The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on July 3, 1895 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 3, 1895
Page 5
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•f'V THE WEEK PE8 MOtKESi AMOK A, IOWA, WBP^ESDAY, JtJLY 3,1808. - :< r-,. '(letup." Cen't s*f»e# youf horift t6 huffy tftifi ft poorly pgaM, the more he httfria the fkstef both hori* tad wag6tt frill wfiafottti MOJ tOft 10,000 FBOH& That id the Modest Esttttifttc of the fteffito that Will Celebf ate in Algoflft The W*athM Will of Courte B« l&etor—Itatt frogtam ef the Cay's Esttclsts. tfas Is the horse's friend and his master'* friend, It saves labor for one and money for the other. It's the slickest grease you ever saw. Sold by all dealers. Wadham'sOil and Grease Co. MILWAUKEE, WIS 1! tomorrow is a pleasant day there be 10,000 people hefe td celebrate, at a modest calculation. And these 10,000 will witness as efltertalfliflf an exhibition as has ever been given in these parts itt honor of bid independ* ebce day. the parade will be r o» World's fair scale, containing a number of very excellent floats and led by the Algona band in their new uniforms and in their new wagon, the fire company following also in new uniforms and get »«4* trt»4. n « tt tlrtllltrfit-'H nrntmfi, tnfe e«rp6f ftlioii owning, -occupying) or tfWHftg fends, lots of otbef real eftf o* aft? hiRhwajr saper-vis oiWr public officBf having ehftfp of attfr street of highway, t« cut and Bur* or atheifwlse entirely destroy aftf Russian thistles ftt-ftibtf 6ft said fjfemisei, right-of-way, hUhwayi or stfeet< between the 28th day of August and 10th day of September, of .each yeaf, attdany person, eofpofatton, OP publid officer faeglectiflg to destroy alt such Russian thistles between said dates, after notice of their presence, in writing, by aby person, shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor and be punished accofdingly. The Fourth of July RACES COMMENCE TODAY, Iff Bit* of Some of the Best Evef Ofi fhis the Mile ahd a Half Bafih Sanies fa- m&ttbW and Mas Sevefl Ifitries— Qehftrai Raci tiotes. Will be here before you know it, and likewise before half of you are ready for it. It will be impossible for the ladies to properly celebrate the natal day without first purchasing something in the Millinery Glee Glee line, and we are here for the especial purpose of supplying every possible want in that direction. None is better or later than ours. Don't forget this.' Matson & McCall. E. G. BOWYER, now at the new stand in the Cowles block, , has a complete stock of up. YictorB. Dolllver's oration, the singing and band music, the ball game, and races, the evening concert, and fireman's dance, and the entertainment at the opera house will all be excellent. From the opening salute at sunrise from the G. A. B. cannon till bedtime the day will be full of something to entertain. The official program Is as follows: * OFFICERS OF THE DAT. J, R, Jones,pre8ident; W. E. H. Morse, marshal; O. B. Durdall, committee on arrangements. MORNING PROGRAM. Firing Of salute at sunrise. Band concert at court house square at 9 o'clock by the Algona Military band. Forming of procession at school house square at 9:80 a. m., and march through principal streets to Call's park. EXERCISES AT THE PARK. Musical selections—The Hurt Band. Star Spangled Banner—Emmetshurg State Juvenile Band, Invocation—E. P. McElroy. Music—"HallHome of Liberty," Reading of Declaration—S. Mayne. Music—" To Thee, O Country," Oration—Hon. Victor B. Dolliver. Music—Juvenile State Band. Hymn, America—Glee Club and Audi ^Benediction—E. P. McElroy. Picnic on the grounds. AFTERNOON PROGRAM. Calatlmmpian parade at 1 o'clock on State street led by bands and march to the ball grounds near Northwestern depot. Baloon ascension and parachute leap by Prof. Tynan, the celebrated aeronaut. Ball game—Algona vs. Bancroft. SPORTS UP TOWN. Fireman's run by Algona fire company. Men's foot race, $8; boys' race, $1.50; egg race, $1.50; wheelbarrow race, $8; sack race, $3; tug of war, $5: greasedI pole, $5. Slack-wire performance by Prof. Kuhn. EVENING ENTERTAINMENT. 'Grand band concert on court house square by Algona Military band, Hurt band, and Emmetsburg Juvenine State band. Tableaux, statuary, and fireworks. Bowery dance by the flre company. WATER FOB TEAMS. The city will furnish water for teams tomorrow at the pump house, A. M. & G. M. Johnson furnishing a tank, and behind Gilmore's store, Spurbeck & Lambert furnishing the tank. Everybody coming to town should paste this in his hat. I have unlimited money to loan on long bf short time. - _ B, W. HAGGARD, Wfi make a specialty of collections. Cloud & Haggard. SEE those ladies' congress shoes at the Brownell & Allred shoe store—the latest but. A NEW line of ladies' fine shoes 6f the latest styles arrived yesterday at Qalbraith's. . TRY a box of Perfection table salt, at Walker Bros.' AN OLD LANDMABK GOING, AND FINE JEWELRY. GRADUATED OPTICIAN. Eyes tested free of charge. Large line of optical goods always on hand: . Repairing of flne watches a specialty. . Doxsee & Shaw, ' Abstracts of Title, _=_eal Estate, Loans, sunad. Money. . I have unlimited money to loan on long or short time. B. W. HAGGARD. The Lo« Cabin Built for Father Taylor in 1850 to Bo Taken Down. Mrs. A. M. Horton has begun the work of removing the old building which has stood so many years on the lots owned by her southeast from the school house. In this building and now uncovered is the original log cabin put up for Father Taylor. He came to Algona In the spring of 1866, walking from Port Dodge, and decided to remain as a missionary. And so in the summer the pioneers gathered and out the logs in the timber near S. S. Rists, and had a big raising bee. The corners were carried up by Ambrose A. Call, Lewis H. Smith, David King and J. L. Paine. Carrying up the corners in those days was the' fine work. Each man sat at his corner, the logs were rolled up to him, and he was expected to notch' them and fit them at the first trial, and it was a little against his record to. be compelled to roll a log back to trim it the second time. At this time Algona had a few cabins but no frame houses, Ambrose A. Call having just come up with the mill which afterwards provided lumber. , Father Taylor occupied the log cabin as long as he lived. In the course of a few years he built the main part as an addition, and clapboarded the whole, but the cabin was the kitchen and has been until today. Mrs. Horton will take the main part for a barn, but will probably tear down the logs, which are. as well preserved as they were the day'they were laid. We believe that if the old settlers could meet they would buy the old cabin and preserve it n's a memorial and as a meeting place. Incidental to this story is Mr. Call's recollection of the planting of the old willow near the cabin. He says he saw James C, Taylor, after whom the Algona grand army post is named, car/y it by his house as a slip in 1858. He got it at the river. • The mile and a half dash'tomorrow at tbe fair ground will be the best run* ning race eVer seen oh this track, and probably the best ever seen in this part of the state. There are seven entries, and every horse comes With a record. First in the list in local interest is Ktis- suth, who by the way has been bought by genial and big Geo. Holloway, and who says Kossuth will go if he has to run on three legs. Kossuth Is a fast mile or mile and a half horse, ahd will crowd the rest at the finish. Ida M. Is the fastest half-mile horse In the state. She comes from Germa* nta, is owned by J. Cooper, and will make the rest hurry at the half-mile and mile posts. Starlight; owned by Oscar Smith, comes froin Pierson, Ind., with a running record in that state. Columbus, owned by H. B. Chokes, comes from Des Molnes, and is a recent race winner at Council Bluffs. Irish Boy, owned by G. A. Fisher, comes from Eagle Grove. He has run two years, andln that time has come in for money in all but one race. Kokomo, owned by D. W. Harper, comes from Hamlino, Minn., with a mile record of 1:46, which puts him in the very fast class. Zenda comes from St. Louis with the one and one-eighth mile record on the St. Louis track, which itfsures his speed. Altogether this is a fast field and it means that at the half, the mile, and the mile and a half points the crowd will see some speed: that is not often exhibited on more pretentious tracks. &fap-feftcheFlfitfi§ Sddlfe&fB ffatfc.of IU stale, «i_ it i* eaid fc me peysttaaed by ol&efl t« take the cftftnces bl sreililtf tJeer 1 6U the Sflslirlflee ttsat f«8 weald be sate. This top mlf ht &s Well aalfe" ap their fflinds tMt the la# will be" 8fr- forced abd the" beer confiscated ,ih this county and quit* fWd SAfi WOiifefi §fefc* ON. Friday Sberlff Saifitoft caught Rosa SfbWft afid Nellie Hesl Hear the Call bridge and brought them before'S^tiire Clarke. They .wefe evidently bad characters and the justice after giving theft some goed advice continued the hearing long endugh tftlet thehi get Well out of the county. When last heard of they ftere beyond Whltte- mofe and still NO other f&ce fcsi.fcssfl, cut for a saw. Last Friday and Saturday, at J. A. Hamilton & cVs yard, about 55 cords of dry hard and soft wood were cut up by their big bugs saw. It is ! the best summer Wo6d out, and they sell it for only $1.50 a cord, delivered to any part of the city.—14t2 crn" teSchefS of uj £10*10 IUD»O«.«.JJ«.^I. iJbofl the obsertanse of s^tem Itf th§ti» matters, and they have fed«6fl, lot thd Hebrew race in ft pregnant eSfttti th$ fOWiSfof hygienic afid diet&y applied With tittreiniiiifirvjgof generation to generation. ' , WE make a specialty of collections. Cloud & Haggard. The Iowa Milk Can. Having bought a job lot of the celebrated Iowa milk cans, we are now prepared to make very low prices to farmers who are in need of cans. The 8-gaUon can weighs 16 pounds and we sell it at $1,65; the id-gallon can weighs 17 pounds and we sell it at $1.70. These cans are made of the best material, have the improved handles, and are in all respects first class. 15t4 SPUEBEOK & LAMBERT. ALGONA, IOWA. Office over Algona State Bank.' Slagle's Harness Shop, Manufacturers and dealers, in Harness, Saddles, Whips, . 5B033ES, and all Harness goods. Also a full line of Trunks, Grips, and Telescopes. Bewailing Jeatly and promptly done. All work first class.' Give us a* call and we guarantee satisfaction, SLAGLU & SON. THE RUSSIAN THISTLE. Sioux City Is Having Experience and Expense on Their Account—It Costs to Get Bid of Them. Sioux City spent $5,000 last year in an attempt to exterminate the Russian thistles in the'-oity limits and will have more to do this year than .last. The Journal says: The attempt cost the city nearly $5,000 and was futile. Al- Today's Races. The fast race today is the three-quarter mile and repeat, and it includes most of the horses to start, tomorrow. In addition Gildersleeve, Ben. Smith's runner from Germania, is to go. He is also in one of the other races. He holds the Kansas City track record and is a runner who will make fast time, and as he has never yet run in the county a great many will be interested in seeing him go. There are seven entries in this race. ; In General. . The new fair ground fence is up, the handsome new grounds are open, a great many teams can be cared for there, and as it costs only the* regular admission with a return check a great many visitors tomorrow will put up there. The track is good repair and the horses are on the ground. Those who attend the races will see some exciting sport, and as the admission is but 25 cents (children under 12 free) they will be seen cheaper than like races are seen anywhere else. You put your foot into the fashionable shoe at the Brownoll & Allred shoe store, ' . MONEY to loan on long or short time. Geo. C. Call.-tf . "CRYSTAL CREAM" baking powder is manufactured exclusively for Walker Bros. . ' . •' ARE you bothered to get good butter? If you are, go to the Opera House , THERE will be a dance In Clarke's hall on the evening of the Fourth. The best floor in town. Everybody invited, Music by Elmore String band. FOR rent: The Mcintyre house, recently occupied by J t J. Kann. Idquire of Jennie Mclntyre.^14 TRADE at the Opera House Grocery. Wanted. We want your butter and eggs, Farmers' Exchange, south of court house. A. M. & G. M. JOHNSON have just received a fine lot of farmers' carriages and surreys. Can give you a fine bar- galn.-8tf __ GOOD butter had at the Opera House Grocery. FOR the National Educational association meeting, to be held at Denver, July 5 to 12, the Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul Railway company will sell excursion tickets to Denver, Colorado Springs, Manltou, or Pueblo, at rate of one lowest standard first-class fare plus $2. As agents for full information as to details.—9t7 . Too A gentleman -whoge summef In Vermont brought back td Boston 61* fall ft manservant ffdin the eofifltfy . Whd had never before beeti in BOStdn. r The sights and scenes ia ft big city iffl» pressed him pe6uliafly, Otte dajf^fad went to his* employer and Bald: "Mr. H— — , 1 shall have to go back home." • . "Why, Tom, have yon not been tfeftt> ed kindly here?" "Oh, yes, the treatment la all right, but then I'm afraid of my health. " "How is that?" "Why, you see, Mr. fl— — , iBawfOn* funerals going past your house today, and 1 guess Boston is a plaguy unhealthy sort of a town. "—Boston Journal JAPANESE HAIRDRESSINQ. Tbe FOE sale: An Esterly mowing machine. F. A. Wartman.— 15t2 THE finest line of Oxfords and walking shoes in the city at Brownell & Allred's. ______ ..... • Tbe JJaw on Weeds, The county board have been circulating the following sections of the code through the county, Everybody who knows a weed when he sees it should read them; McClaln's Code of Iowa, Section 1473; The trustees shall cause'noxlous weeds growing on the highways in their townships to be out twice a year if deemed necessary to. exterminate the same and bave them cut at such times as to prevent their growing to seed. And for this purpose tbe trustees may ready the places where the thistle was cut last fall are again covered with the weed, The thistle has now attained a height of from six inches to one foot- It is largest on a great many vacant lots where it was not cut last fall, but is coming up thick and fast in other places, • Street Commissioner Siraan is of the opinion that the thistle should be cut earlier in the season than last year. Tbe law provides that it shall be cut between Aug. 25 and Sept, 10, and the work last year was begun about Sept. 1. He thinks the work should be done about Aug. 1, and will probably bring the matter before the council before that time. Mayor Fletcher says the thistle -will be cut again this year, but that the work will be bandied in a different manner than last year. Instead of several hundred men working in different parts of the city, be says there will be a gang of about fifty men under careful supervision, An attempt will also be made to have tbe owners of vacant Grocery and you won't be. M. V. 6. f, CRYSTAL CREAM baking powder is guaranteed equal to any baking powder made, and costs only 25c a pound at Walker Bros.' DON'T forget to get the baby shoes at Brownell & AUred?s. . Wool Wanted. . The undersigned having leased the Paragon Woolen Mills for a term of years is prepared to pay from 3 to 5 cents a pound more for wool in cassi- meres, blankets, flannels, or yarns than can be obtained at your home market, Send for samples and prides. Boll and bat carding a specialty. Address S. D. Duncan, West Mitchell, Iowa,—8m4 lots cut and destroy them. Haggard & Peek, [Successors to Jones* Smlth.l Abstracts, *R ftdl "n QtdtP AND JLVCcU 4—rf^V'CHVr') -i.yiuuwr Collections, ALGONA. iQWA.. ^BWPp95RS!BBW«^*JW | J'UWW5 iti4^l^JJ^»JSpW3WpP™»*'?-"rv^' s ' aw! ^ DB. PRESTON, Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat ^A^WA^SPT^ any land owner a reasonable compensation for destroying such' weeds on the highways abutting his land? and have him credited for the same on bis road tax for that year. McClain's Code of Iowa, Section 5422; If any person or corporation after having been notified of the presence of Canada thistles on any lands owned or occupied by such persons or corporation, or il any highway supervisor after having been notified in writing of the presence of Canada thistles on the highway under bis jurisdiction shall permit such thistles or any part thereof to blossom or mature, s«ob persons, corporations, or high way supervisors shall be deemed guilty of & misdemeanor and punisbecl accord" iP MpClain's Code of Iowa, Septipn 1509, as amended: Tbe. supervisors pf bigb- w&ys, when nptified in writing tbfttany Canada thistles &r? "growing • vpwn any vacant pr nQn*rpi4ent la.n<Js, or lots within MS aistriot, tbe owner, agent, or lessee of wbicb is ynknawn^ shall tbe sa,me t9 be aestroyed and retvirnie writing to tbe hoard eupeyyleors pf We ,««Wtyr». vbwb shall be audited ani allQweft by said ,: rofl paw tow tb§ awcwBt, He thinks the work can be done at an expense not to exceed $2,000, He is also of the opinion that the work should be done earlier than Sept. 1. OXFORDS, Oxfords, till you can't rest at tbe Brownell & Allred shoe store, A GOOD Beatty organ for sale or to trade for a bicycle, Inquire at this office.— 17tf Awarded Highest Honors—World's Pair, WE just want to fiay a few words to the ladles about corsets. We are now selling the Featherbone corset, Worn and recommended by a million well dressed ladies, Dressmakers claim that these are the best fitting corset op tbe market. G. L. Galbraith & Co. GET your flags at the Opera House Grocery, A BIO BBEB Swect Uttle Woman Hag Peculiar Ideas About Oleanllneis. The Japanese toilet is robbed of one of its finishing touches by the fact that no Japanese woman, gentle or simple, however fond she may be of looking into the sun shaped gun metal disk, supported on an artist's easel, which serves her for a looking gloss, ever thinks of doing her own hair., The hair, after having all the last week's fat (the Japanese are exasperatingly clean in their persons) scoured out of it, is pomaded up afresh with the unctuous and not very olfactory pleasant compound, cas- tory oily, and worked into a most elaborate coiffure, more like a huge glossy black butterfly than anything else. As It is only dressed once or twice a week, it is never taken down except by the barber. But it is easy to sleep with your hair up when your pillow is merely a little wooden door scraper, with a hollow out in it to fit the neck, and ft drawer in its base to hold the ornamental hairpins. The true Japanese woman, whether she is rich or poor, uses a paper pocket handkerchief carried in one of her long hanging sleeves, with her tiny kiseru (pipe) and silk tobacco pouch, and another pouch containing a tiny comb, mirror and pigment for coloring the lips. She wears tabi white linen socks with a divided great toe, through which ehe inserts the strap of a delicate straw sandal or a high kiri wood olog, according to 'the drynesB of the weather, 'either of them discarded the instant ehe enters a building, and her parasol will be of the national Japanese shape, Whether it be of oiled paper or delicately embroidered silk, though to be sure the Sairey Gamp umbrella is about the first contamination from the west which her costume is likely to suffer. But I must not say any more about the dress of O-Hane San, the sweet little woman whose whole lifelong lesson, to quote tne "Onna Daigaku' v (greater learning for women), is obedience. -She never loses her temper, never uses a coarse or irritating word, and is always piquant and gracious and smiling, though she will die for her husband or her children or endure pollution for her parents' gain with marble courage,— London Graphic, Algy—So I have been oast for the part of a fooll I hope I shall make a success of it May—Act perfectly natural,- and you certainly will.—Truth. Miss Morgan^How charmingly Mr., Allen talks! There seems no,:suh-! jeot' tha,t he is 'nof informed- on. '', Paddington-(who is madly jealous)^ He says he inherited the gift. < His an-] oestors were barbers, you know.—iTruth. 1 DR. L. A: SHEETZ, Drugs and" Medicines, Full assortment always on.haiijdpf;c clnes, and pure liquors Tor'Jfreo purposes ohly." •' Boolto rugs, medicinal ,,, etatlon-exsr. SUerlir Samson ArriveB Just and Causes » Gpent Deal of l*ro- 1» aermanla-A Boy Samson is showing commendable vigor in seeing that the law of Iowa Is enforced in this county, and tbe past week has added to tbe list of offenders in durance vile. Saturday night be. went to Germanla and by luck arrived just a? a load pf beer frpm Blue Eartb City oarae in- It required three bpvses to bring it and contained a beaped »p load of barrels and oases. Tbe driver was just throwing pff two kegs at tbe saloon before taWni? the rest to a bi4ing_plaoe when tbe sheriff topk Pbarge. Be bireij § team, tp bring it to Aigpna, an<J left amidst s, ~ ~ wprpar, Tbe beer be.lpnge4 tQ. who is already ynder bpnft, am biggejt baul ever »a4e in _tbe Bejere gpin son r JUDAISM AND HYGIENE. The Mosaic I*w BM Olven the Heljww Knpo Vigor and Hardihood, It is indeed not a little singular that Christianity, in taking from. Judaism- its highest spiritual conception* should so have slighted the wonderful, body, of bygienio science which the Mosaic law embodies. The explanation, fooweyer, probably is that Christianity undertook to deal with tbe matters supernatural, while Jndaism, whether ancient or wod' ern, is concerned only with mundane af' fairs. As legion Wolf admits, Judaism is really a sort of positivism, Its aim jis tbe attainment of happiness in world, whereas Christianity is f'~ concerned about happiness in tbe to oome. But precisely bep^use Judaism agrees y4tb Herbert Spencer, in relegating swematTOl speQwlition. tQ tbe. realm, of the wfenp^abie, the intensity of its, -worldly pbiip&opby is tbe. greater, Wfee wisflpw a»d emwgy 9f tbe jews, i» faot, have, been oenteygd toy upon, tb9 re,en|9we^nt an4 of all their ^atoei fewej. ' OCULIST,. ';'^,'S & AH diseases of the eye treated. - • 0' —™»~- Glasses adjusted tor errors of re^ i^ fraction and accommodation. No charge foiv'V; examination. For several weefcs Dr. Murphy i, \v has t>een in. New Yorlc talripg a post-graduate vS 5 course on the eye, and will remain there until V/i April 33, • . oiwsr, M ONEY ON HOXIE & BRUNSON. NO PAY* Arte9}aa wejl oontraotpr, I ^ pivble steam drtUing machine oitie?, and" railvoad?. Speoia farm well worfe, BsttpjaJteB Ploy wily expert Pafley, .9»^t»A« J.™Bm^BW^

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