The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on July 17, 1895 · Page 2
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 17, 1895
Page 2
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SU^MlK--,^' ,LV. xf W ."IM.L^f \tvt >&"i *w^wif^s •"«, i ^f/cj*. ' r ' V. : ij\ "?' ^JteiTh't; ,-tmiLU. a' 1 fUd^UIXMil '&£» „':?"»* .-C 11 *.>v : ^Wfr.^V -.'^r•;<";*•,'*• • ' '. '•' '^ -" ' tit ft Ortg ^Aae^ "Peck the- city dtirintf the day drinking, and in the.evening &fi tit Drift tto negro, who haaJuBi ttsleasM ffam jail, They went to Safita fedepoUate in the evening 11 is supposed that the -negro teak t?;X4,iii&>ictim to the west dad of the depot, eh!h father a dark locality, with ihfeifiteniiott of robbing him, Somte parties not far away heard Wows be- tweett li attd 12,0'clOck and upon going to tH6 scene found Peck unconscious feed bleeding and saw the negro tun /Ibehind some box cars. The police were immediately notified and have been searching for the would-be murderer up to late this evening without any success. Robbery was i doubtless thd intention of the assailant, but the ap- preach of other parties, frightened him away before he accomplished his purpose. Clark is about 25 years old, 6 '.feet 4 inches high and weighs 150 pounds and frequents Carrollton, Mo. .Four small pieces of skull were removed from the injured man's wounds. -Hlfi condition is critical, but he may • fi&ttst" 4-r<. • - r mm '^fism Brothel? wilk & fefdltef. frfafifc hod »take a^ffest^d aad he wjw held to, iHs gt&nb |ufy ia las sam d! 1300 tettds, A 8fti««Si Matt ReftiJe* to P&V tit 6 Mulct fa*. July is.— Joha Calae, a keepef Of WashtagtOii Mills, couaty, havittg refused to pay his laflldt tft*,,was awested by order of Jttdge flusted for prosecutloa uader the proHibltofy law^df the state. 6IRL FATALLY BURNfeD. An Eiptoslon of .Oasollno Results Itt Death. CEbAK RAWDS, July 13.—Stella Childs, a 10-year-old girl, was fatally burned by an explosion of gasoline, dying four hours afterwards, after great suffering. 1TKMS. UNKNOWN. -^ Private Bftnkcr of^Eait Peru ieave»\Vllh the Funds. - -DES MOINES. July 12.—C. O. Davis, of East Peru, a station on the Chicago Great Western in Madison county, not far from Des Moines, has disappeared •with about $10,000 in cash/ He was last seen in East Perujpn J ( uly 3, <b\it| two days later was seen in Des Moines. i Since that time he has not been heard from and the interested parties know, absolutely nothing J as to his t where-} abouts. ' Mr. Davis recently purchased 1 the banking institution of O. P. "Wright and had been running it. He had sold stock to several parties and this with the deposits amounted to , about $10,.000. EAST PERU, July 15.—The safe in the bank of C. O.' Davis was opened by a locksmith from Des^Moines and tound empty. All the books were destroyed, "leaving^empty bindings. No clues of . any kind vvere found. % A letter posted from South Denver,'Colo., has been're- eeived by Wright, Baker & Co., con• laming three notes amounting to $33, endorsed by Davis in favor of Baker. The letter contained nothing but the notes. It is believed Davis' embezzlement will reach nearly thirty thousand dollars. FIRE AT OSCEOLA. A. Midnight Blaze Destroys Considerable ' v . • Property. • • , r, OSCEOI,!, July'13'.— Odldsinith Bros.' large 'store was entirely 'consumed by a midnight fire. The entire stock of goods, valued at $35,000, was burned. The flames soon spread to A. B. Lewis & Son's general stock of merchandise, valued at $20,000.^., Of. .this, stock, only,, a portion of the goods was saved. A large portion of J. C.^ Harrison's" stock of groceries was 'jpurned^ al§Pt; the Osceola Democrat Printing; ^Cgmpajnyj's newspaper plant, owjoe*d^by < .,gjiej& Bros., valued at 84,500, was totally ' destroyed. Tliejoss on buildings is as "" * An Iowa City colored boy was fatally injured by a kick from a horse. A few nights since fire destroyed the entire business portion of the town of KnoWlton, a town on the Chicago Great Western railway. The loss is estimated at $35,000. About half insured. The origin was.incendiary. The scattering position Of the business buildings Saved the town. A wind, storm approaching a cyclone and; a 'thunderstorm bordering on a cloudburst traveled through Warren county a few evenings since, doing considerable" ' damage; The storm seems to have traversed a strip of country several miles wide and from twenty to' thirty miles in lehgth| The heaviest individual loss known ii|j.that : of R. B. Wads wjflr tli of Summerset. Fifteen head ofY prime fat steers, averaging 1,400 pounds weight, were bunched near a ^barbed wire fence. Fourteen of thefee w,ere killed. ,? The loss isl' 80bO. H Hail Jell in great quantities^over the section and considerable' damage jva^-done to crops and buildings!*. Lightning struck in several places. ,(< ^ ) }' Recently the|-'pews |of the Sacred •Heart German'^ Catholic church at Dubuque were rented for the ensuing year and brought $3,000. The money was paid q .tq Eather Banman and he took it'ijhome,' 'as he had no -other'place to put it * About 10 o'clock he heard a knock at his door, and on opening was confronted with a masked man, who, presenting a revolver at the priest's head, demanded the money. Instead of .doing so' Father Banman knocked the revolver aside and shoved the fellow out 'of the door, and kept hold of him till^the yard was reached, when he broke" (a way from the priest and escaped, lifeighbors were aroused and helped in the chase, but the fellow escaped. 5 Great praise is accorded Father Banman, for the great courage he displayed, g Robert Brovvn killed his wife and then suicided " at ^ Calamus. Brown did the shooting with a 38-calibre revolver in a fit of jealousy. Brown and his wife came* to Calamus , from Clinton ^ short; time, ago and ( he opened . iip a barber sliop', He was colored; but his white t wonjan, wife was, * total loss, $3,500; P, L % Fowler, brick •brick block, total loss, $5,500. The total Ios4 of merchandise, buildings and other property, is nearly ,$90,OQO; amount of insurance, $46,000. TUBERCUUOSIs7 A Number of Cows Belonging to Milk , Men Affected, OTTAWA, tyljj i4;—T.h ( ere promises to'bf> a iw}lc .iaroin'^ here. The state " ' iVj^B^gis^^gl^eenj ja^nalyzing the of the various dairies'su'pplying : to-the-'city,~-and..has found the. jn,ilk of seventeen cows in the four herds examined to be infected with turberculosis. Tb,e dairymen are considerably ftlarmfd ? and are trying to- 4ev»se the best means to secure }m-', TOWity from the threatened quaran- ' $pe pf^all milch cows, The city board . to weed' put all and thijs give the city a milk supply. The percent of ^infected the h?r4s ihue fap js t felt* iMffti S ^/'E'S-, ,tti! Itite Has sailed J6niJ«, Sf, §. " if^-Tbe with the Meutenftftt John tiaf llett, the taastef , Is aft able mariner* tleco»BiatidedaJiex|»edltidii to Gfeeiilattd itt i86fy whefi Ottly 24 yeat-s old. His chief assistant is Patrick Dunphy, who was faorth two years with Peary's first expedition. Mcltliilays the ettglfieer, has a slrtiilai* record. The weather reports ifdffl Greenland Indicate a mild winter ftnd little ice, 66 ho serious ice pack Is feared and it is thought it will be possible to reach Peary's headquarters, Falcon harbor, Bewdoin bay) about the 4thorfith Of August. Until Peary's return scientific work will be pursued, covering Ittglefleid gulf in short cruises. Similar work will be continued until about the end of that month, when it will be time for her to be starting southward to avoid being frozen up. On the return voyage the only stop of importance will be at Cape York, where it is proposed to take on board the meteorite, or ironstone which Sir John Ross discovered forty years ago, a mass of iron 4K*7 feet. Peary's arctic house maybe brought -back and exhibited. All hope to be safely back in St. Johns by the end of September. Peary is supposed to be somewhere in the extreme north of Greenland. He and his companions, Lee and Henderson, arc expected back about the middle of August, when it it is arranged that the Kite shall be in Inglefleld gulf, his headquarters. SEVERE STORMS IN THE EAST. and M, jtist colatrtbiaft lifle s If om t5oibw. The listers left fiiisabetfa, K. .t. t ei^iit years agd Idf ficndc* and loufided fflissieflafy ficheois there un^ def Bishbp Schiifflakeh In the fecefat revolutidh ih ficuado?, the bishop, his pHest& and nuns stiffered great in* dignities. Sisters Geneviere, Jose» phine and Frances and Sistef (?ef tt trd«» a native of feu&dof, bftfely escftpid with their lives atld they greatly few? Bishop Schtinsakef has been assassin* ated. Sister Uenevie*e was the^ .super* ior of the mission at Calceta. ,The convent was attacked by a band of revolutionist's, who battered down the door, knocked 'down and beat , the priests and finally fired the building. The women were compelled to fly for safety. STATE SBCRfeT DISCLOSED. Cyclone Visits New York City for the First •' Time In Many Years. NKW YOKK, July 15.—A cyclone descended upon the upper part of East New York known as Cypress Hills;' continued to the lower plains district and from there traveled to Wood Haven. One life vyas lost and the damage; to property was great,. A number of people were badly hurt. The cloud was funnel-shaped and hung very.low to the ground. At the upper end was a red spot that appeared'more like an incandescent light /.than any- 1 .thing else. ,The, cyclone swept over the city, wrecking thirty bouses and one school house. Several thoroughfares were made impassable by' the debris and the network of fallen ruins;' At Cherry Hill, N.-J., 'twenty-seven' houses, nearly the'entire ,.village, was wrecked, and five persons were killed and many injiired t . : ' i;li '' ;l - GROWING AGGRESSIVE. Ku»slan*' Said to ttave Offered. Cleveland Money. CHICAGO, July 12.—The Post's Wash« ington special says: A closely guarded secret in the state department has just transpired.. It appears that two years ago, when the United States was in need of gold, Czar Alexander, lil offered to make a special loan to tin United States of $50,000,000 or more, at a merely nominal rate of interest • without other security than President Cleveland's note. The matter was discussed in the cabinet at great length, but it was decided that the president ihad'nb authorty to 'issue bonds until further action of congress, and waE therefore obliged to decline the friendly tender. This.leadp to the suggestion,that when the present arrangement for maintaining the gold reserve expires, the government may turn to Russia for a gold supply, as Czar Nicholas is'Itnpwntb.lDe quite as ardent an admirer of the United States as his father/ ' '•'•-"' ' " : ' : ' '•' •''•''' ' "' .,''," ' 'TO ,,CO DRY,.'IN, .EARNEST.' ift ft, GSttA tor the Week, Sale of All Kinds of Drinks to Be 1'rosc " ' ' ' j •whom h*e Iliads marriedx,«about "sx 'nSontHs "" ago?""" "He'^cpmes — from a respectable family and was well thought of. But it was known that he was very jealous of his wife and that tjiey^frequently quarreled as a result. Last-'week she threatened to leave him and: this aroused all the ire of his 1 nature, They finally ha^d a quarrel which 'culminated iu his .'drawing a revolver from his .pocketi! and firing tbr.eejshots at her. Two of them took effect, one striking her in the jaw, the other penetrating her thigh. Thinking he had killed her, he turned the weapon on himself and blew out his brains, §he is dead,' Creston dispatch: A clever piano swindling party, which was forced from Illinois' byVewspap'eVexpo'sure, ^vjjwpsking Sn^outh wester ft Iqwa, plan cif th'e swindleVs js* as jfoUipws: A man^repjjefsenting to b&,t]je'agen.'t of ihe-AroeFWPHiBo company call| at th'e home 'of a farmer and proposes to leave a piano for a four months' trial, informing ^he man of the bouse that if he succeeds in selling four- pianos to neighbors he will receive a piano free. This is a ggod offer and the farmer cpnsents to ( the ;»g^nt leaving jthe piano. The only condition 'the agent Has is that the farmer signs a card, so the location of the piano will not be lest. The unsuspecting farmer signs toe card, and wjien the piano is delivered $Ue man- who comes with it 'presents, a card signed by the farmer. jB'notbiPg wore nor }ess than an. the pian.o »n4 pay $480 p,n delivery. The farmer does apt h^ye. th^ f^ash p ngr^e^py bv tftkjng tJ»Q note, snd he has an inferior piano for Russia Wants Explicit. Information, From • ' -.'. • .• '•' . • • Japan. .••-•, • • , LONDON, July 15.—The representative of the United Press in St. Petersburg telegraphs that Prince, Lobanoff Rostovskj, the Russian minister of foreign affair requested Mr. 'Nishib Tokujiro, the Japanese minister 1 to! Russia, to .state,,.within what period the Japanese would evacuate the Lioa Tung peninsula. -The minister replied that Japan would're tain the territory in question until full payment of the war indemnity i and compensation • for the renouncing of Lioa Tung had- been made by the Chinese government. Prince Lobanoff refused to accept this answer and at once instructed the Russian ambassador at Tokio to ask the government to make a date for the withdrawal of .all troops from the Chinese mainland. CUBAN REBELLION. .. - , . '.-. NKW YORK, July 15.— A vital question to', the .people's interest and to the , police ! commissioners lias been .consid; ered. . t .Tudpe Me Adam, decided that the saloonkeeper 'who removes all spiritu-' pus' and malt liquors ; f rpm; his saloon on S^ndaiy^and. sells fjniy' ,s6ft. drinks on ,that day Violates'; not the excise law; .but the Sabbath law. ' And Judge -Me- Adam said in speaking of his 'decision that, although he did not incorporate the remark in tlie body of. it, it is as much the duty to arrest lemonade ped- "dlers'pr druggists selling soda water on Sunday as it is to arrest saloonkeepers for selling whisky. . In one "case the Sabbath law is broken; in the other the excise law. The police commissioners say they will enforce the law. ' •„: .-,.;.•.: '.•:: BREVITIES.- :. ' ,1 ' I :'" .I,.;.." i 1, NEW YORK,, July 12.— -Frank Woodward, the' Cuban Avar correspondent, arrived on a "British steamer after a trying experience in Cuba, AfteV many weeks of hardship, he reached . Oibra anr^prpQeed^d, tp the office of Jose Deola, a Spaniard, who is both the United States consular agent' and and an officer in the Spanish army. Deola refused Woodward protection and he was obliged to take refuge on a British ship, • ' ' HAVANA, July 1?, — Telegrams from Spain make it evident that General Campos wishes to be relieved of the command of Cuba, Spain's famous soldier sees small prospects of leaving the island in trjumph and does not wish to lose the laurels he won on previous occasions, so he desires to be recalled in time to go with honor* NAVY WELL •RECE.IVEP. PUP snips Cre&teil a qpod Impression af WASHINGTON, July 10.- — Secretary Herbert has repeived a report from Admiral Kirklan4 giving m account of the Kiel celebration, ; Admiral -Kipk' land says that th» appearance pf the United States fleet was in every way a credit |Q the country, It was, in fact, geeon4 to no! pthei' fleet a,t the celebration, The iropweipft cj-eat^ by the ships of th,e Ujjited States was' flat*er> }»g, and jibe reception, ' by ftH aftjiipflis .wft« . jn.the boat race between ;the crews •of-Trinity, and Cornell at JIenley,,Eng., Trinity won:'• •'• ; The Pullman Palace Car Company, of ..Chicago, recently advanced the wages of its employes • 10, per cent, The advance effects 4^000 people,- The advance has been gradual, taking effect in the yarioiis departments at different times during the past two weeks. Judge Wood, at Chicago .recently, modified the .sentence pf 1 Eugene 'V. Debs from one year in jail to six months, and those of the other directors of the American, llalj,,way ' Union from six months ,to-.three.. < .The,,sentences are now as the court originally imposed them,'! »'« ( ' - '_ ••,'••' , > Si /.Tames, Minn., recently George P.. ,Jqhnson,' 'cleVlf pf thp .court oj' Waterman county, and) prominent in, state - politics, committed < suicide by pounding his brains out 'wif,h a claw- hammer. , After beating"' head almost'to a pvlp, hip finlshe'd his awful work by cla\vipg his head to'pieces with the opposite side of the hammer, A Naples dispatch s.ays, the crater qt Mount Etna is again pouring 1 forth fi're,/smoke and lava. ( Mount Vesuvius is also in a state of epption,and is reported to be in worse condition than IStna. Th'e town ot Re,sina, in South Italy, built over the ruins of Herculaneum, is threatened. Villages in the vicinity of both volcanoes are believed to be in danger. *?A Boise City dispatch sjyjsi there is considerable appvehension of trouble in Coeur D'Alefle, The present starting up of the IJunkev Hill and Sullivan' mines on wages lower thjm, the unioa scale, has .been watched with great; interest, Jt is now said that the union is, preparing to'make trouble, 'Uov-' ernor MeConpelVha,s'been advised that trtQ sheriff (aTminers' union mft».) has threatened to disarm the employes of the mine. As w 'result he has di§* patched Adjutant GteRer&l CapweH to y»s scene with eighty - stands of »rms 5,000. rounds 'Q{ ^minUBition. He muster a company ef miljtjft ready $9 defend JiJew Ifdrk, ihJly 15.—ft. <J. tJUn & Co.'s weekly review ot trade sayff: "A business flood eb, itfong aftd rapid that the conservative, feat it rta^ do harm is out of season lit July* Btit the seasons this yeift- 'mp 1 oVer edch other. May frosts aftd frtghts, it 18 ftdW evident, kept back WUch business that would naturally have been finished before midsummer, ahd the delayed accumulation of one season gets in the way of efforts to begin another time. Biit the volume of business, however, It hiay be assured, Is remarkably large for the month, even In a good year. The exaggerated-fears about crops have passed, the syndicate Is believed to be both able and determined to protect the treasury, and the time draws near when the marketing of the new crops will turn ihlo a natio/ial balance If speculation does not hinder. "The Week has been notable for a sensational fall In Wheat of 8 cents in two dayb, .followed by recovery of 6 cehts, though neither accords any interpretation Of the quite disregarded government report. The sudden drop in prices was the result of speculative rather than commercial influences, though exports not half as large as last year, f,097,645 bushels,(flour ^included) from Atlantic ports for two weeks' of July .against 4,227,9}5 last .< year, had their effect, as we'll afl Western receipts of 1,937,474 bushels against 2,156,918 last year. "The latest news indicates an enormous crop of corn, much the largest ever grown If the weather favors, but the price is only % cent lower than a week ago. " --.-..•-..— "Cotton has not changed, though speculation still^ turns -wholly on prospects, regardless of•_, enormous .stocks carried over. ; t In Eufo'pe the''manu- facture lags, tfui here, it is satisfactory. "The weekly output of iron was 171,- 194.tonB, having risen 13,970 tons In June and where furnaces,have gone into operation since July 4. The rapid rise in prices has brought Into operation many additUmal works, and there Is a;rush;to buy befor,e.prices,.advance furthier.; . . "Woof I's-s^iii^a'dvancing', with .enormous sales, 12,714,000 pounds for the week, and in two weeks of July, 26,497,614 pounds, as sold against 11,986,550 in the same week of 1892. As the sales are, about.four times the weekly consumption, it ,is:obvipus that the :market is essentially, speculative, but the, rise abroad has set'the country ablaze, so that, Western hplders. are.askiug even; higher prices'"than heretofore., "Labor controversies in woolen mills haye i generally resujted .against' ,-the workers, ..although some advance in wages has'been obtained', but a; strike of carpet, weayers * at.,; Philadelphia already affects several thousand and threatens to include a great'many more, an advance of 7 J / a cents being demanded, while the market .for goods Is so dull .and weak that' manufacturers unitedly refuse. "Cotton 'goods - ^continue active ; and' strong, with comparatively little ' difficulty ,as ;to, labor.. The Northern mills have taken little 'over 100,000 'bales 'in the past three months, since cotton was below 7 cents, but with cotton bought cheap for five months ahead, they^are abje to do/good(T)U£!iness.!: • , { {"' l . • "Fail.uresvthi& weeWhaVe,< ; bfien £253 In, the United States, against 247 last year, .and 35 in-Canada, against,49.JasJLy,,,!' **«• - , , Ml., July «.*•! «pwwt tffafid jury is intestigating iflto aldef- MtAK bribery, Tlhe P i-dd«edinjr8 in the frafid jiify rddffi -are eat^fany etf&ro'ed, but it is said .one wilae*s gave the naines of a number of pf dtfti* nent icemen who naid bribes to alder* m<*» to prevent the bassage of an in* > jurious ordinance. The jury is als« intestigating the matte? ot passing tu« CaWmet and Uliie Island railrold Of* ^Jnabcei granting ihti pritiiege,of of ciipyint the lake front itf riouth Chi^ eago. It is understood as a result of the revelations, that a nufinbef "of < prominent business inett, as Well ais aldermen, will likely be indicted. CHICAGO, July 14,— The special grand jury) called to investigate corruption in the city council relative to Alder* man Martin in connection with the ice ordinance, has voted ' to indict Alderman Wm. Pinkler u on«-two , charges - of soliciting bribes and Alderman Charles Martin on similar charges. ;i "W '4 i- i MUST RETURN IT, oand Said I' Krroneotislj to Have Been Given the "Q." July 12. — Secretary Smith has directed the commissioner oi the general land office to demand of the Chicago, Burtington & Quihcy Railroad company the relluquishment of some 25,000 acres of land along the, .line; of the road in Iowa, which it is claimed has been erroneously- patented to them as the successors of the Burlington & Missouri River railroad company. The grant was made to the latter company to aid in its construction and through some error in the selections of the grants this amount of land was erroneously patented to it. The secretary now seeks to recover the land for the United States and' as a preliminary directs the secretary to demand the relinquishment. In event tha't the company declines to accede to the demand it is probable that suit will be begun in . the United States courts to determine ywhether the certification was erroneous or not. " ' ZIMIVIERIVIAN'S FAST MILE. 4-C—Could ' v - tel^BAN PRESIDENT. • t •' I - "• ji t - ••* ; & - n ( 4 .<• f ' ' ' ' *'""."r l — Tomas Estrada Palma Chosen by the Revolutionists. NEW YOKK, July 12.—The last of the returns of the recent Cuban revolutionary party elections all over the United States have been received, Key Went andjPhila'dalphia halving finished their reports.,, ; The; first mentioned city tel • egi-aplied!.'tp Secretary Gonzealeo De Queseda and the last two to Treasurer •Benjamin Guerra. ••• '.In eaoh of them .Tomas.Estrada Palma.-was ,the choice, as it was of;;the.:five which reported previously. . The 'formal announce- ; ment that 1 Palrba had been elected to succeed Jose Marti in the affairs-of the revolution, outside of Cuba has been made by Senor Gue'rra. A committee was , dispatched , .immediately afterward to Central Valley'to notify Mr. Palma. who, it is said,' will come to New'York to open headquarters. YELLOW FEVER IN CUBA. Disease Sdld to lie of V ' ., Type. a Very Malignant Follows a "Quad" in ; 1;57 Have Gone faster. Asbury Pa/k,.N. J v July IB.—The most exciting event of th«i ^ay yesterday was, Zimmerman's mile in l:57'4-5, paced by a' quad, which at no time set the pace, heavy enough to get away from him. All who saw the performance were satisfied that. "Zim" could easily .fta^e ridden several seconds faster had tiiie'-p'ace- makers been able to set it for him. Summary of the races: r One-half-mile npvicg, class A—B, W. Sw4nb*rojigh{ Denser.-first'; tlm,e, 1;16 2-5. Tworthirdl mlle| open, • special, class B-^W&n 'by"B. ? G.' Bald; Buffalo; time, 1:41, One mile handicap, class, A.—W, ,A, Brown, New York, 60 yards, first; time, 2:21 2-5. Half mile national championship—B. C; Bald, Bjjffafo, first; time, 1:32 2-5. Two mile handicap, class B., special, 17 Starters,—C. 4. Church, Chester, Pa., 140 yards, first? time, 4f25 2-5. " M. F, Dlrnberger- rode ex- hibiton, paced by the gyr^cuse ,qua'd, in 2:01. «->~., ?l ... .5 / / 1 •• ' One mile handicap, professional, prizes $75, $40, $25, $10—Alva Stewart, Ridley Park, 100 yards, first. Out of a field of fifteen starters, l mile open, class A, with tandem^pacemakers, was won by Tom, BuJJer, jBjostyn. [ -, ' Cuttlo Concern In Trouble, |Capf?as City, Mo., July 15,—George B, B)ack and George A. Neal have' been 'appointed by United States Judge Phillips receivers for the Campbejl CommiSr sion Company. The company is an Illinois corporation,-do}ng;a'cai^e com* mission business'in\Kansas City, St, ,'koute, Chicago, South Qmftha an4 Fqrt Worth, The present assets, other'than 'the money owe4 tp : the cpnipariy by the cattle raisers and prospective commis<- Bionsfol' IJOOQ^apj^r'e'estlpated^t ?190,- OOOrof'which one-half }s• avallabje.' s WASHINGTON, July 13.—Advices to .the,, surgeon .general, of the marine hospital indicate an alarming increase of yeljo'w fever in Cuba and the other West Indian islands. The disease is • rapidly increasing; The report from Santiago 'says:' "The death rate is 'increasing at an ajarming rate." The 'state of afldirs' is 1 indicated-by the report from Puerto Principe. 'The military hospital at the latter place is crowded, and the d^seape is of the'most raalign'a'ut (type. i; Tl^is place' is near the center of the island of Cuba, whiqh would indicate that the disease is virulent and epidemic, and is making- its way towards Havana and the \yestejrn Qndjp'fjthe island. IOWA PATENT OFFICE REPORT. soon |n flames, anfl spon $, 'quarter of a burn?* QYW* The tot^j loss $f» yam fsa,r|»»y hfit. ,,:*,„:,- fire ft t ps^OQltt, lows, - 1.., ,. Ogceoja, la., July 15.— At lg:45 yester- aa.y morning flre was aificoyerea in the b,ase^ent oj .Qol^sipl^'s store, In, the ' DBS MOINKS; July 15.—Four thousand, nine hundred and twentyrseven applj-- catipns;foiv>paibents are awaiting action in the United 1 States patent office at < Washington, O, C, Six patents were issued to Iowa-inventors last'week, ,as, follows: A, H. Oilman, A«relia, hinge; / F, 0, v jpnes, Lewis, stock watering-' .tropKhf T. (K MHler, ^eandoj kni'fa * handle; p,«,S, *Moseley and Dnbuqu^ v Specialty Machine Works, endless • cba,^ cuttej 1 ^ mortising inftphine^ i -Thjpnias QUyeA Epworth, type writing, machmefC/E; P, liobart; Cherpkep,, plap|ej, s ,, 'Ci^ulars telling how to/ secure, v.p,lue'and sell patents sent,frep" to any applicant therefor, Copies Qfr.i drawings a,nd specifications of any one . patent sent-upon,.-receipt of twenty*',, five cents, ' * G; J. Won, Yjce 9»l,|[j ^ Cpjo., Jwjy of the"oonyention' oi the association, & f«U was elected with Dougherty, pf Peoria, Hi,, 0, Of Pes Mpineg. , director for each state w&s php,§§n HKYK,'» most , North the ,m)to6eej i ,pccyrB J toe yf.^.^f y| a»d p^lOWU 9nU»,l« fr(U *& .FWw'U^Wlbfe b^l V^f- . TVt*» w ti*v 4-4-1««.. ~J±&- J'*.T -../-u ~r\ Y^^J ." fmff YaUe »iU VwW * ' ywte^iWit&fiiW

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