The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on July 3, 1895 · Page 1
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 3, 1895
Page 1
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• -v\ -'4"- ". ^*$4$U ESTABLISHED IOWA, JtfLY B> 1805, Y01* FLAGS •f"* For The Fourth at the BOWMAN AND HIS BABY. They Figure in a Sensational Episode at Mason City—ttodtfhtan and Wife Arrested, jfohtt Conner tttm fttat LbVetne—Row Neat Ledyard—Notthwest Mis* cellany. Oi>era House At the $1 Shoe Sale Fair Store. As we placed orders in the factories for a large quantity of shoes of .all kinds when the shoe market had reached the £ ** lowest point that has ever been known, and before the sudden advance in leather which has caused the big advauce in 1 shoes, it-places us in position to sell shoes at retail at what is now the wholesale price. As we are a little short of room } for our. big stock we have put part of the stock in the Fair ' Store, and will close out all of the stock that we have- a few pair of a kind—regardless of cost. Shoes for 75c worth $1.00 to $1.25 Shoes for $1.00 worth 1.50 to 2.50 Shoes for 1.50 worth 2.50 to 4.00 A report from Mason City implicates two well known, Algotia citizens of a few years back, Jay Hocigman and wife. As it has appeared in the telegraphic dispatches it is as follows: MASON CITY, June 2?.— Special! Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Hoclgman are in custody charged With a heinous crime. They took their child, about two years of age. to a secluded spot m the Woods and threw it in a brush heap to die. Today, while children were hunting flowers, they were attracted to the spot by moans, and found the hoy in a totally exhausted and starving condition. Sheriff Clark was immediately notified, and set in pursuit of the inhuman parents, and arrested them at Garner, 80 miles west. They confessed the crime. Jay and his wife are not overstocked with good sense, and the appearance of a negro child in the family—probably the one deserted, would indicate that a moral deficiency also exists. Such cases as this suggest discussion of methods for preventing the propoga- tion of a half-.wilted' race, rather than punishment of people nearly irresponsible for their actions. THE GLOBE-GAZETTE REPORT. Last nig'ht at a late hour the rumor floated abroad over our city that a child had been found in the woods in the north part of town, between the main part of the city and the Elders Mill suburb. But little that was definite further concerning the matter could be learned on the street last night, except that the sheriff had gone out for the purpose of getting the child and if possible of arresting the guilty parties. This morning more particulars were learned, although there yet remains more or less of mystery about the matter. It seems that Miss Edna Waughtal had been down to the city and did not return home until after dark. When at a point within the vicinity of the. waterworks she was startled by hearing a child crying in the darkness. She was at first badly frightened, but being a brave girl she at last mustered courage to go to the child, and was surprised to learn that it was colored and about two years old. She took the child home and has it -only G. L. Galbraith & Co. Look for It. Don't Miss to Try, It. Everyone Speaks Well of It. What is A choice assortment of the finest , . . . CANDIES Ever brought to Algona, WHO SELLS IT? JAMES PATTERSON, Sole Agt At. Irvington, Iowa, Apples., ,., .,'•..,,,,., ...,. 10o or $1,00 per dpz £' pfiTpeaohes. , ,,,,,,,,.. ,,.,.. ,,.',,. ....... 10c or 1.00 per do? Tomatoes. ,..'•'• •>»•< ..... > ..... ...,..,. ,10o or J-00 per dos Raspberries .,,,,.,,,,„,..„,.,,, ... ,,,..,, JOo or J.OO. per foa Blackberries ,,,,,,,,,,, , -,,,,, , . . ..... , . . JOo or 1.00 per doz Gooseberries. , , . , ,'. . , , • « ..... ,,,.., ...... 10o or 1,00 per doz Strawberries, , .', , , , , , , ,-,-,, ,-.-« ..,',,.,. ..... JOo or 1.00 per doz Peas, , . . ...... ......... .,,»;,,,..,, ...... 10c or 1,00 per doz Corn ........... , - ,'•'.. ,..ii , i « > , • • ..,.,»... ,10c pr 1,00 per do? Plums, . , , . - , . • ..... i » ...... * ..... • • ..... 15c °P 1-70 per doz Peaches, , ....,...,..,, » . . , , . , . , , , , , ...... 15c or l,70.per <Joa Apricots. . ..... ,,,,.,,,..,,,,...,.., ..... ,15o or 1.70 per SOB Pears, ,,.',• ..... . « . « . ..... . , . .!.;,..« ..... 45c or 1.70 per doz Minnesota Patent Flour, per sack, . ....... 1.15 Minnesota Bed Rose, per sack, ........... 1,10 -Minnesota Family, per sack ,..,., ......... 85 'MasonFruit Jars, 3 Q»t. • . < ....... ,,,.,,,,. 1,15 per doz Fruit Jars, 1 qt, , , ........ ,.,.,..,, 90 per flog J, E, & 0, J, BUTTON, there yet. It seems that there have been, during the last few days, two men and two women camping out at the fair ground. They are known in common parlance as "campers." For various reasons these'people were believed to make Garner their headquarters. It was known that these campers had with them a black child about two years old which they were trying 'to give away. This morning Sheriff Warren Clark received word that the gang had been seen going west near Clear Lake. He accordingly proceeded west to Garner and at that place found his game and brought them back. This p. m. they were brought before Justice Cummings, and on waiving examination two of them, Jay Hodgman and Mrs. Ann Hodgman were bound over in the sum of $300 apiece, in default of which they were sent to .jail. The child is still at Waughtal's. A SPECIAL REPORT. THE UPPER DBS MOINES has the following letter giving some interesting details: The couple gave the name of Hodgman. The woman confessed to being, the mother of the child—which is about two years old- said a colored man named Singleton of Algona was the father. Said that she was told that a home had been found for the child. The man was put in jail to await the grand jury. The woman, who will become a mother again shortly from appearances, was let go on her own bond. A respectable colored family has adopted the child. It is evident that Hodgman wanted to get rid of the child, and was deserted by him. It had little or no clothing on when found crying in the woods. Our court does not meet until September. An Old Settler Hurt John Connors of LuVerne, one of the pioneers had a runaway last week, He had been up to the depot and was returning,when a line got under ope of the horses tails and the team started to run, A travelling man who was with biro in the buggy, jumped out, but Mr. Connors stayed in until he was thrown out on Werner Eggerth's barb wire fence, where he received several very serious ap.d painful outs which. will lay him up for some time, A Bow Up Nortft. Tuesday morning a wagon load . of bullies drove past the residence of the McGhee boys, (our miles southwest of Ledy&rd, and'beoame loud and abusive, thinking perhaps that there might not be more than one man about the house injunction, Friday, against a salodtt keeper irt Palo Alto county, who rufls his place at Ayrshire. The case On its merits comes up at the fall term of court. The reason set forth in asking for the injunction is that a sttloofl has no sanction by the mulct law to rtftt in an unincorporated town. Thefe are several other points involved UpOh which the court will also be asked to render an opinion. A Webster City Idea. Company C of Webster City is arranging for a company encampment sotne time during the present months It is a novel idea, originating with the boys and will consist of a five-mile march one day, at the end of which the company will go into camp for the night, and a return march the following day. For the Key Monument. Iowa's total contribution on Memorial day for a monument in honor of Francis Scott Key, author of the Star Spangled Banner, was $442.60. Algona gave $5.45. He Ought to Get a Good Crop. A Hancock county man recently plowed under his pocket book containing $300, which dropped from his pocket while he was cultivating corn. Still After Our .Toll. Britt Tribune: Algona is going to copper bottom bet- jail with iron so the prisoners can't dig out with a tooth pick. • ' • ;' The Statement Is "Warranted. Germania Standard: -The celebration at Algona is going to be the best the county ever had. Attend, PERSONAL MOVEMENTS. G. F. Peek Is off for a six weeks' visit in the east. Mrs. Amy Seeloy is visiting at home at R. F. Hedrick's. W. S. Borland was called to Llano, Texas, last week on business. Gardner Cowles and Geo. C. Call were at Belmond last week on business. Alex. Patterson and 'family wont to their new home in Madison, Wis., Monday. A. L. Goddard is enjoying a visit from his brother from Wlnneshiek county. Harry Sheetz is preparing to enter the Minnesota state university in September. Frank Slagle is at home from a successful year's school at Strawberry Point for his vacation. Will Galbraith and Howard Wallace are talking about going to the Minnesota state university this fall. Mrs. S.'S. Sessions,is enjoying a visit from her mother, Mrs. Hughson of Sioux City, who is here with hor two little daughters. Geo. E. Clarke goes to Chicago soon to consult on a number of big cases against the Milwaukee. Among them is' the Jos. Thompson case. Mrs. A. Bon well of Blue Earth City is visiting her daughter, Mrs. F. D. Calkins. Mr. Calkins' parents will not come before the middle of the month. Mrs. O. C. Hack was up from Humboldt visiting Mrs. Lantry. It was her first visit since she lived at the Milwaukee depot many years ago. Mr. and Mrs. Franklin L. Williams are spending the summer at Lake Minnetonka and will stop in Algona before returning to their home in Erie, Pa. Frank Hedrlck spent a vacation in Chicago, returning in time to finish up as a delegate in yesterday's convention. Frank is now in Sexton again attending to business. Chas, Jones enjoyed a visit from his father and mother last week, and there was a reunion of the Jones family, ' J. B, coming from Des Moines. Charlie's father is older than the other two and is a successful farmer in Wisconsin, He said that the moist, green grass and crops here presented a pleasing contrast to the dry and burned condition in his state, A, L, Hudson and his father visited at M, F, Randall's last week. Mr, Hudson enters upon bis ministerial duties at Salt Lake City . at once, but has a vacation which he is to spend in a very enjoyable trip, In two weeks he joins Mr. and Mrs. A, F, Call and Mr, and Mrs, Uubbard of Sioux City in a trip through the Yellowstone Park, and also to Puget Sound,, They expect to take wagons and go through the park at their leisure, TOT Interest earnings Of the Royal Union Mutual Life Insurance Co, aver- e over seven per cent, per annum, Support Home Interests, Leader says there were fpw other kees and when the row got 98 far enough they appeared on the scene while the eastern companies only earn It was nine bullies against fly§ .. Ghees, in which it appears the latter cape out with one dislocated shoulder, which was set by Pr. Puniap after the melee ended, ^ _ Trouble at Jt is reported that Jpe. Qonnen or three ethers fr'oej in a serious difficulty with, B, o, a .* ff, railpwd «oppa n y« to six per cent, and are taxed «i per cent, on their gross premium re* selpts collected ip Iowa, Which is the best company for the Iowa policy hold' er, the eastern or western? J, L. Pona* boo, assistant manager, Algona, Ia,«-15t3 CORN for sale on south of poor farm nay farm one B, Jones, P J, mile This is what w© all hope to do, gentle showers, pleasant weather, one feeling good, By the way, you have to eat. Please remember that we oarry a large and complete line of Groceries Both staple and fancy. Call and see us. You will find our prices right and goods > right. . ' • • '• O' TT J - •*^ 5 ' on & Hudson Do You Have Trouble in getting SHEARS that will CUT? We have them that will not only cut today, but for all time— Every pair warranted. For the next thirty days we will sell you a fine, fully warranted Jack Knife for ' "• GBNTS You will pay 60 cents for it anywhere. You can afford to have one sent you by mail if you .cannot come to the store for it. Return it if it is not satisfactory. Every knife warranted. Good knives for 5, 10, 20, and 25 cents, We have the finest line of Scissors and Knives ever shown in the county. C. M. DOXSEE, HARDWARE. FURNITURE! W E call especial attention to our new Book Racks and Wall Shelves. Just the thing for cheap book case. Complete stock of Undertaking Goods. & •• & * *\ •I L ^ ; :>* >,• NSURANCE. Also Laud, Loan and Collection Business.- Office over Algona State Bank. Farmers' of Cedar Rapids, Phoenix of Hartford, Hanover of New York, Minnesota Fire, Minneapolis. , States I4fe of New York, California in ^\ Days, ••<$ -* •& »y 'M •1 >? ^ Without change of cars, All meals served in dining Palace drawing-room sleeping can* and tourist keepers run through to San Francisco without change, with # sleeping ears to kos Angeles, leaving Chicago daily via * * ite_Northwestern Line, wUl sell you California sale at

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