulf of Mexico. The best agrioultxtval and fruit land in the United States are In Missouri and Arkansas. If you are seeking health, vou will find it along this railroad. The finest climate, high altitude, pure spring water, abundance of timber. Plenty of rain. No bliz- juu'ds, No hot winds. Winters mild. Summers cool. The very best fruit and potato lands in the world on the sunny slopes of the beautiful Ozurks. Handsome colored pamphlet and descriptive price list of every im- innginable kind of land sent free. Come quick while lands are yet cheap. With land from the snows of the North to the tropical Gnlf to select from, you are bound to be suited. The pope IK a remarkably good chess player; in fact, it is only on rare occasions that he is defeated at'the game. Xcbmika'a Fertile Soil. Nebraska will iprodnce this year 225,000,000 bushels of guniii. befides an abundance of potatoes, hay and o' in r i-rops, • Low Harvest Excursion rates will bo in effect to all points on this Hurlingtou llouto west of the Missouri rivur September 111 and 24. , , Call on jour uoHrt"»t ti<-Uet iweut, or ml- i Uenorul I'nbbenger Aguut. Omuhn, Nob. Ypost is the nuino of a rising young m»n nt Valuutlue, Nob, The Nickel Plate road has outhori/ed its agents to sell tickets at greatly reduced rates to Albany, N. Y., on occasion of the meeting of tbe German Catholic Societies of the United States in that city, September 15 to 1?. For particulars address J. Y, Calahon, Gen'l Agent, 111 Adams St., Chicago. ' Kola's suburban chauteau at Medan 'was built wing by wing from the profits of his novels. by Irrigation. Iowa IHIM a'-flno crop tills year. TUo past two yours -thn erop wns not BooJ. Irrlgu'tlon liimirus a Boort crop every year In liio Grand Valley, in Western Colorado. If yon do<n't bollevi! It, coiuo. wMi'fur yonrsolf. Tliure will pi-oljubly bt> harvest excursions this full. For DHi'Ui.'iilars, write to KRPH. OHAS. FMl/r. ^07 Uoston Hnlldlni,', Denver, Colo. Suspicion shall be all stuck full 6f eyea, - s .\>}'. The mere happy i am lh§ mote l-pHj.* kings. , ,„;; };• The mortal tfho expectfl bad luck Wii], ' get It. ' '"/:".« •, one caiiftot sell.the cow arid have milk, lob. ' Cast no dirt into the well that you Water, . - . «> ?, Few take Wives for God's sake or f&f ,'H fair looks, i"'.'-!'j About the hardest thing to reform itt $'<l reforftier. , ,; ^ Oet a name to rise early and you may 1 ''*,' lie all day, ,,"« All powerful souls have kindred with eadh other. Through green eyeglasses everything lookg green. The Onward March! of Consumption td stopped short by-Dr.' 1 , Plerce's Golden Med», J4ft -., ical Discovery. If. •,"«? you haven't watted ,. "yfe neyond reason, 1 T - ij -- j there's complete re* . , PS covery and cure. ' ' " *' Although by maoy be Jncufc, able, there is thV evidence of hundreds of living witnessed td the fact that, in aj\ Its earlier stages,* con*.'/ "i^ a sumption is a curable y^| !'iisease.« Not eveiy-^V' 4 * :, but a large j>er- £-. icentage of cases, and £ I't we believe, lullyDS „"'* per cent* are cured " lif by Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery,- >tf even after the disease lias progressed so .' far as to induce repeated bleedings from ' the lungs, severe lingering-' cough with * copious expectoration (including tubtjrcu-' VI lai tnattei), gieat loss of flesh and extreme emaciation and weakness. . . EDUCATIONAL, ~.' ftGflDBMY OFTHE SftGRED HEftRT • The course oC Instruction In thla Academy, conducted by tho Religious of tbe. Bacretl Heart, embraces tn» whole ranve be tiubjeotp neoeaiary .toconutltutoaaoHA'' 1 and reflnvd education. Propriety of deportment, per>' ional nea(ne«B and tho principles of morality are ott* jeot» of unierulng attention. Eiteimlve arounds afford the puplla every facility for uneful LOHilly oxer> - olne; tlielr health IB an ob]e3t of constant eolloltuile,', and In ulcknoss they are attended with maternal car*. • ' Fill term opene Tiiogday, Sept. Sit. For further ban, -i llculai'8, addroan TJIK SVPJRllIOK, ^ " Academy Sacred llonrc. St. Joiei>li,'9Iv. , Senator Allison is not an, orator, J t is very seldom that ho makes an extended speech. FITS—All FltSRtoppeil freo by Dr.Kllnc'g Groat Nerve ItcBtorur. No Fits aft <•!• Miu ili-»tda.v'B use. Marvelous ciurcs. Treat Iseunil (2trial boUlvrraet> 1'ltcakUB. ,benj toUr.Klliie.1131 ArchBt,,Plillu.,ra. , Secretary Carlisle, in spite: of his great learning, never attended either academy or college. "Hanson's Mtafflo Corn Salve." Warranted to euro or money refunded. A*k your ut lor It. 1'rlu South A uiericahaB the greatest unbroken extent of level surface of any country in the world. ICxcnrMloii Account of Iowa State Fair at Des Moines, September Oth to 18th, J), M.. N. & \V. U. H. will sell tickets at one and one third fare for the round trip, Bring your family and spend a day at the Great Fair. Any Information will be gladly fmnished P. A. by your nearest agent or J, N, Tirr'KMonB, G, Madison Cawein, the Louisville poet, 1ms published eight volumes of verse,' although only 80. years of age. HAT.J/K CATARRH CURK is a iiquia ana is taken luturimlly, and auls directly on the blood and mucous surfacer, of t}io system, Write for testimonials, free, Manufaoturod by P. J, 'CHENEY & CO,, Toledo, O. The death of John Dunn, n Zulu chief, made orphans of seventy children. After six years' suffering, I was cured by Pisa's Cure,— MAHV THOMSON-, 39.K Ohio Ave,, Allegheny, Pa., March IS), '!H. Captain .fohn Himnan, a Coney Island life guard, has saved 11H lives. "Use ninny motlier* to »ny i)l«," uepmiBOltl»*speol4lly , luttn wuU ulmoitevoiy wodltucss, The siuccesbor of Prince Cantarcene as Russian ambassador at Washington ib his own brotheMQ'Ia-w, nur C'ui' ])iul u>> Iliey me, Hludiinioruh will iviuovo Iliem unit aii you c(imvf\l<t (ind inn and jump IM> you Ingalls, of Kansas, was at Willianis College wjth President GarfleW, graduating one year uefove at uigUt *«A «'nii moves the PQWB}B in the •There are something like 40,000 public schools in Japan, The buildings are pom- tollable and education is UNIVERSITY OF NOTRE DAME. THE FIFTY-OECOND YEAR WILL OPEN TUESDAY. SEPT. 3d, 1803. ,! .,' rullcoui-fcsin «;io»«Ic«.I.«'tt»r».Science,ftiivi Civil and Mf cliaiilcal Knglneerlnjt.Thoronarli ' Piennratory and Commercial Courses. St. Edward'*, Hull (or boyt under 13 Is unique Intbecomplotennsaot Its equipment. C«talognea sent frcoon appllcatlrn to ; UBV, ANIIUKW MOURI88EV, u. 8. 0., Notre Dame Ind., Offers superior advantages in tho Collowing colleges; I,<>Ucrtt and Science, BI|>lIcal<Orator< Icalj'Nornnal, BimlnoNn,' Art. Itluatcal. Laiv ( ITIedl<*al and Pharmacy. Good pn' dowmonts,excellent buildings, 50 uble Instructors, 1)07 students, location and general surroundings unsiirpnsseil. Catalogue fieo, Address,'JDruke Uulvei-hlty, Ues Moines. la. < PROFITABLE DAIRY WORK Oan only be accomplished with the very best of tools and „ lf>M appliances. Cream Separator on tho J^| -"- - farm you afo sure of more butter, while milk Is u val- Farmers will take to get a illustrated mailed FREE and better 1 the skimmed uable foe'cl, make no m'.s- catalogue Agents wautol & KANKIN 3I07G. & Cor. Randolph & Dearborn Sts., Chicago, 00, Meta Wheel for your Wagon X\ /eefc quft tg., in $j? bo > v ' 21 and 50q. Anr f«e you want, so to 66 1) 1 g )i; ItpSiu- cbea C'«»t many, times In a sea- von to liftv of low to lit vour \vagoq GAIL . . PASTE. ,

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