The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on July 31, 1895 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 31, 1895
Page 5
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Tffi2 UPPHlt : D18 M01KMS! ALGONA, IOWA, TAYLOR'S Winners. NotWtig Like 100 BOXES • Knitting Silk, per box of 12 spools, regular 25 cent values, per box ..... . . . . i .'. . 1000 BOXES Ice Wool, black and cream— three boxes for, , , , , ...... . ............. , , C*A t*)" 1000 If AHDB mill remnants, dark styles outing flannels, worth 150—sale price.,,.» 500 PAIR fine gray blankets, will be hard to bny later on, the whole lot at 50c. each, .10 Jas. Taylor. Eye Specialist and Master of Optics. Successfully treats all diseases of the Eye, and is especially expert in fitting glasses in the most complicated cases of , defective vision. In addition to soreness, pain or discomfort in the eyes, defective vision also Induces 80 per cent, of all headaches, ana Indirectly, through reflex action, many stomach troubles, and numerous nervous affections which can be curect through the scientific application of correctly DB. NICHOLS possesses a regular medical diploma, also license from the Board of He- gents and medical examiners of -the University of New York and several other states. The Doctor has a complete apparatus for giving private instruction in Opthalniology to opticians who desire to acquire a knowledge of this admirable method of detecting defective vision and the many diseases that originate m the retina and optic nerve. Office with Dr. Pride, over the postoffice. Hours, 9 to 12 and 2 to 5. Those who call during the first two weeks can have their eyes tested free of charge. J. I. C. Philip Arnold Chose That as the Best Method for Giving Up His Brother's Estate. Parties wanting to buy a J, I. Case Agitator should write to or call on Wilfrid P, Jones, at the Wigwam, Algona, Iowa, It is the only machine that will pay for itself and make big profits for its owner in one season's work, There is big money In threshing this year, Some Strategy Was Necessary to Secure It—An Indigent Mother in Germany the Beneficiary. E. G. BOWYER, now at the new stand In the Cowles block, has a complete stock of: AND FINE JEWELRY, GRADUATED, OPTICIAN. Eyes tested free of charge. Large line of optical goods always on hand. 'Repairing <tf flne watches a specialty. Doxsee & Shaw, Abstracts of Title, Bstato, and, AJ-aONA, IPWA. , -Office over Algona State Bank. M, P. HAGGARD. G, V. Haggard & Peek, [Successors to Jones $ Spitth.] Abstracts, Real Estat *Collections, , JOWA. Pit, fy A, igs and Medicines, SETTLED OUT OF COURT. Geo. R. Cloud has just concluded a egal preceding, which while never in court, still has an interesting story attached. Some years ago two brothers, Philip and Franz Arnold came from Germany and bought eighty acres of land near St. Jo., the deed to which was in Philip's name. About two years ago while working in a well Franz was killed by bad air, Philip administered the estate without legal aid by simply taking possession of the lersonal property. A few weeks ago Mr. Cloud received a letter from the Herman consul in Chicago stating that he mother of the boys in Germany was very poor and that as she was the egal heir of Franz, if he had left any iroperty, it would be a great benefit to ler to secure it. She was unable to my even the costs of a. proceeding and ihe. consul advanced them. Mr. Cloud lad nothing to go on but rumor as to ihe ownership of the land, except that ihe boys had divided the crops, and Philip was not inclined to admit that Tranz had held any interest, In Mr. loud's office, however, he finally iftlked freely about the matter, claim- ng, however, that he was entitled to all advance in the price of the land above ?8 an acre, and that he had paid n taxes more than his brother's in- ierest would come to. This converea- iion was taken in shorthand by Miss Richardson, and once secured made ihe remaining steps easy. After Philip found that the admission of Tranz* ownership settled the matter 10 canie up last week and made a deed to forty acres to his mother, and the old lady will soon be rejoiced to find lerself the owner of a good piece of Kossuth county soil. The German has been notified, Sale or Trade, My residence property, 12 room house splendid barn, coal and wood house, good well, and cistern, and hydrant. Two as fine lots as can be found in the city, clear from all incumbranoes. Will sell or trade for farm or wild land, or the right kind of city property Call on or address, J, F. LAOY, A;lgona, Iowa, Awarded Highest Honors—World's Fair, •PR** BAKING fB8 SECOND DAW &ACB8, The Mile Dftsh Proved Unsatisfactory, Owing to Ida Mt's failure to Stftf t £ f otnjjtiy* d Match Betweeti tda M. Gildtrsleevt at Webster City—The Races Generally. The big race of last Wednesday was he one mile dash. Five horses tarted but it was Gildersleeve, Ben. Smith's handsome stallion, against the eld, With Ma M., Jo. Cobper's hahd* otne tnare, and Me Too, the Sioux Ity record holder, in the field, tokomo started and also Ansel Jr. 'he real contest was to be between rildereleeve and Ida M., as both orses are owned in Germanta, are ull brother and sister, have never run gainst each other, and have owners with a feeling of rivalry. But an ntoward accident at the start spoiled be race in so far as these two were oncerned. Ida M. did not run. Her riends say 'she did not get a fair hance at the score and that the horses Vere started with her having no pos- ible chance, Others, however, say hat her rider was jockeying the other lorses and tiring them with false tarts, and accidentally got under the vire on the gallop and reined up with- ut noticing that the flag had dropped n him. In any event he galloped a Ittle way and came back. Gilder- leeve soon led the others and made is mile in 1:49, which is fast time on my country track and especially so lore where the track is 144 feet long on the mile. Me Too and Kokorno ran well and close together, coming in as named. above. Ansel Jr. was a slow ourth. The outcome of this race is a private match between Gildersleeve and Ida M. for $100 a side on a mile dash to be •un at Webster City next Monday. Both horses are there in the races this week and will remain and have it out. Both are racers, both are in trim, and both want to win. It will be a hot race, Most of the horses here have gone to Webster City. Chas. Smith has taken Belton, who is entered in the 2:25 trot, harlie H., who is not entered, and Gildersleeve. Cooper took Ida M., ihe Glazier horses Jennie Lind and rack Kline are there, Me Too, Kokomo, Ansel Jr. and Jo. Lee are all there. Some of them will be winners in the events there and at Eagle Grove. THE RACES IN DETAIL. The crowd was not large Wednesday. Dhe first race was a half mile dash, Jennie Lind first, Billy Mack second and Jack Kline third, time :52|. The crowd thought Billy Mack ought to win, especially as the time was slow, and it looked as though the races were ''put up." This caused a big kick on .he five-eights dash, which came next vith the same horses. In this Jennie jind and Billy Mack ran so close that he judges called it a dead heat and innounced that if Billy Mack did not run for all that was in him at the next rial he would be given a new rider. He did run as aforesaid, but it was not n him to beat the little mouse-footed mare and she took the race in l:06i, hich was very fast for the track. Belton was trotted between the lashes in the five-eights race an ex- libition mile, partly to break the rack record of 2:27. He trotted in the middle of the track in 2:29} and was not seriously pushed. Belton trots without hitch or break by himself, and f he can hold steady in a race will iush the fast trotters in the state. NOTES OF THE EAOE. Kossuth county has some swift horses. Gildersleeve' and Ida M. for runners and Belton for a trotter are in he A class. The skin game gamblers on the ground did not find many victims here. Almost everybody has bought what experience he wants at chuck luck and -he wheel of fortune, Burgett was here with his Leslie Boy and a race with Belton was talked of, but nothing came of .it. The county fair will see some races or blood. Money, . I have unlimited money to loan on ong or short time. B. W. HAGGARD. WE make a specialty of collections. Dloud & Haggard. "CRYSTAL CREAM" baking powder s manufactured exclusively for Walker Bros, ^__^ Cut Bates, Bowyer has reduced the prices on repairing watches, clocks, and jewelry to ibout one-half the usual price, All work warranted. Cowles biook,-17t2 MONEY to loan on long or short time. Geo, C. Call.-tf July 10, and claimed that he had not been selling since thftt time. A eoU- tinuaftce was granted forSOdaysduHfig which time County Attorney KftyffiOBd is to notify the state board and find out whether they intend to prosecute lot & violation since the permit expired. Tallman has been selling for the same firm McChane of Seneca was selling for when arrested and fined. He claims that he has kept within his permit and his books bear him oiit. But it seems that parties in the county hava inadli affidavit to the state board that he has hot. The case will be watched with interest, Money. I have unlimited money td loan 6n long or short time. B. W, HAQQARt), WE make a specialty of collections. Cloud & Haggard* ARE you bothered to get good but* ter? If you are, go to the Opera House Grocery and you won't be. CRYSTAL CREAM baking powder is guaranteed equal to any baking powder made, and Costs only 25c a pound at Walker Bros.' A GOOD Beatty organ for sale or to trade for a bicycle. Inquire at this office.—17tf Six per cent. Money. For time loans at 0 per cent, and commission apply at the Kossuth County State Bank. Interest and principal payable here. Be sure to call if you want to borrow at favorable rates. y J. of Goods Still on Hand. -They Must Go. goes, and we go (out of business.) It will pay yon to buy now for future needs. / ALL G-OODS have been placed on tables, where they are easy to inspect, and plainly marked for the lowest OfVSH PRICES A, M. & G, M. JOHNSON have just received a fine lot of farmers' carriages and surreys. Can give you a fine bar- gain.-3tf __ r ___ w _^_ ASK for Crystal Cream baking powder, at Walker Bros. 1 GOOD butter can be had at the Opera House Grocery. WE just want to say a few words to the laaies about corsets. We are now selling the Featherbone oorsot, Worn and recommended by a million well dressed ladies. Dressmakers claim that these are the best fittipg corset on the market. G, L. Galbraitb; fa Co, rent, J, J. Wilsop,-43. south of poor farm. J. B. Jones. JONES-SMITH NUPTIALS. Miss Maud Smith and Chas. IS. Jones Join tho Hanks of tho Married. A happy social event is tho marriage of Maud Ash ton Smith and Chas. E. Jones, which occurred at the home of Mr. and Mrs, John G. Smith this morning at 8 o'clock. The bridal couple took the 9:08 train west for Sioux City, and after a week will bo at home in Wesley. The bride is an attractive and accomplished young woman, who will grace her new home and be a welcomed addition to our neighboring town. The groom has already won a place there and is the trusted agent of Bender Bros. As an evidence of the esteem in which he is held by his employers, he has lately received a marked advance in salary. THE UPPER DBS MOINES joins in wellwishes to tho happy pair and predicts a bright future. Cheap Kates on the Milwaukee. Commencing June 10 the Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul railway will run a dining car on Train No. 1 and serve breakfast and dinner, and return on Train No. 4, from Canton and serve dinner and supper. For the various occasions mentioned below one lowest standard first-class fare for the round trip will be given by the Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul railway, viz: Annual meeting American Pharmaceutical association, Denver, Colo., August 14 to 24. Triennial Conclave Knights Templar, Boston, Mass., August 25 to SO. National Encampment G. A. B., at Louisville, Ky., Sept. 10 to 14. WESLEY IS BUILDINfl. New Elevators and Now Stores Going In—The Best Grain Crop Yet Raised In KoBSUth, WESLEY, July 30,—Wesley is still on the boom. Our two new elevators are completed and receiving grain. The new building being put up by the State bank is well under way and when completed will be a credit to the the town, Bids are being received for our new school house and it is expected to have that well under way yet this fall. Z. S. Barrett has put in a stock of hardware in H. C. Hollenbeck's building, and we have been informed by reliable source that there is going to be a general stock of merchandise put in Mrs. S. Gray's building,, formerly occupied by Mr. Geo, Schneider, in the near future. Father Eokart and Geo. Schneider have formed a partnership and are buying and pressing hay. C. L. Lund was in town Friday. He came over and took a look at our new elevators, and remarked that we have as fine and complete facilities for handling grain as any town in the county. Farmers are busy cutting their grain, They claim that the crop of small grain is the best this year that was ever raised here, and that it is taking more twine this season than ever to bind it. Thos. Gray is building himself an office between his store room and H, MoCutchin's store, where he will have it a little more convenient to wait on his customers for land, 0. E, Jones went to Algona Monday, on business, returning Tuesday, Prob' ably this time time next week we can give a more detailed account of bis business there. From Now On we sell ior cash, only, and every article . . . Is a Bargain. Strictly Speaking, our stock of "Summer G-oods" is very small, but we have some, and you can buy them for a small fraction of the original value, for they are Going to Go Now. Well talk about Heavy Goods a little later on, BUT DISHES' You know what our stock Iwas. To see it now you wouldn't think we had sold one-hall of it. We have ; but we've just as pretty and just as good "bargains left If you come now. We don't give goods away—we sell them for cash; but a little buys a good deal just now. The Grange Store. The undersigned having leased the Paragon Woolen Mills for a term of years is prepared to pay from 3 to 5 cents a pound more fov wool in oassi" meres, blankets, flannels, or yarns than can be obtained at your home market. Send for samples and prices. IRoll and bat carding a specialty, Address S, B, Duncan, West Mitchell, Iowa.~8m4 A LIMITED number o£ teachers can be accommodated with board during the institute by Mrs. E. 0. Tutfle,-48j% FOB vent; The Molntyve fcouse, Qftoupied, by J 1 , J. Kajin, UP TO DfVTB, 40 Ibs best granulated sugar for,, ,$1,Q • 35 bars best laundry soap for.,,.,. J.OO groceries in, prpppction. butter, anfl po.ffe,ew-thji best fov eaph, }B to hg J4«UrtiM»B WtHiowt a p| t always eafeaadoj drags, me<J brought; fe>feve 'Squire Tay lopTbwritey iMWraaSsaflafflfw* ANEWUaeof MOST, A mmGoM&Hm rf Tito of When you oprae to Algona, Ja,, look for JQhn Grove's Financial School and learn bow to buy groceries at wholesale prices, I sell no goods in quantities lees than $16,60 at a time, Don't a,sk me to. J will have to refuse you, How Can I Do It ? Simple Enough. Even a Child can Understand d ,1 ' ;?? I sell at wholesale prices to. the con- suraer, You sa,ve the middle man's, profit. ' • I SELL FOR CASH ONLY,' YOU TAKE NO BISK, By buying $30,7.5 staple groceries • '; ; for......f 16,60 * ' ' You saye $14,85 '» .^ M dpn't, have to pay for anjj we trade.

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