The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on June 12, 1895 · Page 8
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 12, 1895
Page 8
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J -^" U i _ -* f _ j l * ~ ~ • i wj Ju... - Fair, €lET The Best. KossotliCouoty State Bank ~ -' i '; S50.00C : Incorporated under general laws of Iowa. ^ Deposits received, money loaned, foreign and ' domestic eichauge bought and sold, Collec tions made promptly, and a general banking business transacted. Passage tickets to or from the old countries sold at lowest rates. Wit. H. INGHAM .......President , J» 8. JONES Vice President LEWIS H, SMITH Cushier , * t * ' Directors—Wm, S. Ingham, John O. smith, , 3, B. Jones, T. ChrischllTes, Lewis H. Smith) J. •^W, Wads-worth, Barnet Devlne. The First National Bank Wr OAPITAL $50,000 sK'i f * ' IP^ • { -Special attention given to collections. ^AMBROSE A. GAEL President >-'fl. H. HUTOHINS Vice President <" WM. K. FERGUSON Cashier ;'C. D. SMITH Asst. Casliier '-,(' >' ^Directors—D. H. Hutchlns, S. A.'Ferguson, jjr-'j '-ifhilip Dorweller, W.-F. Carter, Ambrose A. £*V . Gall, E. H. Spencer, Wm. K. Ferguson. ; Money always on hand to loan at reasonable ' '• rates to parties furnishing first-class security. r*! 1 CASH CAPITAL, $60,000. ALdOffA, IOWA, Officer* and Directors— A. D. Clarke, President, ,', O. 0. Chubb, Vice Prest., TUos. H. Lantry, Cashier, ' , Qeo. L. Galbraith, /. 'r Fred. M. Miller. ,<• -Myron Schenck, Thos. F. Cooke, • . General Banking. ' ' PRIVATE SAFETY DEPOSIT TA.VLTS. ; lyihterest paid on time deposits. PROFESSIONAL. •V^s^k^-^X^^-^N^^i^h^fcX^^^^^. CtARKE •& COHENOUR, ATTORNEYS AT LAW. , Office over First National bank, Algona, la. E. H. CLARKE, ' ATTORNEY AT LAW. Collection agent. Opera House block. S. S. SESSIONS, ATTORNEY AT LAW. jfV' Prompt collections. Money to loan on chattel • r ' 1 - • security. Over Chrischllles 1 store. . ' DANSON & BUTLER, LAW, LOANS. LAND. Collections a specialty. Office in Gardner Cowles' new building. SUWUVAN & MoMAHON, ATTORNEYS AT LAW, Office in Boade-yerRuson bljclc. r*f/ "'' ' s GEO. R. CLOUD, , [Successor to W. P. Quarton.] ' t Attorney and Counsellor at Law, , ', - ALQONA, IOWA. , Q|flce over Kossuth County State Bank, ' E. V. SWETTING, TON BY AT LAW, , Jown. ' L, J£, 0ARFJELP, M. D,, AND SURGEON, State rt., one door east of Cordjngley. " '.dence, McGregor St., east ot the public school building. _ m^ H. Q, WeQQY, M. P., iMBCION, pBi . ttfhfi thai 6&¥tf passenger . departs at..'.. ..... .. ....... fi:4 No. 84 departs at.. t.. ...... , ....... l:46S R. F. kat)ttio& t Ageift, CittOAOO * , Korth-^- Mlited. ...„-,, ....... Pass.i., ..... 3:27ptn MUted ..... .. 6:20jpm Freight ...... 9,'30 a ffl Freight.... ai48pitt Frellht..;... 7 :63t» in Freight ...... BiSOaln x Pass, arrives at Chicago at 7 a m; arrives at Des Moines nt 8 :15 p to. Lv. Des M. 2 :30 a m Mixed connects with flyer ahd arrives at Chi • cago at 8 a. tn, F. H. VitspBR, Agent, cm Be at the fair ground fence tomorrow early. Doxsee has a'big cooking exhibit Saturday. d?he city putnt> * s ° ut of whack again this morning, Mrs. Chas. Wilkins is building a residence in Burt. Judge Quarton sports a new surrey, bought at the Wigwam. The putnp in the well has been set 30 feet higher than it Was. Miss Maud Smith is just recovering' from a severe attack of gastritis. June has three inches of rain to its credit thus far. June is all right. Manager Blossom is figuring 1 on a good opera house attraction for the Fourth. Miss Dodd is after a bicycle. She is guessing on the Chicago Herald's pictures. , A big gathering enjoyed the .Sunday school picnic at Jos. Thompson's grove Saturday. Dr. Sayers.will move his office building this week to state street by'Brown's livery barn. A state rifle range has been' leased near Cedar Rapids. It is 600 by 400 yards in size. There will be a special meeting of Algona chapter, O. E. S., Thursday evening, June 13. Dr. Glasier will be absent from his office Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday of next week. A little boy arrived at Wm. Carlon's home Saturday morning and makes sunshine for the family. Entries in the county running race for ponies and farm horses will be held open until 10 o'clock, July 4. The fair ground fence bee comes tomorrow. Come out and see which of the legislative aspirants is the best 'at fixing fences. The Burt correspondent for the Republican reports that the band boys made $125 out of their picnic over and above expenses. A fine program' is out for -the Baptist children's day exercises next Sunday morning. It will be a specially attractive service. Marriage licenses are issued to Jos. A. Schllndwein and Bertha Weamuht, Geo. D. Delzer and Emma O. Wolfe, Anton Zitreisch and Maria Graf. The tramps have been digging out the street gutters the past week and earning their meals. Geo. Hunter has had several gangs of them in charge. H. S. Dailey's little girl, who has been sickly for some years, died Saturday, The Algona relatives went to Whittemore for the funeral yesterday. S. S. Sessions snys that 74 lawyers got their sheep skins at Iowa City last week. He helped examine all of them and says they are a bright lot of young men. Rev. Davidson preaches the normal school baccalaureate sermon Sunday morning. Seats for the commencement exercises will be on sale Monday, 15 cents admission, The county board ; is after the Russian thistle again, and the warning is timely. And that calls attention to the fact that prickly lettuce is thicker in town this spring than ever, J, R. Jones says he is not a candidate for legislative honors, and a movement is on foot to nominate Daniel Rice of Plum Creek township, These are all the rumors political of the week, Miss Dodd has sold her first installment of Geo, 1 IS. Roberts' reply to Coin and has ordered a new lot. She also lias ordered more of Coin's book. Mr. Roberts' book is having a big sale. At the Odd Fellow election a week ago Henry Mason was chosen N. G,; Geo, Simpkins, V. G,; J, L. Moore, secretary; T. H, Conner, treasurer; and Cheever Hudson, permanent secretary, A number ot Catholics drove to St, Jo, yesterday t9 attend the church dedication, A big crowd was out and St, Jo. was in gala day attire, This is the biggest and most costly church ir» the county, / G, 3, Stebblns has added materially to the appearance of Cooney HepRian'B hquse by the application of ft coat of pajnt, He also made a better looking house of J, P, Shadle's by the same method. The. subject of ^be sermon at the Episcopal church »exfc Sunday ing will be *•• The koet FiU Tb4s Jg the thjrd, is » seiiee oj sermons hejjjg delivered by the rector fnls Will b$ the last Week of the Red figure Sale, the most refliftrkable ftnd success?*! sale that ever took place in Algona, Come this week ana see and judge f6i> yourselves. , CwMffctss Hotrsii, dsity on his farm in Plum Creek. It is a three-weeks-old chicken with four well developed legs and feet, It is as lively as a Cricket and will be exhibited nt the county fair if its appetite keeps good and health remains unimpaired. The Masons will take the mandolin club to the Spirit Lake meeting, June 25, and Misses Maud ahd Kttte Smith and Miss Zoa Wartman will go to assist in the program. J. R. Jones says 100 will go from Algona. It is to be a grand rally from this part of the state. Miss Clara Mathews, sister of E. J. and Bert, was struck In the breast by a ball at the Burt picnic. The Monitor says: "It rendered her almost senseless for the time being, but she soon rallied. She is at work again but will experience a lameness In her shoulder for several days." The Burt Monitor makes a flattering mention of the editor of THE UPPER DES MOINES in connection with the nomination of a representative. THE UPPER DES MOINES desires to state, however, that its editor will not be a candidate for that office before the coming convention. Rev. Kennedy last Thursday joined Miss Rose Holman and Anton Anderson in marriage, and the newly wedded couple went at once to Bancroft where they have rooms over Alcorn's store. Miss Holman is , a daughter of Mrs. Chas. Holman, and Is well and favorably known In Algona. E. B. Eddy brought some green goods circulars in Monday, After receiving one lot and forwarding them to the United States • officials he received word that all he could do was to prosecute the men for Illegal use of the malls. It is astonishing that this old swindle will pay for the postage used. The city pump was got into running order again Monday. A new cylinder was bought and is here, .but before it came the old one was tinkered up and put back and is bein r used. As it is about as large as the tubing and as the valves had to be driven dawn it is not likely that it will last long. But the new cylinder will be put in« when the standpipe is full. Company F sent a petition to Gen. Prime asking him to not accept Capt. Haggard's resignation until after encampment. This and other things have induced the latter to withdraw his resignation for a time and he will go to camp with the boys. It is not yet known whether the camp will be at Fort Dodge or a march from here there. A happy marriage comes at the Baptist church this evening, Miss Carrie Johnson, daughter' of Mr. and Mrs. G. M. Johnson, and Will H. Lacy being joined by Rev. Stevens. Both are well known among Algona's most estimable young people and both have the esteem and best wishes of everybody. THE UPPEK DES MOINES congratulates in advance. Over in O'Brien county a farmer lost some horses by cerebro spinal menin- getis and Dr. Sayers was sent to investigate. Now the papers have it that a " peculiarly fatal" disease Is ravaging Kossuth county which is "puzzling all the veterinary surgeons of the county." The man who started the story and the man who reported the shooting at Biart for the Sioux City Journal should have medals. Judge Quarton opened court Monday for some equity business. The suit of Green vs. Ole and Lars Jeanson of Harrison township turned on the effort of the defendants to get out of paying a note on the ground that they were minors when it-was signed. Sullivan for plaintiff and Swotting 1 for defendant. In Park.vs, Newman the attempt was to set aside a decree obtained by, default and secure a new hearing of the case. Cohoon of Emmetsburg for petitioner and 'Clarke for Newman, Invitations are out for the marriage of Miss Edith Clarke, which is to occur next Wednesday afternoon, June 19, to Mr. F. L. Williams of Erie, P», Miss Clarke is the oldest daughter of Mr, and Mrs. A. D, Clarke, and one of Algona's most charming and accomplished young ladies. The groom is a prominent business man of his city. The happy couple met in California, where acquaintance rapidly ripened into an enduring affection, They will be at home after Oct. 1, at 16 East Eighth street, Erie, Kossuth county towns range as follows in population: Algona 2,470, Bancroft 947, Whittemore 561, Wesley, 586, L.edyard ?69, LuVerne 852, Burt 84?, Gerraania 249, Swea City J58, Sexton 43, Jrvington, Hanna, and Hobart not yet counted by themselves. The town population is 6,0}$ out of 18,811 in the county or about one-third, In J875 A.1- gcma had nearly one-third of the county population, The raWo between town and county has not changed much in 80 years, All early settlers w,Ul be interested in the marriage of Ellen, daughter of J4r, anj Mrs, E, p, Campbe.ll of which osxwrefl last . Qw< StteHBey, the. pioneep bjjiber ${ Armstrong, a young oj |in§ was here Mr. Reed? showed him the instrument and the 1 great Hungarian was highly pleased with it until he saw the date, which Is within a year of his own famous instrument* Theh he took ho further interest. Mr. Reed believes it to be one of the great violins of the last Century, The excursion to Minneapolis Sunday was a success for the company. There were 304 tickets sold at Algoha, 66 at Sexton, 140 at Wesley, and like numbers all along the line. Three sections Were run of 14 cars each, and it is estimated that 3,000 people Were aboard. Those who chartered a sleeping car at Algona had a comfortable ride. Those on the day coaches were packed like sardines. The train left at 5 a. m, and came In at 4 a. m. the next morning, giving seven hours in the city, Some broken heads and disorderly incidents are reported, but on the whole the crowd behaved as well as could be expected. The county editorial meeting Monday was not largely attended on account of the rain. Editors Laldley of Bancroft, Ellis of Swea City, amd Hallock of Burt were In with 'their wives and met with the Algona brethren at the Thorington parlors. Milton Starr read an excellent paper on "County Correspondents," and R. B. Warren discussed the "Interior of tte Office." Both topics elicited debate and a good time was enjoyed. The next meeting Is to be held at Bancroft, Sept. 14, and It is expected that every editor in the county will be present, W. F. Laidley was elected president of the society and H. B. Hallock secretary. M. Starr and Harvey Ingham are program committee. The Congregational church was filled Friday evening for the musicale given by. Miss Wartman and her pupils. The stage had been enlarged and handsomely decorated, a fine upright piano had been brought in, and every arrangement been made for the successful exhibition which was given.' The see-saw song by the little ones was encored and they responded to two recalls. The vocal solo by Miss Clara Hamilton and the quartette by Misses Wartman, LaPlant, and Mrs. Hedrick were both .heartily encored. Miss Louise McCoy gave a recitation, Misses Lulu Paine and Alice Mlnkler gave piano solos, Misses Aimee LePlant, Mae Palmer, and Luella Wartman gave vocnl solos, all heartily applauded, a.nd to close the program Miss Zoa Wartman by request sang "My Pretty Marquise." The musicale was a success and speaks for the hard work and talent of Miss Wartman. " IN all that is good, Iowa affords the best." The Royal Union Mutual Life Insurance company—its policies are truly non-forfeitable, without restrictions, free from all technicalities. J. L. Donahoo, district manager, Algona, Iowa. ' . BOWYEB has a new line of very fine silverware, worth your time to look at. Go and see it. SEED buckwheat at J. J. Wilson's. MONEY to loan on long Or short time. Geo. C. Call.-tf Awarded Highest Honors—World's Pair, CREAM POHDIR MOST PERFECT MADE. A pur? Grape Crwm of Tartar Powder, Fwe from Ammonia, Alum or any other adulterant, 40 YEARS THE STANDARD. JOB I JOB I I have been }n the ice business In Algona fof 17 years and l am here to stay, 1 w»J furnish ice the coming- season as usual. Get my prices before you contract. WINKEL. ISJT'PoitUivelv f will not be undersold. WATER OR NO PAY, SOOTT ^ DAILBT, Arteptan wejj contractors, We have the only p^bie steam ftriiiing maphtPfl owpeo, in the ppuafcy i .sjiak wens for water supply ?o<towns, cjttesj an4 rftllroads. Speolftrattentlpn. to faynj well work, Estimates roa4e. We ein. ploy pnjy expert firtijejg, Affflres? Scptt - FURNITURE! W E call especial attention to our new Book Racks and Wall Shelves. . Just the thing for cheap book case. Complete stock of Undertaking Goods. Here is a Parlial List !-f 3« —of the goods we shall handle during the season of 1895 Brown Corn Planters, Brown Corn Plows, Brown Corn Harrows, Owens Fanning Mills, Standard Mowers, Full Steel Frame Disc Harrow, Finest Buggies, Surreys and Phaetons on earth. BRADLEY & NIOOULIN. • •j Also Land, Loan and Collection Business.- Offlce orer Algona State Bank. Farmers' of Cedar Rapids,. Phoenix of Hartford, Hanover of New York, Minnesota Fire, Minneapolis, Rockford of Rockford, Lloyd's Plate Glass of New York, United States Life of New York. CKEO. Painter and Paper Hanger. Postal card orders promptly attended to, 411 work warranted for five years, Carriage Painting a Specialty. A New Harness Shop, S. P, CHBISTENSEN Pas opened a harness shop in the front room of his Uwy Darn, and keeps on hand Harness, Blankets, Robes, LEGAL. -«^"WV-rS^?*X%^' NOTICE—(To Persons Claiming Exemption from Jury Service.) STATE OF IOWA, KOSSUTH COUNTY, SS. To whom it may concern: Whereas, All the jury lists for the year 1885, made and returned by the assessors- of the several townships of said county, as required by the provisions of Chapter Seventy of the laws of the twenty-fifth general assembly of the state of Iowa, nave been filed to- the office ot the county auditor of said county the last of which having been nled in said office on the 4th day of June, 1895. Now, therefore, notice is hereby given that on the 88th day of June, 1805, commencing at- the hour of 9 o'clock in the forenoon of said day, at the office of tlw county auditor of said county, the undersigned, county auditor, clerk Of the district court, and county recorder-of said county, will consider and determine all claims of exemption from service as jurors- filed In said office on or before said date by persons whose names have been returned by- said assessors as being eligible and competent for suoli service, and not disqualified or exempted therefrom by operation of law, All persons whose names have been returned, and who claim toibe exempt from such jury service, are therefore required, on or before the date last above named, to file their- affidavits in the office of the county auditor of said pounty, setting forth, concisejy the cause oJ swoh claim. In witness wbe»eof we have hereunto affixed our signatures on this 5th day of June, 1885, F, D'CALKIN'S,.. IStS 1» 'I ', ,.'' and everything IB the line of horse cloth- Ine, Go and see htm for goods In )4s line'. Will exchange harness for fresb, cows and those sooa to be fresh, Poes repairing of all m. L. A, Drus aud Medicines, ct court, County Recorder, IN THE PISTRIOT COURT OF and for Kossuth Count" nUvintitf, vs. M»'S,.D, B. sty To Whom it may t qncern: « v»w j» aerepy given that pursuant tfi a,« order of the district 2SH&$?3 etetJI J, e ^S ve entitled olus"a»| fiffiSPS?? 1 ** vsl* Tin? th^ d^^S"* -S^* 1 ^ 88 *& *&$ PW- 9&/US& BWSMB«%>W " JhJBiWftfeftTOi.iIWAi""*- 1 p?w

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