The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 23, 1953 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Wednesday, December 23, 1953
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI VOL. XLIX—NO. 233 Blythevilln Courier Blytheville Daily News Mississippi Valley Leader Blytheville Herald BLYTHEVILLE, ARKANSAS, WEDNESDAY. DECK1IRER 2.3, 1053 SIXTEEN PAGES SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS Baby,ltWas!3 Outside' "But, Santa, baby, it's cold outside," said Rudolph, whose usually glowing red nose had just turned to a steely blue hue. ••I know, Rudy, my deer, but we can't let those kids down, so hitch up and we'll t»ke this icy bridge that blew into Blytheville last night and be in the middle of the U.S. and A. before you know it." Most folks In Blytheville could well believe this morning that Mr. Claus would have a straight run to the city from the North Pole on the wings of the biting wind that descended upon us from the hinterlands to the north. If you thought it was cold this morning you were right. The temperature dipped to 13 degrees — the lowest of the year. Prospects v.\«ie fthghL that it would rise above the 32-degree freezing mark all day, though there was little chance that the city would be blanketed by snow for Christmas. At 7 a.m., the mercury hovered just below the 20 mark. U.S. Likely to Send Reds Note Welcoming A-Control Talks By JOHN M. HIGHTOWER WASHINGTON (AP) — The United States probably will send Russia a new note soon welcoming its avowed agreement to atomic talks and suggesting ways to get them started. ——— •—— —-—• ——• + Top officials, who are still going over Moscow's Monday message with a magnifying glass, have yet to decide precisely how this coun- 22 U. S. As Final oose Communism Zal Harrison Tells Retirement Plans Circuit Judge Zal B, Harrison, a veteran of 47 years in Arkansas legal circles, revealed today that he will not seek re-election when his term expires Dec. 31, 1954. Judge Harrison, in a Christmas message to lawyers over his district and the state stated. "On order of my physician. I regret to announce that I will not be a candidate for re-election. . ." A graduate of Washington University, St. Louis. .Judge Harrison began his practice in Clay County, Ark., in 1907. Eleven years later he opened a law office in Blytheville. He served as district prosecutor from 1925 through 1928 and was Mississippi County judge from 1930 through 1936. Judge Harrison was elected circuit judge in the summer of 1951. He assumed his duties Jan. 1, 1942, and has served continuously since. He was scheduled to run for reelection in next summer's primaries and there was no indication that he would draw opposition. Arkansas' second judicial district is served by two circuit judges with Charles Light of Paragould currently hold- ^ a l B Harrison ing the other position. ' Among most prominent ly-men- . tioned candidates over the district HisscoJkiests Solve $35,000 St. Louis Theft Two Negroes Nabbed At Joiner Confess Part in Burglary try should proceed. Some authorities believe an exchange through normal diplomatic channels will be undertaken, However, such planning is going forward in the Slate Department and Atomic Energy Commission (AEC) on the assumption lhat secret talks among the world atomic powers will open up under the sponsorship of the United Nations Disarmament Commission in late January—about a month away. A preliminary exchange of views which could be carried on by ambassador s^or perhaps by Secretary of State*'l5ulles and Foreign Minister Mfiiolov at the projected Berlin conference, might serve to clear the air of misunderstandings if any exist, officials said. The Russian note conditionally agreeing to talks said President Eisenhower's proposal for an international atomic'; energy pool for peaceful purposes-deeded clarification—apparently ob the point of what the President, would do about weapons control. ^ Might See "Secession*' Dulles said yesLo&ay the world might'see a 'rec«bn of the horror of atomic wapj^e" in 1954 as a. Result of AmerieW^ initiative in reviving atomic talks and Russian. agreenxent to participate. "•k'ufliorities said t w o majoi moves must now be worked out in detail: 1. Th ,intei.*T?>ional il.omic a* ~r'*' cy which Eisenhmver 'propssc'd" In a U.N. speech Dec. 8 must be blueprinted so that the United States will be able to spell out precisely what kind of operation it would like to see, with what Kind of management, and with what safeguards against use for war of any atomic materials contributed for peaceful uses. 2. An answer must be worked out to what appears to he a modified Soviet Proposal which prob- I ably represents the Kremlin's I "new approach" to the problem of Two St. Louis, Mo., Negros signed 1 atomic control. Moscow's note waivers this morning for return to i served notice that the Soviet gov- TO CAROL FOR \EEDY — This group of children, all of whom live in Adams and Country Club additions, will be cjmolling. in north Blytheville tomorrow night. They'll be sinking in hopes of getting enough food to fill one or t\vo baskets for the needy. Per- USD A Finds Ho Excessive s By OVID A. MARTIN" "WASHINGTON W—The A^ricui- *_/'!;£ r6np'-tni«rv -•„•• .-i-.n ;c;iny it hrfi,* louna. .ncj^-tJ-vidcDCt. of widespread, above-normal profit making by beef and cattle processors and distributors in the past two years. The report culminated an investigation started in Kent ember at the direction of Secretary of the direction of Secretary of Asri- ] (** j • culture Benson. He said there ha:! 1 V^ * f f* /"* jQ C" C* f** ¥ t" f\ i /^* #*T! if/^ been consumer and producer com- j J (J.{^ {^ CfD.JU'f L\J L,L<O LtC for Judge Harrison's seat are H. ecutor, and Walter KlHough erf Wynne. Here is the text of Judge Harrison's message: "Dear Friends: "As the holiday season approaches, I want to extend to you my sincere wishes far a happy Christmas and a successful and prosperous new year. "I also want to thank you for your assistance nnd many kindnesses to me during my term of service as circuit judge, "As you know, my present term will expire Dec. 31, 1954. On order of my physician. I regret to announce that I will not be a candU. „ „-- „ --- , date for reelection. I am deeoly ! grand larceny in connection with the | talks held that all participatm» rm-, ... . , grateful to you and the bar for the '$35,000 burglary of the California Itions pledge themselves not to use, beef have poncrally reflected tho week of fruitless \otm-. privilecc of havinc served as cir- ! Manufacturing Co. there Dec. 10. i atomic weapons. jdprhnrmr prires for live cattle in 1 Lnniel. who ram;- unhin 22 votr 1 "-•- • --- - ..." .1 Position Changes i 1052 and lf)53 - of victo 'T Sunday night and topped quaiifica-i- 1 ^ 1 ; 1 ^ -\/; lct , 1SLen . W 5 ie >\ on ! United Nations experts said this [ * * * I]1R po11 nu lhe ln::1 K "' By FORREST EDWARDS PANMUNJOM (AP) — American war prisoners who embraced communism chanted Red songs, shouted and linked arms with fellow captives in a i wild swirling dance today, d r owning out last-minute broadcast appeals to return home. The U.N. Command said the broadcasts a few hours before the midnight deadline for explanations to balky prisoners ended efforts to woo home 22 Americans, 1 Briton and 327 South Koreans who stayed with the Reds. The Communists, who have pit sed repeatedly for an extension of the explanation period, asked to interview more Chinese prisoners from the anti-Communist South Camp tomorrow. But ;he Neutral Nations Repatriation Commission ruled that the • explanations had ended. The commission approved a request from the pro-Communist Americans and the Briton to meet Allied and Red news correspondents inside their compound tomorrow. Loudspeakers outside the barbed wirp enclosure broadcast 12 times during Ihe day—four appeals each to the 2 C 2 Americans, 1 Briton and [77 South Koreans who had not been interviewed individually. All of the 250 South Koreans interviewed earlier elected to stay with the Communists. The broadcasts were greeted by wild demonstrations as the prisoners danced, sang, shouted and cheered in unison. By WAHKKN ROOKRS JR | Ori!v ^ Americans were counted WASHINGTON (AP, - Secretary of Stale Dulles appears well launched on a high j ^m," saT™,™ woVT a prjsfure drive to win French approval of controlled German rearmament by appealing to j nearby hospital airl did not hear ivAj^i?rench people over '-he hc?:!s of '::".ir iv/'tis.i! k"~.i" r s. ' i the'broadcasts. TWO others aupar- -———• • * For Ihe second time in ' two i ently remained inside the huts v. ee!::;. Dulles has painted for the where the prisoners live. The Tn- •«^-'/M"M|)Wf8| infcfeaui* &i* sons at whose homes they sing will be asked to give something for thc_ Cl M tuns b l I The gioup is pit Luted ibove as they rehearsed last night on Die porch of the R. M. Logan home on Indiana. American Reds Drown Out Last eais by UN \/ plaints that beef prices had not declined in proportion (o sharp drops in beef cattle prices in 195^-5:1. But the report, prepared by Ihe department's Bureau of Agriculture Economics, \vhich made the French a stark picture of Western (clinn compound said 10 were inside Europe virtually undefended by j the compound. Ihe United Slates unless they net I News correspondents ' standing speedily lo okay ft European De- i outside the wire identified from lease Community (KDCi. pictures Si:t. Richard Corden of He told the French, at a Paris East Providence. B. I striding news, conference las!, week, that l nh(mt (he ™^°™ c Wlth a short Missouri on charges of burglary and jernment would propose in any j study, declared: VERSAILLES. France (API — Overseas Minister Louis: make an .lacquinol replaced Premier Joseph Laniel loilay as the Incle pendent parly's candidate (or Ihe French presidency. eo;H thrown over his shoulders privilege ol Having served as eir- t lvlrtlluult - Lllllll b ^>. meie JJKC. ru. cult judge and I hope that my sue- ! Tne two m ™. arrested by Deputy cessor will bear all the quaiifica-| Sheriff J. T. iBusten Wigley on! _____ _. _____ __ tions necessary to this important suspicion last week, were Earl Lee| was ,, ( .j, an _, e |,. om Russia's ear- office." Douglas Says U.S. In Throes Of Recession Reririick and L. p. White. i lier insistence on barring the mnn- "THFORE WERE scattered exam-! ballots, withdrew lute ] pies of very depressed prices on after it became apparent II ' They were arrested at. Joiner when , u(acture or possession "of atomic it was learned that they were selling wns Es a , irst s( in inter . coats at an unusually low price. naUonal control of aU)mic enevgy . ,^" b :™?, 1 ?l,° ^^""'J^'This country has insisted that Correspondents also identified its. own defensive burden \villiam tremely 1 Before the Pour - hour volinr; : year-old President was ; cabinets widely [proved. His talk, billed as a report here for qiiesiioninir, they claimed rjgjd ins p ec _ ion sys t cm be set up i stores sVWs'wa.rnoTt'he usu'ili ly cho;:fi J '"<«|U!not. a 55-vear-old 'compromise choice, though he. had ! Council meeting at Paris, amount- ! suade him to come to have bought the coats from a st- fl ( sitlniion In "ivwil the rmreris i P 0 ' iu eal veteran of nianv French 'insisted he wants lo leave political' etl lo n definition of the touchy See AMERICAN RE. reel peddler and were reselling them. siiu.uioii. in ,,L. < i .11. IUL in.n LI.IS , . , _ ,. , - _ p , .,, ; . The break in the case came when ! On the face of it. American nc- picture appeared to be fairly sta- i discrepancy in the stories of the 1 ceptance of a pledge not to use two men was noticed by the shcr- 1 atomic weapons seems at this iffs office and caused the officers j stage to be virtually unthinkable. WASHINGTON I/P - Sen. DOUR- to call St. Louis for information U. S. military planning now re- Performed, such as labor, rent, las (D-Illi declared today this I about a relative there. I sards atomic weapons as being ; supplies and equipment, as well country is in a "real recession" I On information from here, the i conventional—thai is, like gun- ns management and profits. The bureau said it appears Hint i ble.' Marketing martrins were defined relurns for marketing ser\'ices wTiic'n might contain the seeds of 'St.. Louis Police investigated and i powder weapons. The Soviets are a full-scale depression. arrested five men there in conncc- j fully aware of this. They appear fallinc prices for cattle, especially any prediction that a i lion with the burglary. Three Negro : to have hit upon a new device i fov the lower grades, were caused depression Will, materialize, Dotm- i detectives were assigned to Ihe case ; which they hope will sive them a i D - v a " increase in slaughter as beef las urged the Eisenhower administration to prepare a standby program which could be used instantly if "the cumulative forces ol economic breakdown" continue. Douglas, a former University ot Chicago economics professor, said In an interview that such an anti- depression program should embrace as minimum: Ark.; and R. E. DoiRlas, San An- BClo, Tex. Indian guards said Otho G Bell, same time he voiced' Olympia, Wash.: W. A. Cowart. stymied by ' Mor.liccllo. Ark.: and Larance Sullivan, Omaha, were in the hospital. Tenncson's mother, Mrs. Portia Treaty JHowe, flevv to Tokyo to try to per- home. Tcnnc- REDS on Page 9 dilemma in which this government iinds itself: "Murky Period" Endinff ; The United States urgently wants EDC, as a cornerstone of NATO, ! <r tr b. L. ver and with EDC apparently foundering il sees no acceptable altcrna- NEW YORK (AP; — Former Asst. Sccreuiry of Slate SprmJle 1. A further decrease of "com- I an d took truck loads of coats and sumption taxes," such as excise levies, to lower prices and thus stimulate buying. 2. An increase in personal exemptions for income tax purposes, a step which Douglas said would increase spending faster than any across-the-board income- tax cut. 3 A public works program, with emphasis on slum clearance, public housing, highway construction, and school anil hospital construction. Douglas took p a j ns lo emphasize he was not forecasting a depression. jackets. Two nights later, another group of five men, also Negros, made a and came here this morning for Red- I propaganda weapon against thc; 03 ' 1 ^ 0 population soared to new | Braden says the late Harry Dexter While once drew up a fiscal re- dick and White were Cpl. Ernest ! United States. — i— T. , .,.- , -, , , . Troupe, Lowell Powell and Edward i Jones. j Cpl. Troupe related the following story: An employe of the manufacturing company left a window open for the burglars and Reddick. along with three others, made two trips to [he | warehouse on the night, of Dec. 10 ' i'ha! murky period is comint,' ito an end." Dulles said. "As the day of decision irrevocably ap- /P^ * x^OI Accepts Position With Atlanta Firm LUXORA — Next week. Luxora so does comprehension ; wjn re pi ace the president of its Weather | h °P'" : -" : faculty member of its hieh school I WU'intr the past venr. he snid i when - (hp G c . Drivcr fami!y moves I He soys the pl.-ni wp;i!d h:ivn we did China." Ho addrd: itlu 1 United sutc.s hns culled foi-| lo At-:inla _ "PRICES OF retail beef, whole-1 bankrupted tlift Cubnri [-ovc-Mirncnt. j "This undfJi'niinini; of our n;it.ion- • KIJC ;is "urgent." of ••pitriiniouin • ^j r 'Q r j V ' er ^o is Rotary prcsi- fi< the rc.port continued. "Ci'rt:iin hij^s ARKANSAS — Partly cloudy con- i i" "ic adjustments of prices tinned cold this afternoon and tonight; not .so cold Thursday; Inwesl 10-20 tonight. MISSOURI — Mostly clear this month to month resulted in pt Cubn from ();< !;Hion to implement it. The onetime ambassador rnvn KO\T. lo j Bmrien id ho fn>t learner! of , he erratic month-to-month variations jf'"™ »n<l. Argentina testilied yes-• the Whi.e plan upon his anpoml- haul on the' same warehouse and | afternoon, tonight and Thursday; warmer west and north tonight and Last 2 Michigan Escapees Caught RICHMOND, Ind. (fl>, _ A parked car with two half-eaten loaves of bread led police to the capture early today of the last two of 13 escaped Michigan convicts. Police Capt. John Rtzio salt! the two men. after a brief struggle, admitted they me Robert Dowling, 33. a burglar, and Roman Uslon- rtck, .17, a psychopathic killer. Michigan polio- had described them M dangeroui. hid their loot in the basement of a friend's house. Then. Eeddick and his companions payed a visit to the hide out and robbed the robbers. When questioned by the St. Louis detectives, Reddick and White admitted their part in the burglaries Cpl. Troupe said that as a result of the investigation started here, they are holding five men in jail in St. Louis who were connected with the robbery and police have recovered many of the 2,700 coats taken. State Workers' Holidays Set LITTLE ROCK MV-State ofTices and agencies close at 4 p.m. today (or a long Christmas week-end. Federal offices will close at noon tomorrow. After re-opening Monday, state offices will close again at 4:30 p.m. Thursday for the New Year's week end and federal employes will cease work at noon Thursday. The oHIrps will be opened again I on Monday, Jan. 4. over state Thursday; low tonight 10-20; high Thursday 30s north and around 40 south- Maximum yesterday—40. Minimum this morning—13. Sunrise tomorrow—7:05. Sunset today—4:54. Precipitation last 24 hours a. m. today—none. Mean temperature (midway between high and low)—26,5. Precipitation .Ian. 1 to date—3!U4. Thfs Date Last Year Maximum yesterday—50. Minimum yesterday—32. Precipitation January 1 to date— 42.42. in marcins. hut such variations have not been unusual in the past and are not. at all peculiar to the recent situation." The bureau said that in making its study it used basic records already in its tiles, as well as information gathered by survey teams sent into retail meat markets in terdiiy before the U.S. Senate in- ! ment to Cuba in . »«* EDC essential: ternal security sis -, • the Roosevelt-Truman adrnini:-;tra- ! eyed. Bva- 1 KM;;. He :-:i:ri hn opposed UT* plnn ; mpletely cruzy and cock- l His testimony about \Vhite, a for- , reverse his He teMified lhat he refused to mer assistant secretary of Treasury, underscored a of Communist penetration in Latin . Corclell Hull's signature. He said 'But these •m not to have .sunk in," nu , ft , „.„_,.._„,.__ , H . b i:,. W rs . led. listing three factors he .said j Mr rjnm . js n]y ,, p;isura , Bnth i have been top Courier News cor- The "immerliale problem" of j rc . S p|,. K ; on i s ; or f,.(. p.isl four years. Bob Dyrss, Lrxora planter, will succeed Mr. Kri'.cr as president of the Rolary C!ub. His position at the hisli school will be filled by Fcrman Rogers, former faculty member of the Luxora district. Mr. Driver will be succeeded as defending: Europe with U -S. troop:-.. '2. A need to rearm Germany line: i^r checkreins to prevent any ujisurse of German milifari-irn. 3. The problem oi peniiinu'nily ;ea]jn^ the breech between France nnd Germany." for U.S. troops in Europe, Boston. Buffalo, Jacksonville Fla.. *™ e "™ ""» « P^' 'hal. Senate ; he believed the directive came ' - "' ^ ^^" „„; " „„ '.I Mr. Driver will oe succeeded as Dallas, St. Louis, Los An^ele, P''°»cr S look into "the Moscow- j Iron, Laurence l.),,-an, then head :»' ^ ^ rl ^ lr or,ns without ! trc;lsllr(!r "" r ' m ' m Thom P son ':"0 !Seattle, Minneapolis, St. Pau? and lns P lrcc l «>n.spiracv to rifv.rov our oi the deparimenr.s Latm Amcri- i 1 ^^ ^ e ™^ inteud to defend ! M; '- vor Mojl ' s sllma " has »' mounc - 1 Montgomery, Ala. ™» n ' r y "y sproadm,.' communism can Division. oe.m'im I"v' lUclf wh c he Ger i cd ' ' - ' ti,™,^ the res, of ,h,. hemi- DugK an feU or jumped to M**™'^ 2 !^,±!^ ! through thn rest, of this honii IT SAID it, also obtained records i sphere." from 34 national, and local chain; Braden. in a prepared M.'dement ' j n m-iS, a do/en days after he had store groups which sell through i before his testimony, haul DIP . been mentioned in secret icsti- foil or jumped to his mrms Mt on the sideline. death from a New York buidms j • about 4,000 omlcts Sec BEEF on in 17 major United States may vet lost- I'.IKC n America to the. Commum.sts "a.s Long Holiday Slated for Many In Blytheville ijnumy before (he House Un-American Ac ti vi ties Committee, (is s\ mem her of the Communist apparatus lhat included Algcr Hiss, former State Department official con-: victed of perjury. BIythcville's business section will be an open and shut proposition Saturday. Some merchants plan to both Christmas day and Saturday Others will, be closed Christmas and will open agflin Saturday morning. Worth older, Chamber nf Commerce manager, pointed out that the merchanls reached 110 ceneral aercement regarding Saturday Closing, County offircs in the Court ouse will clo.'-,e thi.s iilterrutfin and rc- iti'iim clastd \iniil Monday morn- iiiR, while the city clerk's ofhf« and the Stale Revenue, office, will bf rinsed Friday and .Saturday, Both Elytheville banks will be closed Friday and Salurriay for the holiriny<v as will the Blytheville Board of Trade. The post Of/ice window sri i'in- will hft t'ln^'d Fvifiny hut Uir !<>lj- by of the buildiiiR will remain open. An effort wil) he marift in ric- livf-r all Rifr parkases and spr-nial delivery mail Chn.-.tnia.s morning. Jordan Accuses Israel KM '/l'i- .Ionian accui nii-dini' today of I rd | Markets List Holiday Schedule NEW YORK M 1 , -Financial and rrimmodity markets throughout the United States will be dosed Dec. 2,5, 213 and Jan. 1 and 2. The New York stock exchanges uill remain open for a full session on both Dec. 24 and Her. 31. C'liilmodity markets in N(",v Y^iii C.'hicaco and the ,\Yw Oi Inside Today's Courier News . . . Blylhrvillr school officials lash out at Repion II AA playoff system . . . Northwestern upsets Indiana, Kentucky heats I.aSalle . . . Sports . . . Pases 10 and 11 ... . . . State's bififiest news story in '53: ieehnx deaths . . . year enu news roundup . . . Paire . , . Courier Vews camera goi-s , slionnin^' here . . . candid shots Israel at :i nn-uLiiU' today ol ihe^uid C;hicaf;o and the ,\Vu Orlvaiu! ,; f (; ., r | slina _ s B j_ t shoppers . . . tJ. N. mixed armistice, commission j rotion exchange will only have half | p ;lj r c G . , . of wacmo "currrilla warfare" i day sessions, on Dee. 2J and HIT 31. . . . Osi'rola N'ews . . . Ta, alone,' (he border of the two coun- 1 Various livestock markets uill be' 5 . , , tries. | open Snturdny Dec. 26 nnti Jan. 2. i jjc

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