The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on August 21, 1895 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 21, 1895
Page 5
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' WJP1H HIS " '•' '•*•' ' •" .* BASE BALL IN BLOOMERS, The Alleged Boston Girls Made ft 1)60' ferate Effort to titty Bali in Monday. tt Wad What Al. Adams Would Call a "Ghastly Success" —Notts of and the crowd toft afflpi* Jie'fttre etfshlofiS at tbeta attd hftd a ilfh tifiae. -Hie? played &l Iffil sBnd Lake Sunday. Sefefring to the Bloomer bait £am§ he Bancroft Register said Saturday: 'I! you wish to gee any Aigonafiittfcefls iext Monday— especially the bald eads of county officers— g6 td the ball The Boston Bloomers are a base ball success iti one way—they draw a crowd. They secured a bigger attendance Monday than has beett out for any two previous games, la otbef respects the Bloomers are not star perfofmers, Pefhaps, as Dr. Johnson said about the dog walking on his hind legs, the wonder is not that they play ball poorly but that they play at all, Why should they be criticised for not throw ing well when not one of a hundred can throw at all, But on6 Bloomer, and as usual the homeliest and oldest, was efficient. She could strike a male attitude in the pitcher's box, swing her foot like a professional, put on a tolerable curve, throw the bases, and catch everything that came to her, besides bat well and run bases like some of tbe Algona laws. She could S lay ball, and after the crowd had seen er they, gradually melted away towards town. , The Algona nine played hard not to win but came out abead by a score of 21 to 20. Trouble for, the Bloomers. The manager of the lady ball players will be in Algona Saturday if he attends 'Squire Taylor's summons, and if he does not come he is likely to find > an execution on his clubs and balls chasing him at Spencer. Up to Ruthven the nine have had a boy playing second base, who in bloomers, looked enough like a girl to<pass. But there, about five minutes before train time, they paid him up and discharged him, which accounts for the manager playing here. But the boy says that he was to have five day's notice and his fare to Chicago if he was discharged. So'he utilized the five minutes to board the train, and once in Algona he had notices served and suit begun. The trial will occur at 8 o'clock, and will probably be a default. Execution will be hastened to : Spencer, where they play Saturday, and if there -is anything to be levied on, our male bloomer will get his due. Tlie Game With Emmetsburg. Bro. Mayne, who watched the game reports as follows: The seventh and eighth innings resulted in goose eggs for each team, but when the" Algona fellows came to the bat in the ninth trouble commenced for the Emmetsburg boys. The crowd commenced to dance around and yell like Apache Indians. When tho first score crossed the home plate a genuine scalp dance commenced and pandemonium reigned supreme. The umpire had to give his decisions by signs, as his : voice could not be heard above the din. Some costly errors were made by the Emmetsburg boys, and this, with a few timely hits, allowed the Algona boys to tie.the score. The last half of the ninth, the tenth and the first half of the eleventh no runs were secured by either side, but by timely hits in the last half of the eleventh the Emmetsburg boys secured the one tally necessary to break the tie and the victory was won. The ground was horrible to say the best of it, the outfield being sO rough and uneven that it was impossible to field a ball with accuracy, and in attempting to do so - a fielder was liable to fall into a hole and jar his anatomy to a considerable degree. The home team was used to the grounds, and had the advantage on their side. To the ground, also, is due many of the errors made by the Emmetsburg boys. Emmetsburg. Tribune: At Algona, yesterday, Emmetsburg defeated the Algona club by a score of 8 to 9. Rotten umpiring handicapped our boys in the first two innings. The visitors insisted on a change of umpire, and the game went on, Glldersjeeve and J4» M, The Eagle Grove Times describes the running race in which Kossuth's two fast horses ran: The last race on the program was the three-fourths mile running, best two-in-three, and this time the Hnowing ones were entirely at fault in naming the winner, There were some splendid horses in this'race, and both heats were splendid exhibitions of racing, At the word in the first heat they got off in good shape, well bunched, At the first quarter Pearl N, was slightly in the- lead with Maple Leaf pressing her bard and Ida M, a close third, the balance being well bunched, They ran in this order 'till they reached the stretch when Ida M. passed Maple Leaf and closed on Pearl N,, Gilde^ieeve, who was in fourth, now made a magnificent effqrt and passed Maple Leaf and Ida M,> in rapid order, but was beaten under the wire by Pearl N> hy a length, Ida M third. The second beat was as fine ? contest -as the first, Starter Puller again got them off in good order aftei scoring for about twenty minutes. At the first quarter Ida M, was setting the pace, Giwersleeve, Pearl N, and M a pl f Leaf close behind in the order named At the half Pearl N. was pressing Ida M,, who was. abpnt a length in, the lead with Tbe Clown lapped, Thv prder was maintained in the stretch when a grand finish for'first was w,ad< between Pearl N. and Ida M«i th< Pes Moines mare winning by a length ™° ivf. second and The Clown. tJUrd Spor«B« Bancroft Register: The U, C< M, ays an effort will be taade to have the otig talked'of face between Gilder- leeve and Ida M. come off at the ounty fair. It would be a good draw- ng card. John Winkel has a two-jteaf'old colt titered in the LeMars north Iowa erby to h6 run next summe?i Some ne told John that there was a colt in he west part of the state which would ive the whole field the flag, John as since named his colt "Starry Banner" the Register says, because the ag story amused himi If the Eagle Grove ball nine can play hey did not give any evidence of it at gona. The score was 22 to 6 against hem. Their pitcher, who is said to be jch a good one, was pounded all over lie field. It Is said that several of the layers were green hands, but even so be pitcher was an easy victim for our oys. Sow the Algona nine allowed uch an aggregation to win down at agle Grove is a wonder. Money. I have unlimited money to loan on ong or sbort time, B. W. HAGGARD. A Chance to Trade. We will trade bicycles for horses. Will trade wind mills for horses. Will trade good sewing machines for horses. Or Will trade anything in our line for good horses. Can't use any but good ones. f Bring them now; want a car load. It2 BRADLEY & NICOUMN. v, with $59 for ball games, 'each • a.n.4 f i§o ia prises fop blpyelers, arbors gives a big Weyole prs prills.. 4<WW 3fr,e4 Qwen, seprejary IP^lfen™™ |hj FW$* Wf$J&$;¥ ,fl»9» HOOK TO BSD, ffesettt Week Closes the Most Sflceessfal Gathering of the Kind five? field Here* ft Seats Ail Records in Poirtl of Attend' ancfi and Qdod Work ACCOM* Notes* WtfJS verl fine". t No 8n<§ hSS 4 eveT,w»fi a hold tfaah he did lh h!s two" WE make a specialty lloud & Haggard. of collections. THE eye specialist, Dr. Nichols, tests iyes free at office of Dr. Pride the remainder of this week only. WATCH our windows. You will always see something of interest to you. Brownell & Allred, the shoe merchants. SOUP in twenty minutes, any kind •ou want, at the Opera House Grocery. SINCE death may be immediate, pro- iection should be immediate,, Th^ Xoyal Union Life will furnish you pro-' .eotion second to none. J. L. Donahoo, district manager, Algona, Iowa. BLOOMERS! If you are going to wear .hern you will surely need a pair of ,hose pretty shoes at Brownell's. A GOOD Beatty organ for sale or to irade for a bicycle. Inquire at this office.—17tf A NEW line of ladies' fine shoes' of the latest styles arrived yesterday at 3albraith's. You can live well with small labor f you patronize the Opera House Grocery. ' ._ FUN on the road, walking or riding, f you wear Brownell's shoes. NEW Daisy flour is the best. Ask for .t. Patronize home interests. J. J. Wil80n.-20t8 WE just want to say a few words to the ladies about corsets. We are now selling the Featherbone corset. Worn and recommended by a million well dressed ladies. Dressmakers claim ihat these are the best fitting corset on the market. ' G. L. Galbraith & Co. ALWAYS Brownell's. buy the babies' shoes at " CRYSTAL, CREAM" baking powder ^s manufactured exclusively for Walker Bros. • • : MONEY to loan on long or short time. Geo. 0. Call.-tf Six per cent. Money. For time loans at 6 per cent, and commission apply at tbe Kossuth County State Bank. Interest and principal payable here. Be sure to call if you want to borrow at favorable rates. The closing week of the institute is under headway with an enrollment of 260 teachefs. This number far exceeds the previous high-Water mark, and speaks for Itself, THE UPPER DBS MoiNES has Interviewed enough of the attendants to discover that the enthusiasm is fully in proportion to the num* hers and that the quality of the instruction is equal to both. It is the best as well as the biggest of Kossuth's institutes. Much of this is due to Supt. Reed's plan of work, In the first place he is his own conductor. By this means he can get the leaders in all lines of instruction. Many institute workers will not engage where a brother instructor is named conductor of the session. Thus it happens that usually 6ne leading teacher has a number ot assistants of lesser rank. But all instructors will work under Supt. Reed, on account of his office, and he is able to get in each department a teacher equal to the best. In the second place Supt. Reed by long training and considerable ingenuity in his work has become an expert In hold- Ing institutes, a fact which all the instructors who come here acknowledge. There Is no better planner nor manager of a teachers' gathering in Iowa. His institutes have given Kossuth a standing among teachers all over this part of the state, and each one is attended by numbers from outside his jurisdiction. He caps his record with this session both in numbers and in talent, and closes an educational session tomorrow which has not been surpassed this year in the state. Tbe Week's Exorcises. The closing public entertainment of the teachers' institute occurs tomorrow evening, Mrs. Lucia Gale Barber will give an exhibition in posing and recitation. Those who remember her from last year will need no further announcement. She is unrivalled in her line and the church, will not hold all who will attend. ' The institute closes tomorrow. Friday and Saturday will be devoted to regular examination work. The attendance has reached 250 in the three weeks. This beats all previous institutes in Kossuth and in this part of the state. Two hundred and thirty-one is the best heretofore in the county. Prof. Augsberg, who was to have been here during the week and to have given a chalk talk lecture last evening, telegraphed Supt. Reed from his home in New York that he was at his father's deathbed. It was a great disappointment, but there was talent in plenty to fill the vacancy. Prof. A. W. Rich gave a lecture last evening on "Our Heritage." It was thoughtful, able, and instructive. The professor is one of Iowa's .brightest educators. The church would not hold the audience for Prof. Swift last Thursday and he gave a second .lecture Friday, illustrating the wonders of science with a powerful light. He is not surpassed in his line and gave the teachers a great treat as well as much valuable information. The Week's Additions. Following is the enrollment since the report of last week: Burt—C. M. Salisbury, Jessie Angus, Sadie Taylor, Mildred Taylor, H. Connor. Seneca—Viola Crandall. Ledyard—Harriet V. Noble, Ora Ellsworth. West Bend—Arthur Greenfield, Bancroft—Emma Adolphson, Ida Swanson, Esther Adolphson. Livermore—Eva Wilson. Whittemore-rMaggie M. Anderson, C. E. Anderson, Birdie Retelling. Algona—Gertrude B. Clarke, Laura Gilbert, LuVerne—J, Blumner,' Hobart—W. A, Covell, Nellie Staley, weeks, Tlie? Will ?ttf ft SenfttofiAi date ih the tfleia, C. E, Cohooa has called a senatorial convention to meet at Effimetsbufg next Tuesday to nominate & populist for Senator Funk's place. Now that our Kossuth democrats have gone oVer solidly to the " Sound motley" platform we suppose they will hardly endorse a populist nominee. •• Money. f have unlimited money to loan on long or short time, B. W. WE make a specialty of collections. Cloud & Haggard. YANKEE rolled wheat House Grocery. at the Opera Northern Iowa M^Commerdal School Will begin its tenth year Sept, 3, 1895, revised courses of study and a carefully selected faculty of the most able Thorough instruction will be given^ ers, Wool Wanted, The undersigned having leased the Paragon Woolen Mills for a term of years is prepared to pay from * 3 to 5 3ents a pound more for wool in cassi- meres, blankets, flannels, or yarns than can be obtained at your home market. Send for samples apd prices. Roll and tot carding 1 a specialty. Address 8, D, Duncan, West Mitchell, Iowa.—8m4 OH) PEOPLE. Old people who require medicine to regulate the bowels and kidneys will find the true remedy in Electric Bitters. This medicine does not stimulate and contains no whiskey nor othev intoxio&nt, but acts as atonic and alterative. It acts mildly on the stomach and bowels, adding strength and giving tone to the organs, thereby aiding nature in the performance of the functions. Electric Bitters is an excejlent ap- petiser and aids digestion. Old people find it just exactly what they need, Price #f ty cents per bottle at Dr. L. A. Sheetz' drug s.tore. § TWO WVES SAYED, Phoebe Thomas of Junction City, 111,, was told by her doctors she had consumption and that there was no hope for her, but two bottles of Dr, King's New Discovery completely cured her and she says it gayed her life. Thos. Bggers, 139 Florida street, San ^rancisoo,' suffered from, a Sreadfu.1 cold, spj tried iprpaohing consumption 5 , T .ithout result everything elae, tljeu bought one bfltjtle DP-King's New Discovery and, in two weeUs was owed. Naturally he, is tbaflkful It is such results, of which, these are samples, .that pvoye the W9»4erful e$cacy of f his medipine in colds and couglj>8. Free trial bottles at Tfee, be.?* salve in the wpr}d, for bruises, s, SOW \JJceriii, gait rteum, feyep gores, , chapped h.aAd.s, tfhUblajlBS,sprp.s'and 8ruptta»,andppjBttiiy$ypjres piles, . %]& g^a&tipejlto, gjy.8 pp mpjiey' Institute Notes. The examination is the test of the pudding. The flag has been afloat all the time in accordance with state custom. The instructors and scholars alike say Supt, Reed is an expert on institutes. The public have had seven public entertainments for which they can thank the teachers, The high school principals and higher grade teachers say that Prof. Rich is a marvel in mathematics, Photographer Petefson caught the faculty last Thursday, and their combined beauty is now imperial)able, Miss Eva B. Crowe teaches in the Heals school, Chicago, She has the reputation of being the best teacher of primary methods in Illinois. Judge Quarton and Dr. Keneflck were visitors at the opening and were called on fov speeches. Each responded in excellent .remarks. Supt. Reed says there has been more professional spirit in this institute than in any other. Tb,e last one he called academic this is professional, They say Janitor McMurray rnng the gong 17 times a day for classes and has never missed, once varied a second, His record beats record. 1 Mrs. B. F, Reed h&9 been a faofcor in, making th.e great fuooess of $he me,e> ing, She takes charge ftf tbe finance? an4 dpe? the clerical work requjrtcj by f aoh, instructor, Prof,, Qilehriet faae intro4u.eed, psy* logy in. $h.e institute this '""•"**«« ftottioA :: ~ ".,__, i mil W iGgir,u.ojtiye, {Je sans_ it tiytei Cheap Hated oil tho Milwaukee. Commencing June 10 the Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul railway will run a dining car on Train No. 1 and serve breakfast and dinner, and return on Train No. 4, from Canton and serve dinner and supper. For the various occasions mentioned below one lowest standard flrst*clnss fare for the round trip will be given by the Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul railway, viz: Annual meeting American Pharmaceutical association, Denver, Colo., August 14 to 24. Triennial Conclave Knights Templar, Boston, Mass,, August 26 to 80. National Encampment G. A. R., at Louisville, Ky., Sept. 10 to 14. - BLACK and tan footwear at Brownell's QUEER LANGUAGE. The "Camphor Tongue" of- a Wild but Inoffensive Kaoe. One of the queerest languages in the world, used for the queerest purposes, is the "camphor . language" of Johore, a country of tho Malay peninsula. It has lately been studied and reported upon hy Mr. Lake, an English engineer in the service of the sultan of Johore. This language is called the "Pautang Kapor," or camphor language, and is used by the natives and all others who are engaged in gathering the product of the Malayan camphor tree and only at that time. If they used either of the languages of the region, tho Malay or the aboriginal Jakun, .the natives believe that they could not obtain any camphor, and for a most curious reason. The camphor tree, Dryoblonops oamphora, grows abundantly in certain parts of the peninsula, but only occasionally contains camphor crystals. The camphor is not the same as that obtained from the camphor laurel of Formosa and Japan, which is the source of the ordinary camphor of commerce. It is a sort very highly prized by the Chinese in the embalming of their dead, in incense and in medicine, and the gum brings much more than the common camphor. The Malayans and other Johore natives believe that each species of tree bos a .spirit or divinity that presides over its affairs. The spirit of the camphor tree is known by the name of Bi- Bon— literally" a woman. " Her resting place is near the •trees, and when at night a peculiar noise is heard in the woods, resembling that of a cicada, the Bisan is believed to be singing, and camphor will surely be found in the neighborhood,. But the spirit of the camphor tree seems to be jealous of the pre • oious gum and must be propitiated, and if she knows 'that hunters are in quest of it she will endeavor to turn their steps aside. So it is necessary to speak in a tongue which she does not understand. For this purpose the "camphor language' ' has been invented. It consists of a mixture of Jakun, and Malay words, but these ore curiously altered and reversed, and the natives positively believe that the divinity of the camphor tree is completely confused. The Jakuna who hunt the camphor are one of the wildest of people, but inoffensive. They live together with monkeys, dogs, cats, innumerable fowls and perhaps a tame hornbill in perfect harmony under movable leaf shelters built on poles in the woods,— Boston Traveller. in the following courses : Preparatory Normal, Scientific, Business, Surveying, Pen Art, Shorthand and Typewriting* vented by contrary winds he undertook to sail around the Orkneys, but the vessels 'which still remained to him were dispersed by storms or shipwrecked among the rooks and shallows ou different parts of tho Scottish and Irish coast, and upward of 8,000 men were dr6wn- ed, killed or taken prisoners. Of the •whole nrmada 63 ships only returned to Spain, and these in a wretched condition. The English lost but one ship.— Brooklyn Eagle. Animals That Commit Snloldo. Intelligent observers have testified to facts which appear to show that in certain circumstances the snake, scorpion and even some quadrupeds commit suicide. M. Henry, a clock manufacturer of Longuyon,Fronco, has recently (described an experiment of the kind which he made with a wasp. The wasp was imprisoned tinder a glass, and knowing that benzine asphyxiates insects he put some paper soaked in it beside the cap- tivo. The wasp became uncomfortable, then angrily attacked the paper, but finding all its efforts unavailing it finally lay down on its back, and folding up its abdomen planted its sting thrice into its body. M. Henry was so curious to con: firm the fact that, in spite of his humane feelings, he repeated the experiment ou three wasps with the like result.—London Globe. J. I. C. Parties Lwanting to buy a J, I, Case Agitator should write to or call on Wilfrid P, Jones, at the Wigwam, Iowa, it is the only ma- Tho Scholars of France. As a sample of the payment of distinguished scholars in this country it may be mentioned that M. Gaston Boissior, who was lately elected life secretary'of the Academy, only received $000 annually as rector of the College de France. In his now position he is entitled to $1,200, or double the sum paid him as head of the great educational establishment over which Ernest Benan ruled. The immortals, according to the foundation rules, are supposed to be paid $800 yearly, in addition to their fees for attending meetings. As a matter of fact, however, they only receive $300 annually. The remainder of the sum forms a sinking fund, out of which eight aged academicians get allowances, if their private ,annual income falls short of f 1,300,— Paris Letter. chine that will pay for Itself and make big profits.for its owner in one season's work, There is big money in threshing this year, E. G. BOWYER, now at tbe new stand in tho Cowles bloclv has a complete stock of. AND FINE, JEWELRY. The Invincible The invincible armada was a famous naval expedition sent by Philip II of Spain against England in 1588. It consisted of ISO vessels, 2,430 great guns, 4,576 quintals of powder, nearly 80,000 soldiers, 'above 8,000 sailors and more than 8,000 volunteers, It arrived in the English channel on July 19 and was defeated the next day by Admiral Howard, whg was seconded by Drake, Hawkins and Frobisher. Eight fire ships having been sent into the Spanish fleet, they bore off in great disorder, Profiting by the panic, the English fell npon them and captured or destroyed a number of their ships, and Admiral Howard maintained a running fight from July 81 to July 87, witli such effect that the Spanish commander, despairing of success, resolved to return home, and as escape throxjgh the English channel was pro- Unjust Fate. "Here is another one of them plutes," said Mr. Dismal Dawson, "in the paper that says he never.was so happy as when he was working by the day." "Well?" ventured Mr. Everett Wrest, with languid interest. "Well, you say? W'y, it is jist this. Here is a feller that really likes work rollin in more money than he kin count, and here is you and me, that money would do some good % I guess you know Where we are fit without no fnrder Words. "—Cincinnati Tribune. GRADUATED OPTICIAN. Eyes tested tree of charge. Large line of optical goods always on hand. Repairing of flne watches a specialty. Doxsee & Shaw, Abstracts of Title, Awarded Highest Honors—World's Fair, has the nor the Marriage of tbe Adriatic. "The Marriage of the Adriatic" was institnted in commemoration of a naval victory won hy Sebastian, Ziavi, doge of Venice, over Otto, son of Frederick Barbarossa, 1174, In consequence of this victory Pope Alexander in, who had been driven to take ref nge in Yeu« ice, gave to the doge the sovereignty of the sea, and every year tbe doge used to go in grand procession in his state barge and throw a gold ring into the Adriatic, saying, "With this ring I theewed." Flowers wore then thrown into the sea, and the procession returned. The sentence delivered by the doge on the oo« oasion was literally, "Despousamus te Mare nostrum in signum veri perpetu* iq.ue do'miaj, "—Brooklyn Eagle, Estate, Loans, and. AJLGONA, IOWA', Office over Algona State Bank; M. P. HAGOARD, G, V, PEEK Haggard & Peek, , ; [Successors to Jones & Smith.]' Abstracts, Real Estate,-^££_ Collections, ALGONA, IOWA,, Par Owrden It iff'now getting to be well understood that wany plants that it was thought could only be grown under glass do remarkably well in ouv climate un' der summer shade, The begonia is especially suited to this suroiner work, The wrjtey came across a little piece of rookwork constructed under the shade of some large trees, in which the whole mass of rocks was completely covered with species of begonia, Every night, op nearly every night, watey W8.S flowered 0^ the» through a hose from fl hydrant. Nothing could exceed the beauty Qf tlwis mass,*— Meehan,' NOTICE. In accordance with the provisions of ter 70 of the laws of the Twenty'flfth i assembly of the state of Iowa, notice is , Iven that the drawing of the grand and .irors for Kossuth county wiu take pla> .riie auditor's office at l s!JO p, jn, 1805, F.^>, CM It T^"$1 t<t*< ,,rK!t) Legal Blanks' ?ke Mean Thlii(f . Real Estate Mortgages, Warranty Deeds, '• Quit Claim Deeds, - LeaseSi Cash or Shave Bent, Real JSstate Contracts, Bill of Sale, Chattel Satisfaction of Grass my night a,t the 4anoe fallen if X Jw&i't pavgh,* bj» A lull stool; of these are kept hand and for sale by the, dozen, gl ' < The 'Upper '

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