The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on August 7, 1895 · Page 8
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 7, 1895
Page 8
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Fair, err The Best. FINANCIAL* Kossuth County State Bank IOWA,. 8SO.OOC Incorporated Under general laws of Iowa. ' Deposits received, money loaned, foreign and domestic exchange bought and sold. Collec tlqns made promptly, and a general banking JmsLness transacted. Passage tickets to or f ro*to the bid countries sold at lowest rates. WX. H. INOttAM ................... .President .*. B. JONES .................... Vice President LEWIS H. SMITH ............. .. ...... .Cashier Directors— Win. H. Inglmm, John G, Smith, Jf.B. Jones, T. Oarischllies, Lewis H. Smith, J. W. Wadsworth, Barnet Devine. The First National Bank OS" CAPITAL .....150,000 Special attention given to collections. AjttBROSE A. CALL .....President H. HOTOHINS Vice President <WM. K. FERGUSON Cashier •C.D. SMITH Asst. Cahliier Directors—D. H. Hutchlns, S. A. Ferguson, 3?nUip Dorweiler, W. P. Carter, Ambrose A. <Cau, B. H. Spencer, Wm. K. Ferguson. ' Money alwivys on hand to loan at reasonable .Tates to parties furnishing first-class security. CASH CAPITAL, $50,000. •ALQONA, IOWA.. •Officers ana 'Directors— A, D. Clarke, President, <J. C. Ohutjb, vice Prest., Thos. H, Lantry, Cashier, Ceo. L. Galbrafth, ' ..Fred. M. Miller. .Myron Schenck, ?Thos.F.'Cooke. General Banking. JFRFPATE. SAFETY DEPOSIT YA ULTS. (STInterest paid on time deposits. PROFESSIONAL. Xrf^n^>^-V^«krf^>i.^Nrf^*^«—"*•—^itX^XX^i'VX^i. CLARKE & COHENOUR, ATTORNEYS AT LAW. Office over First National bank, Algona, la. E. H. CLARKE, 'ATTORNEY AT LAW. Collection agent. Opera House block. •S. -S. SESSIONS, , ATTORNEY AT LAW. (Prompt collections. Money to loan on chattel security. Over Chrischllles' store. DANSON & BUTLER, . X.AW. LOANS. LAND. Collections a specialty. Office In Gardner Cowles' new building, Freight 9 -.30 a in Freight.... 2:4BpJri Puss, arrives at Chicago at 7am; arrives at Des Moines at 8:16 p in< Lv. Des M. 2:30 a m Mixed connects With flyer and arrives at Chicago at 8 a< in. F, H. Vfcspfln, Agent. THE CITY CIRCUIT. Prof. Gilchrist lectures tomorrow evening. D. Rice gets 66 bushels of "barley to the acre. Brick laying began on the big block yesterday. The school teachers own the city these days. 0. L. Lund gets 32 bushels of wheat to the acre. Congregational church morrow evening, supper to- Preaching itt the Baptist church next Sunday morning. The mother of Mrs. Mike Welsbrod died in Fenton last week. Company F goes to. encampment at Waverly next week Saturday. Rev. Davidson is still very low with fever. He is having a serious time. Miss Jennie Walters goes Saturday to Clear Lake for a month's outing and to visit her brother. Prof. Dixson is -improving slowly. It is said he will not be able to do school work before January. Mrs. Prof. Gilchrist is over from Laurens and is keeplng-hoiise with the professor in Miss Kramer'i rooms. P. M. Barslou is chairman of the senatorial convention and S. X. Way secretary. Kossuth has the early honors. ...-.It is rumored that S. J. O'Neil, who went south to speculate in. lead mining, has been swindled out of -what he put in by a partner. John Altwegg's home north of Sexton is blessed with a pair of bouncing boys since Friday. John is son of one of the earliest settlers. Miss Eva Lantry ia taking a month's vacation, which she has well earned, and Mr. Quint of Mason City is manipulating the telegraph keys. •. , Two ball games are on for next week.. at the fair the Eagle SULLIVAN & ATTORNEYS AT LAW, Office hi Hoxle-Ferguson bj jck. R, CLOUD, t Successor to W. B, Quarton.] and/ Counsellor at Law, Ai.G0jfA, IOWA. gjmee oyer Kossuth county State Bank, 13, V, SWETTINQ, , ATTONSY AT LAW, Iowa. L, fC, aARFIELD, M. P., ANP 8UR&EON, i St., one door east of Cordlngiey. denee, McGregor et., east of the public sobool tmildlng. 1^ •i&r-z-'- ' «, <3. McQQY, M, D,, AND 8URQBON, Special attention to pity practice. |*HYSIPIAN AND 8URCEON, Algeria, Iowa. T, '4. The boys play Emmetsbur grounds next Tuesday an Grove nine next Thursday. Teams were in demand to take visitors to the camp meeting Sunday. Those who went report a big meeting in spite of the rain which fell there pretty numerously. Assistant County Surveyor Geo. S. Foster has .been called to Britt to lay out and survey an addition to the city and also to re-survey a block in the old plat. Our Kossuth surveyors are in demand. ' ( Mr, and Mrs. Starr went up to Iowa Lake last week to camp with Wm. Leui and daughter and Misses Caroline and Anna Leui of Portsville, relatives of the 'latter. They returned last evening.?'' The ^Northwestern train which goes north at 7:15 p, m. will be held at Eagle Grove tomorrow, Friday and' Saturday until 7 o'clock for the races. It will give all from hereabouts a chance to see them, Willis Folsom, a Poeohontas boy of nine years, was sent to the reform school yesterday by Judge Quarton. He has lived with his mother and is wholly incorrigible." She asked to have him sent. The Algona club were beaten at Eagle Grove last Thursday 21 to 15. They got off the train and began playing at once. For the first five innings they could do nothing. After that they "played ball." The big running race between Gildersleeve and Ida M. is set for Friday at Eagle Grove, It was to have come off Monday at Webster City but was changed to accommodate people from hereabouts who wanted to see it. Prof. Rich of the state normal school, who is teaching in the institute, is the gentleman who made a proposition to take the Algona normal school and who afterwards went to LeMars. He is a very successful normal school man. In another column the story of the experiences of the party which went out after the Spirit Lake massacre is told by W, H.- Ingham, and it is the first time, we believe, that it has been given, It adds a chapter of local history of interest. The Illinois Central railway gent U to secure A. M. Shaw, of Doxsee Shaw, to assist in a survey over at Cherokee, He ia taking a. (our weeks vacation and will spend it in his old work, He was with the Central for four years in survey work. Leonard Hohn has been getting a peculiar formation out of a well pn bis farm ip Plum Creek. It comes, from J8Q'feet4§epand,seem.s to be soapy, makes a good scouring material for silver, and may be valuable, A eamoje Will be sen.$ to the state geologist. Pellton. is entered jfl the g:g5 trot Ej|gtearoye this week, Giiae 4 W&M- io |h§ ryR»j}ng rages, got jnopey ,&& Webster starling in ap,ftor jpo ar M from draining ft dozen or more sloughs on his neighbor. Judge Quartoa was persuaded fay hef eloquence, aided by Mr. Coyle's, and sustained tha injuttc- tion until the September term of court, when a trial will be held. Geo. E. Clarke appears for the man who wants to do the draining. Martin G. StoWell, who is old enough to know better, was drunk and disorder^ ly Sunday, and was taken by Sheriff Samson, Monday morning. 'Squire Clarke assessed him $10 and costs, which he is boarding out with the city. He lives on the Styfield farm south of town and looks 75 years old. Deputy Sheriff F. F.. French and County Attorney Smith were up from Humboldt Monday to have a 13-year- old boy. Henry Gates, sent to the reform school. The boy came to Fort Dodge with KU'kbart's circus, has no relatives, and stole a bicycle in Humboldt. Judge Quarton-sent him to Eldora. Corwtth backed Joe Harney to the tune of $200 in a foot race at Lu Verne witb one Swalm of Hubbard. The race occurred last week Tuesday and the Corwith men lost their money. They report that Swalm beat the world's record, making 100 yards in 9i seconds. The man who held the watch'raust have been excited. The firm of Naudain Bros.- is dissolved, Will taking the dray business and A. H. the coal. The boys have been together 14 years, since they bought out Andy Shipman, and have been very popular with their patrons. They thought they could divide labor better by dividing the business, and so have separated. The Woodward ball nine played at Bancroft Monday witb a score of 9 to 7 in their favor. They played a game with Algona yesterday, Algona.coming- out ahead by 12 to 7. The Woodward boys come from near Des Moines, are tenting out and playing ball to pay their vacation expenses. The game here was exciting and well played. The editors were quite generally driven out to the curious wind well at Estherville. It is about six miles north of town and blows a blast which makes what water conies look like steam. There is no smell of gas and the water ;tastes all right. It seems to be a good fresh wind that comes from nobody knows where, perhaps from the neighborhood of the Fort Dodge census factory. E. G. Bowyer's little girl held the pony one day last week while her brother was lifting a table out of the cart. Ambrose fell with the table and scared the pony which ran against a stump and spilled out the little girl, who was picked up witb her arm broken above the wrist. It is a painful accident and a happy and handsome little face will be missed from the streets for some weeks. County Surveyor Tellier has been doing a lot of work to determine where the much disputed street by M. B, Dai- ton's really belongs. The city council have given Mr. Dalton two months in which to show that the street belongs where he has moved his sidewalk. If be does not succeed the walks are ordered back to the old line. In the mean time the Reed estate ai«e figuring as to their interests in the matter. Geo, E. Clarke went to Okoboji last evening to get Judge Given's signature to a writ of error which he is taking from the supreme court of Iowa to the supreme court of the United States, The question involved is whether the Iowa statute regulating a company's liability for damage, when a special contract is made, will apply to an inter-state shipment, The Iowa court holds that it will, He has had the case in charge from the beginning, Dr, Barr's old friends will be pleased to read the following item from the Napa, Gal., Daily Register: •' Dr, Barr has located with his family in Napa. He practiced medicine successfully 24 years in an Iowa town, .and was drawn to this state by the coming to California of his son, and to Napa by reason of her splendid educational advantages. His office is in the bank block and his residence 619 Franklin street. Napa bids cordial welcome to such as he," Arnold of Arnold's Park, Lawyers Cory and Francis of Spirit Lake, and others in interest, were down Monday to haye that boat landing case settled. It seems Arnold leased bis dock to the owners of the Hiawatha boat, and. the other boats persist^ in landing at it, He got them enjoined and they wanted the injunction quashed. After a long argument Judge Quarton allowed the injunction to stand and Mr, Arnold and the Hiawatha men and Mr.- Cory went home happy. Frank Day, who was the senator who secured the election of Knute Nelson to succeed W. P, Waehburn, and who }BHOW Ueutepant governor of Minnesota, was at the Estherville meeting, Frank was a member of the old Esther' y})le BlUwards who came down and played a memorable game of ball in the early days in Algona, He says all subsequent honors b^ye never n hinj the feeling of pride he h,ad when jje got the red striped the BJl??»r48 wore. an,4 in, petitet 1 taking Cohenour, and these then got together and chose 'Squire Clafke us third arbitrator. Itefiyon and Cftf' pettter Stated the^ case and 'Squire Clarke expressed tne opinion that Ken* yon pay $30 and that settled it, just the en me as though it had been a legal proceeding. The state weather bureau send out the following on corn: A special report f rotn 640 correspondents representing every county in the state shows that the condition of corn is considerably above an average in sixty-one counties, a full avenige in eight counties, and somewhat below the average in thirty counties. For the state at large the condition is materially above an average. The earlier fields are in the roasting ear state, and with favorable weather the bulk of the crop should be beyond danger of frost before the middle of September. At Estherville we investigated the electric light plant. The city put in a 1,000 light plant in connection with the water works for $5,500. Street lights are charged to the city at $5 a month each, but the rate would be lower if the electric lights were not made to help pay the expense of the water works. Private lights cost 60 cents a tnonth, are soon to be reduced to 50 cents a month, and would be put to 40 cents if it were not that the profits on lighting are an easy means of keeping up water expenses. The plant is one of the best we have seen and this information comes from Alderman Dawson, who has duties in connection with the plant. It wouM p_ay the Algpna city fathers to visit this plant before taking any action. Prof. GllcbriBt at Spencer. The Reporter reviews the lecture Prof. Gilchrist is to give here, and says of him: Prof. J. C. Gilchrist gave a very fine lecture Monday evening at the Christian church, on "The Public Schools of the Year Two Thousand." The professor has been a student all his life, and in the front rank of educators for fifty years, and his observations and conclusions are of no small consequence. He spoke of the improvement of the nineteenth century, and prophesied similar if not greater improvement in the next. YANKEE rolled wheat at the Opera House Grocery. WATCHES and jewelry at about one- half the usual price at E. G. Bowyers. FOR sale: A half interest in the Algona water mills. This is practically a new mill of modern type. Liberal terms to the right man, or will exchange for a farm. J. B. Jones. Des Moines, Iowa.— 19t4 SEVERAL, new and nobby patterns of crockery, white china, white porcelain, decorated porcelain, just received at Langdon & Hudson's. -20t2 Cheap Kates on the Milwaukee. Commencing June 10 the Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul railwav will run a dining car on Train No. 1 and serve breakfast and dinner, and return on Train No. 4, from Canton and serve dinner and supper. For the various occasions mentioned below one lowest standard first-class fare for the round trip will be given by the Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul railway, viz: Annual meeting American Pharmaceutical association, Denver, Colo., August 14 to 24. Triennial Conclave Knights Templar, Boston, Mass,, August 25 to 30, National Encampment G, A. B., at Louisville, Ky., Sept, 10 to 14, A. M, & G. M, JOHNSON have just received a fine lot of farmers' carriages and surreys. Can give you a fine bar- gain,-3tf _ _ Democratic State Convention, On account of the democratic state convention, to be held at Marshall town, Aug, 7, the Northwestern line will, on Aug. 8, 7, and 8, sell excursion tickets at very low rates, good for return until Aug. 9, 1895, inclusive. For tickets and full information apply to agents Chicago & Northwestern railway. ^____ __ THE firm of Naudain Bros, has been dissolved, apd all parties owing the firm are requested to call at the office of E. V, Swotting and settle. A HOUS0HQU) TREASURE. D, W, Fuller of Canajohavie, N. Y., says thathe always keeps J5r. King's New Dis- povery in the house and his fainiiy has always found the very best results follow its use; that he would not be without it, if procurable, G. A. Dykenasn, druggist, Catskill, N. F,, says that Pr. jhng's New Discovery is undoubtedly the best cough remedy/that ho has used it }n his famfly f or eght years, ajunt has never failed to do all that fe claimed for it, Why pot try a remedy go long tried and tested, Trial bottles free at L. A, Sheet?' drug store.- Regular size 50o., and ?iOO, , Try Electric Bitter? 88 a remedy fp,r ypur troubles? If not, get a. boMe»sw W$ relief. ThlpmedlpUw has teen fsund to adapted to the reUgf. g^d. cure of sale; Qroqeries, ha SOHP, an.d feed, - Farmers' south flto ONEY pn aecoun S of JUs annjjalrof eMng the Grand Lpdge, ef , the, ' Rojgbts of fera Use, ' A CMriyuj arbtration & BBUNSQN. Water or No Pay, i * California in 33 Days. Without change of cars. All meals served in dining cars. Palace drawing-room sleeping cars and tourist sleepers are run through to San Francisco without change, with annex sleeping cars to Los Angeles, leaving Chicago daily via 2s-Northwfesterri Line. Variable route tourist tickets to California and the health and pleasure resorts of the south on sale at Detailed to agent 3=3a/t©s. information can be obtained upon application Chicago & Northwestern Railway, THE INTER OCEAN -IS Most Popular Republican Newspaper of the West And Has the Largest Circulation. DAILY (without Sunday). ... . . /. ..... . . .$6.00 per year DAILY (with Sunday).... ..... ........ .$8.00 per year The Weekly Inter Ocean [$1.00 PER YEAR...... ...... . ...... ... . ........ ... V.V|I1.=: SA NEWSPAPER THE INTER OCEAN Hgeps abreasi of the times In all f?jpects. _ Jt_spares neither pains _norexpense m jn securing ALL THE BY MAIL NEWS AND THE BEST OF CURRENT The Weekly Inter Ocean AS A FAMILY PAPER IS NOT EXCELLED BY ANY. i unequaled. POLITICALLY IT IS REPUBLICAN, and gives Ms readers the benelH ol the ablest discussions on all live political topics. It also gives them THE NEWS OP IT IS A TWELVE-PAGE PAPER. THE INTER OCEAN IS PUBLISHED IN CHICAGO, THE NEWS AND COfinERCIAL CENTER OF ALL WEST OP THE ALLEGHANY'lWOUNTAlNS, AND IS BETTER _TP_THE^ NEEDS OP THE PEOPLE OP THAT SECTION THAN ANY It Is In accord with the people of the West both In Politics and Literature, Please remember that the price of The Weekly Inter Ocean is ONLY ONE DOLLAR PER YEAR. Address THE INTER OCEAN, Chicago. OLEAE LAKE EXOUBSIOK. Special Train for August 11,1805, On Aug. 11 a special excursion train will be run'to Clear Lake and return, leaving Algona at 9:22 a, m,, and returning leave Clear Lake between 6 and 7 p, m, Fare for the round trip, $1.40. The attraction will be the American Musical Festival fop northern Iowa,-t2 Half Rates to Colorado. On August 11 and 12, the Northwestern line will sell excursion tickets to Denver, Colorado Springs, Manitou and Pueblo and return at half rates— one fare for round trip, tickets good for return passage leaving Colorado points 'Aug, 20 to 25, with privilege of further extension until September J. For tickets and full information apply to agents Qhioago & North western railway,-19t2 JJ»W Rates to On account Qf the Triennial Conclave, Knights Templar, at Boston, Maes., th$ Northwestern Hue will, from Aug. 19 to 84, sell excursion tickets to Boston, and retyrn at half rates—one fare lor the round trip; tickets good for return passage until October 6, 189p, Fpr tickets and full information apply to agents Chicago^ & Northwestern rail' ' DR. L. A. SHBETZ, Drugs and Medicines. Full assortment always on hand of drugs, med- oines, and pure liquors for medicinal purposes only. «s,ixd. BE, PEESTON, ' Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat acgowwodatjons ''atr rates. Operations, for oa.tara.ot, s nasal deformities,- ate. . o»tarrh treated and cause rewovea. Spectacles goTes- .Mfloaljy fitted; finest quality lenses ground to oyder/Otacehows, fpto IS, J to% pxpept Tuesday, Wednesday, and T site Psrk hotel, Mason City, it8A)g»a regularly, AtPr, IOBI TOE I IGE! inter i have enlarged my niro. rm V. n« Jt A f\r\ TtLlI-. _*^ upply of ft will t ever .. Witt Bear the Qeroe • CHA Ice ho SS way be

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