The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on July 10, 1895 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 10, 1895
Page 5
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A Horse Knows the Difference '•" -. • . "H f-V V ^liSpi S 3 ^''"^.^; 1 ?' 2}*f '' : "fT f ..' ^,1 i?-*" ',* <- *,'a>p^:^^^$p£"*fV' : ..V •/-"'• W";^^|*f«^p»W^,'v"- J 1 '. jl*i ; 'j. t*-5'slvf Yt 1 -!' 1 '" •">* J 'AT s^/ 5 ?**. • S* * :. ,V ^ '" ,''-.-• , •-';,-; <'.',?*;• "^ /<* t ^ ' •> <' ' "-*?*.%;f ; ; "" •'" • '' "fy " •;• •' ^ \ $ THE OTPBK BBS M01KE8: AtGONA, IQ^A, WKPNJflftAK, Jtli^Y 10, 1« will 'save yottf horse, save yottf •wagott ( attd save your money. It's the slickest grease you ever saw* Try it. Sold by all dealers. Wadham'sOii and Grease Co, xMltWAUKEE, WIS. HOTB1SG LtKE IT BSWfflt Algonft's Celebfalton Was a Statt to Flnish-A Gffreat Day All Around, the Susifiesa Men's ^dfade an Attractive and a Mahdsom* Pftattire— Pto* gtam at tfie Gtovt. E, G, BOWYER now at the new stand In the Cowles block, has a complete stock of iv'^ WMW«wl AND FINE JEWELRY. GRADUATED OPTICIAN. Eyes tested free of charge. Large line of optical goods always on hand. Repairing of fine watches a specialty. Doxsee & Shaw, Abstracts of Title, Estate, Loans, and. ALGONA, IOWA. Office over Algona State Bank. Slagle's Harness Shop. Manufacturers and dealers in Harness, Saddles, Whips, and all Harness goods. Also a full line of Trunks, Grips, and Telescopes. Repairing neatly and promptly done. All work first class. Give us a call and we guarantee satisfaction. < SLAGLE & SON. M. P. HAOGABD. G. T. PEEK Haggard & Peek, [Successors to Jones & Smith.] Abstracts, Real Estate,-^ Collections, - ALGONA, IOWA.' DR. L. A, SHEETZ, Drugs and Medicines. Full assortment always on hand of drugs, med- cines. and pure liquors for medicinal . ; '•' purposes only. 0,33.3., OCULIST. ' All diseases of tlie eye treated. -WBBSWS*" Glasses adjusted for errors of refraction and accommodation. No .charge for examination. For several weeks Dr. Murphy has been in New York talcing a post-graduate course on the eye, and will remain there until April 33. ' cxwsr. M ONEY ON REAL ESTATE, HOXIE & BRUNSON, WATER OR NO PAY, Artesian well contractor. I have the only , steam Iowa. attention to -1. I em- A, F. gfgMS. - ' »1T• p^., wH-***, TO*?' Paper Hangar, •A*s*£5r^ tast&l card £trde'._ j-m—rn,- -.,. ™™"-" S "-fpt^t^lTife'ye^-s., John Adams would nave been satisfied if he had witnessed Algona's celebration of Independence day. He would have known that the spirit of liberty still flourishes, and that local enterprise has plenty of get upland get there When it is aroused. He tfould have heard all the ringing of bells in the stilly hours 1 of night, which his drowsy ears would have hungered for, and all the firing of cannon at early dawn, which he would have thought necessary to announce that the glorious morning of liberty hud arrived. He would have seen the red, white and blue in a profusion to bewilder his provincial.gaze, and a display of the products of a century's mechanical ingenuity which would have dazed and stupefied his senses. He would have decided that Algona was some haunt of Alladin and his lamp, and have gone back to his grave satisfied that the fathers were beginning an undertaking of far greater magnitude than they dreamed of when they resolved to "live or die, survive or perish" and signed their names to the document Samuel Mayne so ably and distinctly read. Whether John Adams and other disembodied spirits of our glorious ancestry really did fill the air and cause the genial and often praised cloud film which shut out a roasting July sun is only a matter of conjecture. The presence of the descendants of these worthy sires in a sweating multitude on the ground is not so speculative. Twelve thousand of them at a conservative estimate filled the streets when the industrial parade passed, and followed to the grove to listen to the oft repeated story of another century. As Victor P. Dolliver arose he met an audience which might rejoice any orator and which taxed his powerful voice to its utmost. At the ball ground, at the races, on the streets, in the opera house, on the court yard for the concert and tableux,. everywhere there were crowds. Algona for once was full of people, and for once entertained them all to their hearts' content. The parade preceded the gathering at the grove. Here the program opened with band music, an invocation by E. P. McElroy, readin? of the declaration by Samuel Mayne and songs by the glee club. The feature was Mr. Dolllver's oration, appropriate to the occasion, patriotic, eloquently delivered, and attentively listened to. With much of his brother's voice and manner, Mr. Dolliver held the entire audience and gave the best Fourth of July address ever heard in Algona. He was applauded and congratulated by all. • THE INDUSTRIAL PARADE. By far the finest single feature of the program was the morning parade. It has never been surpassed in Iowa. Those who have seen the corn palace parades at Sioux city and the Sent- Om-Sed at Des Moines saw as fine individual floats at Algona as at either, and had ours been at night, brilliantly lighted, the affect of the whole would have been as startling as at either. Although the various features were crowded together in the line, the procession was so much longer than bad been figured on that new routes had to be laid out at the last minute and even then not room enough was had to prop 3rly conduct the march. At the head of the procession the Algona band rode in the new wagon prepared by C. J. Brown for the occasion, drawn by four handsome blacks. Following them in substantially the order named came the different floats: Grand army post, a soldiers' tent with full equipment, followed by the brass cannon. Handsomely decorated float with girls representing the states, each bearing a banner with her state's coat of arms. E, J, Gilmore's grocery display, a very complete exhibit. Algona Courier, handsome banner carried by the office "devil" on horseback, . Setchell & Setchell, Nellie Clarke driving her pony cart with a huge hat for a buggy top. J, J. Ryan, a big float wijih Algona the center of the earth, drawn by four horses, J, F. Nicoulin, pony carriage covered with photographs, A. D, McGregor, a very elaborate display of fine furniture. At the top a couple of darkies sat in state and bowed to the crowd. This was a very handsomely arranged exhibit, trimmed with picture frames, etc, The Wigwam with Cooper wagon and McCormiok mowers, Wauge & 'Foster, a barber shop in full operation, lather being applied with a big paint brush. This was a particularly gopd float, John Paul Lumber company, a handsomely built float showing all kinds of finishing lumbers, etc. Chrisobilles & Herbst, Earl Tennant driving bis horse'and surrey decorated. Bradley & Niooulin, a fully equipped blacksmith and wagon shop, with Frank Nicoulin at the anvil as natural as 20 years ago- This was one of the best of the line. Frank hammered the hot iron all through the march and showed that he had not forgotten his trade. Parish & Prise, a fine cottage of iron with full hardware exhibit, JSL G, Bowyer, a little> "Updg Sam,'' his sou Ambrose dressed up and ridjog his pony. JJe hud a handsome outfit and js,a.4e as attraotiye feature, a plea?' ing contrast ta t,be large wats- , , . W< J. stujiey, a, Rpmj&n oh.ajwo.s PI draW by tour horses Abreast- This was pne ol the haRdsom,e,8t designs and njpst ejspetteiye floats in the Uwe ana diw wiyerepi praise, a§ esqulrli oil ft fjbfly, <arr*ifig a baiifiet, bUtji handsomely flttled out, Jbfi6l& Stacy, flpuf e*hibii This was «s ffififdtf noticed as &ti$ ift the 118% & vef* e1aK6«ite display, haftdsotte afid e*peiist?e to at-fange. A Cottage built Of flouf ifi sacks was trimmed with leftves ol bread. , , J. Wt Rebihflofl, a fine hardware exhibit, especially of Garland fanges, in dottagd foofed with titt afld of Hftmettted ttith all softs of trappings. Walkef EPOS., ft full line of groceries arfaftged about tt center where Mf. Barton stood holding a handsome banner. Scales, fancy groceries, and everything belonging to the busihess were displayed. • Ge6. L.. Galbraith & Co., Leo Puegnet driving a pony carriage, covered with all sorts of finery and di-v goods, rlbboft&, attd laces* W. A. Lftdehdbrff, a complete restaurant otl Wheels. , Brownell & Allfed, a huge shoe atid banner above It, carried in a decorated cart, all habdsomely designed. / ,• G. D. RoWe, a bakery on wheels, with a full line of wares, handsomely arranged. . ' , , Matson & McCall, a band of 'girls decorated in the latest in the millinery line, seated in a handsomely decorated J, R. Laird, a furniture exhibit. H. A. Paine, a big load of baled hay covered with red, white, and blue. D. B. Avcy, a load of saddles and harness goods. John Goeders, a decorated cart snow ing dry goods, etc. " ' Durdnll & Co., a big central float lee and followed by boys in decorated barrels hung from their shoulders with suspenders. This was an attractive and expensive exhibit and caugh •everybody's eye as it passed. J. A. Hamilton & Co., a three stor outfit with the Emmetsburg band seat ed below and John on the top with a banner, fenced in with oak slat fenco and surrounded by hardwood exhibit, a curious and much noticed wagon. Doxsee & Shaw, a float with revolving turret surrounded by some of this year's grain, the float and the grain both number one. „. , Jas. Taylor,. Charlotte Riebsamen riding a black and driving another ahead tandem, the front horse wearing an elegant silk and velvet blanket with letters worked in. This was a handsome feature. A. L. Peterson, a man afoot in a big cloth box hand painted. Dingley & Pugh, a cart with wheels RACES mm i SCCOM fife .Crowds Saw Some 6ood ^ay* tasi Week'at the Eatf Gfrottiid ack falvftf, <3iidefslftev« ( aftd Ida M. Ate Wltthefs, the LftttM ift tfafe Mile and a Half Dash, ULUf* IOJ VJU J. *•• JJ *•*) ** ««"•• «• ••-- — •• -----like a watch face, carrying a big drug' ticed and de- gist's mortar, a praised display. Langdon & Hudson, a decorated livery wagon. Jas. Patterson, a decorated delivery wagon. , • Schu & Hudson, a float bearing a 16- foot cigar of their most fashionable brand. , F. S. Norton, a fine display of lumber of all kinds nicely arranged. . J. J. Wilson, an exhibit of flour, bran, t(* "' Peter Johnson, a Piano self-binder in full gear, and a mower behind also in full gear. A. M. & G. M. Johnson, a float bearing a carriage, a gang plow, and a windmill, followed by a hay-loader. This was one of the most elaborate and attractive of the list. ' C. M. Doxsee, a float showing Samantha Allen cooking on a Buck range while Josiah rocked the cradle and worked the washing machine. This was a clever and much praised float. M. H. Boals, a cart carrying a restaurant. _ Call & Cowles, -- Cowles on his pony, dressed like Uncle Sam, carrying a mail pouch, and labeled "Uncle Sam's Mail." This was a very attractive feature. Grove & Son, decorated delivery wagon. , • C. B. Clark, a float with Jersey calves fenced in a pasture and with a full home dairying outfit labeled "Jersey Home." Everybody noticed and praised the exhibit, O. K. lunch room, a restaurant on wheels. . Hugh Hedrlck was in the procession, a veritable Uncle Sam riding a cart, The fire company in" their new uniforms drew the hose cart, the Burt band rode in a wagon, making three bands for music, a stranger added a double nosed cow to the line, and dozens of features no report can do justice to enlivened the scene, It was an elaborate, expensive, and handsome display, one that has never been seen before in these parts, and one that has never been seen by many who have not attended the biggest carnivals and fairs. The cost vflfs over $1,000 to the business men who participated. The Day's Amusements, Owing to the rather strong. wind all day no attempt was made at a balloon ascension, although the balloon was ready. The ball game between the Algona and Bancroft nines filled in a large part of the afternoon and was witnessed by a big part of the crowd in town. It was rather one sided, Al* gona winning by six to twenty-eight. Following the game the street races came off west of the the court house. In the bicycle race F. A. Wartman won first, Ed, Richardson second. In the man's foot race Quick won first, Art, Allen second. In the boy's race MoMurray won first, Z, C." Coffen second. The greased pole furnished lots of sport. Oscar Carpenter of Bancroft made several heroic efforts to reach the top and so did a half dozen others amid the encouraging shouts of the crowd, but Andrew Norwood finally captured the money by getting to the top. For an hour-after that Prof. ICubn" gave a slack wire exhibition, THE EVENING CONCERT. After supper the court yard filled with a mass of people, For two hours the Emmetsburg, Burt and A'.gona b^nds gave a concert, and then on the raised platform, especially arranged some handsome tablewx were put on, They were lighted with colored, Jigftts and one of the fittest features of /vbe day's program,. No pains had been spared to make them perfect and, the el-pwd sheered vociferously. Puring the eyenieg a, few. roekets and SPWI |re,works were, displayed from, the top Wai gpjBBt Joi' Ik flrewprVs Good crowds Were at the fair ground Wednesday and Thursday for the ruh* hing races, and saw some speedy horses. The fact that the speediest, and that by far, are owfted here in the county did not diminish local enthusiasm. Ida M,J the fast mare from Gerfflania, surprised everybody, while Gildersleeve, B.Fi Smith's hew horse, & full brother of Ida M., showed his heels to the field in the only race he was in, andltossuth, lame as he was, kept along with the procession, taking second money Wednesday. Koasuth's racing days are about over, but he is as handsome and spirited as though the tendons in his front legs had never been strained. The first race Wednesday was the three-eighths of a mile and repeat. The entries were Jack Diver, White Stockings, and Grover of Bancroft, Daniel Boono of Algona. Diver won easily, the real race being between Daniel Boone and Grover for third money. The score was: Jack Diver, W. B, SealooU... •....•! 1 White Stockings, 0. F. Hlgley 42 Bn,iiiol Boone, John Edwards 2 d • trover, 0. Boetsoher • d * •.Vime, 39, 30. The second race was the one which brought.out the fast horses. Much was expected of Starlight, a racer from Indiana, but he was held up the first heat and with the field got the distance flag. It was three-fourths 01 a mil* and repeat, and with a bad start Glldersleeve led the field, Kossuth soon taking second. Both horses held their places and the four trailers failed to come within 75 feet and were not allowed to start again. This spoiled the race for the crowd. But Gildersleeve's fine running was cheered and Ben. Smith was congratulated by everybody. The score was: Glldersleeve, B. F. Smith •••••••:-- T ,, 1 a Starlight, Oscar Smith, Pierson, Ind..Dis, ColumkiB, H. B. Charles, Des Moines..Dis. Irish Boy, H. F. Fisher, Eagle Grove,.Dis. Kokomo, D. W.Harper, Hamlin, Minn.DiB. Kossuth,Geo. Holloway •• -* •* Time, 1:10, 1:86. The third race was a half-mile and repeat. Ida. M. was booked to win easily and did in two heats. Ida M., J. Cooper 1 J JohnW.,B.F. Smith 2 4 Jack Diver, W. E. Sealock 4 2 Merrylega, Fay Reed • <> J Time, 54. The big race for Thursday was the mile and a half derby for $200 and it was a surprise to everybody. Ida M. was booked to win at the half-mile and to crowd the horses at the mile, but her owners never hoped to have her win at the mile and a half. She is a half-mile runner, with the state record, but she won all three moneys easily, finishing at the mile and a half fresher than any horse in the race. Kossuth was lame and could not make a good race, Starlight was lame and was not put in. The other horses could not crowd Ida M. at all. She made the half-mile in 52*, the mile in l:61i, and the mile and ahalf in 2:52*. Columbus, Irish Boy, Kokomo, and Kossuth ran. Irish Boy ran a good race but he was too slow. , , i Ida M.'s victory, here spoiled the best race of the program. She and Gildersleeve and Jack Diver were on for a half-mile and repeat, which would have been .a hot contest, but her owner would not run her again that day and the race was dropped, C. A, Smith to entertain the crowd drove Bel ton an exhibition mile trot, Harvey Wadsworth pacing him with his riding horse. He went without a break in 2:30J and was loudly applauded. ' The bicycle races did not fill and the afternoon program closed with the farm pony race in which John Edwards' Daniel Boone, L. L. Salisbury's Prince, and H. Norton's Chub were entered, Prince won, Daniel Boone second. Are now in ofdef at- TAYLOR'S. JULY RACES Algona Driving Park, Tuesday and Wednesday, July 23 and 24. * Five Races Each Day, and more fun for the money than you ever heard of. Remember the date, and come. .Admission, 25c. C. A. SMITH, Sole Manager. Must Go at Once. I have bought the B. H. Anderson stock of boots and shoes, and I got them so cheap they will go at half what you can buy same goods, elsewhere. Look Here—Oxfords Regular prices, $1.00, $1.25, and 12.25, AH Go at Nothing like it before. Corne early and get first choice. At Bronson's jewelry store. JOHN GROVE,. WHEAT BOOMIM. Thirty Cents Advance in 40 Boys- May Go to $1. Wouldn't it be a good scheme to buy a few sacks of flour nowf Flour im- 1 proves with age. Those who use the Mew Water Mill Flour say it is as good as the best and better than most of the shipped-in flour, and we sell cheaper than the stores can sell imported goods. Better try our flour and learn that Algona and Kossuth county is not dependent on any foreign coun- JONES & STACY. Money. I have unlimited, money to loan on long or Money. I have unlimited money to loan on long or short time. B. W, HAGGARD, WE make a specialty of collections. Cloud & Haggard. ALL kinds of shoes at Brownell & AUred's cash shoe bouse, Algona. JOHN GROVE has bought the B, H. Anderson stock of boots, and shoes at 50 cents on the dollar, and will make prices to correspond. ' A NEW line of ladies' fine shoes of the latest styles arrived yesterday at Galbraith's. FOB rent: The Molntyre house, recently occupied by J, J. Kann. Inquire of Jennie Mclntyre.—14 TEADB at the Opera. House Grocery. MONEY to loan on long or short time, Geo, C, Call,-tf Highest Honors-World's Fair, 'PR? WE make a specialty of collections, Cloud & Haggard, LADIES' fine shoes. The best $3.50 fine shoes in the world, all sizes and widths, at Brownell & Allred's cash shoe house. ! ROOM8 to rent. J, J. •WilBon.-43 •\Yimted. We want your butter and eggs. Farmers' Exchange, south of court house, NOW for cheap shoes. See John Grove before you buy." He has bought the B. H, Anderson stock, and it must go regardless of cost, ARE you bothered to get good butter? If you are, go to the Opera House Grocery and you won't be. t (in i Jimiuiuu - J'U -- - - " T CRYSTAL CREAM baking .powder is guaranteed equal to any baking powder made, and costs only 25o a pound at Walker Bros.' A GOOD Beatty organ for sale or to trade for a bicycle, Inquire at this offlce.--17tf LOOK in our windows; we will have something there that you never saw before. BrownelU & AUredc cash shoe house, . FINE footwear of all kinds at the Brownell & Allred cash shoe house. »' CRYSTAL CREAM" baking powder Is mftnufaoture<J exclusively for- Walker above date is as follows: July 13, Bev. Sam Jones and Harvard Quartette, July 17, young people's day, Iowa Christian Endeavor and Epworth League reunion, July 22, G, A. B. day, Harvard Quartette, and Gen. John B. Gordon, and other prominent speakers, July 25, special sermon, Bev. T. DeWitt Talmage, and evening concert. THE interest earnings of the Royal Union Mutual Life Insurance Co. average over seven per cent, per annum, while the eastern con^panies only earn four to six per cent, and are taxed 2i per cent, on their gross premium receipts collected in Iowa. Which is the best company for the Iowa policy holdj, er, the eastern or western? J. L. Dona-,, hoo, assistant manager, Algona, Ia.-15t3^ Six per cent, Money. For time loans at 6 per cent, and 1 commission apply at the Kosvth Conn* ty State Bank, Interest and principal, payable here. Be sure. to call if you want to borrow at favorable rates, BREAD, butter, and coffee—the best material for each is to be found at the Opera House Grocery. Tlie Iowa MUK Can. Having bought a job lot of the celebrated Iowa milk cans, we are now pre» pared to make very low prices to farmers who are in need of cans. Tha 8'gallon can weighs 16 pounds and we sell it at f 1.65; the 10-gallon can weighs 17. pounds and we sell it at $1.70, These cans are made of the best material, have the improved handles, and are $p. all respects first class, - I5t4 SPURBEOK & LAMBERT. ; '$$ '^ >j j $ -4 •• ; $ * -J-V t r 1 7"S 1 T?-& ' • frl ;'u| ' : :3si '"m THIS is the time to buy Oxfords. Brownell & Alfred's is the place; mi goods are the best, Styles fla&wiwu,, ,',s« and prices the lowest. • l -•" '•** WANTED—A blind bone.. Smith,—It T ',__j. GET your flags at the Grocery. SHERIFF'S SAIE. ^.-v'^CSEI ts hereby given ,»,»» «sr«.»^?^T"c*"'}i i«5&in8«togoc&«. ?^M^^ ^ * °" iQMSe, iaites (Wl»¥»5»V **WW 9 ^Jf^*f1' -WT TTOU'w r i,-' k'." <«K ™ 111 1 " Tlo «ta «4$ 0ft Srtuvdfty, Juli w, will g ^f WT p- y j .', ,. iM - ... . ..t... 1.1 Y* *iT-«.»>ln ih T»%1»» I ttl

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