Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on March 30, 1946 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 30, 1946
Page 2
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W$w^^ •••^••••^•^•^^•••^•••••^•^^••^^H £»S»SWWiS^/«9li^ MOPE STAR, '• By Chick Young Saturday, March 30^194.6 HOPJE, ARKANSAS Safurday, Mor,crl 30, 1946 If YOU DETECT AS WEIL AS YOU DANCE , VIC FLINT. I SHOULD /THE BUTTER YOU'RE MY LITTLE Ij 1 ;* BUT IF YOU'RE A FEUOWS DON'T WAY FOR MARBLES AND THEY PLAY FOR KEEPS crsona KNOW HOW TO HANDLE THIS/ GIRL, THEN VDU'LL. GROW UP TO BE A Pf?ETTY LADY 5, X. AND LOOK LIKE YOUR MAMA ' BOY THEN YOU'LL GSOW UP TO LOOK UK'S YOUR .'.t* DADDY/ ' MURDERERS SHOOS. rVttrflTs.VIC.AND Phono Wk Between 9 a , hi. and 4 p. m, ocial Calendar i™AK£ 0 r nier s ° mo ' tor of Neil n- n.. knnsils is lisfed''as Hie 243 with the ' hfuhnsl /T% • bnday, April 1 ircle 1 of W.S.C.S. Will moot .... oo mdny nt 3 p.m. nt the homo Mrs. George Newborn with Is the son of Dr. rihd Mrs. s. A. B. I atlon ns assistant hos» . . Crov/ of Hope. He entered . . . e enere Henderson State Teachers College, .W.A. of me First wh,, lhc agc " C when 17 passed the Nav urch will meet with the Inter' edinlo G. A.'s for supper meet-1 ° v: ' rn " 1 « , nn - '" le WHS U E at the Educational Bide at SUCCGSS f"l applicant from „ w, fo< U V IMSt.lt Ml Inn nl lti.,1 r ,-.....~*! t : C0MP l^,.TON!. MEET ftlMAGORPO DOWIS WE El : .EN REHEARSING TH' STDEV HE'S (30IUC, TO SPRING OM TH 1 SAS£ SWELL.' IS V^/EAH. I COT TH LAN / OTH LISTEN, SNAS. \ IN A BOWERY FLOP-HOUS-. WHERE'D Y5U Die J We CHECKED HIS STORY.., LJP THAT OLD / A BROKEN-DOWN HAW B002E HOUND ? A ACTOR WHO WENT WRONG,., NO POLICE RECORD, THO HE'LL BE OKAS', KID' institution at that examination pe OTHER FACTS I NEEDS, WORKED PROM TH 1 LIBRARV FILES »" OF NEWS STORIES WMTIB Circle No. 4 of the W.S.C.S o£ e 1- irst Mthodist church with C. C. Parker leader will nssi 8"cd him to its . uhil lit Texas Christian Uni- versity, Forth Worth, where he ' By Galbraith , was in training for 1G 'months afte . . oot Monday afternoon at three LISTEN CAREFULLY.. HERE'S TH 1 SET-UP.. r which time he was transferred to 'clock, at the home of Mrs. G W the. Naval Reserve Officers' Train- , . omack with Mrs. Harvey McCor- - ing Coi-ps at the University of . lc ns asrocir.te hostess. Texns, Austin. . Neil is to graduate Juno 24 The Auxiliary Officers training of 19 wllh double Majors Iass of the First Presbyterian , . rs of Chemistry and Naval Science hurch will meet Monday morning t 10 o clock at the church.. Lunchi ;> nd double Minors of Biology and an Mnthematics. Upon receipt of his .. on Will be* served at noon. The . Bachelor of Science degree ho will . ecutive board will hold its first also receive the Commission of an fteeting of the year and a full knsign.in the U. S. Naval Reserve ttendance Is urged. . . . or the Regular Navy. Thc Wcsleyian Guild of the First e rs olhodlsl Church will meet Mon- Marriage Announced iy evening at 7:30 at the church Miss Florine Warren. ' daughter r its regular meeting. A full at- I .AIN'T 50ING HUCJT >'OU, VOU LITTLE . of Mr. and Mrs. J. JI. Warren, of ndance is urged. . . Vilfi- £ U £ 1bccam c (lie bride of Jack B Tubb, son of Mrs. Frances - SLIM N.AlLEP TM.AT\ TME CUB?..I FOE6OT R3LAR BEAC 1 JUST IN ) ABOUT JUNIOP..5LIM'S esday, April 2 , . s E. fubb-of Texarkana, i it the home , The Hcmpslcad County class ' , ot the bridegroom's mother. The pom Teachers will-meet' at 7-30 .. UUE OS WEP BE / TC»|N& TO POUND HUH! WHAT ~wz f-r IT UP/ __ _^ L ' . Rev. Mr. J. T. Gilmore performed ' Tuesday, April 2 in the High -._.. -••*. «*. j. . vjiiunji L- puriui mOCl Ine .double ring ceremony in the nool library. Mis Mary Droke presence of a group of .relatives . idcnt will be in charge of the The guest speaker will Mr.. Tubb was discharged recent- o T. M. Stinnot of. Little Rockr . from the Army Air force two years of service, 20 months ersonal Mention , of which was spent in the South The Univorsity > of Texas hns After a short honeymoon couple are at their new home in Magnolia, Ark. OPENING MONDAY Hospital Notes PALACE THEATRE Friends of Harry Ball who is a student at Henderson Slate Teachers College, Arkadelphih, will regret to learn that ho underwent an .appendicitis operation at .Julia Chester hospital on Friday. He is reported as doing nicely. HAVE YOU FORGOTTEN SOMEONE'S BIRTHDAY? Box Office Opens at '1 :45 P.M. Show Starts at 2:00 Friends of Mrs. Howard Byers will regret to learn she is a patient. at Julia Chester hospital where she underwent a major operation .on Friday. She is reported as doing nicely today. DOUBLE DEAL Plus Musical Short "FUZZY WUZZY" '_lCQPfi."iSg BY NEA SERVICE, INC. T. M. REO.-U. & PAT. OFF., ,, T _ , / wanted to send him 'a~ birthday card, but 1 can't find one that says, 'to a stinker! ' '-IHow do \ve know what boj's sire good dates ? I think what *his sorority needs is ajaci-iincling committee!." ' Clothes moths were brought to T! o 1* I r> M fttstt-» "FT 1 ,... ____ America from Europe. Freckfes and His Friends *-unny Business By Blosser By Hershberqer LETS TURN OM THE CHARM, JEMMY/ HEPE COMES THE WEAKEST LINK- THEIR CHASM ' THIS is AM i SHOULD i, OLD DEVICE--)ORSHCULDMT USUALLY. WORKS / '\>VX 'ihT& EDWARD ROBINS .*• *1 \r - A ui. .. .» i TIMBER-R-R !*i' ; < ( , ( (N SPiTE O EXCELLciS'T DATA, i THif. ATLANTIS PROJECT WILL Be DANG5RCUS , -t , BUT OU3 ABlL ITY TO FOLLOW THcM IN TH5 RcDL'CES THE HAZARD * IF THE GOING . TOO THICK, A FUCK OF A SWITCH AND THEY'RE RIGHT BACK HERE IN THE TWENTIETH CENTURY; V6S, THAT'S RIGHT.,. OKAY, LET'S GET ON WITH IT' ALL RIGHT, MISS HADDA, LET'S ASSEMBLE ONE IN THE LAB .' i ;_ •:.., ."He's a new man I" ^"V - r. \ : ) ; t '' #'.<2\ r. M. HEG. U. S. PAT. OF?. k^ s4 Thimble Theater .WELL, I BELIEVE WE GOT HIM!.' POPEYE// WHY DONT vou SPEAK STARTS SUNDAY \, COPH i',4ti, ay NIT* srgvtcr INE T. d »r POPEYEf/WHy DON'T you SHE STILL LOVES HIM \ .7 Out Our Way By J. R. Williams Our Boarding / MY FRIEND,] ~S I'D BE THE J House With Major Hoople -BUT i SOMETIMES/HEY/ WOWDER IF HE " I5MT JUST A MYTH//-— MYTH/ HE'S A MISTER/- -AklD YOU'RE YOU/X SIR LOOWUGAT// OAKY DOAKS/ 1 / HIM RIGHT I B-BAH WOW/ G-G05H/HE RWMTEP// WELL,THAT Y HE LOOKS VOU HAVEN'T LOOKED AT HIM.' WATCH HIM STEP DOWN! THIS AULEV.' THIS HOESE IS OUR. FOR.TUNE-- 3'LL ADMIT 1 HAD TO PAY SOME BOOT OM TH 1 TEADE.BUT HE'LL MAKE US RICH ISA op PRICELESS METEORITE T. STUMBLED DPOM IN\TK£ SEARS AGO/ YOU MAV HOLD IT AS SECURITY FOR A LOAt^ OF,SfXY, » 5 •*«- X. NiHED SUPPLIES FOR. AAY ATOMIC LAST \^E6^ THAT RELIC OF OLD STONJB (ROM WftS SHRPiPNiEU You STOPPED BOERWPM2./—-BUT HERE'S YOUR. ANiD \MVAPsT WORLD IF I COULD MEANS I CAN'T HAVE AMY NEW CLOTHES THIS SUMMEE.' ANOTHER --HOE.SE.' WE WEVEE ALL RIGHT, PA, BUT 1 GUESS I DON'T GET NO BIKE MOW. Bing Crosby Ingrid Bergman THE BELLS OF St, MARY'S HOPE STAiC'HOPE, ARKANSAS Anglo-Soviet Split Gives Germans Hope New York, March 30 — U?)— Do- Witt McKenzle, Associated Press- Coruign ailuirs amnysi, said tociuy (liirerences among Russia, Great Britain and the United States were having an • adverse • effect 1 -upon some German people.' 1 •• MacKonxie, who arrived by plane irom Paris yesterday after a four-month tour of iBurqpc, said some Ilillt'rix.ccI portions ot the population "huve shown indication ui timing advantage of this and nrc () throwing their weight about a He sold Hillemed Germans have assumed that differences among Russia, Great Britain and the United States meant they were not united in their program. He said Europe's principal need was food, and added: "Europe needs all thc help it can get in the immediate future. 1-ood is the most essential thing now because Europe is hungry. "If we do not help Europe now a serious situation may develop If we do not help them before the tall crops, we are likely lo have a grave situation." MacKen/.ie visited Germany ' . y Spain, Ireland. England, Holland' Belgium. France, Swizterland and Austria. He was accompanied by his wife,' Mrs. Murjorie MacKen- zic, who .remained in- London to meet her brother, liberated i'rom a Japanese prison camp. "The German people are beaten physically but not mentally," Muc- Kpnzie said. "It is going 10 take a long time to rehabilitate them, and the lowest possible estimate is one generation and probably longer." He said Germans between H and .i.i, years of ago were Hitlerized and that some occupation officials believed most of this group was just about lost and that you can't do much with them." -- o -- Ribbentrop Gave Hitler Warning Nuernberg, March 29. — (XP) — Joachim Von Ribbentrop testified betore the international military tribunal today that he warned Adolf Hitler before the war that lie British people would "fight to the last man for the empire " He denied vehemently that he ever described Britain as "degenerate. " "It has boon alleged that I told Hitler from London that England was degenerate and would not light, the former German foreign minister said. "I want to state here DOROTHY DIX -"- -_f r n MI, fr-a-^-.-ftuj^..^. tJL . ;| ^ The Fifth Freedm One of the pet peeves of the feminine sex has always been that men had n monopoly n£ courtship and the exclusive right to poping the question. No matter how much in love a girl was with a boy nor how badly she wanted him, she couldn't come out flal- footed .and ask him to be hers. She had to dissemble her feelings and act coy and camouflage Her intentions, and this naturally cramped her style, for few men are gifted , at reading Jove signs nnd many a muidcn missed' a good husband through his being lop dumb to interpret her'double lalk. ; Of course in the days when every wife had to be supported 'H was manner for n girl to wait until she was asked before she wished herself on a man. but now when girls so often, keep on .with th'e'ir jobs after marriage the Little Woman is oflener an asset rather than a liability. So it is just comm'bn fairness for her to have a r say-so in picking out her bargain instead of having to take whatever is offered to her. WOMAN VERY MUCH WED Also, it is a well-known .fact that every wife is ten times "as much married to her husband as he is to her, and that the success of .a mariagc depends far more upon the wife being satisfied with her husband than it does Upon him being pleased with her. For the contented wife is always 011 her tiptoes to jolly her husband along, and that makes the household machinery run smoothly.' Nevertheless, in spite of*all these argumdnls in favor of worripn being 'free to choose their mates, 'men have put the taboo on it and kept them sitting on-the .anxious seat. Bill 1 can read the handwriting on the wall, the day of men being the autocratic bestowers • of their hands and hearts and women the humble recivers is about' over. It is women who are going to do the proposing and Ihe men who are going to blush, and say: "This is so sudden!" And, curiously enough, this reform is being brought about by the bobby-sockefs. This column is a sort of sentimental Gallup Poll that registers what the young women of the country arc feeling and thinking, and what they mean to do about it. And I get hundreds from girls and women who tell me thul they .have fallen In love With me'n whom they desire for husbands, and thnt they want information on the proper technique of conducting a courtship. Some of these forward-looking lassies say that the lads who have struck their fancies .have never paid them the .slightest attention, and they want to know if they should tell the dumb creatures that they are in love with them and want them for husbands. Often a girl will, say that she is rich and the boy is poor, and should she tell him that she will del him up in business of send him to col lege if" he will marry her. And many maidens, with optimistic dis positions, .think that the steadies who have, been going with their for years and eaten their .mothers good cooking but who have neve mentioned either love or marriage arc just too shy to propose anc have left the chore for them to do No doubt the war is responsibli for this sentimental resolution But when the boys went out U fight for the Four Freedoms, thej didn't foresee that they were add ing a fifth, the Freedom for Wo men to Pop ,the Question. "But i is here to stay and Tney had bet ter begin to prepa're themselve for it. It won't be such, an unpleasan experience to be wooed by a prettj girl, and if they don't want t( say "yes," they can always tel her they will be a brother to her (Bell Syndicate, Inc.) Pegs News of the Churches The by Hazel Heide.rgpH- . ere 1 rV U i i 1 . • lold , his 'i 1181 the opposite I told him the English people were heroic and would fight to the last man ior the empire." Von Ribbentrop declared a certain British elements, notably Winston Churchill," thwarted Hit- ler.s f etfpi;ts ii_t,J-937 to ; achieve a Eroacf treaty wTfltfEngland because they feared .upsetting Britain's rv»Hiii/'i»-wil >-\,-.i ; „,. „!• ___ i tr power in al p n E --* "---ei -*-*i 1 1 w Ji i a iohcy of Balance of urope. •o- Cholera and Famine Roll Over China By The Associated Press Cholorn, bubonic plague ana , n ,l', no s l )rcad through vast areas ot China today, taking a heavy toll ot lives. United Nations .Relief and Re- labilitalion Administration officials .at Shanghai said cholera •aging through south China, where Tiore than 1,000,000 persons are and XXIV Ann was in the kitchen, making a chocolate Bavarian cream, when Susie came in from school. "Did you see the doctor?" she burst out, without preamble. Ann ' opened the refrigerator door, and shoved the mold inside. "Yes, my Susie, and,it's all very true. Picture .me as a fond mother if you can." "Why not?" Susie demanded indignantly. "You'll make a beautiful mother. Mrs. Drake. What the world needs is more mothers like you." "So nice-to be answering a crv- ing need 'of the world," Ann murmured. "Are you going to tell Mr. Drake now?" Ann looked a little impatient. "I thought we had settled that. Of course I'ni not going to tell"him— not until he .gets back.. It would be silly." "I think you ought to tell him," Susie said stubbornly. "Well, I. won't and, Susie!" Ann said sharply, surprising a purposeful look' on the girl's face, "remember that it isn't any of your business! I can't think of anything worse than Colin's learning it from someone other than me." Which was a fortunate way of putting it, she thought, watching the look of rebellion on Susie's face fading into conviction that Ann was right, at least on that point. That night, after Susie had goneiwarHa- \ Kn-l A .-,., 4 4 1 ,. J J _ _ -fi " ttllLU Co|iyi-i|tlil MnLTiie-Sinilh-Co, • l»y_NEA SER\aCE, I almost eighteen, you know, and there's no reason for the Home to support me any longer." "I thought we might send you to the University," Ann said, feor of diffidently. Susie stared at her, wide-eyed "Do you mean that?" "Urn huh. I'm a great devotee of the Gospel of betting On," Am murmured. Happiness broke over Susie's face like a wave. She seemed in credulous, stunned, unwilling to believe it for a moment, then, as she did believe it, she sprang to Ann's side ..and hugged her. ": always did say you were the sweestest person in the world!" she exclaimed extravagantly. Ann' wasn't altogether pleased She didn't like thinking of herseli as sweet. It seemed a bit insipid "It'll be Colin's money—not mine —that, does it;" she said. "irs'-.your" idea, though," Susie insisted. "Urn huh," Ann admitted. "Better run along, darling, or you'll be late." She kissed Susie's cheek, then spanked her to propel her or her way. She felt very good. As she lit a cigaret, Helga Carpello came in. "Good morning, Helga," Ann said pleasantly. "You can clear the things away and do the dishes before you'start on the washing. I'm going to walk into town." "Good morin', Mis' Drake" Helga answered. "You don't need to bed, Ann settled down with a new magazine and a cigaret, .but she didn't read. Why shouldn't they adopt Susie? Give her a family, and give themselves a head start on one. She could hear Colin teasing her about it—"When you go -in for maternity, you do it .-.._ ....in, j.uuu.uuu persons are .vuu so in ior maternity, you do it nrcatened, was exacting a 50 per in a big way, don't you, darling?" L'eiit mortality of those affected. But why not? On Susie's own ac- ine number of deaths was not count, she was awfully good with _— -••—• ....i,^ v^i viiuoir Ulli ihe number of deaths was liven. 7™nii'? rth and S0lltl 'east China, UNRRA reported, bubonic plague was reach ing. dangerous propor- •S'i,^ ifeSfcte •Cwantung province flew to Canton with enough cholera vaccine to minimize 200,000 persons. More vaccine will be sent until 1,000000 persons have been immunized U. S. navy ships have been pressed into service to deliver chol- °=n «L accmc JCor immunization of .50,000 persons in Hankow. Bubonic pkifiuc was reported noymg through a corridor west of Mukden, in north China, and vac- 'inc was being flown to the area, southeast China also .reported the Jlague in an area centering around count, she was awfully good with babies, and they'd have one for her to cope with before too long. But of course, they wouldn't turn her into .a servant — she would definitely .be . the. daughlervof the house. Solid 'herv to 'college^ sH'e wondered how her sorority would lake to an orphan. Still, Colin Drake's daughter — and she would be legally that — would have a status of her own* It was definitely an idea. The idea took a firmer hold on her mind the next morning. At breakfast Susie said nonchalantly. "I forgot to tell you — I can graduate in June. I've got enough extra credits so I .can, if 1 come out all right this'semes- ter. And if I don't, it'll be because I'm a half-wit," she added fervently, "with all the help you've been giving me." " In Chungking, the Peoples Po- itical Council asserted that terri- >lc lamine in tho recovered prov- wna men ru gel a iob nces at north China was taking'l Mrs. Drake?" she said sort n increased toll of lives. Millions hesitantly, i persons were said to be endan- "What, honey?" ered. TMot, 9 ol ' nci1 cabled an appeal to UNRRA for an increased allot- ncnt of food to meet the grave hortage. Social Situations THE SITUATION: Another wo- nan s beauty is remarked upon. WRONG WAY: Say, "Do you hink she is pretty?" RIGHT WAY: Be generous nough to add to tho praise, rather han trying to detract from it. . That will be grand, Susie." And then I'll get a job of , I've been wondering . . . .do you have to have a real nurse for your baby? I'm awfully good with babies, and I thought maybe you'd give me a job. I'd like that an awful lot better than some old office job. It'd be wonderful to work for you all the time!" Susie's big brown eyes shone with adoration. "But, honey — I'm not sure, of course, but I've discussed it a little with Colin, a long time ago— how about college? Wouldn't you like to go on to school?" "Of course! But how can I? I'm RIALTO IkVOlCE- OF THE- THLATRh fcrf don't you want. "HO don't"have"'nolhin' else to do." "Oh dear, Helg.a. Has Pete lost his job again?" She was getting a little tired of finding jobs for Pete Carpello. He was such a good carpenter, too. "I'll speak to Mr Hansen and see if he can use him here.' But he'll have to stop drinking, Helga." "Yes. malam. That's what I'm always tellin' him. But it don't seem to do no good. And he's got such an awful temper, he will get into -?Shts.__'And_ be;s awluj. jeal- ,....^_ ^ o ^ • with'dut pride. iu pre. • . "But, Helga, you don't give him any occasion to be jealous, do you?" "Well, ma'am, I can't help it when people like me," Helga murmured. Ann looked at Helga, who was rather good-looking in a big, bovine sort of way. "I suppose not," Ann said helplessly, thinking with dismay that Colin was right— she couldn't keep out of personal discussions with the people who worked for her . It was awfully undignified, and certainly not suitable to her position in Port Drake. "I'll speak to Mr. Hanson, she said, firmly, and left the room. (To Be Continued) -- o Red Cross Continued from Page One Mrs. I. J. Logan ............ 1.00 Paul Cornelius ................ 5.00 Mr. & Mrs. Karl Lalshaw ................... 200 Mr. & Mrs. Jim Moore ........................ 2.00 Brooks Shults ................ 2.50 Jim Shults ................... 2 50 Huth Wilson's S S Glass 4.00 Bess Hollingsworth S S Class .., ......................... 5.00 Mrs. J. J .Battle ........ 1.00 Mr. & Mrs. Chester Anderson ......... l 00 Mr. & Mrs. T. H. Seymour ................. 500 Mrs. Annie McGill ........ 1.00 Ladies S S 'Class ........ 5.00 Geo. Allen McGill . .. 40 Mr. & Mrs. Sam McGill 3.00 Mrs. Leo Seymour ........ 1.00 W. J. Anderson ............ l 00 Mrs. R. R. Cornelius 2.50 Miss Ida Carlton . . 2 50 Mary Lou Cornelius ..... 10 Ruby Sue Cornelius ..... 10 Mr. Si. Mrs. Lex Morton ........... j QO Mr. & Mrs. Claude Wilson ................ i no Mr. & Mrs. Ed ' " ' Wilson .................... 2 00 Colored Nice Whitt .............. l 00 W. E. West .............. ""! 100 Lula McClendon ............ 1.00 Emma Belcher ............... l 00 Sim Jones ....... i oo w. w. smith ......... :::::::;;:; i:oo FIRST PENTECOSTAL. West 4tli and Ferguson Streets Ti J. Ford, Pastor Sunday School—9:45 a.m. C. J. Rowo, Supt. Morning Services—11:00. Pentecostal Gleaners—0:30 p.m. Night Service—7:00. Friday, Bible Study—7:30 p.m. You arc only a stranger once at the First Pentecostal church Come Sunday and bring youi friend. You are always welcome. OUR LADY OF GOOD HOPE Rev. John J. Boyoe Mass every Sunday—10:30 Week-day Masses—7:30 Stations of the Cross every Wednesday evening—7:30. Rosary and Litany of the B.V.M. every Sunday evening at 8:00, followed by Bcne diction, "If we live, we live to the Lord, or if we die, we die to thc Lord." Romans 14:8. To all a cordial invitation to worship with us. GARRETT MEMORIAL BAPTIST North Ferguson Street D. O .Silvey, Pastor Sunday School—10 a.m., G. W Hairslon, Supt. Preaching—U a.m. Subject: Russia's Relationship to the Return of Christ. B.T.C. and Bible Study Group— 6:45 p.'m. Preaching—7:30 p.m. Auxiliary, Monday —2:30 p.m. Teachers' Meeting, Wednesday — 7 -p.m. Prayqr Services Wednesday — 7:30 p.m. R. W. Davis in charge The character photograph of Jesus: ;'(He) went about doing good," Acts 10:38. FIRST PRESBYTERIAN Thomas Erewster, Minister Sunday School—9:45 a.m. Morning . Worship —10:55, mes sage by the Pastor. This being the last Sunday in the present Church Year, all members in arrears on current pledges are asked to pay up such' arrears this Sunday or as soon thereafter as possible. The Board of Deacon requests all who have not as yet made pledges for the new Church Year to do so as soon as convenient as the new Church Year begins April Vesper Service — 5 p.m. Young Peoples Meeting — 6:15 p.m. Meeting of the Executive Board of the Auxiliary, Monday — 2:30 p.m HOPE GOSPEL TABERNACLE North Main and Avenue D H. PaUl Holdridge, Pastor This being thc last Sunday of the month and quarter, wo' are very anxious that everyone be in their places. One week from Sunday, April V, we will begin our Easter Revival. Rev. B. H. Armes, of Hot Springs, Arkansas will be the Evangelist. Only one week is being announced, since this is such a busy time with everyone. It is hoped, that you can arrange your program so as to be in every one of the two services daily through the week. Sunday School —9:30 a.m. Morning Worship —10:50, Sermon by dPastor. Adult Bible- Class —6 p.m.- Mattie Jones 1.00 Georgia A. Nelson 50 Bettie Cornelius 1.00 EInora Green 1.00 Sam Hendrix i.'oo W. M. Carter l.oo W. M.' Turner 1.00 Ellen Smith „ : 1.00 Mary J, LaFayette 1.00. Ludie McCain 1.00 Nola Marks 1.00 M. Moore 1.00 N. "H. Hendrix 1.00 Bill Parker 25 Australia Aubrey 1.00 Charline Milus ,.... 1.00 J. W. Cheatham 1.00 D. Hicks .' 1.00 Queen H. Lewis 1.00 E. G. Madison 1.00 A. L. West 1.00 Andy Mitchell 50 C. Finn 1.00 J. C. Campbell :. ' .25 Union Baptist Church (Col) Fulton, Ark: Norman Wilson 1.00 Sebera Hopson 1.00 Emma Carson i.JJO Ella Allen 1.00 Annie Lee Jefferson .... 1.00 Dzie White 1.00 y Ware 1.00 Bates McCain 1.00 James McElroy '& -'wife 1.00 L,igo Aubrey 1.00 Rebecca' Nelson 1.00 Marcissus Johnson 1 00 W. H. McGill & wife .... 1.00 Nancy Howard 1.00 Joe Aubrey l.oo izzie Frost 1.00 Katie Campbell 50 Ogden Rev. R. B. Green 1.00 Contributions 3/29/4G 193.G5 Total $6,82(3.99 C. A. Services— 0 p.m. Evangelistic Service— 7 p.m., Sermon by Pastor. Wednesday, Prayer and Bible Study— 7:30 p.m. Thursday. Women's Missionary Council —2:30 p.m. Friday— HI-C. A. Brigade and PniycV —7:30 p.m. FIRST METHODIST Pine at Second Robert B. Moorei Pastor Church School —9:45 a.m Morning Worship —10:50 a.m. Special Music "God So Loved Ihe World" (Stainer). Sermon bv Pastor. Meeting of thc Board of Stewards — 2 p.m; - •. Youth Fellowship — G:30 pm Evening Worship —7:30 p.m. Sermon by Pastor. Choir Practice. Wednesday —7:30 p.m. FIRST CHRISTIAN Main at West Avenue B Wm, P. Hardegree, Minister Bible School—9:45 a.m. Classes for all ages, Lloyd Coop, Supt. Morning Worship Service— 10:50 Sermon subject: "Abundant Pardon". Young People's Fellowship — 6 p.m. Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Ponder, Sponsors. • Evening Worship Service —7-30 Sem.on iuujecl complish Anything" 'Too Bus/ to Ac- EMMET METHODIST ^~ C. D. Meux, Pastor Rev. Van W. Hdrrell,-"' District Superintendent, will preach ' at Boyd's Chapel and conduct the Second Quarterly Conference, Sunday at 3 p.m. Officials and members of the Churches on the Emmet Circuit are urged to attend. The pastor will preach at Emmet -at 1 a.m. and 7 p,m. Members of the Emmet Church are Urged lo be present at 11 a.m. for the selecetion of a Church School Superintendent to succeed Mr. J. B. Youmans. resigned, who has been the superintendent for 30 ye'arsr Last Sunday was a rainy day and the pastor preached to-small; congregations at De Ann and Holly Grove. He enjoyed thc noon meal at the Irvin Burke home and the evening meal at the Dolphus Jones home. distress S66 Uquid or Tablets' act as a mild Laxative and get at Cold Miseries internally 666 Nose Drops or Salve beams lo relieve stuffiness and cough ig AT; ONCE ..... makes it easier to breathe. ' y Works Great and works f(Mt" KHas satisfied millions. * f Purest drugs yet inexpensive r compare results _Coulion. Use only as directed DINE AT THE CHECKERED Bring the Family ; CHEF LEON LADD MENU FOR SUNDAY CHICKEN PIE 50c GREEN BEANS STEWED 'CORN* MASHED POTATOES DESSERT . . . PLAIN CAKE AND SAUCE DRINK — COFFEE or MILK CHECKERED CAFE "It Pleases Us to Please You" Hope Phone 250 Ark" NEYTOLEND Easy Terms..... Home Institution I.... See E. S. GREENING SECRETARY ' Hope Federal Sayings & Loan Association GOOD FOOD IS ESSENTIAL ^j , TO GOOD HEALTH CHOPS I We Specialize in . *.' • Choice Steaks Chicken / .ji>: ( |. ggjjjji; l,\. iflofc ' i • Fancy Salads GOOD COFFEE AND SOFT DRINKS AT ALL TIMES DIAMOND CAFE HERMAN SMITH, Owner Phone 822 Hope, Ark, To The Public SriRTINC-MONDAY, MARCH 25,1946 We will Grind all feeds, except Sorghum Cane and Corn Stalks. We will have plenty ? • Fresh Ground CORN MEAL (Both White and Yellow) We have a complete stock of • PURINA FEEDS and Plenty of ' ' • BABY CHICKS (Most all the heavy breeds) FEEDERS SUPPLY CO. Phone 25 Lester Huckabee Hppe, Ark,

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