Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on March 29, 1946 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 29, 1946
Page 4
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^^ pj *»*nr,;sj - "-'"terafrc::? ' HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Blondic FrMay, Mottti 29, 1946 Mnreh 29, 1946 By Chick Young •IF-'I GAM WALK ACROSS THIS RAlUEh-L S4VE -MOVING "fHAT HEAVY LADDER &?M«?*®B/^?~rr^--:r HOW DID NOLI KNOW I WAS JUST ABOUT TO 1^ CAL* YOU TO DINNER DEAR? JUST A MANS INTUITION <»~3£ •3S«*rfe. Side Glances By Galbraith COPR. 1944 BY NEA SERVICE, INC. T. M. REO. U. S. PAT. Off. . MODEST Trademark Rtihltred U. S. Patent OIBcc f'Pretty lucky for me I flunked a couple of years back in high jichool-^now I'm in the same classes Avith =some ; ;of > •• * - ^ihe nicest ^var'-veterans!" " -?unny Business By Hershberger %« ^lL_ "/jttrt couldn't resist.them,-iliey^med"to^e~ eighty points apiece!" " —' Freckles and His Friends By Blosser LOATHSOMi, ACrUALlY/ Jfe*N-HAWS- ) ^" -C WEEK? n-X. CHARM?. MAVBE WE DON'T DRESS RISHT / MAYBE AMBULATF AROUND TOO MUCH IN THESE •RUMPUS RAGS/, "We'll have to do something—he's copvinc after Junior!" •-i$?m e - . - , ; ,,^.:--::,'. -.•--.;;: : I KMOW, GIRLS WE MOTHS WILL. TURN INTO BUTTERFLIES / -T WE'LL HAVE TO,' / To HANDLE THOSE k_ JOE CORNS/ J;' IS THE BELL FOR THE SECOMD ROUNP 0 • S YA/W.COJVilN 1 COWKJ "-7'AFTER • YAJ—- popeye ''• DON'T KNOW I TOOKED ALL'A IRON OUT OF HIS SPINACH.'/ Thimble Theater ^30QP HEAVENSfffl <& Out Our Way By J. R, Williams Our Boarding House With Major Hoople TH' BULL OF TH' WOODS VISITIN' OTHEE PATIENTS HERE \<=> TOO MUCH LIKE HEARIM' TH 1 HARD LUCK. STORIES OF SPOILED JOBS IM A «•*>--. BY TH TIME THEV RUSH HIM THROUGH THE ASSEMBLY LIME FOR HIS OWM AILMENTS, YOU'D THIMK HE'P HAVE EMOUGH SHOP WITHOUT LOOKIN 1 FOR (3ROAMS, i s III ••'•• "««y -*~ • •• * <*- TUP FAMILIAB, SOLJWP5 ESAU ^^ARTH^/ FEAST YOUR. 0^ TWS TRIUMPH OP ART/-— HOW ^UlNiG IT /XT ANi SALE-^-A LA^AP T. RECO6NM2ED AS ROPERTV OF AM OUD "HE EMIR. OP . .TetL. VOO STOP/? THAT ATROCITY \MAS INi OUR. ATTIC 2O VEARS-**-X GAME IT TO THE RUBBISH MRr4 UAST ViEEK/-«- MOVW TAKE IT AWFW BSFORe 1POTA |OO-\MATT NMMfXTSO BUMP Olsi YOUR HE BID A . QUARTER; . M080DVBLSE; 1 IT- 3-ii (/I 2t was buile clear that Ikon did not want me nteddling 1 In the pfce^case. It was not quite clear whv. /•P-VqSOOD EVENING,VSHE'S DANCING" , >/MAD/\M. YOU H.WITH ARCH GRADE. •'' HAVEN T SEEN ANY-) I'M AIMA IKON. ^THINGOFALADy/jSITDOWN, YOU VE'BEEN TALKING TO DADDY ABOUT DICE'S MURDER, HAVEN'T YOU? FATHER WAS NOT VERY COOPERATIVE, MISS IKON. / YOUR FATHER-tR-ADVIStD \( YES,VIC. STAY INA /ME STRONGLY NOT TO CONCERN MOUR NICE LITTLE I MYSELF ABOUT DICE'S TAKING OFF.) OFFICE. IT'S \HAVE YOU ANY SUGGESTIONS? ,X5AFER THERE. ^ ~^Zz£*- —— ^sC CLASSIFIED • All Want Ati cf hi " ce Day Before Publication On; I... . «.... kl MM "THE . 2c word. mlnlmum 30 C Slx . 3./ a c word. mini*™ 50^ On, • Sc word, minimum 7S e 18c word, minimum $i.7o For Sole C O T T O N PLANTING Sttloo" first year from breeder. Corn \\. nation 1)0 per cent. See T. s. Me. A STRANGER TO THE OTHER NEW£»EN~ <nJ SMAG VANTIS- PUTS HIS C?UeSTION,, VW ARE VOLI SURE VNO. BUT WE SHE IS YOUR MISSING \ KNOW IN OUR DAUGHTER. MRS. SASSO'A HEARTS THAT I MEANi WERE THERE ) SHE IS OUR ANV BIRTHMARKS OR L EVA ! * SCARS TO POSITIVES I05NTIFV HER NO ' TWO DAVS AGO I NEVER ORE AWED THE WORLD COULD BE SO BEAUTIFUL,' FATHER*».CONT LET MS WAKE UP I/ I fed?THATSAJ ' \tNSEDEOTJ X KW ™" - __ * SECOND M i n Mcnls , , nddi »« d- Store. ONh; SMALL COOK~STOvl-r~rw6 healers, one cabinet, one safe __ TWO PIECE " iiiviNG~~RoOM suite upholstered with sprinu, Good condition. Phone 071-,']' JMsuwoocI & 01 h Streets. 27-31 ^ Roucar ~ tmd loiiKlhs. I J honc 707. Real Estate for Sole Ar ,;!, J . N , K J V ' COI *NKR PLACE ON Third Street. Broadway of Arner- 21! x 73 ft. Store BuU H,^ quarters in rear Modern x living New modern servants quarters i" back yard. Priced to sc 1 ,1 Auent C ' B ' Tylcr< Exchlslvc 1^± ___ ___ 23-Ot THREE ROOM HOUSE FIVF acres land on highway 07 east near overpass. Owner will be here few clays. See C. G. Cooper next door to Old Mclrose ehiirel on Spring Hill road or wrile same Gen. Del. Camdon, Ark . _ 28-31 State AAU Ring Tourney Ends Tonight Lille Rock, March 29 — f/p) _ Nineteen individual and three earn champions will be crowned n the finals of tho Arkansas AAU jo.xing tournament at Hobinson auditorium tonight. . A record crowd of 2.000 or more is expected to watch the cream of no stale s amateurs finish tho leather tossing Ihcy began here n -nek ago. Leading conlenders for team honors are North Little Rock in .he open class. Camp Robinson in ; he novice bracket and Little Rock i, , !',I -'" lhc s P ec 'al weights, ' " ' the -L 0 . 1 *! S T A *' H ° p *' ARKANSAS Mo.ire Bn,. s . SEAR IS CIRCLING- FOR A HE'S GOT KILL 9HE1U CHARGE / HIS I SVKEN THE FIRE5 ^_^f FROM THE I9M. tfill Minrv TioJiictloftl ..,-•, I'M 5UKE V^' A ^ ! SHE'S A LUCKY &IRL, 1 CRAZY ABOUT / I'P BE PRETTY HAPPY IF SIXTY... THERE'S / ALLEY WOULD SET POETIC NOTHING I ABOUT ME... ONLY 1 CAN'T WOULDN'T PO K IMAGINE THAT Bl© LUNK- FOR HER /V, HEAP 6ETTIN6 POETIC ABOUT AMYTHIM& OH, YOU'RE HIS OWE-AMD-ONLY, ALL RIGHT... ONLY HE JUST HASMT SAIP SO! '•i-ri MOW Of s yS7, <S>=>-H^>-^^-^-^. , ft r THEU FALL SOMEWHERE) ' M j ELSE/ AKID LEMME UP/ /- I-I'M AFRAID \:/ FIRST, I'LL N-NEVER/( YOU GOTTA TO r-V PRACTISE f B-BE A ^'(STAVI^OKI \-YOUR HORSE/j ^o \ •"**»• jVOlY/ 1 tt'AS ?HAK-|N' "T TOO ' LIKE A LEAF-...I THOUGHT BAR gJT I'P MISS HER---SHB'$ A / SHE BAP ONE, SCOKM/ CHEEP ICE KREEM TESTIO/ i wu f o ' CH£EP iCE KREEM SHOULD BE TESTIO/ I WILL TEST Yo KONE FREE OF CHARGE/ FOUR-WIIKEL TRAILER FOP «rn m n "'', „"'!?»«'»>•. Good tires. $fiO. lM-cd Martsfiekl, 1(108 \v Ave _£l _27-:it 11)37 CHEVROLET AUTOMoFlLE Koocl condition. Bnrirjiin Ph^iw» 1 fl01 T T r« i-i •'*>(-,"'ii. i IHJIK! " MM n Knntllc. BOa South '___!__ ' 27-31 1033 V-8 FORD COACH, M"oTOR j> oyoi hauled, fair tires. See il Eai-lio McWilliams. 3 miles oul __on ^Patmos road. 28-3t SrJOWKR CABINET CcSMPrl^Tr Phone 1125 between 8 a.mVand _jLli- ni j 23 -31 FRIERS FOR SALE. W Ibs. Price $1 each. Sec Mayo, West Avc. B. ONE LARGE EUiCTR:ic Jtngeralor, one pro-war B pj OCQ -I'roslcd Oak dining room suit" •) ""d two Radiant K!IS heaters: M inn r^ 00 ! 1 ? alll|-d i'y or Sunday —__-___ J ' jaK ^ccond Street. 28-:it TWO LATE MODEL slNcTii , im machines, One Vendix B. Guar^ aiilocd. C. W. Yancey Sin''",- (M J^ 1 ;, r ' 13 South Walnut', Phono SIX ROOM HOUSE ACROSS street from the Court House __ l'°>' (1 I orterfiold. ZR-G ONE .LOT A'N]rWAR.EHOUSE;"5 It. front by 175 ft. back. $31 .month income. Would like to sell fit once. $1100 cash. L. C. Turner, Phono 222 from 0 a.m I, 1.2 noon. " 28-3t '". "ew colored Sliovcr Village Addition just east Verger High Schoo Buy now. choice lots availab c. Cash or terms. Kostcr- 108 East Second. Phone 28-31 Wonted to Buy WE BUY HOUSEHOLD FURNI- lure, one piece or more. Any amount. What have you? Phono »'"• 11 1 Wonted to Rent THREE ROOM FURNISHED A- partmcnt for light housekeeping f Apply Schooley's Store. Phone ^_.J8-I--11, Mr^ J.E. Schooley. 2-tf Opportunities Offered WANT TO BUY A 1940-41 OR'42 model Ford or Chevrolet. Buck W . ll!l;i ms, IOC South Walnut Street l j nono ()60. 17-tf Lost BONE HOUND, HAS VAC- (•malion collar on. 4 vnar old Answers to name "Red" Reward for return to Monroe 'Kont Patmos, Rt. l. .m, ; BIRD DOG, WI-HTE AND BLACK spoiled. $5 reward. Phone O-F-3 •J- B. Rowe. 27-31 Lost or Strayed Champions in the eight open divisions — flyweight through heavyweight - will represent Arkansas on 1 '^^^ 01 " 11 " 1 " 0111 al BOS " Man O'War 29 Years 0!d Today -,=.....• K >' ; . March 29— (U i-j nf"hn,' 0 "•''• th< ? B1 ' atld Old mo » 01 "O'-fci- rucing. became 29 inrtn-,, without fanfare—a birthday by the sin- a huge spray of red roses on h, s stable door and the flock 1o s A hn,r , o sec m Absent from the buff and green- tnmmed stable whore "Bii' Red"' is lak,n« it easy in the late years of his hfe was Will Hnrbut. aged ' M;,; Man O'Wa bccn was nine. nne. Harbut sutfercd a stroke last m k m hich , temporarily blinded urn, although some- of his sight had been regained. Patrick ' °- i S ? m R!ddle ' s >, ! ;- lld hoWL1 ver that Harbi \j— ——•--• 9 Distance ners on &> HOME AND AUTO SUPPLY Storcs-Frnnc.iisc and niorchun- (liso Mvail.'imc now Tor new As- sociulo Siurus. Write or wire Kenyon Aulo Stores, Dallas l' rexna - 10.2m Services Offered OF bookkeepers will keep your books ... lor only «il p Gr week. Mail card • -'today lor information on this •^V/'T'i 0 " ow service. Dollar- A-Weok Bookkeeping Service. 304 P & M Building, Tcxarkana ; REGISTERED SPENCER COR- selierc, individually designed corsets, brassiers, men and' women s surgical supports. Mrs. Ruth Dox.ier. 318 North Kim St Hope, Ark. Phono 144-J. 20-lm Notice BLACK MARE. BLAZE FACE two white front feet, coming 8 year old. Reward for return to Andrew SuUon, Rt. 3, Hope. Box 38. 27-31 Help Wanted TWO EXPERIENCED COOKS two experienced waitresses' must have health certificate Telephone 1125 between H a m' and 5 p.m. 21!-3t Fights Last Night By Tho Associated Press ™f lv ldolp iV :l ~ Pcrk Daniels, ^ui, New } ork, outpointed Willie Ihomas, 218, Philadelphia, H Portland Mo. - Eddie Lctour- 1-2, San Ford, knocked Bangs, 148, Cambridge, Hof. Springs, March 29 — (/p) - 'iio distance performers wore t. compete in ;, niik-and-70 yard tcs tca tcaturecl on - cs Oaklawn Pafk's p?o a gram today as tho spring " WHV WOT? ISXI THINK ME IS, IN HE TONeUE- THAT RESPECT...! TIED? WHY / CAM TELL- YOU CAN'T HE J HOW I FEBL LIKE ) ABOUT SIX-TV... BUT VOU? /I TELLING HER 19 SOMFTHIM'3 EtSE' ,'E'S WOTHIMG / OH,MO.. ONW S'OU'D MOT DO FOE. / THOSE WHO SIXTY... EXCEPT TELL ARE MOT HER!.' MY -STARS, \ fON&UE-' BUD, ARE ALL A. TIEP.' fS MEM DOPES? J V -~_,J.VT, 1 1 ..mm wim i-mil w»3V v'f -VTW^G.' WA ']/ til \ a-i* h CQ[=H IP.-.'. |jv HfA_grt>VICC. .INC. T, M _gEG..y. 6. PAT. OFF. SEE 1DKAL FURNITURE STORK for better furniture and better bargains. Phone 47G. 14-lm IF YOU NEED GRAVEL SAND or dirt, call 712-J. Quick delivery. 15-1 mo. Bayonne, N. J. — LOU Prince, i»-' , r '" ccton ' outpointed Pete Mirabella, 132J-2, Brooklyn, 8 By United Press , l ? n .^! nnc l!;P. - ?. c "'-y Jordan, .Prominent in the strong barn and tavorccI by lh c off track eondi imns was Mrs. A. M. V Creech' Tawny Lady, reported in peal form and entered light at 10' ids. bne was learned in an en ..with Icanc, four-year-old filh with one win io her credit Also expected to be factors ir the race were J. Stuart's The Sher >'< who .just missed earning brae ; in hie i.,.,i .,rc....i. ,-, h IJl '"' and Mrs ifJ, who just missed earning bra< hols m his last effort; Emcrv an Ivarl s veteran Corydon, and Mi" ij. ^1-1. ihompson's Fade. FOR ESTIMATES ON AWNINGS and Venetian blinds write Ri'ley Cooper, 190!) West 17lh Street, J.exarl;ana, Texas. 13-2m Wanted b V AV\\Ki\<i V\O L StViSt NV O06S OO6S 50,000 RATS TO KILL WITH GILLS rat killer. Harmless to anything but rats and mice. Guaraii- _i e J:! > _ Focclcl ' s Sl| PPly Co. 28-3w BY CENTURY~BTRLrTci7ASS~OF First Methodist Church, 20o' men Sunday, March 31. 1840. 20-'H ' " 139 1-2, New York. Bobby Rufffii', (10). 11? 1 'A'lF' N ' A 7 ' ~ Norman Rubio, wSi^"® Si,,Trff.r ™»> n ,, • . ono oih',"r PO !'- li < n{ ' P'^fi""" Includoc one other distance test and six sprints, with two of the latfo oJHh- t01 'n n ?, aiden tt'-eo-yoar-o ds st-U, rl.r . -H ° f lho Wodvicw the fi •, m i ° d M' X olllcr ] '°utors in up ie.iturcd mile and a sixteenth bv° nT? l T° y cstor «Jny Hidden mid in nn r C °T' Quib ' s B ""y pad itKUSO for $2 and was timed over a muddy stri - n , 5 and First M;Uo YOUR MILITARY OCCUPATIONAL SPECIALTY MEANS GOOD PAY IN THE REGULAR ARMY! EGAD/ I D-DO PRACTISE- Y'SEE MY OWE AMBITICW 15 T GREAT SIR OAKY OOAKS/ / For ELECTRIC SERVICE Day Phone 413 Night Phone 1015-J We Specialize in MOTOR REWINDING BARWICK'S Electric Service 114 E. Third St. MOS JOB Translator . . . Accountant . . ' ' J?o Administration Specialist' 502 Information Center Operator. 510 DOSIC .... 591 Giiord Patrolman . . '522 Duty NCO. .....' HI Finance Technical Clerk . 622 Finance Typist Clerk , 623 Finance Clerk ... 624 " Grades 5,4,3,2 4,3,2 1,3,2 S 6 6 5 4,3,2 5,4 5,4 l s P^Qs5 in ho post-war Regular Army. n ^ hol<l . a " A ™V military occupa- nal speciality (MOS), then lice's us an eWS ' Th f Y° r ^Parlment has lust announced that men who were honorably discharged from tho Army enlisT S, IT M S* '?' l945 ' m °V n?w enlist m the Regular Army in their quali ded specialties. You will receive a grade depending upon the length of muo , a , Y ,° U holt1 your MOS You must act before Juno 30, 1945 it you ulnH ll° kC aclvanla 3° °f this oppor tunity. || means excellent training and experionre in n ..killed Irade whirii will prepare you for a future career I means security and good pa/ as well as the fines) in lood, rlolhing P d u cation and travel. You will he ciiven he complete delails without any oh igation at tho U. 5. Army Recruit "ig Station, 215 Post OKico B «Jg Tcxarkana, Ark. °" J 9-. The curtain will be dropped on ho spnn« moclinK tomorrow with the runni, 1R of the $10,000 added Arkansas Derby. Twenty-foil,"outs anding threo-year-olds are ehfi be for (he 12 horse field. Mr. Lnairman, Reynolds Brothers' icxas.brcd .son of Ncdayr-Risky Ucigh, is an early derby favorite. Oilers Beat NY AC Before Small Crowd New York. March 20 — (/p)_ The smallest basketball crowd of the Graziano to Fight Servo Tonight New York, March 29—(/P)—Rockv pra/iano, the ring's newest "kii Icr who just loves to knockou vvollerwoight champions, gctr, his change at Marty Servo, the nev 147-pound boss in ;i 10-round non title affair at Madison Square Garden tonight. A sellout crowd of close of 19,000 persons who already have paid around $170,000 al $20 lops will sit in on this expectcd-to-be torrid af- lair between the Brooklyn clouter and the baby-faced lad Irom Schenectady. . Rocky, a middleweight who jumped into the fistic limelight last year with sensational stretchings of Billy Arnold, Harold Green Bum- my Davis and tho Ihdn welterweight champion Freddie "Red" Cochrane, is a 5 to 0 choice to add feervo to his string. [.."'";• O |v.r; " t Little andi^ Ferrier Leqid at ChorioJ|e Charlolte, N.C., March 29.—(/P)— .aw.son Little and Jim Ferrier were the men to catch as the Charlotte Open golf .tournament sv V,Vu lfi lnto lts second round today Ihcy cracked par by six strokes With opening round Gti's yesterday Io take a two-stroke edge over their nearest rivals as the $7,500 lour-day tourney got .under way over the rain drcnchcd- ; G,-110-yard Myers Park club course ••« Vic Gheziz of KnoxvUlc, Tenh was next in line with Chick Harbert of Detroit, and Pete Cooper of Gainesville, Fla., allV'with 68's ihe seven 69 shootersfwerc headed by Sanr Sncad, Hot 'Springs, Va., fireball, winner of r the Groens- boro and Jacksonville opens in his last two starts. In all, 23 players were under par for the first round. ' o Pacific Coast League Opens Season Today San Francisco, March 29 — CP\— The social-climbing Pacific Coast League, with California weather threatening to dampen tho boast which turns out the circuit's »icht loams early, sounds off the first Play ball!" today. . The size of the circuit right now JS triple A, but this is the season Backers of the ambitious baseball clubs of the west coast have picked ,o make a showing they count on Lor major league recognition For the start of the loop's .14th season, with Seattle at San Francisco, Los Angeles at Sacramento Oakland nt San Diego and Portland at Hollywood, the forecast was cloudy with probable rain fr, both the northern and soulhcVft California sectors. , • Little RoclT Loses to Columbus By The Associated Press The Birmingham Barons display- d some formidable pitching ve 's- erday in an exhibition doublehead- i and thereby notified Soulhern \ssociation batsmen that their veragcs won't receive kindly •eatment in the moky 'City ° inroc Baron pitchers..Wade, Kan?y and Kucab, hold Rochester, .Y., to four hits and as many is in the first game yesterday 'hili; their mates slammed out 15 Holies for 15 runs. T^hen in a seven-inning nightcap, CARNSVAL By Dick Turner Page COPR. IMtfu'YNEA 8EIWICE.'lNC: T." M . REC. U. Political Announcements The Star is authorized to announce the following as candidates subject to the action of the Democratic primary elections this Summer: 8th Judicial Circuit For Prosecuting Attorney CHARLES W. HACKETT JAMES H. PILKINTON Hcmpstead County For Sheriff & Collector T1LMAN BEARDEN J. W. (SON) JONES CLAUDE H. SUTTON For County Clerk ROBERT C. TURNER For County Treasurer MRS. ISABELLE ONSTEAD- McCORKLE . SYVELL A. BURKE For. County. Judge. FRED A, LUCK "Am I filadlo be back! All.thiriinj (he strike I Inrl.H <;it nround and listen while me. twins wcri cSuins tecuJl" This Curious World By William Ferguson _. .- .— u , llu ^ OtKVIUt. I • M. REO. U. S. PAT. OFF. ^j^ X O ^pfeb. <=£&/< 6ARNVARD HENS : EXACTLY TH¥ 5/U\E iTR ' AS THOSE LAID BY' MILLIONS OF YEARS ,460, • WHEN WE'RE OUT OF FORMAL WE'RE SAID TO BE INFORMAL.".^ ELLEN R. REEVES, Tax Assessor C. COOK- For Representative^ Post 1 GLEN WALKER For Representative . Post 2 TAJLBOT F.EILD,;JR. Hurricane Mariannes Manila, JVT.ar.ch 29 .—(/P)—, Winds of hurricane'force threaten the entire Marianas island" chain as the first typhoon of 1946 sweeps toward uuam and Saipan, . navy aerologists reported today. Winds up to" 50 knots are expected to hit Saipan today and to increase in velocity. The storm has prevented air service from the Marianas to the Philippines' for two days. JITTERBUG FALLS DEAD Manheim, Pa,, March '29 — «P) —Fifteen-year-old. Mel'vin T. Shank leil dead while doing a jitterbug- dance at a party in the high school gymnasium last night.' School Phv-' sician Dr.- Ruth M'. Brennan said' ne suffered a heart attack. •B? Book S, Fullerton. Jr. March 2u -,.!• 'i i ''rave notices -*-^w»«»«™p^M Wanted! SEE US FOR «... Wallpaper Paint Glass Roofing Lumber Cement ' Sand Gravel Screens ALL BUILDING MATERIAL Phone 178 rlan-West Co. Hozel and Division nson at Madison Square Garden —0,7.14— saw the Phillips GG Oil- <s - " lltlo 'V l1 AAU champions, beat le New York Athletic JClub, G9 to '""vci'time. in the feature of a Jcnclil Keel Cross ddiiblehoadpr last night. Ed Beisser saved "the Oilers Irom defeat in the regulation time by tapping in a rebound a V t G3-aH SCC01KlS left l ° Ue tlle score In a preliminary game, the U G J guard of Brooklyn New York, „„„.„„ <.„-,., , , Brooklyn Dodgers of the All ,'nifi ica football conference will have a theme song —appropriately called "the Biooklyn Dodgers"—authored 3y Benny benamin, writer of "O What It Seemed To Be" and "I Don't W.ant To Set The World On Fire."„.that leaves the field wide remarks from na- circles...the race . netted tho Red Cross about $12,000. Wanted to Buy USED FURNITURE of all kinds COMMUNITY j FURNITURE STORE 606 N. Hazel Phone 357 open for snide tional league ~..„„.,... llll; ,„,.,,. tracks are safe from the atomic bomb for 15 years. Mrs. Elizabeth Graham, who got in first with an application for that name has cuuiiyeo ner mind at $1UU a change and now calls the colt Admjrgl- general. According to the rules la name once granted can't be duplicated for 15 years...The National Association of professional basketball leagues nad an $800 telegraph bill lor one month on wires sent to Durham, N. C., about waivers. One-Minute Sports Page Greg Rice has authorized a pam- pluoi on distance running for the New York A. C. Youth Athletic council. . Bill Wight, the rookie southpaw who has been drawing ijuvu nonces in the Yunket- iriiiu 'ing camp, won only 15 gariic.s ami lost 22 in two seasons at Idaho Falls and Norfolk before going into service...Minneapolis boxing fans are all worked up over amateur heavyweights Vince Donnelly and Dick Grant, but they're afraid the kids will burn themselves out. One is 15 and- one 16...Boston college, where the enrollment dropped under 300 during the war, had an initial turnout of 71 for spring football practice the other day...best story of the recent Madison Square Garden basketball tournaments .concerns the visiting athletic director who bought a lot of tickets for alumni and friends. The eager old grads accosted him in a hole! lobby to get their share and the athletic director was promptly picked !»•• io>- "scaloinK." He had a heck of a time explaining it." Although the National Baseball .ongress registration is for any' boy over 14 years old, Ray Dumont's records show that 80 percent of those registering last year were in the 1G-1S group. Doug ^ITV • Carl Bacon V*! I | j. ones ELECTRIC GO. " '', —• for'— -- : House Industrial Wiring Wiring, Electrical Repairs Phone 784 FRED'S AUTOMptiy E We specialize in REPAIRS ON Chrysler, Dodge, Plymouth, PeSoto, «ll General Motors Cars Phone 202 ' . • ' 4tb and. Washington ROGERS RADIO SERVICE We specialize in all kinds of car and home radios. FIRESTONE STORE 209 South Main St. ; WAIL5 OF HARD IUCK <5LACi£.R ECHO WIM ' SHOTS AS tvJO f\Efi i BATTLE OVER 5POIIS -. OF A IO-tEAR-OLO . : TRAIM RO9&ERT •'* >»»-. X^= £) i TKATOUGHT TO r\Al<E" Si^rr-s.^. IT EA51ER FOR rtE.'. AH Dimensions 16 to 70 Cosh Every Week RUFUS MARTIN PATMOS, SERVICE — QUALITY — VARIETY *' """^ ~^:'ft p%*i^, r A ,.v« ••-^ss^-'—-i J^s^v^A &10<\ t! f r* ,v V*S *L S.n.ersDeiinted Cotton Seeds, Hybrid Uspedeza - Aifaifa - Now Is the time to get ready for your Spring planting. We have a most complete line of Field and Garden Seeds, Insecticides and Inoculations. AGENTS FOR Willhite Melon Seed Dodge Onion Plants Funks G Hybrid Corn "WE APPRECIATE YOUR BUSINESS" MONTS SEED STORE The Usding Seed Store Hill and Petit blanked Litln Rocl on three hits. Pnpovich and Bel linger, Traveler hurlers, gave uj nine hits for four runs. Both games were played in Biloxi, Miss. Little Rock also dropped a G-1. decision to Columbus of ihe Amer ican Association yeaterday. The Travelers moved on to Shcvepor for a three-game series beginning today with ihe Texas League sports. Playing under the lights, the New Orleans Pelicans slapped out 16 hits to defeat Minneapolis of the American Association, 9-5. Sanner, Danna and Wells gave up 10 hits' to the Minneapolis club. The league's only other exhibition event i'ouiid Oklahoma City scoring a .pair of ruri$ ( ,'jn*"tbe' ifclh. inning ,1o defeat fiieinjijiHis, 7-5. The Chicks' veteran '-'catcher','-Sid Gau- I'-eaux, had three for six at the plate. Thoughts And they were offended in him But Jesus said unto them, A pro- phel is not without honor, save in his own country and in his own house.—Matthews 13:57. Censure is the tax a man pays to the public for being eminent —Swift. Harry Segnor, Sr. PLUMBER Contracting and Repair? Phone 382-J The OPA fined « New York de;in.-r ^<yu lor overcharging on nylons. For once \v n can ';ei mor^ kick out of a single sock than a yajr 01 stockings. BUTANE SYSTEMS Plumbing Fixtures Plumbing Repairs HARRY W. SHIVER Plumbing • Heating Phone £59 Hope. Ark. YOUR CREDIT IS GOOD TRY Hope Mattress Co, For better work at better prices—Old beds made new and new beds made too— We Call for and Deliver Anywhere One day service In town- Bargains in Secondhand Furniture ALL WORK GUARANTEED Phone 152 411 S. Hazel Wanda Butane Gas Phone 370 Hope, Ark, " LOOK" The M.ost Modern REPAIR SHOP IN HOPE Complete Auto Upholstering Washing & Greasing Now Open on SUNDAY ANTHONY'S Service Station Phone 1106 CITIES SERVICE PRODUCTS TIRES, TUBES, BATTERIES and ACCESSORIES SEAT COVERS PUT ON Washing & Greasing An Expert Mechanic OPEN ON SUNQAY ANTHONY SERVICE STATION Phone 1106 PR. H. T. SHULj. VETERINARIAN In practice in Texarkana TEXAS CITY HAkJ, Phone 140 or 1490-J Motor Repairs—Light Fixture* Hope Appliance Co, 214 East 3rd St. RHONE 613 Appliance R«pairf—Appllfncef Des Moines Knocks Out Pf « : . Peppers Th' Kr D? l p ^ Mo " March 29.— ($_ The Nashville, Tenn., eoldblumes - ^t^'r third fonSccuUvl s National AAU basketball tournamenrutlc against a big ^d «n:uve jues Monies, la., Or 'Bv/etta sextet in the climax o ! the "feth ann ' '' cmax o t annual event here tonigfit.1 ' '' The flie final e ong The champions gained Elkln N r ni r^S£ y "rf^aUng he ' - C '' Chalhams, 30-107— the MATTRESSES Remade Like New r A r i. te w t ^ U ^ e Same C °" p, T- A" Work Guaranteed — . R • L P n nd Deliver Any.where ? r '?W Bros, Mattress Co.* • Hope, Rt. 2 Phone 34-J-2'J FIRST LINE BATTERIES , Elmore Auto Supply Phone 17,4, ^ 215 S. iMal'ri" FOR SALE ALL STEEL Incinerators . . McRAE IMPLEMENT CO. * Phone 745 ''" * 'Machines. ANCEY, Singer" Disti Phone 578R ' Y • A*AYTAG SALES & SERVICE » i rt Service-on . WASHIN.G MACHINES 304..EastTnd' VTourisf burt . -x ,"~ Featuring . •, Steaks •Fried Chicken' '* Barbecue »Fish ' • Sandwiches •Soft Drinks NQ.W QPEN 24 HOyRS ! Phone 222 for Private' ' Dinjn'g: Room << ' Mr. ahdjjyirs. p. J."Loe, . ', City Llmlta JlBhway67 VV,ett Expert Repair Work *i • ; On air'rriakes of cars ' .. . Phpne. 1118 BARNEY GAINES GARAGE 213. South Elm St '*; Herts Cleaned and Rebuilt the factory way. "" HALL'S HAT SHOP Hope, Ark. * Rhone 76 • Alteration* Prepied While You Walt, Personal Stationery Pastel Colprs ' ' , /i...Complete Jlne " , i Qentry Printing Co. : [ Phone 241 Hope, Ark. RADIO SERVICE; Elmpre Auto Supply • Real Estate If you are in the market to buy or sell Farmland •' or City Property, call or see ' Calvin E, Cassidy ' Phone 489 Hope, Ark.; Arkansas Bank SeaUsFoi You'J . ity chicks, hatched right from selected \|lock». Hardy, (Q»i. FEEOERS SUPPLY €Ql 4th and La. 8t» ' ; .........-.

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