Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on August 28, 1896 · Page 7
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 7

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, August 28, 1896
Page 7
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^i^i^pl?ifj^^^f;^w^^P^*^?p^ pjlplf^^ PARROT L-TRAYED HIM. rnioiisanflsot Women SUFFER UNTOLD MISERIES. >BRADFIELD'S FEMALE REGULATOR, ACTS AS A SPECIFIC \ By Arousing to Healthy Action all harO.'?an^. It causes health to bloom, and ' joy to reign throughout the frame, ... it Never Fails to Reouiats... "Mywlfchnnboon unclor treatment of lentl- 3 Init pb7»lclun> Uiroo *»» r »i^ h P£' IP ''S I | l Tyti< Afttriulniriiireabollles r>t BBADKKliU SV KKMALB KBOUiATOB ulio cnn do her own < « 0 ° l ' ta «'» l S!3KfiKS', bI i n .5i««m.A, B . * BB1DFIELD JiGGULTrOIt CO., Atlnili, Oi. Sold DT drufgl't* atlUU per BotUe. TIMETABLES. Bradford and Col. ; Philadelphia & N. 1 Richmond & Clnti... Ind'pla * Louisville Etfner & Peoria.... Crown Point & Chi Richmond & Clntl. Crown Point & Chi. Montlcello i F.ltner ...... Bradford * Col ECfner local freight Ind'pl3 &rLouiovtUe Richmond and Clntl Bradford and Cel.. Phlla & Now York.. Montlcello & EKne.- Chi A Intermediate Kokomo & Rich except Sunday. Leave Arrive. ,,12:60 am • 2:45 a m •12:50 am* 2:46 a m • 1-00 a m * 2:20 am •12-45 am •-2:80 am • 3:05 am '32:30 a m •2-55am •12:40am .'t 5:45 am Tll:20pm ,,t O'.OOam t 7:30 pm ..f SAiO a in t 1:05 P m t":C«am t-l:15pm ..t 8:SOam t 2:15 P m 2:00 p m ,.• 2:10 p no .. * 2:05 p m "+ 2:20 p m „• 1:3S p m * l:S5p m • 4:30 pm *l?.:30pm ' t 2:20 p m tU:00 a m '.'t-t:30pra t!2:20pm ~, Aeent. Logansport. ' 1:30 p m • 1:20 p m • 1:10 pm • 1 -.10 P in 7:45 a m vANDALSA UN*. XBAD.B NO 20 forSt Joseph, ex SUD... ......... 1^ P " No 16 to St Joseph Sunday on y ............ . :00 a m No 8 ei SimUuj for Boutn Bend ............. 8 Jo P m No 8 has tlirough piirlor cir, Indlanapolla to South Bend vlft Coltax. •No RO has tliiougt sleepers, Stlouls to MacXi D8W ' FOR THE SCtlTH No 13 (or Terre Haute dally ex Sim ........ ; 13 a m Ni 11 jorTerrn Haute dallj ex Sun ..... 2M p No SI (lallr ex Sundny ............................. 1LW » m No IS has ihroiiKh parlor cur, SootliBendto Iniilimapolls rla uolfai. Mr, 21 has through Sleeper, Mackinaw to St Louls ' Arrives No 15 dally except Sunday ..................... jj;2j> P m No 17 Sunday onl? ................................. nTL^ For complete time card, glvlnf: all trSnn and I otatlons. and lor full information aa to ratea, through cam, etc., address ro ra«», c e, ^JJJQJJ^^OHTH, A B ent. Logansport, Ind. Cr E. A. Ford. General Passenger Agent, St. Louis, Mo. WEST BOUND. 65 Local Freight, accom diillj ex 3tm....K£0 P m S St. LOBlii limited dolly, -old no 43' 10:34 p m : FastMaUdallj,'oldno 47',.....,...™... ^^ 2 N, 1 . 4 Boston lira d dally 'old no «.. 2:41 n m « Fast mall dallj, 'old no 40 .......... ~~. »:« a m 4 ItSmic Llm dally ei Sun 'old no M 4:52 p m •H Local Irt- Accom. dally «x Son ......... 12 60 p ra EEL RIVEK DIVISION. "WEST BOUND. No 85 arrive No37 arrive EAST BOUND. No %l leave . ..10-.45 am ... 3:80 p m FOR THE BLOOD, NERVES,! LIVER ' 1' KIDNEY'S;! ^ 4 .IX 'B. B. 3. curod me of a bud case <•>['Livor and Kidricy Trouble. yours, Jo:->" SPJCKLEJIIERE, ].c);a;ioh, Ind. 4 3 B B B are purely vegetable. Put up i . ca,.-imles, sixty in a box. Thirty days' treatment in a box. Price $1 per box, or six for $5. Manufactured by H. C. BRACKl, Connersville, ind. For snlo by nil druggists. MUNICIPAL FRANCHISES. City of Berlin Derives Large Bev- enuos from Them. FOtt K.U.E 11V B. F. KF'ESLING, Druggist, Ilow Gorman City Connells Biml wit Corporation!—ContrnctH Which Add Million* Annually to Depleted . City Treimurleii. [.Special Berlin (Germany) Letter. 1 For .sound municipal government is it indispensable to let out con tracts and leases and to dispose of franchises in * wny to redound to the best interests of the community, financial returns Jaolvififid. Whoever has given tae subject of American'city government the slightest attention knows that it is precisely in this respect that it is most at fault. Themunicipal history of New York is in itself a glaring illustration of- the systematized misuse mayors and aldermen, have made at their most important prerogative, and the enormous debts piled up iuul the insufficient income of most of. our large American clues are, leaving downright corruption out of the question, the consequence of reprehensible,neglect of all due precaution in guarding the interests of the commonwealth against Hie greed of private schemers, lo •brin? about a thorough reform of. municipal government in the United States nothing is more needed than to inculcate the lesson deeply in the hearts mid brains of the average city council that the needs of a city are just like those of a private individual, of a commercial firm—there must be profit in nil its undertaking* in order-to petto, and then remain on, a flourishing-busts. Tlint lesson once Seamed and insisted upon by the people at large, thegrea.tr e«,t stumbling block that, now lies in the way of municipal reform will have been removed. Take, for instance, the three great items of gas works, electric plants and ^I HI TV Frlmarj.Beo, i A SrbCIALT.I oodaryorTor. tmrTJBliOOD FOISON poramnontli curfld In 151085 d»7».' Yon »n betroatcdal home* orsnmo price under »nmo guaranty. ifyonprofprtocomoHerowow Icon. ^ tracttopi>yrallroad*are»nd.hotelalllii,an<l ' • EoohitM, If we ti» to otiie. If yod hare takea m«r- cnry, Iodide notnuh, and nlll teve'»Jhe«i•"<« ps.niMuooastatcl.e.lnmonth.SorjThro.t, ot», n » «ni» oooouumy "«'«'>'•"_•• "•;; vF •!7«ifn»r»ntoetocOTe."'WDBoHcltihen>ostobitli orld for a MBf0ioart» •..«•«.—. . case wcuwnjiotcure. • fouled thotklllo-"- ; After Thirty Years'Experience I have tiiO'tKijt. svhich the company may operate. It requires, under heavy penalties, that the area be fully provided with mnin wires within a brief period, specified in thu contract. As compensation for pel-mis- sion (not exclusive) to use the erects I it is agreed thut the municipal treasury shall receive ten per cent, of the com| pacy's gross receipts, and, further, that, whenever the company eariis a net, profit of more than six per cent, on its actual investment of capital, 'the. city treasury shnll receive 25 per cent, of Buch excess profits, in addition to its ten per cent, of the gross income. St-i II further, it is agreed tihat tlie company shall provide the magnifioent electric illumination of Unter den Linden, together with that of the Potsilamei- Platz and of Leipsiger strasse, with all expense of maintenance nnd attendance at a price so low as to be nominal. Besides this a special and favorable rate is provided for such further electric street lighting ns the municipality may desire. Tlie city authorities retain the- fullest rights of inspection, both technical and financial, and the company's affairs are open to the knowledge of responsible public ofll- cJuls. The city requires the deposit of 250,000 marks as surety, nnd holds the company down to the strictest rules in regard to the laying of wires mid the breaking up of streets or .sidewalk surfaces. The company is required, moreover, to maintain a renewal fund eqiiul to 20 per cent, of its invested capital, and this fund, in the. form of Berlin municipal bonds, inutit bo kept on deposit with the city magistrates. Accompanying the agreement is an official scheclulo of rates that the company is authorized to charge its private patrons. Xo departure fror.i established rates ca.u be made without the consent of the city authorities. Finally tlie municipality reserved the right to buy the entire pinnt and nil its appurtcnnr.ccs at any time, after October 1, ISM, upon a fair ba.MS of va.l-ua.tion, carefully jiro- &rre»t of an Alices Cnuntorrcltcr L'ndcr Puculliir Cli-oiiiurtt;iiico». William Sands, or Dr. Clarke, us he Dulls himself, would not EO\V bo lan- juishing in the Essex county (N..1.) jail waiting trial for counterfeiting had he not Iwen so fond of his parrot,. The parrot in question i.i a mngnifl- cent bird, highly accomplished, speaking French, Spanish and English and possessed of more-than ordinary intelligence. Dr. Clarke, who has 'for some time been carrying oil a magnetic-healing business at Buila'.o, is a man of. much education and personal ch.iJ-in and has performed some wonderful cures in cases where physicians were obliged to acknowledge themselves beaten, lie was in receipt of a good income from this souro:«, though the de- OB 6»Ith for all weakened conditions regardless of CUBIC. Medicines wut lor lull aontfa'a ueatment. for one dollar poitpald, or address for particulars A. S, JOHNSON, if. B.; BATTLE CIUCfiK, MICH. SCH1LLER PLACE AN D RO'STAL THEATER, intermural communication. All three of them have, been ' made important sources'of revenue to Berlin nnd with that the qunlity'and price of the servico rendered by'the'companies is above •what is rendered t>y American companies. In Berlin the gas supply has been made, a city feature. The works are operated, however, by two distinct companies,' at the' city's risk and under the city's strict control: Both the grade of theilluminatingandfuelgns and their [prices arc prescribed and-'-no deviation ,is, under any circumstances, permitted. The gas is tested doily by municipal officers. The price is about CO per cent, lower than in. the majority of large American cities. Yet the clear profits accruing te- the " municipal treasury every year are reckoned by the millions, and the taxes are by that much diminished,' Berlin is, however, not by any means-alone in this respect.. Other German cities owning their gas works are- Hamburg, Breslau. Dresden, LeipBic, MONUMENT OF FREDERICK WILLIAM III. . Cologne, Konigaburg, Bremen, Nuremberg', Dantzic, Magdeberg, Chemnitz, Dusseldorf, Barmen, Stettin and [Jruas- •wick. And in every instance they arc making it a success in every .sense, both as to price and quality and means of revenue. In the matter of electric plants things nre still in an evolutionary stage in Germany, municipal •'governments being here rather slow before engaging in' enterprises asl to the value and per• manence of: which they do not yet feel fully assured.--..The.Berlin worka were opened In-1886,'-anti the five important German cities of'Breslau, Cologne, Dusseldorf, Altona and. Cassel have .built plarits' ; o ; f -tifeir''own likewise; In-other German cities- tncy ; have preferred con• tracts •' witB private' iftrmsi Siemens' & 'Halske'being :the favored one. In each. case,'however, the. city's interests - are atrlnge-ntly yarded. . As. a. sample I will mention the 'revised contract made in 1688 between the Berlin city authorities and the Berlin Electric Works company. It defines the area within __.-« — -*-, — " --~-— "•— ~ ~ videdHor in the contract. The whole ar- rangefncnt is the perfection of business lucidity and intelligence. And-I may odd th&t under,all the above conditions the- company has been doing n flourish- lug business, •. . * And iW ae to franchises granted to street railway companies. Generally, It may be said'that such franchises arc much nWo profitable property in America *han here; but, on the other haiid,' thehcompanies themselves are •under incomparably closer municipal control inlCerrnany,.and they have to pay about lift] for the privilege enjoyed one con reasonably expect of them. Iu most instances they-have to pay a tiix of from«.eight to'ten per'cent., or more upon gljoiss receipts,:with-certa-in other-odvantiwes accruing to the city, suchns reduced ratea of-transportation* For short distances the -rate of .price for a ride is one-hait what it is.Ln American cities, viz., ten innings, for longer distances it is increased to'15 or 20 pfen- ing-s, or five cents. School children and ethers have a much lower-rate.. Thot ia about the general rule in German cities of largo size, and these rules hold good for horse, steam,or electric cars, with rates 'averaging 50 per cent, less than prevail in American elevated roads,' the Berlin city railway (or "L 1 rond) is the ' best constructed and safest elevated line in existence, and yet it pays handsome, dividends. In dealing.with these companies, too the city always.takes the best care o1 its own interests. Thus just now the renewal of franchise (for another 12 years) granted to the largest and most flourishing of the Berlin street railway companies—the. Greater Berlin Horsi. Car company—has about been perfect : cd.., It yields the-'city much greater advantages .and a muc,h higher profit out of its revenues .than' didthe .old fran chise. The tux on the gross receipts ha.' been increased 'from eight to ten per cent., and will go on increaa ing to 15 per cent. The company -is held to put in permanent 5m provemcnts to the amount, of 10, 000,000 marks (or about .$2,500,000) 01 its extensive lines. Besides it agrees ti replace, gradually, all 'its horse cci lines by electric lines within those 12 years, and to introduce ar uniformjten pfenning rate and a complete syslein o; transferw for. the original fare paid. . .From the 1 three^ources named abovi. the city has an average annual income of 25 to 30 million marks, T.here is not in the whole length and width of the United States a single city whicn can show'similar results of-its'strcet rail wey system or-other'•• public conven ' Sences, -'But of 'course, as I poin ted ou before,- the first, requisite necessary t< bring about-similarly,.who]esom«; con ditions in.-American..cities .'.is to. elec only honest and capable aldermen and mayors, men having the welfare of the community at heart, not only on the tip • of their tongues. WOLF VON SCHIERBRAND, SANDS AND ins PARROT. tectives claim tliat it was only a sido ssue nnd the counterfeiting- business iroiigh't in most of his income, lie had i grea-t fascination (or women, a-nd vhen the woman had eloped with him o Buffalo died he practically had the boicje of a number of infa-tuatod la- He chose Mrs. Knapp, remarkably attractive woman, who left icr husband for Dr. Clarke. She was leveled to him, and is so still, refusing o discuss her case— she alpo was ar- es'teil as an accomplice— for fear of inuring the doctor, Clarke, on the con- .rary, has made no effort to shield her and seems more concerned about his aarrot. The detectives on his trail ost the scent, and would not, have- found him had it not been known that lie in- •aria.bly traveled with this parrot. He was traced west to Chicago, to the Cats- dlls, Albany, Troy, Jersey CHy, and finally to his last stopping place, all through the fact that people remembered 'him as the.clderly gentleman who traveled with a parrot. When taken to the hotPl where Mrs. Knapp was arrested the parrot sot in its cage and Dr. Clarke said as the bird welcomed him with "Hello:" "Oh, Polly, I'm in trouble!'" The bird dropped its head and then plaintively and profanely remarked: •Oh, h— \\"_ __ _ * INVENTIVE THIEVES. How They T&ok » Bicycle from Jt» Owner on • Bet. According to this story, taken from [he New York He-raid, the bicycle thief is inventive this year. A young man ivas, practicing circles in front of his house when two fellows stopped on the pavement to admire him. One of them isked how much the wheel weighed, and the young man said it weighed 22 pounds. : The fimaller of the two said that was too light, and that he believed in wheels weighing at least 30 pounds. Also, he mentioned that he once came in. first in a ten-mile race and rode a wheel weighing 38 pounds. At this the larger of the strangers laughed derisively and said: " "What do you know about wheels? "Why, I've ridden more wheels than you ever saw," replied the other; "I don't believe you can ride at all." "I'll bet you five dollars I can. Let PEDALED AWAY LIKE THE WIND, mo show him on your wheel. I v,-on't hurt it." . He couW ride all right. He wobbled slowly on the wheel for a short dis- ttmce, and then swished around the corner and was a,wny like the wind.. "You'd .better run after that fellow,^ said the stranger. "I don!t know him." The owner of the wheel set off,- but the short stranger must haVe been a mile away by that time. Then when the owner-came back the Tjigr stranger had also gone. ^ SIntrlinony and Pocket*A wile has o. right to go through her husbaud's pockets. A New York police mngiKtra-te has so-decided. The man was right, then, who told his wife, when she awakened him by jabbing her fin,- ger'in his. eye to say that n burglar was ; in the room a»d going through his pockets: "Oh, don't bother rw. Set11,e it between yourselves.". , . .,.., Dollcatclj Pat. , •••:•/ Prinee—How old is my family? Genealogist^—It : was in the year 1180 that your exccllancy's ancestors chose lo give up their incognito.—rllcgende Elaetter. ^ . . Politic* In T«»». . ' '! " Sam Jobnsing—I wants you, AllstaS Jackson, ter use yore inflooence on da quiet for my n*minashuTi as dog catcher I'oc de dark how.—Te.wwwifter. $250,000 To Be Given Away , The Best | SmoklngTobacco Made '.^.^^^KMMA^tfi *i rfh.T*fl»-_t*-_^Uftunj.d* H^j*J*l* this year in valuable articles to smokers of Blackwell's Genuine : Durham Tobacco You will find one coupon inside each 2-ouuce bag, and two coupons inside cadi 4-ouncc bag. Buy a bag, rcadthccoupon and sec how to get your share. IraziSian Balm THE CREST SOUTH AMERICA BESJi I' ; i 1 RAOICALLY CUKES CATARRH 1 allth.' N F JT 1 k<. It clears the head of fonl nmcous; heals tic ores and ulcers of the head and throacj wceteus the breath, snd perfectly resto«» he senses of the taste, smell and hearing^. Stops headache and dropping .into the Lroat. Also destroys the germ which causac HAY FEVER, making a perfect cure in a few days. Nev«e fails! Xo fatal case O/" T ,A GRJPP2 ever toowl rhere Brazilian Bak. 's faithfully -^sed. is —'—' \e grippe gene arid quickly ren0v«o it bad effect, LI BLE Ji ASTHMA, CROUP. BBO»« 'PLEURISY. PNEUMONIA, I>YSPEPSU» vcism, TYPHOID, and SCABXB* MEASLES, and any disease -whet* lat... nflammaticn, Fever or Conges*io.n, Greatest relief in Consumption evey din- covered. • Cures a Krosh Cold iu one day. stopa Ti^.nn. hT2 -minutes. Stops rlagmi? 1 Uie head and relieves deafness. Asau Injectwj ^^^s^^w^^^^^^^^ t ^. Its Healln'fl Power is Almost Miraculous. The B«st Fam<ly Medicine in ExIsteMS, . 60 Cent Bottle contains 100 Doses, or- Two Weeks Treatment tor Catena. tl.OO BOTTLE EQUALS THKES SOO, BOTTLES. aon. <-.™x-f- *-™> '-', O.V bottle of Brazilian Balm cured a fn«nd of mine of h»y fever. ,Lyi ^'1 was very deaf for 10 years from catarrh. Brazilian Balm r Cars every^Jloon restored my hearing.»^«. ^ I .1 as I wast y:'-Ans<m £urrM, aged 8+ A ieted wifh a«th"a,a that during the winter for seventeen years she was unable t* wn, ws entirely aid permanently ciued with Brazilian Balm.. . Fi JACKSON & CO., Cleveland,,^ For «le .by the following drngBtaW: B. F. 'Keesllnsi . general «s<mt; - Bj Ftobcr, Johrion Bros., W. H. Brlugbarst, G. W. Hoffman, D. E. Pryor, Q. *. McaD6,,H. D. Hattery .wifl A. R. Kistler. v, *^' • .. ,- -.v-qji damp. In n>aiiy parts of U>e mine tbewj ..-^ will.be, beyond,.the .limits °M b « «*'Yxl plosioi, abundance.of air to' effect fflrt-,.^ tion of the poisonous cnrbon-moijoxio^, :•',$£ on breathing.'Which the men suddenly ;|| lose the uio of-their limbs and. flnalbri >r:si JconsciousnessJ- So.-that a man waits for the reecwers, ;or long, en for the after-damp,to ; dUperse,.\ ,_. able to escape either.by the intake, <OSt •?,$ If. this is blocked., by the return «*•' ;,:.g| , IN MINE. EXPLOSIONS- M»ny Men »-«• Their Live. Throofh , Ignorance of What to Do. Scientific inquiry is being directed to tue caving of human life in mine explosions. Dr. Haldane has established the fact that the'loss of life in colliery accidents is far greater than, it need l>e when those" who'work in the mines ond Uiose who 'manage them liavo .-learpn knowledge of- the right thing lo do in the face of.the calamity. In a recent mine explosion, -where 57 men O nd 30 horsca.were killed, the cause of death in.every case was proved to be not the want of oxygen in the air of the pit after the explosion, but to comparatively slow' poisoning by carbon monoxide. Sufficient oxygen- to support life was. left in the airways all along tho track of the explosion. It appears that men from.want of knowledge now. go straight to their death in endeavoring to escape. Dr. HaJdane is convinced that hundreds of men have lost their lives by hurrying blindly toward the shaft, or by not retiring toward the face when they nipt the after- SICK HEADACHE i: - Posteycly cufcifli by these They alsb;relicve Distress from Dyspepsia, Indigestion and Too Hearty Eating. A per- feet remedy for^Dizziness, Nausea, Drowsiness;' Bad Taste'iri the' Mouth, Coated Tongue 'Piinin tfic ; Sidc, TORPID'LIVER. THey Regulate the Bowels. Purely Vegetable. Small PHI. Small Doca. Small Price. ways. ^^_ f .- OnellDK In Hung»rj. . The triminal court at Buda-Pei«l had to deal with a case of ; uflenaj against the dueling laws on.,the of. two youngicnginecrs, J^naz B- and'Leo Lichtblau, who were eacU tenced to three, days' i ro «-'"=^" allowance being made for " circumstances." The couple had - ; to bl<ws, and, following tbe fashion * the times, they determined *-—«•*• the insult in blood. Keicer Wan n. challenge and the ranged for a duel with pistols most stringent terms. The afl not come off, however, for Lich__waited a couple of hours before the appointed time on the police snperintena- «nt of eighth division and gave bij»notice of the impending duel. Tbesnr perintendcnt calmly listened to ««• "brave champion's" detailed n and then (\mctly observed that ^ ready knew nil about the matter. •. !s that?" "Why, simply because ; opponent v.-ns here onJ.v an .hour ag»; witha similar statement."--Pcst-i !NapI*... : Old Time Parta Prison. The bfficiais of the dopnrtmcntof tb»:; Seine have unilerta.hen the complete i— or-!ini/.ation of ihe Parisian prjsoi .... and many famous buildiiifrsof ParisniB,. about to come down. The prison of I*/. Petite Koquet tc, .wlicrc children are now , sent, is to be done away with, and tte, ; youthful prisoners are to be paw")** ' to the Ecole de Montcsson. This i»*., beautifully ' sHuated' ostablisbmcnt, oft. j the .Tx>rd<irs.of tlie Seine, in healthy «*-;.where the .children "ill be 'trades.: -Mawi*. Stc, Pclngie, IJcKiuette and .the bip central p firman- are all to be nbolishod the prisoners transferred to' where a huf^c building is TOW construct/«d with 2,OCO colls.

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