The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on June 26, 1895 · Page 1
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 26, 1895
Page 1
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ESTABLISHED ALGQNA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, JtTKE 28, 1898, YOL, 34 ••MBit For The Fourth at the A 10VM COMMITS SUICIDE A Young: Man at West Betid Said to Be Interested in a Sad and tin* foftuaate Affaifc Swea City Furhishes a Setisatiottal Item -Vyzant Gets a Bad Pali-Geh-. eral Northwest News. t>»*.~ Ofiera House <*'" • ' Grocery. At the . $1 Shoe Sale Fair Store. As we placed orders in the factories for a large quantity of shoes of all kinds when the shoe market had reached the lowest point that has ever been known, and before the sudden advance in leather which has caused the big advance in shoes, it places us in position to sell shoes at retail at what is now the wholesale price. As we are a little short of room for our big stock we have put part of the stock in the Fair Store, and will close out all of the stock that we have—only a few pair of a kind—regardless of cost. Shoes for 75c worth $1.00 to $1.2.5 / Shoes for $1.00 worth 1.50 to 2.50 Shoes for 1.50 worth 2.50 to 4.00 G. L. Galbraith & Go. DON'T Buy Worthless Goods, BUT GO TO. Brownell & Allred's For Your Boots and Shoes and you will always get the best goods made, and the most for your money. , . Brownell •& Allred Cash Shoe House, ALQPNA. IOWA. At Irvington, Iowa, Apples .................... ."....,., ....... lOo or $1.00 per doz V,', |>,, . t,f' ' ;- J < ^ •k , &u - I" 9.,' I* 1 ?- ' M.? Pie Peaches .......... ...... .............. lOo or 1,00 per doz Tomatoes,,.,,. ,,,, ...................... lOcor 1,00 per doz Raspberries. ................ , ....... , , • , ,10o or 1.00 per doz Blackberries ........ , ................... lOoor 1.00 pep doz Gooseberries ............... , ............. lOo or 1.00 per doz Strawberries ........ , , . . , ........... , . . , ,10o or 1,00 per doz Peas, . , , , , ....... , ........ ,,,.,,,,. ...... lOo or 1.00 pep doz Corn, , ..... , ........ ,,..,,,, ..... ,,,..,. ,10o op 1,00 per doz Plums. , , ........... , .................... 15p or 1,70 pep doz Peaches. . , ...... , , , .......... , ........... 15o or 1,70 per doz Apricots ................. ..... ........ , . . ,15o pr 1,70 per doz Peavs, , , , , , .................. , , , ......... J5o op 1,70 pep dpz Minnesota Patent Flour, pep sack, > ...... • 1-15 Minnesota Red. Rose, pep saok . . , . , ...... - 1.10 Minnesota Family, POP sack. ,,,,,,.,,,.,., 85 Mason Fruit Jars, 2 at .................... 145 per doz Mason Fruit' Japs, !(#... ................. SO pep doz J, E, & 0, J. OTTTQN, A romantic but unhappy story, is associated with the name of W. A, Younie, son of Algona's former landlord, Alex. Younie 6f West Bend. The young man is attending school in Des Moines. A love-sick girl, Miss Nora Stober of Mount Ayr, committed suicide last week because of unrequited affection. She had attended school with him in Des Moines and when she went home they corresponded, but he seeing she was getting too deeply engaged and not wanting to get married broke off the correspondence. She then came to Des Moines and took poison while talking with him. In a small grip were found a number of letters addressed to Younie, which gave her reasons for wishing death. The letter in which the girl's story is told was dated Mount Ayr, June 5, and addressed to him. It was a pitiful story of love that was unre- quitted, and of accusations against her lover, whom she accused of teaching her to love him, and then turning from her. "She tells of her suffering'while trying to conceal her broken heart under a smiling face, and declares that he does her an injustice in claiming that she does not love him, but his money. She declares that in spite of his reiterations that he does not love her, that she knows that he does, and someday will admit it himself. She begs him, after telling him that she may never see him again, to remember her and her fate, and never to break another girl's heart as he did hers. Didn't Want to Pay That Way. Very few men have been found sufficiently steeped in Christian fortitude to bear with equimity having t^e evidence of an old debt sprung on them in payment for present services. At least Will Hamilton of Swea City does not belong to the band. Some time ago he sold a cooking stove to Will Brayton for $10. Brayton credited the amount on an old debt. Hamilton had been calculating on a cash deal, evidently having Algona's Fourth festivities in view, and although Brayton had had the stove two months, went to take it back. A long story might be written about what intervened, but the sequel is sufficient. The Swea City Herald says: "The stove is doing service at the same shack and Mr. Hamilton has some bruises and experience that he didn't pay for." Vyzant Valla In a Race. Bode's fast trotting horse started in the 2:17 class at Des Moines last Thursday. The Register reports as follows: Finally after scoring twelve times and considerable tiresome jockying, in which Vyzant acted meanly, they went off on a very pretty start. Lurline had slightly the best of the start. Vyzant on making the turn bent a shoe and at the quarter Driver Rawson narrowly escaped a serious accident. As it was the horse fell heavily and was slightly injured by a cut in the right fore ankle. Bailey Suggests a Plan. Britt Tribune: Algona has a jail that is warranted to hold nothing but the jailer, or money refunded, Last week one Ward, formerly of Wesley, dug his way out with a broomstick. The broomstick .was not materially injured, neither was the prisoner. Brunson is going to order brooms with leather handles, hereafter, and cut the prisoners hands and feet off when they are taken in, A Mansion in Emmet County, . • E. S. Ellsworth, the wealthy man from Iowa Falls, is building an $8,000 farm house near Armstrong on bis farm. The Journal says: The building will be 62x90, twenty feet high,. The lower story is to be broken ruble" work lined with brick, and finished in oak. There will be a celler under the whole house, Counting doors and windows will give the building 120 openings. The Dolllver Name, Buffalo Center Tribune: • Victor B. Dolliver, brother of our distinguished congressman, is billed to deliver the oration at Algona on the Fourth of July, while the Hon. J, P, will let loose his eloquence to the admiring throngs at LeMws on that day, The name of Dolliver is synonymous of an extra good speech, and those towns are fortunate in their selections. pany to add its dining car oh this line. One of the officials of the road took dinner at the railroad house at Masoti City and the meal was so poof that he recommended the car. Alffonn District Conference. •the Algoba district M> fi. Confer ence will be held in Emffietsbufg July 15 to i*i The city will hospitably entertain the attending clergymeni 1'he Attempt AVI 11, Succeed, Armstrong Journal: Algona will attempt to give the greatest celebration ever witnessed in northern Iowa, July 4. _• THE flOBTHWESTEBN LINE, Ill TOURNAMENT AT VINTON. For the above occasion the Northwestern line will, from June 11 to 21, sell excursion tickets to Vinton, Iowa, and return at rate of one fare for the round trip, good for return passage until June 22, 1895, Inclusive. For tickets and full information apply to agents Chicago & Northwestern rail way,-It HALF RATES TO BOSTON, MASS. On account of the International Christian Endeavor convention the Northwestern line will, on July 5, 6, 7, and 8, sell excursion tickets to Boston, Mass., and return at rate of one fare for the round trip, tickets good for return passage until Aug. 6, 1895, inclusive. For tickets and full information apply to agents of Chicago & Northwestern railway.—13t3 * LOW RATES TO CHATTANOOGA. On account of the Epworth League convention the Northwestern line will, on June 26 and 20, sell excursion tickets to Chattanooga, Tenn., and return at very low rates, good for return passage until July 3, 1895, inclusive. For tickets and full information apply to agents Chicago & Northwestern railway.—It . FOURTH OF JULY RATES; On July 3 and 4 the Northwestern line will sell excursion tickets at low rates to local stations within 200 miles, good for return passage until July 5, 1895, inclusive. For tickets and full information apply to agents Chicago & Northwestern railway.—13t2 Cheap Rates on the Milwaukee. For .the Fourth of July . excursion tickets will be sold between any points within 200 miles, by the C., M. & St. P. railway, at fare and a third for the round trip. Commencing June 10 the Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul railway will run a dining car on Train No. 1 and serve breakfast and dinner, and return on Train No. 4, from Canton and serve dinner and supper. For the various occasions mentioned below one .lowest standard first-class .fare for the round trip will be given by the Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul railway, viz: Epworth League convention, Chattanooga, Tenn., June 27 to 30. National Educational association at Denver, Colo., July 6 to 12. The United Societies of Christian Endeavor, Boston, Mass., July 10 to 14. Baptist Young People's Union of America, Baltimore, Md., July 18 to 21. Annual meeting American Pharmaceutical association, Denver, Colo., August 14 to 24. Triennial Conclave Knights Templar, Boston, Mass., August 25 to 80. * National Encampment G. A. B., at Louisville, Ky., Sept. 10 to 14. WHEAT BOOMINa. Thirty Cents Advance In 40 Days- May Go to $1. Wouldn't it be a good scheme to buy a few sacks of flour now? Flour improves with age. Those who use the New Water Mitt Flour say it is as good as the best and better than most of the shipped-in flour, and we sell cheaper than the stores can sell imported goods. Better try our. flour and learn that Algona and Kossuth county is hot dependent on any foreign country for bread. l JONES & STAGY, Six per cent. Money. For .time loans at 6 per cent, and commission apply at the Kossuth County State Bank. Interest and principal payable here. Be sure to call if you want to borrow at favorable rates. Ths. Is'.what we all hope : to do* gentle showers, pleasant weather, everyone feeling good, By the way, you have" to eat, Please remember that we carry;a large and complete line of Groceries Both staple and fancy. Call and see us. You will find our prices right and goods right. , Langdon & Hudson* How to Make $1.00 AND ALSO- See the Derby Race; I T will cost you one dollar to put your team out down,town, during the Fourth. I charge you 25 cents admission to<the race grounds, (children under 12 go' in free), and I make no charge for teams. Those wishing to'put out their teams during the forenoon can come to the fair grounds and pay their 25 cents, which entitles them to a return check to the races 'after dinner. This will give' them an opportunity to see both the celebration and the races for the admission price to the grounds,' thereby, saving the dollar they would otherwise pay for stable, room during the day. L - ' . ' t Elegant Picnic Grounds are provided free of charge for all who want to lunch at the race grounds. If anybody can make money faster than this and have lots of fun thrown in, I,,don't know, how they can do it. CL >A» SZfcvdZITH:, Sole Manager of Track and Race Grounds. ' Support Home Interests, 3 wiU sell you tetter flour tbon aay atm-ip Spencer Gets a Good Citizen. News; Weaver & Hanson have sold their grocery stock to J, F> GHmpre from Algona, who is here and has taken possession. Mr. Gilmope has lived In Algona five years, and was engaged in .the hardware business, wbfoh he recently sold, Mr. GUfflOpe comes with good credentials as a business man and citizen and we wish big} success.. ^^__ 4 Hew of G0P4 Fairs* Forest City's f^p -will be h>14 1, and lg, in lioe ou the J7th, JStU with W-ortb as ft §004 second. QB, lath, 10th, SOtb wUUot A NEW line of ladles' fine shoos of the latest styles arrived yesterday at Galbraith's. _ TRY a box of Perfection table salt, at Walker Bros.' _ ^ A OOOD Beatty organ for sale or to trade for a bicycle, Inquire at this office,— 17tf FOR the National Educational association meeting, to be held at Denver, July 5 to 12, the Chicago, Milwaukee^ St. Paul Railway company will sell excursion tickets to Denver, Colorado Springe, Manitou, or Pueblo, at rate of one lowest standard first-class fare plus $2, As agents for full' information as to fl.eta.U8.— t7 Boots and Shoes HAVE ADVANCED. '•.-.. • • But we are selling them cheaper than ever before. Look at our $4 Men's Shoe. We have the best $3 JLadies' Shoe in the city. High Shoes, Low Shoes, Tan Shoes, and Black Shoes, at prices that will meet all competition. Yours for • business, B, H, ANDERSON, Wanted, The undersigned having leased the Paragon Woolen Mills for a term of years is prepared to pay from 3 to 5 cents a pound, move j op W0 oi in oassi- roeree, blankets, JJannels, or yarns than be obtained &t your home market, f op samples and priees, Roll and carding a specialty, Address g. p.. West Mitchell, T9Wa. Look for It. Don't Miss to Try It Everyone Speaks Well of It. What is A choice assortment pf the finest , , , . CANDIES Ever brought to Algona, WHO SELLS IT? A JAMUS PATTEBSQN, Bole 4Kb:;, , ' < r PT" /, i WE ust w^nt 1j9 say a few? 16 aei &Uo«t porfets, We w* 8§lUng the Featherhone corset, - W.WJJ by a m\\\lpn well It will be to your interest to get our on WATRIt TANKS and T™" 1 " QAS PIPE and FITTINGS,'_ Rubber and

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