The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on July 24, 1895 · Page 1
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 24, 1895
Page 1
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ALGONA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, JttLY iJ4, 1898. Don't Miss It. Oi>era House At the . . $1 Shoe Sale Fair Store. As we placed orders in the factories for a large quantity of shoes of all;kinds when the shoe market had reached the lowest point that'.-has ever been known, .and before the sud,- den advance in leather which has caused the big advauce in shoes; : it places us in position to sell shoes at retail at what is now the wholesale price. As we are a little short of room for our big stock we have put-part of the stock in the Fair Store, and will close out all of the stock that we have—only a few pair of a kind—regardless of cost. • Shoes for 75c worth $1.00 to $1.25 Shoes for $1.00 worth 1.50 to 2.50 , Shoes for ;1.50 worth 2.50 to 4.00 G. L. Galbraith & Go. Look for It. , Don't Miss to Try It. Everyone Speaks Well of It. What is It ?- A choice assortment ^CANDIES of the finest Ever brought to Algona. WHO SELLS IT? , JAMES PATTERSON, Sole Agt JftW^*'*' " JR'V. IS ; 5s« • v At Irvington; Iowa, The Best Minnesota Flour* Fancy Patent, per sack, , , Bed Eose, per sack, . , . Family, pe.r ^aok, , QTS«mlat©<| Sugar per hundred, l-inob roperpw 11?., . Try our oauued goods t p^ r dog,, $1,10 1,00 d.OO .0^ 1,00 J, A. & a J, DOTTON, l f*A'j!,". '.'..^y,,'^. Support ;Hblne Interests. Bettey flow ttei any 8t«ts4 EDITORS TO MEET AUG. 1. Peticll Pushers of Tins Section Make Their Next laid on Estherville oh the Date framed. A Little Girt Beheaded at Liverttofe—]P!g Cfeates Tfouble at Ledydfd—Geh* etal Notthwest News. Country Journalism as a B. Hungerford, . Carroll The editors are to have ft big time at Esthervilte in a week if the .program sent out is any indication. They Meet in one o! the handsomest of northern Iowa towns, have a list ot payees and discussions of fare interest, Will listen to Congressman Dolliver, and will have an excursion to Spirit Lake tendered by the always enterprising Burlington road. The meetings open Thursday, Aug. 1, and continue till Friday evening, when a big banquet crowns the occasion. The following program is sent out by J. E. Jenkins, chairman of the committee: tmmSDAY EVENING, AUGUST 1. 7:00—Meeting of association and reports of committeoa. 8!00—Paper! Editorial Soft Soap—How Much to Use.—Port. C. Barren, Pocahontas Record. 8:45—Papers A Proper scale of advertising Kates for Country Papers.—Lon F. Chapin, Rook. Rapids Review. (Followed by free discussion. FRIDAY MOUSING, AUGUST 2. 8:80—Paper; Hoine Print vs. Patent tnsidos—W. I. Brannagan, Etnmotaburg Democrat. (Free discussion.) 9:80--Paper: The Editor as an Editor- El. G. Day, Albert Lex- Standard. 10:80—Paper': What to Leave Out— Ihnrley Monger, Anamosa Journal (Free discussion.) FIIIDAY AFTERNOON. 1:80—Paper; Profession—J. Herald. 2:80—Paper: County Correspondence— Vlilton Starr, Algona Republican. (Free discussion.) 8:80—Paper: Geo'. E. Roberts, Fort Dodge Messenger. Election of officers, selection of place for winter meeting. 4:80 to 8:00—Excursion to Spirit Lake, courtesy of B. C. R. & N. Ry. 8:80—Assemble at opera house, Estherville. PROGRAM. Address of welcome by the mayor. Response, A. M. Adams, president U. D. M. E. A. Address, Hon. J. P. Dolliver. 10:80—Banquet tendered the association ay citizens of Estherville, . ' Girl Beheaded at lilvermoro. A terrible accident occurred on the railway bridge over the Des Moines west of Livermore last week Tuesday at 4:30 o'clock. The Burlington train west reached the bridge and the engineer saw three little girls at the further end. ,It is customary, it is reported now, for the Children to play there, and the engine was not reversed until it was evident that the children could not get off. -The Gazette tells the story of what followed: The engineer reversed his engine with a suddenness that lifted every man from his seat. Edna Malin, seven years of age, threw herself outside ttye rail, and when the train was about half by, fell off the edge down about 17 feet, and rolled down the bank about ten further. Alice Malin. eight years and ten months of age, just cleared the bridge and fell, the engine picking het- up and carrying her some distance further, and as she rolled from the cow catcher her head went under the wheel and her headless body was thrown to one side, The third girl, Ethel Gregg, thirteen years old, kept a safe distance and was by the side of Edna down the bank before the trainmen reached them, Edna was picked up unconscious, but not seriously hurt. The remains of Alice were also taken on the train, which ran back to town, and a doctor was called. The doctor happened to be the girls' father. This was not known till he reached the train, when he was told that the girl who was hurt was his, He made a Hurried examination, found her unhurt, and with a horrible suspicion as to whotn the other might be, tore the wrapping from the' remains. The effect upon him was such as to make by-standers turn aside that they might not witness his grief, The coroner's jury exhonerated the railway men. The funeral was held Wednesday at Livermore. ' -' A Pig Causes Trouble, Up near Ledyard last week Oscar Johnson imprisoned a pig belonging to the Dolliver tribe. The Dollivere came over to see^o.Ht it and a. row ensued, In ^ejBfkt'Johnson stumbled over the J}ogj$nfJ Dolltvep fell upon h}m with vjggitf At this point John* son's boy parae up with a email hammer and bit Politer qa the head until he was willing ^ to retire. He had the boy arrested and being in the midst' of harvest the boy pleaded guilty and paid a Jg'flne. The general ?e.p«taUq» of tbe Polliveri would b,ave warranted the boy in cracking a ekwll wbile be was at it, load to a car load. The expense of this sprinkling with Milwaukee lager beer is generally paid by Gerta&nlaandLed- yard parties, Great is Algona, and Kossuth county is simply Wonderful. This is SoHbus if Bailey in Britt Tribune: The- "hello" now reaches Bancroft, while Taylor and Matson of Algona have been swapping lies with this office. The litte works so well we could smell Taylor's breath, It was doubtless caused by the aroma inhaled frohl the court house yard, where they spilled the cat- load of Germania beer. - • ; ; Hut Mustn't Chill thti Audience. Emmetsburg Democrat: Profs. Rich, Young, and Gilchvist are instructing in the Algona normal institute. A gentlemen from Alaska is lecturing. It takes a man from a cold climate to loot- uro these evenings. • That Is Not Very swift. Fort. Dodge Messenger: Gussie Men* zlef, a 10-year old boy, did some re' murkuble riding on his bicycle lust Tuesday. He came from Algona in about eight hours. _ Bicycle llaces at Mason City. A big bicycle tournament is on at Mason City for Aug. 7. There are nine events and $425 of guaranteed prizes are offered. ' A Railroad lluiuor. The.Rook Island road has a corps of surveyors in the field, running a line from Ruthven to Spirit Lake. Algona District Cnmp-rneetliitr. The dates for the big Methodist camp-meeting, which will be held at Livermore, are Aug. 2 to 12. TRY a box of Perfection table salt, at Walker Bros.' CAT ELECTRICITY. Tbose Who Rely on It For Curative Purposes Can Get 'It In Other Ways. The London Lancet says: The electrical effect produced by rubbing a cat's back is of course well known. It is also well known that this is f Fictional electricity, or, perhaps more correctly, the electricity of • contact; that it is a surface effect produced by the rubbing; that it does not point to pre-existing electricity stored in the body of the animal, 'and that the person who, having concluded a massage, sinks into a chair declaring that his exhaustion is consequent on the loss of "the living galvanism" which he has imparted to the patient is a charlatan. It is to be remembered that friotipn between any dissimilar substances always produces electricity, and in illustration of this the electrical effect sometimes produced in a dry atmosphere when the hair is combed on the body quickly divested of a flannel jersey may be instanced, or the classic experiment of rubbing a stick of sealing wax on a rabbit's fur may be called to mind. Those who are accustomed to rely on the curative efleot of stroking a oat's back may find consolation in the last named experiment, inasmuch as it teaches them that when their "feline favorite" is no more health and strength may still be secured by gentle friction on its skin. Apart, however, from questions of electro-physiology, it is instructive to learn that the presence of white in the color, of a oat, unions the animal be whole colored, is a sign of weakness. Promotion. "How's that'boy o' yourn gettin along in tbeoity, Josiah?" asked one "farmer of another, "He's workin his way up right along," . "What's he doin?" "He's workin fer the city. " "You don't tell me! What's be doin fer it?" "He's drivin one o' them things they call a street sweeper— kind o' wipes up toe road nights, you know, But, my, he's bein promoted! Fust off howus workin in the Twenty-fust ward, By an by be writ me that be wus workin iu tbe Eighteenth ward, Last week be writ that be was in tbe Twelfth ward now, an, I swan, you see -if that feller don't fetob up in tbe Fust ward with 'his sweep cart yit!"^YoBth'B Companion, Not In a'n.4 . went out last weak to lory an 9$ .th§ property pf JPlape IB Art. Bo far as portraiture goes, occupies, with Titian and Velasquez, the first place, His works 'have an ajr of elegance and distinction and a mijn. das? grace and courtliness naturally befitting his title of "painter to tbe king,' Tbe Italians palled him "ij pittore g&v* fllieresoo, " Without tbe stamina and natural rpbustoega of b4e great master, Rubens, bis portraits are better in point of refinement and grace, But one fflust know J»is wa^er to ifornj 9 ' just appre of bU p9sJtioft.«»T, Qoie , tt>e ti?9t th,e Ql ^1 This is what we all hope to do. gentle showers, pleasant weather, everyone feeling good. By the way, you hatSf to eat. Please remember that we carry a'; large and complete line of Groceries -:J Both staple and fancy. Call and see usV| You will find our prices right and goodis^! right. Langdon & ,• Do You ! ' " Have Troubl '/•$'• «j *? i ' \-M " v-VSi ivfyii in getting SHEARS that will -CUT? . have them that will not only cut today, but,f| for all time— Every pair warranted,"" ; t •^'•jj, For the next thirty days we will<sell- you' a \4 fine, fully warranted Jack Knife for " ' ;7; You will pay 60 cents for it anywhere. -I-,- ,, r - >Jr ^ can afford to have one sent ( ypu by mail* if you'vi;|| cannot come to the store for it. Return 'it irlf e v it is not satisfactory. Every knife warranted,^ '<^ Good knives for 5, 10, 20, and 25 cents, We v|| have the finest line of Scissors and Knives-"-*^* ever shown in the county. C. M. DOXSEE, ' '" i HARDWARE. , j FURNITURE! "ASs ,'?4 .'- •' is •i i >•«$ ,1 '.>»; W E call especial attention to our new Boqk Racks and Wall Shelves, Just the thing for cheap book case, Complete Block of Undertaking Goods. N8URANGE. Farmers' ot Cedar Rapids, •m.iSl._ „. Hftrttora, , ilyVvf^iVAU Ul JtVUUtvfUJ^^M ^*^M e _ fflaBs_9(N«S,Y?,?h. ^.I 1 ; iwi^New'Y^r ,,;;':>^5i d, Lonn and Collection Business.——--* Office oyer AlgoRa State California in 3! Days. Witl)pwt change of car§, AU msaJ,s served lo Pala,eQ drawing-roQm sleeping qar§ and tourist* j run thrpugh tp San Franeisqp without ebangs, wittt^nn sleeping ears tQ l*os Angeles, Irving Chisagp ' ' ' " *' '' '"'•' ".'^'TJli • : , \'", ^''^1 . ,. . t : •'#*« ,,,«i -.-%;- 'v'.i'^'-Vvi, * ^ ''V ' * ' - 1 , ' r V i ,' ' i ?• $|% if>f-c fn fPa1(f*nKn}a 'a'n^ffl-i'I^Tia'ailSi , ,;<v». . 'J^^wsw** *%»»?,|» w* *MW.ww^>*t'«M §§|§,at ^C'^'-^^T' 5 --'^* ^£Mi-^^§fe:2&S^:^tt" ' 1 ^

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