The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on June 5, 1895 · Page 10
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 10

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 5, 1895
Page 10
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,Sa|Writes & \m& At 8115 b fit Ltr, Dee M> 2i30 ft i eets With fl^ef fttad arrlfes ftt Chi t~" W®S at« Us in, " - BY H, VSSf BB, Afcetit, cmcm see & Shaw have moved to thai . 'A'lHbJB bands Will be iti Algona fo / the Four thi ffae women's relief corps meets to '•'^ evening, • it the Congregational church evening, W. llobthson's handsome home In rieW'paint. , /1'Baptlst children's day exercises are "postponed till a week from Sunday. •• A,little girl arrived Thursday to ca1 ; frank Riebhoff " papa" when she gots Old enough. ,,. < ,-'-\ ,Thv Sheetz is one of the speakers a the';Clear Lake G. A. B. meeting Monday and Tuesday, , The rains Saturday and Sunday have done thousands of dollars worth of good Crops all look fine. \l ,jThe populists elect delegates tomor- ,row.', The'mass convention will be held ; *'.at ( the court house at 1 o'clock. <•, n . n Coate has-signed contracts for J .?.'the coming-year with the school boarc j- -and will remain-in the high school. "•!' /The'tiig novelty race on the Fourth '.> is, a straight running race' from, start to •', 'finish, and not ti'county fair novelty. *\ ''The Sioux City Journal reports that ' A. L. fiudson is to take the pulpit in the Unitarian church at Salt Lake {$*'' £•£ 1 , X D. Shadle is putting up a $2,00( . home with furnace, bath room, anc other modern attachments on the Wm. Paetz farm near Sexto'n. /'.''Everybody should attend the free ' niusicale at the Congregational church /Friday * evening. ' Miss Wartman's - scholars will give the program. ' C. Li Lund, Jas. Taylor, and J. J. •Kaon have been expecting to go to Des •• Moines for the democratic free silver 'coinage convention tomorrow. All are • free coinage men. * , The. members of the county republican committee will meet at Chairman ,,Haggard's 'office Saturday at 1 o'clock. " This is an important mbeting and ' everyone should attend. • The water in the city well comes to within 80 feet of the surface and the heaviest pumping only lowers it six > Inches. It is a good well if the red •, shale ever'gets pumped out. „ -'Judge Quartori adjourned court for - Memorial day and dismissed the jury. - He calls it again Monday for three or foar days' equity business, Then his '.vacation begins and lusts till Aug. 19. , ', Algona grange will hold a basket picnic at the grove of August Zahlten , on Saturday,, June 8, to which everybody, is invited. There will be an ice cream -and lemonade stand"' on the 'ground. ,',' The. public library is open pvery evening but Sundays from 7 to 9:30 o'clock. ' It is open Tuesday, Thursday, - Saturday, and Sunday afternoons from 3 to 5 o'clock.' E. P. MoElroy is in .charge at present, 7 {The county editors'meeting comes f.uext Monday. Exercises will begin at •11 o'clock and will close to allow all ',tbe boys to get away on- the afternoon trains, A good programme arranged and a good meeting is expected. '• r 'ltjV'npt yet decided whether the "•fourth regiment will march from Al- gous to Fort Dodge, or *go into a'bri- gade* encampment. It the latter- is field Fort Ppdge will likely get it, :^hey-are raising $1,£00 to defray ex- 14' /.Q&rdner Oowles has rented his build \ ,|qe opposite the Republican. d starter lor a good home 'fA:'^ J, J, Byw rejnenjbered his old part' £"<.,*>' -w.j g, L* j^pa, test weak by sendipg • " ' *>, J£ooh, -ate- the tubercu" ajfvrrjw yff**** ***** TTTWtT!'^ ,,,,„ understood that Mr. \ b^ye iMFftpaed and hung in in MoNvM for July Sabin, for - the. 1PH^fc4 y raS? I L ^-%t«rL WfWt i,idea the mmmm&gvmwv'W 1 ' •- : ,r-itieSll-j3Bimla lo,(8 in 'me v tfldthmg fttftisS fu&catrsta oOnsldet-able talk ainong'Sefckets ftftef batfftih& ifi flhe gtrodl it Will t>ay anyone to edftte s ieetaislahcs to this gfreat sate* Which continues ^tintll June 16. We have some watet-daffiafed' ffodds left td oltts6 but altadst at yoiifcpwfi pfiee. ^ fiuftBAii & Oe. . was a daughter ot Mr, tJdnn, was about 85 years of age, and leaves two children, A very large procession brought the remains frOto li'vington and followed thetfl to the The big brick Catholic church at St. Jo, is to be dedicated next Tuesday, June Hi, at 10 o'clock, Deafi LInehfch of Fort Dodge will preach in English, Father Zigrang, the former pastor, will preach in German, and Father Smith of Emmetsburg will celebrate high mass, This is the largest as well as most costly church in the county, The Algona ball nine will have a first class visiting nine here for the Fourth, and the game will be played on the grounds near the 'Northwestern depot in the afternoon free to everybody. A balloon • ascension and other sports are being planned, Everybody who comes in can pay his money and take his choice, There will be fun for all, The county board put in all day Monday hearing complaints from parties whose roads have been fenced up. It put in all day yesterday with 14 bridge men who have bids for the iron brldgfe at St. Jo. The bids range from $1,600 to $1,800, and each one has a different bridge. What the board won't know about bridges won't be worth knowing. • In spite of all the first advertisements out for the Fourth were for the races, and it's money to peanuts that the races get the crowd. The old notion that any considerable part of the population who want sports at all will stand on the road to see a free sack race instead of paying 25 cents to go to a race track for good 'running races will be exploded. Bancroft had a bad wind storm Monday at 6 o'clock. P. M. Barslou tells us that it tore down the Wolcott and Gaul barns in Winkel's addition and destroyed the big new barn on. S. D. Drake's farm north of town. It was a straight wind and the rain fell in torrents, going into nearly every house in town. The Bancroft people like rain but this one: suited them too well. The Burt creamery has completed five years and Secretary Angus sums up its work. It is now receiving 600,000 pounds of milk a month and making 20,000 pounds of butter. Its expenses are only H cents a pound for making. It paid 60 cents for milk in April. Mr. Angus concludes: Let the anthem of the patrons be "more cows to ,gtye more milk to make more butter ; to sell for more money to buy more cows, etc." Last week's wind did lots of damage to corn on fall ploughing. The soil blew so as to cut off a great deal and uproot a great deal. We hear of bare fields in all quarters. M. O'Bourke is one of the heaviest sufferers. His flat is said to be entirely stripped. Perry Burlingame reports 40 acres which he will replant. This is the first time wind and dry soil ever did this in Kossuth county. The Algona churches report the. fol* lowing membership to the census taker: Adventists 42, Free Methodists 8, Catholics 300, Swedish Lutherans 138, Episcopalians 35, Baptists 130, Methodists 225, and' Congregationalists 180. Altogether they have 1,058 members. If they all lived in town they would constitute nearly half our population. As it is probably not more than on u Fourth of the people are church members. The new reading room -and library ivere crowded Thursday and Saturday .n honor of the opening. The new paint and paper have made as band- iome a home in the G, A. E. building for a library as there is in the state, and this probably being a • permanent "ooation, that institution will grow i-apidly. With 1,300 volumes of good books and a pleasant reading room attached where anyone can read them and the magazines the place will BfloB become a very popular resort. The Odd Fellows headed by the band marched out yesterday in a shower in good force and helped fill four card full for Livermore, The rain stopped as they started and did not interfere during the day with their exercises. The attendance was large and the celebration one of the best they have yet held. Livermore did everything to make the day enjoyable, Five bands enlivened the parade and gave entertainment to the citizens, Britt was chosen for the meeting place next year. The great moving bee for the fair ground fence will beheld, rain or shine, corn plowing or no corn plowing, a week from tomorrow, June 18. It will be a great day, equal to everything but the Fourth of July. We have not interviewed all the candidates for the legislature but feel free in stating that they will be on hand to lift on the fair ground fence and their own fence. Andy Dunlap will have a little inside track, being a director of the society, but the management will see to it that he gets no undue advantage. Among the running horses to be here the Fourth B. F. Smith,notes his own Gildersleeve and John W.; Cooper's Ida M. from Ledyard and Seolock's Jack Diver; Higley's White Stockings, Oskaloosa Sal., Htithaway, and Tipsy B. of Bancroft; Winkel's KosSuth, if his leg holds up; Billy Mack from Forest City, and Gipsy Queen from Elmore. Smith's Gildersleeve is his new horse and has never yet run in the county. Ida M. has the state record at half mile, and Billy Mack beat her in a race. Dozens of other fast runners ar,e sure to been hand. The dash for $200 will be one of the best things ever given in the county. ^ Probably 100 wllMeave Algona Sunday, morning for. Minneapolis. An excursion ttain starts at 5 o'clock, arriving at the flour city at 11:30 o'clock, and leaving for home at 7 o'clock, all for the extremely low price of $2 for the round trip. No sucb price for a ticket was ever before quoted, and while a Sunday excursion N gotten up ostensibly for a ball game may not be attractive from an ethical standpoint, a $2 rate to Minneapolis and return presents almost irresistible financial charms. It is likely that those from Algona will fill a car and have it to themselves going and returning. The train is due about midnight on the return. Last week, we published an item about an English lady tourist, who was brought back to Emmetsburg* to pay her board bill. The item contained the statement that Algona hotels had had experience with her. Inquiry develops that no such lady has stopped in Algona, Her manner of escape from Emmetsburg is given by the Democrat: 14 She walked to Cylinder Friday afternoon, hired E. Hughes to take her to Whittemore, refused to pay him because he did not get there in time to catqh the fast train. She stayed there all night and went east the next' morning. At Britt she wired to Mr. Howey that a letter would explain, but he did not wait for any letter, but proceeded to take steps tov&ards catching her, and succeeded in doing so." The city well is again at the front. Last week the pump began to play out and an attempt was made to elevate the cylinder to investigate. Jack screws vere used and the pump rod was broken. Then the tubing was taken out and the cylinder when investigated was found to be worthless, The sand had ground into the lower valve and,worn it out, and the pump plunger has with the sand worn out the brass tubing it works in, A new tube has been sent for and new valves win be made, but two weeks will doubt 1 less elapse before the pump will be working again, At present the old ptftfipIs teftf wttffeeTiIff the .._ ..... and a few feet of wal§f are kettHftthe stand pi toe^ but the Biip-pltf is 'likely id play out f * IN » item iMisted * et*f Up 10 til* ftllliaf jptfat* it WOttld bH difnOUlt id find OH fe»d ft stfange* hunting adfeatttre thaa that eiperi&nced by PrihOd Hbhetilohe, eon of the German chancelldf, and Baton Vietingbotf fec&itly. They Went but togethef to' shoot stags aM agreed to defray the animals by Imitating theif call on ft special hofa. The hunters separated, ettdh accompanied by a gamekeeper, and went In different directions. Dtttiug the cotirse of the day they ap^ pfoaohed each other, and each heard the other's decoy call and be-fieved A stately stag wad before him. Imitating the heavy steps of the animal, they noisily d*Bv/ still nearer. The imitation of the stefcs bud call was so well done that they finally arrived within, ten paces of each other without perceiving their mistake. The thicket was so dense that they could not see through it. Both stood still, repeating! the challenge from time to time. Each still firmly believed that he Was within: a few paces of a reaB stag, At last the prince, tired of waiting, fired thrice rapidly in the direction! of the supposed game. The first bullet) glanced off the cartridge belt of Baron; Vietinghoff, the second struck his watch, and sprang off, the' third fell dead from his pockotbook weEB filled with papers. The young baron, though hit three times, stood unwonnded. He was so convinced that not his; fellow hunter, but a stag, was before him that he attributed the shots to the explosion of cartridges in his belt, and busied himself unfastening' his belt for the purpose of throwing it away. The astonishment of 'both when they at last found out what had happened was great—Berlin Special. Florence Blytlie'g Millions. Florence Blythe-Hinokley has virtually come into possession of the large estate which contestants in the California courts so resolutely tried to wrest from her. Generally. speaking, it is worth from $4,000,000 to $6,000,000. It consists of a San Francisco block, 80,000 acres of land in San Diego county, 44,000 acres of land in Mexico, adjoining California, and an interest in 1,800,000 acres of land in Mexico. Just what the Ely the estate interest in these 1,800,000 acres is will have to be decided by the Mexican courts. A salt has been brought to determine the size of the Blythe interest in the large tract of land. There is also $126)000 in cash on hand belonging to the estate.." This will go principally to pay the expenses of administration of the estate.—San Francisco Letter. Bow Sherman Got Into. Congress. "These are days of tidal' waves," said Senator Sherman. "W&had a marked change in 1893 and have- just witnessed another. Do I recollect anything to equal the last one? Oh, yes. We had the same thing happen in 1854. Ohio elected a solid .Republican delegation to congress. The election then turned on the slavery question. The tidal wave carried me into congress. I was a young lawyer and was nominated! in a district with 3,000 Democratic majority. I hoped, of course, to be elected, but I had no reason to feel confident. Few expected it Yet I went in, with 8,000 more than enough to elect me. M —St Louis Globe-Democrat "Falling In With ft Friend." ^ji. -"' T \/ -'/'/- ^^ &, - \mTm//S H/^>V-»J r^g —Life. •."<$ . Vii f FURNITURE! W E call especial attentiom tp our new Book Racks, and Wall ShelVes, Just the thing for cheap book case.. Complete stock of Undertaking Goods. Irvington, Iowa. Six boxes for 25c.- J, A, tt G, J, I Here is a Parlial List —of tiBie goods we shall handle during the season of.iSpJ:,, Brown Corn Planters, Brown Corn Plows, Brown Corn Harrows, Owens Fanning Mills, Standard Mowers, Full Steel Frame Disc Harrow, Finest Bugrgies, Surreys and Phaetons on earth. Bradley & Nicoulin. Support Home Interests. I will sell you better flour than any stor§ ia town, and for loss money, Is it not right an$ just to use flour made at home and save your >£ *K CT E I ^\ I I V\ Jk ILI t\ f* Pavnjera' of Cedar ; n u U H n li U L . SSSIiy 118 - mmmmHmmi*mmmmmm*mH**mm*m*mm M°Yfl> Plate QllVBU Of New York, !BiiBi»ii(piB,iji:.i.ijiiii.iiiii'ijij.a4aujiii»iji.iimiiiimW»j>ii United Status Life of New Vorij; -PS <:| $ -S Me- Qiist oef Algfflft State Tjj ^^^^^^ss a ^^r^ i <^ i< ^ va ^^' v ^ Hff i / 'Vfi'tf^s **^*\& * - 1 ' jAAAQSSfdftu 3rS212Sr E ^ i jv^^pffiffafB^ij^re'^yTf'yTi. ^iF™ Tf fBnafcal OAVd A 'New Harness Sbop, ; ;l . ,* V^fti Harness, Blaok y

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