The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on June 5, 1895 · Page 1
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 5, 1895
Page 1
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IX'J: '• r ^>:H •?&> K.m ALGOHA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, JtJMB 5, 1895* Now You ....Want Lemonade. WILL HAVE A NEW TEIAL ddi. Uiafke's Attorney fee Case* fried at Algonft, is ReVefSed by the Supreme Cotirt. Prdf. Chftffee Not IfijUffed— Afnifetfoiig's Club Nfteds Attention— Gen* effll Northwest News. . Buy the Lemons, the Sugar, and the Glasses at the Opera House Grocery. thestfttet whefe they wilt toe generally dfstMbuled, Rather Curtis, the Ahamosa bigamist caught at Mankato, had & lot of letters from susceptible females, fh.8 Pds6 says that one was from a Blue 'Eatth City school teacher, and the public is CUribUS to know which one, At the Fair Store. As we placed orders in the factories for a large quantity of shoes of all kinds when the shoe market had reached the lowest point that has ever been known, and before the sudden advance in leather;which has caused the; big advauce in shoes, it places us in position to'sell shoes at retail at what is now the wholesale price. As we are a little short of room for our big stock we have put part of the stock in the Fair Store, and will close out all of the stock that we have—only a few pair of a kind—regardless of cost. Shoes for 75c worth $1.00 to $1.25 Shoes for $1.00 worth 1.50 to 2.50 Shoes for 1.50 worth 2.50 to 4.00 The supreme court has sefit back the famous Col. Clarke attorney fee case for new trial. This is the case in which Mr, Clarke acted fot 4 Mrs. Ellsworth in setting aside a bogus divorce secured by her husband while she was in Colorado on a visit. The iaw in such cases compels the husband to put up all expenses including the lawyer's fees. Mr. Ellsworth refused to pay Mr. Clarke and suit was brought for $6,000. As Ellsworth was living in Chicago the claim was transferred to an Illinois man and the suit begun in Algona because of Ellsworth's land in Kossuth county. Geo. E. Clarke and W. B. Quarton were Col. Clarke's attorneys and Judge Cook and Judge Birdsall appeared for Ellsworth, and after a long, hard contest in which the testimony of many leading attorneys of the state was taken, the jury brought in a verdict of $2,500 and costs. An appeal was at once taken and the case is sent back on the grounds, if the State Register reports correctly, that Judge Carr erred in allowing lawyers not living in Ellsworth's county to testify, and in allowing the jury to consider the wealth Of Ellsworth in determining the fee he should pay. This brings the case back to Algona. It will probably come before Judge Thomas, as Mr. Quarton is now on the bench. The eternal fitness of things would be met by baying Judge Carr added to Col. Clarke's counsel now and allowing him to defend his position on the bench. _ I'rof. CUnffoo Not Injured. The Iowa Palls Sentinel gives the details of the amphitheatre collapse in which Prof. F. M. Chaffee was re- pqrted to have been seriously hurt and says: Mr, John Beamish was the only person whose injuries are really serious and he had one of his legs broken at the knee. It is a bad break and he will be laid up for some time to come. Mrs. B. S. Morgan, Mrs. Catlin, Miss May Roberts, Prof. Chaffee and others whose names escaped the reporter were among those suffering severe bruises from the fall. ' A Voice toe the Estlierville Republican: The Bafl« croft Register brings out Samuel May tie as republican candidate tot represents live fi'bm Kossuth county. matter with What's the Good News lor nicycleru. Clear Lake Is arranging to build one of the finest bicycle tracks in the state. The Mirror' snvs a meeting of the Iowa Wheelmen is one btlitles of the summer. of the flosst- KossutU Vetni'alis Will Attend, The fifth annual encampment of the North Iowa Veterans' association will be hold at Clear Lnke, June It and 12< next Monday and Tuesday. West Bend's Gold Mine. Perry Cuplin has a prospectus out for his machine which is to take gold out of dirt without using water. It iu worth millions if it will work. the flight of Ageii. If you want niee, fresh for your table call on,us and see what we keep, Lettuce, Radishes, Onions, Asparagus, Pie Plant. Strawberries- -BVBRY Tuesday and Lit All kinds of Fruits. Langdon S? A Gasoline Stove The Tourist—This church must be an enormous age? The Native—You may well say that Why, it were here when I were a child. looked That Way. These hot days is as much a necessity as a refrigerator. It 's. a saving of fuel ; it's a saving of par tience; it's a saving of muscular vous tissue. The "Quick Meal" G. L. Galbraith & Co. Don't Be Deceived . in making your selection. ' We have the Refrigerator which received the Highest Award At the World's Fair. Here -is one of the facts worth considering, and which caused it to take the premium over all others. It has a double system of circulation within its ice and provision chamber, and with this system of circulation it is more economical in its use of ice than any other refrigerator made, Please call and see it, /. W, Robinson. la In Wultliig. Armstrong Journal: The Armstrong baseball club. ( may bo likened unto Alexander the Great. They have conquered all . the surrounding towns and sigh for more to conquer. The first invasion made into foreign lands will probably be to rush down on the tribe known as the Algonas. The relations between these two tribes have always been friendly, but the time has come when it must be decided which is the weaker nation. Both are full of valor, but the latter lacks the vigor possessed by the former. Time will tell and we hope it is not far distant. Not Used to the Courier's Tarns. • The Buffalo Center Tribune threshes a straw man with vigor: Kossuth county has a school teacher who uses a new rawhide whip upon his pupils of tender age. A law which would chain him to a post and give him a dose of his own medicine, while not indicative, perhaps, of a high -type of civilization, might have a salutary effect upon him, We supposed the brutes of his genus all died a hundred years ago— or little less— when the public whipping post went out of general use. The Town Odd Fellows, The size of the order which celebrated yesterday at Liyertnore for this district is shown by Secretary JKoonz' report for the state, There are in Iowa 590 lodges with a net membership of 35,748. During the past year there has been a gain of 30 lodges and 1,875 members. One of the most gratifying 'features of the report is the charity and relief disbursements, The report shows that 2,446 members received relief, to whom $59,783.46 were disbursed, "All yer got ter do is tor keep nerve up." yer Brownell & Allred, Platrict Miss Lizzie Bahn of Algona was elected treasurer of the district Ep' worth League at Alden last week. Win, Birkover pf LuYerne is vice president. Miss Baftn read & five- minute paper on "The Prayer Meeting." The next convention will pe held at Dpws. Aroonjr the topics most discussed was Sunday bicycle riding. jjojrt OB W» Chwrife of R»pet •Mrs, LowUn Drake, related tp WbU' tenjore people and living near Em' has swprn owt a wwrs>n^ nst W. S, Frost, ft farmer living by, po&rglng bins wUb rape, rode hope frpffl the 'wwrg with last Thuridfty evening, wfl po ta§ be took Hdv&nt«ge ef her. He i? is known the world over. ' More Quick Meals sold than^Sl any other gasoline stove made. You can draw your" own "^ conclusions as to the reasons. The Quick Meal is about- two years ahead of its competitors in improvements.- -Its 1895 pattern is the finest thing ever exhibited in the line of a gasoline stove. We have stoves fronr#2.5o up., C. M, DOXSEE, HARDWARE, , ' /:. Boots and Shoes HAVE ADVANCED. - . . But we are selling cheaper than ever before. ' Look at our $4 Men'is We have the best $3 Ladies' Shoe in the city; High Shoes, Low Shoes, Tan Shoes, and Black Shoes, W Vi "Guess J nrast have lost any nerve." .............. 3?M»MT» AfeWt W, t*y :&ff- You will buy And not half u$ a call alL wa sparBlug the tba -«e»al remit. Gu IS i ti» lw at prices that will meet ail competition. Yours for business, B. H, ANDERSON, r?4! .;« Look for It. Don't Miss to Try It Everyone Speaks Well of It " What is It ?- •Va* A choice assortment of the finest . •. . . Ever brought to Algona, WHO SILLS JAMBS FATTE!BSQN,;i* >'/* Fittings. ,&>

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