The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on June 12, 1895 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 12, 1895
Page 5
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" •% * " - ' ' '. ... ^ , - , f . ~~ -...__.' A_ „_. .. aJ . i _•"„!*_ !j»_ j. « -*t. «i _-!~ „. -= ..— j.*.. I. _ - ' ^ usta^'ai*. » ^ j* ,*. k*-~AftW'M-ja*. M&*4uittgsiL.L J >to£iit*k * ^e it j*L-j«s3E,aa. m.a*feife ijfc^*' "^ -i aa&.«^A* ^ Are You in a Rut? Have you accustomed yourself to trad-. ing at one place? Get Out of the Rut. Buy Shoes at Taylors. v All kinds at all prices, much cheaper than you have bought, Our Prices are Rut Movers ^ Jf\S. TRYLOR, OUR BASTILE n m GOOD, , Held fbf fcnifl&fy, fi* ffofil On* Couiity Jail 'With Apparent Ease, Butt's Shooting Sctape dt«ated & Sen§4« Last Thufsday— Hftath Held for Adultery. is How to Make AND ALSO- See the Races. make no charge for teams. Those wishing their teams during the forenoon can come to to put the out fair grounds and pay their 25 cents, which entitles them to a return check to the races after dinner. This will give them an opportunity to see both the celebration and the races for the admission price to the grounds, thereby saving the dollar they would 'room during the day. otherwise pay for stable Elegant Picnic Grounds are provided free of charge for all who want to lunch at the race grounds. If anybody can make money faster than this and have lots of fun thrown in, I don't know how they can do it. Sole Manager of Track and Race Grounds. Ward, the burglar arrested at Wesley tea days ago while tryitig to eater the KUHZ store, broke jail itt Ai- goba Sunday forenoon. At 9:30 o'clock he wttfi ia and at 1 o'clock he was out. fhe lock Which held the door to the old cell was cut, and two holes were punched out of the stoae jail wall aear the oaes made by KeaBa. The oaly instrument to be foua'd was a broom stick. But Ward evtdeatly had aid, for the lock was cut Beatly with a burglar's saw aijd it is doubtful if he aloae could have kaocked out the walls laid in cement. He is an old hand, for whea caught he had ia his possessioa a full set of skeletoa keys, Sheriff Sam- soa has locked Ward in the iroa cage at night but has allowed him to be out in the cell daytimes. It would be in* humaa to keep a prisoner caged all day, aad it is evidently equivalent to turn* lag one loose to allow him Bear the jail walls. Ward had consented to plead guilty and take a one year sentence to the penitentiary without waiting for the October term of court aad Judge Quar- toB called the grand jury to meet Monday and indict. The grand jurors arrived but Ward did not wait to meet them or to accept senteace. Fred. Heath Held for Adultery. Burt was aroused last.Thursday by the attempt of a farmer named Stelser to shoot his wife and Fred Heath of Trvington. He hit Heath in the hand with one bullet and his wife in the arm and then chased Heath through town with a shot gun. Both Stelser and Heath were arrested and Saturday were brought before Mayor Richards. Geo. R. Cloud appeared for Stelser and charged Heath.with adultery. This charge was heard first and Heath was bound over in $750 bonds, while the prosecution of Stelser for the shooting was allowed to stand and he is out on his own recognizance. The facts seem to be that Heath and Stelser's wife were acquainted when Stelser lived in Irvington. Heath visited the family in Burt and was occupying suspicious relations with her when Stelsor appea 1 d on the scene with his revolver. He: :.h is son oE one of Irvington's best known citizens, but bears a ..hard reputation. Stelser is not above reproach and has a fondness for revolvers. It is reported that he drew one on young Ford at Wesley when he lived there. At Burt he has been on E. J. Murtagh's farm and Ed. reports him arid his family as hard workers. Heath still has a bullet in his hand, but neither he nor Mrs. Stelser are dangerously wounded. 12,5 feet {ft height. In ttl8 d bells, the Ififgef »i Weighs 1,360 pounds and Was blessed by Fattier Hagle ft! OfiFftSf, KeW day, 1895. The stained glass g are recognized td b<§ the finest in the state, at least itt Catholic churches, aftd cost la Europe $1,600. It consists of the finest cathedfal glass aad was purchased ia Regehsbufg, Bavaria. The zeal of these people ma^ be Well understood When we 1 COBsidef that one of the farmers donated to the fuad about $1,600, With a Wdmtse of more if it be necessary. The church is a beautiful thing aad is a credit to the charity of the congregation aad zeal of the pastor. Monet/. 1 have unlimited money to loaa oa bag 'or short time. B. W, HAGGARD, Grand Cooking Exhibit W WE make & specialty Cloud & Haggard, of collections. DON'T forget Souse Grocery, our coffees. Opera Ice. Leave your orders at E. J. Gilmore's. W. A. Ladendorff's, or Walker Bros.' for ice.-6t8 The Fourth of July THE SPORTS ARE IN IT TOO Will be here before you know it, and likewise before half of you are ready for it. It will be impossible for the ladies to properly celebrate the natal day without first something in the purchasing Millinery line, and we are here "for the especial purpose of supplying every possible want in that direction, None is better or later than ours. Don't forget -this/ Matsoii & McCall. Attractions at the Eace Grounds for the Fourth Give Promise of No End of Fun. The Mulroniees Told Some Queer Yarns in Emmetsburg About That Game of Base Ball. Money. I have unlimited money to loan on long or short time. B. W. HAGGARD. WE make a specialty Cloud & Haggard. of collections, DE, PKESTON, Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat First-class accommodations at reasonable rates. Opevou'oos for catwucl.. sc.a >ismus, nasal deiovnjJHes, ei.o. <?a*airrb. sauojwlly treated and, cause emoyed. Spectacles sciea 1 tifloally fitted i Q*eBvoaa''t.v leases t-ound io order. OiBoetioms. aoto 18, 1 «o 6, except /Tuesday, Wefljesijoy, PTK> J'tirsday, Opposite Pavk ftotel, Ms son C'i T , D'.', Preston visits Ajgonaregu'a: 1 7. At PA Sj.uU'3 office. M ONBJ ON BSTATB, HOXIE & BRUNSON. Water or No'Pay, Preparations are going on for the big running and bicycle races on the Fourth at the fair grounds. Entries are coming in from fast horses already and it is likely that the largest field cf runners will be on the track ever seen in these parts, The mile and a half dash for $200 will be the best race ever run on the track. Mr, Smith has also arranged a program of bicycle races as follows, the prizes to be on exhibition at Walker Bros.' s',ore. All races will be under L. A. W. rules and will attract bicyclers. 1. Five-mile dash: First, bicycle suit valued at $10; second, search light valued at $5; third, sweater Valued at $3. 3, Half mile and Repeat: First, nickel- plated rifle valued at $7.50 ; second, cyclometer-valued at $8 ; third, bell valued at $1.50. Entry fee 10 per cent, of purse. Entries close July S, at 6 p. m. How the Mulrontes TeJI It, Emmetsburg. Democrat: Thursday the Nevada boys went to Algona to play .ball and they won a glorious victory, They put it all over the Kossuth fellows, The Algona club had a pitcher from near Des Moines, He is a good man, but the Nevada boys soon caaght on to his maneuvers and batted his balls over the heads of the fielders, The Algona fellows have been too much for all the other nines in Kossuth, but they made a mistake when they sent an invitation to the farmer boys of Palo Alto, Manager Wm, Maher could not spare time to go to Algona to witness the fun. Had be done so he would not have allowed the boys to give Algona anything larger than a goose egg, Hurrah for Nevada. Sportins Notes, The Emmetsburg ball and shooting grounds are offered for sale, The 'Burg ought not to close up so desirable an Institution. • • Emmetsburg has demoralized Mayoe if the report is cpr-eot that he offered to. bet W that the printers could beat tfc'e lawyers at base baJiJ, The Emmetsburg, Democrat com,' meats on. the bpast that Algona the best ball club io this pavt of the. state, wade by tbe Cpurier, by item was penned several the Nevada boys that Dei M,$R e l WHEAT BOOMING. Tlilrty Cents Advance in 40 Days- May Go to $1. Wouldn't it be a good scheme to buy a few sacks of flo'ur now? Flour, improves with age. Those who use the New Water Mill Flour say it is as good as the best and better than most of the shipped-in flour, and we sell cheaper than the stgres can sell imported goods. Better try our flour and learn that Algona and Kossuth county is not dependent on any foreign country for bread. 1 JONES & STACY. THE PBAIBIE .OHUBOH. It Has tue Handsomest Glass In 1-3 Windows In Iowa. The Britt Tribune gives a full description of the new church in Prairie township. This church is built about seven miles southwest of Wesley, four miles south of Sexton and. about ten miles southeast of Algona. It is built out on the prairie but in the midst of the Bavarian settlement with the congregation on all sides of it. It was started last summer and services were held in it for the first time on Christmas morning, The church above the foundation cost about $10,000, but is complete, with furnace, pews, altar, stained glass windows, etc.' The society is small, not more than 50 families and yet the most of the above amount has already been paid. The building is 112 feet in length, 45 in "CRYSTAL CREAM" baking powder Is manufactured exclusively for Walker Bros. __^__^_^. „_ THE Opera House Grocery is the place to get your berries. CRYSTAL CREAM baking powder is guaranteed equal to any baking powder made, and costs only 25c a pound at Walker Bros.' Endorse senator Funk. J. Fred Myers: A legislator chosen anywhere in the state legislates for the entire state. Therefore to a certain extent the entire state is interested in the nomination and election of capable and honorable men. We aro pleased to learn that Senator Funk of the Spirit Lake Beacon is generally regarded as the coming nominee for a third term as senator. Senator Funk is a judicious, conservative and eminently capable statesman, who is amply qualified to represent Iowa in congress or even in the United States senate. We have watched his career for twenty years. We have not always agreed in public policy, but we have recogntzed in him—that noblest work of God—a bi'ave and honest man in every fibre and thought, and we need men like him at this time more than ever in our country's service. Hon. Mat. Parrott: The indications are that Senator A. B. Funk of Dickinson .county will be renominated for a third term_ without opposition. It would be a fine compliment to a very deserving man. He has made an excellent reputation in previous sessions, impressing everyone with his practical knowledge of.-state affairs and for manly honesty in treating public questions. He has grown in public estimation for these reasons, and northwest Iowa could not do a wiser thing than to return him by acclamation. Senator Bailey of Decorah: Clay, Dickinson, Emmet, Kossuth and Palo Alto counties form the Forty-ninth senatorial district. Hon. A. B. Funk, editor of the Spirit Lake Beacon, has held the position for two terms, and we notice with pleasure that 'his constituency proposes to send him back for a third time. They are wise enough to see t that it is better to keep a strong man in position where he can serve them and the state, than it is to gratify local ambitions. In this way they give their district a state-wide prominence, because, with his natural ability and training, their senator will become the leader in the senate, It is a position he is capable of filling, despite a natural modesty which will cause *'the senator from Dickinson" to blush when the suggestion is made. Geo, E. Roberts: State Senator A, B. Funk is certain to be renominat- ed and returned from the district composed of Diokenspn, Clay, Emmet, Palo Alto and Kossuth counties, Few men have so strong a hold upon the regard and affections of their acquaintances as Abe Funk, He. commands their respect for lus abilities, bis honesty and his clean character, and after all that; they like him for his good fellowship, To go back to the E extend a cordial invitation to evcry^ ^ 'afM* woman in AlgbM and vicinity to attend the.eodkingl exhibit given at our store on Saturday .and day afternoons, beginning next Saturday, We you to see our BtlOk'S St0el Bang© itt tion, and taste of the product of its oven. It is thejj finest thing in the line of a steel range ever broughtiogg Algona, If you are married or expect to be you cannot afford to miss this opportunity of seeing how pleasant the kitchen part of your life may be made.- '-; Saturdays and Wednesdays at 3 o'clock. C. M. DOXSEE, HARDWARE. Taylor's « 50 50 50 Gapes At just one-half price. ' $15 Capes for $7.5Q;; ; 3 10 " for 5;K)ff ' * 8 " for 4.00 5 " for 2.50 : The above are good values at the regular price. We have, sold over three hundred, and at this cut price you ought to look at them, at least. Jas. Taylor. VOBK OF THE COUNTY BOARD. (Concluded from fourth page.) ee.oj sp««»«5e,to ww*J». n f o-no-mLTi :ao1no> Hn.T.1 *fAl pJW« Work all the time for a horse to pull a poorly greased wagon. Jt'g hard on. the wagon, senate lor a third term by common consent from a district composed of five counties is an unusual achievement. MARYEtOUS BESUJjTS. Pi-om a letter written by Rev. J. Gunderman, Dimondale, Mich., we are permitted to make this extract: (l l have no hesitation in recommending Pr, King's New Dis- covevy, as the results were almost marvelous in the case of my wife. While I was pastor of the Baptist church at River Junction she was brought down with pneumonia succeeding Lift Grippe. Terrible paroxysms of coughing would last hpurs wlw little interruption and it seemed as if she could not survivetnem. A friend recommended Dr. King's New Piscovery; it was quick in its work and nlgnly satisfactory in its results." Trial bottles f«e<? at Dr. fcJUeew' drug store, Regular size 5Qo, and fl.OO, 1 POUR BJtt SUCCESSES, JIaving toe needed merit to more tban make good all the advertising claimed for tnem, the following four" remedies have reached a phenomenal sale: Dr. King's New Discovery, for consumption, oougns, and colds, eaeri bottle guaianteed; Electric pitters,'tlie great remedy for Uver, stomach, and kidneys; Buoklen's Arnica Salve, the bost in the world, and Dr. King's New Wfe t»Ul8, woioh aie a pevfept pill, AH these remedies are taaranteed to do just What is claimed fov them, aad, the dealer whose name is attached IwewJU* will be ijd to tell you wove of Vttem, Sold, a$ PP, . A. Sheet?,' dvug stove. • 1 O.H. Stolte..,. 0000 John Waburton 8200 R. E. Davlson 000 A. P. Stelnburg 3300 H.L. Ward..... 8100 John H. Brims ........,:., 100 35 N.L. Cotton.... 4500 H.O. HollenUach.... 050 W.H. Miner 400 M. 0. Grier 54 00 Northwestern Ey 4 08 W. P. Jenldnson 800 O.B. Ludwig 000 H. S. Dalley 3400 G. M, Parsons,... 000 B, P. Orose.. 10010 D.A. Haggard 800 P.H. Vesper 000 J, W. Wadsworth 000 S.H. Pettlbona 800 W.K. Ferguson., 800 J. D. i Magnusson , 800 Thos. Henderson 800 J, P. Nlcoulln... ,,•• 800 B, E. Bayers.,., , 8 oO 0. A. Cohenour , 800 A. Welsbrod,,,,..,, 8 00 J.B.Johnson,,. , 300 UPPER DBS MOINBS 73 45 MattParrott, 5435 P.D. Calkins,., 1875 Courier,,.;; , 4800 Jas. Taylor , 400 J.M. Gray......,.,,., »00 j;P. Smith , Igoo J. B. Bengston 700 Egbert. Pidlar & Chambers 34 00 J.M. Cowan. 3540 M. Bahm, 500 H, P. Hatch 080 S.W, Oallanan.. O g 00 Obed Robinson.,,, 3708 Obed Robinson 1387 E. H, Clarke , 1403 J.M. Cowan ,.., - ( ££ 8 ,i 0.0, Samson., , 10830 cursion tickets to Denver, Colorado Springs, Manitou, or Pueblo, at rate of one lowest standard first-class fare plus $2. As agents for full information as, to details.—9t7 • Horses "Wanted. v '' Will trade for 18 horses, buggies, mowers, etc. They must not weigh' under 1,100, be sound every way, fat,, not less than three or over eight years old. Need not offer anything else. BRADLEY & NICOULIN. THE best buttep is stijl to be found, at the Opera House Grocery. ASK for Crystal Cream baking powder, at Walker Bros,' A GOOD Beatty organ fov sale or to trade for a bioyole, ' Inquire at this TRY our coffees. They will suit you, Langdon & Hudson,—12t2 Six per cent. Money, For time loans at 6 per cent.- and commission apply at the Kossuth County State Bank. Interest and principal payable here. Be sure to call if you" want .to borrow a^ favorable rates, TRY a box of "Perfection table palt,' at? • Walker Bros.' 'V\ THE best bulk coffee in the market a^ '-^;| the Opera House Grocery, •>,',* '''" SEED buckwheat at J. J, Wilson's; •-' MONSOON tea, the World's Fa^,V^| drink, Try it. You will have no oth. , "' er', Sold by Langdon & Hudson.—12t3,/ E, G. BOWYER, o now at the new stand liv the Oowles b.lQQhi has a complete stock of Br itt H wo.via lieciJn pbUVlftlps, povna augl Wanted, The undersigned having leased the Paragon Woolen Mills for a term of years ie prepared to pay from 3 to 6 cents a pound wore for wopl in oassi' meres, bjapkets, flannels, or yavus than can be obtajeed at your home market. Send for samples and prices. Holland bat carding a specially. Address S. D, Duncan, West Mitchell, jQwa.«-8m4 A, M, & G, M- IQRNSOI* have just received a fine lofc of farmers' damage a Caa give you a fine AND FINE GRADUATED OPTICIAN, Eyes tested free of charge, fcarge line of op» h fft tioal goo^s always 99 hand, .' ;V>a 1 V'vi'f Repair fag of Jim vmtoly? « upegtatty. «u>|| m*$)i ,»§

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