The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on July 3, 1895 · Page 2
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 3, 1895
Page 2
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IM pvg Idf ta»,&t&ftftfijri "Jlia^.. _ __ s ctrala ttet' agvet ll til f ttoiiey _™'6l6ilfae £ier«se*Walla66 com* -j,.^ aftd that therefore the petition e! Mr, Wallace far a receiver wattld be gtttateiL f his receiver Will ebttdndt trie affairs ef the fierce*Wallaee com* 6fi1y, •'-'T'fais ttbtntiafiy awns a f ittteriSst^lls feharess-rof,, [ stock and the receiver will .~r-~- -hat in the meetings df the Homestead company and vote the stock. DEMAND THE LAW BE ENFORCED. fclonx City Saloon i keej > erg Declare War bit Restaurants and Drug Stores. SiOttt CiTT ( June 29.—The saloonkeepers here have declared war on the restaurant-keepers, who have, it is claimed, been selling whiskey in small quantities to the great injury of the •retail trade. Under the 'Martin mulct law such sales are prohibited, and the saloon men promise to invoke the law" if their demands are disregarded. Through Alderman HoldenreUi, him, Self a" saloon man, they have called •upon the mayor, to enforce the-law. If he fails they will act for themselves, ie-parties attacked say they will not , and an interesting fight may AFTER DRUQ STORES. t>ce Moines Church Federation Will Close Those Selling Liquor Illegally. Dns'MoiNES, June 30.—The Federation of Churches proposes -now to move on the drug store saloons, and i there are prospects for a stringent crusade against them. The federation •will-attempt to close every drug store in the city which is making illegal sales of liquor. It is already at work. A meeting of the committee on intemperance of the federation was held and the sentiment was that an attack jshould be made on the drug store ealoons at once. HE IS NOT BLfSSFUL. A-XInn County Farmer Raises a Packing House Check. CEDAR RAPIDS, June 30. —A. Bliss, a farmer* who, lives "near " Cedar k Rapids and" who has- hitherto , been . looked upon with respect, sold some stock to the Sinclair Packing company, receiving in payment a check for 911. He took the check home, and, by skillful manipulation, raised it to $1,100. He presented it later at Bever's bank, and the manipulation being detected, payment was refused and. Bliss was arrested and put in jail, where he now lies awaiting a preliminary hearing. ' THREE . YEARS' STUDY. - " Jowa Bar Passes* Resolutions 'for Better Preparation. :DEs MOINKS, June 30.— The lowaBar association passed a resolution favor 2 ing the amendment of the statutes of tbe state relating to admissions to the bar so as to require a showing of \three years' study before admission, andean education equivalent 1;o a , high .school course. Officers were elected ' as follows: President, 14 ,(£ Kinne; vice-' president, J. H. Henderson; secretary, J. W. Bollinger. ...f.A RAVING MANIAC. an Ope 'is the Deposed Mayor of Wortulngton. DUBUQUE, June 29. — Dr, Dano, deposed as mayor of Wortbington after his flight to California with another man's wife two months ago, has been brought back a raving maniac, He was a model citizen for twenty years and until a few months ago, when he attracted attention by sending two rla trmal ^offense and * ^"FAMILY"*" POISO'NED, ' " ,*£fe 'RUuU»rb*on 'wi»rp"h''P«rU' Green Had Lodged. ' - Cw^osr, 'June 29.-~'yVord has been received of the poisoning of a family Of sis in Center township, ten miles west of Clinton, by eating rhubarb, , on " which Paris green had- blown from an jjdjftepnt potato patch. Mrs. Henry ,Plath and an infant spn are dead, It }s beljeyed the husband, two children Mrs Plaih's mother, will live, x^-^f, fe,4 UanKf?* ^ON, June §9.--G, Haywppd & bankers and large real estate miafle an assignment, are W50.PQO and nominal .,, pf 'J82.70.pop. Much of the assets real §stf 1$, 99 whieb it nili take t« res4i»e. The two members pf were secretary and treasurer ' Street Building , r ---~--<--=<------- * . Jftteily of CiifitM la caliticd to ttife pmlfa Idf ct-ime. f the tell? «*8 fi&w , Mut &g last defeat satis teii oi theft, tfofefl and j father afcd sots, are- at AflS«8Sft:afid the cetmty jailat Cll&l&fl flip-festivity • for BleaUfig,. chickens. WiulaMaftddfviiievtfro sdfiBrju® at -Mo&lstffi; 1114 and Seflersdtt eit^;Me ?( 'doing time fdr Jifijsilcatioiilfliebbls&Flei Abraham, aged 14, has jtist beefi sehtefided to the county jail to? stealing W66drafid Jamesj'aged 11, waS con» victfedon the game charge, but sea- tetiee was suspended oh account of his age, , , • • IRRIGATION. IN IOWA, A Company Formed for the Purpose at Council Bluff*. DBS MoiNES, June 80.—Articles of incorporation of the Alfalfa Irrigation and Land company have been filed. The prihcipal place of business is Council Bluffs, and the business is to consist of irrigation of lands and raising alfalfa and other crops. The capital is $5,000,000. SALE OF LIQUOR PROHIBITED. Injunctions Issned Against ties Motnos Saloonkeepers by Judge Spurrier. JOfiS MOINES, June 28.—Injunctions have_ been issued by Judge Spurrier and served against' oil the ex-saloonkeepers and owners of property used for saloons, restraining them from further sale of liquor. This is under the prohibitory law. CONDENSED 1TKMS. For farm loans write to the Security: Loan &-Trust Co., Des Moines, la. Lawrence Logsden was arrested at Clinton recently and placed, under heavy bonds on'the charge of having two wives. He has lived, in Clinton twelve years and has a'wife and three children. Last week Mrs. Minerva Logsdon came to Clinton from Carlinville, O., and caused his arrest. He married her twenty-one years ago. They lived together seven years and four children ,were born to them.' Logsdon, being thrown but of employment, came west"in 1881 to';lopk -for work. He i does not deny the charge, but claims he was informed ;of her death before marrying wife No. 2. Logsdon has lived an upright life in Clinton and was universally respected. Ira Hubbell, a well-appearing young man, was arrested at Des Moines a few days ago on complaint of a well- known merchant of Atlantic, who charges that Hubbell,who was formerly employed in a lumber yard at Atlantic, had eloped with his 18-year-old daughter. After an examination in which Hubbell made a statement, apparently exonerating himself, he was released. The young woman left Atlantic a week ago and Hubbell was on the same train. They went to Des Moines and stayed one nipht with the sister of Hubbell. Then the girl went to Marshalltown, where she secured a position as stenographer. She was found there and, held to await the arrival of her father. , A Shenandoah special says: Hiram Jaynes, a 333 pound giant, who became a citizen of this city last fall, has given ,the gossiping,, part of pur, city some '^interesting 1 ^items 'through*liis matrimonialjescapades.'< About May 1 he married one Louie D. Ingersoll, 'of Nebraska City, wh'o tips the beam 'at ninety pounds, but it appears that they only lived together a few weeks when the wife went to Red Oak on a visit and when she returned she found 'that her "big" husband had sold the furniture, rented the house and departed for parts unknown. ,, .Reliable information obtained by a lady whom Jaynes bad promised to marry, living in this city, from Kozta, Iowa county, this state, discloses the 'fact that Jaynes has not been divorced from his former wife. Mt. Pleasant dispatch: One of the saddest tragedies that has occurred in this city for years was consummated shortly afteir'npon on the 4th, wjier'eby Cljarles L. Morehouse epded his life, while' temporarily, 'insane. i So'me months ago Mr- Morehouse,, wlfile returning from »an '.extended trip 'among relatives, was seized with,an attack of paralysis, which left him,' in' a precarious condition. About 3:30 o'clock the family missing him, insti* 'tuted a search, and his pejce, Miss Ethel, made a most horrible discovery, Out in the barn lying stiff in his life's bipod,'lay'the form Of the unfortunate man, and "a razor by his side told the tale, It seems that jn a fit of despondency Mr. Morehoijse secured a razor aijd proceeded to the barn fully intending to commit the deed. Seating himself pa st bpj? he drew the razor across his. throat, inflicting a. terrible gash from ear to ear, severing every artery and vein. When found the bfldy wag growing cpld, b&vlnf been •d*sa4 between p,np and .two' hours. Be fc'a.4 always, "beep a -newspaper map. At the annual meeting of Iowa bankers, at Stprm £ajje, Frank u, «l sipu* Raptfs, was J « K. Peemjng, of of office. Official calctllatioris fi.t the time fdr the dissblation al parliament &t July 10. The political efiafaetel- of the hew parliament as determined by 1 impartial forecast gives the Unionists a solid m&jofitjr. The most fiabgviiae liberal estimate ( a& published by the Westminster (Gazette, admits that the unionists will gain 32 seats, which means 64 votes ofi a division and entails a steady majority in parliament of 24. A thoroughly non-partisan view assigns to the u hioni&ts a majority of 80. Some conservatives predict • a majority of 120, but the latter figures are ridiculous. LOTTERY CASES. No Probability That They Will Be Appealed. , WASHINGTON, June 30.—A number of alleged lottery companies recently debarred the use of the mails by the postoffice authorities have caused to be circulated statements that their cases were to be appealed to the attbrney general of the United States. The law officials of the postofflce depart' state that these appeals are still in the hands of Postmaster General Wilson, and that it is highly improbable that he will forward them to the' attorney general, as similar cases had already been passed upon by the department of justice adversely to the appellants. The companies involved are scattered Over the West. TO INVESTIGATE IT. The Case of Frank Woodward to Be Thoroughly Looked luto. WASHINGTON, June 29.—Complaint has been received at the. state department' that an American newspaper; correspondent named Woodward has been arrested in Cuba on suspicion of being an insurgent. Woodward was apprehended on arriving in a Cuban town riding a worn and jaded horse and being very much'worn and jaded himself. His condition attracted attention and' it was charged that he had visited a camp of the insurgents. The state department-will make inquiry by telegraph of Mr. Springs, our acting consul general at Havana, and request Woodward's release. JAPANESE FORTIFYING. War Between Russia and Japan Thought to bo Imminent. LONDON, June 29.— -KA dispatch to the Times from Tien Tsin • says: "There are alarming reports that the Japanese are fortifying the Liao Tung frontier." Dispatches from Shanghai say that in opinion of high officials the war between Russia and Japan- over Corea will break out within three months. WASHINGTON, June 29. — The United States consul at Chee Foo reports the appearance of the plague there which had caused so much mortality at Hong 'Kong, Canton, and other Chinese ports last year. Sanitary precautions are impossible. Great mortality is anticipated. • _ _____ PROPOSED CHINESE ; LOAN. The Silver Is Now Being; Purchased liy a Syndicate. NEW YOBK, June 28. — The Press says that while there ha, ve, been many conjectures as to which country would take up the proposed Chinese loan, it has been impossible heretofore to say positively where it would be placed, The Press is now able to say that while a large part of the silver would be in New York, the loan would doubtless be floated in Europe— in England in all probability, A syndicate of speculators in England has been buying up silver for' several months in a quiet way and is hoarding it in Great Britain, solely with the idea of selling it to a combination which will take up the loan, _ _ CUBAN AFFAIRS. A Republic to Jle Proclaimed Shortly, NEW YOBK, June 29,— The World says; "A republic is to be proclaimed in Cuba. An election ot delegates will take place in New York July 10, . All the Cuban clubs of the United States. will be represented. Delegates will choose a president 'fop the provisional government for the new republic. Thomas L. Estrada Falma has been elected to succeed Jose Marti, the •illustrious Cuban martyr,' Immediately upon the proclaiming of the republic, interest bearing bonds will be issued, redeemable when Spanish, domination ends." _ HWXtiY PPAP, English ItaturaUgt Sucpumtig tq Old Age, LPNPQ?, Jane 30, ---An esehange tele' company's -telelegraca &n* e 4f ft$ «f ??pf jpo,r- Thorny ' ,, .aujjg' 2,9,^4 ;$ , N* |ij.j yelar ISM-* has jilst ended ftttd from omc-ial and s6mi*bm6ial flfarea bb- taifiM at thfe tfgasttfy department, which mii Hot ,rat^ ffior-6 thaft 0250,060 either waj? frbte the Scutes fiaally an* notinced, (he gbVernmeflt revettdeil and receipts lor the fisfial year can be stated. The feCeipts are $312,500,000 and the expenditures S3S6,000,06o. The deficit for the the past twb fiscal years was as lollows: 1894-^, $43,* 600,066; l893"4» 869,803,260. For the year 1892*S the ekdess of receipts over revenue amounted to oflly $2,394,6?4. For the present fiscal year just ended, Secretary Carlisle, on December 3,1894, estimated that the deficiency Would be $20,060,000. As showfl by the official figures, this estimate was more than $26,000,000 out-of the way, due, largely, to the elimination of the income tax from revenue. WON'T REPLY DEFINITELY'' Delay of the Jtnfkiih Government' Regarding Reforms In Armenia. CoNstAJjTlNotttti, June 29.—-Representatives of the powers are continuing efforts to induce the Turkish govern* rnent to give an explicit reply to the demand for reforms in the Armenian country, and envoys are indignant at the delay. The Turkish minister of foreign affairs claims not to know which points Turkey desires to discuss further. It is thought probable the delay may result in the powers fixing a time for a definite reply: THE COLIMA DISASTER, Report of the United States Inspectors of Hulls. ,, ' 'SAN FBANCISCO, June 30.—The United States inspectors of hulls and boilers have submitted a report based on the evidence gathered concerning the loss of the steamer Colima, May 2(3. The report, states that the Colima was staunch and well loaded and that every precaution was-taken to save the ship and passengers. The report states that it is impossible to give the true cause of the disaster. PAY ROLL STUFFERS. An Investigation in Progress at Chicago. CHICAGO, June 29.—The grand jury has begun an investigation of the stuffing of the city pay rolls by officials of the last administration. Thirteen men have been indicted, all sub-foremen and timekeepers in the water pipe extension department. It is charged the city has been robbed of a large sum by fraudulent pay rolls. Further indictments are expected. . BREVITIES. ,The marquis of Salisbury has completed the work of forming a new cabinet. The annual rowing contest between the boat crews of Yale and Harvard was won by .the former. In the boat race between the crews of Harvard, Yale and Columbia at New London,' Conn., the Yale crew won. The democrats of Kentucky nominated P. Watkins Hardin for governor and endorsed the financial, policy of President Cleveland. The announcement that the Marquis of Salisbury has formally accepted the premiership made vacant by the resignation of Lord Rosebery was made in. London. This - news created something of a sensation, as it was believed that under the existing circumstances the Tory leader would hesitate about, if not decline to accept the premiership. The new ministry as far as completed and officially announced as follows: Marquis of 'Salisbury, premier and secretary of state for foreign affairs, The Duke of. Devonshire, president of the council; A. J. .Balfour, first lord of the treasury. Riorht Hon, Jos. Chamberlain, secretary of state for the colonies. Sir Michael Hides-Beach, chancellor of the exchequer. Right Hon. Joseph Goschen, first lord of the admiralty, A dispatch states that Kentucky is soon to enjoy the novelty of a woman jury trying ~ the suit of a man for breach of promise against a woman. A few weeks ago W. 0, Stivers, a widower and prosperous farmer of Garrard county, instituted proceedings for damages for breach of promise and named as defendant Miss Catharine West, a school teacher of ?5 years. He averred that he had proposed and been accepted and that even the day of the •wedding had been set when she i-e« fu§ed to fulfill her contract, Plaintiff Stivers promises tp introduce loye letters to support his case, The judge before whom tbe case wJJl be tried is Mt C, Sanfley, 4 pf the Qarrard circuit bench, Judge'Sanfley says he will try tjie case before a woman jury, which he can dp under the new constitution, Judge Sftnfley ajvyg if he is unable tp obtain a jury in Garrard county he will s,en4 to Mercer county for one. He believes the plaintiff will secure us as A wpma.n' wpuW be- A dispatch says' United .states Minister. Ca.rtha.7 two,, American, ,pf & ra,Ur°,a.a. ^fae, .Cot p9gptiQB 9t tfeg , »*it«ti« Afttftftfc , , i ^ Jtrftg f&-tffl&fi saa ye'fs tjf'ft ' 0* Sabttfl killed by thSff , SeymOHf Magnet. E*OU1P yeaFs KeenSf fell ifi I6f« Witfafail fioligltt, Liliie Mbdr^. 1?he ghl' rejected his tta>antfes. f of twtt yearn lie endeavored tdfcayhef altetttidn, bill finally she made him desist. EveF siace he has been threatetiln^ he? life* ^A. few days ago the two sistefs, yotifag ladies of.; 1& and ir, i-espectitely, st&ftedfrdm theif honie to visit a neighbor, who lived a few miles away. They drove past fceener's home going 1 , and Seymour saw them. Shortly after he loaded two pistols, took $200 which he had in the house, bade his little sister goodbye aad started off. Half way between his own home and that of the neighbor whomihis cousins were-visltingvlteener hid in some bushes by tbe mountain road. In the course of an hour the young ladies approached, returning to their home. Keener rushed out upon them with both revolvers drawn. Miss Laura, perceiving her sister's danger, rushed between her and Keener. She pleaded for her sister's life and throwing her arms about LilJie's body declared that she would die before Liliie should be harmed. Keener tried to tear Laura away, bUt failing in this, placed the muzzle of a pistol to the brave girl's head and shot her dead. Then he turned his weapon on the older sister, Liliie, and fired seven bullets into her body. The firing 1 attracted the attention of 'persons living near. They soon found the bodies and pursuit was quickly made. Keener was soon overtaken. His cartridges were exhausted, but he made resistance and cut James Dickson seriously. Keener says that he shot Laura by accident. He is now in jail at Clayton. DEPUTY KILLED, 'flfi^l^^^pty^^^ii^iBg * qt |^a$pB8ty8f v fewjf-*.«&? €ep$fepJ |i nmduots under, the red prnaitv: clause *, Lew A, Conlee Found " Shot to His ! Death. SPOKANE, Wash., June 29.—Lew A. Conlee, a deputy sheriff of Lincoln county, was found dead near the railroad track near Rittzville yesterday. Blood flowed from seven bullet wounds inflicted upon his head and body. Conlee was secretary of the Stock Growers Protective association of .that county and for years has been a terror to cattle rustlers. He started out alone Monday with a warrant for the arrest of A. Siraes, a desperate character known as "Jesse James" and it is presumed that,:as he was taking his prisoner to the county jail, he was ambushed and murdered by some of Simes' .friends. Fully 500 citizens of Lincoln and adjoining counties are scouring 1 the country for the murderers. HAYARD'S EFFRONTERY. In the Shadow of the Gallows Ho Applies for His Victim's Insurance Money. MINNEAPOLIS, June 29.—Harry Hayward, the condemned murderer of Kate Ging 1 , has formally applied to the Life and Travelers' agents, insurance companies, for $10,000 carried by his victim. It is presumed this action was taken so as to make an appearance of being consistent in his claims of .innocence. Action will be taken by the executors of the estate of the murdered woman to have the assignment of the policies to Hay ward set aside. BIG FIRE LOSS! San Francisco Visited by a Costly Conflagration. SAN FRANCISCO, June 38.—Firewhich started in a box factory swejit over four blocks before the flames could be stayed. The loss will probably reach $3,OO r . 100 families were rendered homeless and many houses were burned, , IOWA PATENT OFFICE REPORT DES MOINES, June 33.— Rev. W, A. Cain, of Medicine Lodge, Kans., for whom we obtained' a United States patent, May 1, 1894, for a portable support for Jipse nozzles, has received a Canada patent" for the same invention. W. C.' Powers, of Dayton, Iowa, has been allowed a patent for a razor strop case in which a number of straps are enclosed and protected and combined with mechanism that normally retains them within the case, but allows them to be drawn out for xise whenever desired, N, J. Nobje, of State Center, Iowa, has been allowed a patent for ventilating mechanism the object of which is to provide improved means for returning the heat contained In escaping gas or foul air to a room, building, forge, furnace, stove, or five bo* whence it emanates, and simultaneously therewith, pej-miting the escape of the gas. or foul air into the atmosphere, Nine United States patents have been issued to Iowa inventors this week, Printed copies of the drawings and specifications of any one patent sent to any address tor 35 cents, Circulars telling hP w to ge^ ft patent, the value of & patent a»4 how to sell it, sent free to any address. ' " TJIOJJAS G, ANR J. 'JjALPij ORWJQ, Solicitors of Paiejits, Rio pjj-"J4?fEjpojTjqe |8.— The eurgent§ under Admiral Da. Garn.a, were 4efea.te.4 by the goyernnjent troop? at A d RW&l Da Oa'ma, finding overpowere , tfidfbetl," wife of Ine tihamploti the Fargfl divorce colony» and is cam 1 fortably io'Cated At the' Hotel Webster, She is roistered under the n&m .of Mrs. Thomas fioftte, Faflweadt N* J. All efforts to interview her failed fife. first, as She avowed that Mfs. Bdatfe was her right nams. When a gefitle* man formerly from San tfranciSco met her she admitted that Mrs, tiorbett WaS her name and told of her trip 1 to Yafck- tan, S. D., where she learned that she would have to remain six months to establish a residence. She decided then to come to fargo, but spent a few days in smaller towns in the southern, part of the state. She hopes to secure her decree, and will ask for a liberal allowance, Nfcto YORK, June 30,— Lawyer A. H* Hummel's&ys) -."All-the-stories -about Mrs. Corbett being in Dakota are ridiculous. She is a property owner hero, has brought suit here, the case will be tried here, and she is here now.. This is not the first time a woman has impersonated Mrs. Corbett, and there may be an interesting sequel to this last episode in Dakota." Mrs. Corbett is said to be quite ill. ALLEGED LYNCHERS ACQUITTED. The. Barrett Scott Case at Last Con„ eluded. BUTTE, Neb., June" 28.—The famous- Barrett Scott murder case was Con-eluded by the acquittal of Mullihan, Elliott and Harris, the three vigilantes who were accused of hanging the de-faulting treasurer of Holt county in January, 1895. This is the final chapter in one of the most sensational affairs in the history of the west- Scott, while treasurer of Holt county, " stole $100,000 and fled to. Mexico. He was extradited- and sentenced to- the penitentiary for five years. Influential politicians, his friends, it was charged, prevented his incarceration in the penitentiary, and while enjoying his freedom, pending the supreme court's action, he was: taken from his- buggy by a dozen masked men and hanged. It was • alleged to ,be the work of the old "vigilantes who flourished in northeast Nebraska in the pioneer days. - .,;, CUBAN 'REBELLION. .$ '$ American Yacht Nepenthe Seized bjr Spunlsh Authorities. i NEW OKLEANS, La., June 29.— Ex- Commortore W. A. Gordon, of the Southern Yacht Club, has received a cable- dispatch from attorneys ' in Havana, stating 1 that the yacht Nepenthe has 'been'seized by the 1 Spa.nish',authorities and that her owners, Geo. Agar and Bishop Dudley, have been imprisoned.. Both of these-gentlemen are prominent '" in social and business circles, being members of the cotton and siigar exchanges. The Nepenthe left New Orleans a few weeksiago , on a cruise along the Florida coast and then, sailed across to Cuba. 'It-is said that the yacht was overhauled by; a Spanish gunboat and towed into Havana. Although the cable is very brief, it is supposed 1 from its tenor , that the-Nepenthe was suspected of carrying a filibustering expedition. GOVERNMENT GiVES IT UP. Unable to Secure the Conviction of Call, fornla A. K. U. Strikers. WASHINGTON, June 28.—There will be no more attempts on the part of the government to prosecute the 130 members of the American Railway Union in California, charged with participating in the strike of last July. The • attorney . general advised the Uriite'd States district attorney at San Francisco to use his own discretion in the matter and he has replied that he- would dismiss the cases now pending, " The reason for this action is that the evidence against the men is considered insufficient. The cost to the government of prosecuting the four cases already tried was $20,000 and no convictions were secured. As there is no ad* . ditional eyidenqe to be iised against the other men it is considered impossible to convict them, MOST POWERFUL LENS. ^Tust Finished for the University or Chicago, ' BOSTON, Mass., June 30,—The largest- and probably the most' powerful* lens. "? ever constructed has just received the finishing touches from the establishment of Alvaa G. Clark. & Sons, of Cambridge. The lens is intended fpr the observatory on the spires of Lake?,,, Geneva, Wis., which is b^jng built as 8K ' gift for the Chicago University by Mr, Yerkes, and which is to be known as, the Yerkes observatory. This lens js 4U4 inches on the surface diameter and weighs 500 pounds, The exposed surface or aperture of the lens will be forty inches, the other inch and a half being taken up by the casting. This, makes it four inches larger thap, that- of the Lick telescope in California,, which heretofore has held the olace of honor. JlftH Sprpie JSlfuet; "^ Heu^ekeeper^'tSgyou are located at, V Rairiville? - fThM's Where our wjlkman'' : pomes from. 1 ? *H*»»HW»« ^ JtvUUHH Jr&Stoi*-~***Yc§j he is a reffulaw'*' attendant at ow church, and aitiSSlV. %\%3*^&^<wM

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