The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 29, 1895 · Page 3
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 3

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 29, 1895
Page 3
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$ |^s&^^^;,T^j-ja4 f * "^''' iV-H* '^"S" f «* *„" " "-' " i . " ^ * > >W"'W ; rVlwr^'.VbV-' NOf LlKfeb BV SOM8, frfed fftj-lof, at th6 ballSnt fri I'rj Vi f,, ithat H6 Sbnfehh wp-| j-w^r.' f$$ ^ '^V ^»foiw the Ashi<ttnl«, Ohio, Seaeoft.), Mr. Predfaylof-was born and brought tip hear Elftiifft, tJ, Y. ( ftttd from there etilisted in the 189th r^fiment, N. Y., V. &, with Which he Went through the War, • Aftd SAW much hard service. Owiflf to exposure and hardships during the service, Mr. TaJ-lor contracted chronic diafrhoea from which he htts suffered How over 80 years, with absolutely ho help from physicians. By nature he ^ras ft Wdhdertuily vigorous man. Had he not been his disease and the experiments of the doctors had killed him long aga. Laudanum was the only thing ' Which afforded him relief, He had ter- Mble headaches,, his nerves Were shat- tetfed, he Could hot sleep an hour a day • toft an average, and he was reduced to a skeleton. A year ago, he and hla wife sought relief In a change of climate and Amoved to Geneva, Ohio; but the change In health came not. Finally on the recommendation of F. J, Hoifner, ,,,the leading druggist of Geneva, who W&8 c'Bfcnlzant- of- similar cases which Pink Pills had cured, Mr. Taylor Was 1 DersUaded to try a box. "As a drowning man grasps a straw so I took the plllS," Bays Mr. Taylor, "but with no ttibre hope of rescue. But after thirty years of suffering and fruitless Search for relief I at last found it In Dr. WI1U lams' Pink Pills. The day after I took the first pills I commenced to feel better and when I had taken the flrst box 1 was In fact a new man." That was two months ago, Mr. Taylor has since taken more of the pills and his progress Is. steady and he has the- Utmost confidence in them. He has regained full control of his nerves and sleeps as well tat In his youth. Color is coining back to his parched veins and he Is gaining flesh, and strength rapidly. He Is now able to do considerable outdoor work. As he concluded narrating his sufferings, experlencp and cure to a Beacon reporter ,.. Mrs. Taylor said ..she wished to add " her testimony In •' favor of Pink Pills. "To the pills alone IB due the credit of raising- Mr. Taylor from a helpless Invalid to the man he Is to-day," said Mrs. Taylor. Both Mr. »nd Mrs. Taylor can not find words to express the gratitude they feel or recommend too highly-Pink Pills r -to< suffering; humanity. Any inquiries addressed to them at Geneva, Oh.'o, regarding Mr. Taylor's case they will cheerfully an- nWer as they are anxious that the whole worl'd shall know what Pink Pills, have done for them. • Dr. Williams'^ Pink Pills contain all the elements necessary to give new life and richness to the blood and restore shattered nerves. They are for sale by all druggists, or may be had by mall from Dr. Williams' Medicine company. Schenectady,;N. Y., for CO cents per bos, or six boxes for $2.50. ' MOUNTED POLICEMAN'S FEAT. * Sluca the Fhllndelphla Officers Work ou .Wheels They Do Queer Things. Officer 'Hancock, of the twenty-eighth police district, : was patroling his beat the other daj r on his bicycle when he espied a crowd of small boys on a huge pile of new lumber. The alarm was given that a "cop" Was coming, and the boys .made a general rush to get' away. The'movement .upset the lumber pile; and the long timbers slid down toward the center of the street. They made a natural gangway up to the top, and Hancock, who had a good gajt on, rode his way clear to the top. He landed in the soft clay on the other side, never losing his seat. The affrighted boys scattered in all directions, completely dumfounded by the police-. man's remarkable feat."- They: keep away from th'a't section now, for they »ay Hancock has wings on his "bike." —Philadelphia Examiner.' BROAD TIRE WAGONS MAfeififc typ6#fitt6h tlftt±tiit«ft Matt**. of Wtisbfl, making tmitat!6fe8 6! typewriting go as fifst-class instead of thifd, seeftB to be Welt received by tlie tnisiness tneh most interested 1ft its 6p- efatioft> says the Chicago Tfibnflfi. fhe new ftile has but few detfaCtofs asido ffom the fepresehtatives of miffieo- grabh interests. W, Q. Arndld, th6 westei-h manager of the A. Si flick company, thought the of-fler would cause a vigorous kick frotn business men all over the country. "The order is evidently fttt attempt to increase revenue," said Mr. Arnold, "and is contrary to the, postal rules, which classes mimeograph and hekto- graph work as third'Class iiatter. South Water street and board of trade firms will find their postal bills doubled, and some of the big department stores will be out thousands of dollars." Harry G. Selfridge, manager for Mar* shall Field & Co., thought the new ruling was simply aimed at objectionable mail matter—-patent medicines, for example. "It has no effect on us," said Mr. Selfridge, "because all our circulars are sent with a 2-cent stamp anyhow. That insures some attention from tho recipients and makes them look less like duplications." "We always send our price lists first- class," said W. C. Thome of Montgomery Ward & Co. "We have never had but one collision with the postal service.- Some of our circulars were printed by a printed stamp and the authorities decided them first-class matter. We fdught-the^case, but were defeated." In South Water street, where Mr. Arnold had predicted the greatest trouble, everybody seemed delighted with tho new order. Verhalen Bros, said the ruling' would put a premium on cleanpwell-Worded; and' well-prepared advertisng. lii 1§M the cold was so Jtollfthd that wlfie waS cut Sold b? weight. If thlSjfefttlfe toUhti-y There Is No Koasou Why They Shouia Not lie Used Everywhere. While the subject of good roads Is being agitated In every part of the country those most Interested In the subject are „ doing their bast to make bad roads " still worse by using na'rrow tires' 1 " on 'their wagons. Heavy loads are drawn ovejr our mud roads on these narrow- tired wagons and deep ruts cut Into them, that in wet weather make them almost, and sometimes entirely, Impassable. I have a 9ort of a pity for a man who urges his team along. a jnuddy road, all the time grumbling about the badness of It, , when he might reduce the labor of his team from one- third to one-half .by using wide tires at very little additional cost 'to himself and to the great saving of team' and temper. It is to be hoped that the first legislation looking to the improvement; of the r?ads of/the country will be in the way of encouraging the use of wide tJres, fop one narro'wtlred wagon wlU do more damage than a dozen with '''•vvide' tires "if the f oUds are at all soft. 'No one disputes the philosophy' of wide , tires, and n" one seems to have any good reason to offer why they should not be used, Our farmers simply fol- How precedent and go on using narrow tires because their fathers' did befon-j (hem. J-upibermen and freighters use vrlde tlj-es almost universally and save money by doing BO, but it seems that farmers do not cave to economize in i,h}s direction, Tho condition of our roads costs us more than any other phi^lo item of waste in this country, ftlld the common use of wide tires would reduce this waste of energy to extent,— American Farmer ana News, ievfe«' lii its t>6pti- lotls as Rhode Island its inhabitants would number 64B,t66,SOd. Ah English surgeon recently hollowed out ft new socket tor an artificial feyfc, the old one not being large enough. M. Tassinarl, a Parisian Scientist, MaS been experimenting with the smbke of tobacco and flhds It one of the 1 hiost pef* feet germicides and disinfectants ever used. ' • Mrs. tl, A. Batefnan of Oldtown, t»a.»- gave blfth to a nineteen pound boy, which is considered one of the most remarkable instances of the kind on rec» ord. Between ilSVO aftd 1896 the number of factories lii Mew Orleans has increased Ifl Rrtts* POOR MEN GO FARMING. TMI\S Island Fields of Society for Help• Ing, Poverty-Strlckon to U.o; Enlarged. ,j. The Society for Improving the Condition of the Poor announced yesterday that in the aaslgnmcnt of lots for farming on Long Island men with families would have the preference. Each worker will have all that he can grow, and can do what he likes with the product of his little farm. The cultivation need not necessarily take all of a man's time, as he can work in the evening and in the morning. Each man is expected to pay back the expense qf the tools and seed if he can, but if he is not able to do" so the committee will consider it a debt of honor. A superintendent and three assistants are giving all the necessary instruction free. The men who are at work now are very anxious to .learn, and their first attempts are very gratifying to the-committee. A quarter of'an acre is given to each man. There are about thirty men now at work. A very good offer has been made to the society by a man who lives in the northern part of the state and owns .he'veral thousand aci'os of land. •• Hellas offered to give 1,500 acres of land to those wishing to start farming there, The land will tj given in lots of five to ten acres to each family. This donation of land is for those men who have taken lots from the society and prove by their industry and perseverance that they are worthy of such a reward. The society has accepted the proposition, and expects that It will induce many of the unemployed in .the city td v make homes«for themselves in the country. Another Ureat AuhieTemant. Telegraph Editor—Here's a dispatch from an -observatory, saying that Blinker's telescopic comet has changed its course. Able Editor (Daily Bustle) —•Didn't we print an item a few years ago, saying that if Blinker's comet did not change its course it would hit something? "I .believe- so." "Good! Tell Spreader to get up a full page illustrated article showing the influence of the Daily Bustle in celestial affairs." .-New York Weekly. : S— WelJ, l.iuust go and take off iny bioyole bloomers, , Ress-WbRt fop? Jess— I've got to attend a meeting of the Society (of toe Introduction of Dress fikjrta Among Tnrkiph Women. Hq— Why d<? you suppose there are so raawy old. wuidii'f phe— Ol<, Jdoa'tkttQw. Possibly because are go many young men like you. were, Tlio Traitor, French papers recently received tell of the arrival of Capt. Dreyfus, the French traitor, at the "Isle de Diable," where he is to be imprisoned. He is under strict guard and is only allowed to walk in ft plot 400 ' feet square, Should ho go beyond this the poldiers are ordered to use tneir arras. He is naturally extremely unhappy. from 4,411 to 46,036, and the Value of the product from $8,460,439 to $70.089.646. Aro Ton Going Cast This summer? Don't forget that the &rea$ summer tourist- route is the*Michlgan-Cen*tral. "The Niagara Kails Route," ft first- class line for first-class travel, the popu* tar line to Niagara Falls, Mackinac Island, the Thousand Islands of the St. Lawrence, the White Mountains, the Adirondacks, Portland by the Sea, Boston, and New England points, New York and the senshorc. Send ten cents postage for "A Summer Note Book." It will tell you all about lliese places and how to reach them. O. W. RUGGLES, Gen'l Pass'r and Tkt. Agt., Chicago. A Show, hissed, "you he show yom rippling, Echool-for- "Aha I" baud. 11 ; Tho girl laughed a expression laugh.. VHub," she exclaimed, Myou ought to see me when I am dressed for a party." She confessed herself much diverted. Something Worth Knowing:. The popular Chicago Great Western railway Maple Leaf route will put iu service May 20 several new compartment sleepers, the finest in use in the west. With thii addition this line is enabled to offer travelers superior accommodations between Chicago, Uubuque, Des Moines, Kanstu City, St. Paul and Minneapolis. Summer tourist tickets on sale at all principal stations to all points east, west, north and south. For inloruaatipu regarding rates, routes, etc., address any agent of tbif" company. F. H. Lord, general passenger and ticket agent, rooms 200. 210 Quincy Building, corner Clark and Adams street, Chicago. . The liou ot the occasion is often the beai of his own household. intelligence, Mut the fieri only build boftis, but . too; only those bwts ftfo tif llibif 6<vh bOilloS. f life? hf« Willed '"til-ire*" becfwsd of tiialtf feroeiiy, Kolliing bun stau.i befofd Km iiUrtbks o! these little ct'uulureS, Lni'fjo p^ttioBS htlvo been killed by Uiohi iri u Single night, wit lo cliickons, liziifds fttti! other uniniiils ih Wostoi'ii AiM-ft lice frotfl thehi ih teri-dT. To pfotool lheiiWulVe'8 from the liciit they ei-edl nttitferf, Untie? which iuilncl-ous ftHnicft bf fltOnt |>«SS in safety* SoniellhJds the ftl'oh is ntluld of grass aiid eiirth gimiittuil logalhet' by solno si'Cfolioii, nnit n*;ftiii it id tbfhKul by thoboiliasnf iholttl-gof lilHs, which hold tiitmisolvoa to|»tilliBi' by their strong nippers, While the workufg puss under then). At certniii times of lite tent fi'oshets overflow tlie country iuhnbltnd by tho •dfivors, 0 nnd it ia then Hint those nuts £o to sea, Tho rtv u comes stiddoii- )y t »nd tho wnlls of the iioiiso ut'o broken in by tho flood*, btU, insumd of coming to the sitrfnouin swltlci'ud hundreds n ml being fiWept^off to d«slr(ic- lion, out of I ho ruin risen a blnuk bull that rides snfoly on Ihu vvnlur itiul drifts nwav, At the first wimilng of diiugor the little ct'ctiturus rush tuguthef nnd form n solid botlv of nnls, fliu wonkui 1 hi tho center. Often this bull is luvgoi 4 than n common bnsc-bnll; nnd hi this way they llbut uboiit tin 111 they lodge against, sumo tree, ti|ion tho brunehos of which they are soon safe and sound* Nothing; Succeeds l.lko Ssucoi-s*. The hUtictHbU^J ULuiCVUU b^ Uiuii unu lUltig& ure iiov urtvu>s bubua utou merit, itui u BUO- \voii uiomcii uuu uuiu'oi-ouuiiiuil in mo 01 proiiwuiury. muu»uiiio, tuouiu vuuso butuUiw liivsui^iiiU, uiowu»ui^*i uuwi'iy JuiH'uiv u b o."uuu luu tkibluaiij lOluuuji ior taim i)V«SuiiiiVB u» luuiul'iui, I'uouuiikuu uau iuU| ^*£^ ^i ' Take Royal ft is Absolu All others contain uua on the husband camo tone. You'd Almost Cheaper Than Walking Are the low rates offered by the Burlington Route (O., B. & Q. R. R.); Tuesday, June llth, when round trip tickets to points in Nebraska, Kansas, Colorado, Wyoming, Houth Dakota and Utah will be on sale -at half the regular tariff. .Thipk of, it—half the regular tariff. .Travelers to whom economy is nn object—aiad that meanE everybody—will take advantage of this inouey-saving. opportunity. 1 For a timetable of the iiurlington Route as well as for full information about rates and trains, apply to the'nearest tickeb agent or write toJ. FBANOIS, General'Passenger Agent, Omaha, Neb. .' ;; '• ••'• -. "' '• , A blunt truth, is sometimes sharper than a two-edged sword. Epworth League, ClrattanoogRi Tho route to Chattanooga over the Louisville & Nashville Railroad is via Mammoth Cave, America's Greatest Natural Wonder. Specially low rates made for hotel and cave fees to holders of Epworth League tickets;. •'Through Nashville,; the location of Vandorbilt University, the pride of the Methodist church, and along Xhe line between Nashville and Chattanooga, where many of the most famous battles of the war were fought. Send for maps of the route from Cincinnati, Louisville, Evansville and St. Louis, and particulars as to rates, etc., to C, P. Atmore, General Passenger Agent, Louisville, Ky., or Geo. B. Homer, D. P. A,, St, Louis, Mo. It isn't what we think we are that other people think we are. Only One and Thut in July.---Excursion ,,• to Colorado. The Great Rock Island Route will' sell tickets cheap for this excursion to Denver in July, and you should post yourself at once as to rates and routes. Send by postal card or letter to John Sebastian, G. P. A., Chicago, for a beautiful souvenir issued by the Chicago, Rock Island & Pacific R'y. culled the "Tourist Toupber," that tells all about the trip. It will be sent free, It is a gem, and you should not delay in asking for it. JOHN SKBASTIAN, G, P. A,, Chicago, A lazy man loses heart every time bo looks At the clock. Astonishing: H«r Nelsthbors Mrs. Meekton was standing front steps when hpr home. "Henry," she said, in a loud "here's your income tax blank. better fill it put right away." "Great Scott, Maria!" he exclaimed "what do I want with an income tax blank?" '. ,,- ' "*• "Dbn'frtallc so loud," .-was tho admonition, in a subdued but stern key; "it's a summons to serve on a jury. The next door neighbors on both sides of us have been sitting behind closed windows waiting for you to come home so they could find out what the officer was here for; and I'm just givin' their imaginations a treat " __ Why She Smiles Sweetly. Sparkling eyes, quick 'beating heart, and the . rosy blush of pleasure on the cheeks makes tho strong mun happy when ho meets his lady love. That's the lifnu of a -man whose very touch tnrllls because It Is full of energy, vigorous nerve power und v1 Illy. Tobacco makes strong men Impotent, -w. ;, nnd skinny. No-lo-Buu Bold by DruRgiBts everywhere. Guaranteed to euro. Book, titled "Don't Tobacco s-pit or Sraoko Your L,ife Away," free. Adilress t=tev- liug Kemedy Co., New York or Chicago. RAND5M HEADING!, The average amount of sickheen ift human life Is ten days pel* ftnnUtn. A diverted Woman residing nefif Chi» cago recently acted as ^bridesmaid at the second wedding .of her former bus* band. In North Dakota 44.68 per cent of tho people are of foreign birth i then comes Minnesota with 36.90, then Wisconsin with 80.78 per cent. An East Manchester woman inquired at police headquarters the address of the president "of the "Society for the Suppression of Children." She Wanted to enter a complaint against some boys for stealing her wood. p, TH y will have iia ihnfee>, in' rifteeC^ years,' If the- present ,Mle' of —'""*' s "' ^ 1,600,000,000 feiet & yeaf 'continues-;.. The huge guns of modern HAVles be tired only about'BOventy'flve When they beaome worn out,' \Vm. Jenkins df'opped dead'from joy, at being released from the insane ho*, pital at Spencer, W. Va. • -H*,, 'In all probability the champion fierv* aht of the world Was" KlIaabetH Vlerer-' be, a German woman, who died recently," at this age of 93. 'It'is'claimed she wns a domestic in one household, for lit years,. At Home on a Yacht, The Princess Marie of Greece, wins would possibly have been the czarlnc' of Russia had it not been for the strict rules of the Greek, church against tht marriage of first cousins, is passionately fond of yachting, and can handle her own boat with all the skill of an old salt. .This .tastQ she doubtless inherits from, her mother, who actually passed the examinations for a sailing master'! certificate, and was rewarded for hei ouccess by the late czar'with the dignity of admiral of the Russian fleet She is the only pettlcoated admiral it the world. Klpllne nt the Cnpltol. <Rudyard Kipling has explored the re-- cesses of tho national capitol with i thoroughness equaled by few Americans, meanwhile dodging newspapei men with a dexterity born of practice He passed considerable time in thi model room under the dome,' and-'vis-., ited the vaiilLunder the crypt designer for Washington's sarcophagus. Hi also showed his enterprise by crawling over the roof of the supreme court room, which is a thing not often done (i\ If ono would be just lie must begin with good nature as a basis. Wotnnn smugglers are the pest ot the Mexican borders. :. "± NATIONAL NAMES. Sumatra, moans the "happy land." >• SSUluland is the land of the 2ulua. Peru Is named from the River Paro. ' Moldivia took Its name from the RiVei? Moldau. The Transvaal is the country beyond the Vaal. Java is the Malay word for "land of nutmegs." , . ,'"•/' Columbia was thus called in honor, oC Columbus. • , ,£" Morocco has always been the land bt the Moors. , . i .">!' ' Bolivia was thus called in honor, of Simon Bolivar. Arabia "was so called from its inhabU tants the Arabs. A CJunorouB 1'rcachci-. Tired Child—Mamma, how much did you put in tho collection? Mother—A quarter, iny dear. Tired Child—Well, this preacher gives au*' awful lot for the money. Stupidity In a lleglimer. , "Hay," said the new boy, "there ain't ouougli berries,hero to 1111 all the boxes.'' The fruit dealer came to see "what 1 was wrong. He picked up ope of the filled boxes, looked Inta it. then under it. "No v,-onder," he said. "You have, got them upside down." • I •$*?$• .i W.1V.V D.M.--110.4 No. »« * wu-XJ-fc^_^^^^*^V^-*v^_*1-r%^" When uuswonug advertisements kindly mention this paper. , One'Mopw . Judge— Can't your husband find work? Complainant— Indeed he can, but he's that lazy that he'd not work ill wo were Btarvin', sir. . Judge (kindly to prisoner)— You should do something to support your family. Why don't you become a labor agitator? Should Have Them Made Tighter. v "Thieves," road tlio head of the family, "are going about appropriating everything loose." "Heavens! My bloomers 1" was Maud Edith's unguarded exclamation. For Gur6 of Sprains, Bruises, 5T. JACOBS OIL on tfte ..BASE BALL.. Field is lust what all players call it, "THE BEST.V Not an Abbreviation, do you happen to be called The Lake Shore Makes Some Changes, With the inauguration of the summer schedule ou the Lake -Shorn & Michigan Southern railway, taking effect- Sunday, the 10th, train No. H, now leaving at 8:85 p. in,, will leave at 8 p. m. The Elklwvt Accommodation at 4;15 p. in. will be discontinued. Train formerly leaving at ll;80 p. in, will leave at 3:45 a. m. (Sleeper will be placed in depot ready for occupancy at 9 p. m. Ail other trains remain as heretofore. F, M. Byron, city passenger and ticket egent, 180 Clark street, O. K., \Yilber, western passenger agent, Chicago, i "How 'Jock?' " "Oh, it is just a nickname." "I didn't know but what it was an abbreviation." _ _ Hinder Twine. Mr. John M. F. Erwin's binder twine advertisement in this issue Is worthy of your attention, Mr.,Erwinis honest and reliable in every way. i ( 'or several years past he has sold twine direct from factory to consumer, saving middlemen's profits. Write him for prices ami full particulars. Platinum wires made white hot by electric currents are now used as saws for felling treesv _ _________ "Hanson's magic Corn Salve." Warranted to rare ov innney refunded. Auk yonr i'or it. I'rlce 16 ocnw. ALL ABOUT THE SILVER QUESTION. COINS FINANCIAL •CHOOL Do you want to understand the Science of Money? It is plainly told in....;. COIN'S FINANCIAL SERIES. This is a glorious opportunity to secure one copy or the entire series. SENT POSTPAID. ...,;..,. • Tho saline matter Tield in solution in sea water comprises one- thirtieth of its weight. .• If th« Baity is Cnl.tlnjj TpeHl Bo sure ftiuJ use tbat old ftiul wU-trled remedy, MBS. WIKSLOW'B Bopnuiia smivv for Children Toothing, Temptation is the beautiful doorway a wretched interior. to In all tropical countries the natural scavenger. tho vulture is i The FJsh The now flsh havcnery, built on ona of the islands in the Sault rapids In Michigan, will be the finest in the world when completed, It will have a capacity ot ,45,000,000 whUeflph and 5,000,000 trout. Ponds' will be built; around Jt and the facilities for propagating 8sb cannot be excelled anywhere. The Shoemaker's Customer— These shpes you made for m.e squeak BQ I can't stand tb.§in. You'll have tQ take them bacfr, SJioejaftker— An't you a church member? "j>?p," M oi\! Beg pai'd.eo,. I l ''thpugat you, One reaspp why It is so bajd gea legally in, the tain regiPRs of Kentucky j s the tp\vn bo bauwtpa by get luiportunt ChitiiffB of Time, The new service on the Nickel Plate road 'goes into effect on Sunday, May )9. Three trains, will be run in each direction, leaving Chicago going east at 8:05 a. m. daily except Sunday, 1 -.80 and 9 :20 p. m. daily, J*o change of cars between Chicago aad New York in either direction. Also through sleepers between Chicago and Boston, Superb dining o^rg ars a feature of the new service, Uates always the lowest. City ticket office, m Adams street." Telephone Never do others to do. which you c$»uot tujvjse *'WUere Are We This question perplexes the whole business world. People interested in (he north* west can fl»4 where they are at by consult' ing an utias containing Ape up to dftto map? and mucli valuable reference and descriptive matter, sent to any address for 16 cents in stamps by P. (. >Y5?TSPX, 9, P. % T. A., Great NoWiern; Railway, gt, Pftu.1, ••After physicians had given me up, I was saved by Piso's Cure. — BAI.I-II Eiuuu, WiUjamsport, Pa., Noy. 32.- W3. "Daliouiey is the smallest state in Africa. It has 4,OuO square miles. Mnny Inltiicni'vn comltlue tu rodi'pe lietillh to ihu rtniieur 'limit U' o rovlyiuj | ro\> ni !u« of ' No. 1 of our series Is UIMETAIJJSM AWD MOK- OMua'AUilSM. by Arulibishop Wulsh of Dublin, Ireland, s-.oventy-elgUt pages. An able doou- mont; 'JQ cents. No 2, COIN'S HAND BOOK, by W. H, Harvey. Deals with tho elementary principles cl money ami statistics. Forty-six pages; 10 cents. No, 3. COIN'S FINANCIAI, SCHOOL, by W. H. Harvey, Illijstratecl—150 pages and W illus< tralions. It slmpllHus the financial subject so un ord nary schoolboy cau'uuilerstand it, It is the textbook of the niHssos, absolutely reliable us to facts and llnuves, and the most interest- hit! and enterUilnint' book on tlio subject of money published, Prlio. best edition, paper, Beweu. cover two colors, 50 cents. Popular edition, 85 cents. CiqtfcvJJ.OO; , No. i. A TAI-B OF Two NATIONS, by AY. H, Harvey. A novel of SOS pai,on. A love slow that gives tuo history of demonetiztttlon and depicts ti o ovll«plrltanrt influemea tlwt liavo worked the destruction of American prosperity. A fascinating and Instructive book. It Uolds tlio reader with wonderful interest from beginning to end. Popular edition, 25 cenis: extra uuullty paper, BO cents; in cloth, SI .00, No. '5. • CHAPTbltS ON Sl^VEH, by .Tuflge Henry O, Miller of ciilcat'o J}0 piiges, A book buiiable for all thoughtful readers pf tho money question. Paper only, 26 cents. No 6, r UP TO DATE, COIN'S FINANCIAL Sonoor, CONTINUED, by \V. H Hnrvoy, Illus- iiated, aoo\pages and CO illustrations. UJsft history of C O1N, tlie little llnanoior, since do- H\erlng life lec)urcs in Chicago It is dodi- It is awfully hard to admit skill in any caricature of yourself, An instrument has been invented to measure thought. Most people who claim to be liberal ar^ only loose. _ ____«_______. OUT FOR BREAKERS AHEAD when pimples,' eruptions, boils, and like manifestations of impure blood appear. Tbey wouldn't appear if your blood were pure and your ays. tenj in the /light condition. They show you what you need— a good blood- purifen that's you get whe take J3r.' phosphorus coinbiaes of potesh to Wftlco UB 0¥p(Q5ipB chlorate 9! Juno nth,, the Missouri, Kansas & Tejfa.8, Bgihvny Co. wm BQU ttok^ts at o«e fare to t.hnrnnnrl j^'JP, t9 jB?J"tfi W nirnn T.Blrn piswvery. ' It carries wMitt. All Blood, Skin „, , T, . BlPifb, OT Eruption, to are (?we4 by rt. |t the Jil"if» Werv the n«e 8? RQ sueU t^ing •fg»jpjf,jp^wy m |Skey£^ ' • • Vii ™;A,''"^ - cated to tho readers of COIN'S FINANCIAL SCHOOL, and should only be road by tbobo who have road the "t-chool." Kvory voter in 1.110 United States should read It. Popular edition, 25 cents; better paper edition, 60 qcnts; clotli, $1,00. After May 1,1695, all persons ordering ','Coln'i Financial ScJiool" or "Up to Dato. Loin's Financial Scluiol Continued," in cloth, will tjQC the two books printed together and bound in cloth for $1.00, »ont postpaid. Tho two bbolti* ' together make the most complete Ireutlse on the subject uf money ever printed, Our Special Offer, Wo send the foll'owinB four bodHs ro»tpuld for S( 00: Bimetallism and Monoineluljlsm (%'> cents), Coin's Huml HooU (lOcenls), C'oln'8 Fl^ nonolul School (BO cent edition), and'A Ti»lo o( Two Nations 160 cent edition), 81.35 fpr 8liOO< 4n ordering these, say "Set No. J, of 4Uo'oUs." ^Vo a^o furnish lor Ijl.OO .fliniotftJUsw nna MonoRiotallism(25 cents). Coin's Sm& Pook (JO cents), Coin's Financial School (!$ cent odl < tlou), ATnloofTwoNations (25 cent edition), Chapters on Silver (!!5 cent caltion), nutl Up w Dato, Coin's Financial School Continued (£» com oaiWon), |l 85 lor 81.00, j n 'ordering tno Voolts conialne4 }n this lust offer, say "bet No, 8, of ptooli.-s." ' ' Forwny of the foregoing tooUsor offers remit inhtHpapi? posiofllcq money order, oppress or» dcr, rtgi'-tered Jottor, bank draft or uuriORoy, but uo NOT use personal pheclts, as tho banj«* chMi'po us for collootliiK them. Wo we the »u* thorjaed ttgonts. Afldress CURRjiBR, <^enc;pal Agent, 194 S. Clinton St, SVleta Wheel foryoiip Wa WALTER BAKEH& GO, rgort Slanu^oturers WC PURE, HIGH GRADE >

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