The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on July 17, 1895 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 17, 1895
Page 5
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r r - ' * '" i. * -* ^ ' 1 *" v i v u f Ml tJPWli DIB MpWBSs ALQOSif IOWA, "Jump Into the Wagon the ride will be more pleasant, the hone won't have to do any more than his rightful share of work, and there will be but little wear on the'wagon, It's the slickest grease you ever saw* Sold by all dealers. Give it a trial. Wadham's Oil and Grease Co. MILWAUKEE. W1S. SOME IMTITOT! TlLffl, Who Ate te fell the f eaettett fioW to Teach Afe at ttie Head In Thelf Lines. f fof, GilchH9t Will Be Welcomed to AI< gdnd Ag&ih—Thfc dfficiftl Rfttord of Some 5thftrs. E. G. BOWYER, now at the new stand in the Cowles block, has a complete stock ol Kp MMVVHty AND FINE JEWELRY. j GRADUATED OPTICIAN. Eyes tested free of charge. Large line of op tlcal goods always on hand. Repairing of fine watches a specialty. Doxsee & Shaw, : Abstracts of Title, 6,000 people ifi attendance find thai the BIJO# was fully up to what they Estate, and. ALGONA, IOWA. Offlce over Algoua State Bank. Slagle's Harness Shop. The coining teachers' institute is al» ready attracting attention on account of the latent employed t6f the IfastfUC' tors, Miss EVa S. Crowe, late supervisor* Of primary methods at Joliet, and for several years one of the \)est known workers la that tine ih Chicago, will be a profflineht factor in the success of the session. It is a matter of ho little surprise that such an eminent man as t). R. Augsburg of Salt Lake City could be secured to do service at this place. Those of our readers who have read the various educational periodicals during the past two years are already fully acquainted with the line of art work that has given him such notoriety. His work—drawing simplified—is already in the hands of many of our teachers. We are always glad to meet our old time.friend, Prof. Gilchrist, who is given a prominent position at the head of the list of instructors. Algoua will welcome him and enjoy his presence during the period of his engagement. Our citizens will remember the commendable work done at a previous session by Mrs. Lucia Gale Barber, who also finds a place in this year's interesting program. Her evening entertainment was regarded as one of the best of the course. We understand that she has the honor of giving the closing attraction with one of her popular pos- ings. . Of the remaining instructors, Profs, Rich and Young, it is only necessary to say that no better proof of their fitness need be urged.than the fact that after careful deliberation they have been retained to complete the list of those who are to take charge of our educational forces during the first three weeks in August. • We shall have occasion later to speak of the lectures and otherinterestingfeat- ures connected with the management. Instructors have always claimed that it is an easy matter to do work in this county because Superintendent Reed assumes the exclusive control himself, and has all the work planned ready for action before the assembly convenes. Lecturers likewise daem it fortunate to appear in the course for they are always sure of a large audience. Mr. Reed seems to possess a special fitness and an adaptability for organizing and controling large bodies of teachers in these summer institutes. Manufacturers and dealers in Harness, Saddles, Whips, and all Harness goods. Also a full line of Trunks, Grips, and Telescopes. Repairing neatly and promptly done. All work first call and we guarantee SLAGLE & SON. class. Give us a satisfaction. M. P. HAGGABD. G. F. PEEK Haggard & Peek, [Successors to Jones & Smith/I Abstracts, Real Estate,^££_ Collections, ALGONA, IOWA. ft i Jpfft*ft i "Wrs BAi UAlJAX'8 FOUBTH OF JULY AFTERMATH. DR, L. A. SHEETZ, Drugs and Medicines. Fu s onhanflot drugs, med- oiues, and pure liquors for medicinal purposes only, " OCULIST, ' All diseases of the eye treated, _,._, Glasses adjusted for errors of re- iraetion and accommodation, No charge for examination. JTor several weeks Dr. Murphy has been In New York taking a post-graduate course on the eye, and will remain there until April 33. M ONEY ON REAL ESTATE, HOXIE & BRUNSON, well contractor, I have the only eam drilling machine owned IB the •'!»unty; stnk we»s for water supply for towns, cities, a.n<| railroads. Special attention to Jam weHworfc, Egtlmsfcs made, I employ oaly expert alleys. A aa WJ> A. f\ , Iowa, , Painter and Emmetsburg Reporter: It has been several years since Algona celebrated the natal day of the nation, but it seems that the fire of patriotism has been smouldering all these years, and, last Thursday it burst forth in a great blaze of patriotism and glory. It was a magnificent and model celebration in every respect. A vast crowd, free from drunkenness or disorder of any kind; a splendid program well carried out, and an eloquent and patriotic address, together with faultless weather, all tended to make the day a memorable one in the history of the city. The industrial parade was the great .feature of the day, and for size, uniqueness of design, taste displayed by the participants, and beauty of decorations, we have never seen it equaled. This parade consisted of sixty floats, besides the fire company, a company of bicyclers and the three bands. The oration was delivered by Victor Dolliver, who held the attention of the vast crowd from the beginning to the end of it. It was a magnificent effort, and those who heard it were lifted into higher, nobler and loftier thoughts of patriotism. It was in such pleasing contrast to the tale of woe that we listened to last year that we were more than pleased with it. The evening entertainment of living pictures, shown by colored lights, was very pleasing and attractive. It must have required a great deal of work and ingenuity to get up the tableaux and properly display them. The entire day's proceedings were a grand success, and the citizens of Algona have every reason to feel proud of their 4th of July demonstration, Armstrong Journal: Algona has reason to feel proud of the celebration July 4, We were told that Algona never had a good celebration, but we vouch for the fact that such statements are no longer true and we • doubt if they ever were, 'The industrial parade in the morning was considered by all present the best they ever saw, Nearly every business house in Algona was represented and the procession was eight blocks long, Considerable mom ey and labor had beep expended by each business represented to make $he display they bad, Three bands were in the procession and furnished music for the thousands of spectators, Base ball and horse racing entertained the people in the afternoon. The ball game was easily won by the Algona nine, The entertainment on the court house square in the evening was unique and was well received by the people as applause followed each scene, The crpwd was immense, but ail wer§ amused, well provided for ana every thing as orderly as if it was an ev^ry day ooeurance for the town to take, care of.10,000 visitors. Sam Mayne was in. the parade b\jt Qol> Sessions did. not sh,QW vip, L,u Yerne News; 'The largest num* tyer fw?w this $l&oe wl vicinity to Algona vffeeve it is gai4 they of w$ ftciest eelebratiop ever- the jiftrtb pwt pf the f tatje TO fteae ft« a gra»4 scale m can 4q suon thing? and ifie my well fee pwifl PI. WhittemOf e Cfhampldn: __.„ ft fifle celebration and A gotid crowd td reward them for the trouble of getting Hup. When a towtt eeleWateS it frays to dd it fight* r __ ___ _ SOW fOfi flS 06Wff f Alfi, the Pwsittluhi List .in but attd Sorae ttew featUres-A ftftte Pi-Dgraiii. The premium lists fof the County falf are issued and everybody who sees ah extfa pumpkin growing ia his corn, Or has a melon which he can hedge ifl with enough bulldogs, can tell just what he will get besides glory when he brings it to the attention Of the multitude which is going to crowd the new fair grounds this fan. All the various features of the list are worthy of study, but the new race program will first catch the eye of those who come for amusement. It promises some good exhibitions of speed and is better suited to Kossuth county horses than any before published by the society. Besides the horse races, the bicycle medals bought last year are on hand, and special races and amusements will be arranged for as the time arrives, The races as announced are as follows: WEDNESDAY, OCT. 2. Novelty Race.— Open to all horses owned in the county. Entrance free. Distance Ik miles; first half mile walk, second half mile trot, third half mile run. Purse $25. Running, Race.— Open to all horses owned in the county, thoroughbreds and professional running horses barred, the race being for farm noraea and ponies. Half- mile heats, two in three, entrance free, purse $25. Running— Free for -all.— Half-mile boats, two in three, five to enter, three to start, entrance five per cent., ten per cent, from winners, purae $100. Trotting— 2:40 class.— Five to enter, three to start, five per cent, entrance, ten per cent, from winners, purse $100. THURSDAY, OCT. 8. Trotting— Free for All.— Five to enter, three to start, entrance five per cent., ten per cent, from winners, purse $100. Trotting.— County race, open to allhoraes ownqd in the county having a record of not under 2:50. Mile heats, beat two in three, entrance five per cent., ten per cent, from winners, purse $50. Running.— Two-year-old, half-mile dash, open to horses owned in 'the county, entrance five per cent., ten per cent, from winners, purse $30. Running— Free for all.— Five-eights mile heats, two in three, five to enter three to start, five per cent, entrance, ten per cent. from winners, purse $100. JUSTICE SLOW BUT SURE. \Vm. Patterson Is Arrested In Wesley for n Crime Committed Over a Tear ABO. Down in Johnson county over a year ago a load of wool was stolen from a farmer's barn , and the thief escaped without detection. All trace of him was lost. Not long ago the authorities th ere tracked one Lew Hoffman, wanted for seduction, etc., at Iowa 'City, to Algona, and while looking for him 1 located Wm. Patterson the wool gatherer on a farm In Wesley township. Sheriff Samson was instrumental in assisting the Johnson county authorities, and last week went out and gathered in Mr, Patterson at the Schultz farm, where he was staying. The sheriff of Johnson county came at once and Monday evening left Algona With his man. This illustrates the old school motto: "Be sure your crime will find you out." ttlcfrde Rates f hht £I*s frettf of ft Ofeftt fltBe at.tfag Cottftty DONT FORGET TAYLOR cfOwd at the faif groUni SatttP * was hot at all what 'the merit of the Sports Warranted. ChRs. Smith put up the bicycle prices offefed ott the Fourth, and some good speed was de* veloped by our. home talent, besides which a ball game between Algona and Whittemore was played. The speed and number of entries among the bicyclers gives promise of a food after* noon's sport when the county fair gold badges are put Up again. In the five-mile face the winners were! Jesse Stephehson first* bicycle suit; Alex. Dorweiler second, search tight; Merrill Call third, sweater. Time, 161 minutes, In the half-mile and repeat the winners werei Garry Oarfleld first, rifle; P. A. Wartmaa second, cyclometer; Ed. Richardson third, bell; Will, Hinchon fourth. Time, 1:29, 1:23, 1:254. The ball game Was one sided the score standing 14 to t in favor of Algona. The Whittemore nine played well but Were clearly over matched. NIOK MOUSEL PAYS UP, His Beer IB Spilled and Ho IB Out of Pockot$272.Sr>— Has Enough of the Business. The big load of Germahia beer was judicially passed upon last Thursday by Justice Clark, and soon after went to moisten Mat's lawn. Nick Mousel, who brought It in and who was twice caught for dispensing it, came down to make amends to the blind eyed goddess of justice and pay up. Two counts were laid up against him, and his fines were $]00 on each, with costs of trying the beer, etc., of $72.25. He counted out the first $100 and with beads of sweat standing out he inquired if that wouldn'nt do. 'Squire Clarke said no. Then he counted out the other $100 and with much more intensity of feeling asked if the costs couldn't be thrown off. Then 'Squire Clarke read him a little lecture to the effect that after he had been caught once he had gone back contrary to law and good advice and gone to selling again. Any sympathy for him would be wasted and the fines and the costs to the last penny must come. Then the last $72.25 was dragged out, and the young man departed sadder and wiser. Money. • I have unlimited money to loan on long or short time. B. W. HAGGARD. The Big Tuesday and Wednesday* July 23 and 24. Trotting, running, and pacing each day. The very best races ever given in the county. The big 2:25 ttot Tuesday, and the big run Wednesday. Admission, 25c. C. A. SMITH, Sole Manager. $25 Rewar Money. I have unlimited money to loan on long or short time. . B. W. HAGGARD, WE make a specialty Cloud & Haggard, of collections. WE make a specialty Cloud & Haggard. of collections. ROOMS to rent. J. J. Wilsom-43 For Sale or Trade. My residence property, 12 room house splendid barn, coal and wood house, good well, and cistern, and hydrant. Two as fine lots as can be found in the city, clear from all incumbrances. Will sell or trade for farm or wild land, or the right kind of city property. Call on or address, J, F. LACY, Algona, Iowa. HORNER'S song, a beautious reality. Have you seen the mermaid? You should not miss seeing this wonder of wonders from the bosom of the deep deep sea. It will be on exhibition only a few days longer at the Browne}! k Allred cash shoe house, Tne Iowa Ml lit Can. Having bought a job lot of the celebrated Iowa mUk cans, we are now prepared to make very low prices to farmers who are in need of cans. 'The 8-gallon can weighs 16 pounds and we sell it at $1.65; the 10-gallon can weighs 17 pounds and we sell it at $1,75, These cans are' made of the best material, have the Improved handles, and are in all respects first class. 15t4 SPURBECR & LAMBERT, GET your flags Grocery. at the Opera House CORN for sale on my farm one mile south of poor farm. J. B, Jones. ASK for Crystal Cream bakipg powder, at Walker Bros.' GOOP butter can be had £t the Opera House Grocery. Awarded Highest Honors-World's Fair, Wanted. We want your butter and eggs. Farmers' Exchange, south of court house. Now for cheap shoes. See John Grove before you buy. He has bought the B. H. Anderson stock, and it must go regardless of cost. ARE you bothered to get good butter? If you are, go to the Opera House Grocery and you won't be. CRYSTAL CREAM baking powder is guaranteed equal to any baking powder made, and costs only 25o a pound at Walker Bros.' A GOOD Beatty organ for sale or to trade for a bicycle. Inquire at this office.—17tf "CRYSTAL CREAM" baking powder is manufactured exclusively for Walker Bros. '."••••• Special Bates to Spirit Lake. On July 13, 17, 22, and 25 special excursion rates will be made to Spirit Lake and return at $1.75 from Algona. Tickets sold on.Saturday, July 18, will be good to return until Monday, July 15, and tickets sold July 17, 22, and 25, will be honored for return trip until the day following the date of sale. - No special trains will be run. Extra coaches will be attached to regular trains as may be necessary, The tickets include admission coupons to the Chautauqua grounds. Program for above date is as follows: July 13, Rev. Sam Jones and Harvard Quartette, July 17, young people's day, Iowa Christian Endeavor and Epworth League reunion, July 22, G. A. R, day, Harvard Quartette, and Gen. John B, Gordon, and other prominent speakers, July 25, special sermon, Rev. T. DeWitt Talmage, and evening concert. FITS and misfits, You can always get fits in shoes atBrownell & AllrecTs, FOR rent! The Molntyre house, recently occupied by J, J, Kann. Inquire of Jennie Molntyre.—14 Six per cent. Money. For time loans at 6 per cent, and commission apply at the Kossuth County State Bank, Interest and principal payable here. Be sure to call if you want to borrow at favorable rates, THE interest earnings ol the Royal Union Mutual Life Insurance Co, aver* age over seven per cent, -per annum, while the eastern companies only earn four to six per cent, and are taxed 2} pep cent, on their grpss premium receipts collected in Iowa. Which is the best company for the Iowa policy hold" er, the eastern or western? J, L- Pona- hoo, district manager, Algona, Ia.-15t'3 JOHN GROVE x bas bpugbt the B. H, Anderson stock of boots and shoes at "" "- -"-"- and will make Will be paid to anyone that I ask as much as cost for shoes at the closing sale at the Anderson 1 Shoe Store. The Shoes Are Going at the rate of 100 pair a day at less than 1 ,»<, ; One-half Price; So don't put it before. it off, but buy now. Nothing like JOHN OROVE>. ALGONA, JULY 20. 03STE3 OZtfTX/ST- 25c R. R. Circus, Museum, and Wild West Shows. CREAM 5.0 gents, on the prices to correspond A NEW line, of Mies' fine shoes > fil tbe latest 9tyle,a arrjved. The everywhere acknowledged Grea,£ congress of World's Famous Features, One ring alway§ , and novel acts, by the highest salaried performers in America. , 1OO ^ eas ' ng Bonders, features, and exclusive The grandest and best 35 csjrt show ever devised, by' brajri '• mortal man, An exhibition that fpr thrilling &$fa ,no,v§'" J "' feats, stands without a pe'er or rival. -We hesitate- a.t produge the best of everything. Npthing to^wd for, tht shpw. Merit not, magnitude our rnpttpj , 'Mprp. hifh' s| formers employed by, this §hPW thjrj aj)ym«5P't - An Iowa show fpr Jcwa people ^ The Finest .Circus

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