The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on July 24, 1895 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 24, 1895
Page 7
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Bit* JJLSOITA, IQW& woM tod tf-eftry the TS-omftii safj ? 7 WiW sleeping flcrdss bet khee, tfe wcrfk lief fingers were tolling ^ ________ a pitiful task for such as $,' She; eMing Shoes for \\w itttto fed tthilt pattern! oter tile rabiii fltfor, hlle the bells of the Sabbath day rau# sv\ eet, And tho neighbors iirtssed by the door. hO ehllflfon nhd tlif baby slept. Aiid the Intsy needle went and oftmr, liett lo, on tbe threshold stone there fcteyt A priestly ngtird, and named, her Iftfftd atafot trfcftt f flfebetf y3lt weelif ' Moll* had tecfl fe*t«*tlhtf fhis tion. It ;ifhr1 Wifne' sofhetimo Ih course 6f the t-onversntteh every since the night, at»otit six weeks be* forei when Molly had been sh eimrhi- Ing, and .mnitiy so dewporAto. that soinehoV. hp never kiiew how. trout'" age had coins to him nhd he had asked her to marry him, "And why si^tild I thange nrjr mind?" she answered; "I think single life Is splendid." I'tl be good (o yon. Molly— a— Miss "What shrift is this for tho Sabbath I- Whbti liells arc calling, nnd far and ilear "Faith, Tin not so bad to myself, that 1'hi hard tip for a change." .Timhiy always left soon after this point in the eott vernal ion, and to-night, as Molly shut the door after, hinf, she said to herself. "Ain't it a shame he's so homely? 1 think! red hair Is Jpat awful— on moii," tt. was the mohiing before* beau night tt week Intel'. Molly was busily Be $111 Not Dm Himself, plus; people njilhor lo praise and pray? : n tVork swec>ptuK~off thc'h-rmt piazza". I" AVotoaii, why rtfo you ioiliug bore,' | Tlurlong French windows of the Ill-tike one in a dream she answered ' low; "father, my days are work days till; TI Itiiow no Sabbath. I dare not go Where the beautiful bells ring out the call; "For who would look to the moat aiiiV drink, And teuti the children and keep the peace? I pray in silence, and try to think. .\ Vav (Jod's love can listen, and /jive 'mo-ponce." The years panned on. and with fast and prayer , The good priest climbed to stale of rest; And a tired woman stood waiting here, : Her work-worn hands to her bosom pressed; "0, saint, thrice blessed, mount thou on high!" He 'heard the welcoming angels say, ; Anrt meekly, gently, she passed him by c Who had mended shoes on the Sabbath day. —Ladles' Home Journal. I MOLLY'S BEAU NIGHT. It was beau night, and Molly was fL hurrying to finish up her-dishes, slngr " lug loudly and cheerily as she worked. "After Ihe Ball" ended in "Home, •Sweet Home." while "Sweet Marie" [Vml 'In the Gloaming." were followed .quickly by "My Country, 'Tis of Thee." "Land where my fathers died," sho 'sang,.wringing out her last dish towel hanging it up, and emptying the water into the sink. It happened that her fathers, as far back as she know, had died In County Cork, but she sang (on. /through all the verses as .though she were a most patriotic American. By the time she had finished the lasl verse, she had put away her hist pot, hung up her last dish towel, and was reaity to receive." • "Jimmy's late to-night, I nuess"— ami she put both hands.on her hips and laughed a long, merry laugh. MOl- ,ly always had to take time to laugh. "I guess he minded what I told him last week. Comin' here before my dishes was washed. I settled him, 1 guess." "That's him, now," "Come in," ,shn replied to tho loud knock at the door. The door opened and in walked Molly's latest admirer, Jimmy Japgpr, newly elected to the office of the chief :0f the town fire department. He was a great, ungainly fellow, with large features on a face that seemed to be one freckle; and with red hair, just near enough the color of Molly's to make one wonder how hers could be so pretty and his so ugly, and to make , ,1161' extremely sensitive ou this point of resemblance. . v • "Gopd evening, Mr. .Tagger," said ' Molly, standing behind a chair in the middle of the kitchen. "Take a chair and sit down," sho said, smiling quite graciously, Jimmy sat down in the chair b*y the door, holding his hat In his hands, and Molly seated herself in the middle of the room, Encouraged by the smile, Jimmy ventured to remark: "I hope I see you well this evening." "Oh, yes," said Molly, "I'm not one of the sickly kind as is always got something the matter with 'em." 1 Jimmy looked with admiration nt her r.ound red .cheeks, then fell to studying his boots, which afforded an extensive range of view. "1 saw you down town, yesterday," began Molly "with Mike Coonoy. I , "think he's awful nice," . This was very cruel, as Mike was jwliiy'M jaxju'vicHi-w Wltu ,»*4B$ m ^ >( V ivftl ! , n , M ° lly ' s affections. .. Ij( my ( , ni ,iy days," says our greut- JKVM}ke>had one girl after another, but ( , st neto j .,, .{ mnit od a stock engage- t ;always returned to Molly In the ami. Ulout ut a provincial theater, ami did "It was during these perjc, s of dost-v- j llot know ullltll i Kl>i there that I had ,Hnn that .linimv soizprl tlm bpnn nityhls , V brary.wpro open, nud she could hear voices from within, whoi'o Mr. Ilalph, the son of the house, was smoking the morning awny, with n ccllogp friend, who had arrived tho night before. Suddenly she stopped her work at hearing her name. Mr, Kalph was spanking. "Yos, she's a be.'ivtt—our Molly is." Then ho added with a In ugh. "Ihit you ought to SPP hpr bpnu. He's a groat, big. gnwkey follow, with red hair find t'rpi'kles, nud great big c-nrs. nm| a mouth that you could "button round behind.' " Molly stood for a moment, her face flushed and her eyes-flashing, stung to the vorf-quick. She was angry. She hud lived with the Hunts for two years, having novor yet shown other than the most even of dispositions. But .now she was augi'y. Sho banged her broom around tho pinssza long enough to le.t them know that she was there -and had hoard all that they had said, and then she went around to the kitchen and began to cook her dinner. , "Ilo'd ought, to be ashamed of himself, he'd ought," she said to herself, as she peeled the potatoes, cutting away half of them as she peeled. "With all his nioney nnd his good looks and his smooth ways,-to say that about Jimmy—an' he can't hold a cau- dle to Jimmy, that ho can't. Didn't Jimmy start without, a cent in his pocket, and now ain't ho saved his money an' built himself tbe prettiest sort of a little housp. An' tor him as never did 11 lick of work, much less earned a cent o' money In all his long, lazy life, to dare say as he did." And Molly throw her potatoes Into the • pot as If sho ware aiming them at Ilalph Hunt's head. "An' didn't Jimmy as much as risk his life to save them people in the big fire last year, so as now they're made Mm chief of the fire department? Oh—h, I never could stand Mr. Ralph with bis big eyes lookin' at me while I. waited on the table as he'd no business to look at me, arid that what, he said about nio, 'She's a beaut our Molly is'—'n'beaut. 1' 'our Molly!' Indeed!" And here sho dropped the beautiful glass dish which was to contain her dessert. It was too much, and Molly leaned her head against the kitchen door and cried. •"Oh, Jimmy," she said a moment later, as she picked up the broken glass, "You're a good , good man, Jlujmy, you are. You're an angel 'long side o' him ns said the mean things about you. Youve got an honest look in your eyes that none of his fine -clothes' can give him. And— and," yith a little sob, '"I don't care if his hair is red." That -night, when Jimmy came, Molly was so sweet that he almost hated to ask his weekly question, be- cnuse ho knew that ho always felt impelled to leave so soon after it. At last it came. . , "Miss O'Brien?' 1 "Yes, Mr. Jagger." ,"I suppose you ain't changed your mind about what I asked you lust week?" "Yes, Jimmy, I have." "Molly!" And Jimmy sprang to Ills feet, trembling with eagerness. "Say —say it again, Molly," "Yes, Jimmy," said Molly, with her sweetest smile. "You're brave an* honest an' kind, nnd you'll'be a good mail to me, Jimmy." Jimmy clasped the little figure in his big, strong arms. "And—and you'll go to church with me, Molly?" "This.spring?" she asked, looking up at him, On his way home that night, after be and Molly had planned everything, Jimmy counted up the weeks. "Six weeks," ho said' as ho walked along toward homo, "Six'more beau nights, and then-r- and then a whole life of beau nights with Molly,"—Margaret (irlswold Cox in Smith CoDcgit Monthly, seized the beau for his visits, and was thus carrying pn a broken but faithful courtship, "pon't you think he's nice," she asked, hesitated, '"yes," he said Jo always felt obliged In jigl'eo with Molly, but this time It "He's got good looks, ain't; he?" ho continued, as if wanting yot dreading •,fl)e answer, " "Qh, I think he's awful good look• ( fyps," said Jimmy, "he—he's got .pj.ce ball', ain't ho?" — - ain't he got pretty hair, it's so , «li,winy sank b«c)> luiq . iits chair triert to srallo bat-Knt Die sn)i)iuf( opposite WjHi l<ut it was too pullocl out his big pookot t au,d wjned hip face; 8*>rtfirfc, st«dyi»g his hoots again. reigwen in .t-)ie kitchen tw of Juvlf a minutfl. Si|4denjy Qpouey, aye you?" \>\$ b-Qiitfe paid ; la jtogfiiftg £dm**&ittilt u the fray, k tr., f hues.) tt, W. ticKvftrds, fit Lahsln&tmf'gh, wftS ttfo'slfated by sunstroke during the war and tt has entailed on him peculiar And tiueeft Victoria's household Is & one, consisting of. just under a thou- Lyon, O. A. tf., Cohoes, a:id a bast aid- { ^"^l * he n&tlon sets ^t t de-camp on the staff of the commahdef- j ot $2,500,000 every year. Most Of the inichlef of Albany Co. In an interview with a reporter, he said: "I was wounded and sent to the hos* pital at Winchester, They sent rne to* gether with others to Washington—a ride of about 100 miles. Having no room ih the box cars we were placed face tip on the bottom of flat cars. The sun beat down upon our Unprotected heads. When I reached Washington 1 waa insensible and' was unconscious f6r teti days while ih the hospital. Ah abscess gathered In my ear ahd broke; it has been gathering and breakihs ever Since. The result of this 100 mile ride ahd sunstroke, was, heart disease, nervous prostration, Insomnia and rheumatism; a Completely shattered system which gave me no rest night or day. As a last re* sort I took some Pink Pills nnd they helped me to a wonoerful degree. My rheumatism is gone, my heart failure, dyspepsia, and constipation are about gone and the abscess In my ear has stopped discharging and my head feels as clear as a bell when before it felt as though It would burst and my once shattered nervous system is now nearly .sound. Look at those fingers," Mr, Edwards said, "do they look as If there was any rheumatism there?" He moVed his fingers rapidly and freely and strode about the room like a young boy. "A year ago those fingers were gnarled at the Joints and so stiff that 1 coald not hold a pen.. My knees would-swell up and I could hot straighten my leg out. My joints Would squeak when I moved. "I cannot begin to tell you," said Mr. Edwards, as he drew a long breath, "what my feeling is at present. I think If you lifted ten years right off my life and left me prime and vigorous ai forty-seven I could j ng in the f ores t O f Windsor, but the feel no better. I was an old man oMce of grand fa j coner) he i d by the to jiptu nrp »i«:J»t, Undo Alen fywu'fcs is learning ride a bicycle. "The dlfforenco btitween Colpnol Pavy 'CrocKett awrt me," lie muttered, •wabbling from side tQ pide while t«k, lug ids third lesson, "is that I've got to go ahead, before I am euro J'w Keai§— I've got * new }UokeHu4Ue- slot mti^MuG to matee a fwtvme, •pealB-Really? M'lwt does, it offqu for a ijj':k,ol? B<?Hls.— No o;;U of Uijugs. But after it swaUwvrs tho wlcfcej, it sUows ft machiwo Is out of ,, . posts are sinectires or fixtures tot life, says the Boston Globe. In the p part of Queen Victoria's reign* a v mistress of the robes may possibly have done a few hours' work in the year, giving orders that the apparel of the •sovereign should be carefully preserved from moth and dust, renewing the regal ermine, velvet and lace at stated times and seeing that the crown jewels were always locked up safely after a public airing. She could also affix her name to warrants empowering one worthy tradesman to sell sewing cotton to the royal household and allowing others to put up the royal arms over their doors because their various wares were bought by personages of Illustrious degree. Harriet Sutherland's signature was always most as good an addition to business advertisements as."To the Queett" emblazoned in big gilt letters over the shops. Some of the posts are entirely ornamental and others have very little duty attached to them. Probably the only additions to the household since the time of Henry VIII, are two steam-apparatus men. Although there Is no longer a rojal barge nor any pageantry on the Thames there are still a bargemaster and a waterman with a salary each of $2,000 a year. For the last 200 years there has been no hawk- and could only drag myself painfully about the house. Now I can walk ort without any trouble. That In Itself," continued Mr. Edwards, "would be sufficient to give me cause for rejoicing, but when you come to consider that I am no longer what you might call nervous and that my heart Is apparently, nearly healthy and that 1 can sleep nights you may realize why I may appear to speak In extravagant praise of Pink Pills. These pills quiet my nerves, take that awful pressure from my head and at the same .time enrich my blood. There seemed to be no circulation In my lower limbs a year ago, my legs being cold and clammy at times. Now the circulation there is as full and as brisk as at any other part of my body. I used to be sc light-headed and dizzy from my nervous disorder that I frequently fell while crossing the floor of my house. ; Spring Is coming and 1 never felt better In my life, and I am looking forward to a busy season of work." who was locally very popular. Ho had not loft, 1 believe, on altogether good tonne with tho management; so the audience vented their spleen upon his successor. I was that unfortunate person, and for a whole week or more I was hissed every night; not toy my bud acting, but out of lovo for my pvo- (Jeoessor, I remember how every night j .walked to my rooms, some two miles out of town, very wretched, and walked in again the next night no less, miserable. To this day I jiovev pass ihe place by railway without ft shud- der."-rTld-Bits. THE STAGE. Paul Potter and Bill Nye are to co. laborate an original comedy. Fay Templeton writes songs, her latest effort being "I Want Yer, Ma Honey." A variety theater down In Arizona advertises to sell one-eyed men tickets at half price. " Charles Li. Davis has just closed his seventeenth and a most prosperous season In Alvln Joslln. The manager of a company now tour- Ing England publishes a newspaper .In every town visited. The juvenile musical prodigies now performing In Europe Include eleven pianists, nine violinists, five cellolsta and one zitherlst. The veteran among the doorkeepers of the New York theaters is said not to have missed a night from his post In forty years. The moral of Lohengrin, according to a Chicago critic, Is that a woman happily married should not ask too many "fool questions." The, sons of the late Hartley Campbell will pla'oe "The White Slave" on the road next season, with a strong cast and everything new. The American Vaudeville company with Miss Ola Hayden, the young contralto wonder at the .head, will be the strongest of next season's road attractions. •A sketch of Jessie Bartjett DavlB, with excellent portraits of her, form the subject of an -artistic little book written by Isabel Gordon and published recently. W, H, Vernon, an English actor who formerly supported Genevleye Ward; in this country, will next season' be a mem-; ber o£ the Julia Marlovve<-Taber com •party. _ 'WINTER WHEAT, so UUSHELS PER ACRE! Did you ever hear of that? Wellthere are thousands of farmers who think they will roach this yield with Salzer's new hardy Red Cross Wheat. Rye 60 bushels per acre) Crimson Glover at $3,60 per bushel, Lots and lots of grass and clover for fall seeding. Cut 'this out and send to John A. Salzer, La Crosse, Wis., for fall catalogue and sample of above wheat free, (W.N.U,) A white panther has just arrived at the Jardin dos Hantas, Paris. A panther o: that color has never before been seen in meuageile. duke of St. Albans, has only been suppressed within the last two years. There arc four table deckers, whose sole duty Is to lay the dinner cloth and see that the plates, dishes and cutlery are fairly set forth. There Is also a wax fitter, who sees the candles properly disposed, and a first and second amplighter, who receive tbe same salary as that of the poet laureate, which s $600 a year. This may seem shabby payment, but it must be confessed that most of the poets. laureate have been overpaid for the stuff supplied. Then there is the "keeper of the swans," who annually pocketa $160 for looking after the sacred birds on the royal waters. Lastly, there Is the "queen's ut-catcher," who is especially attached :o Buckingham palace. His. salary, S75, Is provided outside the civil list. Every session the house of commons, committee of supply, considers this vote and gravely agrees to It." FOND OF LETTER H. Yellowstone Words cannot convey even tho conception of the grandeur and magnificence o£ the Yellowstone National Park, Nowhere else are there such superb views; such an abundance pf finny seme j such myriads of wild fowl i such delightful camp- were are everlasting springs; terrace building fountains of soakling yr&ter, un. conny pools of steaming day i treiuenapus geysers ; mighty cataracts ; profound pan yons, primeval forests! ftftd— surpassing all else in quiet lovelisps.s-'-a limpid »ouf) taj« lake of broad expanse and picturesque beauty, of which the \vorld, perhaps, does npt contain the counterpart- . A substantial reduction h«s recentl bee« made In the cost of reach Jpg to ePar as weJJ as in ttye t°w through it, Full iu Knignfi Templar, to be 'h ,Q mplar, to be 'hed in Boston August 8(S-?Q, 1895, tU§. QlnoftTO Srga Western Railway will «U wwrgjon tiek etftto Po,ste& ftt Pflie, flrst--pla^ trip. Tiolsgts ofl IP to i$, turn up t9 All tickets, goaa to, re- iftoludiftg fillltlilc, the 'Wholesale Graders' association meets in Atlanta oft Wednesday next, We hope to fee present, for we hotter the then who sell groceries—especially dtf credit. • We also note thai the Amerlcah Waterworks association meets 111 At» lanta "Buesday. We would have invited them to Blltviile, hut, Unfortunately, water Is an unknown quantity here. This has been the coldest June we have ever seen In Billvllle. We sold our fishing tackle for an overcoat and gave a half Interest In the paper for a red-hot stove.—Atlanta Constitution. Skinny Sufferers Saved. ToYitvMo visets (vs n rule hro iway tolow normal weight because tobneco destroys digestion und causes nervoiirlmtlon thiusnps brftinpow- crandvitality. You can getnq»iloU,Kimruniced relief by tho use of No T6-Hiic, and then If you don't lllto your freedom nnd Improved physical condition you cnn learn the use of lohacco over attain, just like the lltst tlmo- No-To-Uao sold unclor Btmrnntce to cure by BniKfilsts everywhere. Hrolt free. Address SicrllUK .Remedy Co., Now York City or Chicago. I'uttlnir Creditors to Use. Manager—Wa must put a great deal of realism in this wood scone. Cnn you get some one to growl so as to resemble a bear'! Assistant—I think so. There are six or seven chorus girls who haven't received their wnges lor ten weeks. I'll call 'them. Fresh and Roprottchful. "Mrs. Brown never sits up to wait for bor husband," "No?" "No. When she, expects him to bo out late she retires early, sets the alarm nit U o'clock an proachful. Educate Your Daughters. At this season of the year parents have to decide upon and select the educational Institution which their daughters are to attend for the coming years. In this connection we desire to call attention to the educational announcement In our advertising columns of the Academy of the Sacred Heart, St. Joseph, Mo. Their buildings and grounds are attractive, locality healthful, teaching in all branches thorough, and terms reasonable. Parents fortunate to select this school for the education and training of their daughters will, we are sure, be fully satisfied. Next session opens Sept. ,3, 1895. For further information address Mother Superior, Academy of the Sacred Heart, St. Joseph, Mo. Men Use It for an Initial In When Any Other Would Do. "It's a peculiar thing," said the knowing clerk in a hotel which is noted more for its hospitality than it is, for its inquisitiveness into the character of its guests. "It's a peculiar fondness that the average man has for the letr ter H as an initial. Now, I don'C suppose that there are more middle names beginning with H than with any other letter — M or R or S or B — but nine men 'out of ten, if they are in doubt about a middle initial, decide on H," quotes the New York Sun. "Now, my middle Initial is W, but for every letter I* get, except from people I know well, that has my initial right, I get three^n which it is put down H. It's very seldom, too, that you'll find a man with sufficient strength of character to leave out the middle initial of the man he's writing to if he doesn't know it, so he claps in an H and lets it go. There seems to be a preveffling super- stitition that a man isn't just what he. ought to be unless he has a middle name, and that the chances are very strong that that name begins with the eighth letter of the alphabet, "Now, here's another instance: Cast your eyes over this page of our register, That is mostly late guests who drop in here late at night and sign names other than their own. See the result: 'Charles H. Jones,' 'John H. Smith,' 'George H. Bobinson,' 'A. H, Brown,' 'F, W. Brown,' and so on. There pro ten names on that one page the middle Initial of which is H, Now, that letter isn't any easier to write than any other letter; it certainly isn't any move ornamental, and I can't see that in any respect it has an advantage over the rest of the alphabet, Yet the human race sticks to it with a fidelity worthy of a more important cause. I'd like to have some wise man tell me why," Philadelphia Trolley Parties. The trolley parties are reviving and promise to put all former attempts in this line in the shade. There is notice- A French Canadian editor has had to pay a flno of S>'200 for calling a brother editor a Methodist, Educational. Attention of the reader is-called-to the announcement of Notre Dame University in another column of this paper. This noted institution of learning enters upon its fifty-second year with the next session, commencing Sept. a, 1895. Parents and guardians contemplating sending their boys and young men away from home to school would do well to write.for particulars to the Unl- versjty of Notre Dame, Indiana, before making arrangements for their education elsewhere. Nowhere in this broad land are there to be found better facilities for cultivating the mind,arid heart than are offered at Notre Dame University, The first mayor (at that tune called l 'maior") of London was elected in the year 1209. When Traveling, Whether on pleasure bent, or business,take on every trip a bottle of Syrup of Figs, as it acts most pleasantly and effectually on the kidneys, liver and bowels, preventing fevers, headaches and other forms of sickness. For sale in 50c and |1 bottles by all the leading druggists, Manufactured by the California Fig Syrup Co., only. A chair worth .£7,500 has just been completed in Paris, The forelegs are of solid gold. CONDUCTOR B, P. LOOMIS, DetroIt.Mich., suys: "Tho effect of Hall's Catarrh Cure is i •wonderful, 1 ' Write him about it. Sold by Druggists, T5c, The population of New Zealand IS h something mofe than 606,ot)0. A seif-propeitmg bidycls Is a Swedish nvehtion. It is Wn by a little gasoline motor, <3olly*gaseoynes, commonly corrupt* ed, gallygasklha, Were a combination jfeeches and hose, , '' The muffler was origittatly called ths muziler, because it Went ovet 1 the muz- 1 <sle or mouth. Of all European countries Sicily had most often been subjected to the yoko of a foreign power. The slashes or openings in ah outer' rarment to show the one beneath were 'ormerly failed panes. Bonnet was originally the namo for a man's head covering. The word Id still used*in Scotland. From the -thirteenth to the seven* teenth century a blue coat in England ivas the sign of a servant. Wheel farthingales were the enormous supports to petticoats worn lu the days of James and Charles I. A riding and bicycle academy, to cont §821,500, is to be built in Now York. Tlio coal production of the world last; year was 5BB,?00,000 tons. Old Rip Van Winkle went up into the Catskill mountains to'take a little nap of twenty years or so, and when he wakened, he found that the "cruel war was over, 1 ' the monthly magazines had "fought it over" the second time and "blown up" all the officers that had participated in it. This much is history, ana it is also an historical/act that, it took the same length of time, for Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery to become the most celebrated, as it is the most effective, Liver, Blood and , Lung Remedy of the age. In purifying the blood and in all manner of pimples, blotches, eruptions, and other skiu and scalp diseases, scrofulous sores and swellings, and kindred ailments, the "Golden Medical Discovery" manifests the most positive curative properties. EDUCATIONAL f\GflDE,N\y OFTttE SftGRED HEART Tlio coui'Kcor iiiHtf uttioii In thl ^ Academy, omiducted liy tlio UellglouKoC tho Sacivd Honit, cmbiaucn thu whole range of siibjcots .noceirary :to constitute u soil t and ruUncil education. .Propriety of deportment, personal lioalnoVa nnd the pr.lndiiles o!.- 'morality uro oh-' Jciits of nmcirliiK uttshllon. Extensive Ki'omulH iit- lord tlio pupil* every tuolllty .or uuelul uodl y oxor- eiise} thotr health iri an object tt constant Fo'.ieltude, imil livHlckneiw they ave nttvn:Uxl ixiltt materimUwe. Full toi m oncna Tuesday, Sept. 3.1. Kor further par- tloularo, addieiK THK gUPK.UIOM, AviKlrmy (aacrnil Jlcni't, St. ,tOH*-i>li, Bio. UNIVERSITY~OF~MOTRE DAML THE FIFTY-SECOND YEAR WILL OPEN TUESDAY. SEPT. 3d, 1895. Clvlliu d M«-ell«iilcill JKi Preparatory aid Commercial tloumu. Bt, Edwaid's Hull for hoy» under 13 In unique In Che completeness of its equip nout. Catalogues tent free on appllcatlpu to KBV. ANDitBW .MOHUISSEV, c. S. O,, Notre Damn, lud. able absence of noise in those that been perpetrated so far this suni'mer. Instead of the objectionable blowing of horns and the ringing of bells, thert is a great singing of alleged popular songs, which is, perhaps, even a worse' offense, although pot a punishable one. The cars are decorated, with small American flags and bunting, and ll- lumJnated WH& small electric lights, that are scattered all around the cars, both, inside and out. T&e brightness of the Jights is ft means o'{ attracting crowds pf people, who phger the tro> jeyites to the echo.. Judging frow present }n<|icatipns, ^9 trplley parses, ,PV9m,ise to be njore the go thW Ja.s^ year-, apft the «'trslleyosis, wards" }» the fe.oppital§ f 0 }. the. incurably insa.$f wju prabaWy Ue taxed to their utmost e$tent.-HPh}ja4elpMa Record. Meta Wheel for your Wa Princess Maud of Wales is an accomplished musician, and is especially fond of the mandolin. We think Pise's Cure for Consumption is the only medicine for Cbugbs. " - PINOKAHP, Springfield, Ills., Got. 1,189-1, The "obang," a gold coin ot Japan, weighs as much as $47,50 worth of United Status gold coin. nT8--AllFltW'0Ppe<lfrecbyPr.KHne'sGrciit Norvo Jiestorer, No FltMvfter ttio ur*Miiiy'ti uto? JIarveloitbpure.s. TroullfcanmlKStrinl bottle frei-$> Ji'H esses, html to Dr. K|iia-,93l Arcu bt. f plillu., ¥o* Kansas bns twenty women holding office as county superintendent of public instruction, r Be pure find UMJ that old »ml veil-tried remedy, MRS. Wmst-ow'tiBooTiusu EYBVP for OlillUien Tcet)i)»g. A woman auctioneer h»s made hej 1 j , .-..,, appearance in London, the flrst of the. swf'.wwwj species, ' Work for the STARK Nurseries Write quick. New departure plans; STAUK' IIUO'8 Nursi!rle«&Or«bard8Oo,,Loiii8laim, Mo.&Bo6Uiiort,lll. STATE INSURANCE CO,, OF DES RflOINES, IA., Insures against I ? ife,,I>i(; > l»tiiIiiy ami '1'ormiilocs. Has paid its Policy Holders 08,854,070.15 for Losses, with a Home C'omjmiiy. L EWIS' 98 % LYE POWDEBED AHD IPAXBHTBU) The strongest and purest Jjye , made, UnllUe other Lye, It being n Bno powder and packed In n can ,with removable ltd, the contents are always rsady for use, Will make tbe best perfumed Hurd Huap In 80 minutes without boiling. It in I Ue best for oleanelng wuste pipes, dlslnfeotiug slnka, closets, washing bottles, paints, trees, etc. PENNA-SALTM'PGCO. Gen; AgenU., Fblla., Pa, Oor» Salve." Warranted to cm e or money vfAiuded. Ask for it. I'vlce 16 ccnta. People may be diviijoci |uto two classes— those who thjujt they are happy and those who hope tQ be, Is the oWest and best. H will Urefth up, a CpW qulcto er ttia» uuy tLIng else, It Is alw»ya reliable, Try It- cftos w i d o — bubs to lltan.v asle. uro, hogs, fie. No, resetting of ttro« Cftti'B/rw. Aaaress P, Red Cross Though finitely Wot soms like friendabip, is ft great djftereftoe in Jbe —Socrates. o\ve!.8 to tbe morning." Prinking \fftter never Hjalces ^ nia» a gist, ewe that there are lira s*ore than p| a^l otbey Uvtng ' PQfl'W ' Sreafc JJritain pwus §f P-UOQ in A trto& ,

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