The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on June 19, 1895 · Page 6
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 6

Algona, Iowa
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Wednesday, June 19, 1895
Page 6
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ji&JL^^ An M5., his m •* Jane 16; ' tof Dr. ha§ " reached (this 1 tflEy dft his western tout, dl#- ,'dlisses a subject of {universal interest, via,; "Womatt'g 6b- bortunity," his text belfig: "She shall be 'Called woman." !>•>, • , - Gen. li., 21 • ; v r t38d (1 whb can make no mistake, made ahd Wdman (or a specific work and --....dVe' Mi particular sbheres-^mah to i'-c.bjs fegttant In his realm; woman to be ,, ddmlttslnt in hers. The boundary line v -fc*- .between Italy ahd Switzerland, between "^y England and Scotland, is not more thor- &8-A OUgWy marked than this distinction be•***«'*-">-i the empire masculine and the em- feminine. So entirely dissimilar in ;,kfe the fields to which God called them, i|y,i;that you can no more compare them hftf, than you can oxygen and hydrogen, Jft". water and grass, trees and stars. Ail **;;;.''this talk about the superiority of one j/,5,'' sex. to the other sex Is an exerlastlng ('*',', '.'Vaste of Ink and speech. A jeweler fe,i>', .may have a scale so delicate that he gS^can weigh the dust of diamonds; but |w<f, ^here'are the scales so delicate that 7-ypU can weigh In them affection against •affection, sentiment against sentiment, : thought against thought, soul against soul, a'man's* world against a woman's world? YoU come out with your stereo' typed remark that man is superior to -< woman in intellect; and then"! Open on \ my desk the swarthy,' Irontyped, thun- \ >der-bolted writings of Harriet Martl; neau and Elizabeth Browning, and 7 „ ,„ George Eliot. You come on with your sip-'/stereotyped remark about woman's su- ''" '-'pei'lority to man In the item of affection; but I ask you where was there more capacity to love than In John the disciple—and Matthew Simpson the bishop and Henry Martyn, the mission-, 'ary? The heart of those men was so V- „ large, that after you had rolled into It , _ ,two hemispheres, there was room still - ", lef t'to marshal the hosts of heaven, and set up the throne of the eternal Jeho- £ 'vali. I deny to man the throne Intellec- •i f •, tual. I deny to woman the throne affec- '}< - tlonall No human phraeseology will ,-V ever decline the spheres; while there is 1 ' an intuition by which we know when a ^'". man Is in his realm, and when a worn-, -''•, any Is in her realm, and when either of them is out of it. No bungling legislature ought to attempt to make a deflnl- •, tion, or to say: "This Is the line and O, that is' the line." My theory Is, that if I i . a woman wants to vote, she ought to ' l " •' yote, and that if a man wants to em- ).,!'' brolder and keep house, he ought to l) <' v be allowed to embroider and keep 'f house. There are masculine w°men and ,( ' there are effeminate men. My theory ' -, ls-that'"you have no right to Interfere with any one's doing anything that is righteous. Albany and Washington might as well decree by legislation how high a brown-thrasher should fly, ' or how deep a trout should plunge, as to .», try to seek out the height and depth C;-, of woman's duty. The question of capacity will settle finally the whole ques- ji' tion, the whole subject. When a wom- '] an Is prepared to preach, she will preach, and neither conference nor pres- " bytefy can hinder her. When a woman t is prepared to move in highest commercial 'spheres, she will have great influ- ence'pn the exchange, and no boards of I trade can hinder' her. I want woman to 'understand that heart and brain can ^'v * overfly 'any barrier that politicians ' ' .T--nifty set up, and that nothing can keep her back or keep her down but the question of incapacity. My chief anxiety Is, not that woman i have other rights accorded -her; but that she, by the grace of God, rise up to jthe appreciation of the glorious rights she already possesses. First, she has the right to make home happy. That - realm no one has ever disputed with , her, Men may come home at noon or at night, and then tarry a comparatlve- A 3y Jit'tle while; but she all day long gov- erns'Jt, beautifies it, sanctifies it. It is , -wjihin her power to make Jt the most ' attractive place on earth. It |s the only '"Calm harbor in this world. You know .. as well as I do, that this outside world 'and the business world, are a long ;,,scene of jostle and contention. The man who has a dollar struggles to keep rHjYthe man who has |t not struggles to , prices up. Prices down, kpss- ' 5 ->. ( eg, f ' pains. Misrepresentations. TJn- ;, ? dersellipg. Buyers depreciating; sajes- *"',pi en exaggerating. Tenants seeking > Jess ,rent; landlords demanding more Jes about office. Men who are in to keep in; men out trying to get •.•^mt r Blips,'* ,'Tumbles. Defalcations. 5; ,"t j j*an.le8, < Catastrophes. Oh, woman! IM" thank 1 , G9d you have a home and that 8S ''."yQW^ay,^ wn In it, Better be there &, ( 5j:h'ap, wear a Victoria's coronet, 44(Setter 1 .be there than carry the tv.p.urje pf a , princess. your ,^^.. T , may be humble, but you can, ftfey-ypw 1 faith In God, and your obeer- |&?%'ftgs of demeanor, gUd >t with splen- ss 'an upholsterer's hand There are abo4es }n two stories; fpur rooms; undesirable yet there is a, man the threshold rather Why? It is home. 'he thinly ot it he sees a#; ftyeii'arfl Jet 4°wn tp that Ufte' phjyiS"^ rowgh How is Your ; If 1$ If CfSifffiJIn'y;'-fel S-Btlf of «t§ te^plgey |fpr-MY^ia«ffliijeiRt ^mmmm^$w$mtt^fr ( ^m^f^m^m^ - fl™.Ju.1t..JTC 1 ™»_a to f«a«kSt!^Hgl4ft4ttet, lofli^ttofeS la i R6 ffaVe/ Bill afwtyf tbt6tfief--90btni l»f J'oUf itetl^ griefs, 66ffS6tifi^ 3r61lr ehrtdi^ft »a.ywtfaftefis, jeihiflg ift toti? IftfAhtite f&ertSi ligteftlilf fo »oiir 6vett* thf tifAjrerSi tdlHng fdr yOfl With needle Off ftt the" SfMnhtftgiwhefei, ahd ort Cold Wfht§ wfabtfftg you up-afttlg aHd Wrffi. Afid Iheh at last loh that day w"h6h she la^ in the back room dylnfr, and you Saw her take those, thin hands with $rhlch she had t&lied for you so iofig, fthd pttt thefti tof ether in a dylftg prayer that commended you to the (Jod wHoW •she had taught you to trust—Oh, she was lh<* {jUeeh! The chariots oJ God cahie doWh td f^teh her; arid as she wehl Up all heaveri rose tip. ¥ou feahnot thihk ot her now without a rush of teh« deffiess that Stirs the deefc foUhdatlotts of your soul, and you feel as much a child again as when you cried on her lap; and "if you could bring her back again to speak Just once wore your name, as tenderly as she Used to speak it, you would be willing to throw yourself on the ground and kiss the sod that covers her, crying: "Mother! mother!" Ah! she was the queen—she was the queen, Now, can you tell me how many thousand miles a woman like that Would have to travel down before she got to the ballot-box? Compared With this Work of training kings and queens for God and eternity, how insignificant seems all this work of voting for aldermen and common oouncllmen, and sheriffs, and constables, and mayors, and presidents! To make one such grand woman as I have described, how many thousands would you want of those people who go In the round of fashion and dissipation, going as far toward disgraceful apparel as they dare go, so as not to be arrested by the police—their ^behavior a sorrow to the good and a ^caricature of the vicious, and an Insult to that God who made them women and not gorgons, and tramping on, down through a frivolous and dissipated life, to temporal and eternal damnation. Oh, woman, wlth'the lightning of your soul.strike your feet all these allurements to dissipation and to fashion, Your Immortal soul cannot be fed upon such garbage. God calls you up to empire and dominion. Will you 'have It? Oh,' give God your heart, give .to God all your best energies; give to God all your culture; give to God all your refinement; give yourself to him, for this world and the next. Soon all thesS bright eyes will be quenched, and these voices will be 'hushed.. For. the last time you will look upo'n"thls fair earth.' Father's hand, mother's: hand,. sister's hand, child's hand will no more be In yours. It will be night, and there will come up a cold wind from the Jordan, arid you must start. Will it be a lone woman on a trackless moor? Ah! no. Jesus will come up In that hour arid offer his hand, and he will say: "You stood by me when you were well; now I will not desert you when you are sick." On.e wave of .his hand and the storm ,wlll drop; and another wave of his hand and midnight will break Into midnoon; and-'an-', other wave of his hand and the chamberlains of God will come down from the treasure-houses of heaven, with rob^S lustrous, blood-washed and heaven-glinted, in which you will array yourself for the marriage; supper of the Lamb." And then with Miriam, who struck the timbrel of the Red Sea; and with Deborah, who led the Lord's host into the flght; and. with Hannah, .who gave her Samuel to the Lord; and^wHh Mary, who rocked Jesus to sleep Awhile there were angels singing ii»,the''air; and with sisters of charity, who bound up the battle-wounds of the Crimea, you will, from the chalice'of.-G-od^drink to the soul's eternal rescue. ''..,. Your dominion is home, O woman! What a brave flght for home the women of 'Ohio made some ten or fifteen years ago, "when they banded together and In many of the towns and cities of that state marched In procession,'and by prayer and Christian, songs' shut up more places of dissipation than were ever counted.' Were they opened again? Oh yes. But riot a good thing to shut up the'gates of hell for two or three months? It seemed that men engaged in the business of destroying others did not know how to cope with, this kind of warfare. They knew how to flght the Maine liquor law, and they knew how to flght the National Temperance society and they knew how to flght'the Sons of Temperance and Good Samaritans; but when Deborah appeared upon the scene, Slsera took to his feet and got to the mountains. It seems that they did not know how to contend against "Coronation," and "Old Hundred," and "Brattle Street," and "Bethany," they were so very intangible, These men found that they could not accomplish much against that'kind of warfare, and in one of the cities a' rugiment was brought out all armed to disperse the women. They came down In battle array; but oh, what poor euc-f cess! for that regiment was made up of gentlemen, and gentlemen do not like to shoot women with hymniUooks in cheir hands,- Cjh, they tound that gun. ning for female prayer-meetings was a' very poor business! No real damage was done, although there was threat of violence after threat of violence all over the land- I really think if the women of the ea?t had as much faith In God as thejr sisters of the wesj'had, and the same recklessness of human criticism, I really believe that in one month three»fourtbs of the grog-shops of our cities would be closed, §nd there woujd be running through the gutters pf the streets. Burgundy, and Cognac, and HeidsJek, &ad pja port and Sehi?dam. Schnapps, and lajrer beer, and you wp;uJ4 <avef t yo«r fathers, ' and. your- nujbanjs, an4 ypw 1 epns, froro aq4runSsar4'8 grave, arid f, frpm a,^Hnkar4's beus Te this. " , Sftd delve Ih the ttifte, aK(J 6we1t«f tftfe forte?" but neitfegfr ifee" fgfffife fio'f tfce fobes did tfffey Jftft ««. Ahd 1 wandered In the sllbUrbs'find t Sai'el; ?'Wfi6re do they bnry^ ifee de£d 61 IBIS ife-fit city?" and 1 iddke'd'atoflf fey 1 tte hiils where it Wdtiid fie ttcfst b«a!rtrful for the dead to steep, «fid I sa# ftaSt'leS and towns, aftd battlemsffrii bitt ftol a mausoleum n6r WOflUm^ht r nbf w^fta Slab could i See. Ahd i went irtto the great chapel of thg ttfWn, and 1 said: 'Where do the poor worship? where are the benches on which they sit?" ahd a Vdlee answered i "We 1 have rto f)6br irt this great city." Afid t Wfthdered out,Seeking to flHd the place whefe' wer^' the hovels of the-destitute; and I fouhd mansions of amber and ivory and goldj but no tear did 1'See ur sigh hear, t was bewildered, ahd 1 sat UHder the shadow of a great tree, and'l safdi "What am 1, and whence comes ail this?" And at that moment there canitf from among the leaves, skipping Up'the flowery paths and across the, sparkhtitf waters, a Very bright ahd sparkling group; and when I saw their step X knew It, and when I heard their voices I thought I knew them; but their ap» parel was so different from anything 1 had ever seen, I bowed a stranger to strangers. But after awhile, when they clapped their hands and shouted: "Wei" cornel welcome!" 'the mystery waa solved, and I saw that time had passe;! and that eternity bad come, and that God had gathered us up Into a higher home; and I said; "Are.we all here?" and the voices of Innumerable genern- tions answered: "All here;" and while tears of gladness were raining down our cheeks, and the/branches of Lebanon cedars were clapping, their hand*, and the towers of the great city were chiming their welcome, we began ta laugh and Sing, and leap and shout: "Home! home! home!" .Then I felt a child's hand on my face, and It woke me.- The children wanted to play more. Children always want to play more. rf m& 'fid iftft Messteg* A SCARCITY IN CAMPHOR. Moths May Benefit by the Chinese War If Thin' Upuff Disappear!. One unappreciated effect of the. war between China and Japan Is that there t ls bound to be a dearth of camphor In the world for some months, or perhaps'even years to come. In Eng- land'the Imports of that odorous drug have fallen off to'less than five thousand packages for the first four months of this^ear, as against 18,000 packages' received from Jan. 1 to Aprfl" 30, 189t. From Japan and China a goodly pro- P0rtlon f of the camphor used by the medical world and In domestic economy comes, though the camphor tree, or .camphor laurel, Is cultivated to some extent In Formosa, Java'and the West Indies. The dearth pf this popular drug means considerable, as Its' uses aije far-reaching and its Importance Is>. great. That skinful chemist of France, Raspll, recpjtnme'nds camphor a^ one of the chief fjpeclflcs for the cure of many •ailments. For fainting ,,flts, gout and rheumatism, sprains, bruises ,and chilblains, and as a cure for hys- 'terla and a remedy against epilepsy, hardly, anything else found as useful. Of all the community moth's< Will be the most benefited,. A witty Englishman recently said? that these pestiferous insects much prefer costly foreign a regular article t-f diet. Without camphor the housewife Is likely to have an exceedingly hard time. A substitute for it in moth matters it would" bp -difficult 'to find. Tar pa,per has never been especially effective and has never reached a high point of popularity. Two gpod substances which can take the place of camphor on a pinch 'It Is a good plan t'o mention, as It Is quite likely that later on they Will be of value to the housewife, Bitter apples, dried and broken up into small pieces, are even more efficacious than camphor, and they post less In the long run. Black pepper, well sprlnklod over the articles that are to be put away, wlU render then) - practically moth proof, provided they are well shaken out first. A. Girl's Story, of Lincoln. I thought I would send you an anecdote concerning President Lincoln that I never have seeri printed before, Years ago, when my papa was a little boy, and Abraham Lincoln was a poor young man practicing law in Woodford county, during court week at Metamora grandpa brought him home to supper. It wag a cold, stormy, Monday night, and grandma hurried around getting supper, and thought she would have something extra, so she opened a jav of preserved peaches. When they ,sat down to eat grandma dished the peaches out three to a person, It seemed, to take Abraham Lincoln a long time to eat a peach, and he did not finish it either. So as soon as he had finished his supper and gone into another room grandma went to his dish to see why it was he hadn't eaten, and there she found she had given him the Jittle muslin sack with the peach kernels and spice iifH instead of a peach- Grandma hurried into the other room to apojOf gipe to Mr, Lincoln, and he said to h,er; "That's all right, Mrs. Perry, my mother used the same thing, and is was no good that I wanted to get all the ^ulce out of it,'"—Frankie Perry, in Chicago Tribune, Owl. The owl made a bow 4s I passed where she sat— A very small owl— She bowed this . way and go I UffeiJ my hat. PJd she Jupf bob her When the suu hurt her eyes? ' . If* ' 4 WesWflf ndttsiftlf Seelifteii id Edisoli's' ^6*6. ' i All teeted fey law recog^izfe the fact £ht« ^ti trits aw aet ttnijf wdf tft ^ thai thejf require .ffdtsetlett good «tf the people. . Sy p theft the pijbile pratedts ttsell. coverles that iacrease the comforts life and lessen its tnlfdens ftfid, d gets are the restilt of brains, stud.f and genius, abd there is & premium trains tli* world f«e Wt thfi 61 Every discoverer is entitled to the fruits of his labor, genius and skill. It is enough that he places his discovery within the reach of the people. Ho need not make a partner of the public or a confidant of the profession. The case in point is a discovery which is annually brightening 1 the lives of THOUSANDS. Of VVOMEX, a discovery which) according to their own written statements, has rescued over 00,000 women.. from conditions of hopeless despondency and despair and brought thenv happiness and health. This discovery Is legally protected as Dr. Plerce's Favorite Prescription. It i^ not a patent medicine^ but its name and individuality are. for the benefit of all, protected against pirates and humbugs. It is the discovery of Dr. R. V. Pierce, of Buffalo, N. Y., Chief Consulting Physician to the Invalids' Hotel and Surgical Institute. Why shouldn't^ women use it? Its discoverer is a regularly qualified physician who has made the treatment of ailments peculiar to women a life study and a life specialty; 'His thirty years' practice in this special field, during which he with his staff of specialists have successfully treated hundreds of thousands of cases, has afforded him opportunities enjoyed by •no one else for dispqy.ei^og the right methods and the right remedies. That he should, for his own protection and the protection of his patients who are scattered all over the globe, take advantage of that law 'of .which every inventor in other fields avails himself, is neither unpi-ofessional nor imbusiness-like. It's good, sound, common sense. One reason that women suffer in silence' agonies that would make A COWARD OF MAN is because her inborn modesty causes hereto shrink from the ordeal of submitting to medical examination and the stereotyped "local treatment." When, finally, torture drives her to seek advice, she, unfortunately, only too often falls into hands that lack the rare ability upon which her peace of mind, her happiness, and her life depend. Instead of the treatment that makes thousands of cures a certainty and failure almost an unheard-of accident, she receives that which makes failure d certainty anil the cure a mere accident. No woman, who is tired of suffering, tired of doctoring, or tired of life, should fail to write Dr. Pierce, or to the World's Dispensary Medical Association. of Buffalo, N. Y., of which he is president. She will receive';, free of charge, good, sound, professional advice that will enable her to cure herself at home (if her case is curable.) pleasantly, painlessly, permanently, arid this, too, without having to undergo the trying ordeal of "examinations" and the stereotyped and dreaded treatment by ''local applications;" If her case is really incurable,- she will be told so plainly. But Dr. Pierce's records, covering hundreds of thousands of cases, prove that there are not three incurable cases in a hundred. A GI1KA,T HOOK FIIEK. When Dr. Pierce published the first edition of his work, The People's Common Sense Medical Adviser, he announced that after 080,000 copies had been sold at the regular price, y . 50 per copy; the profit on which would repay him for the great amount of labor and money expended in producing it, he would distribute the next half million free. As this number of copies has already been sold, lie is now distributing, absolutely free, 500,000 copies of this most complete, interesting and va-1- *. --- * uable common sense COUPON m e d i c a 1 work ever yo, 101. published —the reeip- * -- * ient only being required to mail to him, or the World's Dispensary Medical Association, of ljuffalo, N.'Y,, of wh.ich he is president, this little COUPON NUAWEH with twenfcy'one (gl) cents in op'ejcent stamps to pay for postage and packing only, and the bopk will oe sent by mail, Jt is a veritable medical library, complete in one volume, It contains over J.OOO pages and more than 30Q illnst rations, Several finely lilus,- trated chapters are devoted tp the careful consideration, in. plain language, of diseases peculiar to wpmen and their s,upce%sfnl toome'treatroent with-put t/he aid cf a phygipJan and without. having to submit JEQ dreaded "examinations" and the stereotyped "local applications," I>Q repulsive to .the modest »nd JHstJy beo^iliye w Free Edition is precisely tl»§ thatwWftt JU50 escent- qijly the bppk§ are imund. m strong paper ( <?ay?rs iasteafl.sf $9$, $Q!9r,,bfti$Efi>aU gjl-e gjyfi^ away, that -, file gdoiegicat taUt* ft to'W ««• grofttfttti «fl Ifai .fcWtfWtftllVllf ait* dthtf #fa*e, fee tfvflffl. fWt *>* the «if affe faMtt in fftft Bwtogiai Gar- dfcftS has not blieli teMht§d by mm ftdnvwiiieh tfc§ bu-iidifig H6 Mttiej ftttd ttf 8ott6 Utie it was cot- sideM ver y doubtful that the Society would be able td bbtain another spci* theft, OWing to tha increasing Scarcity and the" difficulty of canning and traits' poftitig the giraffe. 6ne that was brought over sOtte yeaf-a ago was foufid, on arriving, to be bound tit ffom head to foot in flaflftel bands and looked Very much like a, inUffitoy; thia eiie has not beeH indulged to that extent, bufc seems none the worse for ltd Voyage, 1 ' It is supposed to be the flrat example of the large darkly blotched kind ever seen in Europe; it cotttes from South Africa; the previous specimens were from northern tropical Africa and were paler in color. It is a young animal, thought to be about a year old; it stands over ten feet high, and is therefore attaining maturity. Some considerable difficulty was experienced in passing the tall box in which it was confined under railway bridges; however the tenant is now safely lodged in its quarters, and seems very happy and comfortable, regarding with great interest the crowd of spectators and artists who generally surround it, The attendants are anxious to give the animal a grooming, but the giraffe entertains contrary opinions on the sub* ject, and any attempt for the present would be frustrated by kicks of no gentle kind. TEETH WORTH $7,BOO. A Convict Trurtcs Valuable Information for a Set. A well-known firm .of bankers in London has just made a profitable investment. Some time ago a man who had defrauded them of a.'large sum of money was taken into custody, convicted, and sentenced to a long term of penal servitude. The prison fare did not. agree with a man who had by means of fraud lived on the fat of the land, says London Tidbits. The change affected him in many ways, but he complained more particularly of the effect the food had'upon his teeth. They were not! numerous or in 1 goocl-condi- tion when he was sentenced, and as they rapidly became worse he applied to the governor of the prison for a new set. He was told that the government did not supply prisoners with artificial teeth, and at the first opportunity he wrote -to the banking firm in ques- J.lon, offering, if they would send him a new set, to give some valuable in^ formation. Thereupon the bankers, thinking the offer might be a genuine one, sent the governor of the prison a check for £5,. and asked him to provide the convict with a set of artificial teeth. In due course the convict kept his promise and sent the bankers certain Information, by means of which they were enabled to" recover no less than £1,500 of which they had been defrauded. They naturally regarded this as the best investment they had ever made, but it proved -oven better than anticipated, for they have just received from the prison authorities a remittance for £1, the teeth having cost only £4. • • s mat bleoi p. l its ffigf it by a fedof d 8l»df* iffl iB Hlfidical hUtbMr, With i pWfg Hch blobd yOtl will b8 well and S O not hegleet thia ifti{r6rtant ta It take ftood'g Sftfaafifti-illafloW^ Hood's Ptite fi^SBB "FH1GHEST AWARB* WORLD'S PAIR. * THE PREPARED SOLD EVERYWHERE. JOHN CARLE & SONS t New Voric. ._ von OKK AfttlUft Ifffinte Canted. THK ADDISON LANDOOM- AUlllB flgclllS 1'ANY, liox 6, South Oln&h*. Neb. DEMPSTER MILL MFC. CO., I)ER MnlXKS. Munlifncturers and Jobbers of Wlna Mills. Pump), TunkB. Weil Boring Machinery, Tools and Huppilus. Anytlilnn In Farmers' Wator Supply. WANTED--LADY AGENTS^ In every town to nejlonr Safety Medicine i used ten yearn in, physicians' prlvatq practice. Addresn, utat- ing experience, Box 184, A. 8»«1NJD1SL. & CO.* Topeka, Knnaas, Dollar Wheat. Everything Indicates much higher : whelit prices. Last 'year's" crop surplus vrus fed to the hogs. Furmers and millers ore now out of wheat. This year's crop Is a dismal failure. The chinch Vn;g and Hessian fly have eaten It. Froct, drojght und hot, winds Have bla-tetl It. Harvest is about to,tegln and will show a crop failure. Europe's rye crop is two hundred million bu. short. They will have to make whito bread from our wheat. Make Big Money .wheat before the blg.ndyanco sure to come. Send for our , ruEB explanatory booklet and Market Letter. VALENTINE & CO., _ 21 Traders' Bid*., Chicago. WELL MACHINERY " Illnstrated cntalotTuo ehcnrine WELL ATJGEBS, BOCK DRILLS, HyDBATJLIO AND JETTING MAOBINEBT, etc. S»HT FBEB. Have been tested and all warranted. Sioux City Engine & Iron Works, • Successors to Poch Mfg. Co., Sioux City, lown. • THE UOWEW. A Oiuaii MACIIISKIIT Co., 14 U We t Eleventh Street, Kansas Olty, Mo.' tliiry JJI,001>, roiSOKhpotmanently ' loured In 16 to 36 days. Toucan be treated at Ihomo 1 or same price under sumo gaaran- I ty. It you prefer to come here we will contract to pay railroad t aroand hotel bllle.and no oil urge, It we fall to cure. If you have taken mercury, fodido potash, and etlll have aches and pains, Mucous Patches In mouth, Sore Throat, Plinplos, Copper Colored Spots, Ulcers on any purt of the body, Jialr or Eyebrows falling: out, It Is this Secondary IILOOD POISON wo guarantee to cure. Wo solicit the most obstinate cases and challenge the world for a case we cannot euro. This disease has always baffled the skill of the most eminent physicians, 8500,000 capital behind our unconditional iranrantr. Absolute proofs sent sealed on application. Address COOK REMEDY CO.. 307 Masonic Temple, CHICAGO, ILL. Cut out und soud this advertisement,. An Indispensable Hen and Booster, • Our real American bird Is the turkey, | and a lordly fellow he Is when arrayed in all his pride., But though he has not" lacked advocates, he is .not likely to take the place of the eagle in our national devices. When it comes to merit of the highest order the first of all birds beyond comparison is the hen. It adds to the wealth of the country every year in eggs alone $135,000,000, or about the combined value of our output of iron and wool, The hen in England ia a great institution, and. yet that country imported $22,000,000 worth of eggs and poultry last year. Nobody ever complains of an overproduction of eggs, arid they are a cash article. J3ut no political economist has ever thought the hen worthy of his scientific consideration. The world cou,ld easily survive the loss of all political economists, but what a stir there would be if the hen should be thealened with extermina- '•ion! Ami They Were Married, 1 A young man. at the Grand Central station heard a young lady Jn advance of him, at the ticket office, ask for a ticket for Troy, which was ajso his destination, She dropped a cpin, which he picked'up and returned to her, On the train they became acquainted, and that very evening, at Troy, they were married,—New York Weekly, f His Divorced Mrs. Grace Broomhead acte4 as bridesmaid to Miss Clara Qrege«'y, the pther day, in qhjeago, when she became, the w}fe Qf Alfred Brpomhead, The. clergyman remarked that b.rjaes,ma4d a B d groom bore tbP gftrae name, "Qh, yes," answered, tfce bfjde§mai4; "bvjt Jt geo,yoted for. >j $m. h}a dj. w|fe." ' ' Aj'Smith Q'P'T'Ail '.. ^£-1. cvci^nd.r $ls»3s It is not Panadise, If you have some cash to spare and are willing to work, financial independence cannot be mqre surely secured than by buying a few acres of Irrigated land jn Salt River Valley, This valley is in Southern, Arizona, and is noted, | e r • floe semHropicftl superior 9li«ftte. ^^ urjsts say thai gFflater , _„ can pe realige^i h«re from Sfd P ao^l,Kf 08 «SS?Jf' '• % J I ~-<.ft 'lrM8»bWM^is» Jim *. f A li O.C'FT^TT?'*^* . iSTjH^a^ M -^M^KMimm

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