The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on August 14, 1895 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 14, 1895
Page 7
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\%" ''*'*'''**" ' * ^ ' » ' "' r * ~ ~ ' > ^ ^ ^ fl l'' '= '' * J r,t'^ WPMJH Dili ALCIOH4 f I J-oti ft pat monkey id A fAD IK KM fOBIL i MARBLE Busts FO& FASHION- id fetrettfcts Acttfti iff yWa ever hear of thai* Well there .. thetisahds of fawners who think SSSr.WlIt reach this yield «rlth Satfcer'S 6W feardy Red C*6ss Wheat Rye 60 FtrtishfeiS f»6F acre! Crimson Clover at ,1S.ftO fret bushel. tx>ts and lots of grass ffthd clover for fall seeding. Cut this out d send to John A, Salser Seed co., Cfoese, Wis., f6r fall catalogue and ! of AboVe wheat tree. (W.N.u.) Ttbe BftxoU viftWe Oi fisleben. famous hs th« birthplace urLtither. i* falling into ^ decay as the result of continued earthquake I shocks, »hlch begaaitt 1892. ^ ft&tghtA fttttplftr, iJonton. Ma«§. On account of the Trteanial Conclave of frights Templar, to be held in Boston, August 20-80, 1805, the Chicago Great ^."Western Hallway will sell eicursion tick- 1 ets to Boston atone first-class limited fare i for the round trip. Tickets on sale August 'in to 24,' inclusive. All tickets good to return tip to and including September 15. except that tickets . which are deposited with the joint agent of the Boston lines tnay be extended to include October 6. Parties desiring to go one route and return another may so arrange when purchasing tickets. For rates and other information apply to the C. G. W. Ry. agents, or address P. H. Lord, Gcn'l Pass'r Agt.,. C. G. W. Ry.j Chicago. . A crusty bachelor says "A woman keeps scret what she doss not know." .It would ABLE: WOMEN. . Atttt* the Cftttsc of ttie latest Cra«s frtited ttf the t»rt Tliftt At**. tMif land's fcnlfc ttetfrati in MnH>te « races the ItfttStb tttrafts, u & would follow her secret what she does not be well if some men example. __._ , The T.ul«»t Sensation. The surprisingly low rates offered by the Nickel Plate road to Boston and return account Knights Templar conclave and a choice of forty routes. Tickets on sale Aug. 19th to 25th Inclusive; longest return limit; service strictly first-class. , Sleeping car space reserved in advance. For further information addreas J. T. Calahan, General Agent, 111 Adams street, Chicago. Twelve hundred girls and young women In Reading. Pa., earn $6,000 by turning out 1100,000 stockings every weak, the market value ot which is $30.000. Travel In Comtovt. New sleeping earn have recently been placed in service by tho Chicago Great Western railway on its Minneapolis, bt. Paul. l)es Moines, St. Joseph, Kansas City line. These cars are the open drawing- room pattern and have every modern c'onvenionco for comfort and safety. This popular line is always to the front in its train , service. When traveling between Minneapolis, St. Paul, Des Molnes, St. Joseph and Kansas City, go in comfort and luxury by the Chicago (ireat Western Short Line and their new modern Pullman drawing-room sleeping cars, put into service July 1st. Dining cars nn route serving meals on the a la carte plan. Pay only for what you eat. The medals and other relics of Admiral Lord Nelson have been offered for sale at aqctlon by his . grandnephew, Viscount Bridport. •' •• •.:' ..-.:' •'. ' ^ .'' Special Excursion to Bostoii. The KhlghtB Templar conclave will toe held In Boston from Aug. 26th to 30th inclusive. • Tickets .will be .on^ sale via the Nickel Plate road from Aug. 19th to" : 25th Inclusive/ Rates always the lowest; through trains; drawing-room sleeping-cars; unexcelled dining-cars; side trips to Chautauqua Lake, Niagara-Falls, and Saratoga without additional expense. For additional information call on or address J. Y. Cala' ban, General Agent, 111 Adams street, Chicago, HI. • ' When you talk about the goodness of God, don't do it with a frown on your fuce. Ontt'ldu of the li-rlgatoil rtisti-lots there Is not a farmer" in Aiu«rli;a vvho does not; llvo hi constant dread -<ft Uio drouth serpent and whose flelJH have not in smiio tilme b«un Ui-ked dry by its fluiiiinif tonpuft. It is those wlio Imvc ^uil tlielv uropa A >lu»1ed tliat rum uppiwlat« the blessimrH ',* irrigation, und mi one who ho* cxpei-iemreil lliea« bless- lmn» would think of exi-lmiiKins tlip ccrtulii- tios of Irrigation for the imwta!iit«w-«f the iirevallliiK methods.- The Irrlgalor who sows its Hiir*'to"i'e«p. lii'thl* ffiot lies the economy oV 'Irrigation.- V'or .soiim practical rc- HllltS tvrltw 10 ' .,,.»' OKI '••!•>' firA. II. (.-HA,j. I'&Lil. HOT Boston Hiillrtlng. Dfrim-r, Colorado. The value of the apples exported by our farmers lost year was $242,916. (New TorkjCorrespottdehae.) \ #$ recent portrait exhibition conciu- islvely proved the •fact that the b/ntty '•rt'Otneti of Amurlca. :are hot averse to having their chui-ms perpetuated on canvas for the delight of future generations. The beautiful faces that look down from hfavy gold frames represent the flower otAm- erlcan womanhood, and the art of tho greatest foreign painters had been utilized to depict Irt color the leading society women and belles of New York. And besides these portraits, tb«rc were those done by American artist*, and the work was redolent of the feeling that a great painter puts In his work when he pictures with his brush the beaiviitul women of his own land. But not only are our American women painted upon canvas by great fov*lgn and native artists, but of late a new fad hns arisen, and my lady longs to have her head and neck and shoulders molded In marble. This is the very newest craze. Pet-hups It first started when the news that Mrs. Cleveland's marble bust had been placed In the White House was given out a few seasons ago. Until then there were few marble busts of society women to be seen In fashionable boudoirs, but now it Is the correct thing. Just as a year or two ago It became a fad to have one's hand and arm photo- „«, drafted acr&se the base of the Iliss. ¥he head )« only a quartet o! an Inch Jn feltef. It i« vefy rarely that a Scttletof siieefceds tn Risking A fellef took 60 found and bold, with so little depth, rAnothef effective piece b* work by this sdulptor is a btlst of Mrs. Phil Over- 1 stol*. now Mrs. Stewart, a beautiful St. libliiS «romah. this bust was exhibited at the JE»arl9 Salon. A. S. Hartley, whose studio is in fifty-ninth street, has recently made a Splendid marble bust of Miss Susie Crlmmins, now Mrs. Albert Jennings of Brooklyn. The bust was completed a week before the wedding and was pro' sented to Mrs. Jennings. Harry Le Gfahd Cannon, whose studio is in his handsome teslderice - at Fifth avenue and Twelfth street, has made a relief In bronze of his wife. May Elizabeth Cannoh. It was exhibited at the World's Fair ahd won universal admiration. It shows a side face, life size, and is in a round frame, supported on either side by an ideal figure. Mr. Can- *'•'• tfi« G*«rt*»t *»«*» m "ttieattfi . W. f, WilHami, it .» and nlS %fid« ftf & week hate left their Ui Angelel h6me on A hotel trip around th6 world. They left without Itiggage of mono? of fo6d, wltfa nothing but the clothls ott their backs and ft few things In their geekets. Mr. WUiiams Is a son of Dis-* trlct Attorney W. t. Williams. Lite his father he is a big, stalwart man, capable of withstanding all sorts of hardships. Some ten days ago he s\rt ^ prised his friends by announcing his intention of gettittg married, and about a week ago turned up with a lovely A STurembWrl fif« Is bringing 1 dtit ft new kind of sole fat boots and shoes* for which it claims gfoftt solidity and J Ot VI X^^IV RgjU I. VII 11.GVI "H Vf »*<»» i* »%^»-w»j •»•- T. -.-—•—-- — - n - v bride and spent his honeymoon at the aonvenlettce. The 66W consists 6f a ftuss house. Tile story now goes that sort of tfellis Wort* ol splfal fflet&l he made a wager of $5,000 with his w tte, the Interstices being filled With uncle that his Wife had courage enough ' gu tta petcha aiid ftmmOhiad J*08in t to undertake a jotirney about the world w hich givd them both strength and without either of them having any ' 8U ppt el i eS8 . They are fitted with money or luggage. The condition was spec j a i Ual i 8 on to ordinary soles, and imposed that not more than two years Oftn be pt , 0 fl uoe 4 0o per cent below the should be occupied in the trip and that j ordlttttl . y pl . lce bf le&t het' ones.- They the travelers must not receive any help hive ftl ^ dy been U9ed iB the army, £?5?Mi Sne oTKSe'ul I "* * i8 8taWd th f f ^rf-Se 0 ^ til their return. The conditions were | test are very satisfactory, the soles ABAH REHAN AS KATHARINA. non has reproduced this work in marble also. Mr. Herbert Adams has made a fine bas-relief In bronze of Miss Mary Shepard, which Was exhibited at the Portrait Exhibition. Mr. French, the sculptor, has made a marble bust of his sister, now the Hon. Mrs. Eaton of London. The bust Is of Carrara marble and Is life nlze 1 . KATE MASTERSON. promptly agreed to, and as no particular preparations were necessary, it was decided to commence the long journey at once. The friends of the bride and groom assembled at the hotel, and the crowd WEB increased by a number of cu- rioUs spectators, ao that when tho last good-byes were said and the plucky little woman and her big husband took the first step from the doors they were j greeted by cheers from au assembly of several hundred people. They bowed their thanks, and trudging along were soon at the city limits and fairly started on their way. San Francisco and Seattle being visited then the road lies straight for the Orient. The undertaking is actuated by a desire for sightseeing and adventure as well as by the $6,000 purse which is made up on the venture. STORY OF STOREY. THE RIPENING OF THE WINE. St. I^outB. St. touU. August SSd Wabash Line will sell tickets Pea Moines to Bt. Louis and'return for |p, 00 Leave Des Molnes Friday night at 8-80 and return Sunday night by leaving •St, Louis at 6:00, arrive m Des Moines Monday morning in time to make connections with'all trains leaving city. Horace Seely, Commercial Agent, M) Fourth street, DBS Molpes, la. It is said tftat Mrs. Edmund Yates carries her husband's ashes about with h«r in a little casket, which is fitted into a traveling bag of spBcialjltsign, Tree planting is no w encouraged in nearly every western state. MRS. PHILi OVKRSTOIvZ:' '••" graphed. In fact, I know of more than one pretty woman who visited a swell photographer for the purpose of having her dainty foot, unshod and unstocklng- ed, portrayed on an elegantly finished "imperial" card. ' I visited one of our most prominent sculptors, J. Q. A. Ward, In his studio one day last week, and ^questioned him as to the new craze fpr marble busts, and he said: ' "i believe such a craze hns sprung up within the last season or two, .but I have never made a bust or bas-relief of a woman. There .are'few women whose heads or features will lend themselves to a graceful reproduction in marble. Any defect which in a photograph or painting might not show will stand out glaringly in a bust. Theve are, of course, some heads and faces - which seem especially adapted for this sort of reproduction. Qf this type :dre the models from which a.sculptor molds the heads and figures in historical and allegorical figures. But the average pretty woman does not appear to advantage ; when modeled in, marble; It is a custom that to me seems more suited to those who are dead. It certainly has a suggestion of a mortuary memorial; but still I know that within the last few seasons it has become the fashion to have it done." ' ' • . . •-. ; '.-• ' W. Clarke Noble, who has his studio Jn a stable In West Eighteenth street, which he has converted into a dream of artistic beauty, has madg several busts in, the round and in relief, pf women apd children. One of his most famous is the bust of Mrs.-Frederic Jfell- son, sister of Miv Fi-edej'lck Gebhardt, He has also made ari exquisite relief of Mrs. I/uhrman of Philadelphia, and ; another of Mrs. Randolph, the wife of Ma/- lor Randolph of the United States army;, Mr, Noble's beautiful bust of Mrs. Gouv erneur Morris is one of the most admired uf hiss masterpieces, and he has made a, charming medallion of the children of Mrs. Woodblne'of Cambridge. Mr. No* ble is,.now at work on a splendid relief of a well known society woman ol this "Sty. She Is represented us descending How thd Kuinous Chlcou" Editor WIIB Provided wltH n Dally Scapegoat. (Chicago Correspondence.) Wilbur F. Storey, though a great editor, never had fame for good humor; and as he grew old he grew irritable. Little things worried him; small matters made him furious. If some mistake shone forth in any fashion of ragged, bad work In the Chicago Times, Storey was liable to inquire the criminal out and deal with him. There came a time In his life when his dismissals from the service of his paper averaged four a week; good men, too. 'James B. Runnlon, now editor-in-chief of the Kansas City Star, was then managing editor of Wilbur-Storey's Times, Tc preserve his force from the devastating swoops of Storey's irritability, something had to be done. Runnion studied' the situation long and hard. He noticed that after Storey had discharged a man he'appeared to experience great relief, and would get along In peace and comparative quietude foi a time. The record showed that Storey never fired more than one man In a day. If Runnlon could only provide the right sort of victim every day all would be well. A bright Idea struck Runnion. He had a splendid, competent boy in the elevator. He removed this valuable youth to another field and hired a boy; the worst that he could find, The boy knew nothing of an elevator and did everything wrong. The first time Storey got into the elevator with ' the worthless boy he started the machine too soon and almost caught the great editor in the door frame.' Had he succeeded it would have ended Storey's career. Upon arrival at the top flooi Storey ordered the dangerous youtl-. discharged. It'was done and the old elevator boy was sent back until a f resli victim could be brought on. The next morning a new and ^clumsy elevator boy was discovered "" by Storey anfl promptly told to, go. The morning following Runnlon fed the great editor another. Now and thehjto. boy would last two days; but the ruMfwas five a week. Storey would Immolate a quintet of e)e- vator boys each week, and with that he would rest content. It was L a good thing and kept him off the regular force, and restored tranquillty among the hired men. But Jt was a bit rough on the boys, The Swiss Mi'tliod ol' TrputliiK th« Uquld Tliroiirrh Its 1'rcparatlon for Siilc. The wine in Switzerland is left in the casks till the following spring, and it is here that fermentation takes place and the mout is converted into wine. The change begins almost Immediately; tho liquid becomes turbid, carbonic acid gas is evolved, a scum is thrown up on the surface and the temperature rises. A climax is reached; the 'intensity o£ the fermentation diminishes, subsides, the scum settles as a stymy deposit at the bottom of the cask and a clear yellow liquid is left above. The grape sugar has almost entirely disappeared, a corresponding amount of alcohol has taken Its place and the swetet taste of the: mout has given place to the charac- 1 teristic vinous flavor of the wine. In the early stages of fermentation enormous quantities of carbonic acid gas are given off, arid huge "fires are made in the cellars to drive it away, But at the time I write of (October, 1893) when the vintage was the finest of the century, when barrels to hold the mout could not be purchased-for love or money, when every cellar on the lake, from Geneva to Villeneuve, was packed with casks of mout, so great was the. amount, of carbonic acid gas iri the air that in spite of every precaution, several deaths from suffocation took j)lace among the workers. In the spring the wine is drawn off clear into other barrels, then bottled. Vin ordinaire is not bottled at all,' but simply drawn.from the wood. This is the wine sold nt all the little winshops, with which Switzerland abounds. It is drawn quaint little glass decanters, containing half a liter each, and BO served to the unhurrylng Swiss, who 'drink it round little tables under the trees on the sunny pathways or over wooden benches inside the red-curtained wine- shops. were found in ffOod condition after long and severe usage. ' Cholc* ot ttotltrt* To Knights Templar conclave, Boston, via the Nickel Plttti* road, embracing Chau- taitqua Lake. Niagara Palls, Thousand Islands, Hftpids of the.Bt Lawrence, Saratoga, Palisades of the Hudson, Hoosttc Tinfnel, and ride through tho Berkshire Hills bv daylight. Tickets on sole August W to '&">. Inclusive. Lowest rates, quick time and service unexcelled, Indluding palace sleeping and dining cars Address J Y. CalabaU, Oeniral Agent, 111 Adams street, Chicago, for further information. The value of the vegetable oils exported last year was 80,000,000. _ KK3.OO lo St. Louis, Mo., and tteturn. August 2»d, via Great Wobosh. Trains leave 8:80 Friday evening at union depot Fifth and Cherry. Keturn Sunday night Horace Beely, Commercial Agent, 28C Fourth' street, Des Homes, la. • They'll Come to It. Whyte--'What do you think of thoS« bloomers the girls are wearing, anyway? Browne- Oh, I think they'll look llrst-rate when they get to making them without putting so much cloth into them. ThS finest foettntf I ftfs tttd «6*t «W«yl' Hdiouied, and wh*f* mfioker^ «fitdw,; t do ndt h&f death but life is eft short that te waste it is Inffttttdu*. -I Ati act tit heroism that, afiaf it ha* taken place, has left the judgment frae,; s not the hefolfl Wit yoti di>e*ifl«A tt. .1 To ha supremo of its kind ft ithttt|fr UiUst occupy the mind to th* «xoluBt«ft] of every feeling that is not itliit How much more easily ed by disagreeable things than ty- pleasant ones. A thousand pefsotf»! applaud; a single one hisses, and his voice drowns tho voices of all the others. They any one learns only the faults, of those one copies. Soul is as necessary In a painting ao body. The true nrtist should conceive us a man of genius, and execute as a poet . Nothing 1 can be learned but what may bo taught; the rest depends upon one's self. ; If 1 wished—but in order to have the wish it is necessary to have tha power. Those who have succeeded be- cuuse they Billed to mu'ceod were sus^ , tained by a secret strength. George O. Cannon has translated tb<t Books of Mormon into the Hawaiian language. , ' A florist estimates that 8500,000,000 « year' are realized from flowers. , Answered. "How is it with that man!' 1 shouted the goodclergy man, reaching the climax. And the retired umpire, dozing in tho back pew, started up suddenly and replied: "Safe on third." ; In Oklahoma. Sexton—Hold on, 1 tell you! That's Bill Dalton's coffin. What ye want to be shootln 1 in through it for? ' Vigilante—Can't be too sure of the death ofDalton. .__'_. , __. Tobacco's Triumph, Every day \ve meet men who have *ppavently lost all Interest in Ijtc, but they uliew and smoke ull the time and wondor w..y tho sun- Hblno is not bright and the »«eet bird's son* sounds, discordant. Tobucco uitcs uwuy the pleasures ot life and leave* Irritated nerve ven- ters in return No-To-Bao is the easy wav out. Guaranteed 10' cure and mivke you well and strong, by Di'UKffiBUi everywhere. Hln Button. "Er, that Is a funny looking button you are wearing," said the raairwith the. account. "I never saw an .. >N. C.' button before. Do you belong to the 'Sons or. North Carolina,'or what?" ••SODS ot nothing!" replied the grocer. '•That means'No Credit.'" „,„„«,_ The man walked out without swelling the account. •' • .... Au U»rp»»Jn»bU Hoboolinmter. "Now, sir, .tell vne at OUCB why you were keot in at school to-day." ••Well, theteaOn- asked me-how-.many teeth there were m a man's head, ana i said a mouthful- t,h n be kept me in and thrashed me," _> See J,are«it Depot In World at St. 1-ouls. $8.00 for the round trip. Go. Friday night, 28d Return, leave St. Louis Sunday night. Horace 8e»ly, Commercial Agent, JJ2U Fourth street, Des Molnes,Ja. It is the wolf in sheep's clothing that has the sharpest teeth. ^ •BEV. H.P. CAHSON, Scotland, Dak., stiys; "Twobottles of Hall's CiUttrrn Cure corapleiely unred my little girl." SoW by Druggists, 75c. V KNOWLEDGE je comfort an4 improvement and fo personal enjoyment when !H n» wsea, The many, who Hye bet- mfa o'tUeiB gpd enjoy life more, with |- expenditure, by more promptly iptine the grid's tej* p^wet» to * »wosi of phyiBQaVbewg, will attest i Yftlue fo fte» th of the pu^re esjy, §yn»p of Fig§, lenw is 4u<? to its preaentipg ferm.BwsJt »csept»We an^I plea* th? wf rwfcwg W>4 twl/ of ^ perfect }»*. the system, a stairway, and the figure is full t>C Jife and poetic feullng, Augustus St. Qaudens has made but two busts, one a, relief in nw'ble of Mrs. Yioiet Sargent, nqw Mrs. a'Ormont of Paris, ana several seasons ago he m,aae ft u^s-rell^? of MUS SftlUe J^ae 9« this c}ty. One of the tlnest b^s-reUefa in bronze was nwle by F, W. R- Kie- it» was designed as a wedding Tlio Cniuiiitmluatlon of Insanity, (London Correspondence,) A very extraordinary instance Q t the, communication of mental disease from one person to another has recently been brought under our notice, The daughtej' of a mechanic obtained a situation, but in consequence of her fits of temper and bad language soon lost U, and a home was found for her. During her stay In this home the wife of a medical gentleman residing in Devonshire visited the place and became interested in the girl, eventually taking/her to her home as a companion. The girl's conduct, however, very soon convinced the husband of the lady that the girl was not a mere hysteric, but was absolutely insane. The friendship which, the lady of the ftoust evinced for the elrl became more pronounced, notwithstanding the circumstances of the girl's behavior, and the medical gentleman quickly realized that the mental disease of the girl was communicating itself to his wife, who several years previously had herself been temporarily afflicted. The mental disease was,-in fapt, sympathetically reviving, and the efforts of the husband tp get the girl away threatened, because of his wife's opposition and the behavior of the girl, to wreck his home, the girl regarding him as a vjplent enemy, and his wife siding with her, though they had scarcely been twu months acquainted. The removal O f y le girl for his wife's sake became so necessary that under coyer of a visit to the home he arranged, that a specia^st in rowtaj diseases, Sir J. Russsell Rey* Holds, should s g e her, The result was, the immediate removal of the girl to an Why tlio Heatlimi Knjifi!. A little unnecessary excitement haa been aroused lately by the discovery that some Birmingham metal manufacturers have been making idols to be worshiped by the heathen in India, They probably executed orders for which they were well paid, and it was hardly their business to stipulate that their wares should be used for ornament only, Besides, before we are too hard on the heathen, we should remember 'that it their idols of gold and silver were melted down and sent to the mint, they would reappear disguised as coin of the realm, and a good many Christians would worship them then. PAIR SAH-INO through life for the person who keeps in health. With a torpifi liver and the Impure blood that follows it, you are an easy prey to all sorts of aliments. That'' used-up " feeling: is tHe first warning that your liver isn't doing Its work. , That is the time to take Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery. As an appetizing, restorative tonic, to repel disease and builcl up the needed flesh and strength, there'* iiothing-to equal it. U rouses every organ into healthful action, purifies and enriches the blood, braces up the whole system, and restores health and vigor. •m According to the cen«ns, there are 31,000,000 church members in the United States, Piso's Cure Tor Consumption has no equal as a Cough mtdicine.—F. M. ABBOTT, B83 Seneca jft., Puffalo, N. Y,. May 9,1894. Squeezing was once considered to be a sign of good Jack, and it ought to' b» yet. EDUCATIONAL. nXXXN^NXN^V^N^V^NXNXN^ 1 OF THE SflGRED HEftRT The coume of Initruetlon In tula Aoulomr.eonilurted byth»Kellg1ou8of the Bwaert n«»»t, eab™««« tt» wboU ran*« ot inbjeou naceimry to «on»Wlnten solid und raflned eduentlou. Froprlny of depottmiat, p«r- tonM neatn«i vnd the prtn&plto'ot -outnUty «j-o,oto- Jeot« of uu< ewlm? attention. Hxlendve n-oundu «*• . ford the piipllJ »T«ry facility to.- uwfol todi T uw- nln*! their health t« an ob}«rt ot constant ««UeMu«to, and In •|okn«« tliey ar« attended wlto »a*ar»al e«re. fall t»rm opei» Tuesday, ajf«iW._|JS«« l 2S 1 J" r ' Uoulart, addr«»» *1»1« HDIPfiKJJO W, Academy baor«d Heart. B«. J«o« B li, Xu, MOTRE DAWE. FIFTY-SECOND YEAR W1L.C OPEN TUESDAY. SEPT. 3d, IBM. Fall oouv»e» in CIa«BlCD. Ju*«.te>n,K«t<aMNn, J«iw. Civil ai d M*clii»nlc»I Kiiflxi*rrt*f.Ti»T*ffh Praptratory and tiommerclel (Imrvca. Ct,]UKaia4 Hall for boy» under 18 1* unlqupluUJteBrapf-aawa***'' lt» uqwlpment. OatoJojoea i.eot frconn ipptfcsU. n to H»v. AS !>»«•» MoattinBET, U. B. C, Sote« H»»» liut. r, H.Y. THE fit vaitva. Two apples eaten uncooked at each meal have been known to cur* dyspepsia. "Hanson's Sfftfflc Corn Bglve." rranteri to i'»i» or money »«f«"4«4. A* r ist for it, frlw )6 cento. Jt is estimateotbat, on »n average, o circulation wears out in 2iQ yaars, gold for the bridegroom of Miss of jlpdlaniipplis, Jnd,, by the ' JSar- «ind was or- Discovcred Sumf(?ler«' Secret. Custom officials in Montreal, Can., expect to" make an important arrest in a few days in connection with the smuggling of Chinamen from Canada into the United States, Puring the last focr months, it is estimated by tiie «U' thorities that fully 300 Chinamen have been smuggled across the lines at various places. The smugglers have be* come so bold and the operations so ex* tensive that' the authorities at Wash- jngton decided upon immediate action, and sent J2 of the shrewdest United. States secret service men to work up the case. They have made Montreal their headquarters, and -awing their sojourn of 10 days have succeeded \n locating not only the leader of the sang, but have also found out the secret means Pf transportation, BebHie»(»J«tsBtb»tuldaiia ^fill-tried remedy, Mw, Wisii-ow's SOOTMI.NU Btavp f»r ChlWien qr«(lilntP, Gold which Js absolutely pure is said to be twenty-four carats floe. »«s Slo'np* to St, l<onJ» »utl Botwru Fpr *8.00, via Wabash, August JiUd, 80i»(S Friday night, return Sunday night;, Apply atSSOTourth street, Des Moiaes, fov tickets. Hor»ce Beely, Corotnerolal Agent;. We who Ivislies to secure the good of thers h«$ alrgftdy gpptireil bts pwn, «*4. Cup oF|»«i'tei«' Tf »' »t «5g moves the ftpvyels io the Corning," 1 This country in 189o"baiJ U,909,46T horses apd iJ.SQS.SSSdiules. __ pea a.uij Face, Tender or gore fuel . ff. Plfc>»up..yey Sloven, Ct. Wrs. Oltphftftt bos writfce<» upwai'i sixty bppks since she wqsjjl yearn okj. sm^^tt^^WKfiffS* i» »ft»f cftitoi. QQ94fore\ tfy \ve»feus^?»«a iJ^tirBM JJillboayd oars, lor »i HAII HOMCI , 001»t«3 iHeTfr I 1 S.HiOr to llU,03t Bicycle Nickle Plating. Uiewost. Sena us yoiu work. Battef«cUoljBiwr*n .ecd. Our nickeling 1» the fluon*-1» Uio load. PAQEMAKej* BIIOYQUE^ COMPANY, WELL MACHINERY ABO DAIRY WOHK Can only he aocgjntiUsheqi with tt»9T9ry toti, qf tools W& rutgy o^ the l«veoJ TOOTO better, while luilklsavftl' Fanners will to g /tr od¥ m fiw, , w**«y** lDRr" Qr/scious, yet? ife* 4res8 (in hat and Qvwcoat)— GoQd Haven't you got your co»t < s aU flsea. except (ucUlug iA sjeeyee 90 they wap't get <)»'»»«•.«! A heavy diminutive . little larger tt^n potato bugs #»» a$ »ye ago, dur« «U a "rtoB4, FAvst New Woman Cat the' reprefwwts »"4 a P view ,°* the fap, as, H**[* t ft 'fhousandB «| the preatvves feljl jj*j! « ft ^^1&%WW%»]^^^ .WPr^4^J|| /: i :- f i^ i ':. .' < . l iv < .;v'^.-',{/; .,\ ''V,,^ v &5\, 1 m im

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