The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on July 10, 1895 · Page 1
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 10, 1895
Page 1
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•----;• SS":'?. <: v? v -!%-,">?•*"•' V C.;; ""* •' * * '• " p f ; •- ' • P ' 1865, AMONA, IOWA* WEDNESDAY, JULY 10, 1898, V03V Don't Miss It U ; Oi>era House Grocery. At the . $1 Shoe Sale Fair Store, As We placed orders in the factories for a large quantity of shoes of all kinds when the shoe market had reached the lowest point that has ever been known, and before the sud- deiradvance in leather which has caused the big advauce in shoes, it places us in position to sell shoes at retail at what is pow the wholesale price. As we are a little short of room for our big stock we have put part of the stock in the Fair Store, and will close out all of the stock that we have—-only a few pair of a kind—regardless of cost. SJioes for 75c worth $1.00 to $1.25 Shoes for $1.00 worth 1.50 to 2.50 Shoes for 1.50 worth 2.50 to 4.00 G, L. Galbraith & Co. Look for It. Don t Miss to Try Everyone Speaks Well of It. What is It-?- A choice assortment t • • • CANDIES of the finest . Ever brought to Algona. .WHO SELLS IT? JAMES PATTERSON, Sole Agt At Ii;viifgton, Iowa, THEY WILL MEET TODAY, leptihlicfttia Gather at Bes Moiweg to Place a Winning State Ticket itt tlxe Field. $ ,05 Best prints, per yard, . Best cotton thread, per doz., , Full qream Y, A, cheese, per lb,, Powdered Japan tea, per lb,, , Try our canned goods, per do&, J, R, & 0, J, PUTTON, ,10 ,10 1,00 Support Home Interests, : &' ^-1 will a§li ; pu b§tt@? flou? tb^a my stei 1 © lp IA - --." s&' " fak towii, aM for les§ money, Is it ugt i-iglit liMi'fe wte ^ff^^g . - h , ., ; '. |H9Jf^>v-' •'•'''-'^•' { . : 3* *- ; S*' v -•' J *ttW l 3H )fttk«3 ttttd itttt-lttrt ill tlie Lend, but No Olie lias ft SU»-e Thlttg- Nates, The republican elate co&veatloti la la suasion in t)es Molhea today. The delegation from Kossuth county went Monday night, as did a number of out- sldefs, to be present during the pre- Itninafy struggle, Others went yes- ierday. At this time the relative strength of the various candidates for governor is unknown. Very conflict- .ng claims are tntide by the supporters of Drake and Harlan especially, and the only certainty is that these luon ead the fleld by a safe distance. The State Register claims Drake in the .ead, but not far enough to make his nomination at all certain. Other papers say that Harlan will show as nuch strength as Drake. A very bitter fight is being made on Drake and a lot of scandalous and evidently malicious stuff is being peddled over the state. This attack may cause the convention to fight shy of the general 'or fear of a defensive campaign. On she other hand it may react and insure ils nomination. It may cause a general turning to Harlan, who, in spite of his old ago and weak support n his own district, bids fair to be nominated. The possible and very Drobable result may be that both will je relegated to the rear and that some of the second choice men will come to the front. Among these Mat. Parrott will have a big following, and . Col. Ormsby will at first, at least, have a good vote. Senator Kamrar's friends expect to see him go to the front in event of a long contest. The lieutenant governorship may cut a figure. Although no one is contesting with Jungan, in the convention either Parrott, Ormsby, or Kamrar may see ;he way open to second place and accept. McParland and Harsh do not seem likely to be winners. Both have iggressive opposition without having i lead in the convention. McParland s especially antagonized by the Drake 'orces. The convention will be the most exciting held in late years, as all conventions which turn on personal spites and likes and dislikes are. A Story oil Asa K. Smith. The Livermore Gazette Is responsible for the following: Tom McGulre was somewhat surprised and chagrined .ast Saturday afternoon to find that a package of groceries and dry goods' amounting to about five dollars, which tie had left in his wagon in the shed Behind Merrill & Sullivan's store a half hour previous, was missing. He stopped a reporter on the street and inquired about the best course to pursue, and finally decided that a very safe thing to do would be to go to the home of Asa Smith, who liyes next the alley, and who would be likely to see anybody that had. been through there, and inquire of. them. He accordingly. entered Asa's house and the first thing that met his view was his dry goods and groceries, He asked Asa if he had seen anybody take any goods from the wagon or go through that way, but Asa had seen nothing except a man heading for > the Minne-* apolis track some time previous. He then Informed him that those goods were his which were lying in the' bouse there, and Asa, after satisfying himself that they were really his, delivered them up. He accounts for their being in his possession through the instrumentality of his four-year- old son Zebidee, who was on a pilgrimage through the alley and found the goods an he says, on the ground. And the reason that Asa was not in a hurry to acknowledge the possession of the goods, was, as he says, that he wanted to make no mistake* about their getting into the proper hands, These are the facts just as near as can be ascertained and the public is at liberty to put its own construction on it. Asa has always borne a good reputation for honesty, whatever other peculiarities he may have, but those four-year-old "Zebidees," whatever their ages may be, may have to be restrained in their pilgrimages through th.e alleys and elsewhere,' tempered td take two years ttt fflake the discovery that he Is ffiadi" Drintth in IVlScottsiti and tlliabift, Burt Monitor: D. Paine and wife returned frott their trip td southern Wisconsin, northern Illinois ftnd Chlea* go, Tuesday morning. He reports that small grain and the hay drop almost a total failure in those sections. The "Mttyfle" Fetitttro, Bancroft Register: The Mayne feature of the next house of represehta* tives will be the stalwart member from Kossuth county. Speqcer "\VHliout Street A row is oo over at Spencer between the city and the electric light company. It arises over the pumping of city water by the compaoyt At last accounts the city- council have rescinded the street lighting contract, which takes about $J,000 away from the light company's revenues and leaves Spencer rather shady at night. The end is not yet. The Blue Earth Post is in possession of tv potato that is a freak in the potato line, It is an olfl potato, inside of w^ich. four perfectly shaped pew potatoes, have • formed, the' gj^e pf hickory nuts, and bursting: the skin of the mother potato, lay like a brood Qf half-grown birds in a. nest, A CathoJJc Sewliwy, At the. close 9? the priests' retreat &| Pulque, last week, H$BBew,y spoke pf the, aeoegsjty of erecting 'a theological seminary &t Uto, Hefu&oribed f^otf and pviwto fg8,m The, wqUM a9«rne.po r esl afc pjooe ft»d , jy.i MOtEMEKTB. Mr, and Mrs. C, Barton are visiting in Sioux City. Mrs. and Mrs. Chas. J. Doxsee drove to Rolfo Saturday. Miss Mclntyre, milliner at Taylor's, went to Dos Moines Friday. Mrs. Rev. Kennedy went to Belmond Saturday to visit with friends. Mrs. W. H. Dlxson is enjoying a visit with her sister from Des Moinos. Miss Elizabeth Perkhetsn Is up from Nevada fora visit with Mrs. Cloud. Miss Mattte Robinson is down from Minneapolis visiting Minnie Shadle. Mrs. J. W. Robinson is visiting at Cedar Falls and will go to Des Moines. John G. Smith went to DOS Moines yesterday to attend the political doings, Mrs, Brownell left Monday for a four weeks' visit at her old home in Petoskey, Mich. Merrill and Jo. Call are over from Sioux City while their parents are on the coast. Miss Bertha Hancock is expected from the east this week. She graduated from the school in June. Mrs'. W. J. Crammond and Miss Caddie Waterhouse wont to Boone Friday to visit Thos. Robison's daughter. Robt. Chrisohilles arrived from New York City Monday for a visit. He has not changed much and enjoys city life. Mrs. Paul Junkin of Orange City, formerly Miss Marcy, teacher in the Algona high school, comes today for a visit at J. R. Jones'. Mrs. L. M. B. Smith and daughter Ada expect to start/or Spokane, Wash., next week for an extended visit with relatives there. A reunion of the children of Judge Call is planned for August in Algona. All including Jo. Harry and his wife are planning to be present at the old home. Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Chrischilles are home from Lnnsing. He arrived .to find a large-sized rumor of a democratic legislative nomination confronting him. Fred. Bartlett arrived from Dallas, Texas, for the Fourth and for. a two weeks' visit. Texas climate seems to agree with him. He reports his father in good health. Miss Bertha Mann is at home from Chicago, where she has completed her first year in the nurse's training school. Miss Alice Maun is home from Ames, where she is teaching in the city schools. Fred. Ingham came from Omaha for the Fourth and for a visit. He passed the examination before the Nebraska supreme court last week for admission to the bar, and was one of four to be successful. Mrs. Alex. White and Mies Josie Pettlbone started Friday for a 90 mile drive across the country to Earley in Sac county, Mrs. White's old home. They drove the ponies and had two hot days for the trip. Mr, and Mrs, James Patterson have started for Boston, where they will attend the annual meeting of ypung people's Christian Endeavor societies, They will then spend some weeks in travel and visiting. D. Hlne went with them and will visit in his old home, Waterbury, Conn. Miss Josie Pettibone is planning to go to Brooklyn, N. Y., this fall, to take a course in painting at Pratt Institute, where Miss Coan has been the past year, She has been teacher at the depot school so long that her resignation will be greatly regretted by her scholars and their parents, Miss May King, who went to Chicago a year ago to enter the training school for nurses, is home for a needed rest, ^ Shortly after entering the school she was engaged by a patient and has been with her constantly ever since until the wear became too great, and 9be was forced to take ft vacation, Horace Mann is. home fqr ft shprt vacation, He Js still in the nautical de» partment at Washington, and in addition has been taking scientific studies in the school there, graduating last month with an essay on the ** Standard of Value," He goes to Washington for another year at leant in the work he has been doing. Roy, Stevens started Monday for the east on H six weeks' vacation- He will attend the Endeavours' meeting at Boston and possibly will get to Baltimore, for the Baptist meeting, He will then visit at hie old Pennsylvania hojne. He has half promised our readers, a >;eport ol the Boston meeting, if he finds, time to write, it, Half Rates to Qn ftSOQWat of the International Qon. yejOtioB Baptist Young People's union the JfQPthweetei'n line will, ,qa July aafl l,0i aell .excursion, ticket! ta Ba vn at ya . J4Qk,et$' 111 this is what we all hop© to do, gentle showers, pleasant weather, one feeling good, By the way, you to eat. Please remember that we carry an large and complete line of Groceries ^ ,,;» . -W Both staple and fancy. Gall and see us* i: >; You will find our prices right and goods';,); right. Langdon & < t*«B * t. *•» , . ! -t',!-P if) '^ iy •'•' '''*"3J> , ,, >V,<£»; Do You Have Trouble:' in getting SHEARS that will CUT? • We '»,*$ have them that will not only cut today, but .'<V'$J for all time— Every pair warranted. , / ' j^j^ For the next thirty days we will sell you a. *"4fy( fine, fully warranted Jack Knife for ; '' V'^vA^ : 43 C&NT© You will pay 60 cents for it anywhere. ''You.,, can afford to have one sent'you by mail if you '*' cannot come to the store for it. Return it if , it is not satisfactory. Every knife warranted. Good knives for 5, ro, 20, and 25 cents, We? have the finest line of Scissors and Knives ever shown in the county. C. M. DQXSEE, HARDWARE. -.'M ^ -is FURNITURE! W E call especial attention to our new Book Racks and Wall Shelves. Just the thing for cheap book case, • \ Complete stock of Undertaking Goods, NSURANCE. Also kand, koan. and Cplleotlon Business. Dflloe over Algona gftate Wank, Fn,vmers' Phoenix of Hartfora, Hanover ol New York, Minnesota Fire, Misn Bockford of Roofetorcl, "8 \ , Lloyd's Plate Glass of Kfew Yovlc, ' r United ^fftesWfe of New Yop,' *' California in -}\ Days,; , ; . • •• ;'f a •, , • ' ; : -m .;.•' -V. 1-w , ' 5" Without change of ears, AH m^al§ served in di ,„ Palace drawing'rqom sleepjng cars, and toyrjgt sJeeper^M run through toiSan Fr^neisco withput change, with -|' sleeping cars to Los Ang$l§§, leaving Qfoicagq daily v|a> ^ Northwp^tprn I i i i wA WA I YY vwVtVl 1.4, JUa

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