The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on June 5, 1895 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 5, 1895
Page 5
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^SBa^mi^^^i^ag^^^S»«3g3L^BS£S2.a^fg^2^3^^^a^; ^""% !bW T - the tide will be n!6re pleaslflt, the hbrse won't have to do any more than hid rightnil snare of work, find there will be .But little'wear on the wagoa. it's the slickest grease you evef Saw. Sold by •AlUdealersi dive it a trial; Wadifam's Oil and Grease Co, MILWAUKEE* " Farm Cream Separators. Farm Separators turn too hard; we have something easier. Theyget oiit of order; bur . |i SAFETY HAND Separator is well made and easily taken care 1 of ; no- exposed cogs to nip fingers. Will skim 300 or 600 Ib. per hour. Send for catalogue. P. M. SHARPLES, Elgin, Kane co., Illinois. WATER OR NO PAY. SCOTT & DAILEY, Artesian well contractors. We have the* only cable steam drilling- machine owned in the county; sink wells for water supply for towns, cities, and railroads. Special attention to farm* well work. Estlinates made. We em- B loy only expert drillers. Address Scott & alley, Algona. Iowa. M*V >?<•» *.«.,»• «'w Wfaefttfttfib) " tfcSfteWfM.) fret SfteTt fthyWhBFB la tw«fl z It to tielite-p flddrY S« »6J tfiaeoofit above pt-ices Se ft sacfe at Ing .85e ' • We AB,V"fl6UP iH floii? td be eijuftl to W M ONEY ON EEAL ESTATE. !^£, |H k?- : HOXIE & BRUNSON. L@W nates td Od rlccoutit of the Itieetttig of the tifittal Edildallonttl nssoclatioii at Denver, Colo.. Ihe NofthvfestBftt line will, Bfi July 4, 6, ttfid 6, (fttid also cm July ?* foe trains reaching the Missouri river on that dtxte), sell exuut'sion tickets to betivei 1 , ColofHdo Springs, Mtttiitou utid .Pueblo at a t-ate nob to uxceed one f«re frit* the found tt'i|> (with $2 added fOl 1 .niembefshlp fee)j tickets good for re' tui'rt ijassape until Sept. 1, 1895. This rate is avitiUibte to the general public, attd an excepltonnlly favorable oppor* 'tuhity is offered for 1 an enjoyable and economical trip to the "Rockies," as well as to the Yellowstone national park, Salt Lake, and the pleasure resorts of tha west and northwest. For tickets and full information apply 'to agents Chicago & Northwestern railway.'— 10t4 _ ^ _ FOB the National Educational association meeting,. to be held at Denver, July 5 to 12, the Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul Railway company will sell excursion tickets to Denver, Colorado Springs, Manitou, 'or Pueblo, at rate of one lowest standard first-class fare plus $2. As agents for full information as to details.— 9t? _ Cheap Excursions to the West. On May 21 and June 11 the Northwestern line (Chicago & Northwestern railway) will sell excursion tickets at very low rates to a large number of points in the west and northwest. For full information apply to agents Chicago & Northwestern railway. — 7to Tourist Excursion Rates. The Northwestern line is now selling excursion tickets at reduced rates to the principal summer resorts of the United States. For tickets and full information apply to agents Chicago & Northwestern railway. — 1012 A Dally Paper for the Farmer. The Des Moines Daily News has bo- come a penny paper and is much improved. It is just the thing for every farmer, as it gives ail the news and the markets. Price, $2 a year; $1 for six months; 50c for three months, strictly in advance. Send for free sample copies. Address The News, Dos Moines, Iowa. ?, r H California in 32 Days. Without change of cars. All meals served in dining cars. Palace drawing-room sleeping cars and tourist sleepers are run through to San Francisco without change, with annex sleeping cars to Los Angeles, leaving Chicago daily via ^Northwestern Line. Variable route tourist tickets to California and the health and pleasure resorts of the south on sale at #' , Detailed information can be obtained upon application to agent Chicago & Northwestern Railway, FARM LOANS. Having secured the agency of the ' New England Loan and Trust Company, I am now prepared to make farm loans on five to ten years time at the lowest possible rate, with privilege of partial payments before due, Office over Chrischilles' store, Algona. S, S SESSIONS. te H* bow tibd THE INTER OCEAN j, 4,,4ju>. 4,4,-I 4. Jw,l.\. Vp/V^Ap^^r**-^! Most Popular Republican Newspaper of the West t Circulation, BY ME v^l|},»QHt Sunday), ,,,,,,,, ...... $$.OQ PAIl*Y (with Sunday) 1 , ,..,,..,, ........ $8,00 per year TftrWeelly Inter Ocean [ $1.00 I W8Hy«Afi,.,-,M ....... , ..... , ....... , ...... ) y*^=^s ' The'' Weekly tq b«y tew be tt \YiBgs waj %w C$ *» ¥ .fii III s i ,r j;; M£JL?M fiSefdantile buildi«g i§ »6t _„ thieve* Md vale-able 1 agsd i« taken away, iaa of the btii-glsfies the ttef e* feeo'vefed. Mveo wMeii it is fontid the ftftiele ia j^enefaily fa a dttmagM oofadiMott and of little taitie. 4 When the cotupany Ooittiaencos bttsi* Hess, its tolioy holders can ga away ffoto home !of ft few days or fihrdad for ft Vacation and bot be is ft Jrerpetiaai Btate 6f Wdfry about the Safety Of their hbusehold effects. This Wbuld be because the tioifipaiiy believes prevention of hoasebreaidng is eVeil bettei? than the conviction of the btifglaf, An effl> dent force of watchtnen W6ald J patrol the'district in which the insured lived. When ft burglary Was committed, the policy holder \vouW have to report at once to the offices of the company. Its agents would go to the building just as the adjusters of a fire company would in case 'of a loss. All the property damaged would be taken possession of as if it'were salvage, and trained detectives Would endeavor to run down the crimi* nals. A charter has already been issued to the company in Iowa, where a capital of $60,000 was subscribed. Application was then made to the insurance com* missioner of Illinois to do business in this state. He looked up the law, and though it does not expressly include burglary indemnity companies in its provisions he decided that the company could legally do business'if a $100,000 subscription was raised in the state. This will now be done, aiid the headquarters for the United, States will he established in Chicago. From here branches will likely be established in all the large oitie's of the country. In Great' Britain and Canada similar companies have successfully transacted business for several years.—Chicago Times. COLORED WEATHER LORE. Thick Feathers on Ducks and Other Signs of » Hard Winter. A party of the wags who are always hanging around the National hotel held up old Carter Bowie, the colored man who has sold raw oysters from the can for seasons innumerable on Sixth street, yesterday, and after chafing him for awhile on various questions touched him in a tender spot by asking him what kind of weather Washington was going to have this winter.' "Tell yer, honey, yer bettah git yer coal in putty soon, kase days mitely squally times ahead, "said Carter. "De ducks ain' nebber had ez much down outer day brasses ez day is die fall since I kin 'member. Hit's dat thick dat yer cyuhnt see de meat ther hit nohow. Dat's er sho' sign dat do wedder gwin- ter be turr'ble cola Den do bressbone ob a goose whut I seen wuz dess spotted up like er pinter dog's back, 'en dat's ernudder sign whiit don't f ale, neb- ber. En dor's ernudder thing. Ebber seuco I fust got big iiuff ter tote isters I dun see dat when'we hab de smallpox in do fall time de winter whut come erlong atter bit is .dess de debbil fob cole. Hit wuz datter way las' time, back yonder in atee-atey. :Yer 'member dat, don't yer? We had de smallpox in de fall, an de wedder was dess loik bit is now, sof an sunny, an hit kep dat- ter way twell clean up ter Krismus. Don, gennermen, she commence fur! to git cole, an I lay dat ole Cyarter putty nigh froze on starve ter deaf, lease de ribber got froze eber clean ter do mouf, an doy martn't no itioter boat come up tpedew'arffob 'bout tix weeks. Yaars, indoedy, fellers, hit's gwinter be colter dan do debbil soon ez de holerdays comes, an if enny ob youse is got yo' oberootes in de intrus shop I lay yer better git' 'em out quick ez yer kin, kase yer'll need 'em, honey, yer'll need 'em wussen de lickeran de'seegyarsyer throwin yer munny erway on, • But dis ain't sellin isters, I gotten git sum munny time de ribber frpze up ergin an .keep clem ister .boats down on de be^s."—Washington ^tar, ' A series of most daring robberies is now puzzling the Anderson (Ind,) offl- o^als. When Joseph JUvmpbbff, a furniture dealer, awoke the other morning, he found tbe following flqto lying on his desk hardly ten feet frpra where be bad been sleeping; MY PBAH Sin—If' you bad sojne nionoy ypur pockets, I wonld not have bothered your watch and your wife's Boalpkin Back. I thank you for sleeping so sound. N»w YORK Bi^iakAR, Here are five pennies; have ft. clew 04 we. The note was' neatly penned on Mr, Mwnoboff's note paper,'and on. it lay five pennies, Six other bouses were entered and money taken when it could be found. It is' thought that all of tbe rpbberies have been cojnjnijited by this nervy -----Bel, Y»nderbilt> Partridges, By the nuthleotjo pud authoritative of m English, prjflt the word comes whefl M4 YajjdejrbUti wauts to eftd tbe wing of a partridge g birds cooked pnd serYed, |r«j» whio^ to phoose, Tftere are 1 aeyergJJKtS, Y»Bd§r bUtsta ttys peltry who wigMoagil Bfford this inethad of. gelgotion, b»t tbe 'newspaper tbi§ !.£?<£ Daughter^ What do you think, ina? Thai strange gentleman who just got out wheH We were going through the tunnel kissed me I Mothef-^fiut, my child, why didn't u tell me lit once, so that i 66uld call bim to account toe it? Oaughter^Why, yon Bee, mamma, t thought— 1 thonght-^that we werS c6m ing to another tlnple»9«ut Ditetaitna of K Greedy Stork. ' ' fc IL III. IV, Yorte World. ( it was learned that thfecereffiony place in the sitting worn, f he bridg waa not dfeased as brides ufitiallyate, She wow a plain dark dtess, was baft* headed, her Ibflg bla«k timti haagirig m an almost disheveled fflfts^ dewa hef back. She Wdte ao gl6ves> had fitt drange blossoffli tod eatried fad bride's feses in hef hand, ItwasaslffiplSoa?*' mon^. The girl, who had remained sit* ting until General Clay and the ffiaglsv tfate arose, got tit) ffott the divan- an'd tddk her place beside her white headed bridegroom. .Itwas a touchingBWSneV The man who had led admiring thott* sands in A crusade for human liberty, who in his youth was a perfect Apollo Belviderein appearance, if not &-$& poleon in the cause of abolition, stood as meekly as a little child, with aft expression of unspeakable happiness upon his time worn but still fresh and almost youthful features, and by hid side that simple, trusting country girl, as shy as gazelle, knowing aa little of the great world in which her venerable husband had played so conspicuous a part'as the most untutored daughter of nature. The ceremony was Very brief, and when' it was over the bashful child went back to the kitchen, and General Clay and his family physician sat talking by the large open fireplace, in which glowed two bushels of burning coals. ' • • ' : " And thus was celebrated 'one of the most remarkable weddings that' ever took place ia the United States. i- isville Courier-Journal > HIGH TREASON. Paria Greatly Excited Over the Dlsolosnwi Following the Arrest of Captain Dreyfiu.* The excitement over the spy mania is still high in Paris.- The case of Captain Dreyfus, who is awaiting court martial, causes extraordinary,comment It Is said to be the intention of the government to insist upon the extreme penalty of death in case he is found guilty. There is apparently good authority for the statement that precise particulars respecting the transport and concentration of tbe French forces in the event of mobilization after a declaration of war were placed in the hands of agents of the triple alliance. The hours of the departure and running of trains with' troops on the main railway lines and also'the branch lines were set forth, together with'" details of the places at which stores would be procured en route. It is asserted that even the original documents were supplied to the intelligence deportment of the triple alliance at'Berlin.' ' Another story relates that the disappearance of some important paper from a pigeonhole* at the war office wins fre- quenply noticed. After diligent search the document would be found' in the precise place from which it had been abstracted. The general staff also is said to have been aware that the German war office prided itself on its initiation into many of the secrets of the plan of mobilization. For a long time the French military authorities were puzzled, but eventually succeeded in unraveling the mystery, It will be quite another thing to prove who bas been guilty of these acts of high treason. —Paris Letter. .'jva K the latest dispatches from Japan are worth, anything, that government's' diplomacy ia aa effective oj its military aijspatcbes, Tfee English, charge that (Tapanis seeking the disruption Qf the Chinese empire, an4 $»gl<wi4 is exceed iogjy anxious aboat the iatejsste of b Sftj Jspan aeejarea that she nothing of tbe sort and baa an 1\ , -I '. VA "ifrT& sr.--.^;:^* 1 •JMlAll T L r* -J,* . ' Sf~^,. u ' ' fi"W '• f-i'"< '!!&&'*&$&& KossuthCounl | )•! l> i ' l', , ,',>?>* CAPITAL...,., i,;...,.»i M..|J»0,OOC, incorporated under general laws of f owa. V-A^ ' Deposits received,, money loaned, foreign and ,, doinestld exchange-bought'»nd v Sola.' Colleo ,' i?j business transacted? 'Passage tickets to.ot^-'v. iwm the old countries Bold atldwest rates;" , V * H, ,, JONES ........ '.„;' ........ Vice rre8ident; : ;f LEWIS H. SMITH... ........... ..i., Directors—Wm. H. tnghatn, John's. Smith,":'?;/,; J. p.' Jones, T. Ohrischilles, Lewis H, Smith, J <; '^ -W. Wadsworth, Barnet Devlne. '.;" " land. (J9W, wJtU bw gates cp^n to tfea afttiQB ftn4 ftejnjflerce 94 Jfee w Me to opt a» afcliqwe, g}»p Ja to The First National Bank » AT *' f j j "-K t., t>t T s > r. * f^ ,v*f ^<"it\ 03P CAPITAL. ' Special attention given to colleoticms. -;.'%! AMBROSE 'A. CALL.....i..;..:.,..,President y DMfi HUTOH1NS Vice ttfestfeitt fl WM. K. FERGUSON...'.......'...ii'isilCttShl^.l 0. D. SMlTH..,..i] uuu.Agst. Directors—D. H. Hutohins, S., A. <,» B v. U w«,, Philip Dorweller, W.'-P. Carter,' Ambrose A4 ",' Call, B. H, Spencer, Wm.K.;Ferguson. -i vi^r ' ' ' " > ' \ f *'$' Money always on hand to loan at reasonable !),,,. rates to parties furnishing flrst-claes security. ""^( CIRCUMSTANTIAL EVIDENCE. The JLoudon "South End Mystery" to Close WHU the HauKlng of Read. It is many months since London and all England have been aroused to such unanimous interest in a criminal trial as that manifested in tbe solution of What bas been known since June last as tbe south end mystery, A young married man in comfortable circumstances named Read has been tried for the mur-' der of Florence Dennis, a young woman with whom be bad improper rela-, tions. Her body was found in a lone- • some spot, and there was no direct evidence to connect Bead with tbe crime. It was principally bis reckless, unsupported denials and tbe extraordinary story of bis depravity in manyidireo- tions that finally .resulted in bis conviction and sentence to death. It was proved that be was in tbe neighborhood of the murder when'he asserted be was 60 miles away, It WW alsoshpwntbftt be bad similar relations with several other women, and that the murdered girl was about to become the mother of his child. Nevertheless tbe evidence was pot sufficient to convict in • an American court, and the prisoner 1 reaffirmed bis innocence in strong IJMJ. , gnage before the death sentence was pro ~ upon him, fle will be banged, • Ooy, New Yorfc Sue, 7 i CASH CAPITAL, 150,000. , ,m ALGONA, IOWA.' Officers and Directors-- . , A. D. Clarke, President, , ' C. 0. Chubb, Vice Prest., ^ >. Tho's.'H.'Lantry, OaHhierj Gteo. L. Galbralth, • , i ; . Fred. M. Miller. Myron Schenok, ' ' 1 •!„', Thos. F. Cooke. General Banking. PRIVATE SAFETY DEPOSIT VAVLTS^ 0y~Interest paid on time deposits. "' s "" CLARKE & COHEI^OUR, . ; ; ATTORNEYS AT LAW. : ,* ; t> < i i Office over First National to 1 auk, Algona', la. -'' E. H. CLARKE, ATTORNEY AT LAW, ' v Collection agent. Opera House block. S. S, SESSIONS, i t i$*% ATTORNEY AT LAW, '"'^ Prompt collections, Money to loan on chattel ^ •;& security. Over OhrisoWHes 1 store. - ' & BUTLER, LAW. LqANS. LAND, Collections a specialty. Office In Gardner Cowles' new building. /f *,f"tfi SULLIVAN & MoMAHON, f ^, ;'M ATTORNEYS AT LAW t ^ Office in Hoxle-FerKuaon bi jok. GEO. R. CLOUD, <• ' [Successor to W, B, Quarton,] -i^J Attorney one? Counsellor at Lati) t • ;"'i Office over Kossuth County State Bank, " t!lli E, Y. SWETTJNCT, AT LAW, ,v f i^| A10ona, Iowa, '"'^C'* L, 1C, QARF-JELD, W, £>,, , / ,,'i^ AND SUMMON. S§ ' f ^ ** * ~t *ii-**iS 0««e, State st., one floor east or 'Oordtogley, fe| ! Besjdenge, McGregor st,', east of thsy-j:, '| ty T puWlosohoQlbuUgipg. " A ^'m, H. C. WcQQY, M ,' D,.- -"^'.in f ' • •\-!?\ t* TT ft ^» •«• *% TIT t ..S fW jUM« i f ' * <- ,'M ^^^ ^t^> P M •>,<;'*sM ,i, <• £*7 '.•"'.5?-Wf^^fw^ 1

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