The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on July 17, 1895 · Page 8
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 17, 1895
Page 8
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THE BEST Family PHYSIC I ;;*;--'• f ' ffifANCtAt,, , tathCinty State Bank H • :> f, f.f V' , 860,000 $r ''" Incorporated Utider general laws of Iowa. ; Deposits received, money loaned, foreign and dotnestlc exchange bought and sold. Oolleo llctfls made promptly, and a general banking btfelriess transacted. Passage tickets to or ff<Jm the old countries sold at lowest rates. >,",i Wit, H.jINGHAM........ President • tf» B. JONES.... Vice I'i'pRtdent "LEWIS K» SMITH ,'....... Cashier r -":' Directors—Wm. H. Ingham, John O. Smith, 1 J, B. Jones, T. om-lschllles, Lewis H. Smith, J. ,Wf WadSWorth, Baraet Devlne. The First National Bank »' <• " ||; t .CAPITAL...., $50,000 :'.•.., 4' •', -Special attention given to collections. c W* ! H 1 -' ' " SlVJJlBBOSE Ai CALL President '"• Ht.'HUTCHlNS Vice President WM.'K. FERGUSON.«. Cashier !;0. B. SMITH Asst. Gabbier „( * . *• C Directors—D. H. Hutchins, S. A. Ferguson, PtilUp Dorweiier, W. F. Carter, Ambrose A. Gall, R. H. Spencer, Wm. K. Ferguson, i Money always on hand to loan at reasonable rates to parties furnishing flrst-claBs security. CASH CAPITAL, $50,000. ALCIONA., IOWA. ' bfltecrs and Directors— , , A. D. Clarke, President, ,C. 0. Chubb, Vice Prest., Thos. H. Lantry, Cashier, 'Geo. L. Galbralth, Tred. M. Miller. Myron Sohenck, •Thos. F. Cooke. t- ' General Banking. PRIVATE SAFETY DEPOSIT VAULTS. ISflirterest paid on time deposits. PROFESSIONAL. ^*"x^^^"-^^«rf'^*'^ 1 *-i«'vx^*>"^^>,.^i»^> - i'x. CLARKE 4 COHENOUR, ,,, ATTORNEYS AT^ LAW. Office over First National bank, Algona, la. E. H. CLARKE, ATTORNEY AT LAW. Collection agent. Opera House block. S. S. SESSIONS, ATTORNEY AT LAW. Prompt collections. Money to loan on chattel security. Over Chrisohilles' store. DANSON 4 BUTLER, ' LAW. LOANS. LAND. Collections a specialty, Office In Gardner Cowles 1 new building. , SULLIVAN & MoMAHON, 'ATTORNEYS AT LAW, .. , Office In Hoxie-Fersruson bljek, &» t :.' R, C1U9XJD, / (Successor ,to W. B. Quarton.] p,», Attorney and Counsellor at Law, • 5 ' , AlflOSA, IOWA, ; „ Offlce pyer JCoasutb county State Bank. ,E, V, SWETTJNG, W, „,;•/ I* ,K, OARFJISM?, JW. P., • ' &.t l *'fffJ0fOfA]r 'ANJ> BURGEON, S>>' '!>'/,"> ^ ,^^ ^^ ( -f *"•.!« Ij'l QfljcAStatest,,one floor east of 'dorfllngley. *^i .' TOnalilAnrta •RTAn^.n^nw o4. «««*—• .til ~*" * :ea........ sas a « F&SS ... 3:07pm \6.-..i..... 8i27 J) tu Mtted 0:20 pia ...lolgftt.un«*. 8:30atB Freight..» 2t48pm ^P»9S. arrives at dhttagd at 7 a mi arrives a Des Moines at 8:15 » fat. Lv. Des M. 2:30 a m Mi*ed eonflSets %ith flygf ahd arrives at oh 6»go at 8 at m< • FT H. VESPUB, Agent. *" ' Jffi&V' '<" ' <'• ' wjSjw ' ' ,, \j$afc&;y_ <, nklnin ."* . ¥he school mafffi's will be with U Aug. 4. Supper at Congregational church tomorrow evening: Henry Riot is raising the roof of hi store and enlarging. Bev. Flanlgan preached to his ol parishioners Sunday. .. IB. G, Bowyer has brought his horse Wallace K home from Hunlboldt. Genial showers Sunday night and Monday have brightened corn pros pects. The Itossuth County State bank state ment this week shows a healthy finan cial condition. .',,•"" Company F will go to Waverly tc damp instead of to Fort Dodge o Sioux City as expected. Marriage licenses have been issued to Grant Barber and Carrie Hosier, A. R Hose and Ida E. Mo Williams. Prof. Tynan made bis balloon ascen slon last night. A big . crowd was ou and it was a succes in every way. The stone is being put back in the holes in the jail wall. A softer kind of broom sticks used hereafter Four horses from Hampton and one from Clear Lake came in on the Mil waukee Monday for the races next Week The band gave a fine concert Friday evening and got out a program in style The band is the best Algona ever bad Jo. Cordingley will add 30 feet to his meat market building and brick veneer the whole. He is making a substantia' improvement. The morning train south and evening train north on the Northwestern were resumed Monday, and will run the rest of the season. ' . The new premium list is a credit to the Courier office and has the same attractive appearance the other features of the fair will have. The Methodists will give a supper at P. L. Slagle's Friday at 6 o'clock. Everybody come at 4 o'clock and visit and watch the cooks. , • Ackley Hubbard, Robinson's former tinner, is a cousin of the Spencer senatorial candidate. He'says his cousin ought to win, he has a good name. The band have a fine scheme on foot for a week from Friday night. It is to buijd a big platform and give a lawn dancing part. A lot of new music will be got. ; H. E. Rist starts today for a three weeks trip about the lakes. He will take a boat from Chicago to Duluth and visit along the way at the chief points of interest. There are exactly 2,500 men in the county subject to jury duty. Their names will be shaken up in the hat and a new jury drawn soon. No excuses go from this on. The appeal in .the McNutt base in Cresco is to be heard before State Superintendent Sabin Saturday. E, V. Swotting represents the appellants from Supt. Reed's decision. The grain harvest has "begun and oats and barley and wheat never were better in Kossuth. Corn is in splendid condition now and with occasional showers will soon be earing. Frank Nicoulin goes Monday to New York with a car load of horses, He has been trading buggies for them and getting good horses for $50. That is all they are worth now in market. An enthusiastic republican in Algona offered to wager last week that Samuel Mayne would get tbe biggest majority ever given by Kossuth to a candidate for the legislature. NO one was willing to take it. Some teacher or scholar of the county can win $8 at tbe county fair by making a good map of Ipwa as ft appeared wh^n admitted to tbe Union. That will be a puzzler and anyone who wins will earn the money. .Presiding Elder Black came to Algona Saturday for a short flop. Mrs. Black is in very poor health. An eight weeks old baby blesses their home, but the mother is suffering from neuralgia of tbe stomach. Sheriff Samson started for Minnesota this morning with J, L, SuHon, Tbe governor issued a. .requisition and be will stand trial "for getting a man to sign a note by what j 8 alleged to be false representation, The DennJson tall nine comes a week from Saturday, July 5ft, to cross -bats with Algona, Peunisgn is over near Sioux City and, has a or&ck nine, It will be. tbe flrsS real game since the Mujronies were here. The Westeoberg brothers, who bare bought Ibe, l«fcs opposite the Ruth fo,rd, bOUSe, are tftjfeing ol puWJng in store, anfl written to , 4, ' E, P> BJreber |g } 0 AJgona again and wt igr a . fhe flew fcfl|l&nd never tfftffies from Dtie season to ftnothet. The gff'eat reduction ttill be tn tide on all SU tt^f goods. DtiStf Ati, & Cd. H6 ahd d. C. Chubb abd Geo, W, flatila are strong personal friends of Senftttir Katnrar and did yeoman service tot- htm. He dould undoubtedly have woH the second place but the Hawiltdfi douhty people would Hot encourage th movement. Geo. B. Cloild has brought an injuno tion suit against the city of Lu Verne His client, D. W. Bamm, IIHS a fenct which the city says is in a road ant which it has ordered out. Mr. Bamm says he owns the road by prescription and he will resist the order. C. D. Pettibone has bought a half In terest in the Algona Marble Works anc will join Mr. Shelley. , No better man for the business could be found and the new firm will gain and hold the confl dence of all. Mr. Pettibone will give his whole time to the business. The Spirit Lake Chautauqua is on and great crowds are in attendance M&ny from this region. are already there and many will go the'last of thii week. The dedication of the Okoboj monument comes next week Friday and marks the close of the session, C. L. Lund lately sent a car load o oats to Chicago .which graded No. ! white. This is the highest grade anc it was the first car, as he finds upon in quiry, which was ever sent from Kos suth county of that grade. They were raised on the Ingham farm westof town G. S. Barr of is in town deliver Ing telephone books and collecting the pay therefor. The line is working east and north. Bancroft, Burt and Algona are now in calling distance. The lines west are still to go in. The electrician comes today to put in private telephones. Some twenty will be put in. Editors Richards of the Spencer News and Bennett of the Emmotsburf Reporter have been in Algona the pasi week sounding senatorial matters Ackley Hubbard of the former place and M. L. Brown of the latter are In the field. They found the Kossuth delegation very solid for A. D. Clarke, The Social Union club had an excellent program Friday evening and ad journed its sessions for the summer. It will open again in September. J. T. Dhrischllles read an excellent paper And C. M. Doxsee gave a .humorous poem, which we publish in another column, "What Makes the Craps Grow,'' B. F. Grose, as county chairman, is a member of the senatorial committee and has sent out a call -to the com- mltteemen of the other counties. It designates July 31, Wednesday, as the date of holding the convention, the Dlace to be voted on by the committee. As soon as it is selected it will be .announced.- . Lost Island lake resort wants it, Emmetsburg has supporters, and the Hotel Orleans is a favorite. A light frost has occurred every month this season. The July visit ;ame on the 9th and nipped corn a ittle on low places. The damage was not noticeable above Irvingtoh, nor much so until Wright county is •eached on the railroad. There corn s injured some. Out west in Sioux and Lyon counties oats are reported seriously cut, Mr, Ash ton of the Northwestern says that the damage along their lines is so small as to be ol no importance. / The dates and places for the brigade mcampments of the the I, N. G. have been decided upon. The First brigade, comprising the Second and Third regiments, will camp' at Centerville 'rom August 3 to 10. It has been luggested that inasmuch as Centerville s the home of our 'next governor, General Drake, that the camp be called 'General Drake" and it probably will >e. The Second brigade, comprising be First and Fourth regiments, will camp at Waverly August 17 to 24 nolusive, Our Danish brethren had a happy •eunion at' C. By son's last Thursday. !t was tbe occasion of Mr, and Mrs. Jyson's 25th wedding anniversary and all the Danes from Algona and hereabouts were present, A Danish song was sung .by a selected, company, )resents were made to the host and lostess and a most enjoyable time resulted. Mr, 'and Mrs, By^on enjoy he respect of a wide circle of fpiepds ill of whom extend congratulations to hem on their happy arrival at this tnniversary. The state crop report for the week s: Beports mailed before the 14th ndicated droutby conditions in nearly all districts; and in tbe eastern Bounties tbe small grain<;,anfl grass irops have been materially" injured by he protracted drouth.- The copious bowers pf Saturday night and Sunday forded substantial relief }n many ocalities from wbicb later reports have been received! and it is believed bat the larger part of • the state re* eived some measure of benefit from heee timely rains. Resile of kedyard hitches bis ow with »small rope and an iron pin while she grazes." Wm, Brftcjy Jjk^d he plan and borrowed Leslie's rope and >in and staked nut bis. borae. Leslie bought be putf bt4P b§ consulted in the Batter and b"d Brafly brought face Jo ftcs With jweUee in tbejjbjjpe, pf » L.efl» ard i«ry, %gjrei Raymond. cajj,§dj Ir^cjy'e borrowing prontniity 4aaf§r* us, §nd a, Jengtby -fcetorft yiMtsr no,»n m Ifwifl of i fit p ft uj jpi^ tbs W«*tt m *ll fMt. The; Jiw; ™" — pj'l^is §J|8p00.»n tfce. VbOfft WftS On the other hand Mr. Simpson swore that he did not touch any pocket book ahd knew nothtbg of it, and that Geo Hutiter wheh he arrested him told htm he had better settle the matter. This George dented Oft oathi J. B. Carr o Bancroft, A. D.- Clarke^ J, t). Fuller and others testified from long acquaintance that Simpson's reputation anc character were t unimpeachable, anc the justice dismissed the case. County Attorney Baymond prosecuted anc S. E. MoMahon defended. The marriage of Dr. Bowen of Whit temore and Miss May King of Algom was the social event of the Week. Bev Davidson performed the ceremony which, on account of his illness, was performed at the parsonage. Dr. Bowen is well known in 1 tho county and is a young man with excellent prospects in his profession. Miss King Is also wel known and is one of the most attractive young ladies in the county. Many gooc wishes go with the happy couple from friends hereabouts, and they are highly commended to the esteem and gooc will of their neighbors in Whittemore, Assistant Superintendent Ashton is suggesting an addition to the North western train service which will give Algona just what is wanted. It is t morning passenger to Des Moines leav Ing here at 6 o'clock a. m. and reaching Des Moines at 9 o'clock, leaving Des Moines at 4 o'clock p. m. anil reaching Algona at 8, the train to -be run three days k week at first. There is no as suranee that such a train will be pul on, or that it will even , be considered by the powers that be, but the genia Eagle Grove man has it in hts plans and it may be that something will come of-It. Every once in awhile one hears some thing which puts his sympathy for tramps to the zero notch. Last week one of the travelling gentry came to J A. Vipond's, on the Inghnm farm, with his pocket full of eggs which he rather peremptorily—Mr. Vipond was not in the house—asked Mrs. Vipond to cook and embellish with coffee and breac trimmings. Mr. Vipond happening in at the right time told the tramp that they didn't have time to fool with him and that he could get a good job at Mr Mathews' up on the hill. " Yes," says the tramp, "I know it, but he won't pay but $1 a day and I'll be blankety blanked if I will work for that." He got out of the Vipond home as fastai he could to avoid a foot movement which threatened him from the rear. Cheap Rates on the Milwaukee. Commencing June 10 the Chicago Milwaukee & St. Paul railway will.rut a dining car on Train No. 1 and serve breakfast and dinner, and return on Train No. 4, from Canton and serve dinner and supper. For the various occasions mentioned below one lowest standard first-class fare for tbe round trip will'be given by the Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Pau' railway, viz: Annual meeting American Pharmaceutical association, Denver, Colo., Au gust 14 to 24. Triennial Conclave Knights Templar Boston, Mass., August 25 to 30. National Encampment G. A. B., at Louisville, Ky., Sept, 10 to 14.- THE eye specialist, Dr. Nichols, late of Chicago, will be in Algona soon and will treat all diseases of the eye and ear. Consultation and testing for glasses freev-lt BUCKLEN'S ABNICA SALVE. The best salve iu the world for bruises, outs, sores, ulcers, salt rheum, fever sores, tetter, chapped hands, chilblains, corns and all akin eruptions, ana positively cures piles or no pay required. It Is guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction or money refunded, Prlqe 35o a box. Sold by L. A. Sheetz. STATEMENT. or THE Kossuth County >; State Bank. of Algona, Iowa, made to tbe Auditor of State, . •. June 89,1805. , • ASSETS, Loans ana discounts \ $103,008 24 Gold and silver coin ,,,, 7,384 00 I^egai tender and national banfe notes and subsidiary coin 2,158 01 Cash items ,, 1,3.1378 Due from banks and bankers , 67,677 05 Overdrafts 1,33826 Real estate owned by bank 1.0,828 62 Personal property ,.••.. 8,78» 88 Tojal assets ......... , ........... «.88,&3376 . Capital stock ........................ 50,00000 Deposits .................. , ..... ,.,, 123,90309 s ..... „,.„., ...... 13,61987 Total liabilities , , W80.523 76 Liabilities of directors , 3,900 00 WMr B. IJJGHA.I*, President, Lews H, SKEW, cashier, , J, W. WA.PSWQHTB, A,sst, Cashier, Directors. Sworn to and[subscribed, before me this q of July, 1895, • H. E.gJBjc. R* 8.] Notary Pub Ic, Make Cow? Pay Twenty sows ' Separator will ewe butter tern 35 cqws wd WQ separa Y tor. Five CQWS \vill We Want Horses In exchange for buggies and' farm machinery of all kinds. V ' Will Take Good Ones Only. Bradley S 3 Nicoulin. THE INTER OCEAN -IS THE- Most Popular Republican Newspaper of the West And Has the Largest Circulation. Trmio f DAILY (without Sunday) $6.00 per year 1 liKMo DAILY (with Sunday)" $8.00 per year BY MAIL The Weekly Inter Ocean i«i.00 PERYEAR ) M** A S^A NEWSPAPER THE INTER OCEAN keeps abreast oi the times In all j^wssrasTi^ aec » ri »« ALL THB The Weekly Inter Ocean AS A FAMILY PAPER IS NOT EXCELLED BY ANY. ITS LITERARY FEATURES are unequaled. POLITICALLY IT IS REPUBLICAN, and gives its readers the benefit ol the WORLD °" political topics. It also gives them THE NEWS OP IT IS A TWELVE-PAGE PAPER. It It In accord with the people ol the West both In Politics and Literature. i AD DiS£ l vE im iS IIlll !f!ii hat the prlce ol The Weekly Inter Ocean Is ONLY ONE DOLLAR PER YEAR. Addre.. THE INTER QCEANf Chicag0t WHEAT BOOMIN3. Tblrty Gents Adyance In 4O Days- May Go to $1, Wouldn't it be a good scheme to buy a few sacks of flour now? Flour improves with age. Those who use the New Water Mill Flour say it is as good as the best and better than most of the shipped-in flour, and we sell cheaper than the stores can sell imported goods., Better try our flour and learn that Algona and Kossuth county is not dependent on any foreign try for bread, l JONES & FOB SALE—A good gentle riding and driving pony, with or without buggy and harness, Will sell cheap for cash, Inquire at this office, H. B. Smith. A, M, & G, M, JOHNSON have just received a fine Jot of farmers' carriages and surreys. Can give you a fine bar» ' flne shoes for 50o, $J, and $1,50 at Brownell & Allred's this week, These are great bargains, Tfte The.W, F, KirkhRrt g§ cent circus, that conjea to Algona July 80, w con. ducted, by buejnesj men of Pea ^pines fta<J Perry, Iowa, W, F, Kirkbart, the proprietor, bp business, interests io DOB Moines, »n<j J$, M, Harvey, tbe business manager, if e4itOp of the Perry Chief of Perry, They conduct tbeirib.gwpBbus.ijwp priaQiples, a B § allow no skin apje^ gp fa^rs/ to follovr tb§ people, 'Tbey Do You Want to Stop Tobacco? You Can Be Cured While Using It.' The habit of using tobacco grows on a man until grave diseased conditions are produced. Tobacco causes cancer of the mouth and stomach j dyspepsia, loss of memory, nervous affections, congestion of the retina, and wasting of theoptlo nerve, resulting in Impairment of vision, even to the extent of bUMness; dizziness or vertigo; tobacco asthmaTnlgWly suf. location, dulTpalftln theVegl^'of ffie iewt. followed later by sharp pains; palpitation and weakened pulse, resulting in fatal heart disease. U also causes loss of vitality, • Quit wer« it <8 too {«te. To quit suddenly is tooBeyereaBhoQl-to the system, as fciSoco, to an inveterate user, becomes 'a, stimulant that his eystem continnally craves, Owo" Is a scientific and reliaW remedy, guaranteed to b^f perfeoW and wMofc has been In use fop tbelas having cured thousands of UWualto US vL s ~^ moker 7 f l' A fce A W8 ' »»« WRUS-flipp. You can we all the totoweoyoy want wJMa talclna " Pnw-quro" is not a substitute, but a reiia, We a«d scientific pur stroy v of wi leaves v 'JJfiS/MslftSg.Qflljye

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