The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on June 26, 1895 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 26, 1895
Page 7
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1 ' '-' " ! ' l ' .? " *'*_,*' \' "* -,, J <f ^- *^=1 *, • j ' d -* 4. *~ • ' * j r * „* v ' <" '"' ' _ il! [ - 13 *'*~ j 1 '' 1 -'' • _ r , i" DES M01NEM: AT/MWA. IOWA. WEDflESttAY JPSfr 2B. 18S5. The Gunmaker of Ilion, M. cLbuStt fEMPflNCi OOVERNMESlT. ttis Health Wfti t o« t-oo* to Admit , teritloh to i t$A*3 IN A f BAflCfe, (from the Springfield, Mass., tthioti.i !Jhei-e isn't a gun manufacturer In the tJhited States, who does hot know tet- rersoh M. Clough. tte has been Intimate* ly associated all his life with the de- Velopmeht of the Remington ahd Winchester rifles. B*or. years he was Su* peflhtehdertt of the E. Remington & Sons' great factory at lllon, N. Y. Aftef leaving there he refused a tempt* Ing offer of the Chinese government to $6 to China to superintend their goV- erntneflt factories,—and accepted in(Stead the guperlrttendeiicy of the Winchester Arms Co., at New Havefi, at a Balftfy of $7,600 a year. It was after this lohg term of active labor as a business man that he found himself incapacitated for further service by the embargo which rheumatism had. laid Upon him arid resigned his position 'itfore than two years ago, and returned to Belchertown, Mass., where he now lives and owns the PheJps farm. Being a man of means he did not spare the cost and was treated by leading physicians and by baths of celebrated springs without receiving any ' benefit worth notice. During the summer Of 1893 ahd the Winter of 1894 Mr. Clough was confined to his house In Belchertown, being unable to rise from his bed without assistance, and suffering continually with acute pains and —with no taste or desire for food, nor was he able to obtain sufficient sleep. Early In the year 1894 Mr. Clough heard of Dr. Wllllamo' Pink Pills for Pale People. He began taking these pills about the first of March, 1894, and continued-to do so until the first part, of September following. The first effect noticed was a better appetite and he began to note more ability to help hlm- / self oft the bed and to be better generally. Last August (1894) he was able to go alone to his summer residence and •farm of 163 acres on Grenadier Island among the' Thousand Islands, in the River''St. Lawrence, where from the highest land of his farm he commands a view for thirteen miles down the river and sixty of the Thousand islands can be seen. 1 Instead of being confined to his bee Mr. Clough Is now and has been for some time able to be about the farm to direct the men employed there and he Is thankful for what Dr. Williams' Pink Pills have done for him. •These pills .are.manufactured by the Dr. Williams' Medicine company, Schenectady, N. Y., and are sold only In boxes bearing the firm's trade mark and .•wrapper, at 60 cents a box or six boxes for $2.50 and are never sold In bulk. .They may be had of all druggists or direct by mail from Dr. Williams' Medicine company. / ^——————— '•' PRINTER'S INK. '*«• ! The advertisement that can not be •understood at the first reading is seldom re-read. .Clearness should, always be conspicuous. The. newspapers and periodicals of Maine have a larger average issue than those of any other state, not excepting Massachusetts or New York. Doing business without advertising Is like pulling against the tide; you may make progress, but it will make you sweat to do so. Advertising without- a well-defined plan is as foolish as going to s&>- without a compass. Although advertising pays, and pays well, yet hot one advertisement in six brings back Its cost to the advertiser. It is out of repeated failure that the greatest advertising successes are evolved. Professional ethics prevent physicians .and surgeons from coming put viltti* plain advertisements, but do not prevent them from seeking advertising by means of the disguised and covered,up reading notice. '•• .••<•. Many of the magnificent new hotels in New York are not so'well patronized as the older ones, for the reason, probably, that their existence is scarcely known to people who visit New York from other cities. The dealer who will not advertise because his father did not do so shoulc remember that If eyery man had done as his father did before him humanity would all be, wearing the picturesque fig leaf costume of Father Adam and be living on fruits. ,The .habit of -advertising in dul times to stir up business Is slowly grow Ing, but as yet Is far behind the plan of advertising when trade is brisk. Good trade makes a merchant liberal prlth advertising; bad patronage makes ' him economical. Although the New York dailies have a relatively larger general circulation on Sunday than on week-days, the yolume of general advertising printed In their Sunday issues Is comparatively small, while the. patronage of the local advertisers is enormous. An article that is everlastingly advertised wins the confidence of the public. If It is a poo'r article the advertisement would bave been withdrawn '„ from the papers after a seasonable length of time, for you can fool the public once but riot all the time, }f is an apparent fact that advertise Ing'space on the stations and In the ca>S of the New York elevated railroads Is not In use by advertisers to the ejctent It was six months ago, BUAPTS FROM/JAM'S HOR.l* 1 Eternity 1st a patient waiter, gonje men wbo?n Qo4 calls to preach . jnlsunderstand him, and write essays. ' Give tborns the right to live," and you make a law against killing snakes. Praying-is sometimes done \yhen God wants us to first do something else. The devil has to work bard for all ".he 'gets in the home of a praying The old serpent hasn't grown an inch B|ne§ he crept into the garden of E4en, When the devil goes about as a roar? tog.lipn be la careful not to gbow 1 -'~ -It Jr» lope Step toward heaven to be bprn in 9 Koine where the Bible is loved. - W# iWigt"4Q the thing tft$t Goft tells - w $0. $P, before any other food wtij count, ' . • It is d #Wbtfwi I* the IPfm wltl ° roafees "--- prayer eyej> espectfl a. Pot to Si**{* tot ft fiftd Watched by lioetorg. A dramatic illustf atlon of hypnotism accompanied by many, grewsome features has been given in London by Prof. Morfitt, who seems to possess extraordinary powers of a mysterious nature, says the New 1fork World. He put a man to Sleep in a coffin-shaped glass case a9d kept him there hearty a week and at the end of that time awakened him in the presence of a large number of witnesses. The victim of this achievement, one Alfred Woot- tott, is a stained glass-worker, 36 years of age. During the whole of the time he was asleep or in a trance he was exhibited in a public hall". When the experiment was ready to begin on Moh» day he had readily cliiribed into the lOffifi'Shaped case, and many peoble watched tlte hypnotizer as he proceeded to exercise his mysterious power, H<pld* ing Wootton by the forehead and chin, the hypnotizer gazed steadily into his eyes. He then made a few downward passes from above the ,eyes along the side ol the face, from time to time examining the pupils of the eyes. The man, it was found, had by this time become rigid. One minute after the experiment began the hypnotlzer asked Dr. Forbes to examine the man. Ho was found to be thoroughly unconscious. His pulse was 96, the exact number of beats it registered before he became unconscious. His respiration was about 16, the breathing chiefly abdominal. Temperature was 98.2, or nor- : mal. The pupils of the eyes were contracted almost to disappearance. During the following days the respiration, temperature and pulse changed slightly, but the man remained in a trance condition. His beard continued to grow. When he was awakened by Prof. Morritt the following Saturday evening, he could not be convinced that he had been in a hypnotic trance for nearly a week until he felt the thick growth of beard on his face. He said it seemed to him that he had only been asleep for a few minutes. It did not take longer than a minute to wake him up. The profes- or made a few 1 passes of his hand across the man's face and lifted his lead and shoulders from the coflln- shaped case. Wootton then opened his iyes and instantly recognized friends in ,he crowd about him, with whom he began to converse. The only notable sensation he experienced upon waking, he said, was that of hunger. A short time after being awakened he put on his ioat and walked out of the build- Ing with his friends. He had been constantly watched during the whole time in the trance and evinced much interest in the records of the doctors. Prof. Morritt had previously tried a similar experiment with one Henry Nolan, but the doctors who were watching his case expressed the opinion that Nolan was not physically strong enough to undergo the ordeal. . • "There, my iovVeala ifc* husband, as he placed a large bundle the table-, "I've bought you a pair of sleeves." "C-h, you darling,'' e*elaime<l the delighted wife. "I'm so happy! Anything will do for ft dress." Twenty-fouf years ago electricity &l i mechanidai tooWef was unknown. NtH? {900,000,000 are invested In various kind! t>t electrical machinery. Agitated Young Bridegroom (Immediately after the ceremony)—Serena, shall *-shill I—shall we—shall we Kiss?" Self-possessed bride (It being her third e*perience)—it is my usual custom, William. A young woman married a man wha told her he was an "architect's assist* ant." She became disconsolate upon dls* covering hext day that he assisted ths architect by carrying bricks up a lad* der ih a hod. Young Lady-i should like to give my Intended a little surprise before out marriage. What would you recommend? Lady FHend-^Don't wear your, false teg^h just for once. §UftE td OEt Olti tf(ftt Sits at **>!* f rfeft* He—Do you think blondes have more admirers than brunettes? She—1 don't know. Why hot ask some of the girls who have had experience in both capacities? * "How is your wife?" "Um-her head has been troubling her a good deal lately." "Sick headache?" "Not exactly. She keeps wanting a new hat every month." "I was not aware that you knew him, said Tom Snack to an Irish friend tha other day. "Knew him?" he exclaimed. "I knew him When his father Was a boy." Extract from the catalogue of lending library: "In the novels and stories marked asterisk, the happy couples get married at the finish." Miss Pruyn—Where did you get the design of your servants' livery? Sash— Oh. my ancestors used It! "Indeed! By whom were they employed?" Ethel—I. wonder If he loves me as he says? He has Known me only a week. Clarissa—He may, if that's all the time he has known you. He (sympathetically)—You have a bad cold. She (huskily)—I have. I am so hoarsp that If you attempted to kiss me I couldn't, even scream. ANCIENT WARRIORS. Not So Large Nor Strong as the Men of To-day. The .popular tendency to enlarge everything that is far off and to belittle that which is close by is responsible for the opinion that the men of tho present time are degenerate reductions of the men of mediaeval times, .who were giants clad in iron and with muscles of steel. The Paris Figaro thus shows the absurdity of this opinion: Our learned physiologints, after having measured hundreds of skeletons, testify that the men of our times are from ono to two centimeters taller than the men. of the middle ages. We possess their garments, and it turns out that we appear not only to have grown taller since the time when these were manufactured, but our shoulders could never fit into the steel corselts of our so-caljed athletic forefathers. The superintendent of the museums under the second impire, wishing to put on the armor ofl Francis I,, the largest of all in the mu- ieum of artillery, was unable to do so, :t was to small for him, though he was n no sense a giant. And here is another exampje; In Switzerland recently, on th% occasion of a gymnastic ournament, the young men, wishing to lose the festivities by a procession in historical costumes, borrowed the arms and armor of the arsenal. But it is evident that their ancestors, people of ittle foresight, never thought of their grandchildren, and these grandchildren' were unable to put on the armor. [t was too small for them. So much for the stature of our ancestors. As to their supposed enormous strength, we tiave no proof beyond the weight of the equipment of the men-at-arms. But the harness of the knights was very much lighter 'than has commonly been supposed. According to one of the catalogues of the museum or artillery, the weight of the complete armoj- did not, as a rule, exceed fifty pounds, and, inasmuch as those who wore it were horsemen, it was the horse that had tQ bear the greater part of the fatigue, I'm All Unstrung;, Is tho remark of many a nervous individual. He or sho will soon eeaso to talk that way alter beginning and persisting in a course ol Hosteller's Stomach Hitlers. Nothing like it to renew strength and appetite and good digestion. It checks the inroads of malurla, and remedies liver complaint, constipation, dyspepsia, rheumatism and kidney disorder. It ia in every souse a groat household remedy. It is considered unlucky in Ireland to view a funeral procession while the beholder is under on umbrella. .'••-• Farming by Irrigation. How much on aero would you give fo r rain insurance* A former's water lax iu the Grand Valley IB email in amouut and it practically BO much paid for insuring rain or ury m-atner, whichever he may prefer, at any time and wherever he wants It. , uU tliereiore never too->»et or too dry. '1 snail be glad to send further particulars. 2,eph. Ohas. Kelt, «J7 .BoBtou Buildiug, Deliver, Colorado. Southeastern Europe now has millions of people who are far less advanced than the Japanese. ' A~VerilouB Adventure It might have been for that party sent out by the Northern Pacific Railroad in the summer of 1894 to climb Mount Rainier. A climb up Mount Washington only 6,000 feet above the sea, or up Pike's Peak on a railroad, is not much of an undertaking compared witn climbing on foot with provisions and bedding on one's back, over ice ana snow for nearly three miles, vertically. Roped together so that if one man falls in There is in the mail division of the treasury department a very popular- desk, to which la attached the peculiar merit that the occupant is by that oc- cufaancy placed on the sure road to matrimony, says the Washington Post. No sooner is the position friade vacant than there is a scramble among the remaining clerks for the lucky place, the fortunate candidate feeling sure that it will only be a short time before she is advanced to the Hymeneal grade. Within the past ten years the desk has been occupied by seven lady clerks fol* lowing each other in quick succession as embryo brides, attd the records dur* ing that time indicate that they have come from all parts of the country only to finally meet their destiny while occupying the fateful desk. Miss Birdie Walker of Tennessee started the pace by marrying a resident of the district, after a few months' service. She was succeeded by her sister, from the same state, who speedily followed her example and left the enviable position open to a new-comer. She arrived on schedule time from Virginia In the person of Miss Easby-Smlth, who shed the glory of a famous Virginian name over the talismanic desk for a short time • and then was led to the altar by n | journalist of Washington. Next came ' from Delaware a relative of Senator Gray—Miss Sue Gray—who was followed In an incredibly short time by a delegate from Massachusetts—Miss Merclne Dickey. Miss Dickey attracted much attention during her stay in the department through her remarkable resemblance to Mrs. Cleveland, and later married Mr. Simon Flynn, who at that time was connected with the Washington branch of the Baltimore Sun, and now manages a paper in Spokane, Wash, Pennsylvania also furnishes a representative in Miss Ella Newton, a granddaughter of the first commissioner of agriculture. Her marriage to a well-known resident of this city is a recent event., The last graduate from I COOK BOOK FREE. t * * f 4 f wants te> know the best things tQ eat, and how ta prepare them, "The Royal Baker and Pastry Cook/^ Contains One thousand useful redpes for every kind of cooking* Edited by Prof, Rudmani, New-York Cooking School Free by mail* Address (writing plainly), mentioning this paper, ROYAL BAKING POWDER CO. 106 Wail Street, N. Y. PROVERBS. i True love never harmed anybody. Fblly never objects to working over- To'o many people do their coaxing •with a club. Love on only one side means misery on both sides. The coming woman talks too much as she comes. It will be noticed that the Ideal husband never marries. Homely women are necessarily tho most sensible ones.. The devil manages to get a good deal of work out of lazy people. . One mission of sorrow in this life Is to show us our need of God. Few men profit by the mistakes of others; fewer still by their own. The unexpected happens so often that some people never expect anything; else. The prayer that opens a window In heaven can only be offered when God i i. H,<jcL VCH Vic*it * this sought-for post is another southern Jg wors hi pe d. girl, and was formerly Miss Ida Lind- I£ the truth were spoken at all times say of Alabama, but on Easter Monday friendship would soon become the rarest she became the wife of Dr. Henry D. thing on earth. , ... Fry of Washington, and the place is temporarily unoccupied. This happy | Tobacco-Stinking Breath. „, Not pleasant to always carry around, but it illustration of rotation in ofilce as ex- aon . t 0 S m paro with tho nerve-destroying power amplified-by the feminine contingent ^™*™,$™8a. of wage-earners, is the only one on record where nobody "kicks," for each woman thinks she is advancing her interests either by filling the position or leaving it, as the case may be. 'GRIP BACK" A NEW DISEASE. Oar Conductors Get It from Bumping: Against the Railing. There is a new disease in town, and any one who persistently rides on the rear platform of a cable car may contract it, says a New York paper. If he persists in it he is very nearly of InterestTin sweet words and looks.tell the story Brace up-quit No-To-Bao Is a sure, Quick cure. Guaranteed by Druggists everywhere. Book, titled "Don't, Tobacco Spit or Smoke Your Lite Away," free, Address bter- UngRernedy Co.. Newark Clt-- or Chicago. Married by Proxy. Eugenlo Valdes Vega, a tobacco merchant at Tampa, Fla., .was married by proxy recently to Miss Adela Velasco in St. Francis de Sale's church in Brooklyn. The couple had been engaged for some time, and the bridegroom, finding it impossible to come to Brooklyn, had his brother, Jose Val'dea Vega, clothed with the power of attor- M1SS1NG LINKS, Paris has a warehouse the floors of Which are of thick glass. In a pack of cards there are 635,103,' 669,600 different whist hands. The-wearing of corsets by men Is not uncommon in the British metropolis. The .best brier-wood, for pipes, cornea from the borders of Italy and Prance. The tallest people In the world ara the Patagonlans; the shortest are the , Laplanders. Dyspeptics have found much rellefi by eating six apples a day—two afteti ' each meal. v „', &< Opals, when first taken from' th» * • mine, are so soft that they can be plckedl to,pieces by the finger nail. The telegraph lines of the world ag- 1 , gregate 1,069,123 miles. America ha» more than half—648,832 miles. ; It has been proved In Boston that cats convey diphtheria from house tol house, by frequenting sick rooms. In the last seventy years Russia has spent $1,777,000,000 in warfare, and 664,-; 000 Russian soldiers have lost their llvea Eggs contain everything that la necessary to support human life, in thej proper proportions, and In palatable form. OTHERS! recovering from | the illness at-i tending child-' tnrth, or whosuf-l 'fer from the effects of disorders, ( derangements . and displacements of the wo- ' manly organs, 1 •will find relief, and a permanent cure in Dr. Pierce's, Favorite Prescription. Taken during the other may hold .him, one ^ places might bring death to all of them. But judging from the published account of this successful achievement the party were well repaid when they finally stood upon the Icy dome of this grand mountain, with the clouds more tsan a mile below them. It was a tremendous struggle to reach that point, but the view of "Nature^ •wild magnificence" from a height of between 14,000 and 15,000 feet above the pea, seems to have well repaid the five ,men who "got there." One night was passed on the rocks and in an ice cave, at an elevation of more than 11,000 feet above sea level. . The account of this adventure Is published in a beautiful pamphlet and Mr. Chas, S. Fee, the Gen'l Pass. Agent of the Northern Pacific at St. Paul, Minn., will send it to any address upon receipt of ^ix cents in, stamps. There is only one thing we are willing to have others share -with us; it is our opinion,— Midnet. _ _ Low Hates Kast, Via tbo Chicago Great Western Railway. Meeting of United Societies of Christian Endeavor at Boston, Mass.. July 10 to 14, 1895 Tickets on sale July 5 to 8, inclusive, at one first-class limited fare for the round Tickets will bo sold in any direct a cold "in the small of his back," or ' lumbago, or a "crick in the back," or "rheumatiz," or simply indigestion. But he hasn't any one of them. What he has is called "cable back" and by the Third avenue conductors "grip back," | and he'll get it nine times out of ten if he spends his substance in riding around the curves at Fourteenth street and Fifty-third street. Particularly will he get it if he is one of our fellow- citizens who believe a conductor is employed to entertain the passengers. A large number of conductors on the Broadway cable cars are beginning to complain of the excessive soreness across their backs just below the waistline. The tail fender of the car has a heavy brass rail which is about the height of an ayeraged-sized man's coattail buttons. The custom of the conductors, when they are not assisting : passengers to get on and off the cars or runnings errands for deaf and elderly persons, is to lean negligently against this brass rail and.discuss the silver question. The gripman has no use for a conductor. He regards him as an unnecessary e vil in the same r category as a cross-eyed fox-terrier caught trip. which was performed by the Rev. Father Percll. Mrs. Vega started yesterday for Florida to join her husband.—Exchange. : •• A Fine Harvest • investors in wheat who buy now, at the present price a splendid purchase. The drouth of 1881. sent wheat up to $1.44. Wheat will $1. You can speculate through the reliable commission house of Thomas & Co., Eialto Bldg., Chicago, 111. Only small margin required. Write to that firm for manual on successful speculation and Daily Market Report, Free.' . • . : Intelligent Appreciation. "Witness," said a lawyer in a police court the other day, ''you speak_ofI Mr,, Smith being well off. IB he worth $o,000." "No, sah." "Two thousand?" "No, sah; he hain't worf twenty'five cents." "Then liow is lie well off?" pregnancy, the "Prescription" HAKES CHILDBIRTH EASY by preparing the system for parturition, thus assisting Nature and shortening "labor." The painful ordeal of childbirth is robbed of its terrors, and the dangers thereof greatly lessened, to both mother and child. The period of confinement is also greatly shortened, me mother strengthened and built up, and an abundant secretion of nourishment for the child promoted. BICYCLE TU5PAIBING—Tho largest plan! In tho west. Bond us your work. Promptness low prices. Pacemaker Bloyolo Co., Des Molnes.' Iowa. Tanks WlnamlllB. Pumps and Supv. t ( pliers. De» Moinea Wln<lm#J , ,;, & Tank Co., Des Molnes, la. ; ••''' JfOKTrN15 FOR ONK DOMiAB. '^ »ffDn»0 wanted. TUB ADDISON LAND OOH. -I Ag°INS PANY, Box 6, South Omaha. Neb. «, "Got a wife, fam'ly, sah!" sah, who s'ports de hull Hitting a Great Truth. "The misfortune of our cities," as the mayor of Chattanooga remarked at Cleveland the other day, '-is the bad citizenship of good citizens,' 1 _ P • LI • 3s AVaslilngton, p. rosecutes Claims. L ( tfePrfooBlB«minerirs,I'enalon Bureau. 3 yra in last war, 16 adjudicating claims., attysluco. DEMPSTER MILL MFC. CO., DES MOINJSS, Manufacturers and Jobbers of Wlnfl Mills, Pumpi, Tanks, Well Boring Machinery, Tool." ' an4 Supplies. Anything in Farmers' Water Supply, The pleasant effect and perfect safety with which ladles may use the Call- nnd return- . line east of Chicago or going nnd retu ing via different routes. Tickets good turning until July ST, and if deposited with joint agent of Boston Lines, will be extend ed to August 0. . Baptist Youug People's Union, Baltimore, Md., July 18 to 31, at one first-class limited fare for round trip. Tickets on sale July 15 audio, with final return limit August 8, 1895, This popular line will run through oars to Boston and Baltimore for the accommodation of its patrons. Call on O G, W. Ry- agents for information re- eardiuK side trips, rates, accommodations, or address P. H. *x>rd, G- P. & T. A., Chicago. _ _ The bones of Judas Iscariot are said to be preserved among the relics in the cathedral at Milan, __ , under all conditions,' makes it their favorite remedy. To get the true and - - •- nam e A man of "integrity" will never isten to any pleas against conscience.—Home. Corset on tv Women have worn corsets from earliest times. The mummy of the Egyptian prfncess, who lived 2,000 years before Christ, was discoverad in is?2, and round the waist was a CO» trlvance closely resembling the corset, 4 Ur»iiv Wearing Taste First Business Man—Mercy, George! What's the matter? Another b^nfe gone 91- what? Never Saw ypu loofc so ftag. gard., and worried an4 cayewopn. Sec*, ond' Rainess Man (wearily)^NQtb}ns Wrong. I've been tryinf to 8?»F9 out ol the that predicted, th,a.$ trouble &«!& he, fceau,$y; feyt shf ' be js Denver, 1805. On account of the National Educational Association meeting at Denver, Col,. July 5th to 12th, the Chicago Great Western Bailway will sell excursion tickets at one first-class fare, plus ?2,00 for the round trip. Tickets on sale July 4th, 6th and 6th and on the 7th for trains arriving in St. Joseph or Kansas City on that date. Tickets good returning until Sept. 1, 1895. This popular line has arranged to run through cars complete with every modern convenience, to accommodate Its patrons. Cal} upon tipket agents of this com* for information, berth reserve- in the cable slot, and when he observes • fornia liquid laxative, j3yrup of Figs, the conductor in repose, he gives his grip a little extra twist, bangs his bell, *•* F KtJllU|ilC tVi~HVJ*C| *uw*v *w» v»»w fr—^,-r~- T — --and shoots ahead, slamming his asso- , California Fig Syrup Co., printed near ciate's back against the rail. This con- the bottom of the package, stant shock has resulted in the partial crippling of a number of conductors. Physicians are inclined to regard continuous shocks to the spine or any of the organs, especially the kidneys, as certain to produce serious disorders, It Druggists' sell it, 750, is not known that any conductor is seriously affected with "cable" or "grip back," but if you ask the next conductor you ride with he will probably tell you that he has got the new disease, "grip back." lOleanei and beautifies the hair, • Promotes a luxuriant growth, entp - LITTLE GIANT LAMP HOLDER! No Slorq Upset Jjampti, Fits any lamp ivltU «, sciinilitrd. Bept fv<so by mall wlUi circulars fof !)3 Cents, ' , AKentu Wanted, - R80UITT M?5.00- Skaneatpjes, »,Y, M S. K. COBUHN, Mgr,, Clarle Sqptt, WHW;,- - - Hall's Catarrh Cure a valuable remedy." , . . G. p. *T, A., _ _ r Chicago, Tours. JJere are the pames «f ft few of the fewn- dreds pf "Now, Charles, let me make a list of your debts." "One moment, dew unole, till f have filled your inkstand." Off, hut No cusli. I cannot speak too highly of Plso^s Cure A traveling man was stranded at Cus* *°r og^l^lrew'york" Octf »9,* 8W, BW? ter by the jjon^arrival of a train, f»?id ' — —'„ . .J^no-ino. tn thn asked a rancher if he could arive'Wm ! The collection of lace belonging^ the to Whatcom. The rancher jumpecl at > the opportunity and delivered bijnfat' the hotel in Whatcom, When Se re- : _^_„. ceived $1-50 for the job, he was hysteri- | ^ow-flftbs qf the sugev plantations it» cai with delight, and said he had »pt ( jBayvaU are owned by seen a cejji Qf cash before for six | M ( >IP jmuy |« c»*ti»«f *»«•*»» weeks and fpr tbe previous six weeks j Be6wenuduBQtb»toWfm<iii'rtM' lJ « ( * «> m ^fi had only 35 mis. This wight serve " for a horrjbje case Pi destitution were it not for tbe fact that the rancher' cows, chickens, wopd, and cpnjforta&ie buildings, a»a the fawily was \n a of excellent fcealtk. STATE INSURANCE CO, OF DES MOINE9, |A,, Insures against FU'O, IJerlitoUlfV »u<rt , .Has pa}d W« J?Qltgy &eMU DROPSY ^ <f " mt>u A nnnvt vim w < ^ Ttl fl* lSr&Y$P tor, tge v 4ftis WTOftitX. iftotewp aiiJji *t»«r i* n **c<A wltVi Twi»»T«nrH f. £*•«£ •J>J>' - •• Red Cross ma B*w forgia»Jtwy*» Noya Scotja and . .. . . the Cana4laa CPftl resorts inokded J» ,tbe Route's tourist ticketing for the seqggn, o| 1895; Tfee average C onductpr oft $, train ts a flue soh9Jar }n pre always. teUips ppiBta tp, wWcft they ,aye east" or "dQWft south," ' or "QUt vest," an4 Q^er- gie spe epnatantly tepiFipf JY$P™»;S:P#TR4f« ;mm&%f$^t^™~*~; ;:;

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