The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on June 26, 1895 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 26, 1895
Page 5
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r OTP1K PE8 ! ALGON A, IOWA, , JttffE 28, MM McCormick- Self-Binder for 1895 IT Wttt BE UP TO BATE. tothiflgbtttftftin Cfttt Sow tJfeset the Celebffttiott Algonft Ever Seen. All Pttfj&t&tians Aw About fthd AH who CortiS Ate Assiifftd & Pleasaht tim«. Is the finest and most complete machine ever made. These machines are now in stock at The Wigwam. Call and see the sample and get prices and terms. Wilfrid P. Jones, The Wigwattl. -Algeria, Iowa. The Fourth of CHANGE AT THE NORMAL. Prof. Lilly Now Has Sole Charge— ' Prof. Johnson Eetires and May Go to Hartford, Conn. The Graduating Exercises Last Thursday Evening—An Able Address by Dr. Beardshe'ar. Algoha's big celebration conies next week Thursday, lf& genial but toot heeded showe? does not hit it, it will be memorable in the annals df northern towa. But THE UPPER DES MOINES, in View of the criticisms passed on Algona's last effort to let the eagle out, hopes everybody who comes will fix firmly la mind what he is to expect and then Hot be disappointed. The citizens have through their committees secured Victor B, Dolliver to speak, have spent over $200 for band music, have arranged for a ball game between the Algona and Bancroft nines, will send up a balloon with man attachment, and will entertain in the evening with a band concert, some illuminations, statuary, etc. All this and the big parade will be as free as the sunshine everybody expects on that day. But on the other hand the citizens and their committees have nothing to do with any number of other attractions which will not be free. Chas. Smith is is giving a race program at the fair grounds which will cost 26 cents for all over 12 years of age to see, the fire company will give a bowery dance with the usual price attached to the tickets, the opera house company is planning to give a theatrical entertainment, and lemonade stands will abound. Our visitors will have innumerable chances to invest their cash, but if after they get home they decide that the lemonade was not up to Fourth of July grade it will not be justly chargeble to the celebration committees. THE UPPER DES MOINES hopes that everything will be worth twice what it costs; even to the lemonade, but Algona does not guarantee anything except what it advertises, and it advises everybody to not invest in anything until he is sure he wants it, and that it is exactly what he wants. Then he will have nobody to blame but himself if it is not worth what it costs. and refutation cftpS has to§%ft tffdef-ecl, and the boys will fmf&de ifi th§ »6% 1B* and ffiake & run with th§ hotS eftft and wagons in the afterfiotiB. TIi§ city has already provided rubfeef roots &nd coats to* sefvic6i To ttty fdf these improvements the boys will Tiavfc ft big bowery dance platform on the eofnef opposite Giltobfe's store and will have good music td entertain* the dancefs. The cotopafiy as now organized con* sists of A. F. Datley, captain', Elttef* Wilbur, first assistant: Geo. Hamilton-, second assistant; K. Nebefgall, Areas* urert Aft. Allen, secretary) F. E. Foster, E. Hutchihsohj Al, Caulkins, J. Anderson, Guy Grove, G60. Camp* bell, Ed, Hftcktnatt, Will Richardson, Ed. Maator. Will Hart, Mild Chapin, Harry Williams, Frank Wilson, E. S, Norton, Frank Burt, Saraantlia Allen Attends the .CooKin Will be here before you know >it, and likewise before half of you'are ready for it. It will :be impossible for the ladies to properly celebrate the natal day without first purchasing something in the line, and we are here for the especial purpose of supplying every possible want in that direction. None is better'or later than ours. Don't forget this. Matson & McCall- The summer term of the normal school opened Monday with an enrollment to start, with of 20 and with a prospective attendance of 70. It also opened under the sole charge of Prof. Lilly, who has bought Prof. Johnson's interest. Prof. Johnson remains for the summer term .and will then leave THE INDUSTRIAL PARADE. O. B. Durdall is working up the biggest display for the street that was ever seen in these parts. Following is corrected and completed list of business men who will have floats, the whole to bg led by the fire company and by the bicycle club: O. B. Durdall—Clothing. W. J. Studley—Drugs, Jas. Patterson—Groceries. J. W. Robinson—Hardware. Chrisohilles & Herbst—Dry Goods. Doxsee & Shaw, Abstracts of Title, ( leeal Estate, Loams, and. ALGONA, IOWA. Office orer Algona State Bank. _ ^ Slagle's Harness Shop. Manufacturers and dealers in Harness, Saddles, Whips, and all Harness goods. Also a full line of Trunks, Grips, and Telescopes. Repairing neatlv and promptly done. All work first «fass. Give us a call and we guarantee satisfaction, SLAGLE & SON. Algona, having in view at present a situation in Hartford, Conn. Prof. Lilly has since coming to Algona gained the reputation of being a very thorough instructor and a, careful manager, and the school is now in better financial condition than ever before in its history. He will make several additions during the summer, notably a library, and will begin the coming school year with as good facilities as are offered in much more pretentious schools. Miss Waters and Miss Zellhofer will return, and a .new instructor will take Prof. Johnson's place. The school is gaining recognition abroad and Dr. Beardshear, while here, after fully examining the quality of work required, announced to the students that they would receive credit at Ames for all studies for which they had Prof. Lilly's certificate., NORMAL SCHOOL COMMENCEMENT. The opera house was comfortably filled Thursday evening for the graduating exercises of the school, which consisted mainly of ,an inspiring address from Dr. Beardshear. The stage bad been as handsomely decorated as it ever has been, a rustic fountain playing in the center of a bank of ferns, and the sides bearing flowers and ferns. Overhead hung the class motto. The music was by our best home talent, Prof, Johnson's address to the graduates was excellent, and Prof. Lilly delivered the diplomas 'with appropriate remarks. Dr. Beardshear took for his text, "A Good Start," and discussed broadly the problem of life. His address was full of excellent suggestions, was pointed in style, and the delivery was spirited. The doctor is more'than six feet up in the world with a wiry and sinewy frame, a restless and active air as of some one with business on hand, and came with a reputation well established as a successful president of the agricultural college, His address partpok of his own spirit, and his ideas of life and how to get on were a pre- septment of his own career, He spoke at the Christian Endeavor meeting the evening before, and the two addresses in Algopa were much enjoyed, Dlngley & Pugh—Jewelry. G. L. Galbraith & Co.—Dry Goods. Jno. Goeders—Dry Goods. Patterson & Son—Groceries. D. B. Avey—Harness. Frank Winkel—Meat Market G. D. Rowe—Bakery. Brownell & Allred—Boots and Shoes. J. R. Laird—Furniture. E. J. Gilmore—Groceries. Wilfrid P. Jones—Agricultural Implements. W, A, Ladendorfl—Restaurant. J. J. Ryan—Real Estate. ' Jas. Taylor—Dry Goods and Millinery. Walker Bros.—Groceries. J. F. Nicouliri—Photographer. C. M. Doxsee—Hardware. Doxsee & Shaw—Abstracts. Hudson & Schu—Cigar Factory. A. L. Peterson—Photographer. Setchell & Setchell—Millinery. A. D. McGregor—Furniture. Matson & McCall—Millinery. P. J. Johnson—Wagon Maker. H. J. Resseguie—Blacksmith. M. H. Boals—Confectionery. Hamilton & Co.—Wood ana Tile, Haggard & Peek—Abstracts. Foster & Wauge—Barbers. Wilbur & Williams—Barbers. W. H. Clarke—Dairy. Bradley & Niooulin—Machinery. A. M. & G. M. Johnson—Machinery. Mullica & Ohnstedt—Foundry. Parish & Frise—Hardware, , P. BAGQARD, G, V, Haggard & Peek, [Successors to Jones & Swith.l Abstracts, Real Estate,^^ Collections, , IOWA. PB, WHG8TQJT, Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat THE VOCAL CHORUS. The singing at the morning program will be rendered by the following- well known musicians: Messrs. D, T. Smith, E. W. Fuller, C, M, Doxsee, Geo. Hamilton, Guy Grove, and Joe. MoMurray; Misses Setohell, Dodge, Bessie Hist, Mrs. Vesper, Horan, and Grove. The organ will be played by Mrs. Horan. THE EVENING PROGRAM, Miss Lutie Wallace has with the assistance of the young people arranged for some historic scenes to be displayed on a platform in front of the court house during the band concert. Those to take part are Misses Kate Lantry, Mattie and Maggie Haggard, Myrtle Putsch, Mabel Smith and Lizzie Wallace; Messrs, Coan. Will Galbraith, Moore, Weaver, Tellier, and Bobinson, At the conclusion 1 of the tableaux a Dejsarte drill will be given by the following girls: Abra Bobinsop, Edith Walker, Maud Dixson, Buth Purvis, Trix Salisbury, Hortense Smith, Maggie Hunt, Lulu Paine, Nellie Sessions, Nell Wallace, Llllie Bandall, and Myrtle Call, The historic scenes to be portrayed are as follows; Landing of the Pilgrims; Why Don't You Speak for Yourself, John?; Washington Crossing the Delaware; Eighteen Hundred and Sixty-one; Eighteen Hundred and Sixty-five; The Standard Bearer; Eraanpipation Proclamation; Bartholdi Statue; We Honor Our Flag, All these will be illuminated by colpred lights and will be an attractive feature of the concert. 1 have unlimited money to loan dtt long of short titne, . ' B. W. HAGGARD. WE make a specialty of collections. Cloud & Haggard. ^^'^ BEMEMBER, boys, the "Sportsman's Game" is the best 6-cent cigar in town. Ask your dealers for it.—It ARE you bothered to get good butter?. If you are, go to the Opera House Grocery and you won't be. CRYSTAL CREAM baking powder is guaranteed equal to any baking powder made, and costs only 25c a pound at Walker Bros.' WILLIAMS-OLAKEE NUPTIALS. A Hnppy Social Event at the'Home of Mr. and Mrs, A. D. Clarke- Many Elegant Presents. No more delightful wedding has been witnessed than that which united Miss Edith Clarke of this place and Mr. Franklin Williams of Erie, Pa., last. Wednesday at 3 o'clock. The spacious home of the bride's parents was beautifully decorated for the occasion, and at the appointed time the bride and groom, preceded by the bridesmaids and groomsmen, entered to the strains of Mendellsohn's wedding march and took their places under a festoon of smilax hung in the south alcove of the central parlor. Bev. Davidson performed the ceremony, which was a modification of the Episcopal service, and very pretty. Congratulations followed, which were hearty and sincere, after which a light repast was served in the dining room to the nearly one hundred guests present. The bridal couple took their departure for the east at 6 o'clock on the Milwaukee road, showers of rice and the conventional old shoe folio wing them to their carriage. After a trip of some weeks they will be at home at Erie, Pa. Miss Clarke was reared in Algona, and with the exception of her school days at Evanston university, has been a continuous resident here, where she is beloved and a most lovable young woman among a host of friends. The groom is a prosperous young business man. of Erie, Pa., and his brief visit to Algona left a decidedly favorable impression. THE UPPER DES MOINES joins their many friends in wishing them a joyous and successful career. The presents indicated in a large degree the high esteem in which the bride is held among her acquaintances, and were numerous and costly. It was not desired that a list of them should be published, but the reporter is at liberty to say that they included a deed to property near Chicago valued at $2,000, from the bride's father, and property at Erie, Pa., from the father of the groom, the value of which is said to be $4,000. Some of the guests from abroad w.ere Mr. and Mrs. Williams of Erie, parents of the groom; Mr. and Mrs. Miller of Chicago, sister and brother- in-law; Mr. and Mrs. J. L, Kamrar and daughter of Webster City; Mr. and Mrs. Estesand daughter of the same place, and 0. 0. St. Clair of Marshalltown. Preceding the ceremony the guests were delightfully entertained with a solo by Miss Kamrar, A harpist from Sioux City was present, and his selections were a source of pleasing entertainment during the afternoon. Mr, and Mrs. Williams Sr, and Mr. and Mra. Miller will remain for a few days, guests at the A. D. Clarke home. Josiah went td tdfott 6fi Wednesday td git his Uttfttt DE§ Meiffitp newsftepgfv and when he got home he sot fight down te'ther-sttp**^ table, afore he Milked old Sfin'. and swilled the p*g»i td fead news, While he was a ceadin' I happened to notice that thete a goin' to be a cookin' exhibit at Doxsee's hardware store*, I says; "Josiah, han'we that paper." "Jess wait a while," says Jo§1ah» Now Josiah is a man who would futher let hie have my 6Wtt than not, so when 1 spoke to him the second time an'.gfub the _ per out of his han's he let me hev it without a wofd, an* went aff too milk ol 1 Britt', while 1 fed about,the .cookin' exhibit, -When he'. 1 , cum in 1 said, "Josiah Allen, I'm foin' to that there cookin' exhibits an'I went, an'when I got home 1 told Josiah that that Bticfc'S , STEEL RANGE was the finest cookin' arrangement I ever sot my'; eyes upon, I went airly in the mornin' an 1 went in to tell Mister Doxsee to save me a seat at the table, when he was jess startin' the fire. He says, " Jess wait a minit, Mrs. Alien." So I sot down an* jess 10 minits after he started his fire the oven was reddy to bake biskit, an' his biskits he baked in 4 minits. I tole Josiah that when our Huddy got married next week she should have one of them BUCK'S STEEL RANGES fur a weddin' present if I hed to sell eggs td pay fur it.' With one of them ranges she'd be happy all the while anyway, if her man didn't turn out well. An' I believe that Josiah and me would be a livin'on intimate terms today if we hed hed a Buck's Range when we got married. I'm goin' to tell everybody I see to go to the cookin' exhibit next Saturday. THE LARGEST OF ITS KIND, The District Meeting of the Christian Endeavor Societies at Algona Last Week. An Enthusiastic Gathering of Earnest Workers—Able Speeches by Some of the Leaders. Rodda, Havelock, Miss Clara Mathewa, .' v< Burt, and a gentleman from Clarion „ \j* whose name escaped the reporter's ear; /J$ secretary and treasurer. Miss Alta'",^ Turner, Emmetsburg. The next meet- v^" ing will be held at Clarion, . ,' ',' MONEY to loan on long or short time. V ^ Geo. C. Call.-tt "CRYSTAL CREAM" baking powder is manufactured exclusively for Walker 1 /| Bros. Cut by a Saw, Last Friday and Saturday, at J, A, Hamilton & Co.'s yard, about 65 cords of dry b,ard and soft wood were cut up by their big buzz saw, It is the best summer wood out, and they sell it for only $1.50 a cord, delivered to any part of the city.— 14t2 THERE will be a dance in Clarke's hall on the evening of the Fourth, The best floor in town. Everybody invited. Music by Algona String band. FOR rent: The Molntyre house; recently occupied by J. J. Kann. Inquire of Jennie Molntyre. — 14 TRADE at the Opera House Grocery. We want your butter a,nd eggs. Farmers' Exchange, south of court house, BOOMS to rent. J, J, Wilson,-43 Is tlis Slickest Grease, You Ever Saw. It ltow « > eaigi tb,e lojgs, and adorn ft? wwsa4 tee m the « t I have unlimited mosey to loan op long OP short time, _ B. W. HAGGABP. WE pake a specialty pf collections, Glpud & Haggard. B.RBAP, butter, and coffee-Tribe material fop each IB to foe. found &J th,e Opera, H,QUB§ Qrooery, Awarded Highest Honors^WorW'a Fair, The district convention of the Adams Union Y. P. S. C. E. held in Algona lust week was the largest gathering of the kind ever seen in this place. The young people of the local society had been looking forward and planning for the meeting for weeks, and the results were fully up to their expectations. While there is but one society in Algona of this name, denominational lines were swallowed up in hospitality, and the various churches yied with each other in making the ^visitors welcome. Promptly at 4 o'clock Tuesday afternoon the first meeting was called to order by President J. F, Hardin of Eldora, and the session was opened with prayer by Rev. Stevens of the Baptist church. About 65 visiting delegates were present at the opening, but they continued to arrive on every train until 150 were registered by Wednesday afternoon. The first session was devoted to the "whys" of the convention and to business. Tuesday evening came the first meeting of real interest to the public. It was opened by a song service and address of welcome and response, and then came the real feature of the day and almost of the convention, an address by Rev. Kinzer of the state association on "The Young Peoples' Crusade." He opened by showing that the word crusade originally meant "a war for the cross," and that the sewing of the cross on the garment was an emblem that the wearer had taken up the cause as his moving principle through life. The endeavor movement is the young peoples' crusade. Though organized but a few years ago with an advance guard of only 56 people and one society, the young people banded under the endeavor name alone now number two and one-half millions. From this number more than 500,000 have been added to the churches in the past four years. The needs of the day were live people working through a living church for a living Savior. A dead church in the speaker's thought was of no use and productive of no good. All who listened to this stirring address went away more firm in the resolve to be a live, active force in the world. Wednesday the sessions both forenoon and afternoon were occupied by papers and discussions of live endeavor topics. Several of these were of more than ordinary merit. The one which brought out the liveliest discussion was the address on social amusements, by Rev, C, P, Boardman of Humboldt. In, this discussion the idea brought out most prominently was that while some kinds of amusements might not. be harmful in themselves, that the estimation in which they were held and the breaking down of influences which their indulgence in by church members would cause, would warrant their classification, with smallpox, to be regarded as dangerous. If one paper might be selected from several good ones and said to be the best, in tbe judgment of the writer, it was the one of H. R. Core of Fort Podge on "Sou.1 Winning," In the speaker's thought, eternal love and everlasting willing- pess were the requisites fop soul wia* ping, Not merely an expressed willing*ness to help and. then bang back because the way ol sbpwing Jpye for a soul seemed insignificant or small, but a real willingness to do anything that would sapw me real'spirit of love for the Master. As he spoke eareeptly a«4 feelipgly p&e could pot help being lifted up anfl reeolytag ibat fcereafter he would try to be jaore heipjui jp U;s E. G. BOWYER, now at the new stand In the Oowles block,: lias a complete stock ol • < * 1 'AND FINE JEWELRY. • '•> i\v>' s j\-r GRADUATED OPTICIAN. ,,;| ' ' 11" 1 * Eyes tested free of charge. Large line of op- 'js4 tloal goods always on hand. ' l ,f*>>g 'Repairing of fine watches a specialty. DE. L. A. SHEETZ, Drugs and Medicines. Full assortment always on hand of drugs, meil- clnes, and pure liquors for medicinal purposes only. Bootee a,x>.d. Stationery. Your Painting Will be well done If you get TPTJ to do It. : — F £. House and sign painting and paper hang, Ing as good as the best, Carriage painting a specialty. jSTRwant your work. A. D. FERN. , OCULIST. All diseases of the eye treated. ~™«»«a»- Glasses adjusted for errors of re> fraction and accommodation, No charge for examination. For several weeks Dr, Murphy has been in New York taking a post-graduate ' course on the eye, and will remain there until April 83. cswsr, ICE! ICE!. IOE! During the past winter I have enlarged my Ice house and now have on hand 4QO tons of ° T J44J i/nwoo. *v vyj.ii up VAOIAVD^DU IAS am pfU.*f9 VI- the city every day. Orders may fce left with J. A. Hamilton & Co. Ice bouse and. residence Tmn.vt.hft ^flmetery, OHABLES MAGNUSSON, Water or No Pay, - , the beat that is made, and one well adapted to this section. Our long experience in waking wells warrants us in guaranteeing satisf »<?• Won in all oases, , FBASEB HRQB. • M ONEY ON HOX1E SsBRUNSON, ^ M ^^.^»m^"M WATER OR ffQ ,P4 Y, Artesian well contractor, I haye tbp jm w ,..„ cable steam drilling machine ownecl lu taa.'.f opxpi-y; sink wella for watw supply forfftyraa^Jl ottW-and railroads., %eojat*aWtiQnlQf'S farm wall work. Estimates made. •! emn"J_i fhe" QpnYention. gjostd Wednesday evening wjth, a yew ppblQlayly ., farm well work. 4oy only expert ^- ie, -I em-" . _ _ _ ^» . ^"n» ^ T 1 ^5,^7*"^ ""S^Bf^

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