Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on April 3, 1946 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 3, 1946
Page 5
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HOPE S PE, 7 ARK ANS AS " Wednesday, April 3, 1946 By Chick Young FASTER, • NEEDLE/ THEY SEE US. :D,T|BWT I 1 V/C/ THIS V. WE'RE B6iNG.FOLI.Ci GET DOyVRON.T' THEN YOU DON'T WANT IT SHOT FULL OF HOLES. 5 ANEW ORESS/ u NO "ITS BEEN" TODAY I GLUED IT TOGETHER AND J' 1 / LITTLE WHAT DID MDU GLUE r IT WITH i NOW ITS JUST LIKE), V \vi FE / ^—1 NEW/ ^>. r DRIVER, SEE IF YOU CAN GET TICKET/^ BELIEVE he, MR.SASS0,1 DO NOT BRINS THESE TIDINGS WITH PLEASURE...BUT WHEN I SAW PICTURES OF MR.VALK IN THE LOCAL PRESS TODAY 1- WHAT DID YOU WISH TO TELL ME MB; ER-MWIS-: WHAT ARE VOU X IT IS MY PAINFUL DUTY TO INFORM YOU, SB?/ TALKING ABOUT*. J THAT THE CHILD VALK TOOK TO THE BL0EK& WHAT MISTAKE =••>( HO\\E 14 YEARS A<SO WAS NOr YOUR PAUGHTERiEVA I RECOGNIZED HIM AT ONCE, SIRiTHOIHAOU>K'6AS0 FORGOTTEN HIS NAME... AND 1 REALIZED WITH HORRCE THAT AN AWFUL MISTAKE IS (yJiS. Kinj fiitjin s>nJ'o:t. («. U'wIJ ..,( By GalbraitH Side Glances MODEST MAIDENS CW,£W i AFRAID OF THIS ...HERE IT. COMES, SLIM/ BUZZARD* --CAU6HT WITH Ol'P FWFS QUICK!&K CELIA TD THE PLANE BLIMKIE ...THIS MAY LAST FOE lt'5 60 HACD TO SEE-.WHEPE ARE WEVE GOT TO GET THE PLANE A\00(?:BD POWN OR THE WIND WILL . IT OFF THE MAP... HURRY." POOR LITTUE' GUVS SCARED STIFF—C'MON SNOWBALL YOUS5ELF PLANE KIPE/ THIS IS BECAUSE YOU ARE ALWAYS SO KIND TO ANIMALS -HENRY/ 1 ordered a rose ofsharon, and look what they COPR. 1346 BY NEA SERV«r.. INC. T. M. REO. U. S. PAT. OFF "She charges 50 cents an hour for staying with Junior, ' seiit me > 'Hibicus SyriacusT and "when she was a baby 1 sat with her'for nothing— hen we get home I'm go'ina to send her mother a bill!" Freckles and His Friends By Blosser By Hershberger ' curiny Business - ow JUVENILE WHAT I HE AR IT . ^ OF LOOKN6- 1 MEAN . AT A GIRL DURING WOMAN- 7 REALLY ' /MEMT ARET \ POSH- .HATIMG.-WEEK! TMOSE 70MBIES I TIVELY ' GOING TO DISH j STARK /' -IN ZE CRYSTAL ) BALL I SEE r-' THAT — ) ST -IN THREE DAYS YOU'RE. KNCW YOUC F YOU LIKE WOMEN SO MUCH, WE'LL.TAKe you WHERE VOU CAM REALLY See THEM ! 3V GADFR.V, WHO-/ IT'S A CINCH SOMETHINS'S^I CONFIDENT!M-LV, I MERCIFUL HEAVENS WOOLLY "-V W.OON6/ RHINOCEROS WRONG WITH THE CLIMATE, OR WE'VE LANPEP /W SHOT THE TIME SCHEDULE AND SLAPPED US AN AREA OF6REA.T ELEVATIOM.' XOU CAH LET V Y I (AE OUT WHEN I AM CUV BE' HIND THE EARS Thimble Theater BRING. SOME IT 15 THE MINERAL SALTS FROM' YOUR SPINACH, POPEVE HOW STRONG VOU ARE// WATER, DR. WH/n-'sI>IR5T, I COULDW'T] A \ MINOR ^ MATTER, SIR OAIC// BUT WE MAY/ 7 EGAD/ I V WOT COME F* DULY HOPE \ GET THERE AIMS/J8&B»spai ALIVE/ Out Boarding House With Major Hoople Out Our Way By J, R. Williams YOU, (AWAIME-MV MISSION TO HUBBA-HUBBA MAY BE VERY PAMGERQUS/ BAH? PEQPLE MUST 85 Df\FT TO , 00--D1ZZV-' TH BOTTOM SEEMS SO MUCH NARfeOWER THAM TH 1 TOP-WOULD VOU CALL "THAT ? MlSTAH. MWJOR THE ETERMfrL. CUR.SE OF ANilt^S THE PUftR. IT'S WHAT THEV CALL AS STEEP AS A WEAK. CHIKJ.' OPTICAL ILLUSIOK1-- |7'S WHAT THEV CALL PERSPECTIVE IM CjOOO OLD EMCjLISH.' RED PEPPAV\ BOF& t3»* ; -*-TMpnv*st • 'T>\ OKAT/M55 RtW/WO I'VE CAUGHT A COUPLE 0" 5LIGHU1' bfc 'PVNASE.D CROOKS' ^ HERE'S THE LOOT F(?OrtTHA1 TRW ROBSERT' fl (3US 15 ONE O'THE &AhiDIT5 TriAT STOLE. \1jr. LUKE nuRDERED LEFTi tan, im tn tat imms, me. T. ». mo. u.». PAT, at s^ • Apf.ll 3, 1946 HOPE STAR, HOP I, ARKANSAS vo CLASSIFIED A,, », AdS Must De In All Want Ad..c a8 h in Advance •&;.•. tf rasas 8! nate8 are for Continuous Insertlona Only THE MORE YOU TELL THE ( QUICKER YOU SELL" Publication Not Tak.n Over the Phorm •„',< For Sale COTTON PLANTING SEED, • first year from brooder. Qorml- nation !)() per cent. See T. S. Me• TWO LATE MODEL SINGER mnchmcs, One Vonclix B. Gunr- nntcod C. W. Yuncoy, Singer ; Dist. 513 South Walnut, Phone _J^^ 28-Ot PLENTY OF HIGH QUALITY ' Biiby Chicks. All licnvy breeds $12.00 per 100 or Uic each in ••lesser amounts. Feeders Simply jCo. Phone 25. ].(jt FORDSON TRACTOR, TANDEN disc, riding -Avery cultivator, Harrow, rubber tired wagon. See H. Karl Weeks, Emmet. 1-Ot 6 WEEKS OLD POLAND CHINA pigs. Phone 9-F-4. 1-01 ALL STEEL SHAW-WALER STOR- OMC cabinet. Globe Wnrnekc bookcases, light oak, slightly used. Duffle Hardware Co. l-8t SOW AND (i PIGS. SEE W B Rugglcs or phone 31-J-4. 2-3t ONE NICE TABLETOP FIVE burner oil cook stove and nice round dining table. May be seen nt Hope Feed Company 3rd and Louisiana streets. Phone 350. 2-Ot HARD WICK TABLE 'TOP GAS range, prowpr, like new $70.00. One 5 radiance heater $10.00 See flt Emmet. Mercantile Company. . 2-3t BABY BED AND MATTRESS, stroller .and practically new baby buggy. Mrs. L. R. Matlison, 423 North Elm. 2-3t PREWAR LIVING ROOM AND bedroom gas heaters. Phone 717-R.- 2-st WARDROBE CLOTHES CLOSET, practically new, .double mirrored doors, bargain. See at 519 South Pine street. Phone 798-J. 2-31 FRIERS. LARGE TYPE~SEE Mrs. Clyde Sanders on Lcwis- ville highway. 3-3t AUTOMATIC RECORD PLAYER. in walnut cabinet, plays and changes ten 10-inch ond 12-inch records. Phone 3GO. 3-3t 2Vj' BY 3Ui SOLAR ENLARGER. Practically new. Call 763-J. 410 North McRae Street. 3-3t NUMBER 4 UNDERWOOD TYPE- writer. Bargain for cash. J. W. Cash. Phone 245. 523 North Elm Street. 3-31 BLUE LEATHERETTE BABY buggy. Rubber tires. Practically new, reasonably priced. Call 743-W. 3-6t Wanted to Buy WPJ BUY HOUSEHOLD FURNI- t Ulre, one piece or more. Any amount, What have you? Phone -873. ' ' 11.1 m Notice SEE IDEAL FURNITURE STORE for better furniture and better bargains. Phone 476, 14-lm IF YOU NEED GRAVEL, SAND or dirt, call 712-J. Quick delivery. 15-lmo. FOR ESTIMATES ON AWNINGS, and Venetian blinds, write Riley Cooper, 1909 West 17th Street, Texarkana, Texas. 15-2m CUSTOM MADE METAL VENE- fian blinds. Tilt-Ray Venetian Blind Company, 1123'County Avenue, Texarkana, Arkansas. 2-31 LEAVING FOR CALIFORNIA, April 15, can carry two, must be able to dr.Jve. References exchanged. Phone 22-F-13. 3-31 Lost or Strayed TWO JERSEYS, TWO WHITE face, one black and one Red Polled cows. Reward for information or return to Floyd Langslon Hope, Route 3. 2-31 Services Offered EXPERIENCED STAFF OF bookkeepers will keep your books for only $1 per week. Mail card today for information on this nationwide new service. Dollar- A-Week Bookkeeping Service 304 P & M Building, Texarkana. 19-lm REGISTERED SPENCER COR setiere, individually designed corsets, brassiers, men and women's surgfcal supports. Mrs Ruth Dozier, 318 North Elm St. Hope, Ark. Phone 144-J. 29-lm LAWN MOWERS REPAIREF see (Oscar) T. B. Fcnwick, 1015 West Avenue B. Phone 195-W 2-31 ADVENTURES IN SPACE: The Story of Radar No. 3: The Radio World Is Born Political Announcements BY DAVID DIETZ 'Noted Srlonco Writer, Author of "'Atomic •" HiuTgy In the Coming Urn," TCtu (Written JOT 2VEA Service) (1) The miracle of radar began With James Clerk Maxwell, a Scotchman, i ( who in 1873 demonstrated mathematically that light waves and eleetro-rnag- nelic waves were the same. In 1886, the 29-year-old German physicist, Hein- rlch Hertz, used an induction coil to i produce sparks and reproduced the 'sparks between the ends of another coil of wire at the opposite end of the laboratory Traveling between these two coils were the earliest radio waves .—the forerunner of radar. Hertz showed how these waves could be focused and reflected from objects just as light waves are. (2) The work of Hertz inspired many scientists to experiment with electromagnetic waves. -Then 'in 1896 the Italian, Guglielmo Marconi, transmitted messages over a distance of more than a mile. He set up "wireless" antennae , several places in England. Every year he extended the range of his operation. Finally, in 1901, he produced'the first signals which were heard across the Atlantic Ocean, > (3) Spurred by the story of Marconi, by stories of rescues of ships in distress through the use of "wireless" messages, amateur wireless operators leaped into action, throughout the civilized world. Day and night they operated their telegraph keys and listened with headphones to the faint hums of other amateur stations sending dots ar f d dashes. /• • (4) One,thing puzzle'd these amateur ,E. .operators, and others as well. Why j. could they send and receive strong messages to and from far distant countries, when they frequently could not hear stations in the same city or the next block? Two scientists, however, solved the problem. Kennclly and Heavyside showed that the "air waves" from the wireless sets went to. the ionosphere, and were reflected back down again, arriving at the earth's surface many miles away. , TOMOKKOW.- The ".Wire*ess .Tele* phone.". Real Estate for Sale SIX ROOM HOUSE ACROSS street h-om the Court House. See Floyd Porterficld. 28-61 TWO NEW ROCI^ERS. ........ ished bedroom suite. New springs and Innerspring mattress. Tom _£arrel. Ill West 3rd St. 3-Ot 1 SET PLUMBERS TOOLs7~SEV oral used scrcr-n doors, several thousand feel i.sed lumber, new wood plaster lathe, one 2',{- HP j T asolinn engine, soil pipe and fillings, V> inch galvanized water pipe, two new water closets, used brick. 1 new medicine cabinet. C. D. Lauterbach, South Walnut Street, Phone 900. 3-31 Opportunities Offered HolviE AND AUTO SUPPLY Stores-Franchise and merchandise availarjle now for new Associate Stores. Write or wire. Kenyon Auto Stores, Dallas I, Texas. l!)-2m Wonted BEAUTIFUL LOTS, 50x14!) FEET in new colored Shover Village Addition just cast Yergor High School. Buy now, choice lots available. Cash or terms. Foster- Ellis, 108 East Second. Phone I 221. 1-1 mo 47 ACRES $1500, 70 ACRES $2000. On pavement, electricity. Also 80 'Acres $800. Earl Schooley, Palmos Lewisville Highway. l-3t MODERN SIX ROOM HOME, screened in back porch, garage Mrs. M. E. Edgington, 505 South Walnut. 1-31 WOULD LIKE TO HAVE PIANO to store in my home for use of piano. W. O. Becne, phone 1054. 2-3t Lost LADIES' PINK GOLD WEST- field watch, black cord band lost Monday afternoon. Reward Mrs. R. M. Rogers. 2-3t For ELECTRIC SERVICE Day Phone 413 Night Phone 1015-J We Specialize in MOTOR REWINDING BARWICK'S Electric Service 114 E. Third St. Hope, Ark 4 ROOM COTTAGE BARN, GAR- age, Three Acres land close in. NEW BUSINESS HOUSE LIVING quarters, servant house all modern. 5 ROOM HOUSE TWO ACRES land Store and Stock, Warehouse- on Highway. NICE BUILDING LOTS WEST OF Courthouse. 1GO ACRES 80 ACRES RICH BLACK land, 80 Rich dirt land. 10 ACRES SMALL HOUSE ON Highway. 100 GOOD SAND LAND FARM well improved. BUSINESS LOTS ON WEST THIRD street, Highway 07. STO.RE AND STOCK WEST THIRD Street. 1 C. B. Tyler Real Estate Broker 119 Cotton Row. 1-Gt MUST'SELL ON ACCOUNT OF health Jim Whitlen farm, 1GO acres/Nevada county, Hope-Rosston highway. Oil share reserved. Make offer. Annie V. Ernst 7104 Wabash, Kansas City 5, Mo. 2-31 DO YOU NEED $1000 $2000 $3000 l,o close your deal? See C. B. Tyler, Rea.1 Estate Mortgage Loans 119 Cotton Row. 3-3t Wanted 1000 CUSTOMERS TO RAISE high-quality chicks. Hope Feed ' Co. 30-Gt For Rent ROOM FOR RENT TO WORKING girl. Phone 983-R after G p.m. UNDERWOOD TYPEWRITER like new. Phone 717-R. 2-31 Female Help Wanted EXPERIENCED WAIT UESS wanted. Diamond Cafe. Phone 822. t 3-tl 1946 Bobcats in Spring GameTonighi Coaches Joe Dildy and Nolan Tollell will give Hope fans a preview of the 1946 Bobcats when Hope High School's football squad plays a Spring practice game in the stadium iit 8 o'clock tonight (Wednesday). Pieliminaries will start at 7:30 o'clock, when football plays will" be demonstrated for the benefit of the fans. The Hope, band will play. Admission is 10c and 25c. Here are the lineups: "Red" Starters Clarence Walker LE Bill Morton, Capl. LT Bobby Franklin LG Spud Button C Billy Milam RG Jack Duffic RT John Bullock RE Doug Mullins QB Buddy Sutlon LHB Recce Miller RHB Buddy Bcanlcn FU Red Reserves Tommy Brill FB Mitchell LaGronc RHB Travis Reeves QB B. T. Porter C Chas. Blackwood G Beverly Osbornc Wm. Garrctt Ralph Warren T Pat Walker E Chas. Nix HB James McCorklc E Ben Porter B Jim Tabor G Sonny Gehling ' G Martin Gehling G 1 "White" Starters Jiimcs Russell LE Chas. Wilson LT Jack Wells LG Jack Ray C Don Duffic RG Chas. Crawford RT Robt. McCullough RE lawrcncc Albritton QL* Busier Rogers LHLi has. Reed RHB Jimmio Hamrnons FB White Reserves O. T. Cranfurd RHB Wesley Hudcllcslon l'"'B Roger Noal RHB 3oc Bruner C len Williams CT John England T S. A. Weslbrook T Ben McLoocl E Harvey Keith E Al Wi'lliams T J. B. Juris HB Chas. Workman G Durl Musgroves G Chas. Andres G Earl O'Neal, referee. Wallace Cook, umpire, Jimrny Cook, Head linesman. Dean Parsons, umpire. Stomps Quartet Will Appear at Rosston April 10 The Stamps-Baxter Dixie quartet will .appear in concert at the Rosston school auditorium at 8 o'clock Wednesday, April 10, W. H. Munn announces. The event is sponsored by the Ladies' Auxiliary of the Kosslon Baptist church. o Blevins Seniors to Give Class Play April 12 The senior class of Blevins High School will present a three-act comedy, "Grandpa's Twin Sister", at the school gymnasium Friday, April 12, Mrs. Martha Craig .announces. Millions of girl-wives in India are less than 15 years of age. •Bf Huk 1 FiQntra, Jr.- New York, April 3 —(/P) —Leave t to Nat Fleischer to discover that the $100 (including tax) for the coming Louis-Conn fight won't b'e •he'highest on record. . . Nat's records show that a few selected cus- iomers were charged : $100 each, without tax, for ringside seats at the Jim Corbett-Peter Jackson fight in 1891 and for Corbet- John L. Sullivan in 1892. He also believes there was an English 25 pounds tab (then $12S) for Georges Carpcnticr vs Joe Beckett —-which really must have been imposing on the public. . . And did you know that in 1878-79 Sullivan fought five times and earned a total of $320? SPARE THE ROD Freddie Eaves, Oklahoma's pole- less pole vaulter, should be able to do better than 12 feet in Saturday's Texas relays. . . Hearing about the plighl of Freddie, who couldn't find a pole long enough to gel him off the ground, Mrs. Lena Myers, clerk of school dislricl 40 al Cherokee, Okla., wrote that an 18-fool vanning pole had been lefl out of a job when the Ingersoll schools dropped sports four years ago. Sooner Conch Jack Jacobs sent for Layne, the Texas U. footballer, and should be enough to pul Eaves over .he roof. Conn Knows Shorts and Shells Beau Jack, who started out as a shoeshinc boy at the Augusta National Golf club, is on the premises :or the renewal of the Masters' .ournament in the uniform of a clubhouse attendant. . . Bobby Layne, the Texas U. folballer, and freshman Joe Lundrum of Clemson opened the college baseball season by tossing no-hit ,no-run games. . . Jarring Jim Bausch, the old Kansas U. Athlete, returned from naval service with the news that he had "the best fishing of my life" in the Admiralty Islands. Bob (Foothmills) Kurland is trying to make up his rnind between a $10,000 pro basketball offer and joining up with the Phillips Oilers, which would give him less dough but .a permanent job. Dots All, Brothers Bill Voiselle, who misses a lot because of his poor hearing, nearly busted up the Giants' clubhouse meeting when Mel Ot asked everyone how they stood with the Mexican League. . . Off in a corner, Bill suddenly began singing: "South of the Border, Down Mexico Way." New Orleans Manager Also Good Farmer (Editors: This is the first of n scries of stories on the managers of southern association baseball clubs.) Wanted! TELEPHONE POLES All Dimensions 16 to 70 Feet Cash Every Week RUFUS MARTIN PATMOS, ARK. By CARL CORBIN ' New Orleans, April 2 — (fP)— Johnny Peacock, wilncr farmer ind summer baseball player, hopes lis current cultivation of the New Orleans Pelicans thrives as well TS the tobacco and cotton he grows n North Carolina. But lie doesn't feel as sure about lis spring crop as he does about us winter farming, because this is Catcher Peacock's first crack at loeing the manager's row on a jaseball team. For years Johnny Peacock has spent his winters farming tobacco, cotton, peanuts, beans and corn at Freemont, N. C, and his. summers doing some first-class catching for such teams as the Boston Red Sox and Brooklyn. It was with Brooklyn that he worked the 1945 season. Then the Pelicans bought his contract, making him manager for the 194G run. He arrived here early in March. Immediately he launched a tryout school that had a roll call of approximately 80. Now his roster is down to 30, the maximum allowed until June 15, when he will have to cut it to 19. In his training he has emphasized "hustling." Of his team, which was fourth in the league last year and lost four out of its first seven exhibition games this year, Peacock says: "We are by no means satisfied with the present club.-;'We expect reinforcements either by purchase or from the Boston Red Sox, with whom we have a working .agreement." SEE US FOR ... Wallpaper Paint Glass Roofing Lumber Cement Sand Gravel Screens ALL BUILDING MATERIAL Phone 178 Harlan-West Lumber Co. Hazel and Division Fights Last Night By The Associated Press Miami, Fla. — Elmer "Violent" Ray, 197, Los Angeles, knocked out Dixie Lee Oliver, 203, Washington, D. C., 1. Buffalo, N. Y. — Joe Muscato, 192 1-2, Buffalo, stopped Bob Miller, 183 1-2, Newark, N. J., 2. By United Press New York — (Broadway Arena) Maxic Shapiro, 130 1-2, New York, outpointed Jack Leainus, 136 1-2, New York, 10. New York (Park Arena) — Julie Bort, 137 1-2, Brooklyn, outpointed Juan Carrcro, 135 3-4, Puerto Rico, 8. Elizabeth, N. J. — Charley Fusari, 143 1-2, Irvington, N. J., out- pointed Nunzio Ferrana, 141, Milwaukee, 10. Burlington, Vt. Buster Beauprc, 141, Burlington, knocked out George Gervins, 147, Montreal, 1. Salem, Mass. — Frank Fcener, 143, Randolph, Mass., outpointed Joe Celleli, 140, Providence, R. I., 110. Manchester, N. H. Bobby Pooler, 139, j-iewiston. Me., awarded decision over Jimmy Rizzo, 136, Montreal, (disqualified), 6. Grcenwod Lake, N. J., April 3 —(/P) —No one has to tell Billy Conn just how tough it's going to be to gel into fighting shape for his June 1.9 date with Joe Louis, and right now Sweet William is somewhat soured on all the free advice he's been getting about it lately. After nearly four years in the army, he knows he and the Brown Bomber have the toughest job in front of them any two ear-scramblers ever had. As a matter of fact, he's so well acquainted with the .100 ol work at hand that he and Manager Johnny Ray have lined up a program of conditioning here at their lakefront camp the like of which makes any previous training grind like two weeks vacation with I Pay- Scheduled for the next ten weeks are more than 800 rounds of boxing — as much as a dozen or 15 rounds daily when the factory starts running full time in three weeks or so — with about 20 sparring partners who have direct orders to beat Billy's brains in if they can. As an incentive, the spar- mates will get special cash bonuses for the best jobs of hammering on the Pittsburgh pretty boy. "I can hear , those .-experts screaming already,'" Billy grunted today as he bounced along the lakeshore on his first roadwork chore. "Now they'll be worrying that I'll be going stale. Well, I won't tip them off that Joe and I have been stale for four years. Now we have to do more work than ever before to shake that •staleness out. • "This is one time there can't be anything like leaving anything in the gym when the fight comes "up." The Ray-Conn board of strategy mapped out the ambitious "sweat" program long before they lifted the curtain on the training camp here yesterday — and it's probably just as well they did, because with all the folks who came along, the board of strategy was practically a convention. Along with the regular fistic family, there must have been at least four secretaries, as many body- d- :mri nccnvriing to Billy, 17 coaches." The duly .appointed and ^ui uean coacri is conn's long- time pal, red-haired Gaby 'Ryan, wno \vds unoc-ciaea whether tn u^e the "T" formation or the 'single wing in getting rid of 1 most of them. Conn didn't even wdit • long, enough to go through the important routine of getting acquainted with the chef betore going to work. He boxed two fast rounds with Welterweight Sammy Schipani of Pittsburgh to sharpen up. Also arriving with the opening party were Billy's brother, Jackie, and Mickey (The Mack- McAvpy, who will be added to the sparring staff in a few days. BUTANE SYSTEMS Plumbing Fixtures Plumbing Repairs HARRY W. SHIVER Plumbing • Heating Phone 259 Hooe, Ark. . YOUR MILITARY OCCUPATIONAL SPECIALTY MEANS GOOD PAY IN THE REGULAR ARMY! JOB MOS Grades Bugler 803 6 Decontamination Equipment Operator 809 5, 4 Operations, NCO . . . . 814 4.3,2 Commissary Steward . . . 819 4,3 Subsistence, NCO . . . .820 4, 3 Suoplv Technician .... 821 4,3,2 Utilities Technician ... 822 4. 3, 2 Mess Sergeant 824 4,3 Medical Supply Technician 825 4, 3, 2 Parts Clerk, Armament . . 848 S, 4 Those arc but a few of the specialists needed in 1he posl-war Regular Army. If you held an Army mililary occupational speciality (MOS), then here's good news. The War Department has just announced that men who were, honorably discharged from the Army on or after May 12, 1945, may now enlist in the Regular Army in their qualified specialties. You will receive a grade depending upon the length of time that you held your MOS. You must act before June 30, 1945, if you wish to take advantage of this opportunity. It means excellent training and experience in a skilled trade which will prepare you for a future career. It means security and good pay as well os the finest in food, clothing, education and travel. You will be given the complete details without any obligation at the U. S. Army Recruiting Station, 215 Post Office Bldg., Texarkang, Ark. FIRST-AID FOR SCALP-SCRATCHERS If dry sculp itches rub on a few drops of Morolino Hair Tonic. Helps remove loose, unsightly dandruff flakes. MOROLINE HAIR TONSC MATTRESSES Remade Like New Guarantee to Use Same Cotton — All Work Guaranteed — Pick Up and Deliver Anywhere Bright Bros. Mattress Co. Hope, Rt. 2 Phone 34-J-2 COMPLETE BUTANE SERVICE Wanda Butane Gas Phone 370 Hope, Ark. NOTICE — WE HAVE MOVED to 513 S. Walnut Call us for repairs, parts and supplies. We do hemstitching and make button holes. Buy, Sell and Exchange Machines, C. W. YANCEY, Singer Dist. 578R FIRST LINE BATTERIES Bob Elmore Auto Supply Phone 174 215 S. Main JONES MAYTAG SALES & SERVICil •For Prompt Expert Service'on All WASHING MACHINES Pnone 209 304 East 2nd FRED'S AUTOMOTIVE SERVICE We specialize In REPAIRS ON Chrysler, Dodge, Plymouth, DeSoto, all General Motors Cars Phone 202 4th and Washington LOOK" The Most Modern REPAIR SHOP IN HOPE Complete Auto Upholstering Washing & Greasing Now Open on SUNDAY ANTHONY'S Service Station Phone 1106 Harry Segno r, Sr. PLUMBER Contracting and Repairs Phone 382-J The Star is authorized to announce the following as candidates subject to the action of the Democratic primary elections this Summer: Congress, 7th District PAUL GEREN 8th Judicial Circuit For Prosecuting 'Attorney CHARLES W. HACKETT JAMES H.- PILKINTON Hempstead County For Sheriff & Collector TILMAN BEARDEN J. W. (SON) JONES CLAUDE H. SUTTON For County Clerk ROBERT C. TURNER For County Treasurer MRS. ISABELLE ONSTEAD McCORKLE SWELL A. BURKE • For County Judge FRED A. LUCK Tax Assessor C. COOK For Representative Post 1 ' .GLEN 'WALKER For Representative Post 2 TALBOT FEILD, JR. One Russian scientist has planned .to' sink a well 3900 feet; bring up hot water, and pipe it direct to Moscow homes. |Loe's Tourist Cafe-Court "Featuring • Steaks • Fried Chicken • •Barbecue «Fiah '•Sandwiches »Soft Drinks NOW OPEN 24 HOURS Phone 222 for Private Dining Room- Mr, and Mrs. P. J. Loe City Limits & Highway 67 West ROGERS RADIO SERVICE We specialize In all - kinds of.car •and" home radios. FIRESTONE STORE 209-South Main St. DR. H.T.SHULL VETERINARIAN In practice in Texarkana TEXAS CITY HALL Phone 140 or 1490-J Motor • Repairs—Ulght -Fixtures Hope Appliance Co. 214 East 3rd St. PHONE 613 Appliance Repairs—Appliances k - • Doug /MTV Car ' Bacon Wl I I Jones ELECTRIC CO. — for — House Industrial Wiring Wiring Electrical Repairs Phone 784 YOUR CREDIT IS GOOD TRY Hope Mattress Co. For better work at better prices—Old beds made new and new beds made too— We Call for and Deliver • Anywhere ; One day service in town— Bargains In Secondhand Furniture ALL WORK GUARANTEED Phone 152 41 IS. Hazel Expert Repair Work On all makes of cars Phone 1118 BARNEY GAINES GARAGE 213 South Elm St. Personal Stationery, Pastel Colors- ~ A Complete line Gentry Printing Co. Phone 241 Hope, Ark. COMPLETE RADIO SERVICE Bob Elmore Auto Supply • Real Estate f 1 If ypu;''aWin theii^arkef'-f" to'B'uy or sell Farm land ' or City Property, call or see , Calvin E. Cassidy Phone 489 Hope, Ark, Arkansas Bank Building FOR SALE ALL STEEL Incinerators.. $2.00 McRAE IMPLEMENT CO. Phone 745 Wanted to Buy USED FURNITURE of all kinds COMMUNITY FURNITURE STORE 606 N. Ha?el Phone 357 SERVICE — VARIETY Now Is the time to get ready for your Spring planting. We have a most complete line of Field and Garden Seeds, Insecticides and Inoculations. AGENTS FOR Willhite Melon Seed ' Dodge Onion Plants Funks G Hybrid Corn Germaco Hot Caps Sinkers Delinted Cotton Seeds, Hybrid Sweet Corn, Triple Cleaned i Kobe, Korean and Sericea Lespedeza, Alfalfa, Soy Beans and field ', •grown cabbage plants. "WE APPRECIATE YOUR BUSINESS" MONTS SEED STORE TN Leading Seed Store I Sea Us Foi BABY CHICKS You'll like our quol« Ity chicks, hatched right from selected i flocks. Hardy, fast- growers. Low prict,) FEEDERS SUPPLY CO. 4th and La. Sts x Phone 25 nl SI

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