The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on August 28, 1895 · Page 8
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 28, 1895
Page 8
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IMfllif; ^'''fatiUjfa '' JffJNIAftH? BoweT Complaints AVER'S PILLS Ree&tved Highest Awards, World's Fair, VlNANQIAL. ___ _ _ _ _ . Kossutli County State Bank $50,OOC Incorporated under general laws of Iowa. : Deposits received, money loaned, foreign and domestic exchange bought and sold, collec ttons made promptly, and a general banking ; - fcuslness transacted. Passage tickets to or from the old countries sold at lowest rates. • . H, 1NGHA11 ................... President J. B. JONES ......... .. ......... Vice President H. SitlTtt..... .............. ...Cashier Directors— Wm. H. Ingham, John G. Smith, r Ji B. Jones, T. OhrlschllTes, Lewis H. Smith, J. ' W. Wadsworth, Barnet Devlne. The First National Bank or 1 CAPITAL.. $50,000 Special attention given to collections. AMBROSE A. CALL ................. President H. HUTOHINS .............. Vice President WM. K. FERGUSON.. ..... . ......... ..Cashier C. D. SMITH ..................... Asst. Cabliier Directors— D. H. Hutchins, S. A. Ferguson, Philip Dorweller, W. P. Carter, Ambrose A. Call, K. H, Spencer, Wm. K. Ferguson. Money always on hand to loan at reasonable rates to parties furnishing first-class security. CASH CAPITAL, $50,000. ALQONA, IOWA. Officers and Directors— A. D. Clarke, President,' G. O. Chubb, Vice Prest., Thos; H.Lantry, Cashier, Geo. L. Galbralth, Fred. M. Miller. Myron Schenok, Thos. F. Cooke. General Banking, PRIVATE SAFETY DEPOSIT VAULTS. f^"Interest paid on time deposits. PROFESSIONAL. •*^~^*~f^s**s**s^^*^^s^^~*^v^***^~+. CI-ARKE & COHENOUR, ATTORNEYS AT, LAW. Office over First National bank, Algona, la. E. H. CLARKE, ATTORNEY AT LAW. Collection agent. Opera House block. S. S. SESSIONS, ATTORNEY AT LAW. Prompt collections. Money to loan on chattel security. Over Chrlschilles 1 store. DANSON & BUTLER, LAW. LOANS. LAND. Collections a specialty. Office in Gardner Cowles' new building. SULLIVAN & McMAHON, ATTORNEYS AT LAW, Office in Hoxie-Ferguson bl jok. GEO, R. CLOUD, [Successor to W, B. Quarton.] Attorney and Counsellor at Law, jUiGONA, IOWA. Office over Kossuth Cpunty State Bank. E, V. SWETTING, 4TTOJ1EY AT LAW, Iowa. L. K. GARFIELP, M. D., PHYSICIAN AND SURQEON, Office, State et,, one door east of Cordineley, Residence, McGregor St., east of the public school building. lei, C, MCCOY, M, D,, . AND SVRQEON, Specjal attention to city prapMce, PHYSICIAN SURQEON, , M. * ' 1 jOffls*«v«ppostoffl,oe,o» State street, , '.V « Algona, Jewa.. 9QQTT* M, JR., ; ..«t,Jt, .'. fe_ • •>; • : "•"' j . • ^HEl? HAVfi *!tO GO. All 6uf light andlmeditifti Weight goods Will be sold this Wek at frflces tfcat Wll make you buy fOf the future. We have to make room for out new goods, tie<# styles, fiefcr improvements for fall and winter 1 that are cototfig in every f' THE CITY CIRCUIT, The coufily fair comes ifl foiie weeks. Caucuses meet quite genel'tdly Saturday. ih\ West lias gone to Bancroft to locate. Lori Kennedy, of the market garden, is on the sick list. The program of bicycle races for the county fair will be out soon. G. H. Lfttuson's ill health has made htm give up his Boston trip. Taxes are delinquent Oct. 1 and due Sept. L Paste this in your hat. 'G. S. Wright and family of Garfleld are spend!bg a couple of weeks at the lakes. Is anyone going to accept T. J. Julian's challenge to show milch cows at the fair? Prof. D. E. Johnson will join another man'in opening a business school in Mason City this fall. Rev. Davidson sat up Monday for the first time since he was taken sick. He will mend now rapidly. The old settlers' association will meet Wednesday, Sept. 11. A full program will be published next week. Shooting on Sunday is illegal to begin with and should be stopped on that account. It is dangerous also about town. Chubb Bros, have sold 200 head of cattle to one Sperry, an Illinois feeder. They are to be shipped early next month. Mr. Zei'gler, who bought the W. H. Conner farm in Plum Creek, gets 1,040 bushels of oats, machine measure, from 13 acres. Another bier sewer is going in on the north side. It is to run from near Wm. K. Ferguson's northwest and is being put in for private use. Miss Coate will be here Thursday and desires to announce that there will be a teachers' meeting at the school house next Saturday at 3 p. in. E. P. Keith and Chubb Bros, both have raised No. 1 northern wheat. Mr. Keith has sold his and gets $15 an acre from 20 acres, 30 bushels even. Bill Breen of Wesley pounded his wife and threatened to shoot his boy. Both are at the poor farm being cared for by the county and he is at large. A big crowd is likely to go to Clear Lake Sunday to hear Ingersoil's lecture on Lincoln. The round trip is $1.40, which includes admission to the tent. The ball game with Swea City tomorrow is for the championship of the county. The Swea City boys have beaten everything they have met thus far. . The Northwestern road has about 40 men at work in the Irvington gravel pits and will take out about 5,000 loads. They are hauling mostly • to Eagle Grove. An army comrade of Dr. McCoy, Geo. R. Peclc, has be^n appointed general counsel of the Milwaukee railroad to succeed the late Judge Gary. He is an able man. Word comes this morning that Burt Barr has been elected to a position in the Knoxville schools, at a better salary than offered here, and will not come to Algona to teach. Grant Benschoter says that there is one field of flax on the Larrabee lands in Eagle Lake township that cannot be seen across from either side. The Larrabee lands are all in flax. Harry Dodge is up from Tipton where he has.been all summer selling Kossuth county land. He says the drouth has done great damage down there. Many fields will not pay the rent, ' The young man who was committed last week for threatening his wife cannot get bonds and is very .anxious to leave jail on any arrangement be can make to behave himself in future, Work has begun on the harvest of A. D, Clarke's bean crop. He hfts 60 acres, ten boys began pulling them today, and he will thresh them with an old fashioned flail. The yield promises to be big, Gospel meetings will be held at the Swedish Methodist church every evening the remainder of this week and next Sabbath, They are conducted by Rev. J. B. Clapp, evangelist, and all are cordially invited, The United Workmen are to have a big picnic next Wednesday at the fair ground. Burt and Algona lodges to join, The Algona band is to furnish music and a ball game between the two lodges is part of the entertainment. The Algona band had an offer of railway fare and $j a day each to go with the Iowa Q. A. R. to Louisville. As the boys had to hire several outside musicians they could pot go fop the money and the Cedar Falls ba«4 accepted, Pr, C. M. Walter* h«? moved from Bancroft to Buffalo Center and Ms brother, Pr, G, P, Walters, a recent graduate from Rush, takes hie Bancroft office. Dr. Walters was down, feftttenfl t.p Pr, Morse's patients while he was at 4 company flf 8§ ypun,g people, iwj a pleasant plenlp W0dne$ay in tie Cull pasture and Saturday ovenjng were $n* ..........., t ^ Teoaambe»ie , w &lja ih§ .41fli»f w% 6 er ' i *? 1 **1 *i*H*V,4t*Vv,-^-^- T^ -^ "3 taMr JboMteUfiv.— r^8A JWH Mfflt « iJSP&US&j 1 "" 1 ""''"" jt^^^jpaW * I/VA < a if t*nri\mw,'f> until he verifies the report THE UPPER ttes MOINES must maintain that it is a libel, hot founded in truth and in fact, impertinent, irrelevant, immaterial, and in contempt of court. THE UPPEft DES MoiNES had Clerk Grose in the list of officials tobeelected this fall. He thinks, however, that he did well enough last fall and will await his regular turn. County Surveyor Tellier's name was not mentioned last Week, and he is on the list. It will pay those interested in dramatic matters to visit the reading room and see Walker Whiteside's portrait in the Illustrated American. Comment on his performances in New York and other cities will be published as he travels west, He visits Algona November 26. Henry Durant has a column and a quarter article In Monday's Chicago Chronicle on the benefits of free trade, or rather the abuses and injustice of a protective tariff. The Chronicle gives it a big heading. Henry is an out and out free trader and states the argument on that side with ingenuity. THE UPPER DES MOINES neglected to mention last week that lightning knocked the chimney off Wm. K. Ferguson's home. It did not do much damage inside except to blow soot and dust all over the rooms, spoiling curtains and carpets. The same flash hit a tree near Thos. Henderson's. Quarterly meeting will be held at the Methodist church Sunday evening, the sermon by Elder Black, followed by sacrament of Lord's supper. Sacrament of biiptism will be administered to infants or adults at the morning service by the pastor. Also reception and full membership of those qualified. The bloomer manager did not show up to defend in the suit brought by the male member of his company in Algona Saturday and judgment was rendered against him by 'Squire Taylor. Guy took an execution to Spencer, where they played, and had their gate receipts garnished. That is the present status of the case. Last Friday evening the county enjoyed another drenching rain. It covered the state and was very heavy in places. The state report shows some of the heavier amounts: Chickasaw, 6.50 inches; Hamilton, 8.50; Shelby, 6.47; Gutbrie, 6.70; Harrison, 5.40; Pottawattamie, 3.40; Adair, 3.25; Scott, 4.36; Fayetto, 4.35. Supervisor Burton is the one whose place is to be filled this fall. There are several candidates mentioned and. he will have support for a renomination. The only argument against "Billy" is that he and B. F. Smith are only seven miles apart since the latter moved to Germania. He ought to get "Ben" back to Ramsay before the convention meets. Dr. Shore's bicycle took an unruly streak as he was coming home from Burt one night last week. He was riding pretty rapidly and his wheel turned in a rut. He bruised his hand badly as he fell and Roscoe Call, who was with him, struck him on the head with his wheel before he could stop. No serious damage resulted, but the doctor had some scratches to explain the next day. B. F. Reed's candidacy for the county superintendence puts three in the field for the only office much contest is likely to develop over next Tuesday. He has been in the office a long time and some will oppose him on that account. On the other hand an increasing number are Coming to believe that after the county has educated a man until he is an expert it pays to keep him, The teachers very warmly commend his conduct of the schools, and Kossuth's standing is up at the head of the column. If he should be renominated there is no question about the future growth of our educational interests. Gregg Reilly, by his attorney, A. C. Wood, both of Corwith, are to meet Judge Grose Sept. 16 and before him maintain, assert, and swear that Geo, W. Hannji of Lu Verne has not planted, hoed and otherwise tended trees on a valuable eighty in 86-95-28 as he agreed to do when be secured the same as a tree claim, wherefore the said Reilly and his attorney will pray that the tree planting and tending be turned over to them, Mr, Hanna has not named his attorney but it is safe to say that the eighty in question will not go to Mr, Reilly without a tussle which he will remember and tell his grand child* ren about, Sunday, as Miss Nell Wallace was walking towards the Call bridge on her way to the Chubb farm, some one in the Call pasture shot towards her and one shot lodged in the bridge of her noso, just above the eye. She did not know that she was hit hut thought they were shooting at her dog, Suddenly, how ever, ehe fainted away. How long she lay she does not know, but when she got up she startad for town again and stopped at Mr. Call's fop a drink. While there Mrs, Dr, Shore noticed the spot on her nose and taking a needle nicked put the shot. NQ damage waj done but an eye would have been put out had the shot hiMt. It was a fi»i> row eeqape.. Two men were, seen van* ing after the shot was flred bat \t is «jot kijQwn. who they were, 4 week agp Sheriff, Satneon received word fjTO Sheriff Olwte Qt MAftoa Qjjy he wanted help to raid, si gang el WithQttfc ,4§toy JD«P 0.8101$ £ypjfle$ M a wan ted some gootiicwftpa&y and didft't know any better way to get it than to secure the sheriffs of Kossuth and Han6ffcfc. 1'he boys wefe in lor it afld made Iheb'e'st of it, enjoying & pleasaftt time amidst the rom'ahtic scenery of noflheasterfl Iowa. Sheriff Clark wants to keep his #es otetl however. MOVfitfBHW. * • The college students scatter next week, Frank Smith is up from Des Moines Oft business. It. fi. Rist spent Monday at Spirit Lake with friends. Miss Ingtedew of Chicago is visiting Miss Nannie Fraser, Miss Miller of Dtibuque is visiting her aunt, Mrs, E. I* Coolie. Mrs. S. S. Sessions and daughter are spending two weeks In Sioux City. A. W. Moffatt came out from Chicago Thursday for a few days. Mrs, Dr. McCoy and daughter Louise visited at Rev, Glass' in Spencer last week, Clark Coffen drove down yesterday from Burt and Mrs. Coffen took the train for LeMars to visit a sister. J. B. Clanp of Boone, a Presbyterian evangelist, visited with his father-in- law, Thos. Robinson, over Sunday. Mrs. Hughston of San Francisco is visiting Mrs. Wm. Dodds of Union, her sister, and will remain six weeks. Editor Hamlln and son of the Blue Earth City Post called last Thursday. The Post is one of Minnesota's host papers. Clarence Hays does not join the Minnesota University students as reported, He has a school of his own in Garfleld. J. W. Wadsworth goes to Des Moines this week to attend to his state fair duties. He will be gone two weeks and will keep an oye open for attractions for the county fair. Mrs. F. H. Vesper went to Le Glair Monday. Mr, Vesper joins her soon and together they go to Boston for the national meeting of depot agents. They will visit Niagara Falls and othe'r points of interest. Mrs. A. D. Clarke and son Fred, went to Minneapolis last week to visit with Mrs. Edith Williams, who has been spending the summer there. She and her husband will stop in Algona in October on their way east. Mrs. E. B. Butler is entitled to rank among the expert anglers. While on her northern trip she caught two ten- pound pickeral and six that ranged from five to eight pounds in one forenoon. Thase are actual weights and were taken with a troll. Dr. L. A. Sheetz left Monday evening for Hot Springs, South Dakota. He has been in very poor health for some months and hopes to receive benefit, from the change. He has lost over 70 pounds of flesh this summer and has been confined at home part of the time. Everybody will hope to- have him come back in his usual good health. WALKEE WHITESIDE IN NEW YOKE lie Opens Ills Season In tlie Metrop- olls-Whut is Said of Him. The Illustrated American, which can be seen at the reading room, comes out this week with a full page portrait of Walker Whiteside, who is to give Hamlet in Algona, Nov. 26. The art critic who stands at the head in New York, adds this note to the portrait: In April, 1893, the preliminary announcements of the old Union Square theatre indexed the engagement of a player unknown in the east. Hamlet was listed as his initial offering. No trumpets heralded the stranger's coining, but overland comment from' western trails that he had traveled for years bore commendation of rugged faith aplenty. Cultured folks hereabout marvelled at the intrepidity of the adventurer, Knowing heads shook ominously, The westerner was playing under his own name, too, and that did not sound Shaksperian or theatric. Walker Whiteside! But the fancy that here was another Charles Connor or Count Johonnes was dispelled a few moments after Mr. Whiteside's first tremulous frightened speech as the play proceeded, gained for Mr. Whiteside's Hamlet a profound respect. It was scholarly in conception, it had one or two refreshing bits of naturalism, and though not great, it pleased, One or two facial mannerisms such as a rapid twinkling of the eyes, possibly due somewhat to nervousness, were unfavorably noted, but the totality was good. This magazine was among the first to hail hitn with just and moderate praise and when he appears in New York this autumn the. Illustrated American will study with renewed interest this histrionic specimen pf the flouted west and try to discover what he has been doing with his talents in the last three years, He will appear as Hamlet and Richelieu at the Herald Square theater and in other roles, He is the son of Judge T. 0, Whiteside and was born 27 years ago at Loganeport, !nd, Soiiaok shoes — the best made—at OVER of the ttlebrated Jewel StdteS And ftflflgeS, An tov6stigAtiott ttlli tofr viiite yoti of their excellefiee for cooking or heating purposes, A Jewel Stove costs no more than many stoves of a much inferior quality. Out trade-mark on every stove is an absolute guarantee of perfection* Ask for a Jeveij take iio other. You will never regret your purchase. Sold by 0. M. DOXSEE. California in 3! Days. Without change of cars. All meals served in dining cars. Palace drawing-room sleeping cars and tourist sleepers are run through to San Francisco without change, with annex sleeping cars to Los Angeles, leaving Chicago daily via ^Northwestern Line. Variable route tourist tickets to California and the health and pleasure resorts of the south on sale at Detailed information can be obtained upon application to agent . ; Chicago & Northwestern Railway, 1SSO G. 0. SHELLY. less C. D.'PETTIBONB Algona Marble Works. We. the undersigned, are now prepared to flll orders for cemetery work of all kinds in marble, stone, or granite; also shelves, mantels, table tops. PLUMBER'S WORK OF ALL KINDS. When In need of anything In our line give us a call and be convinced that we will give you good material, good work and at as reasonable prices as can be had anywhere In the country. Shop on State street, east of J. B. Winkel's office. • Shelly & Pettibone, Make Cows Pay. What is the use of keeping cows unless you can make money with them? No other I business would stand a waste of from 25 to 50 per cent, and the dairy business will not. You waste that much butter by pan skimming. Get a SAFETY HAND SEPARATOR and save it. ^If^. P. M. SHABPLES, Elgin. 111. An Ajgoiw Firm, Corwltb Orescent! There is a new firm in town, Manwam-iog & Starr, blacksmiths anil wagon makers, P, Manwaring, the senior partner, i§ a well known resident of Covwith and ao ej?perienoed wagon maker, Mv. Sterr conjee here fro» Alpaa ft»a,w a class WHY PQN'T VOW TAKK . twin east. At i LEGAL, ^.X^^N^XM^X-*^^- NOTICE OF PBOBATE OF WILL, STATE OF IOWA, KOSSUTH COUNTY, SS. —District Court in and for Kossuth County, To all whom it may concern: Whereas, on the 14th day of August, 1805, a paper purporting to be the last will and testament of Janet F. Mclntyre, late of said county, deceased, was filed In my office, and was by me opened and publicly read; and the 3d day of October, 1805, appointed and fixed as the time when the sanie will come before the court, at the October term thereof then to be held, as the duly executed last will and testament of the said Janet F, Mclntyre, deceased, at which all persons interested may appear and show cause why the same should, not be admitted to probate. Dated this 24th day of August, 1893. B, F. GROSE, 83t3 Clerk of the District Court. The State University OF THE SEVERAL DEPARTMENTS Will begin the year 1895-96 -On September 18. For particular information as to the respective departments address as follows: Collegiate—Charles A. Sohaeffer, president, Iowa City. Law—Emlln McClaln, chancellor, Iowa City. Medical—J. W. Harrlman, M. D., secretary of faculty, Iowa City. Homoeopathic Medical—J. G. Gilchrlst, M. D., registrar of faculty, Iowa City. Dental—A. O. Hunt, D. D. S., dean of faculty, Iowa City. Pharmaceutical—E. L. Boerner, Ph. G., dean of faculty, Iowa City. Expenses In all departments are reasonable. Cost of board in private families, $3 to $5 per week; in clubs, $2 tct$2.50 per week. For catalogues or for general information address CHARLES A. SCHAEFFER, President. DR. L. A. SHEETZ, Drugs and Medicines. Full assortment always on hand of drugs, med- eines, and pure liquors for medicinal purposes only. StB.-ti.on.ery. DE. PEESTON, Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat First-class accommodations at reasonable rates. Operations for cataract, strabismus, nasal deformities, etc. Catarrh rationally treated and cause removed. Spectacles scientifically fitted ; finest quality lenses ground to order. Office hours, 10 to 18, 1 to 5, except Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Opposite Park hotel, Mason City. Dr. Preston visits Algona regularly. At Dr. Stull's office, ' SHEBIFF'8 SALE. Notice is hereby given that by virtue ot an execution, to me directed by the clerk of the district court of Kossuth county, lowft, against the goods, chattels, lands, tenements, sic., of John McDonald and Alex. McDonald, defendants, in favor of W,'B, Wilmot, plaintiff, I will offer at public sale, to the highest and best bidder for cash, at the door of the court house in the town of Algona, county' of Kossuth, IQ. wa, on the 7th day of September," 1805, between the hours of 8 o'clock a. m. and 4 o'clock p, m, on said day, all of said defendants' right, title, and interest in and to the following described personal property, situated J» Kossuth county, to-wit: About twenty five acres o~I oats now in stack, about seven acres of wheat, about nine acres of flax, about sixty awes of corn, forty black and white hogs, all in the possession pf John McDonald on tlie south half of the southwest quarter of Sec. 8, and the north fcalf of the northwest quarter of Sec. 17, all in Township 90, Range &>, west 5tti P. M., Iowa. Sale to commence at the hour of 2 o'clock p, m. of said a.ay. r * W^essmyband flfe ITtfe da| ot S313 Sheriff Kosguth Oon ICE! ICE! ICE! During the past winter I have enlarged my ice house and now have on hand 400 tons of ice in fine condition, 'Do not contract forvour summer's supply of ice without first getting my prices, ft will be delivered to all parts ol the city every day. Orders may be left with J. A, Hamilton & Co, Ice house and residence near the cemetery. CHARLES MAGNUSSON. OCULIST, All diseases of the eye treated. , Glasses adjusted for errors of refraction an* accommodation. No charge for ftvn.Tn1imt.1nn Tpnv aaira-nnl «. 1 *^.. H »i_P A u * April? tb «e until M ONBY ON REAL ESTATE, HOXIE & BRUNSQN. Water or No Pay, the best to "•

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