The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on June 5, 1895 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 5, 1895
Page 7
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J -I /.t IS I have just reosived an elegant new line of Station©^ ^pl flpom-eastern will sell you this at pfieea ajever before rsali^d in this vieinity. 1 fcava several boxes of new a*nd beautiful Stationery whiah 1 am selling at a speoial low prioe ol ^^^^^^ __^_»_gl^l ^^^. ~^__. .^j^g^^gn ^^^^^r ggj^^pjj jjy^i^^l gg£n I can give you this in ruled or plain, octavo or commercial, with or without envelopes, PV\! P .uj o 1 cream, white, or linen, Call and see pur line and you will be con vinced of its superior quality and low prices, . . , Cowles Block, Algona, Iowa. ~* -AJ c">'J Vt v *"Cii 1 IIS 25 25 25 Two Bargains For Ten Bays. AND 100 YARDS IN 10 SECONDS. That Is the Becord Made by Crum, the Iowa Sprinter—Will Run with • the English Next. The Mulroney Nine Had Their Wind with Them at Algona--Edmonds Wins the Road Race. Corsets. The choice Millinery found at... . . . The Fourth of July ,Will be here before you know it, and likewise before half of you are ready for it. It will be impossible for the ladies to properly celebrate the natal day without first purchasing something in the Millinery' line, and we are here for the especial purpose of supplying every possible want in that direction. None is better or later than ours, Don't forget this, Matson & McCall. AUSTIN OBEED IS MABRIED. Miss.Annie E. Brower of Movllle is the Lucky Lady. Algona friends of Austin Creed have received cards the past week announcing his marriage. The Carroll Herald reports it as follows: A. W. Creed and Miss Annie E. Brower were united in marriage at the bride's home in Moville yesterday, and arrived on the afternoon train in Carroll, where they will make their home." Mr. Creed is a popular young man, who for several years has been in his present position as express messenger on the Sioux City line. He has always been faithful in the performance of duty and is deservedly popular with superiors in the company. His bride is a young lady of worth, whose home is in Moville, and is in every sense deserving of her most excellent young husband. A. .W.'s manyJriends join in extending congratulations to himself and most estimable bride, hard times sosUuble to The editor: a Hard Times soshu- ble will be held at the leckture rum of the Kongregashunal Church on Next Saturday evening, kommensing at erly kandle lite, everyboddy invited, kum and ware ure old klose. sutible Finds will be imposed for dress Suits and oth- r extravagant things. *** Money, I have unlimited money to loan on ong or short time, B. W, HAGGARP, $2.00 Minneapolis and Return, PON'T forget our coffees, Opera House Grpoery,.' ... FOR elegant carriages, surreys, top juggles, etc., call at the Wigwam, Alfona, Iowa. DON'T delay in getting your life in» ured, " It it were •« ell it were done, Then 'twere well it were done quietly," The Royal Union Mutual Life Insurance company offers security secpnd tp jppe. J, L. Donaboo, district manager, Algona, Iowa, FREE, free) free. To Mi return, is and Juneq WE make a specialty of collections. Cloud & Haggard, John V. Crum, the state university sprinter, has beaten the Yale and Harvard men, and is now the amateur champion runner of the United States and goes to England with our athletic team with a good chance of becoming the amateur champion of the world. He made 100 yards in 10 seconds flat. His victory has called out a clever editorial from the New York Press In ridicule of the eastern colleges: Who is this man Crum, and where is the University of Iowa, and why weren't these questions asked before by the proper committee of the Intercollegiate Athletic association, so that we should have been spared the unpleasant sight of this under-graduate of a prairie dog and grasshopper institution carrying off two first prizes from. Yale, Harvard, Princeton and the University of Pennsylvania? We are sure that if the proper committee had done its duty and found out who Crum was, this never, never would have happened. Some good reason would have been found to keep Crum out just as, nearly 20 years ago, good reasons were found to break up the inter-collegiate regatta when upstart Cornell and little Wesleyan had developed such impudent speed. What are college lawyers for except to keep Crums out of such contests to save the public and post graduate mind the shock of seeing first prizes going anywhere except where they belong; that is to say, to Yale, Harvard, Princeton and occasionally the University of Pennsylvania? It avails nothing now to make Crum out a professional on the ground, for instance, that the monogram "U. S. I." on his shirt looks like •"$." The mischief is done,_ The public mind has been shocked, has been shaken in the cardinal principle of its athletic creed—namely, that first prizes should go nowhere save to Yale, Harvard, Princeton and occasionally the University of Pennsylvania. It will be receptive of all sorts of heresies now. Next year it will be prepared to see a first prize sprinter from Kickapoo college or the University of, Oklahoma. The college lawyers were caught pappipg when they failed to hold tbe watch on Crum before receiving the entry of the University of Iowa, Avaunt. Aroint thee, Crum! 'Go get thee to thy grassboppery, thy prairie doggery I And come not back! Tbe college lawyers will see to it after, this that first prizes go where they rightfully belong, that is to say, to Yale, Harvard, Princeton and occasionally the University of Pennsylvania. . Nothing like the Mulroney game has been seen by ah since the old days of Aldrich, *Vic. Stough. Pettibone, et al,, when our nine faced the Emmetsburgers on their own ground and came home with impaired hearing. ' '•Edmonds Wins Again. Bert. Edmonds won both the race and time medals in the Dos Molnes Decoration day road bicycle race in Des Moines. It was a 13f miles run, a big part in the mud. When the We Still Have • • GOOD BARGAINS . . WIND BAGS. boys came to that Byrd Moore, who •ran at the county fair last fall, and some others dropped out and quit, others took to the sidewalks, but Edmonds and three others raada the race according to rules, and although some of the sidewalk riders came out ahead, Edmonds was given both medals. Edmonds made the distance in an hour and 51 minutes. There were 25 entries in the race. Races for the rourtli. . Following is the completed program of running races for the Fourth at the fair grounds, given by C. A. Smith. The charge at the gate will be 25 cents, children under 12 years free: WEDNESDAY, ,TUt,Y 8. Class 1—Three-eights and repeat, 2 In 8: First. $80: second, $10: third, |5. Class 3—Three-fourths and repeat, 3 In 8: First, $45; second, $16; third, $10. Class 8—One-half and repeat, 2 in 8: First, $40; second, $20; third, $15. THUnSDAY, JULY 4. Class 1—Five-eights and repeat, 3 in 8: First. $45; second, $15; third, $10. Class 2—Novelty, mile and one-half: $50 to first half, $65 to first mile, and $85 to mile and one-half. Class 8—County ponies and farm horses, (thoroughbreds and horses kept for racing barred), half-mile heats, 8 in 5: First, $20; second, $15; third. $5. Bicycle Races, July 4—Five mile dash, and half mile and repeat, 8 in 5. Prizes named later. L. A. W. rules to govern, Sporting Notes. The Bancroft Register claims a bicycle record of 59 minutes to Algona. Our bicyclers ought to get up a road race to Bancroft and break that. The Des Moines News says: A. B, Edmonds won first and time prizes yesterday in the road race. He rode a bicycle made by himself and sold by the firm of Edmonds & Pancoast, of which he is a member. It came through without a scratch. Bert, Edmonds has been challenged by one of the Des Moines racers, who took to the sidewalk and. was ruled out, He publishes this card: TP the awarded winner of the Des Moines road race—I hereby challenge you to race the same course as that -used oh Memorial day, at any time, barring all sidewalks, mud or no mud, The first man in to be declared winner, I to put; up one hundred dollars against prizes won by you, winner to take ail, and I only ask three minutes handicap instead of five minutes allowed in road races, OSOAR J. MOWNE. Money, I have unlimited money tp Ipan Pn Ipngbr shprt time, B, W. HAGGARD. In . -Ladies' and Misses' Gloves and Mitts. Misses' Silk Mitts, - - - 15, 20, 25c/ Ladies'Silk Gloves, - - - 25, 35,50o« ^ Ladies' Fabric Gloves, - 10, 15, 20, 25c { Ladies' Lisle Gloves, ----- 25c ; ; ;£ 1 i j* Excellent values for one-third , \ more than we ask. The Grange Store. i Suits. Cloth. The latest attraction F, A. HARPY & Co. do the largest prescription work of any optical opra^ pany in Chicago. At Dingley & Pwgh's June U and }3, Tuesday and Wednesday, .......... ^__^ _____ i per For time loans at $ per pent, apd commission apply at the Kossuth Qoun- ty State Bank, Interest and principal payable bere. Be wre to pall If you want to borrow at favorable rates. TRY a bo* of Perfection, table, eatt, at E.YJP teet^ free b y J- A- Ctaok | DiPgley & Pugh'9, -me 11 ga4 18, Played Ball wltH their Mouths, and of Course They Won* The Mulroney nine came from Nevada township, Palo Alto county, Memorial day, clad in pink stripes, hose two pairs for a quarter, and chin music enough for two townships, When the Mulronies batted the ball it went to the fence, and when the Mulropies yelled they were beard up in Union township. The papre they talked the better they ran bases, There was a big crowd dpwn to cheer for Algona, but the Mulronjes gould cheer for themselves so that yp town itwasthpught the whole outfit were on their side. They drpwped put P«r own Peach Cowan, flrpwned put the umpire, drewped put the orpwd, gpt pur bpys BP they couldn't tell whether they were threwing the ball tP five* base pr right fleldi ran up a sopre pf 14 tP 81 gave thepselves three gopd cheers and went tipme iatisfied. The fact ia the Muirppies play gppd hall, They bat like prpfessippalB, rw lil?e three'yefti''pl4 steers, opaoh each ssbep like Cowanohe tpAians, a^ tbe «mpir^ %pw.'eth,ftt?" Sfter every move |n a tone 91 vpice that wo«l4 rattle. » WE make a specialty of cplleQtipns, Cloud & Haggard, Leave your orders at E, J, W. A, Ladendprff's, or fop ice,-5t8 Brps. 1 Eyss, eyes, eyes, j. A. COOK, pptioian, with P. A. Hardy & CP. of CbicagP. will be at Dingley & Pugh's, June U and 13, Tuesday and Wednesday. , "CRYSTAL CREAM" baking powder ia pnanufaotured exclusively for Walker Bros, _________ _. ....... _____ Opera Hpuse Grpoery is the tP get ypwr berries. Geo, Walters came over from Clear Lake for a visit at home Sunday. • Miss Blanche Tremain came frem Bolfe last week tP visit with Miss Edith Bpwyer, Mr. Uriel apd his wife have arrived from Lansing and will make their home in' Algpna. Mr, Uriel joins J. J, Kann •, , , in PP a plantatipn recently b'pugbt, 1»9S ?< will ppt beceme a fulWJedged. OREIAM baking ppwder is guaranteed equal tP apy baking powder made, and oeste pply ?5o a ppup^ at Waller Bra in business, . Geo. R. plou Nevada PP Oipud went wi few days in th . farmer until next year, He, will not 89 ' v south, hut remains in Des MpJnes/ • . ^ JJ J, J, Wilspn is enjeying a yjsjt fvgm.>', bis pldest brPther, Wffi,. Wils,PW oj VMv» paraisp, Ind,, WPP is apcpmpanie4/.to;, his grand'daugbter, MMw Grace Qu|e%, of Brooklyn, N, Y, Mr, Wilson to, i about 78 years of age, and. ha* Algona once before, . M4»y. BlW, ft brant A mw Hue pf laaiea' flae ibe latest rtytes wrtvei ye,etej$ay . & 6. vas in Pes Mpines and 8 ^ afi * wee ' { - ^>' 8 ' m and is spendlpg a ter place. J. T, OhrisQhilies goes to Lansing soop to join his wife in a few weeks vacation in what GeplPgist Calvin calls *'Tbe Switzerland of America," Mrs. P, W. Haggard and Mies Kate Lantry went tP Bunrt>oldt last week to, attend tbe graduating- eserois^s l» wblob Miss Hack b»-d a part, Miss is off lQ«? » three paoath? 1 visit at ben ol4 borne in Lpdi, Wia, D»pi»g be,p aVeencs B, P, M$?Elrpy will ,te ve W&Pgs o* tbe reading rwa, , Awbrait A* OaU aad. Mrs* iB'im» their Mr, apd Mrs, D. Rice boldt last week to visit tbe Recorder Osborne, Mrs, psbprae, l very low with qvtiofe consumption, .-an her *Wby is also afle,ot§d, ^ YW|. resident ot Wbittewore at one-' •«» and taugbt }n roapy schools 'along west riyev, where, she is, ftpd. ad.rn.ired., From 85 to 4Q Kpsjwib rtttMW It |or Fort D.&dge MQaAay a|li yesterd&y , fop t^e sgoond, tips., Thommpn caje fl§8^lg nwitap railroad, 09$ JBfc- Sullivan & MpMabm m-' lawyers ia tbs flgW, . B to p5 'C.a49gi¥§^u,ft ftftS .

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