The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on August 28, 1895 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 28, 1895
Page 5
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tJPPEH BJBS MptNBBs. ALGONJMOWA, - ••• - --- -—' -^ '—-—k-*" 1-^» . To i i i does not begin to convey all that it may mean to you in the way of bargains. All our remaining Summer Goods going for one-half their value. Some extra qualities in Children's Hose for the same price as is usually asked for inferior grade. You may not need Silk Gloves now, but you cannot often buy the quality we are now offering as low as 250.. A few remaining Overalls. If you can suit yourself in size we can in price. Buttons will be very stylish this winter. We have a great variety at about one-half the usual price. Every little girl in town can have a pair of Silk Mitts when she can get them for 10 cents at the Grange Store, We've a whole lot of Carpet Samples to sell—cheap. We sell for cash only, You get double value for every dollar, The people have faith in our offers—our values, The i, £^ .%*,! -;-:^Mw*;V£:/,<• iiw,^ , v 'J}'' i-1'/_ r,ui .-; £ *' -t /'."'''i '•> V"' > \ ^44?iV^i-.4iS^ill'ASi.'k7« ?i6'ii:"W4r ','S>,*', .Ai-j,- ',»'. !' aauu BROUGHT Bid THE CUPS, F Won Aboftt fite^thiflf itt Sftht last Week at the vef iy Encaraftnent, f hft Paptts Praisfe Out BbyS tet thftit Exdftptiohally Good Work-Capt. Saunders on Watsf. Company F catne marching dowti .own Saturday evening with the band laying, colors flying, and the two silver cups which we had here some rears ago again in possession, The daily papef reports were correct, the boys had 1 -every thing in sight." One cup was won twice and lost on the ihird and critical time to Webster City a year ago. The other was Won once and lost, also just when it could iave been won, to Webster City. Webster City expected to take both again, and Fort Dodge came to camp with trumpets blowing, but Company ? walked away with all the honors. 3ur rifle team was Walsh, Witbam. Ward, Stephenson, and Burbank, and f they hang together there is no reason why either trophy should ever again go away from home, The two regiments were this year )rought together in a brigade encampment. Each selected ten men and a rifle match was indulged in to see vblch regiment was entitled to the lonors, Of the ten selected from the six companies of the Fourth, Company ? had four. Walsh stood first, Wltham third, Stephenson tied for 'ourth, and Ward was farther down among the ten. Two shooters of the ten "fell down" badly in the match ind the other regiment won. But in the record of the whole twenty men Walsh stood second, Witham third, and Stephenson again tied for fourth, so that for rifle men our company was out of sight. The best individual record made at any distance was Stephenson's score at 500 yards, at which he made 23 out of a possible 25 points. He made this score when it was badly needed by the team, which makes' it more to his credit. The Company F boys were not engaged in the melee down town, were none of them taken sick on account of over-eating or over-drinking, none of them fell out of the ranks, and all came home with credit to themselves and to the town. Capt. Saunders on Water Supply. The water supply came near not being up to the grade the boys were used to, but according to the Waverly Republican Capt. Saunders of Emmetsburg attended to the matter and after that the boys had plenty to drink: On account of the inadvertance of the quartermaster, the water supply was the cause of some grumbling the first day. The barrels containing it were E artially furnished by the state, and aving been used to convey the tent stakes, had more or less of ancient mud from last years' camp at Monticellc remaining in them. It was the luck of the Dubuque and Sioux City soldiers to get these barrels. The other barrels were obtained in Waverly from a liquor dealer and imparted to the water B suggestion of cocktail and gin-fizz, and these unfortunately fell to the lot ol the companies from the interior of the state. As soon as complaint reached the ear of Capt. W. E, G. Saunders, he investigated the cause. Captain Saunders holds the title of commissary of subsistence, and besides being genial and most worthy gentleman is also an officer of wonderful astuteness. It took him but a moment to grasp the situation, and he remedied the difficulty by having the companies from the slough water counties change barrels with those from the river districts. Since then the water supply has been universally approved. Soldier Pranks. The Waverly papers report a lot o: camp jokes and cuts-ups. From the Republican, Democrat, and Independent we clip at random: If Camp Prime remained in this vicinity for more than a week there would be a great scarcity of spring chickens. Geo, Moody's were all taken Sunday night, and Dr. Seeley and many others are minus on the crop for 1895, Several soldiers engaged one of the restaurant keepers in conversation Tuesday evening and while they were entertaining him others plucked al the bananas from a stalk banging in front of the restaurant and then cu the stalk down and carried it off also, A soldier grabbed a box of peaches in front of Billy Martin's restauran Tuesday evening and skipped out with them followed by about twenty others Peaches and soldiers disappeared down an alley. Some of the boys got 25 chicken fi om Mr. Lieto's roosts Tuesday night They were tracked to one of the com panies and the boys paid 25 cent apiece for all they had taken and a few that got away from them, The stand of the cane fakir was surrounded by soldiers on Monda; night and it wasn't long till about dozen of the soldiers were carrying canes which bad not been paid for, fiott the regiments ftre dr&tfti up 18 ne Of battle and the imposing cere- jdft^ of 68cofting the colors to thelf* lace in the line has been gone through With, the color euftfd, pfeceded by the eglteehtal band parading down the font of the line of battle and up the eft? to tbeif place in the. second attftlion. The Colonel and his Staff f-e perhaps a hundred yards iti front f the center of the line and the fegi* mental adjutant is about tnidwat be- Ween the line and the colonel. Then 16 three majors advance, salute and eceive their orders from the colonel nd return to the line, after which the aptains and lieutenants advance in ne, salute and retife to their re- jectlve companies. .Then the various volutions are gone through • with hich rivet the attention of spectators ut to describe which would require a nowledge of technical military terms which is Hot at our command. The rihclpal formations however are the he of battle, the massing of the nttalions, and the parade in ranks by otnpanies before the commanding fflcer, the bands filling the air with ie sweetest strains of their music httt the bugles sound " retreat," the annon booms, the colors are lowered rotn the camp flag staff, the battallions march off the parade ground and the ompanies break ranks at their tents. parade, The finest thing about an encamp ment is the parade, With 12 com panies it was a splendid sight. The Waverly Democrat thus describee it It comes in the evening, beginning about an hour before sunset. Th< rays of the sun, have lost their fierce ness and soldiers and" civilians fee comfortable. Officers and men ar clothed, is their dress suits apd oavrj arms, TJ>e officers of the staff Rnd. ,Un paQwnted, and present a gorgeou appearance) white plumed Jjeimets gold braid, sashes, white gauntlet? f littering swords relieving 1 the lue oJ theip wifprpje. The vegi me»tai bands wear gay are }ed by irapPJiPg Theo come the jpteray their handsome regHla$9« top rifle fts&b iks wiHta fey W BLOOMERS TOMORROW, Swca City and Aigona Play fof the Cotiflty ChfttntrfpnsMjE)—A Good is Promised* feailty Chanced One feys ofi the SloometS and Gives Mis Impressions-^ Sporting Camp Xotos. There were 80 ladies at the encampment. Capt. Hnggard was battalion major ne day, and had full charge of every- hing. Mike Wnlsh is the old reliable with rifle. He does not make any ensational shots but he makes his egular score when it is needed. Eugene Tellier and Art Allen went long to cook for Company F, and as he boys came back in good flesh we uppose nothing more need be said. Lieut. Dougherty came back with he boys and visited in town. He is at West Union in the drug business, but till keeps his membership with iompany F. Lieut. Chubb was battalion adjutant ill the while he was in cnmp and had our companies under his command. Ho had the dignity of riding a horse tall drills. Independent: There are 544 tents of ill kinds and sizes at Camp Prime, hat are occupied by 1,200 men; oldiers, officers, musicians, waiters, looks, and so forth. It is quite a little white city. Gov. Jackson had headquarters at camp all week. A large number of adies were in attendance, A number of the.latter returned with the train which brought Company F's car, and ~!apt. Haggard was unanimously chosen ;o escort them. Tho captain bore his lonors modestly. On the return Captain Haggard was 'anking captain and had charge of the train. The captain of the Waukon company was very ungentlemanly to some ladies and also to a Mason City sergeant and he has been reported to ~!ol. Foster with a recommendation .hat he be reduced to the ranks. All .he five other captains signed the •eport. A soldier of Company C, Webster 3ity, was the first to shed his blood for iis country during this encampment. Saturday evening he was perched on top of a dray load of mattresses going ;o camp when one of the wheels broke down and the soldier was thrown onto a barb wire fence and received some ugly gashes on his head, face and one arm. He was taken to tho hospital 'or repairs. Democrat: Both the First and fourth regimental bands are a success, The First is from Dubuque. It is a good band and is giving us much good music. The Fourth is from Sioux lity, there are twenty-two men in the mnd. M. E. Reed, who organized the mnd fifteen years ago, is still with the soys as director. Both bands are first-class and they are doing their full share to make this a lively week in Waverly. Money. I have unlimited money to loan on long or short time. B, W, HAGGARD. LADIES! Attention One Tomorrow the Algona and Swea City ball ctubs cross bats at the faif ground. T-he Swea Cltyites have been beating the north end nines and play good ball, The return gatne at Emmetsbuftf is set for next week Wednesday Of Thursday. The Algona boys will t?y to down the Burgers on their home diamond—something that has not yet been done this season. ttailoy on Bloomers. After a few introductory remarks Bailey in the Britt Tribune gives his impressions of the bloomers in the Al* gona game, which he attended! There were curly headed blonds with 25 cent gate receipt smiles, dark haired brunettes with giveadam beau-catchers fluttering in the breeze. Petites and Jumbos. The pitcher could throw a ball where she had a mind to and did it twice. She could also catch a ball without an apron. Several really good plays were made, and they spit on their hands and rubbed sand on them like an amateur that has fanned out. It was pleasant to see her twirl the pig skin with a far away look in her eye that plainly said, look out, everybody. She is a Norman about 12 hands high, blocky, arched neck, short in the back, reached mane, and wide between the hames; sired by Goldsmith Maid, out of Wedlock, first dam the Umpire, and went at a 2:10 gait at an early age without urging. The short stop was piquant. We don't know what that means butare confident that's the word. She did some good work when long stops were requisite. The first base- woman did effective work for a cross- eyed lady, and stopped several balls while looking over her shoulder. The fielding was exceptionally good, but would have been more effective if viewed through an opera glass. The score stood 99 to 100 in favor of Algona. The boys would have made another score but none of them had ever run from a girl before, and looking backward while running made them dizzy. Sporting Notes. We have received the second annual premium.list of the Lake District Agricultural society, which will hold its fair at Ruthven, Iowa, on Sept. 16, 17, 18, 19, and 20, 1895. , Germania Standard: Editor Laidley of the Register was in town Monday and made this office a fraternal call. Mr. Laidley is still riding his bike and at the fair will run away from the U. D. M. man. Cherokee Democrat: A bloomer base ball club, comprising nine athletic and shapely young ladies, is doing Iowa towns. It is said that they can't play ball, but Miss Hall, the pitcher, has some lovely curves. Burt Monitor: There will no doubt be an effort to get Ida M. and Gildersleeve booked for a race at the county fair. Their respective owners have been itching for a contest for some time, and the county fair will be a good time to have it out, -Our Fall Shoes Attfi $3.00 For the finest—^are not matched for $4,00 by anyone, JAS. TAYLOR SAYS THE CITY MUST PAY. Algrona Will Be Asked to Put Up for a Case of Alleged False Imprisonment. Lawyer Graham of Blue Earth City Was Here on Monday to See About Commencing Suit. J. I. C. •M WE make a specialty 31oud & Haggard. of collections, A GOOD, reliable man can find steady employment on my farm, one mile east of Algona. Apply to Wm. Nelson, on the farm. C. L. L THOSE school shoes sold by Brownell are the best in town. OUB line of school shoes, solid in every respect—sole leather counter, in- soler and outsoler. Good fitters and good value. Will wear well and please you. Try a pair. Brownell & Allred. WE just want to say a few words to the ladies about corsets. We are now selling the Featherbone corset. Worn and recommended by a million well dressed ladies. Dressmakers claim that these ai-e the best fitting corset on the market. G. L. Galbraith & Co. Six per cent. Money. For time loans at (3 per cent, and commission apply at the Kossuth County State Bank. Interest and principal payable here, Be sure to call if you want to borrow at favorable rates. A FEW choice spring and fall capes left at just one^half the regular price, Jas. Taylor,—2812 Do NOT say, " I must pay debts first." Because you are in debt is the very strongest reason why you should have your life insured. Examine the Royal Union. J. L. Donahoo, district man^ ager, Algona, Iowa. AI-L kinds of shoes, boots, and rubbers at BrowneU's. SOUP io twenty minutes, any kind you want, at the Opera House Grocery. NEW Daisy Hour is the best. Ask for it, Patronize home interests. J, J. Wilson.-20t8 Awarded Highest Honors—World's Fair, BAKING P0WMB THE KOSSUTH COWBOY PKEAQHER, Rev. FJnneJU Visits Algona to Secure Evidence to Save Himself Prom BelnK Churclied in California. Some months ago it leaked out that Rev. Finnell, LuVerne's wild west preacher, was trying to get a divorce from his wife out in California, where he was then located, and had charged her with various offenses. Her Lu Verne neighbors sent affidavits which squelched the proceedings effectually. It seems that following this a charge of lying was lodged against Rev. Finnell in the conference to which he belonged, and last week he was in Algona trying to secure affidavits to clear himself, He offered an Algonlan a substantial considei'a- tion if he would go to LuVerne and secure the needed documents. When asked why he did not go himself he replied that LuVerne had formed such an unreasonable prejudice against him that if he should appear on the streets he would secure nothing, The citizen refused all offers and at last accounts Rev. Finnell had gone to Tama City, Money. I have unlimited money to loan on long or short time, _ B. W. HAGQABD. WE make a specialty of collections, Cloud & Haggard. YANKEE rolled wjiea,); at the Opera House Grocery* Lawyer Graham of Blue Earth City wns in Algona Monday on a mission which is likely to assume some significance to the city. He is about to begin suit for damages for an arrest made by Geo. Hunter three weeks ago, the plaintiff being a young man who was put in jail over night. THE UPPER DES MOINES is not informed as to the full particulars of his story, but as it learns them they are about as follows: Tho young man received a telegram that his sister was near death's door at Sac City. He rode his bicycle to Algona, arriving about 2 o'clock in the morning. Stopping at Bowyer's to see tho time, he met Hunter and asked for a place to lodge. Hunter took him to Brown's livery barn and gave him a bed, and went out, but soon came back and told him he had another place for him, and took him to jail. The young man protested, and asked Hunter to telegraph. Mayor Haggard did this in the morning, and finding that the man was all right let him go, but not until he had paid for a night's lodging, the telegrams, and the costs of arrest. The Knights of Pythias of Blue Earth are are behind the present suit which will be brought against Algona for damages. Night-watch Hunter's version is different. He says he found the young man in the lumber pile, and the bicycle there also. It was about 3 o'clock and the man could not give a very clear account of himself, saying he was going out on the 4 o'clock train. Hunter told him there was no such train, and that he had better go to a hotel. He said he wasn't going to pay, 50 cents for lodgings, and Hunter, concluding he was a suspicious character, took him to Brown's livery barn and then to the jail. He did not see him in the morning, and the man paid him no fees whatever. Deputy Sheriff Brunson took him to the mayor in the morning. Mayor Haggard says he telegraphed to Bancroft in the morning, and finding that the young man was all right he let him go. He paid him no fees whatever. The suit is said to be for $3,000 damages, Mr. Hunter is sworn in as night- watch for the city, and is therefore a city official. He says that in view of the fires not long ago, and in view of the inability or unwillingness of the young man to tell a connected story about his doings, that he considered the arrest fully warranted. He says no man is free from arrest in any city at that hour unless he can account for himself, and that there is no object in a night-watch if he is not warranted in taking in anyone under such circumstances. WANTED—One thousand pair of feet to be fitted with shoes at BrowneU's. A. M, & G. M. JOHNSON have just received a fine lot of farmers' carriages Parties wanting to buy a J, I, Case Agitator should write to or call on Wilfrid P, Jones, at tho Wigwam, Algona, Iowa. It is the only machine that will pay for itself and make big profits for its owner in one season's work, There is big money in threshing this year. E. G. BOWYER, now at the now stand In the Cowles block, has a complete stock of AND FINE JEWELRY, GRADUATED OPTICIAN. Eyes tested free or charge. Large line of optical goods always on hand, Repairing of fine toatches a specialty. Doxsee & Shaw, Abstracts of Title, 33eal Estate, Loans, aaad. Xn.s'uiran.ce. ALGONA, IOWA, Office over Algona State Bank. M. P. HAGGAHD, G, F. PEEK and surreys. gain,-3tf Can give you a- fine bar- A pu ftem PiRFEST MADE, wr A NEW line of ladies' fine shoes of the latest styles arrived yesterday at Galbraithjs/ You can live well, with small labor if you patronize the Opera House Grocery. YOUR money's worth when, you buy boots » shoe R«d, MONEY to loan on long or short time. Geo. C. Oall.-tf Wool Wanted, The undersigned having leased the Paragon Woolen Mills for a term of years is prepared to pay from 3 to 6 cents a pound more for wool in cassl* meres, blankets, flannels, or yarns than can be obtained at your borne market. Send for samples and prices. Boll and bat carding a specialty. Address S. D. Duncan, West Mitchell, Iowa.—8m4 Haggard & Peek, [ Jones & Smithy Abstracts, Real Estate,"*".^ Collections, ALGONA, IOWA. NOTICE; In accordance with the provisions of tev 70 of the laws of the Twenty-fifth g Ohftp- ireby ,nci ana petft _..... ___ assembly of the state of Iowa, notice Is given that the drawing of the grand an Jurors for Kossuth county will taUe place' the auaitor'B office at 1:80 p. TO, Augusts; 1806. y.*p. OAWONS, 3-t County Auditor. Legal Blanks TIME CHICAGO, & ST, No. 1 departs at...,, ..... . .......... . 0:08 a,m No.p departs at .............. , ....... <t!S4pm Frelghfo that carry passengers- No. 03 1 departs t^t.. ....... ..... , ...... 11:55 a, TO No. 71 Real Estate Mortgages, Warranty Deeds, Quit Claim Deeds, Leases, Cash or Share Rent, Real Estate Contracts, Bill of Sale, Chattel Mortgages, Satisfaction of Mortgage, Grass Leases, Notes, . . A tuU stock of these are r kept No,S departs at ....... , .............. I0;83 No. 4 derarts at,..., ........... ..,,.. QiQ a.m The Upper Des. 49 \ "'_ ^;\^..;; t j/'|i'; . sale: Groceries, and feed, Farmers/ ! court " mm*

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