The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on July 24, 1895 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 24, 1895
Page 5
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|'--.;'j : _1_! •_ ' THE TJPPltt BE8 MOl^lSi AL80JfA f IOWA, WBfi5OTl|BA¥j JtJltlf/ill^lSttt -, :,< ' - 'v ;: \v^^ 1 J-J-.-.-.- ,T|i. l il-iiTte.-,.. liiu-nffilMi -I ^i i 11 .Ml i1-• . ——.- --.....- ^ . * — -—• — > — «"^-w "•" ^^ ^^ ^^ ^^ 7 ^^ S 7 . ^^ *~ A f f 1 J *T t •& « t tilS*'i 1 , Lffi is helpful to horse and wagon alike* - It docs away with the old-time troubles of poor wagon grease, It'stheslickestgreasfc you ever saw. Sold by all dealers. Wadham's Oil and Grease Co* MILWAUKEE, WIS. E. G. BOWYER, now at the new stand In the OoWles block, has a cotaptete'. stock of AND FINE JEWELRY. SOOB RACES YESTERDAY. 0fswd Was Hot Laifee, to the We*e fittftifig fast Time Made,. Today's RaeM,Promise i Good fintettaifttnftht—th6 Fast Ate Matched, A string of fast horses came for yesterday's races and are here today. They ar~e as good a lot of running horses fts ever met on a track in this paft 6i lowa» Two oi the best afe Ida M» and Qildersieeve of Germania. Among the others are Billy Mack of Forest Qity, who holds the state recbrd for half mile heats in a race. He beat Ida M« although the latter made the fastest time ever made in the state on one heat, Nigger Baby of Des Moines Is here, with a 22 second record for a qtiartef mile. Jenny Lind of Arling* ton, Geo. Lee of'Strawberry point, Indian of St, Paul, Minn., Mique O'Brien of St. Paul, Country Boy of Britt, Kokomo of Hamlitre, Minn., Ansel Jr. of Strawberry Point, and Me Too of Sioux City, with the mile record for the state, are on the list, Leslie Boy is here to trot and a race with .. Belton is on for today. YESTERDAY'S EVENTS. The first race yesterday was a three- eighths mile dash. Billy Mack and Jenny Lind ran a close race and the time was fast—86$ seconds. Joe Lee was third, and Nigger Baby fourth.. The Second race was a three-fourths dash. Me Too was expected to win, '-and he did in 1:22. Ansel Jr. ran a •close second, and Kokomo came out as ie did on the Fourth—well in the rear. The third was a half-mile dash and •was looked forward to with interest. Ida M. won it prettily in 62, which was •slow. Jenny Xiind ran second, and 'Country Boy, 'a Britt quarter-horse, •showed great speed half way round, 'but could not 'hold out. The last race was a five-eighths mile 'dash and was the occas.'on of lively .guessing. Billy Mack was held out of 'the half-mile'raoe for this, and was expected to give<Gildersleeve a close pulL He failed to do it, however, and Ben. 'Smith's horse ran away from bim and .Jack Kline in 1:04. All the races were exciting and the horses were in good trim. The dash race does not-last long, and there is no ~f ooling on first heats. TODAY'S RACES. The hot race today is the mile dash, in which Gildersleeve, Ida M., Me Too, -and some of the others will meet. It will be exciting, Ida M. ran her mile ^and mile and a half on the Fourth t» warrant the belief that she can make •any mile horse work. Me Too holds the state record, and Gildersleeve cam Tun so that.many believe him a sure winner. • . A BIG- DAMAGE SUIT. TPapers Are Served In a. Salt Whlcli Will Attract Attention — $5,06O "Wanted. . Clarke & «Gdhenour and Sullivan & McMahon -have begun a suit against Ohas. B. Morehouse and ithe State Bank of Bancroft for $5,000. Theair client is a man named Schemmerhom, who has figured on the court docket until the laflt term wtien an indictment -against hitr^was dismissed. He lived formerly near Bancroft, and was indebted to the defendants in this suit at the time :he «old his property and moved to Montana. He is the man whom Geo. W. Skinner and Sheriff Graham pursued and captured in that state and held under arrest until the money was rfonthcoming for his Bancroft indebtedness. It is for this false imprisonment, 'as he alleges, that he wants $5,000. 'It is claimed that at the time he wasfarrested he had property in Kossuth, -and that there was no reason for the arrest whatever; The prosecution was never continued afjier be paid, and %ie'Considers it illegal and .injurious to make criminal arrests for the sole purpose of collecting money. It wilt make an interesting ca e and is •on for the fa'l'l 'term of court. Money. I have unlimited money to loan on long or short time, B, W. HAGGARD, WE make a specialty of collections. Cloud & Haggard, Tfor Sale or Trade. My residence property, 12 room house splendid barn, coal and wood hon«j, good well, and cistern, and hydrant. Two as fine lots as can be found in I 1 3 oity, clear from all ineumbrances. Will sell or trade for farm or wild land, or the right kind of oity property, Call on or address, J. F. kAOY, Algona, lowa., Tue Iowa SIllU Can, Having bought a job lot of the oel& brated Iowa milk cans, we are vow prepared to ma!;e very low jv 'COB to .' I'm eps who ave in need o' cans, The 8-gallon can wej^l^ 16 pounds and we 8eTlitat$l,Oo; U>elQ-gall< i can weighs 47 ppunds and we sell itat?nl,75, liie o»ne are made of tbe best materi have the improved handles, and are in ajl respects first class, LAMBERT, TIE New Uniforms Are at Jles a Entirely Niew Styje Bfftt. Pia likely to ppqn appear S§w toge. Tftey will be after a pattepn ti^n aoy bepetefp adjutant ge»§TOi few tbe» the bottdiSi of the COftt. On the collar will appeaf the ofbssed rifles and the numbef of feglment. On tbS dap, which is att entirely new depftft^ ufe, Will appeal the coat of arms of the [Tailed states, The c&p is Bdthlftt Ike the bid cap and ibbks mote like ihose wof ft by meffibei-s b! bands, It has a sqiiftfe" teutjjddy with ft tisdf at. ft shatp ahgle, fh6 Gab will Bbt be adopted -by, the stats guard, bufc^the dea of removing ail the old bfaid ffotn the coat will be followed, On the collar of the coat will appear-the WotA lowft ahd tfaeufflbe' b the regiment. Mrs. Llda Cole Is hbme from her eastern Visit. • .-.-•.. Mr, and Mrs. Geo. 0. Call spent a week at the lakes, returning Saturday, Lawyer t>ows of Hampton Was in tovw yesterday oh a business and legal deal, , Brb. Bailey, the genius of the Britt Tribune, came over yesterday for the 'aces. Mrs. Dr. White of Nevada is here for a visit With her daughter, Mrs. Geo. B. loud. Mrs. A, J. Robison and a Britt party drove over yesterday for the races in a jarriage. Col. Spencer's brother visited him ast week, leaving Monday evening for Washington. Mrs. McLellan of Lake City, Minn,, came last week for a visit with Miss Louise McCoy, Mrs. Chas. W. Russell and children, accompanied toy Fred Ingham, returned to Omaha Friday. Mrs. Kate Bassett and children were over from Sheldon last week for a visit at the Stacy home. Clark Ccffilen's brother, John, who lived in Kossuth some years ago, is up from Humboldt on a visit. Mrs. Hannah Hutchinson -and children are 'up from Nashville, Tenn., for MI eight weeks' visit at tlie Lantry home. Dr. Oharlton of Clear Lake came over •one day last week to visit his friend, Rev. Davidson, and counsel! with Dr. McCoy. Mr. and Mrs. R. B. Warreu are back from their visit at Whitewater. They report Mr. and Mrs. Cravath in usual good health. Andrew McMahon is •visiting his brother. He»graduated from the Iowa City law school in June and will locate in Davenport. Mr. and Mrs. E. B. Butler have gone to Deerwood, Minn., for a few weeks' outing. They are among the northern Minnesota lakes. Mr. and Mrs. M. B. Sutherland are wisiting their daughter, Mrs. Rev. Kennedy. Mr. Sutherland is a lumber dealer in Maquoketa. Auditor Calkins' parents are here from Illinois on a visit. ' His father wants to see whether the young man is handling that blooded colt properly. Mrs. Emma Dorland and children started for Chicago Saturday evening. Mr. Dorland has a position there and for the present at least they will make their home there. Mrs. Will F. Carter camet-rom Mason City last week for a visit at Wm. K. Ferguson's. Mr. Carter has sold his fruit business but has no intention of leaving Mason City. The Fort Dodge Times says: Rev. Gorrell, after an exhaustive season's labor in the vineyard, is taktitjg a much needed vacation. He has gone to Chicago, where he will rest upfor a month, G. 'G. Glasier of Arlington, who has horses in the races yesterday and today, is Dr. Glasier's brother and >is visiting him. He is not a fast horse man but owns, some fine stock and enjoys a race. Mn. and Mrs. Mulrey of 'Huston, Texas, came last week for a visit at Chas. Palmer's. He is superintendent of a division of the Southern 'Pacific railway. His wife visited in Algona a few years 'ago. H. W. Watson has been east, called by an accident to his brother, James Madison Watson, the well known school book man who lectured in Algona many yearsiago. While out riding 'Mr. Watson was thrown on his head and has since been partially insane. He is in a hospital with good chance of recovery, _ THE<minimum cash surrender vain:.-) are indorsed on all the policies issued by the Hoyal Union Life Insurance Co. A policy contract with this grand feature Is worth twice as much as a policy without it. J. L. Donahoo, ^district manager, Algona, Iowa. OAKRSK OF flBU, DKAKE. The Des Molfics Capital Gives an Excellent Sketch of the Life of the . Republican Candidate, A PioftSSf iti tbi Western Country—A Stave SoldiSf, and an tenttfprisihg Business Mitt. Special Bates to Spirit Lak-e, On July ]3, 17, 22, and 25 special excursion •] ates will be made to 'Spirit Lake and return pt $1,75 from Algona, Tick«i,s sold on Satuiflay, July 13, will be good to retuin until Monday, July Id, met Uekel,s sold Ju'y 17, 22, and 25, wi 1 1 be bono! ed foe return trip until the flpy 'oHow'ng the date of sale. No brmoial .i-a : ns wi'l be run. Extra coaches will be Pitached to regular trains as may be necessn y. The tick- els include .admission coupons to the Chaptauoua grounds, Program for above date is as follows; July 13, Rev, Sam Jones ?nd Hai'vardQuav'otte, July 17, "oung neonle's clay, Iowa Christian Eatioavov p -u l<)pt\oi III League reunion, July 23, v!. A, R. day, Pavyard Quartette, and Cen, John B, Gordon, and other prominent speakers, July 25, special sermon, Bev, T. DeWifcb mage, au<i evening ooocert. A VWTBD number of teachers can be accommodated with board, during the institwte by Mrs. B. 0. TutUe.-13t3 WANTEJ?— A weri?, Mrs- Fred, Fuller. rpnt; The M0Intyr<? bquse, wntly popupiecj by J, J. Kaan, , totter, for each is tQ be lQU8t4 *ejg.torffatftfe«. 1« a ta» ttfttan the loss figsailed ff«m Within ft&t-Ww Belts. OB whole the benefits hats been iffiif ttfable* and the aggregate bMbsS felft^ timely Steal!. The hat-vest of oats i9 in ifOgresS, ahd near ing completion in all -istflcts. Scattefihg -^etuf-ftS . ff>onl threshers show high average yields o! winter wheat, barley and eats, Ctfffi abd potatoes maintain their promising condition. • Alter telliflg abdut GeH. Drake's ah* cestry the Capital gives the following interesting items about his life in Iowa: Francis M. Drake lived at Drakeville Until 1859, When he removed to tfatoa* Vllle, AppanOose county, While living at Drakeville he made two trips to Cal* ifofniaj The ftfst one was with a train of slfc six-ox teams that he orgaflizjd. He had with him sixteen men and a boy. On the way but he was attacked at Horseshoe Send, Platte river, by several hundred Pawnee Indians. But the attack was repulsed, the Indians leaving nine dead. Mr. Drake singled out the chief and killed him with a blow of his musket, This demoralized the enemy and they fled. After arriving in California he engaged in the stock business. Next winter he returned by sea. In 1864 he again crossed the plains, this time with a drove of cattle. He had no little difficulty in getting back. He started on the steamer Yankee Blade, which was wrecked on the Pacific coast, and 800 lives were lost. The narative says that he escaped by swinging down a hawser and securing a small boat. With this boat he saved many lives, making three trips, to the barren coast; near by. Here they subsisted for five days on raw meat. They were pi6ked lip by the steamer Goliah and taken to San Francisco. The next time he embarked on the steamer Golden Gate. She caught fire, but managed to reach her, destination in November. Returning home he went into the mercantile business with his father and brother. When the war broke out, which /was while he Was living at Unionville, he assisted in organizing a regiment for the defense of the southern border of the state, after his company failed to get into the second regiment, for which 1 it was designed. The border* regiment was commanded by John Edwards, then speaker of our house of representatives. Captain Drake's command was Company A, In September, he was made major of the regiment. The regiment attacked Patten, a rebel leader, who had driven Col. Crainor with a body of union troops out of Missouri. Patten was driven across Platte river near St. Joseph. Gen. Prentiss then put Major Drake in command at St. Joseph. The forces there consisted of half his own regiment, some Kansas cavalry and a battalion of Ohio infantry. He held the post during Mulligan's campaign in Missouri, and successfully repelled an attack by Governor Jackson with a body of ^lis- sourians, who came down on St. Joseph flushed with victory in the capture of Mulligan at Lexington. ' <\ In 1862 Major Drake was commissioned lieutenant-colonel of the Thirty- sixth Iowa regiment, then just raised in the southern part of the state. With this command he continued during the war, frequently commanding it, and' sometimes in charge of a brigade. He was wounded at Mark's Mills, Ark., where he was left for dead. Prior to this time, at a ford on the Arkansas river, Col. Drake with 500 men if ought Marmadutce's whole division for half a day. He was brey«tted brigadier general in February, 1865. H« was mustered out in September, 1865, after having commanded a brigade for several months. Since the war Gen. Drake, as is well known, has been engaged in railroad projects, having been largely instrumental in the construction of the line of road from Keokuk to CentervHle. He was the first president of the Missouri, Iowa, ana Nebraska .road. He has also been engaged in mercantile business; besides being a lawyer, having for his partner at one time, Amos Harris, a distinguished lawyer of 30 years ago, and now living in Kansas. Another partner was Andrew J. Baker, who has been attorney general of both Missouri and Iowa. Throughout, from boyhood, the life of Gen. Drake has been an active one, and useful to the community in which he lives as well as to the state. The noble institution in this city which bears his name is largely the product of his munificence and liberality. Our next governor was married in 1855, shortly after his second trip to California, to Mary J, Lord, a native of Nova Scotia. Money, I have unlimited money to loan on long or short time, B. W. HAGGARD. WE make a specialty of collections. Cloud & Haggard, O.wsr a few pair left of those ladies' fine $5 shoes that we are closing out at 1 '8, No more at this price when these are gone, . So come at once if you want a fine shoe cheap, "Brownell & Allred, cash shoe house. eeftNHAft&t AND 6ARD6U. i&tf££i^iHim&&*t>& Urt ft««*i ftfrd S««aB*iH*tlefl »f ttf gpeafcifig b* gfi^ol ftfid B6*nhatd«, playwright id v6B6h§d fdf by the Cotfe BASE BALL SAMPAN A Close Gfttue will foe Played at tins i*alr Gi-ouhdS-toetiiSoli versus Al» Rotatt. A club comes Saturday which gives promise of giving the Algona boys a close game, and those who enjoy base ball will do well to be at the grounds. The Denison, Crawford county, nin«, comittg from the last county in the Tenth district, Will be here. They Will be able to make the game exciting, which is something that has not been done since the Mulronies were here, Sporting Notes. Here is an item from the Cor with Hustler which deserves attention: Cor* with now sports a foot racer that can cover one hundred yards in less time than any one in this section of the country as yet found, Two coops of carrier pigeons were let loose at Britt last week, being brought out from Milwaukee. They took a bee line for home, but were delayed by a storm. They started at 5:10 o'clock Sunday morning and did not arrive till 9 o'clock Monday morning, The Algona ball club challenged the Mulronies to play a game at Algona or Whittemore for $100 a side. The latter respond that they will play for $25 a side providing 'the game is at West Bend, They are willing to play the return game if the Algona club wants to, but are not willing to make a match game on a new ground for a purse, as some of the Palo Alto papers talked a few weeks ago. WHILE you are looking at the novel window displays at Brownell &Allred's don't forget that they are the leaders in footwear, and it will always pny you to buy yo.ur boots and shoes of them. "CRYSTAL CREAM" baking powder is manufactured exclusively for Walker Bros. , :: ,.. Cut Rates. Bowyer has i-educed the prices on repairing watches, clocks, and jewelry to abo.ut one-half the usual price. All work warranted. Cowles block.-17t2 MONEY to loan on long or short time. Geo. C- Call.-tf tWottho flftfS aehiefedthegteal est triumph iu "GismoadV M. Victorian Batdott and Mine. Sftfah Bets* hafrdt, ttere at gwdfdg* points In the fce« ginning. This dislike dated from "Dan' let HooheV Which Satdott gave to the Comedie FfanOatSe aftef his nomination to the Ffench academy. ' $Afah Beffi* hard* expected that Satdou Would select he? to create the tole of hetoine in the play, but he chose Mile. Bettet instead J hence the anger of Mme. Betnhfttdfc. When the actress and the ftttthor met, the former passed oh the othef aide; the latter pulled his hat down ovot his eyes. Each murmured something not at all complimentary to the other. Then Sarah Bernhardt left the Come' die Frnnoaise, went to America, where she made her first triumphal tour, and returned to France. Upon her arrival in Paris she entered into negotiations with Raymond Deslande, manager of the Vaudeville. She asked nothing bet* ter than to play there. But what should she play? She did not wish to return to classical roles. She wanted an entirely new play, which should bring out all her qualities. "There is only one man who can write the play you want," said Des- lande. "That man ia Bardou." "Sardoul" cried the actress. "Such a disposition, incapable of doing justice to an artist. Moreover, irritable, brutal, ft man who runs tip against everybody, who"— 1 ' Very well,'' replied Deslande, "let TIB say no more about it." He went to see Sardou and told him that he must have a play for Sarah Bernhardt, "Sarah I" exclaimed the writer. "Sarah I Such a disposition I Crabbed, disagreeable, quarreling with every: body, who"— "Very well, very well, it is quite understood." And three months after Sardou read "Fedora" to Sarah, who, radiant, threw herself on the author's neck in the presence of Deslande. "Ah I Deslande," said Sardou, "what did I toll you? How gentle she isl How sweet I How adorable I" "And he!" rejoined Bernhardt. "How amiable he isl How he appreciates real talent, and how obliging! Embrace me, Raymond!" GRADUATED QPTICIAN. 1 •> t t Eyes tested free of charge. Large line of op- ,, . tlcal goods always on hand. ,.,>, Repairing of fine watches fl A. M. & G. M.' JOHNSON have just received a fine lot of farmers' carriages and surrc-ys. Can give you a fine bar- gain.-3tf; . ASK for Crystal Cream baking • powder,'at Walker'Bros.' GOOD butter can be had at the Opera House Grocery. WE just want to say a few words to the ladies about corsets. W e are • now selling the Peatherbone corset. Worn and recommended by a ; ; million well dressed ladies. Dressmakers claiir- .that these are the best fitting corset on the market. G. L. Galbraith & Co. '.';FOB sale: Groceries, hay, grain, flo'ur, and feed. Farmers' Exchange, south of court house. Doxsee •'& Shaw, i» Abstracts of Title, An Inducement. Estate, Loans, and. , ALGONA, IOWA. > Office over ( Algona State Bank. Slagle's Harness Shop. RUSSET fihoes for men and boys in all the new styles. Prices are away down at Brownel! & Allred's cash shoe house. ' ROOMS to rent. J. J. Wilson.-43 A TO3 you bothered to , get good butter? Jf you are, go to the Opera Hoqse G rocery and you won't be. CRYSTAL CUJ?AM bakfng ponder is guaranteed equal to any baking powder made, find costs only g5o a, pound at Walker Biroa.^ • A QPOB Beatty organ for sale or to tw'elor- a bicycle, Inquire at this .—I7if OIL TANKS. The Standard OH Company will bave Throe In Place tills AVoeK:. 1 Men from Eagle Grove have put in the brick piers for the 1 Standard Oil company's tanks, and one was on the track Monday, There will be three, one for kerosene, two for 'gasolene, all near the McGregor street crossing. Frotn there oil will be hauled t to Ban* croft,' Burt, Wesley and Whitteraore by team, Charlie Winkle has the contract and will have,a tank wagon carrying eight barrels, ' and with this his brother will make a trip each week to each town. The oil is brought to the tanks here in a tank car made expressly for the purpose, Then it is hauled about ia a tank wagon, and so the whole expense of barreling is done away with, This is so much of an item that the company can deliver by team cheaper than it can ship the barrels by train, The oil business of the county amounts to many carloads a month, and a big business will be done at Algona, MARVELOUS RESULTS. , From a letter written by Rey. J, Gunder* man, Dimondale, Mich,, we are permitted to make this extract!, "I nave no besita- t'oa iu recommending *Dr. King's New JDis- coveiy. as the results were almos'u marvel- ons In tlie case ot my \vjfe. "WU'le I was pastor o»' tb^ BepUst clmi'eU at River Junction she iv»s jrought down with pneumonia succeeding L» Crippe. Terrible paroxysms of cong-'aiDg voald l»st bours willi IHUe in- teiTUj)i ion and it seemed as if she pould not Alviend vecomaieuded Pr, King's New Discovery; it was (^nipl? in its work and hig'Uiysr'isi'ao ory'ni's results." '" ialJJoltlos^ Aeo pt Dv. Bueetx' drug stove., - sine 50o, oud^l.OO. 1 - FOUR Piq- SUCCESSES, Haying the needed merit/ IQ move make good all the advertising claimed for them, the i'ollowiug fouv vewedica Uave reacped a phenomenal sale: Dr. Jv ; ng's New Discovery, for consumption, cougaa, and colds, eaoli bottle guaranteed; Eleotrip tlie & 'eat remedy i'ov Uyer, Child (to new housekeeper)—If yon are a good girl, mother will keep yon for 80; years. Ta-s. ^A.., Oxx Painter and Paper Hanger. Postal card orders promptly attendod to. All work warranted for five years. Carriage Painting a Specialty, M ONEY ON HEAL ESTATE. HOXIE & BRUNSON. WATER OR NO PA Y,> Artesian well contractor, I have the only cable steam drilling machine owned In the ploy o^y expert drillers, Aflflvess A. P. Dajley, Algona, Iowa, 1 ' 'Manufacturers and dealers In Harness, Saddles, Whips, ROSES, and all Harness goods. Also a full line of Trunks, Grips, and Telescopes. Repairing neatly and promptly done. All work first- class. Give us a call and we guarantee satisfaction. • ; SLAGLE '& SON. M. F. HAGOAKD. o. F, PEEK: i ' Haggard & Peek, , [Successors, to-Jones &Smitb.l * j ' Abstracts, Real Collections, ALGONA/J'OWA. DE. L. A. SHEETZ, Drugs and M[edi(?jines, Full assortment always on hand, of drugs, mefl- clues, and pure liquors for medicinal purposes only, • 1 • All diseases of the eye treated. Glasses adjusted for errors of re- fV'iollon and accommodation. $To oharg£ for, e*iio)iuation. For seyeral weeks Dr. Murphy has been in New York taking a post-gj-a.du.ate ro Ji'se on the eye, and will remain theye \nx$\ > April 88, T .EGAL BLANKS•*•» Buv them at the Un Buy ihem at th? Upper Oes WtPtoep office and e&f phemostapprorea fOJ-mg, " $25 Reward ;,5 ; Will be paid to anyone that I ask as much as cost for shoes at the closing sale at the Anderson Shoe Store, The Shoes Are Goin i i l at the-rate of igo pair a 4ay, it ls&§ ..>•&

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