The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 29, 1895 · Page 6
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 6

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 29, 1895
Page 6
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mn, «"V, V •%,,«•«•» IOWA, . MAY26, 18S5. ! Hoti, Charles Mason, flfat „ J»M6e of tfcS territory of Itiwt* t>f the ffib&t dlstiftguishfed phriteeffc bf "theState* w*3tBlfeMedin the •ettfttfeme |f - r jijft§se«us6 d! thfe toil cfintt atel =a large *'" ' " ?efta»8etatbrg. tke'lSttetfttit, of y v f. &•' KA F-W i ?>i t.*s. <& tte«i«y< fifes p-fesentttlion *wa6 an <6«-etoti6t >WkivlSrsal Intere** 'to ttlie oldef j ]NX)tAfc esjjiatJi&lly afld adtteitft the list if pOW*ttitsitaHKe state fhouss that of . tfce .iftatt wteo did more 6haa <r.ny other* today the foundation <tff ttowa juris- JpftlSeiiOe. Addresses -WB*b inade by <£ti&ge Gisorge G. Weight, ex-United States Sdfiatof Jones amB^hidge Kinne. IN CONTEMPT. •Stwto Hoard of Medleril "Examiners iRnor* the Court. 1 K'KditttK, May S4.~ ^llhe state boarfl «ef 'medical exaininorsiftled a direct re- tfttsaHto comply wiUhithe writ of certit> i -Issued against 'them by the «n> court, commanding them "fco nto court OhoJr records of pro- •ceedings and theieviQence referring to *he<Gollege of Physicians and Surgeons •ofiEeokuk. Tlsfeijilaces each mo-rober ite'cotttempt of- ooutt, except penba*ps' (Dr.-«Y. A. Scroggfi.'bf Keokuk, wholflled ja.flcparate answer which apparetftfly arelie'ves him of .arrest for contempt. TEhe ' answer dt tthe other members .•gives no reason ior the refusal, totft it maid' if the writ Should be obeyed the iboard would be-orippled, hindered ;ahd embarrassed in -performance of ute'd'u- ' ' ' '-SIOUX CITY.; UNION STOCK YARDS. 'QFo'Be Sold to *8atUfy Heavy Hold by'.Trail t Companies. ."•Sioux CITY," v May 20.—Order* Uiave Tjeen made intthe federal court Sor ifche «ale of the Union Stock yards tosa'Cisfy •mortgages amounting to over Sl|OOQ,'000 'in favor of <tlie Missouri, Kansas & Texas Trust-company, and the OBoston 'Safe Deposit- and Trust compary, >6rius- ttee's, and A iL. Stetson, individually. 'T!he the claims is established intthe orderi;given and the stsdlc .yard <company is trtven only ten days to •settle them all before the sale iis,;inade. 'TDhe. yards will be bid in by the fiioux •City Stock Yards company, an organization formed by the unsecured -creditors to protect their equities. OFFICERS ELECTED. tts^ Mfiftng t!i» flamo o! ^ Maf tlfi, ttMJtttM sfs-S, and tlie ether weighiflg libotlt iod pbttnds, h : av6 been attetBpttllg t« Work ,thS far'ttt«rs »f Safflifi mbfaft T"My wanted fei ottjr a farm Uttd had tkrfte drafts fof $g«000, $3,000 ftnd $S,000 Oft the Gertnaft Ainer- {eatt»*«'flk'»f Oshfcosh, Wk, and; the Mef*ljan%s and Mechanics batiks, Jatrft-svlllCj Win. f hey als<J had three boi«S, -o-ne with 'rtiottey and the other ttwcwitli browta paper. The sheriff was informed but .the men had gone ittfro ite woods and escAiped, leaving a satchel containing clothes for MEN ARRESTED. Tratnpa Arre»t«d nt ! Ituunelln for Fatally Blioattn^ a -Charlttui Omccr. >BKs MWNKS, May®?.—Two desperate t/haractets were arrested at Runnells (fldB suspidion of having shot Marshal David Hlcktuan and Constablo Boyland i»t Chajiiton, a few days ago. On the of May 13, a store at Pulaskl was •robbed of jewelry. Constable Boylattd, ma fight in the railroad yards with •them at Chariton, was fatally shot, •and Marshal Hickuian received a ball in tho shoulder. The two men escaped. The constable at Runnells arrested •them and held them in a station house awaiting tho arrival bf the DCS M.oinea •officers. IOWA MINERS. jfeppanoose District Strike Not Vet Kmlod. .ALBIA, May 24.—President J. W. ^Reynolds, of the Union Mine Workers of America, for the state of Iowa, strenuously denies the report that the strike in the Ccnterville district is off. About 400 miners met at Mystic in consultation. and not only did they not agree to call 'the striite off, but on the other hand re-affirmed their position about the scale of 1803; and declared that they would prosecute the strike to the bitter end. The decision of the conference was practical^ unanimous to this effect SUICIDE. Fanornl AsBoclatlon Chose the Odlcurs for the Coining Tear. ^BURLINGTON, May, 25. ; —-Hue 3Eowa iKuneral association elected t&te follow- ang'ofiicers for the ensuing year: C, ^8. iHopkius, president, Lake City: .JT. F. Woodring, vice-president, \V-Bverly; F. W. Alexander, secretary audttreasurer, <k>nrad ' Grove. Executive committee, IS. sB. IKnowlton, Clinton; R, ^T.-IFlem- : ing, ^Washington; J..-M. Burner, Mt. Pleasant. The following delegates Tver e i chosen to the national convention '»t Atlanta next fall: Fred Untelcircher, Burlington; Jas. Grandstaff, Leon; R. F, 'Chozeman, Oskaloosa; J. B. Turner, <3edar Rapids; M. M. Hxaffman, Uubugue. -SUPPOSED EMBEZZLER. tPromtnent-Iowa City liusmesg Htm DU• appears. lowA'CiTy, May 25.—Marea-aOarroll, a, prominent business man of this city, has anysteriously disappeared., and '-circumstances indicate that he 'is an embezzler. He had been trustee of a Cedar .county estate, and borrowed between $i,000:and $5,000 on mortgages which llie -held in trust, using the money for his personal benefit. Recently A new trustee was appointed, and Caiwoll 'knowing that exposure 'Of his peculiar .financiering would follow, <juietly Jeft the city a fc\y day* ago And has probably joined the Canadian colony, NOTES, Jnepme Tas aKotumH--I)oath of a Crnrtlt, DUBUQUE, May 20,~A11 the income tajc repords 5» the collector's olHcj in IDubuque haipe been boxed wp aud . shipped to Washington. There have , been many applications from parties who na<| mads, returns to obtain pos. session of the same, Leonard Si-ess, the -nan who at, a bank robbery in Dubuque a , tUaeago »nd was shot by the , died at the Independence in« i asylum of insomnia* A BE WAR p STUABT, May 20.—A man was found hanging to a tree about two miles south'of the city. The suicide was a stranger, apparently about ,'13 years of age, of German descent, about 5 feet, 7 inches in height and wore a light suit of clothes. On his person were found six cents in money, a plug of tobacco, and a small clipping from a paper containing a few verses on Kelly's army. He could not be identified and the. remains • were >:interred in ,thc potter's field. CONJJKNSKU 1TUJ1S. May «(WTJM» Chicago, jQijinay railway has of* I» reward pf ?100 for the arrest t of the *rnen who shot The fugitives are ; i |Mw^y',i>|^bHryiof to board a F^ W-,^,^ __, li^fKi^W 1 Afjftwk 1 ^ --p^>Hb^|gi>'fg|pe9i^ jfc,, p"" '|IM »VK *f fell A freight on the Chicago & Northwestern broke in two near La Moille and a fast fruit train ran iuto the real- section. A bad wreck resulted. Mrs. C. Warrick, living near Rose Hill, in,, Mahaska county, attempted to kill her three children with , poison, and then killed herself. Two of the children will probably recover, but the other one will die. Domestic difficulties seem to bo the cause of the trouble. . ' ' • According to a dispatch, the citizens of Charles City have just closed a deal with the Rockford, 111,, Manufacturing 'company "whereby that plant is to 'be removed to that city. It took a $10,000 bonus which. the citizens raised. The establishment employes 150 men and manufactures furniture, dairy supplies, etc. . R.B.Curtis, the .absconding editor of the defunct Anamosa Daily Call, was caught one clay last week by detectives in Minneapolis and has been returned to Anamosa. He was running the Mankato, Minn., Morning News under the name of W. C, Wilson, and went to Minneapolis to get his mail under the name of C, G, Adamson, where he was caught. He married a young lady in Anamosa, whom he left, and he is known .to have at least four wives, all living, and none but the last ' divorced. Ho was 'leading a prayer meeting in Mankato, and has traveled all over foreign countries and speaks several languages. Ho pleads not guilty, but will get a long term in the penitentiary, The case admits of no doubt of guilt, He is one of the smoothest criminals in the United States. Curtis edited a small paper in Center Junction, Iowa, and about one year ago moved his plant to Anamosa and printed a paper '•named tbe Call Having -ingratiated himself into the good graces of one of Wyoming's fair daughters, they were married and moved to Anamosa, where every thipg ran apparently smoothly until November JO, JfJM, when ho suddenly toojt his departure to parts unknown. Curtis left sundry persons in his dppt, and especially was this true of his father-iiHaw. When the Best grand jury met, wife No. 1, from Illinois, appeared on the scene, and . Curtis was indicted for being "too Mrs. Jafaes, Jiajl wasspnously burned. at CrestQft by gasoline. Tho yappjr hfiea-ne ignited, fj'OIH a ^ntepn and, t!»0 flames Aver» cojj^uiHntca.teil ta an 0pc» Iowa I A NEW ftEPUBLtc. of fstm&ttt befcldr*ft Its t»bst)osr f ifajr 26.— A dfsjiatch from Shahphal to th6 TPali Mail Oa*Sttesays that a, republic has been declared in Formosa, the flag adopted cotosUting bf a yellow dratbfa on a bitte )*?otlhd. fang Chatig, hith&f to the Chihesti ffbv- Cffaor of ifot'itiosa, has beeh chttsen pfestdent of the flew* republic in- dicatihgf that the Chinese officials who were recently recalled pi-iof to handing Formosa over to Japan, fully approve of this attempt to achiovd freedom. WABiimotoN, May SO. -"The dispatch from Minister. ftenby announcing the declaration of tfofmosan independence^ was not taken seriously at the state department. The United States has recognized Formosa as belonging to Japan and no matter what may bo the form of government which the revolutionists on the island have organized, the recognition of the independence of the island would be a distinctly tin- friendly act toward Jftun. * Officials do not attach much weight to the affair, saying the natives are little advancejl from savagery and incapable of organization or military action, PROCLAMATION. Clilncso ttinneror Announces tho KnUflca* tiou of tho Treaty. TiKjf TSIN, May 30.—An imperial proclamation has been isued announcing the ratification of tho treaty of peace 'between China and Japan. It is declared, the government deeply pon- dored on the advice which had been offered to it to continue the war rather than surrender, but,the crisis demanded a decision, as not a victory has been obtained on sea or ,lan.d, : owing to,,the incompetence of the leaders, wlio had only been able to re-' cruit the rabble. The enemy, the proclamation says, were menacing Pekin. The country was now in a terrible condition. The proclamation continues: ''Could wo permit alarms to disturb the dwelling of her sacred majesty',' Heaven had not withheld its augury. The sea overflowed tho coast and the camps were submerged." SOUND MONEY .CONVENTION. An KnthuBlastlc Mooting; Hold at Memphis, Tciin. MEMPHIS, Tenn., May 34.'—The sound money convention in this city was attended by thousands of people who came from all over tho south. Congressman ICatcliings was',made chairman of the convention'. Secretary of the Treasury Carlisle addressed the ponvention at length and his words met with hearty applause. Resolutions were adopted favoring the retention of the gold standard and commending the financial policy of President Cleveland. NICARAGUA CANAL. w<ef MIR I&WA the t;ftl**«Hy, "Jf few VoB* 4 May S6.'^-The twentieth annual field meeting of the intercollegiate association bf America was held at Berkley Oval herd. Tho features of the contests were the wittnifig of the loo yard and S20 yard dashes by itohnhie drum, of Iowa, and the breaking of the records fo* putting the shotafad hammer by Ilickok. Yale won first honors, as follows! Score by points — Yale, 30; Pennsylvania, W f llafvard, 33j Iowa, 10; California, T; Dartmouth, s>; Swaftmore, 6! tfttiofl, 4; Amherst, S| Columbia, 1; Princeton, i. Total, 112. • AMERICAN LARD< Violent Attack of n Vteiieli J PAHIS,. May 30.—A leading newspaper makes & violent att'ack upon, the importation of American lard into France, saying it is sold as pure lard and defrauds the treasury, injures -pig breeding, deceives the consumer and is injurious to the health. • TWO BOYS HANGED, Doutilt) Lynching of Urutcs lit Illinois. l>Asvii.r,«, 111., May SO.—John Ilalls and William lloyce, two young men of unsavory reputation who assaulted Miss Laura Uennett and Miss Lillian Draper, were taken from jail by a mob and hanged to a bridge which was the scene of their crime. WILDE GUILTY. Sentenced to Two Yours «t Hard Labor. LONUOJT,.May 26.— The jury in the case of Oscar Wilde, charged with unnatural practices, returned a verdict of guilty and Wilde was sentenced to imprisonment and hard labor for two years. '•'• i; •• ••.'....-. BKISVlTJJfis. Commissioner!! Making Progress With. Their Work. MANAGUA, May 20.—The three Niearaguan canal commissioners appointed by President Cleveland are making progress with their work. They have completed their examination of the harbor of San Juan del Norte. They next went-to ttrito and thence eastward along the canal route, ^Tho condition of,, the .water supply, along tho route is found to be excellent." An examination is now being made of the locality about the Ochoa dam. AMERICANS NOW. General Itooth and Wife Konounve Al- leglonce to Victoria. NKW YOHK, May 20.-—-Ballington Bootli, commander-in-chief of the Salvation Army in the United States, and his wife, are no longer British subjects. They formally renounced allegiance to the queen of Englanjl and all other foreign rulers, in the county clerk's office at the Hudson county court house, Jersey City, and they have takei} the oath of allegiance to the United Siates, CURRENCY QUESTION. KenoluUcm Adopted Urging InteruiUSonal Settlement, JiicwMN, May '35, — The lower house of the Prussian diet. by. a vote of 157 to 03, adopted a motion urging tho government to take steps in favor of an international settlement . of the currency question with a view to securing international bimetallism. The house also adopted an amendment to the effect that Germany was only to act in the matter in connection with Great Britain, EAHTHQUAKIi. fifty Killed unit Mauy Injured, , May 30.— Word has reached this city of a disaster from an o in the towp ofParamythia, in {.ha proylnco of Ifyirus, Albania. Jfearly ftU t ho houses iu the town have bepn flpiitroye^, »n4 flf ty persons were J50 inj^ed by tjjo quajje. Tr __ r ___^,,^___ • ANOTHER STRIKI. j: Qiieen Victoria celebrated her 70th 'birthday'tih the 24th. . .„ The Florida legislation has passed an anti-prize fight bill. "Gen." Kelly is on his way to Washington in a prairie schooner. An effort is being made to secure pardons for Cole and Jim Younger. The president has signed an order directing Admiral Meade to be retired. St. Albans. Vt., was visited by a fire which swept over seventy-five acres, rendered fiOO people . homeless .and caused a loss of 81,000,000. Berlin dispatch: The semi-official Schlesischo Zoitung says it is impossible to conduct the government •with a rpichstag elected by universal 'suffrage'/ As^'tbe reichstag will not consent to modify the electoral law, a coup d'etat will be necessary. : A 'dispatch from Seoul savs affairs in the Korean capital are in a critical condition. The prime minister has resigned and the minister of the interior has asked the assistance of the foreign diplomats in administering affairs and preserving.,prcier. The.police surround the residence of the king's father, Tai Wan Kun, formerly king-regent and the leader of the anti-Japanese party, and entrance to or exit from the residence is forbidden. Advices to the Cuban revolutionarv headquarters in New York state that Gomez has instructed all tho insurgent bauds of'100 men and upwards to send a delegate to the; general assembly, which will'meet at Yam* in June, to put into execution the declaration of independence and to form a definite provisional government. The Cuban chiets have great hopes that the United States government will recognize them as belligerents at tho next session of congress. Col. Noble Smithen, a prominent constitutional lawyer of Tennessee, in a carefully prepared opinion, holds that tho supreme court decision on the income tax will also apply with equal force to the internal revenue laws, knocking out the tax oh spirits, tobacco, etc., and forcing the government to rely entirely on the import duties or the levy of a direct tax on the states ac- cordiug to the population, which would result in the rich people of the east paying no more per capita than the poor people of the west, There is no doubt that Sam Eohols, Sim Crawley and John Brooks, the negroes who outraged and murdered Miss Mamio Armstrong, of Lafayette county, FJa., were flayed and burned, A man from Lafayette county says the belief is general that tho negroes were tortured to death. One man who ventured into the swamp into which the negroes vvere carried asserts that he found the place where the negroes, were put to death. Ho' says that it was evident the negroes had been tied to trees and the skin stripped from them with knives. Then wood was heaped about the bleeding forms, pjatche? applied, apd the wretches were spon dead. This wan says ho found gome strips of skin about the place, wJiipb bears oyt the assertion tbnt the negroes were flayed, Everything >s qwiet iR Lafayette. Tft,e fyfio. sijver we en tbe beoi8 af MA¥ PI8HT. was tfao gujesjfe and, his , re ^Btft h^ $ el- 41 wry ftlc* tiettlflg , Mfty SS.—A. special from San Jose, Costa Rica, says: Nicaragna is provokifig this cottntfy so persist- efltly that war seems inetitable. The Costa Ricfth ^overnmdnt supposed the relations betweeft the two states were friendly Until Nicaragua Suddenly stopped all communication. T"he government senfc telegrams to the Nicaraguan government, but the latter re- fvised to answei*. When Britain's ulti- matwm was received by Nicaragua Cos* ta Itiea offered assistance in arranging 1 matters peacefully. Nicaragua did tiot deign to even return a polite word of thanks, President Iglesias is getting ready to resist an invasion from Nicaragua, but the army will Hot be dalled out until circumstances force him to that. Nicaragua, it is reported here, has several thousand men under arms ready "for an: attack.- Cabinet ministers wish no war, but if it must come, they claim to have better soldiers and arms, and to be able to whip Nicaragua. CHAIRMAN CARTER TALKS. itetrnrding Silver and the Presidency. NEW YOHK, May 25.—United States Senator Thomas II. Carter, of Montana, chairman of the republican national committee, speaking on the silver situation, said; "The republican prospect west of the Mississippi depends on how the party meets the silver question. The western demand 'must bo met in the national platform. Fifty-nine electoral votes depend 6n this.' These votes will not go to any . man who is not willing to pledge himself to sign the silver legislation sent him by congress. It would not be surprising if the house elected a president, should the silver men put a third candidate in the field. .1 believe the silver bills will be passed by both houses next year. As to the candidates, the silver views of the candidate •and not his, personality will interest us." ' ATTACKED BY PIRATES. Bold Buccaneers on the Mediterranean. WASHINGTOX, May 25.—The Dutch brigantine Anna, laden with oil, was becalmed about seven miles off shore in the Mediterranean, when a boat approached, manned by eight savage looking Moors, armed with breech- loading rifles and long knives. They hailed the Anna and order the captain to lower sail. Upon refusal, they began firing, and then boarded the ship. The crew.resisted desperately, but having no firearms, save only one revolver, were.overpowered. The captain was mortally wounded and died". The mate after felling one pirate with a crowbar was shot and wounded in fpur places. The pirates carried off everything movable, even the cabin door, and .'eft the ship without lights or compasses, to be worked with great difficulty by the crew to'Gibraltar. BRITISH AT CORINTO. Said to Have Worked In Harmony With the United States. SAN DIEGO, Gal., May 24.—The British gunboat, Wild Swan, has arrived here from Corinto. One of the officers denied the report that Admiral Stevens stated the reason for occupying Corinto was to test the validity of the Monroe doctrine and positively asserted that the United States government wa's> working' in ^harmony with Great Britain throughout the entire matter, lip said England and Gresham were kept informed by Admiral Stevens of every move, both before and after the occupation, and that dispatches giving this information both to the English and American governments, were carried by the Wild Swan from Corinto to San Juan del Sur. END IS REACHED. DeatU Comes to Hugh McCulloch While illo Sleeps. WASHINGTON, May 25,— Hon. Hugh McCuUoch, secretary of the treasury under President Lincoln and again under President Arthur, died yester- •day'at his country place in Maryland, near this city, Death came while Mr, McCvilloch was in the comatose state, and was not so soon expected even by •the family, A general breaking down of the system, due to advanced age and aggravated by lung troubje, was the cause. Jlis two sons, a daughter and a grandson were at his bedside. EASTERN SITUATION. Dictating Terms to Japan Relative to Corea, ST. PETERSBURG, May S4,— It is stated here that Russia has declined v to agree to the military occupation of Cqrea by Japan an'dUeinan;ds'i}ie"rerooval of the garrison there. QNWY TWO SAYBP. Qne Hundred and S)xty*e|ght Lives Lost. MAPBJD, May 34.— further details of tho loss of the Spanish Steanjer tiravina off the PhjUipine islands show that 108 were drowned. Qnly two were The tc door A Ji»y« humprist pf this a,t th,e editorial . with . , so, rftw as & r day retired, m tsterabje . nunjb. er o| f At Invalid. WashiiSgtofl dispateh": Tho stipfefflfl court has deelaf ad the income ta* la**unconstitutional. The chief jostled announced the following conclusions: frirst— Ws adhere to the opihiofc *t* ready anttouflced as to tn*es on fd«l estate beiiij* undisputably diredt tdx«).s| taxes on the refats of income of teftl estate are equally direct taxes. Second— We are Of the opinion thst tases on nersohal property or on tbe income of personal property arc Like 4 wise direct taxes. ; Third— The ta* imposed by section* 2f to 3 1 ?, inclusive, of the act of 1894, st* far as it falls on the. income of real estate and of personal property, beittff a difect tax within tho meaning Of the constitution and therefore unconstit«»- tiohal and void because not apportioned according to representation, all those sections constituting the entire scheme- of taxation are necessarily invalid, The decrees hereinbefore entered Itv this court wiirbewacated^the* decrees- below will be reversed and the caseM. remanded, with instructions to grant the relief prayed. Sections twenty-seven to thirty-sevdm of' the tariff act of 1894 referred to ard all the sections of the act relating, to- income tax, so that the entire income- tax law is declared Void specifically. The vote on the income tax resulted in. five against the constitutionality ofthor law to four for the law. Those against- were Chief Justice Fuller, 'ustice* Field, Gray, Brewer ' and Shiras; for- the law, Justices Harlan, White, Brown and Jackson. placing movable type into a stick in a manner similar to the practice of type setting by hand. >iv> United States patents were issued tb Iowa myentors last week, Printed copies of the drawings specifications (..f a B y one patent any address Joy 90 wn fc, V information for inventors free. G. ASO j. WALLER MAY GO FREE. Franco , Accedes to America's Dcmiuiil ; Kcgitrdlnff the Ex-Consul. WASHINGTON, May 2 . — The French government, acceding to the demand of the United States, has transferred the case of ex-Consul John L. Wallei- to" ordinary civil jurisdiction. Thine. action apparently nullifies the sentoncc- of twenty years confinement imposed) on Waller by a French military court •in Madagascar, .and. indicates either* his trial by the civil judiciary or his, ultimate release from prison. Thte matter 'has no%v reached a stage where- tne United States government has got- to base a claim against the governments' of the French republic involving this- payment of indemnity for tho treatment accorded Waller. It is claimed that the concession was opposed by the French because that government, believed it was intended to be used a.s. a. coaling station for the United Stated- vessels. It is claimed a number of Englishmen hold concessions similar- to Waller's and the United States may find support from England. DANCER IN WINE. Presbyterians Pass Kosolutlont Itoltttlvc- . to Communion, PITTSBURG, Pa.,; May 2, r >. - At the meeting of the general assembly of the- United Presbyterian church, the old question of unfermented .wine for communion purposes having come up- and caused quite a heated discussion,. the following resolution was ..finally adopted:' "Whereas, It is the'duty of the church of Jesus Christ to avoid 'even the appearance of evil;' and whereas, there is a well grounded belief that danger lies in the use of fermented wine at tho communion* table; therefore, it is the sense of this assembly that unfermented fruit of tint- vine fulfills every condition." B.QDIES RECOVERED. An Oinalm Mystery of Last Fall SolvntT.. OMAHA, May 34.-- Mrs. Ida Knotsoa P a former school teacher of Omaha, disappeared with her two children last Decembeivand no trace of them could be found. Their bodies have just beeus recovered from th-3 river two miles below Lake Mauawa. It is supposeci they suicided while despondent, IOWA PATENT OFFICE REPORT, DKS MOINKS, May SO. 1895.— Patents. have been allowed to Iowa inventors,. but not,yet issued, as follows: To W, P, Jones, of Dos Moincs, for an apparatus that can be used advantageously for opening and cleaning clogn-ed waste pipes in buildings." To S. E, Hennagir, of Ardale, for a horse shoo adapted to be detaehably fastened ton- hoof without nails and provided with * removable toe-calk. To> Jfiok Weilor, for improvements relating ta his previously patented reversible compound lever jack. To O. K, Ascher, of Dess- Momes, for n ball-cock, specially adapted for flush tanks in water plosets, So J, Henry, of Perry, for match safi* and cigar tip cutter, adapted to lift %, single match from a collection concealed in tho box and present it to the operator as » sljdo is depressed that carries a knife to cut off the end of tt' cigar projected through nn. opening m the side 'Q| the devipe, To ]?, 6 • Stewart, of Chariton, fotatypo-sottlrur machine, adapted for '.**., \ &?i$ -£» T,?«! T ? lw i* i«diyidi,al-Yes ( sir, ia that when ft m ft « . ma^es a H estra mpney, his first 4«.ty |« t« nutat • »s« ** *" '* jvil SfUiSJI^Mid feefJl .' <« /.»*$

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