The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 23, 1953 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 23, 1953
Page 5
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WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 23, 1953 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE FTO OSCEOLA NEWS 4 &or nA St a GLADDENING GO UtARTS — Among the Osceola women who dressed dolls for GO underprivileged girls were tleit to righu Mrs. J. L. Glascoe, Mrs. O. M. Beckham, Mrs. Roland Booth, Mrs. Harry Jones, Sr., and Mrs. Alma Morrison. (Courier News Photo) Christmas, 1953, Wdl be Long 1 Remembered by 60 Little Girts "- •* - For ol such is the Uincciom of heaven!" It isn't hard tu unaa;- ine thpre is a halo^ yliininc above the heads of these tireless workers, msklng it possible for 80 poor little girls to hold a beautiful iitiry-like doll close to their hearts this Christmas. These women are of the opinion that all little girls are alike and the poor little girl was given eyes to see the beauty in this world the same as the rich little girl. The only label God put on them was "Children, Handle with Care 1 ." WfTC 1 allowed tn add '<> t-lie beatitudes, it would be tln.s: "Blos- ed are they who uivo tn a needy child." Reading about beins our brother's keeper doesn't get Uie job done unless wo go out and do something that will |iive n life to those le;:. 1 , fortunate than we, Thr.-e women have done that very thing and if those GO litUc ^irh live to be moth- p;-.':. they'll never forget the Christmas their hearts were made merry. When a child's spirit is broken, the reason may nr»l r/'em important, to their elders, but, to that child it's soni'Mrim:: 1 , they never outgrow— something like the things late has dealt to Ihem. They can't understand why their little .simple requests for Santa Clans ciCts aren't granted and yet other children are showered with them. Their whole year i.s filled with hopes of that one big day, ChriM- mas. Their disappointments are j as serioii.'i as those we have, and maybe more .so them. I There are lots of unfortunate j children who, in their growing-up \ years, never know about Uie tra- j ditions that tie families together — | | like cutting out tea cakes with \ I grandmother's cookie cutter or the j little angel that has Lopped the family Christmas trees for years back, the smell of spices that beckons all the neighborhood children, the mistletoe that tilings bei tweon the living room and dining I room and the warm, affectionate ! kiss everybody gets as they pass I under it. j Christmas traditions are more I than sentiment; they are the sym| bols that make your family the best I family in the world. ; Turn back your memories to the ' Christmas that meant more to you than all the others combined. Maybe ' it was the Christmas that you \ peeled oranges all day for that dish- j p.tii of ambrosia v:iai- was the tra- 1 ditional in your family. ! It could iiave been the whiff of 'the biggest tin-key you ever saw i rna.slmt: in the oven when all your ; iiuiUs anrt uncles and cousins had i driven over to spend Christmas and you fell sorry for the old nag who .' imlled the family through snow ; and i-lush and yon slipped a blan- ! krt of! your bed and threw it over back. lives, turning over the canoe and spilling the kids as the old mule made a quick unexpected turn around the corner. Maybe it was the Christmas you had measles, whooping cough or mumps and when your Christmas dinner was brought to your bed. Some thoughtful person used .special dishes on your tray—dishes just used for somebody special when they came to call. Maybe it was the Christmas you got your first bride doll or a policeman's suit with buttons that outshone the star of Bethlehem. H could have been that. Christmas when the church you belonged to was hanging the community Christmas tree and you waited and waited for Santa Clans to call out your name and how you thought the eyes of everybody in church were watching you as you walked back and took your seat by your proud parents. '.;;d the chocolate drops in the shiny little cornucopia Santa gave you didn't taste like STARR GAZING Tiie only way to impress some folks is to do something for them thai you can't afford. Parents should do like our mod- families who had fun doinc those simple things, never wanted for company. These arc (he things that go into bringm}. 1 , back yood old days. On the Social Side... 1 Gives Yule Party Among the festive events olimax- inq tiie week's activities in Osceola w:is tlu 1 Christmas party given in Osceola Saturday afternoon by Mrs. w. C- Mason for her three-Uible pitch club and two additional era artists: wait and look at the. finished product, then name it. j Have yon thought up anything to inblrs. • I threaten Junior with after Christ- A i;»y Christmas wreath on the One of tiie nice things About Animus'.' Tim old "Snmu Clans - is -jdimr added a holiday note. Formal old house i.s the number of places; walcliin^ - you - and -. won't -; ariMn^emcnts of painted leaves, to hide Christmas presents. I \vou- j bniu; - you - u - thmu" imUn'inna- .spnnkleil with glitter were used tier where Santa Cliui.s hides Jun-jiion is about over for another year. MmtiiLjhout the lower floor in pro- ior's bicycles, skates, wagons and' i fusion m the Mason home on West tents now-a-clays! ''' ll! - s modern generation things , se'tiincs Avenue ; their pan-nFs are quaint if tlu-y j The amvei^nion piece in the liv- Oscoola has gone all out this i arc Hie May-at-liome type and en-i , llr ^om was a frosted forest, scene - " ' .... . jQy ., ,, nc) ,| |, ()0 J. 0] . p| ; ,y ., (l , u . , iianii-.-- of i; in-rummy after tlio Mip- per <ns!ir.-, are washed. Christinas season in dec-king out our town. Maybe the fellow who says he has no Christinas spirit. woviM do himself a favor to drive down "automobile row." and then drive around the residential section and see the ingenuity the home owners have used. Two unique front doors are seen! Hint. W; '^ 'heirs dies and at the V. G. Mann home, where | with ihoni." there's an honest-to-KOO'ines.s deer head in the center of a holly t \viili deer. On the buffet in (lie dining room, a l;u-;;e white candle centered an arrangement of frost ed magnolia leaves mU'rspem'd with l;\cy frosted ai-ienitum. Arquamarine. ac- Tin,-; was .said ill -UK) R. C.. but still makes rouse: "When now! men die. ihHr uonciness lives thou-h they are r.<mo. As tor the hud, all' ''rut'xi the frosted i\i-rani;cmenis buried j throughout the Mrs. Miisoii \v»s 'assistert in srrvsni; by her daughter. Miss Emily Ma^'on of. West Memphis. Gtiesus other than tiie rlub mcm- Womm have almost wreath, and the nativity >cc:ic on the door of the R. C. Bryan home. There are doors designed to attract every one. Those two just happen to be my favorites. Out-of-townors should see O.sceola at night before Christmas. points out he docs without pay. ! .shoe wa.< lost: for want, of a shoe ™'' sts :ulci How mercenary can you pot? i the hoive was lost; tor \vani of a J 1'teh club Are there any families left who ' horse t' 1 * 1 rider was lost: for want i gather around the piano for an eve- ! of a rider, mo battle was lost." I Mr. and ning of singing old songs and i hymns? Tlier Mother always sang -alto and fa- • rinifs Ilier rared back on a .'-cra'c'iy bass. ] rrl .'•";;;^ i s and. by tiie way, coir The kids were off-key but, ii made ! i;; related to the. parsley family music just, the same and tied the are members of the iaoulty at Spring City High School. Mr- and Mrs. Marshal Kline and daughter, KeLsy of St. Louis, huvc arrived here to spend the holidays with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Spencer Driver. They will be among the Driver family to attend a family reunion in Memphis on Chri&tma.s day. with the Vernon Winstons, she being a sister of Mr. Driver. Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Fields of Union City, Tenn, are here for a visit with Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Dean during the holidays. Students homo for the holidays from Arkansas State college are Miss Barbara Shaneyfelt, Jimmy Shanryrelt. Harvey Lre Hill. Hilly Jo Carlisle and 7IarL'in Starr. Others IUT Miss .Sa'ily Travis and Miss Carmen Reicly from Brenau, in Gainesville. On.; Miss Llewelyn White from Holton-Arms in Washington, D. C.; Miss jraneUe Bowr.n, Mississippi State; Ben Dean Hatcher vuid Andy Y:>mi;; T Memphis State; Snow Wilson unrt Johnny Speck, University nl Arkansas; Miss Ann White. ol" Mi-=.s; Miss Kthcyln Fletcher nnd Mv-s Jran Driver, University of Arkansas. Mrs. Maude Huii> is spending (he Yuletkle .sra^nn in Gainrsullc, Pla. as yiKT.i. r-{ \ICT son, C, G. Hutchison and iaviily. Mr. and MIT,. Keb Kniclvick announce the bir;h of a .--on born I'ersonals Mrs, Bob Heslcy and arc entrrtamini: Mrs. family a little closer together, and tallow at alt. as you overheard a grown-up say. H could have been the Ciirist- —_— . P(uu scottic nre between 50 and CO vn-, Hcilev's paren:-; Mr. uiul Mrs G. .f celery frrowii in the Unit-- B A . hlon o( R iversidr, 111. They will remain I)irons,h the hoUcUiys. C!eori:e Schreiner. choir director of tiie Presbyterian Church, entertained informally Sunday njpjit at his apartment for member-; (it the choir. Christmas decorations tied with the refreshments served The wounded oy^Vev mends hi; yhejj with pearl. There's two side; 10 that. The moment a brand new dud' ni cos Iiis son for the first lime, he j liln Kruup. mas Eve night you watched your,'begins planning for his future. Had | Mr. and Mrs. A. R. Gibson for- mother slice a pkUeful of [re;-h'. yon ever c.u'iecd il.? Ol course thej mrr residems of Bogota. N. J.. par- b:)l)ins will all fu'0\v "P 'o liavo n ! e;ns of Mrs. K. H. Hums has pur- roiici:- 1 education ami to be proi>>-j chafed H home in Covina. Calif., lonal men — according to the new where (hey will, make their future hn;ne. The Gibbons vj; noi's to Osrenln. AT-3 Jcre WiPernrni, stationed at Pensaeniii. is sjicnding tiie holidays with his p.irent.s, Mr. and Mrs. Ed coconut cake and golden siiecs of pound cake and left, it on the b& round dining table fm- Sr.ina to eat when he came down fvom.fhn North Pole. Before you even looked, t.o see what he had left for you. the •next morning'you slipped into the dining: room and found there wasn't Vv'a-ii to know the ovi^m oi iwelvr m;;kin^ up a jury? There are '•.vclvo bccrtu::? court u;^ a crumb left and how proud you v/ho haci chiil "- f? of chooPing juries felt that he spent so much time -' ' UM?d !0 -' !oct onc mnn for f ' : ' c!l ol your house. MAYBE IT was the your Sunday School class Ming "Silent Night" before the entire congregation and you forgot the words but you moved your lips nnd it came to "Silent Nichl. Holv Thursday in the Methodist Uompltal In Memphis. He has been named. Thomas David and it their fifth child. MOX -Theatre* On West Main St. In Blytheville Show Starts Weekdays T-00 Sat. Sun. 1:00 On Our Wide-Vision Metallic Screen LAST TIMES TONIGHT Double Feature _AND— THE BIG MA«INE STO«TI Battle iEa, Ark. (V/lde Vision Screen) I'ETE SMITH Comedy & Football Short THURS.& CHRISTMAS December 24 & 25 Continuous Showing Christmas Day from 1 : 45 Double Feature LAST TIMES TONKJH Wiseman. Gene Cox. Wade Quinn. Jr., Ben and Lyn Taliaferro arrived home With Merle Oberon & ilidianl Todd THUKS.. & FR\ Doccnilicr 21 ^ : Nipht" you njmost rirownccJ out Ihr other voices. Maybe it wa.s the. .sctiou. prog and you were given (lie par! Mnyy or Joseph — such as thr c may be — and you felt in an old be.ucon bnth robe scaled down to your size. No other day in (he year \v,\^ as important, nor were. yn:i -- L'.e center of attraction for 24 hours. A child's memories fire built around See CHRISTMAS on Pnsr. itruwc noun TRUCOLOR \Villi Fred Astiiire & Vcra Ellen I 3 LUS CARTOON ! PKRHAPS it is the memory of : lira ring sleiph bells ringing some• whnre in the distance when an old I fa HOP was hitched behind an old ! mule and some kind person in town ' u;i;i:ered up the neighborhood kids ! and gave hem the thrill of their CHlU)i;::\ am cluldrni and yon can't make anything fi.-e out of -JO OUT CTUi£o»J£Ti tlT£ a'i'i/1 Lo ex|rt£ii otn ajijmdation • • ana. bu.1 patronage and friendship in tiie past. May the coming year renew our pleasant Jimxiltioft. &. SONS S H O E S LAUNDRY . CLEANERS

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