The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on August 21, 1895 · Page 4
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 21, 1895
Page 4
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.**; ^fc "TO;: . .^•vj-Jr-.-rgSS. Jfefv^ ' .,"• ~ V :V:'^*^'.-"v : >^ : :-~-~ '"'/"; -'-",. / "• ; . • : ' . - «<• • 'V E -| ..^»^ &•, safii; rf^'*iW^«i"BM»Aiiaife,dhfc/ «•,-**ji»**«»«>-^* * 4 bm!«3 -f- • ' «wrt4" l\^j I08IJ f. p*fiiaiftfc Y«M. fcfcftffittCAN COtM* Tothe Wi)tibH(iAaS 6! kofeStith eottfityi A tiofi of, the delegates of Kossuth cotih- l be held nt the court house in Algotta, ttffibfet 3 f A. 15.1805, ftt 1 ttalock p. tt. e f . ., toc p. . tot tfie ttlillJose of jplafclng In fioitilnatloft cfthdldates tot the folfbMig flatted county offices, to- wit i , Treasure*, Sheriff) Coutity SU< pertutendetit, and one Supetrlsof. voting pfecints Mil be en- bef of delegates set forth as titled td the titi follows: - ' • ' CommltteemeU. .B.Tel .W. P. No. bel. 5 Third ward,....P.i». siagie;,...,,.,.,......3. i Fourthward..».E. V, Swettiag........ 6 'Btlrt . J6hn Kerf ,.'..6 Buffdlb.... ...Bob*. Welter,..4...... i 3 Cresco ............O. A. Potter i..... ..........3 Eagle .............John Ray...................2 Fenton. ..........A. Peterson;..... ...... ...3 Greenwood. i.....W,W.A.corn .........7 German .....Wm. Shrader 2 Garfleld ,..O, B. Wright................2 Germaula W, W. Clement. 3 Grant R. R.Stockman...... 2 Harrison V. S. Kills. ....3 Hebron.... ..L.H. Baldwin... ....8 lrvliigton.........Seth Newcomb ....4 jbotts Creek A. H. Blxby 2 Ledyard W. A. Wright. 3 LUVerne... I.P.Harrison ...4 Lincoln...........Daniel Warburton. 2 Portland.......... W. A. Chlpman; .4 Plum Creek .B. N. Gardner. 3 Prairie ...John Longbottom 2 Ramsay...........3.H. McAdams 3 Blverdale,........J.O. Paxson .......2 Seneca .......... Henry Warner. 3 Swea..............C.A. Erlckson 3 Sherman G. M. Parsons 3 Springfield .......W. J. Burton 2 -. Union...... Wm. Dodds... 3 Wesley ...G. W. Eddy 1 Whlttemore N. L. Cotton. B It is recommended that each township hold its caucus on the 31st of August. B. F. CRO8E, Chairman. Abel afiy imfiunity tfeai t^ attraction ihefe, KM that the o*fieM fcftti kiep it closed af Idfig at they pleafee. • Me says ib- dildri&ifiate li^udf seiliri|- will not be 1 permitted ia &Hy Ment, He gays the lakepedbie pt-efeP ffiofe deeefley 8Hd leSS nUmbei'd if that U td be the ANNOUNCEMENTS. I am a candidate for the office of county superintendent of Kossuth county, subject to the action of the republican convention. • A. A. SIFEBT. . * # * * * •';,,. ••;, • /.•,• I am a candidate for the office of county superintendent, subject to the action of the republican county convention. G. F. BABSAIXJTT. THE Courier has come out as we anticipated and expressed itself regarding the action of the Kossuth delegates to the Marshalltown convention. It does not refer to them directly but in discussing the prospects of a new bond issue by the president, it •wipes the gold men from that worthy down through the line of the state platform to the Kossuth delegation. Coming out flatly as it does at this time must have special significance. The Courier riddles the last bond sale whereby President Cleveland put this country into the clutches of a foreign syndicate, besides giving them a margin of $8,000,000, and asks, evidently having Mr. Byan's convention speech in mind: . " Even if It were true, as gold men pre- •dict, that the remonetization of silver •would bring us to a silver basis, is there anything in the gold basis to compensate us for the loss and humiliation that we are enduring on its account?" The Courier is evidently hopeful for the state ticket, however, for it still speaks of millions who are willing to te deceived by gold money talk: lt Strange as it may seem, millions of toiling people reiterate • the words put into their mouths by tbe gold syndicate regarding the currency question. It was ever 4hus. The masses have always been willing tools and slaves." OMB o! the curious manifestations of the human mibd is the alacrity with whidh We all denounce those chances ttt lite which go against us as gambling. Here is the 1 Palo Alto Reporter stating that THE t?pt»Eft DBS MOIRES itt <jttot* ing the statutes of Iowa oil drawing lots in' election eon tests, makes a "specious argument for gambling itt polities. j) giddiesjickBt gro. Mayne. THE Des Moines board of trade has made some comparisons showing the importance of Iowa products. Our corn crop Of 1893 exceeded in value the total hosiery and knit goods product of the United States, the manufactured gas output of the United States, the gold and silver output of Utah, California, and Colorado, the factory product of cheese, butter, and condensed milk of the United States. The total soil crops of 1893 they compare in the following table: Iowa soil crops, 1893. 8103.207,202 Exceeds fire fosses paid by Insurance companies, 1893, in the United States 167,000,000 World's silver output In 1802..,. 132,005,100 World's gold output in 1894 181,510,100 Malt liquor product of the United States... ..: 182,731,822 Pig Iron, lead, and gold output of the United States In 1892 182,138,181 Anthracite, petroleum, and gold output of the United States In 1892 188,333,338 LAFE YOUNG writes to the Capital from Asbury Park that he listened for two hours to Gov. Tillman On the South Carolina liquor law, and he says that at least 90 per cent, of tbe audience were converted. He decribes Tillman as 47 years of age but not looking over 35. idotM oh with ISoft- poBure tvefi though Ifcey gtst fie pifeon. AndftshewaSlfl Ike midst of his loud wailinga one 6! tiid Spenders was struck with & great thought 6nd coining te the in venter of holding the bag hi interrupted him find asked " sfiftfl w6 gate the commiseration of the public itt this mt great distress fay bur outcries? For BOW thatl bethink myself t Once attempted td fristruct an inexperienced fnah, looking bland and ihfaoceht even like tihfo the Kossuths and the Okobojls and their frietfds the jEmmets in the great American game even the game called poker, and though he knew nought of it, so outrageous was his fortune, that shortly t was reduced to sore straits, And even as I looked about for sympathy and exclaimed concerning the scandalous su pretnacy of luck over skill I was taet- with smiles which broadened into hilarity and 1 Was even jeered at id my extremity, so much ao that 1 then resolved that again having proposed a game I would abide the outcome with composure." And the lamentations ceased gradually as the inventor of holding the bag thought more of what had been said to him. for even as far back as he could remember he could not recall an instance where public sympathy bad gone out to anyone who had become reformer immediately he had been beaten in a plan of his own suggesting. SENATOR FUNK was tendered a public reception at Spirit Lake Friday •evening. The opera house was filled by his neighbors and friends, toasts were responded to, songs for the occasion were sung, and the genial senator was called out tp tell about ,'"the sensations of the political anxious .-..Beat." It was a cheering occasion for iim and shows bis popularity at home _ the press notices do over the state. ••'THE Spencer Reporter, whose editor 'Is related to Ackley Hubbard, discusses the senatorial convention so fairly that there is nothing .left for comment. .Speaking of the outcome it says: "JTo bitter animosities have been felt. end all fair-minded, honest and straight ' republicans will now fall into line and see that Mr. Funk is elected by a great big majority, Mr. Aokley Httbbard of Spencer , thus expresses himself, and will do good -^ork t pr Mr. Funk before the campaigB is Referring tp the drawing of cuts it i the Ipwa statutes referred to by UPPER DES MOWES last'week i adds: <• Jf the laws of Iowa recognize that rapde - -pttJe deadlpcks, why' is it wrong tqv L '~\l ^pnyentipns tp dp sp? Jf the Clay delegates were outgeneraled tbey I fceep still," Tbe Jfewi is net gp well pleased and has, a, cplunjn report intended to put delegates especially into It, finally in & »pte, however, .ag fpllowg:. V^^BdWate^and^ delegates do not cl t>A@ P08 T eettleinent of the - '• by' HOLDING THE BAG. Once upon a time long ago, and perhaps not so long ago, a serious faced pilgrim from the tribe of the Spencers said to himself, " there is a senatorial pigeon in the woods about Medium Lake and I will hie me forth and by getting the Okobojis and their brethren the Emmets on one side and the Kossuths on the other to beat the brush I will bring the pigeon home before they find out how it has happened." Then he laughed gently to himself after the manner of the Irishman who grabbed the bull's horns—before he caught the pigeon, And setting forth like a way-faring-man he came to the Kossuths and he said to them " there is a new sport just out which is called 'holding the bag.'" Now it so happened that holding the bag was a game much practiced among the Kossuth's in their pow-wows. and so expert had they become that our pilgrim alone was ignorant in all the land of their just fame. But they held their peace and said " we will assuredly be in it when the pigeon is caught" after he told them how the Spencers would drive the pigeon to them even as they were keeping the bag open to receive it. Therefore rejoicing he wended his way to the Okobojis and their friends the Emmets and he said to them even as he had before spoken to the Kossuths, "there is a new sport just learned in Spencer called 'holding the bag' and we will all gather at Emmetsburg and the Spencers will show you how it is conducted and will raise the senatorial pigeon in such a way that it will fly straight into your bag even before you know it." Now it happened that the Oko- bojis had for many years conducted a summer resort where "holding the bag" had been taught to a nicety .to the visitors from abroad even after the most approved fashion of such places, but they too smiled not but said "of a certainty we will attend this new and enticing entertainment in which the Spencers will instruct us." Then returning to his home the pilgrim said to his brethren » we will go to the tepees by the Medium Lake and take the senatorial pigeon." And so on the day appointed the Kossuths arrived and tbe Spencers, who were assisted by tbe tribes abput the lake, placed them with tbeir bag where they were assured the pigeon would come, and they did likewise with tbe Okobojis and tbei.r brethren the Emmets, and between the two they awaited tbe arising of the bird, And for one day both tribes held their bags for they had been there before and knew the pigeon would not come out. And then a second day they held their bags but towards its close there began to be premonitions that the game was at hand, and thereupon without delay they approached the leader of tbe Spencers and they said with child-like innocence " we havo atood now two days and crave a moments rest" thereupon they requested the Spencers to hold the bags a moment, and they suspecting nothing grabbed the bags, and still suspecting nothing although there was much flattering, held the bags while the Okobpjia and KossuthB secure^ the pigeon as it rose and cast between them for it and left the woods, Aud as the darkness came on a.nd no pne appeared fc> take tbe bags the Spenceys became alarmed and when they saw the pigeon was gone and that tlje Otapbpjis and Kossuthfe had taken thes} .even |ij j,heir ow» ga»e, which they th,ougiit they b,ad themselves invented, tfcey were veyy wra$, f84 tfoe leader, lifted |WtM8| w$ tfafe eppj.1 Jmk B<rt , ^ ndes, even $e be NEWS AND OOMMEKT. Here is Lafe Young's contribution to the season's fish stories, sent in" from Asbury Park: " A few days ago near this coast, some fisherman caught a turtle weighing nearly 900 pounds. He was eight feet long, five feet broad and two and one-half feet thick from the top of his back straight down through to his stomach. The oldest fisherman has no recollection of ever hearing of so big a turtle being caught in the Atlantic ocean, and those who are familiar with the life and conduct of turtles say that this one was at least old enough to Vote at the time Columbus discovered America. If this be true it is to the credit of the turtle that he has escaped the wiles of all the beauties on' shore. Escaped the exorbitant charges of the hack driver, the merciless charges of the Ocean Grove hotels, and that he has never seen cake walk performed by an aggregation of waiters from the Asbury Park hotels. This turtle was considerably bruised in being captured. He refused to surrender without a struggle, and yesterday .morning passed peacefully away after having been an expense of $25 to Mr. Bradley. His sister, however, captured a day later, one weighing 600 pounds, still survives, and is on exhibition at the fishing piers." The;Emmetsburg Democrat tells a story on John Bennett, an ardent Brown man in the senatorial fight, who among others tried to get ahead of Mart Whelan and Frank Allen with the Emmet county delegates: "The public has long considered barbed wire something of a nuisance. It is a nuisance and Bro. Bennett is not at all backward in saying so. Wednesday night he had an experience that settled his mind on the matter. The senatorial convention was not going the right way to suit him, so he resolved to break the deadlock. After the last ballot was takeu that night he hired a team and started for Estherville to bring back with him a party whom he considered was able to influence a couple of the Emmet county delegation against Funk. After going some distance he lost his way and wandered through oat fields all night. He did not go quite so far north as Joseph Cory, the peddler, but he got tangled up in a barbed wire fence and tore his pants so badly that he had to borrow a pair. One of his legs was also badly scratched. This delayed him so long that he did not reach iEmmetsburg before 9 o'clock. He reached' the hall just in time to hear the chairman of the convention announce the nomination of Mr, Funk. This was exasperating.* It reminded him forcibly of the time he' was running for superintendent, when a locomotive killed the mule he was driving. SENATOR FUNK. Forest City Summit: He is a first- class man for the position and is one of the leaders of Iowa's senate, Ida Grove Pioneer, Dem.: Senator Funk is a good man, for a republican, and the Pioneer is glad that he had his luck with him. Orange City Herald; There are few men so popular as Senator Funk and few whose ability and qualifications are so generally admitted. Sac Sun: It is particularly gratifying tp learn that Senator A, B, Funk of Spirit Lake has been ronominated in the Forty-seventh district, • Reck Rapids Review, Dem,: The senatPr from Dickinson will be a conspicuous figure and influential member pf the next general assembly as he was pf the last, Iowa Falls Sentinel;" The republicans of the Forty-seventh district did a good piece of work last week in nominating A, B, Funk fpr another term in the senate. Buffalo Center Tribune: He is pne pf the ablest men pf the senate floor and the district did a creditable thing, notwithstanding there were other gppd men in the race, by waking him its choice. LeMars Sentinel: There was a gppd field of candidates in the convention " the ndminawpn, of Sjnatpr Funk is , jbly jaore ^ajisftwjwy to the efeated pnes thu&n would &ave beep the Pikerf*. thin£ in his »»..»....». legislation, m h&s had, the asmst* fcmlty and iffipfdvtd It, td lift Iff Spirit Lake td ah ideal social summer- mat t, He is aft honor td the; editorial i>W fesaion. Fort Dodge Messenger:' ffd ffiafi itt the legislature «fa§ Svef ffid*8 geHgfall? of more highly esteemed than Senator Funk. He is a vefy Satjgfftctecy illustration of how Character and brains without a particle o! pretense, will command recognition, Fairmount, Minn,,' Sentinel: ' The nominee Is a man of high chat-no;tet*, sound judgment and rOcltbound prih- eiples of Tsontssty and fflofality ( The editor of the Sentinel taught him his first lessons in printing and feels a pardonable pride in his distinguished career*. ' Lake Park News.' To say that We are pleased over the result expresses a mild opinion. The honor thus bestowed upon a long time resident of this county is one that has fallen to but few citizens of Iowa, and the republicans of this district have made no mistake in their-action, Creston Gazette: Senator Funk has deservedly high rank among the clean, able men of Iowa. The Committee on suppression of Intemperance will at the next session of the legislature be about the most important in that body and we hope to see the senator again at its head as chairman. Emmetsburg Democrat: Mr. Funk is now in • a good position to harvest congressional honors in the Eleventh district. He Is thought to have excellent prospects of succeeding Congressman Perkins. He is brainy, earnest, resourceful and level-headed and he would fill the position fully as creditably as the Sioux City gentleman. Apart from his political failings, the senator must be given credit for being a capable and influential man. Cedar Rapids Republican: From every part of the state come congratulatory paragraphs relative to the renomination of Senator Funk. The secret of this is the record Senator Funk made in the last assembly. He stood forward as one who had an eye that could see all over the state of Iowa, and when he cast a vote it was with a view to the best interests of the state at large. He was not narrow in any sense and this kind as a man always finds favor with the people. Marshalltown Times-Republican: No legislator will receive a more genuine welcome back to the general assembly than Abe Funk of Spirit Lake, who has just been giyen the most unustial distinction of a third term. It is gratifying to the friends of good government and honest politics and it is highly creditable to the district that sends him there. It is sotne encouragement to a man in the legislature to rise above faction and locality and act according to his best judgment for the whole state, as Senator Funk did. Mason City Republican: We note with pleasure that Hon. A. B. Funk of Spirit Lake has been nominated for state senator for a third term by the republicans of the district which he has so .ably represented for eight years. This is an honor that falls to the lot of but few state senators, and stamps him as a mail of preeminent qualifications as a legislator. We are glad to count the senator as our friend, and to extend to him our congratulations. The coming session of the legislature will be a very important one, and it is well that a man of ripe experience both in life work and in shaping legislation should be in the upper chamber. We predict for Senator Funk a useful career, and we are glad the people of his district saw fit to renominate him. Fort Dodge Times: Senator Funk has been serving this district in the senate and there was no dissatisfaction on the part of the people with him, but some weeks ago the republican of Clay county, while in the county convention assembled, after looking at each other for a little while happened to think that not a man present had ever been given a seat in the Iowa senate. The prospects for an abundant harvest made all present happy and a feeling of prosperity'prompted them to conclude that it was their duty to help run the government, so they selected a Clay county man as a candidate for the senate, Kossuth is the biggest county in the state and, her citizens are right up with the county. They enjoy nothing better than a good natured trial of political strength, Kossuth cut timber for a senatorial candidate, and then the fun began, , Palo Alto put up a man and the first ballot on tbe 6th stood: Dickinson and Emmet, 11 for Funk; Kossuth, 11 for Clarke; Palo Alto, 7 for Brown; Clay, 8 for Hubbard. The corn kept right on growing and the harvest hands 'consumed their regular rations during the two days the giants wrestled at Emmetsburg. IN THIS NEIQHBOBJOQD. The democrats talk of running Capt, W, E. G, Saunders for cpunty treasurer over in Palo Altp, Erametsburg will build a $6,000 city hall. J, M, Cowan bid on the work, -but another man was belpw him, The Ledyard Leader takes a hopeful view: Funk ampunts to abput as much as any man we could send and will dp as little harm. The Charles City Intelligencer has our district rightly named: Senator Funk was renpminated fpr a third term in the Kpgsuth district, last Thursday; 1,667 ballots were taken. M,iss Mame Fa/rell 1 , wljp is pne of AJgpna's elected teachers, has been given a' ppsition in the ^Jaspn 'Ojity sphppis, and will prpbably accept. That will leave anp$jey vacancy fpr the. •7§ applicants lor tjhe depgt -sobool. EJ B. Campbell!? sen, CP^P,'i? «<?m- ing b»&fe tO &pms;trflmj .ffprn. Qregon, '" bjis Jntw§?t]ft * h §> &eei§y ,„., ;.-...-'& WF> frfc lft!r,$ Bj,n.Qrofk He fattwr-'g usual. Ifefi TtoWW n, juiuui'oifBuur'K Jsuuiuurttb* 4 IW.IJLUUU StBrl ' the* AtgBftOieinibtl^ IFrlfed Itt break the ptrf-'jSesg M «! .helpiaf te the deadlock. It Wai bfokfefl befOre ffiOrfiinjfirand KossUth broke itt It is hard td believe that Mf. Staff suggested the novel plan 6! doing BO. Ledyard LeadeM Mtsd HattL Stephens of Algeria dftifie up with her fathef, Marsh Stephens, i on Monday ahd oa Tuesday departed fof St. Pat) to visit Mends, she formerly refid efed some very efficient service in our* public schools atid a great number o friends young and old were pleased to meet her. She is now one of AlgOna'i able teachers, The fiethervllle "Vindicator says it li responsible for having Bailey's item about the Hotel Orleans credited to ; Kossuth county editor. It says: Th Vindicator editor is responsible for th blunder and feels that he owes an apology to Bro. Bailey. In writing the introductory we confused the town ofBritt, Hancock county, and Burt Kossuth; hence the error. The U. D M. editor should have been able tc place the authorship without making the inquiry, after having done so muci as he has to spread Bro. Bailey's fame throughout this part of the country. stnoiDE AT SPEKOEB; A Correspondent Tells Our Render About the Taking off of Lawyer Hendershott. C. D. Hendershott of Spencer, son o Judge Hendershott of Ottumwa, and well known man to lawyers in thi section, shot himself at Spencer a week ago. The following letter from ou correspondent tells the story: SPENCER, Iowa, Aug. 14.—To thi Editor: The people of this communitj were startled yesterday afternoon about 1 o'clock by the announcemen that Attorney C. D. Hendershott had committed suicide by shooting himsel through the heart. The details of the sad tragedy and the causes leading theret'o are as follows: It was known to his more intimate friends for a week past that he was in serious trouble through fraudulent transactions which he had been secretly carrying on for some two years', the results of which he was now compelled to face. In addition to his law practice as member of the firm of Allen & Hender shott, he was also doing business as real estate and loan agent. In addition to the legitimate business of this character which he had been doing, he also carried on his fraudulent transac tions by forging bogus loans on lands in this county and floating them through an eastern loan company, which has thus become the victim of his rascality To secure the money on these bogus loans he forged the applications, notes mortgages, and as they were not re corded here he also forged tbe recorder's certificates and abstract as well. The amount of his fraudulen transactions amounted to 16,900. The money in some way had been squandered—$3,600 within the last 70 days When the representative of the company came on and confronted him with his crime, being a man of proud spirit, he preferred death to the disgrace of confinement in the penitentiary. He was a large hearted, generous man and had a large circle of friends. He was supposed to be a man of considerable means with which he was very lavish His aged parents had been here visiting from Ottumwa, and the officers were persuaded to delay the arrest til his pareuts could get away. By using a little deception he succeeded in getting thorn started for home at 12 o'clock yesterday, and sent his wife along with them and went .to his home and after writing several letters to friends and others he ended his own life. TO SAVE OTHERS. SPENCER, Aug. 13—TP the" Public I sacrifice myself to save others from disgrace. ,1 hope that my acts will no1 be treasured against my family, have spent my wife's money with that I have taken, and leave her nothing. When death comes charity should begin. While the beginning was not my fault, I cannot show it and for that reason I assume all responsibility. Yours, C. D. HENDERSHOTT.. LIFE'S MINOR TBAGEDIES, One of Them Was Rehearsed Before 'Squire, Clarke by Mr, and Mrs, E, Burt, Yesterday an attractive appearing young woman, with two little children, and a fairly well favored young man sat on opposite sides of 'Squire Clarke's court room tp tell him about their domestic difficulties. Whiskey sums up tbe whole stpry, Mrs, Burt had got on three years with her husband affectionately while he was sober, and with blows when he was drunk, At length she was afraid of him, He had gone tpPipestpne, Minn,, in July and came hpme Monday, He was drunk and was bound that she should moye back to his parents at Pipestone with him. She was afraid to gp hpme Monday night and complained pf him> yes terday inprning. He admitted that he was drunk pretty regularly but denied reugh treatment. 'Squire Clarke heard both stories and then bound him over in $300 bpnds to l?eep the peace, and in default pf bail he is npw i»v jail The ropral of this event is in the "application pn't." By its a^9Hnoemenli in this paper it will be seen tliat tl)o_ state. University Qf JowaJwrnesits Wi'k, OB the "' ' pJ September, in the MM«_ .„,. J»y will i*tii •{ fits . Td fte fflttott Itt the , i86t f MB 0{ ftg? you made mefitSon of the fact that a test of eowS at our county fair this fall »as t talked Of, and asking me to gl?e'partieuiat<§, As is wen kHownthaVft ft pfetty good hefd of dttlfy eows, afcd la afl afgUtnent a shof fc time ago with some paftles who believe my cows are hot as good KB t have rep-. tesefated them td be, afld that they had better ones, I Wag led to believe .that a test of cows at out 1 'county fair would show who has the good cows. , It is a Well*kBoW& fact that right. here ia the best eou'nty ob taea are mllkieg cows which tnitt 'them ia debt every day, and It is with & desire to show that we have just as good odws here as anywhere else that- I nronose the test; and I believe that every breeder of cattle who makes claims forms stock being above the common lot would be glad to demonstrate what his cowscaado. As I understand it the executive committee of the county fair cannot put much money into prizes, so I propose that parties entering cows pay an entry fee of say $2.60 for each head entered, the test to be decided by a committee selected by .'..the contestants or fair officials, as may be determined later, and this committee to see the cows milked, take weights and samples for testing by Babcock test for butter fat, and the amount of butter determined and the whole product at its market value, both butter and skim milk, and the value of both to determine which cow produces the greatest Value. I would like to see ah aged cow prize and a two-year-old heifer prize. Should this meet the approval of the breeders it would be well to notify the secretary of the fair. . - . I am willing to meet any and all in an open, free contest, and am also willing to abide by any fair conditions for conducting the test. Should my plan not meet the wishes of breeders I will be glad for an expression of opinion. More later. T. J. JULIAN. KNOCKED DOWN AT LUYEBKE. A Conductor ana-Traveling Man Are Seriously Hurt In a Freight Caboose. Last Wednesday a traveling man named Fisher was brought to Algona, from Lu Verne arid was looked over by Drs. Scott and Garfleld and by Dr. Will of Eagle Grove. He and Conductor Ford were standing in a freight caboose at Lu Verne when the engineer brought the train to a sudden halt. The conductor was thrown witb his head on the stove and Mr. Fisher followed him being injured in the ribs. Mr. Ford was taken to his home in Eagle Grove where he is still confined.. Mr. Fisher is a hay man of Chicago and is there. How the accident happened is not fully explained. It is thought that a defect in the engine caused . the emergency brake to set, which brought the train to an immediate standstill. PERSONAL MOVEMENTS. Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Warren came Monday morning for a visit in Algona. Mr. and Mrs. Geo. E. Clarke started last evening for a two week's trip tp Maine. Mrs. Dr. Criley and son Clarence are up from Dallas Center visiting at Dr. Morse's. . Mrs. Egan of Wycoff, Minn., is spending a few days here with relatives and friends. Mrs. Bertha Reaver is up from Knoxville visiting at home with her aunt and cousin. . Misses Ollie and Trix Salisbury went to, Fort Dodge yesterday to visit an uncle. Miss Myrtle Call joins them today. Miss Jessamine Jones returns today from her school work in Chicago and will rest a week to be ready for the' public school opening next Monday. Mr. and Mrs. Theo, Kerndt are over from Lansing visiting at J, T. Chris- chilles'. Mrs, Kerndt is Mrs. Chris- chilles'sister, and will remain some' days, / Fraulein Ottilie NeH is visiting at W. H. Ingham's. She is a teacher in Miss Rice's school in Chicago and was an intimate friend pf Miss Anna C, Ingham. i Mr, and Mrs, E, B, Butler are back frpm their northern trip, on which' they had a most enjoyable time. While they were gone Mr, and Mrs, Danson spent four weeks at Qkoboji, The firm is now doing business again. C. E. Heise represented Algona at the Knights pf Pythias meeting at. MarshalltPwn, and with Gep, E. Boyle pf Whlttempre held-the fort. He made one of the chief speeches in* favor of changing the election of officers, and the motion prevailed, Mr, and Mrs. John Maevioar- and' »vr ur !# il ^' et } of De8 ' Moines, and Mrs. Al, Nash and two daughters of Audubon stopped off on their way home from the lakes, where they haye been spending the summer, and visited a day with their cousip, Mrs. Harvey T ngjiam. C. F, Kuehnie of Denispn was in •own Monday on his way home frpro he Knight's pf Pythias grand Ipdge meeting, at which be was elected "epresentatiye of the state, to attend /he wprld's meeting 0 | Knights next ijipaen for that hpnpr,' * ' Miss Lulu Clarke ie added to the ijsfc of Minnesota, university students. It >PW includes besides |#isg T —'"" MoQpy, whp goes for l»svi*l» * /"*««...^- ffTT A _ 3laren,'oe Havst J^igges Jyfejjej and feuby stWitb* 8Jld «H OS Wfl48VTOft}3U - o5;T *! .Wjf*" «¥»,**»**» **! *>. va*s S|fe'|t f to« ier little daughter-: MrsTStella Rt •'if/ .-,'« r »n -- • i rff-,<» 5' t M .<>•' 'TljJal

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