The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 23, 1953 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 23, 1953
Page 9
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WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 23, 1053 BLYTHEVII.LE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE NINE American Reds Drown Out Last 22 Yank Soldiers Choose to Remoin With Communists George Pollock Mother Dies; Rites Tomorrow Commodity And Stock Markets— Services for Mrs. Pearl Couch Pr.llork, mnthrr of Oeorse Pollock. I Jr.. of Blythe\'ille, are to be conducted tomorrow in Blvmlnchnm. Mrs. Pollock died in Dallas, Te\., I ycsterdny iolimvinK a brief , , ' She made her home with a rinu"h- son wrote his mother that he was . le ,. p Mrs . MariBe Com . P ,,, , Dnn I July not come; to rpiurn... | Su ,. viv ,,,. s „,,,„,. ,,,;,„ ,',,. „_,,„„;.'! Ort (Continued from Page 1) BntchPlor reconUy wrote his .Jno- anepe wife ihtii hr- was ooinG to remain u-ith the Communists he- cf.u^e ''I have the ideas of n Com- mv u ,- s . other ..hun M r. Polock New York Cotton (K:3li quolulioiuil 3301 3301 3293 3325 33"6 3318 3301 3301 3383 3243 32-13 3243 Orleans Cotton • . .:. 33::1 3301 3290 3325 3326 3315 3301 3301 3288 3243 3243 3231 Mar May July Oct May Wilh fhp rnd of the exnlanation period all of 'he Americans become absent without leave. In another 30 days they will be listed as drr^erters. Under terms of the armistice all unropatriiUed war prisoners are to bo he'd in the neutral zone Jan. 'J2, U'hen ihny are to be leased ns civilinn?. Durine the 30- dav pei-icd they can still ask for retKitrintion. The Communists wsini the nri 1 ;- oners kept in custody until a peace conference decides I he si' fate, but the Allies have refused to asree. A feu- miles from the compound where the Allied broadcasts were made Communist explainers won inc i uclp h(!1 . husband. Oeorse D. Memphis Soybeans Pollock. Dallas; Mrs. Conyors. an- \ Mch .... 383 303 303 other son. Frank Pollock. Binning- i May ____ 302 302 3!2 ham. nnd four gvandchilclren. .John Ridouts Funeral Home Birmingham is in charge. Pink BoHworm Quarantine for '"!"! I Arkansas Eyed WASHINGTON Wi—The possibility of extending federal pink bollworm niinnintlnr regulations into Arkansas will be discussed at Memphis. Tenn- on Jan. 14. The Agriculture Department, Chicago Soybeans Jan 303'., 303- 1 :, 302 .Mch ... 304-1, 3051, 303-1/4 May 303 303 301", July .... 2911 2 297'-2 295 3 i Chicago Corn Mch .... 15-l'n 1551 j 153\ May .... loS'4 156!., 154> 2 Chicago Wheat Mch 203'» 204 202 X May .... 204'i 204", 203'- 3203 3317 3:92 3234 3:83 3315 321),) 3231 303 302 304 3 i 302 29634 153'< fl 155 203% 204',, New York Stocks A T and T Amer Tobacco , which announced the heaving yes- i Anaconda Copper terriny, said it \vil consider 'ex- Beth stecl back 11 of 250 Chinese and 1 North j foia. Howard, Lafayei Korean out, of 41 interviewed • the final day of exnla nations. Tried .Vine Days It was rhe ninth day that the Communists have tried to change the minds of some 22,500 Chinese Hniri Korean prisoners. During that time they have talked with 3,173 prisoners and have won back 138 or about 4.3 pef cent. The tape recorded broadcast to American prisoners in the North Camp was made by Maj. Edward Moorer of Tacoma. Wash. His voice booming from the loudspeakers sent the prisoners into a demonstration. described by one observer as "an awesome display of the collective mind shutting out What it fears." Indian guards stood outside the compound gate as the broadcast besran. tending the regulations to Colum- Little Riv- Npvada. Hempsted. Miller and Sevier ro\miies. Infestations of Chrysler Coca-Cola Gen Electric Gen Motors the cotton pest j Montgomery Ward have been discovered in Hempstead j N y Central meiit of cotton seed from infected sections to adjoining counties. The regulations restrict move- mem of cotton and coi.ton by-products from infested areas. The area already is under a state quarantine. 155 1,2| 5B 5. BJ 30 | 50 3.8 I 60 1/41 111 j 87 3,4! 59 • 55 3/4 19 CHRISTMAS-ON-WHEELS FOR THE NEXT 10 YEARS-J. T. Cal ahan points out to Ray- monclGcist of Chicago, III., some or the toys the two-year-old boy will receive each Christmas or the next 10 years This Christmas he'll receive an airplane and automobile both larfic enousn lor him to' ride, as well as a tricycle, kiddie-car, wagon and sled. He is being given the transports "r, toys to honor his bein*g the nnc-millionth person to ride on the latest form ol fanspor- tation-the world's first moving rubber sidewalk, installed at the B. F. Goodrich Co. exhibit in , Chicago's Museum o( Science and Industry. State Records Unexplained In Unemployment and Miller counties and the de-i lnt Harvester 26 78 i ** flGXplQ IIIGu partment said the other areas miaht! Republic Sietel 47 7 B be nilr.rantined because of move- j Radio 23 1 4 1 Socony Vacuum 34 3/4 Studebnker 201/8 Standard of N J 71 1/2 Texas Corp 57 Sears .U S Steel Sou Pacific Robbers Shoot Store Official MEMPHIS Ijpi —Christmas shoppers scattered \vhen tAvo men wildly last night who snatched $115 LfTTLE ROCK </P\ — Arkansas had an unexplained vise in its unemployed ranks durine November. BEEF (Continued from Page 1) Action Is Sought On 56-Hour Week Nehru Hits U.S. Aid lor Pakistan Says Acceptance Might Wreck Kashmir Agreement NEW DELHI, India Ui—Prime Minister Nehru warned Pnki; i;-n todny that acceptance of U. s. mil- it nry aid mijrht WTOC**; preliminary agreements bet \vrpn India and that country over disputed Kashmir. Oppmncr a loroicn policy debato in Parliament, Nohm said the proposed American arms aid to India's Moslem n«?iuhbor would change the whole context, of the situation under which ho and Pakistan's Prime Minister Mohammed All HE;reed last Atieusr, to try to end tlie bitter five-year deadlock over Kashmir. "\VP made those vverep.menls on fhe basis of n certain existing 1 situation." Nehni told a jammed Parliament. "I want to hold those agreements, and I am .sure Prime Minister Mohammed AH does, but (he, whole context is changed if military aid comes from America." lie said he believed Ali's p Jed we thai such an arms pact wilh the United States would not involve setting up U. s. bases, but he declared "when military aid domes in. the whole country become?, a base. It is a danperous step to take Arkansas' Yule Week Fatalities Reach Seven H.v THK ASSOCIATED PRESS Three persons wore killed in I raffir. accidents, one died from burns a:ul throe, others were pro! sumed drad in a boa ling accldpnt- 1 yeRV'rrlijy in the fir«(, fatalities re- : corded durinc Christmas week. Thn-e Chicot County men—John nutikfr. ahout 40, Freddie Black and Will Sheffield, all of n?ar !.a!-:e VilhRp—are believed to have drowned when their boat capsized ' in Lake. ; A witnes.,, Orvet Morehead, saw I the boat, overturn and rowed to : Like ViUaae to report, the accident when a four-hour search fail! ed ro uncover a trace of the men. • Sheriff Lee Hamilton said C. A. ; Calhoun, 23, and Thomas Petty, , 22. boih of DCS Arc. were killed i when their car and a truck collided 1 miav Des Arc| .Joe Johnson, 47-year-old Hickory Plains postmaster, anri his wife— f nrnipants of the truck;—were in- j jured critically. I for Pakistan." Nehru's ruling congress party ' chief's hav;, 1 launcher! a nation' wide campaign protesting' any [possible u! S. arms aid to Pakis[ tan. [J. S. and Pakistani officials 'tan. U. S. and Pakistan officials subject have been held. metropolitan .areas and date from! industry associations. Livestock NATIONAL STOCKYARDS, 111. f/p'—<USDA»—Hogs 3.500: barrows and gilts 1.25-1.50 higher; sows 75 60 7/81 with 10.521 persons filing for 39 • employment benefits. 36 5/8 j Employment Security Director Bayard Taylor said he couldn't ac- j per; un j i snides uf cattle, reflecting larye j Rt count for the increase-a 33 1-3 per< re £ u!flr lmnr ? et j 1 ^ W* cUce , of cent hike over unemployment fig- slockm * ^ely the better grades. - * '---• ° I Thus it would be natural for cus- higher than yesterd. ures for November, 1952. Mr?. Ava Webb, head of the KSD's 220 lb burrows and gilts practically one price of 26.50; one load 26.75: prices highest since July 24 and highest for December since 1947: BV: choice 180- statistical Divison, said (he i; "Now i* the time. Come forward j from a dime store shot their way j extremely light run main stren, and inform the guards nearest free after bemE collared by onej thenlmf facfor - wei£?nts 230 . 250 you," the broadcast said. j of the store employes. 126.00-50- some 2(50-270 lb 2550-7' into the butter. The fleeing men fired two more shots at a pursuing policeman before disappearini to the heavy crowd "You have nothing to fear. If you really want (o come homa, now is the chance for which you have been waiting," Moorer's voice continued. "We believe that there are some among you- who desire to be repatriated—who want to return home, hut who are being forcibly prevented from expressing your free will by fear, threats and strong-arm methods of certain: of j your fellow prisoners. Drown Out Speaker Inside the compound the Americans, the Briton ancl the South Koreans capered in a weird dance, shouting the Communist "Inter- nationale" and other songs to drown out the loudspeaker. "Do any Americans want to go home?" Cordon shouted as the first broadcast ended. "No!" the others yelled in unison. Then the British Marine shouted: "Do any British want to go home?" He answered his own question with a loud "No!" ' Before tin? broadcast was made the Indian command a^ked (tip Allies to delete from the text a warn- in". "This is your final oppor- j dian troops" who hnve guarded the tunity." ! prisoners in Korea's demilitarized There was speculation that the i zone since last September. Ih Edward F. Stahl 23. a manager-1 SoTce"l5o"iTO to^l'.OQ-ZB.W-^s trainee at the W. T. Grant Com- 40 o ih down 22.00-23.00; heavier pany store, was hit in the arm. sows 20.75-21.00; boars 15.00-19.00; He fell to the sidewalk and rolled good clearance. Cattle 2.000: calves 500; mafket active on all classes with prices unevenly higher; at least 50 ad vance on most sales on steers, heifers and cows; bulls 50 higher; vealers steady: several loads choice steers 22.00-23.50: individual head choice to prime 24.00-25.00: eood steers 19.00-21.00; good and .choice heifers and mixed yearlings 118,00-21.00: commercial and low jSood 14.00-17.50; utility and com-State of Arkansas vs. I !" enrncial ™*'* .B.50-11.$Q; few to j 12.00; very limited supply commercial cows offered; canners and cutters 8.00-9.50; some few cutters to 10.00: utility and commercial bulls 12.00-14.00; cutter bulls B.00-11.00; good and choice vealers 21.00-28.00; individual head, prime to 31.00; commercial and good vealers 15,020.00; commercial and good slaughter calves 13.00-17.00. With the Courts ciRcrrr— 'Civil*—Delta Loan and Finance Co. vs. Mr. and Mrs. A. B. Dixnn, | balance on promissory note, $633 ' and imprest. (Criminal' ! John Boljn, assault and battery, | appeal from Municipal Court. crease probably was (he largest since the period immediately lowing World War IT when war plants ceased operation. The majority of those applying for unemployment benefits had' been hired in four major indus-! tries—loorl 'processing, shoe plants, j construction and building. LITTLE ROCK I/Pi-Sen. John L. \ McCIellan indicated yesterday lie i may seek congressional action ! The bureau said the price dc- | n «ainst a law call'iny for n SB-hour 1 dines were sharpest for the lower j work wct . k without overtime pay i in military ins1allnHon.s The law reportedly applies to the Little Rock Air Force. Basft under construction near here. I McCIellan said he had promised ; , 25 Little Rock labor leaders who ' met, with him recently t.ha.t IIP would study the law for possible.' discrimination against Arkansas j workers. ( if in the shui«hier .supply of those snides. But many retail stores, it said, did not change their tomers whose stores did not carry . j lower grades to think their prices ,'lhfid not declined, in line with der j ! dines in cattle prices, the report said. Famous Cigar Butts TARRAGONA, Spain Ramirez Olastegui hr.s Pedro s collection of famous cigar butts. It's cost him I Freight Rate Cut Extension Asked WASHINGTON iff)— Secretary of Agriculture Benson is asking eastern railroads to re-consider his re- that they extend until March 31 the present emergency freight rates on hay shipped to drought*, theatre ushers, hotel bellboys and I The rail nightclub and restaurant waiters nis rrtinrsl but the Agriculture De- working for him I partnif-nt wiid that nine hof thfi hay The buns Km enclosed in class! contracted for by cirouEM-slncken Indians v/erp plannine to screen prisoners not interviewed individually during the 30 days before Jan. 22. Gen. John E. Hull. U.S. and U.N. Par East commander, issued a formal statement declaring that, in 30 days all prisoners in neuiral custody "will be entitled to their freedom as civilians." Hull also expressed "profound cases with cards naming the owner and where the find was made. Most expensive so far. was one ex- states will be shipped after the Dec. 31 expiration daie. The reduceci-rat,e proRram has Wreck Victim Misidentified The Necro ma nlisted ns rienrt in! an automobile on H«ih\vay ' 18 Saturday nmht should havr been ! Jpfisip Bridpeforth nf Dell insU'iui ol '. Hay wood WilkiuK. ' Sprvices for Bridgpforth will be; conducted Sunday afIP.moon with thp Cnslon Funeral Home (n charge. Olh^r arrnngumnnts are not complete at this lime. King Farouk of Egypt smoked "in been applied to all or parts of 12 j Rome. It cost $12. i states. includin.G Arkansas. Pig Rustling Charged ATLANTIC CITY, N. J. (/?.—"Pig I rustling" was recently chHrgccl', acalnst nn Atlantic City youth who! allegedly stole clcht porkers valued •, at $400 from n nearby farm. ' CHRISTMAS SPECIAL For Trouble-Free Holiday Driving HAVE Y01IR CAR CHECKED NOW! FREE SAFETY CHECK DRIVE IN TODAY Broadway & Chickasawba Phong 4453 General Promoted LITTLE ROCK Francis admiration and respecl f(jr the In- [ Cherry today promoted Brig. Gen. Lucien Abraham. Arkansas adjutant, general, to the rank of major eencral. MISSCO IMPLEMENT CO. S. Highway 61 Phone 4434 GREETINGS TO ALL OUR MANY FRIENDS OLD AND NEW We're going all out to wish our very good friends and customers the very best that the season offers — may you and yours enjoy the merriest Christmas ever. Ad 26 Font. 16 L. K. ASHCRAFT CO. AND FEEDERS SUPPLY CO. Bundles of Joy to You! We have the very best of holiday wishes for a Merry Chrislmas and a Happy New Year all tied up — just for you! the B F* /* D * i (f* I . r. (joodndi Store

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