The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on August 28, 1895 · Page 1
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 28, 1895
Page 1
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-S5 r '- fsii.t'« ESTABLISHED 1868, AL00HA, IOWA, WEDN!SDAY r AtmtIST 28, 1805. VOJL XXX-NCK for your breakfast, for your dinner, "and. Potted Meats for your supper, at .the. • At the. $1 Shoe Sale Fair Store. As we placed orders in the factories for a large quantity of shoes of all kinds when the shoe market Had reached the lowest point that has ever been known, and before the sudden advance in leather which has caused the big advance in shoes, it places us in position to sell shoes at retail at what is now the wholesale price. As we are a little short of room for our big stock we have put part of the stock in the Fair Store, and will close out all of the stock that we have—only a few pair of a kind—regardless of cost. Shoes for 75c worth $1.00 to $1.25 Shoes for $1.00 worth 1.50 to 2.50 Shoes for 1.50 worth 2.50 to 4.00 G. L. Galbraith & Co. Look for It. Don't Miss to Try It. Everyone Speaks Well of It. What is It?- A choice assortment ^CANDIES of the finest Ever brought to Algona. WHO SELLS IT? JAMES PATTERSON, Sole Agt. At Irvington, Iowa. i Transcendant Crab Apples per bushel, $0,70 Full pream Y, A, Cheese per pound,,, 0,10 Choice Canned Fruits per dozen,, »,. 1,00 Yours to come and see. J. 1 & C, J. Painter and Paper Hanger, Slagle's Harness Shop. Harness, Saddles, Whips, BtOOMMl USED MM BAT, It Was hi the Lost Island Lake How that She Gave Jfer tnsitltei' a, Whack Over the Head. Sequel to A Series of Disgraceful Sunday Orgies at That Resort—General Northwest News. Reports indicate that the series of disgraceful Sunday ball games and orgies which have advertised the Lost Island Lake resort the past season culminated a week ago when the Boston Bloomers appeared as the chief attraction. The Ruthven Free Press does not go into details, hut speaks of the "toughs from neighboring towns," It seems that one of these toughs while drunk insulted one of the bloomers, at which she struck him with a ball club she was holding. The resounding whack on his cranium served to call in his friends to the rescue, the other bloomers and their friends lined up and a general melee took place. The marshal is said to have done all he could to stop the row, but why no one was shot if this is so does not appear. The Free Press says Landlord Anthony "expresses himself as being very sorry for the way things were run there by the large number of toughs from neighboring towns," It then concludes: "The editor of this paper does not profess to be an over- strict Sunda'y man himself, but the amount of hooting, hallooing, horse- facing and general carousing indulged In last Sunday evening by some of the strangers, who visited our city on that date, was enough to disgust anyone and make his satanic majesty chuckle with satisfaction." The facts seem to be that Sunday bias been desecrated all summer at this place in a manner to put the average summer resort to shame, and that decent people are coming to shun it entirely. The Soap Men at Prlinglmr. The soap swindlers, who worked Algona, met their deserts at Primghar. They canvassed the. town, selling a dozen bars of soap for $1, at the same time promising to deliver within a week, either an onyx top center table, a plush covered rocking chair, a 64 piece china set, or a banquet lamp. Of course the wonderful offer was made solely to introduce the goods. They sold but nine boxes of the soap before ;he mayor got wind of their game and iiad them promptly arrested, giving ;hem the privilege of exchanging their ill-gotten gains for the soap or going jail. After an attempt at a • bluff jarne they quietly submitted, gave ck the money, got their soap, and ,eft for greener pagtures. Our Poor, Old Jail Again. Bailey: Algona has the meanest jail in the state. The bars across the windows are all of hard wood or iron, and a poor man incarcerated there recently blistered his hand cutting out with a caseknife. They formerly pried the the bars off with a broomstick, but they carry their brooms down to the livery stable and lock them up now where the prisoners can't find them, and the poor fellows have to cut out or stay. The supervisors of Kossuth county should order popple bars for the windows at once. The U. D. M. wants the jailer to feed them with spoons so they can't cut out, but a spoon is a dangerous weapon too, in the Algona jail. _____ Dolllver and Vollmor. As Lafe Young sees it: That young man Vollmer of Davenport aspires to be the democratic Dolliver, but in the democratic state convention at Marshalltown Vollmer uttered one sentence without a period or semicolon which occupied fifteen lines of brevier. There [s at least one difference between Vollmer and Dolliver, Dolliver succeeds in making himself understood and Vollmer never does. Come to think of it, there is another difference, Dolliver has brains, g... * > \ A State Pair Attraction, An attractive and interesting feature of the Iowa state fair will be a series of trap shooting contests at inanimate targets, held at the fair grounds Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, Sept. 10,11, and 12, These events will be under the supervision of 0. W. Budd and F. 0. Whitney. The management of the state fair association have appropriated money to be added to the purses. Programmes will be printed and mailed t9 gun clubs throughout the state. A family Bow at Arnold's Par It, The Spencer Reporter bag a report of a brutal flght between Vilas Arnold and a brother-in-law named Beebe, at the Okoboji resort, The men are bptb powerfully built and yery stubborn, and after a bloody fight of 60 minutes, the only way they could be separated was to chloroform them. Details are meager; but it ie reported that one lost an eye and the other an ear, and that both were badly disfigured wise. The Capital pays? Tb§ SJgux, i'ibuae things, Senator Fuok he defeats^ the Hotel Among the enthusiastic temperance Workers in our midst, this Week, is £ A. Freeh, our old time friend of Bancroft. Mr. Freeh has for several years been a bright 'and spicy writer for the press of his county, and of course feels Very much at home Jti a newspaper office. A Joke on judge iJIrdsnl). Down at Clarion some joker knowing of the absence of Judge Birdsall's wife, and the presence of numerous lady teachers at the institute, tacked a placard in a conspicuous place on the judge's residence bearing these words: "School Ma'ams Wanted to Board." Clarion has a candidate for the jug if the judge gets him in his court. Silencer's Klcctrlc Light lloW. The war between the Spencer city council and electric light company continues. The company has put in a bill for $83 for lights for July, during which month ho lights were furnished. Tho council have spit upon it and a legal contest is imminent, KosBiitli (IB n Health Hcsort. State Register: We see by the Algona papers that a Colorado newspaper man has come to Iowa for his health. This is a hopeful change in sentiment. Iowa people used to go to Colorado for the same purpose. More Water and IJOBS Wind. The blow well up at Esthervllle has gone dry, the wind remaining unabated. More water and less wind is what the farmer is now praying for. Tho Best on Record. Ledyard Leader: The present teachers' institute is the greatest in the history of these meetings in Kossuth county. _ Tho Orleans May Stay Closed. The C., M. & St. P. will build a flne large hotel at Arnold's Park next year. INGERSOLL AT OLEAB LAZE, A Ills Excursion to Be Run to Clear lialce Next Sunday at $1.4O for the Round Trip. At 60 years of age Col. Ingersoll is still a young man. He is in the full flush of manhood. In this age of dyspeptic men it is refreshing to look upon his wholesome personality, while his mind has retained all the electrical brightness and splendid vigor which first attracted the attention of the world, and his eloquence still has its famed 'silver tone and enchanting power. Time seems to have fully matured the rich powers with which nature so generously endowed him. Of all the world's noted men Col. Ingersoll is one of the most modest. It is the inherent sympathy with nature that has made him universally popular. By even those who have most vigorously opposed his views he is warmly admired as a man. Among his army of close friends he numbers some of the most eminent divines of the country, including such men as the Rev. Dr. Henry M. Field of the famous family of that name. Above all things Col. .Ingersoll loves liberty, and nothing more than intellectual hospitality. Col. Ingersoll will deliver his great lecture on Abraham Lincoln at Clear Lake Park on Sunday, Sept. 1, in Ringling Bros.' immense tent. The Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul railway will run a special train to Clear Lake and return on the day of the lecture, Sunday, Sept. 1, leaving Algona at 9:30 a. m., at the very low rate of $1,40, which includes admission to the lecture. It is not often that such an opportunity to hear so distinguished an or- tor is offered our people, and it should be taken advantage of. NORTHWESTERN EXOTJBSIONB. State Pair, Grand Army, and II ur- vest Excursion Rates, Special trains will run to Des Moinea for the state fair, in all probability, A rate of one fare for the round trip will be given. Ticket on sale from Sept. 6 to 13 inclusive, good for return passage to Sept. 14, 1896. For tickets and full information apply to agents Chicago & Northwestern railway, On account of the national encampment, G, A, R., the Northwestern line will, on Sept. 8, 9, and 10, sell excursion tickets to Louisville, Ky., and return' at less than one fare for the round trip. Tickets limited to return leaving Chicagp not later than pot, 6, 1895, On Aug. 29, Sept. 10 and 24, 1895, the Northwestern line will sell home-seek- era' excursion tickets, with favorable time limits, to a large number of points in the west and northwest at very low rates. For tickets and full inform ation apply to agents Chicago & Northwestern railway,— 23t3 IT MAY PO AS MUCH FOR YOU. Fred MUler of Irving, 111., 'Writes that he had a severe kidney trouble for many years with severe pains in his back, and also that His bladder was affected. He tried many so-called kidney cures, but without any good result. About a year ago he began the use of Electric Bitters and found relief at once, JSleotrio Bitters is especially adapted to the cure of all kidney and liver troubles, and often gives almost instant relief. Quo trial will prove pur statement, > Price only 60ofor large bottle at Pr, Sheet?' drug Store, ___ 6 tfi OF THE The State Oomwauder writes us Lincoln, Neb,, a? follpwsi "After other medicines fop what s,eeme4 to very obstinate couRh in QUV two Ph we tried Dr, Sing's New Discovery and a.t the end of two days the oouglj entirely Mt We will not be withput it fien»f tsr, 1^' ? '",' v '*iT»»*rt-wr wn»T*rt ^t 'nvr'fft 1 (^'i V?»TTII ,IK-.(, A^«f*i e*« Peaches and Cream Are something you all like. Peaches are now at their best. We Have Both Michigan and California peaches at reasonable prices, Langdon & Hudson. So Many Men Took advantage of our 43-cent knife sale, to get a good knife cheap, that we have decided to be impartial to the other sex and have placed on sale a fine line of SHEARS at the low price of 25 GTS. f\ FfUR. Every pair is full nickel plated, with brass nut and bolt, and is cheap at double the price we ask for it. If you don't find them good cutters bring them back! " Every little girl who accompanies her mother when she comes to our store to trade will receive a present of a nice hardwood "Scholars'Companion." It has a place for your slate and lead pencils, sponge, etc., a pair of brass hinges, and a lock and key. Just what you want when you go to school. Don't come alone expecting to get the box. C. M: Doxsee, Hardware, FURNITURE! w E call especial attention to our new Book Racks and Wall Shelves. Juse the thing for cheap book case. Complete stock of Undertaking Goods.' UP TO DfTTB. 40 Jbs best granulated sugar for., ,$J,0 35 bars best laundry soap for...... 1,00 Other groceries in proportion, When you come to Algona, la,, look for John Grove's Financial School and learn bow to buy groceries at wholesale prices, I sell no goods in quantities less than $16.50 at a time, Don't ask me to. I will have to refuse you. I sell at wholesale prices to the con* sumer, You save, tb.e middle profit, FOB CASH ONLY, YOU TAKE WO BISK, By buying $30,75 staple groceries for,,,,,,. 16,50 You save W.25 '„>•« "32 How Can I Do It ? Simple Enough, Even a Child can Understand It, '''$ You don't have to pay for any poor trade. My expenses are almost nothing, You buy onjy, goods— not pay the freight to your nearest railroad Address all orders QJ; send fpr sircylars to ,, »'•«« > M '.^ '~s5 1 ',:M JOHN GROVE, Algona, la,

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