The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on June 12, 1895 · Page 1
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 12, 1895
Page 1
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^f^^^^T^*-^;^^'!' 1 .: -f^s/ r* - ^ • ,-• %',;'''-r^/rr^• r - ivv. : "y^^l^^'^'"* -^J^^i^i^-^;^^^p^^¥v!^|^ ->'. " '\-'.' . jiLifcj», , • ; ' '• l? t---'-^-— ' V B V:VV *. , •jjjibjkMfc.'£ ** J At. /-T^ -s,- - -/T^ 1S6S, , IOWA, WEDNESDAY, JtJNB li, Now You ... .Want Lemonade. Buy the Lemons, the Sugar, and the Glasses at the Opera House Grocery. At the. B." OT O 1 Shoe Sale Fair Store r As we placed orders in the factories for a large quantity of shoes of all kinds when the shoe market had reached the lowest point that has ever been known, and before the sudden advance in leather which has caused the big advance in shoes, it places us in position to sell shoes at retail at what is now the wholesale price. As we are a little short of room for our big stock we have put part of the stock in the Fair Store, and will close out all of the stock that we haver—only a few pair of a kind—regardless of cost. Shoes for 75c worth $1.00 to $1.25 Shoes for $1:00 worth 1.50 to 2.50 Shoes for 1.50 worth 2.50 to 4.00 G. L Galbraith & Co. DON'T Buy Worthless Goods, BUT GO TO. Brownell & Alfred's For Your Boots and Shoes and you will always get the best goods made, and the most for your money, . . Brownell & Allied Cash Shoe House, ALGONA, IOWA. CORSETS. •The place to buy the best summer Corset is at Irvington, SKl , \. m^ p-i .- Per pair, 48c ;Towels, I^c a pain hosiery, 50 up, 'Ask to see Iron-ciad tfth' ??',!V Jl&C.J. upport Home Interests. • A * •'' ' ^^^^M/M^'ffW^ 1 - ?&fi*ifaF*£S£^jj}&& The Vefdiet Calls tot $4,100—Case Will Be Appealed—Miscellaneous News of the Nonhwest. SECURED A BIG VERDICT, [ft the Josefeh Thompson Case, Tried at $ oft fcodf e, the J ttf y iFotttid fto the Plaintiff, The Jos. Thompson suit against the Milwaukee eompahy resulted in a verdict at Fort Dodge last Friday for the plaintiff for $4,100, It Was hotly ontested and will be appealed to the higher courts. The chief points were whether Mr. Thompson was guilty of ipntributory negligence in driving on the track without proper precaution, and whether the railway company gave sufficient warning of the approach of the train. Judge Shiras instructed against ( the company on both points and the'jury brought Jn a verdict without much discussion. T, D. Heatey of Tort Dodge and Judge Wade of Iowa ty assisted Sullivan & McMahon for tfr. Thompson and M. D. O'Connell of Port Dodge was with Mr. .Clarke .for the company. This verdict while not what Mr. Thompson claimed is a very substantial one, and his many friends ll congratulate him on his success. Taken with the costs of the two suits t represents a big sum. An Important Rail-way .Case. The Sheldon Mail reports an important suit against the Milwaukee. The suit was for damages to a brakeman by which he lost his limb. The company settled with him once for >4,000, but Bothel claimed that the settlement was secured by fraud and mproper influences while he was 111 and suffering from mental pain and )hysical anguish to such an extent ,hat he was not responsible for his acts. The court thought he had not made out a case and directed the jury ,o return a verdict for the railway company. 0. A. Babcock and W. D. Boies appeared for the plaintiff and Ghas. B. Keeler, general council for the C., M. & St. P. By. Co., and Geo. E. Clarke, attorney for this division of the railway were attorneys or the defendant. The supreme court las held that an injured man can rescind a fraudulent settlement and sue. This case was fought vigorously 10 prevent its becoming a precedent. Prof. Chnflfoe Goes to LeMars. Prof. F. M. Chaffee, for some years at the head of the Algona normal school, Is now president of the LeMars school. He is to have full charge of the school. The Iowa Falls Citizen says: "This election includes a lease ;o the president of a very fine property consisting of a three story building of pressed brick and stone, the whole supplied with city water, heated by steam and lighted by electricity, also a campus of about eight acres on the south side of the city, the whole property being valued at $40,000." Prof. Chaffee will make a success of the school. -•;. Begatta at Clear Lake. It Is now definitely settled that Clear Lake will secure the annual regatta of the Iowa State Bowing association for 1895, and the date has been fixed for July 28 and 24. Clubs will be in attendance from Sioux City, Dubuque, Storm Lake, Cedar Baplds, Burlington, Ottumwa and Council Bluffs, and, it is proposed to make this the greatest meating in the history of the association. _ A Charles City Girl. Mrs, Carrie Lane Chapman Catt, who is to succeed Susan B. Anthony as president of the national woman's suffrage association, comes from Charles City. When she was Mrs. Chapman she lived at Mason City, her husband editing the Republican. She has lectured in Algona. It Will Draw Like a Plaster, The West Bend Advance hears that Algona will invest $800 to "make merry on the Fourth," It adds: This ought to make a big celebration for Kossuth's metropolis, and that is what attracts the people, As Viewed at Emmetsburg Democrat; The West Bend beer company will put a delivery wagon on the road and furnish supplies for Algona and Wbittempre, The proprietors will certainly find the task a big pne. __ _ ^ Pearls Jo Iow« Rivers, Mrs, C, T, Babbitt pf Webster .pity has 11 pearls taken from clams in the Boone river, Some are as large as ha«el nu,ts the GrapbiO'Herald says, and all are perfect, Pair to Ills Aw4lenpe, Asa, K, Smith is preaching B e»r Livermore, The Gftgette says that at the end of pne of his sermons fce asked all who wanted to hear him again to' stand up, They nearly all gtopfl up, need feel surprised if th§ feBtiFS board should forsake the interests of the county and begin the construction of steel bridges. ' It is said that their dreams for the past few nights have been one wild jumble of tie-rods, upper chords, lower chords, hattg beat% laterals, channel irons, ^ftfl Various other articles ifidispensible td the cbn* strudtion of ft first class bridge, The contract was finally awarded to the Kttig Bridge company of Cletfelatid, Ohio, a thoroughly standard cottiflantf and one of the largest in the United States. With 'them holding the cott' tract, the county is sure to get a good bridge. The company was represented here'by Mr. Kllmar of Des Moibes, a classmate of C. B. Matson, The specifications call for a superstructure of the very latest design that will carry a much heavier load than will ever be placed on it. It will be a 100 foot span bridge with a roadway 16 feet wide, and will be 14 feet above low water, in the clear. The bridge will be supported in a way entirely new to this locality. At each corner are driven three oak piles. Over these a steel caisson is placed and settled well down into the earth, A mixture of sand, broken stone and Portland cement is then packed in around the piles, completely filling the caisson. In a few hours this sets as hard as rock, binding the piles, concrete and steel casing into one solid mass. Piers constructed in this manner have been known to withstand floods that have carried away massive piers of solid masonry. . • . . .. FEBBOKAL MOYEMENTa. Mrs. A. F, Call is visiting her parents. , Miss Ella Langdon went to Chicago Monday for a visit. Mrs. Dr. Glasier is in Wisconsin visiting for a few weeks. Cheever Hudson and Chas. Hoflus left for a Missouri trip yesterday. Mrs. Jas.;-.Chapin' came from her Minnesota home for a visit last week. Ernest Wheelock came in last week after a long absence in the mail route business. • The railway agents meet in Boston in September and F. H. Vesper will attend. E. M. Gillett of Hampton goes on the road this week for J. A. Hamilton & Co. Mrs. Frank Dealy of Emmetsburg was a visitor at J. B. • Winkel's a part of last week. Mrs. J. R. Jones went to Britt for the graduating exercises of the high school last week. George Horton is at home for the summer from his work in the Minnesota state university. Mrs. Ten-ill is visiting her aunt, Mrs. J. St. John. Mrs. Terrill's father was late a judge in Alaska. Miss Nettie Baltuff of Minnesota came down on the Sunday excursion train and will visit a few days with her relatives in Algona. i E. G..Bo'wyer was visited last week by Mr. Powers of Fort Dodge, who helped Gov. Carpenter manage the postofflce a few years ago. Miss Lulu Glass of Spencer is here visiting Dr. and Mrs. H. C. McCoy. She came Monday evening. She "is Rev. and Mrs. Glass' daughter. J. R. Jones attended the big annual Masonic meeting at Marshalltown last week. He reports it the best state gathering in the history of the society. E. G, Bowyer took in Fort Dodge while down at the Livermore Odd Fellow blow out. He says the Fort has grown wonderfully in the past few years. Miss Mame Farrell started for Mason City Monday evening, to attend the funeral of her grand-mother. Mrs. Hall has charge of her room during her absence. Misses Alice Wadsworth and Mabel and Ruby Smith returned for their school vacation Friday. They have finished their Freshman year in the Minnesota university, Tbos, F. Cooke left last night to join Mrs. Cooke at Madison, Wis., and go .to Brooklyn, where Bertha Hancock graduates the coming week. June 26 they sail for England to be ,gone three months, J, W, Hinohon's sister and sister-in- law came from AHamakee county for a visit, and yesterday he drove with them to the St. \Tp, church dedication and to LivermPre, where they took the train for Fopt Dodge, Mrs. Dick Rist pf Taooma has been spending a week in Algona, gPing west yesterday, She has been at her old Ohip hpme a few weeks, Dick is npw cashier in the Nprthern Pacific pffices and getting a gppd salary, Mr, and Mrs. Wt S, Porland and three boys arrived frpm Texas Thursday fpr a summer visit, They are all in excellent health and are heartily welcomed back by a hpst pf friends, Mr, Pprland talks pf gating in the nprtb again. This is what we all hope to do, gentle showers, pleasant weather, one feeling good, By the way, you to eat. Please remember that we. carry large and complete line of Groceries Both staple and fancy. Call and see You will find our prices right and goods right. Langdon & Hudscim • o . - " • • We Still Have •' :-V« . "• vjr)tt • ' • , • ' ,< , , ..., -m GOOD BARGAINS Ladies' and Misses- Gloves and Mitts, Misses' Silk Mitts, Ladies' Silk Gloves, Ladies' Fabric Gloves,. Ladies' Lisle Gloves, - - • 15; ,20,, S6o - 25, 35 r 10, 15, 20, --- 25c ' ;1| Excellent values for one-third more than we ask. The Grange Store., Boots and Shoes • HAVE ADVANCED. ... But we are selling them cheaper than ever before. Look at our #4 Men's Shoe,. We have the best $3 Ladies' Shoe in the city, High Shoes, Low Shoes, Tan Shoes, and Black Shoes, at prices that will meet all competition, Yours for; ' . business, ' ' ' "' M ' B. H. ANDERSON. i i< «re • fr i$ >:-t • Mrs, Q,- B. Hu,tehin9 is just frp» several weeks, with friends Dubuque and other places in the eastern,, part pf ths state. Last weak Mp« Jj«t9bios spent A few days witfe , returalpg »y way flf Fort T list Ktna Near far Structure of Klug to testify is the Tbompaeo Look for It. Don't Miss to Try It, Everyone Speaks Well of I), What is It?- \ ' A choice assortment ^> A \TF*\T'C< ".'',","", W/ilN LJ1 JC of" the tost >. Ever brought to Algona, WHO Jt! will b§ to WATE& TANKS Ws>aY§r oi BWera mi m rivate L be . defeated fSP the fu|-s«§

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